Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For September 20 & 21.

Another chance.

Rafe talks to his sister. Gabi thinks that he might want to give Sami another shot. He stares into space. Meanwhile, Sami informs Lucas that Rafe and EJ don’t want her anymore. He makes it clear that he feels the same way. She assures him he’s not on her to-do list, but he doubts she can stay alone for more than a couple of days. That annoys her, but she starts to worry that Rafe may actually be moving on. She bumps into him and winds up asking Hernandez to dinner. He’s reluctant but she’s relentless. He plods off and bumps into Elvis. They hurl insults at each other.

Victor and Brady are not happy with Maggie when she supports Mel’s wedding plans. Maggie has problems with it too and goes to visit Mel, who is freaking out about how everyone thinks she’s making a mistake. It becomes clear that she has serious doubts too and, after a little push from Maggie, decides to pay Nick a visit. After she and Nick have a frank talk, she decides he’s not a threat at all. That makes Mel more optimistic and she bustles off to meet Maggie again. The redhead has just had an argument with Adrienne about the importance of letting people make their own decisions. In the meantime, Chad decides that Nick must have done something to Mel when he catches him with her scarf. Pummeling ensues.

After having a nightmare about EJ, Nicole decides to use Sami as a means to keep the DiMera at bay. Meanwhile, Will admits to Marlena that he’s not good enough for Sonny. She thinks that’s bullocks. At that very moment, Sonny is debating the Will situation with his mom and lashes out at her for trashing him. He hunts Will down himself to let him know that he thinks he’s the bee’s knees. And Hope encourages Bo to dump the Salem PD and do what he wants with his life.

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  2 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    well, i think chad is getting paranoid.. he is seeing gabi and nick laughing and thinks they are plotting something about melanie..
    poor melanie will be gone soon, (which i hate). with her going to her mom’s, it at least leaves things open in case she is to return (i like that).
    chad is becoming more like a dimera..
    and i am wondering how this nicole/daniel/rafe/ej thing is gonna turn out after her baby is born (if nicole carries the baby to term). and with chloe returning the 1st of the year, i am anxious to see how she will play in all this. maybe by the time she returns this whole thing with nicole will be over. just wish philip was returning too..

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 dc
    Chad is definitely going off the deep end into psycho mode, especially hearing conversations that aren’t there. It does sound like Mel and Nick work out their past before she leaves. I could envision Nick coming to Mel’s rescue from a paranoid Chad before she leaves.

    I’m wondering where is Nicole going to live since Jenn has told her she must relocate after the baby is born. Could she end up in Daniel’s apartment, hence causing a riff with Chloe when she returns in the new year? Or foolish Rafe, since we have heard there will be another engagement in the spoilers, could end up with Nikki and the baby. When is that baby due by the way? Or, OH My….could Sami lend Nicole a helping hand since she’s been in this same boat when concealing Grace from EJ?

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