Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For September 24-28.

Taking off.

Gabi manages to stop Chad from tearing Nick limb from limb. She takes him to the hospital and tries to think up a way to prevent him being smacked around again. Gabi heads off to find Melanie and tells her friend about the fight. Mel’s appalled. Gabi threatens to tell her something even more appalling. Chad attempts to stop her but she finally spills the beans about the whole farrago with Andrew. Furious Mel kicks her out and then lashes out at Chad for being over protective and deceitful. He slinks away and she goes off to cry to her grandma. Later, she tells Gabi she won’t forgive her, but she won’t send her to prison either. Then she dumps Chad like a sack of clams. Meanwhile, Gabi confesses everything to her brother. He advises her to get a lawyer and makes a call to Justin. She then confesses everything to Nick, who can’t understand why she is opening up to him. Later, Mel shows up to apologize to Nick for the beating and to say good-bye. She tells Brady, Maggie and her dad that she’s leaving town and then asks her grandma to return her engagement ring to Chad because she can’t stand looking at him.

Rafe and Elvis nearly get into another brawl after EJ learns that his rival has a date with Samanther. Kate runs in to save Elvis from a pummeling and encourages him to get the mother of his children out of his brain. Meanwhile, Sami is freaked out when she sees a photo of Nicole and Rafe in bed. Nicole makes it clear that they did more than sleep. Sami mopes to Marlena about her doubtful future with Rafe. However, she stuffs these doubts down for their date. When she tells him what a great father he will be to Nicole’s child, he nearly confesses everything. She hints that what she had with EJ could never come close to what’s between them. However, Rafe doesn’t take the hint. He takes her home and finally plants another smacker on her. The next day, she can’t stop thinking about Rafe and runs around town looking for him. When she bumps into Elvis, he interrogates her about the date with Hernandez. It hurts his feelings when she confesses she has feelings for the other man. He reminds her of their couch romp. She’s miffed and goes looking for Rafe again. After she finds him, he snaps when she starts grilling him about his feelings. He actually has other things to worry about. He means his sister but doesn’t explain. She has a fit and storms off, bumping into Lucas. They catch up about their son and Sonny.

Jenn tells Nicole that as soon as the baby is out, they are both moving out of the Horton house. Nic reminds her about her close ties to Daniel. Jenn cringes some more and then heads to work to dig into the DNA labs. She’s suspicious there has been some funny business going on. Daniel catches her and warns her not to dig any further. She ignores him. Meanwhile, EJ gets bored and decides to call one of his criminal associates to find a way to dispose of Rafe that will keep his hands clean. His plotting is momentarily interrupted when Chad stops by to moan about losing Mel. He blames everything on Gabi. A light bulb appears over EJ’s head as his brother explains the situation. EJ immediately stalks off to confront Rafe with this. He blackmails him to end things with Sami. Rafe promptly does just that. He turns to his sister and promises to protect her, even though Justin has just told her that she’s facing a long prison sentence.

Caroline supports Bo’s decision to leave the Salem PD and do something else with his life. Hope thinks that means they’ll have more time for romance and morning sex.

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  1. From SandyGram

    This summary is everything the spoilers have been telling us. Gabi confesses to Mel and Mel kicks both Gabi and Chad to the curb. It appears EJ will be blackmailing Rafe about Gabi’s antics…darn we we hoping it was something in Rafe’s past.

    Much to many’s dismay, it looks like Sami’s feels for Rafe is stronger than her feels for EJ and she’s confided in Lucas. Well at least she covered all three of the 3 Musketeers. Then there’s Jenn, she’s about to blow the lid off of everything. Not to mention, or in this case, not to leave out, Jenn is messing in the Hospital Lab, not another unauthorized person messing in the lab. What in the world could it tell her other than 2 sperms were tested and Rafe’s the father of Nicole’s baby. Certainly Daniel would not of marked any paperwork or computer records otherwise. Oh this writers are so creative when it comes to making University Hospital look like like total nincompoops.

    It’s almost funny, the summary makes it sound like EJ has turn to one of his criminal associates to keep his hands clean, like it was the first time. For me, what’s new!

  2. From dc

    amen sandygram… you are so right, yet again..
    i kind of figured that melanie would go to her mom’s.. and it appears chad is gonna turn out to be a “real” dimera..
    i hate it that everything with will and sonny has gone bad.. maybe things will get better for them..
    and all of nicole’s lies are gonna blow-up in her face (at least that is how i see it)..
    better watch next week..

  3. From Tee

    Great blog and as someof us predicted Rafe finds out and keeps Gabis secret. Which EJ then tells Rafe stay away from Sami or he will tell it. Seems like Rafe could have just been honest and told the truth as soon as he found out. Him deciding to keep the secret because Gabi would go to prison for a long time is what will have him keeping it. I cannot say I feel sorry for him, he is a cop and knows he will get in a lot of trouble keeping this secret.
    I do feel sorry for what may come to Gabi from Chad sorta.

    The associate EJ hires will be interesting and Sandy I think that is where most got that he may dig up his past, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

    Was it you Sandy or Patty who wondered if Nicole would get kicked out on her butt lol
    Well looks like we will get her living there till November which promises for a little drama.

    Sandy lmao at EJ never using a associate before Dimeras do that all the time. I am curious what all he will have done. I think EJ is looking for something bigger some information that could send Rafe sailing away from Salem. I hope EJ does not commit murder or have it attempted.
    I remember when Stefano wanted to git rid of real Rafe that way and EJ said no. I hope he sticks to that I can scheme and plot but wont murder someone that my children, or Sami etc may love or care for.

    At this moment in time Sami is playing her game that she mentioned and her agenda. She wants Rafe to admit his feelings and needs to make him feel like he was the only man who tooted her whistle or whatever. I was wondering what Ali meant when she said her date with Rafe she is schemeing and has a agenda behind it, some speculate getting the truth out of him about Nicole etc, I think it is getting the truth about his feelings. So I also think we will see in future her go through a situation with Lucas because she knows where EJ stands, well she should butnow she thinks the fight is for Nicole.
    She said in her article Sami needs validation from these men and If I think Sami is going through some soul searching to make the right decision as to not hurt anyone and her kids anymore then we are gonna have to see her kinda with them all and gaging their feelings.

    Sami wants to know who wont lie to her now, who will prove their love for her who in the end will have her in their heart.

    EJ in her mind failed the test when he would not admit the fight was for her, he passed all others

    Lucas is playing the I dont even want you card So for now he is not a huge factor but he is lurking.

    Rafe is still lying to cover for Nicole, now for Gabi, and she will know about him telling her very own sister the truth which will hurt her more. Confirming to her that he loved Carrie more.

    She has moved on from past and it is the now and their feelings and reactions with her now are what she is judging.

    We will not see all this be answered till November sweeps I am thinking.
    I can imagine it now though. Sami “You told Carrie but you could not tell me, what Rafe did you love me more Rafe”But EJ dont deserve this child Sami”You forget he is the father of 2 of my children and Nicole is not a good mother how dare you and with Nicole you know how much I hate her. Rafe”What about EJ it is his fault I dont have a job now he was blackmailingm e to stay away from you?’”
    Sami”When have you ever let EJ stop you from being with me you could have came to me we cold have figured this out together. Peoplelost their lives over this Rafe, she may be your sister but once again you did not trust me with the truth”

    By this time all Gabi will be all nice and pregnant and most likely scheming to make someone else besides Samis son Will the father and that will add to the fire.

    Days is gonna get good over next few months and I know this is abot Sami more then the men, which I like it is time she grow up a bit and as Will asked her to be sure this time.

    Sami Sami who will be your choice and maybe at this time Lucas will come in to play since in all honesty he is always honest with Sami, but it is about who will go that extra mile for her as well and Lucas wont right now. I say we have not seen the last of LUMI. I dont think he will be her end game but I say we get more Lumi before this is all said and done.

    Chad~ what will he do now I See him being a bigger threat to the Hernandez clan then EJ. Stefano would love to help his son scheme and get what he wants, since EJ will be back burning him for a bit. Though I think EJ and Chad may do some scheming together.

    Want to add Lucas seems right Sami wants what she cant have. Watch out Lucas. Sami cant pull much over on him though he has known her too long and she knows where he stands and cant change that. He is all in or nothing as Ali said in the article. She is a confused Woman. But why should she chase EJ anymore she knows what he wants it is Rafe she does not. So here comes the chase.

    Sorry for the long rant lol, I am just liking the blog posting alot this week it confirms what Ali said and all spoilers we have ben discussing.

  4. From Tee

    Some more clarification on Nicole and picture she does tell Rafe her plan first and he allows her but he does wonder how it will affect Sami.Another lie Rafe helps Nicole with he is getting in too far and it comes down to him wanting to be with Sami or helping Nicole scheme and he is going with nicole. We know how that will come back on him too.Nicole is her enemy and she will not take lightly when it all comes out him choosing to help her over being with her. I have to give props to Sami for saying he would be a great father even if it bothers her andit might be a part of the schemes and her agenda Ali mentioned. She sure is gonna butter him up with the lies to get him to admit his feelings.

  5. From SuzanneQ

    Now Jen is supposedly kicking out Nicole when her baby is born. Just where do you suppose she will go? She cannot run off to Brady, of course, because he lives with Grandpa Victor and stepgrandma Maggie. Where does that leave Nicole with “her little dude”? I do hate to see Nicole scheming and plotting to get Dr. Dan back. I wish Days would find her a man that would truly love her.

    Bye, Melanie. Hope to see you again some time in the future. Hope Gabi starts to realize that what she did to Mel with Andrew and the stalking incidents could mean jail time and problems now for her brother, Rafe the cop.

  6. From MAB

    So Sami hints at her feelings are stronger for Rafe than for EJ…really?? Well, the romantic scenes I’ve watched between her and the both of them indicate otherwise. She seems completely taken w/ EJ, not to mention her real self, while she acts odd around Rafe, side stepping, and watching what she says, that is when he’s not preaching to her. I guess I’ll have to wait to see her actions when she hints around about this, because sometimes the written word doesn’t always coincide w/ how it’s acted out. But if this is truly the case, that her feelings for Rafe are stronger than for EJ, well maybe that is because the writers see fit to halt EJami at every turn, and not allow them to have a real relationship.

  7. From Lucy

    AWFUL spoilers, no wonder their ratings DROP faster than Speedy Gonzales and once more they managed to destroy the real potential for Ej and Sami..whatever i root for GH against Days, this writing regime can go f… themselves.

  8. From MAB

    So Sami hints at her feelings are stronger for Rafe than for EJ…really?? Well, the romantic scenes I’ve watched between her and the both of them indicate otherwise. She seems completely taken w/ EJ, not to mention her real self, while she acts odd around Rafe, side stepping, and watching what she says, that is when he’s not preaching to her. I guess I’ll have to wait to see her actions when she hints around about this, because sometimes the written word doesn’t always coincide w/ how it’s acted out. But if this is truly the case, that her feelings for Rafe are stronger than for EJ, well maybe that is because the writers see fit to halt EJami at every turn, and not allow them to have a real relationship.

    Tee – EJ may blackmail Rafe, but it will only be about the mess he’s made for himself, and all the lies he has & will tell Sami, but those will be justified because he is such an upstanding guy…same ole song & dance w/ the writers intuition. Rafe will again deserve to loose his job for his unethical disregard for the law that he swore to uphold. Again, why did he get a promotion & raise, while poor Bo & Hope had to take pay cuts??? Not to mention Bo leaving. While I’m enjoying the show, some of the ideas the writers are coming up w/ are idiotic! Case in point, everything I mentioned above!

  9. From dc

    #5 suzanne.. i hope and wish melanie would come back, if anything to take care of chad, i think he will go off the deep end and become a “real” dimera..
    my thinking is that when nicole has her baby (if she carries him to term) that ej will take it..
    i don’t know how anyone else thinks but i hope that daniel and jenn get back together.. and i wonder what is gonna happen with abby and cameron.. he is off the grid since he and abby split (not even working at the hospital).

  10. From patty

    Well, it looks like both Nicole and Chad have gone bonkers. Nicole smashing Jen’s picture and Chad taking on a family trait and roughing up women. He’s wackier than Nick and Mel should run fast and far.
    Well, I guess we now know who has Sami’s heart. It is Rafe and EJ will have to resort to blackmail to keep Rafe away so he can have her. Sami is the one pursuing Rafe , not the other way around and she tells EJ that, but he can’t take no for an answer, he’s got to turn creepy and evil. If she does end up with EJ, it will be because EJ got Rafe to back off and Sami thinking Rafe doesn’t want her. Now if I was an EJami fan, that is not how I would want my favorite couple to end up together. If he has to order some thug to do away with a guy to win over a woman, that is not being in love, that is being disturbed. Him and Nicole are a good match, they are both pathetic fools when it comes to relationships.

  11. From patty

    According to spoilers Gabi tells Melanie, Nick and Rafe about her part in Melanie’s kidnapping. Chad already knew and Mel doesn’t want to press charges. Rafe tells her to call a lawyer and that he would protect her. If all these people know about it, how can EJ be blackmailing Rafe with this? Of course I knew that if Rafe was going to go along with this blackmail, it would be to protect someone, either Gabi, Sami or Nicole. EJ doesn’t care that Sami is the one that is going to be hurt the most by getting Rafe to stay away from her. She told EJ in no uncertain terms that she didn`t want to pursue a relationship with him and she will be telling him she still has feelings for Rafe so what part of it doesn`t EJ get. If Sami has an agenda, it`s trying to win Rafe back but she won`t have that chance because EJ `s back up to his old tricks .

  12. From Tee

    EJAMI will not be reunited for a while. This is not about the men if you read all Alis article and catch the NBC facebook it is about her and her making a final decision. She stated in her article she is scheming and has a agenda on this date.
    Sami wants validation she wants to know who will be trthfull and not lie and who trusts her and who she can trust, and who loves her enough to prove it. Ali has given a few interviews on this.

    The past is the past.

    Ej has come to Sami in his time of need and trusted her with his thoughts and secrets and openly allowed her to help him.

    Rafe just keeps keeping his secrets and does not trust Sami enough to tell her about Gabi, he knows she would never tell. Sami has trusted Rafe with hers and trust me there were some pretty big ones.

    Sami knows how EJ feels
    Sami does not know how Rafe feels and needs to see how. She has to be nice Do we honestly believe she dont care he may be the father of Nicoles baby? No That is a part of the schemes Ali mentions she said she trys to come off as being mature but in reality she has a agenda. Rafe wants to hear he is the one who made her boat float the most so she tells him something all trying to get him to open up to her.
    Rafe is helping her worn enemy.
    Rafe will agree to allow Nicole to show the picture to Sami, he could have said no
    Rafe is allowing her to name said child after him. He could have said no
    Nicole never asked Rafe to do this. Rafe said it and Nicole went along with it.
    How is Rafe going to convince Sami he did it because EJ dont deserve to be a father?She says over and over EJ is a good father and even claims to have been helping him because of that and for the children, and because they need him in their life and she wants him in their life.
    RAFE LOVED carrie enough to tell her the truth

    How will Salem act knowing RAFE a officer of the law helped Gabi keep her part in all this secret.Maggie,Victor, Dan,Brady,Jen, the list goes on of people who will not be happy with officer Rafe.

    We will learn RAFE Is not this innocent do gooder as people think he is.

    Roman did not try to lie and keep secret SAMI was helping EJ and when the shoot order came out he was worried because as a officer he was obligated to follow orders and it could get Sami hurt.But he said he must follow orders and hopes Sami dont get hurt.

    Rafe isn ot going to turn Gabi in, yes it is his sister and maybe Sami would understand that.But Rafe dont trust her with the truth.That Sami wont understand

    How is EJ being evil he is simply using Rafes own lies and secrets against him and RAFE HAS THE CHOICE TO TELL sami the truth and trustt her or not to.

    As a EJAMI fan I want Sami to be sure of things and herself, I dont want her to commit to EJ when she has unresolved feelings for Rafe. That would not be good. Sami is trying to rebuild her relatiionship with Will and he told her before you commit to EJ or anyone make sure this time please and that is what she is doing.

    She did not say EJ I only want Rafe or care for him more she just admits to having feelings and is being honest and I expect her to have unresolved feelings. We as viewers know they never resolved the Safe breakup before. We also know Galen asked for a redo and wanted to approach this with new writers. He felt his character ended things and then acted like Sami never existed and never even had a mourning time of the ending of their marriage and he did not act like he cared what Sami was doing. He said we are gonna see them address the unspoken feelings/ending of that.

    JAMES aslo said He and Ali asked their characters be reunited very slowly because of their past wrong doings to each other. He said we will see that

    Sami has not made a chose she has explored her feelings for EJ she must now explore the ones for Rafe.If she did not then She would be doing the opposite of what Will asked her to do.

    Rafe will push Sami away and Sami keeps trying to figure out where they stand she is not going to go running to reunite with EJ because you are right as a EJAMI fan I would not want him to be second best, as she should not be.
    She is gonna sort out these feelings before committing this time.

    SAFE is not gonna be end game.

    I actually am in favor of maybe seeing Rafe with Hope they have alot in common and will be spending a lot of time together. So we will see.

    Lumi is not done yet either we will see what Datilo tweeted as lUMI MAGIC in Oct I believe.
    Sami still may need to resolve and see what is there as well.Lucas is very honest with Sami, and knows her like a book. He said Sami only wants what she cant have and it is looking like he is right. Sami has to get past these games with men and I think she wants to but it is hard for her.
    I mean look at it she is running around hoping these men are fighting for her. She knows EJ wants her but Rafe she does not and she wants to know so badly, if she knew things may be different.
    Ali also said that Sami knows Lucas is a 100% kind of guy she better not come running back there unless she is ready for 100%. Lucas is showing her now he dont want her but he does he is hoping SAMI Will want the one she cant have, but it has to be all for him.

  13. From Tee

    Patty~ Melanie has no choice in pressing charges or not, the state does.
    Melanie simply is not going to turn her in or tell on her.
    Justin advises her that she will go to prison.
    Chad is probably gonna be the one who ends up turning her in but right now he must contend with losing Mel.

    EJ is not gonna turn her in, Nick is gonna keep her secret as well I assume, and so is Rafe.

    Inlaw the ones who have obligation to tell are RAFE For sure double time 1 she confesses it to him 2 he is officer of law. He should arrest her according to law and have her charged. Chad for her confession to him though they may see why he did not turn her in initially because of the threat it posed to Mels emotional welfare.

    Nick if she confesses to her.

    Though unlikely Nick, or Chad or Mel are charged, Rafe should be because he is a officer and he is held at standard and sworn by oathe to uphold the law.

    EJ will not be obligated because it is hearsay someone else told him. You cant charge someone based off Hearsay.If EJ went down and said I heard it through someone Gabi was responsible most likeley they would say he was trying to stick it to Rafe again. Hope may not she seemed convinced before Gabi was lying.

    So asking how he will blackmail about something others know is because theones who know have not told the secret.

    The only thing Melanie could do would be give a statement at her court hearing on her feelings on what they should do that is it. But then so could Jen, Dan,Brady etc.She can also keep it secret or not turn her in so to speak. Atleast that is how real life law is Salem is a bit different but I still have never seen them ask in cases they are not supposed to ask.

    Gabi is in some scenes around Christmas with Nick,John and Marlena so it could be that either 1 the secret is still secret then or 2 she gets away with her part.

    Dimeras may tell Chad or Cahd himself could decide revenge is better then prison for Mel. Leading him to keep secret.

    It should be interesting to see how it plays out though. I honestly think Rafe will suffer most in this fallout.

  14. From patty

    Gee Tee, you got all that from an Allison Sweeney interview???lol!
    Actually, this is not about Rafe and Sami getting back together or who she’ll end up with, she is not weighing out her options to make a choice because she doesn’t have a choice, EJ will make sure of that in his underhanded ways. This is about EJ’s devious methods to get back at Rafe because Sami still has unresolved feelings for him and to get the girl in the end. Now trying to eliminate Rafe permanently should make Sami feel all fuzzy inside and make her want to jump in EJ’s arms right? As for who’s keeping secrets or lying to protect someone’s secret, EJ and Sami have had more lies and secrets between them to last a lifetime but at least Rafe is keeping them to protect people, not to destroy them. Nobody ever said Rafe was perfect(except Sami) but he still has a long way to go to catch up to EJ as far as being deceitful and underhanded. And I’m sure he never had to get rid of someone permanently to get a woman either.

  15. From Tee

    I hope Days can get it right for last 3 weeks their ratings have been dropping. Their contract is set to end soon and they have dropped in few weeks to total loss of over 400,000 viewers. It just keeps going down more and more. I dont want Days to end and fear it may They went from months of climbing ratings to this. Maybe sweeps and Kristen coming back will help some, but it still telling they need to finish up some of these new angles fast.I know those 4 or 5 months ratings got good better will hopefully help but With another soap doing a house cleaning and firing actors like crazy and they move up in ratings because people tune in to see these characters last days play out, when they leave days has a chance of moving up pretty nicely for a while.

    Week of September 3-7, 2012

    Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

    (Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

    Total Viewers
    1. Y&R 4,298,000 (-41,000/-333,000)
    2. B&B 3,198,000 (+87,000/+207,000)
    3. GH 2,561,000 (-100,000/+66,000)
    4. DAYS 2,458,000 (-113,000/-101,000

    They are also tied for lowest ever in the demo age 18-49 ratings.

    (sighs) Lets hope they turn this around soon.

    I know we discussed Brady/Dan/Jen thing but From reading spoilers does anyone else see them starting to blossom a Brady/Jen story.

    Also when Kristen comes back we discussed her working for CW and that could tie into the whole Brady/Kate thing as well. Brady is said to be there for Marlena and we know its referring to Kristen so with Brady/Kate teamed up and Kristen/Sami that could be interesting if it happens.

  16. From Leah

    While Safe fans may be happy with the writing and the writers having Sami do a backflip concerning EJ and now her feelings for Rafe UNFORTUNATELY for all of them the screen and actors themselves don’t lie. EJ and Sami click on and off the screen. Hence there undeniable chemistry. The last few months have been nice to watch and I was happy to where the previous writers had bought them. For the first time in a long time they were at a place where there were no secrets or lies standing between them. I enjoyed it while it lasted but am sad to see the new writers backflipping Sami and to Safe by sabotaging Ejami again! I don’t like it and many others don’t either. Seems for years now the powers to be at Days don’t give a rats about what the majority of their fans want. Ratings are continuing to slide and I just wonder how low they will go.

  17. From SandyGram

    patty – Day Ahead stuff
    Just finished reading the Day Ahead and one thing caught my eye. Tomorrow Brady will have a conversation with Kate about taking down Sami from a business perspective and Brady is all for it even though she’s his sister. So I wonder who John and Marlena will support Brady or Sami!

  18. From Tee

    Patty 14 I got only first paragraph from her article that is why there is a separation between the rest.

    This is not what so and so did in the past it is about what is going on with them today. Sami obviously put her and EJS past behind her and they have made reference to it over and over on show. So his past has nothing to do with her actions today.
    A lie is A Lie and way I see it is Sami is being lied to by Rafe she dont care who he is protecting because honestly why should he be protecting Nicole from anything? After all Nicole has done to Sami he knows that siuation and he is choosing to protect her instead of be honest with Sami. It is fine if we dont agree on this, it gives us great discussion on it. I think him telling Carrie the truth out of fear of losing her but not Sami shows what he thinks is more important as well. It would have looked more genuine if Rafe wanted Sami when Carrie was there but even a little over a week ago he was telling Sami in a snotty way to keep Carries name out her mouth do Safe fans really want Sami to be second best cause Rafe has shown she is to Carrie. That is how his character has portrayed it. Carrie leaves and all of a sudden he may want his ex wife back? He did not care when she was with Lucas and now cares because he seen her moveing on with EJ. I remember when it killed him inside watching Carrie and Austin, but cared less when he seen her iwth Lucas he was even pleasant with Lucas. It is about EJ to him right now not Sami. Why would he lie to the woman he loves? Why must he keep Nicoles child from EJ? What stake does he have in that? None but revenge and games. I am a EJ fan but I dont condone things EJ does sometimes, but they as characters are over the past and growing up and moving on from it. We as the audience should as well imo.I used to hate things Victor did but Victor though he may still do a little scheming he has changed alot people do that sometimes. I dont care when Sami, Kate, EJ, etc do when they scheme on people I dont think EJ should try to use some of his old bad ways to get Sami or revenge on them and that is what I hope we have grown apart from.As long as EJ dont use the kids Or plot on Sami I dont care if he shemes it is what his character does.
    Rafes character was made to be innocent and upstanding, his sheming, lying was to help Sami and she felt that was fine. I dont think she will feel it fine to help her enemy.
    What is the difference when Lucas told EJ TO stay away from Sami? None.
    Rafe says it, Samis own family has said it bt she did not.

    EJ telling Rafe to stay away is because he feels he and Sami have come a long way and he has admitted they always come back to them. Sami loses her son and what did she do ran straight to EJ not her hsband, and as EJ tells Sami that is what ended their marriage it always ends up that way she runs to EJ. He has admitted the truth and feels she is now denying it. She also told him this had nothing to do with Rafe and was to concentrate on her career and kids which she then in turn asks Rafe out to discuss their issues etc.She did not ask for a romantic date it is to have a discussion.
    So EJ decides he wants to be with Sami and now knows she has always ben the one. Nothing wrong in that.

    Whats difference in when Rafe came over tring to yell at Sami for going on a date with EJ? He is trying to stop her from dating EJ and EJ is trying to stop Rafe.
    That is how I see it. I see them both in right on this if they both feel she is the one for them, but I also see Rafe making Sami his second choice.
    Lucas has made Sami his 1st choice and I am not a Lumi fan but I can admit that if she chose him she would be number 1. I dont feel with Rafe she is clearly it was her sister. He made comments to Carrie about noone making him feel this way as did she so what was Sami to him then? I am just saying on a whole that is how I see it.
    I dont want Sami running to EJ when she sees the picture I want EJ to actually act like he dont care anymore because I feel he is giving it his all right now and it is up to her. I want it to be for the right reasons.

    I see many things in this dynamic first is it is about Sami not the triangle it is about her trying to make the right decision and not flip flop her character has stated even she dont want to do that.She has never stated she choses Rafe she will say she has feelings for him though and thats fine.

    I also see this as being about Rafe and EJ. Rafe started it he volunteered to be Nicoles pretend baby daddy to get back at EJ, are we seriously gonna say that child is in danger? EJ would not hurt his child not this EJ, and once again we cannot sit and harbor on old things from years back because people change when it comes to his kids EJ has changed he regretted what he did and that is why he gave Sami sole custody.
    We also know Nicole fears he would take her baby, then she should get a stable house and a job, she cant raise the baby without that. EJ may be mad at her but he tried many times in beginning to plead to her begging her to tell him the truth and did not get threatning to her, he only now is threanting to take his child they are scheming to keep from him and for what reason in the end we all know he woauld allow Nicole to be a part of the baby’s life anyway.

    I just don’t see what Rafe is doing as standup guy. He is plotting to keep a mans child away for revenge and you don’t play with peoples children. He is choosing revenge over Sami.

    Please tell me how you see it? Anyone tell me, we may not agree and it is fine I just am trying to see your side because from her I see Carrie as being his number 1 and now and even then revenge also being more important.
    Sami confided in Rafe over every aspect secret and scheme she pulled and he cant confide in her about any of his and chose her sister and revenge over her.

    I would much rather her end up with Lucas then Rafe.

    So when we see Rafe and Nicole lay down in bed together and take a picture what will we say then, he allows Nicole to show Sami the photo he worries about her reaction and knows it wont be good, but he still keeps going on with it, oh I guess cause he is such a great guy for trying to take a mans child away I don’t care who the guy is it is wrong, he knows he could ruin his chances with Sami but he choses to help Nicole instead.
    Nicole stole Samis baby form her she is no better then EJ and Rafe somehow thinks she is great, it has nothing to do with that it has to do with revenge My opinion.
    Look forward to hearing everyones opinion on this and opinions are opinions and I respect anyones opinions just wanted you all to know.

  19. From patty

    Tee, for sure Rafe will end up suffering the most in this fallout because it’s all his fault of course. He’s a Hernendez and he lies to protect women and children from the Demiras and he kissed Sami’s sister but Sami still has the hots for him so he must pay. Innocent Elvis however must never suffer because he’s so tall and oh that accent and he has that little soft side that peeked out once. :)
    The Sami story is actually getting more incredible that she is still stringing three men along with now one that is willing to plot murder and blackmail to have her. If you ask me, those ratings you are worried about, they’re dropping because people are sick of it. I am glad Lucas is smart enough to take himself out of the race and I hope soon Rafe will follow suit so she’ll have to ponder no more on who’s going to be her pick of the week, she’ll be stuck with EJ .
    As for Chad, I don’t think he’ll be the one to decide Gabi’s fate, he should worry about keeping out of jail himself for his creepy stalking ways and for witholding information. I take it most of your post are just speculations so we will have to wait and see if Gabi even gets charged with a crime before assuming she’s going off to prison. She might just turn herself in and EJ will have nothing to blackmail Rafe with.
    I think Nick and Gabi are the ones who get engaged when she finds out she’s pregnant.
    I hate that Nicole will be out on her butt but I don’t blame Jen for kicking her out. If Nicole wanted a safe place for her baby, she shouldn’t be using the people that gave her a home.

  20. From tee

    Leah #16 Dont give up hope this is supposed to be closure for Safe according to some sources. I hope they are right but since they get the spoilers for more then a month in advance I am leaning towards hope.

    Sami is trying to do the right thing this time she cannot moveon with any man till she resolves and figures out her feelings with them all. She discussed that with Will and it was the only thing he asked her to do this time was be sure. She keeps mentioning how she flip flops and how she dont want to do that. Give it time. She just needs to work it out, I do not know if she will choose EJ only that Safe is temporary and may just be closure, But interviews do state they asked to be reunited slow and it was for a reason. So lets hope that James knows what he is talking about, I would hope he does since he plays EJ and he tapes months in advance.

  21. From NeeNee

    “At least Rafe is keeping them (secrets) to protect people, not to destroy them.” Exactly what I said last week, Patty.

    If you go on other sites (that aren’t exclusively devoted to EJami), a major number of fans have had it with “Sami’s Days of Our Lives.” As Patty said, this Sami/Rafe/EJ merry-go-round could be a factor in the falling ratings. Why don’t the writers take EJ off the canvas for awhile and see what happens to the ratings? Let him get caught in some of this evil-doing and be punished. Cripes, even Stefano did a stint at Statesville once.

    Had a thought about Mel & Chad. Yes, she truly needs to get away from Salem for awhile. Running into Chad & Gabi on a near daily basis would be a sickening reminder of her imprisonment and betrayal by her lover & friend. But do you suppose that once in Europe with Carly she will discover that *oops* she is pregnant—in a situation similar to that of her mother 25 years ago. Except Mel would be able to keep & raise her baby: until the DiMeras get wind of it! Undoubtedly Stefano would unleash the Hounds of Hell to procure another grandchild. Down the road, this could open the door to a return for Mel and a whole new storyline.

  22. From patty

    Tee, if Sami has conveniently forgotten about the past, why are we discussing Carrie?
    I don’t see Rafe as wanting his ex wife back, I see it as Sami wanting her ex husband back.
    If there is someone to blame for keeping babies away from EJ, it is the women, and there is a reason for that. Especially from Nicole who knows exactly what EJ is capable of and because she thinks like him.
    You know , this is the part I
    don’t get. EJ and Sami act like what they did to each other is a joke when they have committed the most atrocious of crimes to one another but now Rafe is the bad guy? He was hired to protect her from him and has been doing so for years so now he’s suppose to approve that she’s back in EJ’s orbit? EJ is a dangerous man and he hasn’t changed and if Sami can’t see that, other people do and anybody who cares for Sami doesn’t want her with him. Bo was spot on with what he told her.
    Leah, this Safe fan is not happy with the way things are going with EJ back to his evil ways and if Rafe has to endure EJ’s wrath and ruthless sick plots again, I would sooner see him as far away from Sami as possible and move on with somebody that is worth fighting for and leave Sami in his dust.
    Oh and Tee, could you please show me where it says that Nicole and Rafe lie down in bed to take a picture or is that just a speculation?

  23. From patty

    Yes SandyGram, I thought that was a little starnge coming from Brady that he would trust Kate to do that. Another strange happening was Kate and Sami teaming up to square off with Adrienne about Will in the park. Adrienne held her own and I totally enjoyed that scene. Sami concentrating on being a mother I guess, she really pulled it off.

  24. From Leah

    # 22 Neenee… take EJ off the canvas and out of the picture for a while and see what happens to the ratings? Are you serious?
    As quite a few of you have reminded me a number of times NO couple pairing or character make or break a show. James does have his fans and has been voted and won Mr Adonis five times since 2007. SO whether you like to admit it or not for alot of us EJ (James Scott) is eye candy that keeps us tuned into Days. Especially when the show is this painfully boring to watch.

  25. From Leah

    Patty… yes I am an Ejami fan but to be honest with the writing over the last few months IF they’re not going to go Ejami now I would rather them give Sami a break from all men. Not this “I’m going to concentrate on my kids.” And then chasing Rafe. I don’t know if this information is correct either but a poster on another site said Lumi are not over yet either.
    Yes even though I love Sami this “Sami Men Merry Go Around” is just too much. It turns me off especially when she has 3 young children to think about. I’d rather her be completely alone, learn about herself and what she wants and needs. Stand on her own 2 feet and support herself before moving onto ANY male. Time for Sami to grow up!

  26. From MAB

    If I were a Safe fan, I wouldn’t want Rafe w/ Sami just because he’s jealous of EJ being in her life, not to mention he only starting sniffing around her again because Carrie left. I don’t call that love. Rafe’s hatred for EJ is stronger than any feelings he has for Sami. Why would she want a man like that…that is basically only w/ her for spite? I highly doubt Sami is gonna be heartbroken over Rafe not being in her life. He’s been out of it for quite some time now, and she’s just fine. But if she is hurt, she’ll bounce back quick, she always does. Also, in one breath she tells EJ she wants to concentrate on her & the kids, then she invites Rafe out to dinner to ‘discuss’ their feelings. The words coming out of her mouth, and her actions are making her look stupid. Why don’t the writers let her mean what she says for a change? Ward off all men, and concentrate on her & the kids like she’s been saying. She should date EJ, and if it doesn’t work out, then go back to Rafe or Lucas, or find someone else.

    Some may call what EJ is gonna do as blackmail, but I call it justice! Everything EJ can use against Rafe is all valid, from choosing to confess he’s Nicole’s baby’s father to covering for Gabi. These secrets & lies are all Rafe’s, nothing EJ needs to make up.

    Uh, Sami’s not the only one to ‘claim’ Rafe is perfect. Nicole and Carrie also went around claiming that as well. And it’s sickening. For one, no one is perfect. And two, just because Rafe claims he’s ‘protecting’ people by lying & keeping secrets doesn’t mean other people don’t get hurt in the process. For example, keeping Sami’s secrets before got his own sister Ari killed. Oh, and this isn’t a competition of who has done more wrong things than the other between EJ & Rafe. The difference is that Rafe is supposed to be the ‘good’ guy (and believe me I use that term lightly), so for him to continue to make the same mistakes over & over, again & again, just tosses any creditability he has as a cop or upstanding citizen out the window!

    Leah – you’re SO right. What happens on screen doesn’t lie. EJami sizzle! This is why I take the spoilers (like the ones above) w/ a grain of salt because the way it’s written is not always the way it plays out on screen.

    I think it’s stupid for Brady to be all for taking down Sami. In fact, it should be EJ & Brady who are the rivals, not Brady working w/ Kate to take down his sister. Again, more idiotic writing! If that is the course the writers want to take tho, then it would be interesting if it were Brady & Kate vs. EJ & Sami.

    I think Jen ended up looking like the stupid one yesterday after her argument w/ Nicole. Jen thinks she’s knows it all, but Daniel slept w/ Nicole of his own free will, and he willingly went along w/ her & Rafe over the stupid paternity tests. Jen thinks it had to be Nicole schemes to make those things about Daniel true. Well, newsflash Jen, Daniel made his own choices! I’m so sick of how the ones like EJ & Nicole always get blamed just because of who they are…just because they aren’t ‘perfect’ like the others ‘think’ they are, people like Rafe & Jen. They throw around blame, insults, and blatant lies because they think that the fault always lies in one place, when in reality, they are no better. They make just as many twisted mistakes as anyone else.

    Tee – you have every right to see things the way YOU see them. There is no need for you to have to explain YOUR opinions to anyone on here. Keep up the great posts, love ‘em!

    Spoilers already say EJ will use Gabi’s actions to tell Rafe to stay away from Sami, so it’s gonna happen. Gabi isn’t gonna turn herself in. When her indiscretions come to light, they law goes after her.

    Why don’t the writers take Rafe off the canvas for a while and see what happens? Oh wait, they already did that and the ratings were great during his absence. Taking EJ off the canvas would prove disastrous, which is why I doubt TPTB will ever do that.

    Rafe was not hired to protect Sami from EJ. She witnessed a murder, in which EJ had no knowledge of. That was all Stefano. But even it were true, that Sami was being protected from EJ, why did she continue to talk to EJ while in witness protection??? Sami only turned on EJ because he decided to pursue a life w/ Nicole, plain & simple, so Sami found her a new partner in crime, Rafe. And the rest as they say is history!

  27. From jolie

    Good show yesterday. Well if you can get past the wedding and should you wed and shouldn’t you wed for Melanie. Daniel is driving me crazy as well. I am just glad I am not getting married because I’d be rethinking it after Daniel’s passionate objections! Poor Sami is really careening now if she is taking advice from Kate. Kate is right but at least Sami sees it now and is trying to be a stand on your own woman. Elvis will have to kick it in high gear and I just bet he has a plan for just that. Special dinners are not working so he is going to have to create a diversion and he is just the guy for a high visibility diversion. I feel for poor Will that he thinks he is not good enough for Sonny. Adrienne should tone it down some but if the baby comes about from Will’s night with Gabs, Adrienne will go bonkers! Will has had a really rough year and I would have liked to see things settle down for him and let him be happy for at least 2 episodes. Seems like Gabs was going to spill the beans on Andrew to Melanie. I think this is the way they plan to rehab Gabs. She is trying to take the high road and come clean. Chad is getting a bit creepy in a young and handsome way. Nicole, Jennifer, Daniel…where can this go? To protect Dr. Dan, Jennifer will have to tell about Elvis and the DNA test or since she works in the hospital, she’ll help continue the cover up when the baby is born, right? What a tangled path we are treading!

  28. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    I’m a few days behind watching, so let me get this straight…Sami’s unencumbered of any relationship ties, not living with Lucas, not married, and still she didn’t choose the Limey, so his solution is to off the competition, again? (helloooo, Lucas in the freezer truck!) That’s mature, esp. after agreeing no shootings, kidnappings, clones, blackmail, with ‘mantha. Jeeze, move on Elvis, the girl didn’t pick you. On that vein, thank God he dropped the phony nice guy act. It’s not who he is. He’s boring when he’s “nice”. So is Victor.

  29. From NeeNee

    It seems like once again on this site, we are embroiled in the EJ vs. Rafe issue. Unless EJ and Sami are swapping spit daily, EJami fans appear to be constantly unhappy. Writers, PLEASE put them together and let this pair live happily ever after! And while you’re at it, have Rafe & Gabi go back to live with Mama Hernandez (whoever & wherever she is).

    Then maybe the rest of the Salem stories can be told again. Better yet . . how about Mr. Corday comes up with another totally new soap starring EJ & Sami? He could announce a contest where viewers would be assigned coming up with a title for said soap!

    There’s only so much air time daily, and Ejami is sucking the oxygen out of the program. Other storylines & characters seem to be given short shrift (IMO). “But . . but. . the ratings go down when they’re not on. And surveys say that.” Ultimately, viewership does decide whether or not a soap stays on the air. So it looks like we will keep on having controversy here because Corday has made the decision to keep Sami ridiculously bouncing back & forth between basically two men, Rafe & EJ (Lucas is pretty much out, I’d say, sorry LUMI). All in the name of garnering ratings. But I join the ranks of those here who deduce that the problem of falling numbers could partially just be the years of frustration with the Sami merry-go-round.

    Another explanation?? All good things must come to an end, the proverb goes. Days has had a 47-year run, practically unheard of. In these scary economic times, I’m guessing that many former viewers have no time left to watch fictional stories. They’re too busy trying to save their jobs & homes. Nobody in Hollywood will admit it, but there’s not the demand for their product as in years past.

  30. From MAB

    Jolie – I don’t see how special dinners EJ planned for Sami could even attempt to work when they never happen. Sami should’ve kept that date, who knows what might have happened! And she needs to stop listening to everyone barking in her ear. They need to stop making her so wishy-washy, and allow her to make decisions on her own w/o having to listen to half the town’s advice…especially when most of those giving the advice shouldn’t!

  31. From SuzanneQ

    #26MAB – you are so right about people like EJ and Nicole getting blamed because of who they are while “little Miss Perfect” Jen can do whatever she wants. The writers have her moving on from the death of Jack way too fast for me. He hasn’t been dead for a little more than a month our time while in Days time I don’t even know how long that is.

    What I’m afraid of with all the Soaps getting canceled is that if the ratings slide, that the show won’t be renewed when the contract is up. Come on, writers, get us some good story lines. We need the Stefano back soon and stop recycling the story lines. I’m sure that most of us here could write better stories than the writers that Days have.

  32. From jolie

    #29 NeeNee, well said. We are right back at it, it seems. The Elvis/Rafe/Sami debate is tiresome. Yes, the actors and characters all have chemistry while on the screen. Yes, this one lied and that one kissed and that one kidnapped. Fact is that it is up to the writers and not the characters. The Sami bouncing story we are currently seeing will be repeated once she decides on a man. The lies will come out, the lines will be redrawn.

  33. From patty

    NeeNee, excellent post and right to the point. The EJ/Sami/Rafe triangle might keep these boards jumping but I believe viewers are tired of it. I, for one, will happily keep watching my favorite soap and Sami’s love life won’t be the deciding factor on whether I stay tuned or not. I’m hoping Days of our Lives has many good years left but with new and exciting storylines that don’t repeat themselves over and over. And yes let EJami have their own spinoff, sitcom maybe…

  34. From NeeNee

    Googled “soap opera viewership” and found a marvelous site that bears out my theory on there are just plain fewer viewers for the existing soaps to divide.

    1965-66 Days of our Lives 5.3 (Debut: November 8, 1965) As the World Turns was first with a 13.9 share

    1966-67 Days of Our Lives 8.7

    1967-68 Days of our Lives 8.7

    1968–1969 Days of our Lives 9.3

    1969-1970 Days of Our Lives 8.8

    1970-1971 Days of Our Lives 9.5

    1971-1972 Days of Our Lives 9.9

    1972-1973 Days of Our Lives 9.9
    (second place)

    1973-1974 Days of Our Lives 9.7

    1974-1975 Days of Our Lives 9.7

    1975-1976 Days of Our Lives 8.3

    1976-1977 Days of Our Lives 7.8

    1977-1978 Days of Our Lives 6.9

    1978-1979 Days of Our Lives 6.8

    1979-1980 Days of Our Lives 6.6

    1980-1981 Days of Our Lives 5.6

    1981-1982 Days of Our Lives 5.5

    1982-1983 Days of Our Lives 5.7

    1983-1984 Days of Our Lives 7.1

    1984-1985 Days of Our Lives 7.1

    1985-1986 Days of Our Lives 7.2

    1986-1987 Days of Our Lives 7.0

    1987-1988 Days of Our Lives 7.1

    1988-1989 Days of Our Lives 6.5

    1989-1990 Days of Our Lives 5.4

    1990-1991 Days of Our Lives 5.2

    1991-1992 Days of Our Lives 5.4

    1992-1993 Days of our Lives 4.9

    1993-1994 Days of Our Lives 5.6

    1994-1995 Days of Our Lives 5.3
    (this was ranking #6)

    1995-1996 Days of Our Lives 5.8
    (this was ranking #2)

    1996-1997 Days of Our Lives 5.8

    1997-1998 Days of Our Lives 5.1

    1998-1999 Days of Our Lives 5.8

    1999-2000 Days of Our Lives 4.2
    (number 3 ranking)

    2000-2001 Days of our Lives 3.8

    2001-2002 Days of Our Lives 3.6

    2002-2003 Days of Our Lives 3.1

    2003-2004 Days of our Lives 3.1

    2004-2005 Days of Our Lives 2.7
    (tied for 5th)

    2005-2006 Days of Our Lives 2.6

    2006-2007 Days of Our Lives 2.3

    2007-2008 Days of Our Lives 2.1

    2008-2009 Days of Our Lives 2.2

    2009-2010 Days of Our Lives 2.2

    2010-2011 Days of Our Lives 2.0

    2011-2012 Days of Our Lives 2.0

    If you look at the stats for all the soaps, all of them are on a downhill slide. For 2011-2012, Young & Restless is number 1 with a 3.5 share. That used to be grounds for ending a soap!

    Kind of like in our economy: gas was $1.80 or so in the fall of ’08 and now we’re at $3.89 (at my Iowa gas station last night). But everybody’s in denial that inflation exists. So are the soap ratings deflating. If you go on this Wikipedia site where I got the stats, it’s pretty obvious that the mid 1980′s were the watershed. That was the last time any soap generated a double digit rating. Coincides with more women working entering the workforce. I don’t care if EJ appeared in his birthday suit every day . . . soaps are on the decline and are on the road to disappearing.

    This has taken me a long time to transcribe but if I had just copied the whole thing, it would have exceeded Tee’s posts by triple!

  35. From SandyGram

    #33 NeeNee
    Not knowing how the ratings are determined, I do have one question:
    - Do the ratings include fans that DVR the episodes?
    - Do the ratings include fans that watch the show on the internet?
    - Or do they only include shows that are watched at the specified time the show plays?
    - Now that my curiosity is raised on the subject of ratings….How does NBC determine the ratings? Is a signal sent from my TV to NBC notify them I’m watch Days?

    Well that’s more than one question… well I won’t go there with my big brother watch speech like I do concerning the Internet (that’s a whole other story).

  36. From NeeNee

    Sandy, I’m guessing that obviously earliest shows through maybe 2007 or so were just the Nielsen ratings. Don’t know exactly when technology changed to allow other viewing methods, but I would think the last 5 years should catch it. And these other methods would almost have to be included in those ratings. But like, you I don’t know for sure.

    Big Bro is watching us more than we know!!

  37. From patty

    NeeNee, after watching today’s show, I wouldn’t count Lucas out just yet. I think the guy protests just a little too much and seems to be still very hurt by Sami’s actions. I love Lucas and his acting and I wish they would give him some good material to work with because he can deliver.
    Chad I think should be committed. He’s not just going Demira, he’s going nuts. Victor seems to think so too and is about to make a “phone call” if Maggie wouldn’t stop him. He doesn’t think Mel should be marrying a Demira and calls Chad a little twit.
    Rafe (looking absolutely gorgeous by the way) steps in to defend Sami from Kate and it has Sami batting her baby blues at him trying to convince him to get together to talk and see where it goes. That ship has not sailed yet imo.
    Bo is tired of banging his head against the wall all those years trying to nail the Demiras but I think he’s considering a plan that he didn’t put on his bucket list. Maybe Bo will go out with a bang after all.

  38. From patty

    SandyGram, good question(s)! I’ve also wondered about those things myself since I don’t have a clue how ratings work exept that they go up and down, well mostly down where soaps are concerned.

  39. From jolie

    #34 Sandygram, good questions all. The ratins used to be determined by an outfit called Nielson (may be mispelled) that actually put boxes that recorded the shows that you watched each day. You would be chosen by them if you met a certain demographic that they were measuring. No doubt it is still done in a similar fashion but like your points, there are multiple ways to watch television now. If I am extra busy, it may take me a week or so to watch them all. Or I may never get caught up so I speed watch with the FF button. I love to get up early in the AM and watch the day before. And loved the Big Brother comment but who knows what BB knows about us with a satellite box stuck in the living room!

  40. From NeeNee

    Last year Michael Fairman (owner of a soap opera review site) spoke with Senior Vice President of Strategies and Digital Platforms for the Nielsen company, Scott Brown. They spoke in depth about the controversy of how soaps at home viewing audiences are being counted.

    According to Brown, “Shows viewed via TiVo or DVR within three days of their original broadcast are included in the overall Nielsen numbers.” The flipside, ”When it comes to shows viewed on-line — whether via Hulu or a specific network’s site — only count if the on-line version contains the exact same commercials as the network broadcast. Currently, none of the soaps which can be viewed online feature the same ads as the network broadcast, meaning that those viewing their shows in non-traditional formats are not being counted in the all-important Nielsen ratings!”

    Brown also addressed the difference between the basic Nielsen numbers and information gathered based on DVR or TiVo views: “We are dedicated to measuring what Americans are watching, however and whenever they’re watching it. With DVRs in almost 39 percent of American homes, DVR viewing is an important part of that equation. For a long time, Nielsen tracked live audience and VCR recording. Since 2007, we have tracked the live audience as well as the programs watched on DVR up to three days after the program aired live for the C3 measurement. This estimate actually looks at the commercial minutes performance to provide an average estimate of commercial viewing.”

    Also being currently measured are TV programs viewed on-line and on-demand, which will also be folded into the C3 rating.

    Brown on if networks count DVR/TiVo views: “C3 has become the standard in the industry and provides a more accurate reflection of the programs that are heavily DVR’d. In that sense, DVR audience has become very important to programmers as contributing substantial viewing.”

    Brown on if watching soaps on network websites such as or will count for the ratings system: “Shows on or that are the exact same as the live broadcast version — with the same commercials — will be counted with the Extended Screen in C3.”

    Clear as mud, no?

  41. From NeeNee

    Guys, back in the late 80′s or so my household was chosen at random by Nielsen. First we got a letter asking if we were willing to commit. Then we got a packet of record keeping materials in the mail. I don’t think we actually got a box on our TVs because I remember having to write down daily what I had watched. There was a distinction made, say, if you had your TV on but left the room or if it was on but nobody watching it. At the end of the allotted time, we mailed the booklets back. As I recall, they gave us something like $1 per day for our trouble!

  42. From jolie

    #36 Patty, watching Will sometimes is like watching Lucas. He can deliver when he has something to work with. Will languished for a long while until this past year when he really got some stuff he could get into and he has been fabulous. That Lucas is protesting and is hurt, good signs that he is not done by a long shot. And I don’t think he ever will be. Sort of like Roman with Marlena. While they will probably (won’t say never because this is DOOL) be back together, Roman probably still has some feeling there and I think he shows it for Kate as well. Wish he had better luck with the ladies and wish that Anna would come back and totally rock his world, turn him inside out in a good way. Chad is jumping on the dark bandwagon really quick. The poor boy has likely had a tough life and now in the past couple of years is on his own because he rejected the Dimera side. Well, he is a loose cannon and will be the worse when Melanie leaves. He needs Stefano and quick, even if it is only to channel that bad boy in him! Rafe, looking gorgeous, defending Sami. I know this is fodder for debate but Rafe just seems right for Sami and in the end I think she’ll find her way back. Or hope so for her sake and that of the kids. So Bo might quit the force and go off on the Dimera? Or might go off on this without quitting the force? Either way, he has fought the good fight against them. If he isn’t coming back, I wish they would just let him have one last and ginormous hurrah and at least take the side of the Dimera manse down!

  43. From MAB

    I don’t see how special dinners EJ planned for Sami could even attempt to work when they never happen. Sami should’ve kept that date, who knows what might have happened! And she needs to stop listening to everyone barking in her ear. They need to stop making her so wishy-washy, and allow her to make decisions on her own w/o having to listen to half the town’s advice…especially when most of those giving the advice shouldn’t!

    No offense, but I don’t see how anyone can know what’s really happening on the show if you FF thru most of it. Even if it’s something I don’t care for, I never FF. I like to hear & see everything that happens, because for me, it’s the only way I can give my perspective on things.

    Some spoilers are indicating Bo will be going on a sojourn w/ Caroline (?) If this is true, then I guess the other spoiler saying ‘Bo is there for Caroline when she needs him’ is true.

  44. From Tee

    The demo ratings are done by same day air and dvr viewing. The demo age is 18-49. They also can rate total users which would give a running totall on all age groups etc. They ave ways to see when youu fast forward trough parts, if you watch online, all that is counted in to factor in a point system. Generally if you dont watch same day or dvr it it wont count for the demo ratings they do..It breaks it all down for them who watched today, who dvr’ed it to what scenes you are watching and not watching via fast forward.

    We can sit arond and say wos wrong or rigt about ratings but if you look up the times the show had higest ratings eevr which I posted that is showing. We can say wic caracters bring in ratings which dont but it is the ratings that shoow them that and polls that is their purpose for using them. I am not talking about any polls. I mean specifically the ones NBC and Sony put out on various subjects. For example Sony will email me to come take a poll they put out on a show because I am a user of their site.No matter what our feelings are on the polls and ratings the important ting is the ones wo need to know know why.

    Here we go again with people trying to make people feel tey can not talk about Sami and EJ or er triangle. People te blog posting was about tat among other things So we get spoilers and we talk about them, but what I dont get is why people get upset when people state their opinion and talk about issues going on in the show. People are going to like EJAMI, they are going to like SAFE and even LUMI. This site allows us to talk about any and all characters and pairings, so if anyone dont like people who discuss EJAMI then maybe a site that concentrates on your favorite pair only is best. I for one talk about all aspects of the show. The Sami dilemma is something that is big on the show right now and I feel free to talk about it whenever I like. We were asked by admins to stop taking cheap shots and baiting but yet people feel the need to get mad about what someone says is their opinion. Why not even address that opinion if you dont agree with it?
    Why must anyone call it a debate it is a discussion on our opinions on the show.I am just getting tired of people getting mad when Sami/EJ/Rafe are discussed when clearly the autor of this blog gives us spoilers about them to discuss. I have said many times I respect everyone’s opinions and even said I would like to see how fans of other couplings see this. So lets stop with the whole Iam tired of people talking about this from the show stuff please. We are all adults and We are all free to discuss any aspect of this show. If you dont like someones opinion don’t read it or comment just move on simple as that. That is why people leave here. If you scroll up many characters are being discussed not just them by all posters.

  45. From Cindy

    Hey! Hey! Hey! NeeNee – don’t be so rash! I would love to see EJ in his birthday suit!! LOL!!

  46. From Tee

    Mab#42 I have noticed Caroline is starting to forget things lately. I was wondering how that will come to play in all the spoilers about Bo and Caroline.

  47. From patty

    Thanks for that NeeNee, clear as mud! lol!
    jolie! LMAO here about Bo taking a side of the Demira manse down. He’s thinking out loud saying something like…but if I’m no longer on the force??…and then says I better not put that on my list.
    I’m with you , I also think Sami and Rafe belong together but not if he’s going to be the target of EJ’s vengeful, God-awful schemes. He would be better off with someone where he wouldn’t have to look over his shoulder all the time imo.

  48. From Randi

    I think that the writers and sponsers have forgotten that their main audience are we Boomers. Kids are at school when this is shown but the storylines currently revolve around kids or EJAMIAF!

    I know the new writers are trying but……………

    And Jen is acting Non-Jen. Nicole has always been homeless on show so she’ll do it with a baby. Yet that fake bump is grown old. In her future dreamy scene she was thin thus her baby has been born!
    Let Nic’s baby come too please!

    JEN and NIC in one house—ick!

  49. From Randi

    Goodbye Ladies and Gents it’s been fun!
    But the show has gotten boring, see ya!

  50. From Tee

    Patty#22 It was in reference that she had moved on from her past with EJ. They make several references to that on the show and have talked about it in interviews.
    Their past meaning all the things they have done to each other.
    Carrie is part of the reason for Rafe and Sami’s problems now as it involves the current story line now. Obviously she don’t know how he feels because not long ago he was declaring his undying love for her sister, and we seen her bring it up at Safe house as well.It will have to be addressed if they pursue anything, it was left un addressed before.

    Spoilers going around now are evn saying Rafe had to make a choice who was more important to him and he did not choose Sami.Now we can clearly say but Gabi is his sister, but a wife or love of your life is clearly someone that should be the most important in your life as well.

    He should have told Sami his predicament. Now we are to believe he is protecting a good moral person in Gabi? She still is jealous Cad wanted to marry Mel, and shows when she does her faces, Gabi has a bigger fear of Chad right now and her confession is from that not because she feels all guilty.
    I dont see where Chad did wrong his intentions behind not telling Mel were because with all she went through it would be more emotionally hard and devastating. for her. He wanted to tell Mel but Gabi blackmailed him telling him he would lose her for knowing as well.I have had times were people have not told me things till they think it is the best time to tell me. I think also with Nick coming back that was another stresser Chad seen on her. I also see how he could see Gabi and Nick togeter then see Nick with the scarf could make him think something as well.
    What I dont understand is how Chad is being made by people as the bad guy when it is Gabi who did it, Now suddenly Gabi is this great person who should be protected? Just my opinions but I see it how I see it.

    What Gabi did is wrong, Rafe is a officer of the law and he sure had no problems with arresting Sami for what she did. Roman Samis own father had no problems as well doing his job when it came to Sami, sure he did not like the idea but he did and said he would do what he must as a officer of the law. Rafe is not. He is now breaking his oath and laws by helping Gabi with her secret.

    I dont see that as him being this upstanding protecting the good person, Gabi is not good IMO. She may be redeemed but it dont change the fact of Rafe helping her. yes she is his sister, but he took oathes and if Bo,Hope, and Roman abide by them who is he not to?
    we are also supposed to say Nicole is anohter one of these do gooders he is protecting? Yea right she stole Samis baby, and I can go on and on but that alone sould have stopped Rafe from claiming that baby, mogt I add without Nicole asking him to, she even told him not to do this but he did anyway.Yea another day to Superhero Rafes day saving all the damsels in distress.
    Rafe is mostly good but time and time shows him crossing lines and especially when it comes to revenge or making EJ pay.

    I said in a post near top Lucas is still in this he is taking his own advice in Sami wants what she can’t have.

  51. From patty

    # 45
    Tee, I’ve also noticed Caroline’s memory lapses and I’ve wondered what that was about and how it would relate to Bo’s departure. Hopefully she will not be suffering from some mind altering disease . Has there been any talk of her leaving the show. I think Grandma needs a break from cooking chowder and babysitting a bunch of kids . Maybe Bo can bring her sailing around the world so she can put her feet up and drink Margaritas.

  52. From Shani

    Not necessarily saying it’s ok for Rafe to stray from the straight & narrow, but he does it for the greater good, as they say, & to help & protect people. EJ, on the other hand, is all about himself & what furthers his own adjenda no matter who it hurts. I agree about the Rafe/EJ/Sami triangle being boring & already over used, with EJ always scheming to destroy Rafe. If James Scott ever leaves the show, maybe it will be out of boredom. I’ve said before I will hate to see Melanie leave. But as things will be, I won’t blame her.

    I’m a little behind with the show. Politics are heating up & I’m still busy with it but lovin’ it, although very sad the middle east situation has blown wide open & has cost precious lives.

  53. From Tee

    Patty#50 I have seen no talks of her leaving the show other then from other people who speculate based off Bo spoilers with her. I am thinking her forgetting things will be tied into his story line a bit but not sure. I do think the actress who plays her contract ends soon but that don’t necessarily mean she will leave. If she does I will be sad but I think if she does it may only be a vacation or something like that and ten maybe she will return but Bo will not. The spoilers are so vague right now to tell.

  54. From NeeNee

    Hey, Shani girl!!

    We have missed you and your input to this site. Yes, politics heating up is putting it mildly. The Middle East is on fire with strategic cities occupied by radicals—coincidence? I think not. We are going to need strong leadership in the months & years to come. All of us need to vote and encourage others to do so. United States is truly the last, best hope. Many people in other parts of the world cannot understand the freedoms we enjoy because they have never had them.

  55. From Leah

    #36 Patty… the poster who posted about Lumi not being finished yet sited her information from the actor himself. Apparently Bryan stated “Lumi – October.” I suppose time will tell. For us growing tired of Sami’s Men Merry Go Around its gunna be pathetic to watch. It means in a matter of a few weeks Sami is going to go from living and having sex with Lucas, to puffing, panting and chasing EJ around to now inviting Rafe to dinner and questioning him about his feelings for her…. to what back to Lumi? And then the cycle is gonna start again? YUK!
    Come on writers love triangles, rehashed couples etc etc IS GETTING OLD. I remember in the good old days yes Days had these triangles but they had more than that going on. There was always some kind of mystery to solve or adventure going on to sink your teeth into as well. Watching your the one, your not the one, your the daddy your not the daddy, switched paternity tests and hidden (secret) kids YOU CAN ONLY WATCH SO MANY TIMES.
    I think the writers have to start letting them imaginations go and start thinking outside the box.

  56. From Leah

    In my opinion with all the cover ups, lying and underhanded shaded things Rafe has been involved in as a FBI and now in the Salem PD… I really don’t see how it is possible for him to keep his job in the law enforcement. People can swing it whatever way they want… he is a coppa and he shouldn’t (and he wouldn’t) keep his job if he had done everything we’ve seen his character do since joining Days.

  57. From patty

    Tee, all those bad things Rafe has done and here is Sami practically begging him to go on a date. She tells him when she looks at him she can’t believe how much she hurt him by what she did. No mention of Carrie , so yes I think they have put that in the past. She’s long gone and it’s over and Sami’s after Rafe again. If Rafe chooses to be there for his sister over Sami, that is just going to make her want him more is my guess. remember, Sami wants what she can’t have.

  58. From AnnieQ

    dont often post but read every day and I am sorry but i agree with NeeNee.I am not invested in either Ejami or Safe.In real life am for a good man and a stable relationship.However, this is soap opera. For entertainment purposes I do enjoy the steamy attraction between Ejami but we all know it wont last it will be on and then off with teasing in between and so on and so forth.I have no problem with Ejami fans and at points I am one myself..I just cant understand being so invested in these characters! Lets discuss the whole show..of course with emphasis on your favorites but not 10 paragraphs on one is ofputting to others and will only end in trouble. AGAIN. IMHO! That said I am enjoying the show rightnow..think we have some goood storlines coming up such as Chad going evil Dimera,Gabi’s exposure,legal battles, possible pregnancy,Nicholes scheming,Dr Dans dilemma,is Nick good or bad, the upcoming return of Fatha. I can’t wait!
    Welcome back Sandygram (the spoiler queen) But now you have competition, Tee is pretty god!

  59. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Leah, then you don’t know cops in Illinois. They keep their jobs everyday, and do a lot worse than hide the truth. Then they draw pensions. It’s a reasonable storyline, since it mirrors real life, a lot closer than hiring dopplegangers. LOL.

  60. From grandma to many

    who was the last child born that had 2 parents that were together and were very happy to be having a child ? It seems like a long time !Seems like there has been some controversy for every child born for many years maybe Joey ? Nope the Ava character was causing trouble then . Not Ciera , Theo , Parker , JJ , or Stephanie , Phillip even Hope was an unexpected outcome . Any body have a clue ?

  61. From SandyGram

    #43 MAB
    Although I didn’t get to see all of todays show just yet, I had to get my ears lowered…I did notice something about Caroline that might have something to do with Bo standing by her. When she was on the phone with her restaurant supplier she was insisting she had not received a deliver of dish ware. Then Gabi stepped in reminding Caroline she had signed for the delivery that morning. Could it be Caroline has early on set of Alzheimer? Maybe Bo will take her on a long trip, like back to Ireland, or something along that line. But then again didn’t we have a spoiler that Caroline was going to have a very prominent part in one of the Story Lines?

  62. From Tee

    From tv source mag

    Interesting Spoiler below


    EJ and Chad face off. Will Stefano be able to help his children?

  63. From SandyGram

    #62 Tee
    Spoiler: So EJ and Chad face off. Just the little bit I saw today it looks like Chad is in big trouble. He’s not just angry at seeing Gabi and Nick together at the Pub, he is even manufacturing their conversation. EJ goes overboard when trying to get revenge on someone, but he hasn’t hit the psycho level yet like Chad appears to have reached. How will Stefano help either one. I would imagine after Melanie leaves Chad will really go off the deep end. And EJ doesn’t seem to anxious to call Stefano ‘father’ again. It should be very interesting once again seeing a DiMera go after a DiMera.

  64. From Malatese Mama

    Who took the picture of Nicole and Rafe in bed?

  65. From Bobby

    Nichole has hit a new low trying to get Abby to side with her against her mother, all in the name of “poor Jennifer”. Gues she’s not so different from E.J. after all. So tired of the hidden baby story line. If it isn’t Sami, it’s Nichole. Insanity! Story the same-outcome the same. Stop showing Will and Gabby together. Nobody wants to see her pregnant from their one night stand. The holidays are coming. Can’t we have some happy stories? I agree about Caroline’s memory. We all new there had to be an informational story line on its way. I have to say, don’t like the change in Chad, but I think he’s going to make E.J. look like an amateur where it comes to revengs.

  66. From Shani

    I don’t like the change in Chad, either, but I don’t know if he is going to be any worse than EJ or not?! Kidnapping a child & making everyone think she is dead, & going along with a plan to hold a man prisoner, erase his memory, & put a fake guy in that man’s wife’s bed seems pretty psycho to me.

    Can’t believe the turn around in Sami & how hot she is for Rafe!

  67. From JiBi

    Danger Alert!!!!
    Bo considers his future options after a discussion with Roman the Salem P.D. is cutting its budget. Hope agrees that he should try something else that his heart is in. And so the big guy does some soul searching. He secretly decides that if his hands were not tied by being a cop, he could do what he yearns to do most – go after the DiMeras on his own terms!!!!

  68. From jolie

    #43 MAB It would make sense that Bo and Caroline would go off together. I think most fans could get behind the idea of that as sad as it is. Who will run the pub now that Kayla is actually doctoring or doing hospital admin again? Could another Brady coming back be on the horizon?
    #48 Randi, I am with you. Get the Nicole baby story over and quickly. I am a Nicole fan but she is going over the edge here. I know Nicole has been desperate in the past and has done some really crappy stuff but she is like Sami now. She has responsibility and can’t afford to just be worried about a man. Get on with it! Dr Dan and Nicole…not gonna happen so move on. If Jennifer and Dr Dan are going to happen again, let them become friends again. Dr Dan as the suffering physician who has gotten himself into deep doggie doo, not buying that either and not feeling sorry for him. He jumped into the hiding the baby with both feet and jumped into Nicole’s bed, well on top of his desk, with his body if not his mind and heart. So now he needs to deal with it and quit acting like he is so torn by it all. He might be torn but it is on how to get Nicole out and Jennifer in.
    #50 Tee, I see Rafe as a lot like Bo. Bo is a good man yet he has crossed the line time and time again and mostly due to some circumstance involving the Dimeras. Rafe is a good man and has crossed the line and will again when push comes to shove. And Rafe is like Bo in that his family will be the shove to push him across the line. The Bradys have all been that way and were admired for it. Rafe is really no different. And the Carrie incident keeps coming up…boy I bet the current writers would not have gone there as it was just stupid and out of character for Rafe as he was still with Sami even though she was pushing him away due to her guilt which was also really dumb. And yes Rafe should trust Sami with the truth…what am I saying? Sami has really not proved herself too trustworthy in the past but she is slowly evolving into a grown woman. I love the way she and Kate took up the Will cause together and tag-teamed Adrienne. And Gabi isn’t being portrayed as moral, just young and stupid. Chad has a big secret to hide from Melanie as well and it is preying on his mind as well. I don’t see Chad turning this nutsy so quickly but I ain’t writing it, just watching and wondering where it will go once Mel is out of the picture. Will Chad try to send Nick back to prison because he’ll want to blame Nick and Gabs for her leaving rather than see his part? He is young, has no guidance, is showing some weird tendencies at crazy so who knows what the poor boy will do. And I don’t think Chad’s going a little nutsy in any way lessens what Gabs did. He is just involved. And Rafe coming to his sister’s rescue, it just rings of Bo to me.
    #64 Bobby, I thought Nicole talking to Abby was just sleazly and I don’t like what they are doing to Nicole. Time to grow up some!
    #65 Shani, good points. Chad is young yet and still has plenty of time to ease into the finer points of being a Dimera. He is still thinking of pummeling with his fists himself rather than hiring it done so a long way to go.

  69. From MAB

    SandyGram – I do think whatever is happening w/ Caroline (which seems like Alzheimer’s), Bo is going to take care of her, which I assume will play into his departure.

    I agree w/ Tee about Chad. Now that he is showing a dark side, he’s getting tagged the bad guy (like EJ) just because he’s a DiMera, yet when a so-called good character shows their dark side, excuses are made for them. Typical. I think Chad has every right to feel the way he does, but with that said, him manufacturing a conversation between Nick & Gabi is a little over the top. He is definitely paranoid!

    Well, if Sami & Rafe have put everything in the past, including the Carrie debacle, then it can be said that Sami & EJ has certainly put their problems in the past as well.

    Most do discuss the whole show, and like it or not, that does include Sami more often than not. Also, if Sami and her men are getting discussed more, it’s because IMO, that is the most interesting thing happening at the moment. Most of the other s/l’s are lame, but are still discussed. I’ll tell you what’s annoying, the repeated lists of EJ’s past indiscretions. You can’t go a day w/o reading about something EJ did (or didn’t do).

    EJ & Chad face off? Well that could mean a lot of things. Like I said before, sometimes the spoilers are misleading as to what really happens when it’s acted out on screen.

    I LOVED Kate & Sami going off on Adrienne. Although Adrienne has every right to her opinion about Will, she can’t run Sonny’s life, and needs to let him make his own decisions about who he wants to be with. And as Justin has pointed out, w/ their past, they really have no room to talk.

    Jen is so off the mark. Daniel slept w/ Nicole of his own free will. There was no manipulation whatsoever in that, and I wish Daniel would’ve at least told Jen that much, since she is convinced Nicole schemed to get him into bed. I do think he was coerced into supporting the altering of the paternity test, but that wasn’t just Nicole, that was also Rafe, whom jumped at the chance to lay claim to being the father (again no scheming by Nicole there either). Yet Jen just continues to believe all this is Nicole’s doing, and that Daniel’s part is innocent. I think Jen needs to wake up, or better yet, mind her own business. Nice to see Brady again…but boy how that man’s talent is wasted.

  70. From Mandi

    I am loving the show right now and how it’s being written I totally agree sami has to get over her feelings for other men and hopefully rest with EJ. I love Lucas as well but her and EJ have a spark that lights up the tv. I also don’t really think the ratings have as much to do with the strories as everyone is posting if you are a fan of the show you are a an and will watch. I think the problem is there are more pwople working or going to school that cannot watch the show that is the problem maybe changing to primtime might help get more audience? not saying it will for sure but you never know :)

  71. From MAB

    Jolie, I mean no disrespect to your opinion, but Rafe is nothing like Bo! In fact, in comparison, Rafe never will be in the same league as Bo. Yes, Bo was always a rebel, and bent the rules, but he never did the awful things that Rafe has done. Bo never kept a child from their true parents, he never bullied women, he never turned his back on his family, and he never went after another man out of pure jealous or spite. And one reason Bo never did those things is because he had his true love Hope by his side. Rafe is never gonna have that w/ Sami, because Sami will never be his true love. She will never be free of her feelings for EJ. There is no hope for Rafe unless he finds a new mate.

    Also, Jen asked Daniel how could you keep a man’s child from him (even if it’s EJ) when he went thru the same thing w/ being lied to about Parker. With all of the other nonsense that came out of her mouth, she was spot on about that.

  72. From SandyGram

    Finally got to see yesterdays shows at 3:00 AM this morning. Let’s see how awake I really was. For the script given I’ll give the show an A. I can see a relationship building between Gabi and Nick (and it doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic at this time). Gabi and Caroline both have lightened up on Nick. I loved the way Caroline swiped her finger in Nick’s face a couple of times and said ‘if something should happen again come to her’. Keep those ‘dukes’ up Caroline give Chad the ole one two if he acts up again. As everyone has mentioned Chad is over the top paranoid right now. Of course with Melanie leaving he won’t immediately get better, there will be retribution to pay for the wrong he thinks Gabi and Nick have done to Mel and their relationship.

    Two pit bulls with lipstick were Sami and Kate going after Adrienne, who held her own with the line of the day “I can’t apologize to Will because everything I said was true” speaking of Will’s family.

    Kate and Brady – now that was a little confusing Brady agrees with Kate about bring down Countess Wilhemina but not Sami his sister. What’s the difference Brady? Hurt the business, hurt Sami. She will become unemployed, unable to support your the kids, and one mean Mama because family has done her wrong.

    Dan and Jennifer – What a scathing lecture Jenn gave Dan. First thought is back off Jenn it’s not your business. Second thought, the same. She left no stone unturned, but it would have been so much more of a “I’m just looking after you speech” if she had left out the part about sleeping with Nicole. That’s the part that’s really none of her business.

    Loved seeing Melanie so happy at least for this, probably one, episode before she departs to Europe. Molly Burnett is a beautiful young woman and I’ll be anxious to see her in other venue’s…..then eventually return to Days.

  73. From SandyGram

    #66 Jibi
    Bo going after the DiMera’s on this own turn. Now I could see him going to Ireland to see where it all began. Right now haven’t we been lead to believe the DiMera/Brady feud began with the Santo/Colleen story. Could be there is something way more devious that could come out much later….but this kind a means we would be expecting Bo to return someday. That should keep our curiosity burning for a long while.

  74. From JiBi

    SandyGram : I really hope that eventually Molly will return to Days….
    Bo going after the DiMeras on his own terms, maybe Stefano will make him disappears like he did to Roman or Hope many years ago
    and Bo will return someday???
    Maybe this is his departure.

  75. From NeeNee

    Awhile back I somehow found Peggy McCay’s website. She obviously has someone who presides over the site, helping her. I gather that several years ago she had an accident on the set of Days, which she referred to in the months afterward. Previously she had written lengthy, chatty replies whereas at that time basically the same canned “thank you for commenting” with a generic message was posted.

    Just visited her site now, and it looks like she is back to writing her own personal replies. Her last fan reply was August 1 of this year.

    Of course, she is over 80 too, I believe. But with the show writing in she totally forgot about signing for a pub delivery, it could be Alzheimers is going to be made part of the storyline. Unless Peggy has very beginning A’s, I wouldn’t think she could do any kind of script memorization. Although most times Alzheimer patients can still read, most of the time they cannot write like they used to. That’s a major tipoff caregivers can pick up on for an accurate diagnosis. If she has a limited number of lines, she could probably read those off cue cards (if they’re still used in this age of computers!) or maybe use a Barack Obama teleprompter!

  76. From jolie

    #68 MAB I think they are pushing Chad’s bad side too fast and too much. He is young and this is making him seem sinister and really diabolical. Elvis, Stefano, Victor are all old enough to carry it off. Chad is just too young and looks like one of those kids on Dateline that you see has gone off the deep end. I wish they’d back off him a little. If they want him to embrace his Dimera, fine, let Stefano come back and direct him so at least we’ll have someone to blame!
    #70 MAB, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree because I think Rafe is just like Bo and Bo would have done the same thing in similar circumstances. And the crimes you list for Rafe, well, I am thinking Elvis too. So I guess he is like most TV/literature heroes, a good side and a side that is just over the edge. And the same argument could be applied to Sami and Elvis, she’ll never be satisfied with Elvis because her true feelings are for Rafe and she’ll never be free of them. And Jennifer’s scenes with Dr Dan were great. She nailed what she was trying to portray.
    #71 Sandygram, tonight, get some sleep. Caroline was surely feisty when dealing with Nick and she didn’t think a thing about throwing Chad out either. I thought it was a little sad when she couldn’t remember receiving the dishes and called the supplier. I guess this is a good way to bring in an awareness of dementia and Alzheimers as MAB had mentioned but it is just a bit sad to see it in anyone. And pitbulls in lipstick? You must have loved that scene in the middle of the night! I thought we might see hair pulling in the Horton Square but luckily Adrienne hit them a blow and left them standing. Kate and Brady teaming up…seems like Brady is making all sorts of new friends. Also he and Jennifer. Wonder where this is going? Will he finally make Kate back down when it gets really nasty? Hard to say where this was going and it was very much pointed out that it had to be business and not personal. But for most of us the job is personal because it is your living. Jennifer has some soul searching to do here. I think she’ll be in the DNA database before it is all said and done. We’ll have to wait and see.

  77. From patty

    Rafe and Nicole are not getting in bed to take a picture together as speculated. Nicole photoshops that picture all by herself and shows it to Sami before anybody else and what looks to be right before her date with Rafe that he reluctantly agreed to go on.
    Ha! Love EJ’s face when he overhears Rafe making dinner reservations for two.
    Bo going after the Demiras, just as I suspected but I do hope that he does it before he leaves and not after he disappears for good.
    jolie, good post and I agree with you that even though Rafe can’t ever replace Bo he is a lot like him in a lot of way. He is willing to step outside the line but always to protect someone and they both have the same passion for fighting evil and the Demiras. I remember Bo’s words to Rafe when he got promoted to keep up the good fight against the Demiras and he’s the man to do just that.

  78. From SandyGram

    #75 jolie
    I’m not only nocturnal, getting up between 1 and 3 every morning. I’m narcoleptic, so for me sleep comes when sleep comes. That’s why in the day time when I watch the show it takes me about an hour and half to two hours because I nod off so many times. If only the on-line Days show would be available on the same day I can normally make it through 38 minutes.

    Just saw the new clip of Sonny telling Will that he will decide whether Will is right for him just before they have their first real kiss. It was a tender moment between this budding relationship. It was just a minute 1:35 clip so I’ll have to wait with anticipation for the whole scene.

  79. From SandyGram

    #76 patty
    I’m amazed at the Technology skills the characters on Days posses. Hackers, Website Builders, now Photoshop Users. Which raises my curiosity where did Nicole get a picture of Rafe in such a pose that she could drop him into bed next to her? At least if any of them are looking for a job they can always use their computer skills to find work.

    By the way now that Will is no longer working for EJ does he still have the apartment and car? I don’t remember the writers address this!

  80. From Snickelfritz

    UGH! Not a fan of an Alzheimer’s storyline with Caroline. It’s painful enough to watch in real life, so if Bo is leaving to take care of her, I could buy that and would appreciate it happening offscreen. How heartbreaking!

    Nicole, Nicole, Nicole….must we always repeat the same storyline? Why would you want a man you have to force to love you? That will make for a long and happy relationship, NOT!

    Jennifer…totally tasteless! Mourn the loss of the love of your life for a while, will you? And what is wrong with Dan to settle for being 2nd choice? As much grief as Sami is taking for always needing a man, perhaps brother Lucas should give the same lecture to Jennifer!

    Ew, Sami, just yuck! Pick a man, any man & stick with him. Spin a bottle, for pete’s sake! At least that would give you a little direction.

  81. From MAB

    jolie – IMO, Bo has been in many of the same similar circumstances, but his choices were much different than Rafe’s. And what I stated about Rafe has nothing to do w/ EJ’s actions. EJ’s character is prone to do underhanded things at times. Rafe is supposed to be a cop who upholds the law. Big difference. I’m not saying Rafe can’t bend the rules, like Bo has done many times, but their choices differ tremendously. As far as Sami’s feelings for both EJ & Rafe, I think if she loved Rafe (or Lucas) as it’s claimed she does, then EJ would’ve been history a long time ago.

    Well, I guess it’s ok for Rafe to get promoted for his shoddy police work (while veteran cops Bo & Hope get a pay cuts), and be claimed the one to take down the DiMeras, when Bo, Roman, John, Steve, Shane, etc. were never able to do it. If those men couldn’t bring down the DiMeras, Rafe sure isn’t gonna be able to pull it off. It’s like he’s being put into Bo’s place, and I don’t like it one bit…just another reason I don’t like his character.

  82. From patty

    SandyGram, Nicole mutters something about Eric Brady showing her how to do this while she’s at the computer photoshopping the pic. She’s talking to herself or her belly for most of the show but also mutters something about a picture of Rafe at the Horton cabin while sorting through pictures, no clue what she’s talking about. She manages to put a picture on her phone of her and Rafe naked under the sheets and smiling at the camera.
    As for Will, I don’t know how he would still be able to afford a sports car and penthouse apartment. I also wonder if Elvis is still broke since he has no job and wants nothing to do with Fatha.

  83. From SandyGram

    #81 patty
    Did they have Photoshop in 2000 that’s the last time Eric was on screen? Then Will wasn’t paying for the apartment and car, they were perks from EJ. Your could be right EJ just may not be able to afford perky anymore!

  84. From MAB

    SandyGram – I believe since EJ was again declared a DiMera that he has access to the family funds. Also, his own assets were frozen while in jail, so I assume he has regained access to those as well, so I don’t think he’s having any money problems anymore. Especially after the apparent expensive evening he had planned for Sami that never happened.

  85. From NeeNee

    In 1982 scripts were written to form something like Photoshop. The first real version of Photoshop 1.0 arrived in 1990 with basic photo editing filters and adjustments, for MacIntosh computer systems.

    At least according to Wikipedia.

    So I think Eric Brady would have been using it when he was a photographer for Countess Wilhelmina, Basic Black or whichever firm he was employed taking photos of fashion models.

  86. From Cindy

    MAB: I think the writers are reacting to Peter Reckell leaving and that’s why they are promoting Rafe and having him now be the one to try to bring down the DiMeras. Bo is leaving one way or another, not because of Rafe.

    Snickelfritz: Spin the bottle! So funny! I hope you keep posting and add a giggle now and then.

    Patty: My question is who would be there to take a picture of Nichole and Rafe naked in bed?? I haven’t seen the picture yet, so I hope it is really close up so it seems like they took it themselves.

    Brady and Sami are in competing businesses so it seems reasonable to me that Brady would want Sami’s business to fail. He does warn Kate not to get personal, but it is not his responsiblity to make sure CW stays open and Sami keeps her job – only to keep Kate from being underhanded.

    Rafe definately got the short end of the stick (story-line) from the old writers. They did not show any of the hurt he must have felt from Sami pulling away and then finding out she cheated on him. It does not seem at all realistic that he would have just walked away. I hope the new writers are able to undo some of that damage.

    Maybe Bo will take Caroline sailing and will take Ciera with them. ShawnD got to live on the boat as a child and she could spend really good time with her grandmother before it’s too late.

  87. From SandyGram

    Episode September 20th:
    It looks like Caroline, Gabi and immediate family are the only ones that are willing to give Nick a second chance. Which leads me to Abe steering Theo away from Nick when Nick was only saying hello to Theo. Abe didn’t have a problem with Hope being around Theo, her and Nick pretty much went to prison for similar offenses.

    Then there was Victor, he is so comical, for an ole curmudgeon criminal, when Maggie tells him ‘no’. He’s like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Loved Maggie’s count down for Kate to leave, maybe some day we will see the Magster whack Kate the Barracuda as Brady called her..But the I still prefer her as Kate the Snake.

    Melanie sure grabbed at the heart strings today. I think her head may suspect what Maggie and Brady are saying to her about rushing into marrying Chad is right, but her heart says something else. It looks like tomorrow she will have the talk with Nick, anxious to see that.

    Bo and Hope at the end of the conversation… what we saw in the spoiler looks like it may come true. Bo will leave the SPD where he is limited with what he can do to catch the DiMera’s in a crime and work independently. Since Bo will be working off screen, just maybe his investigation will take him back to Ireland where the Brady/DiMera feud seemed to begin. There was always something that Shawn never told Bo.

  88. From patty

    Cindy, those were my thoughts exactly , who was supposed to have taken that fake picture of Rafe and Nicole naked in bed with big smile on their faces. Wasn’t it suppose to be a night where they turned to each other for comfort after both having their hearts broken. Must have been some good pretend sex.Ha! Even Sami should be bright enough to see through that phoney pic.
    I hope Caroline is not suffering with anything serious and that she does go off with Bo on a well deserved vacation.
    SandyGram, I so enjoyed that scene where Maggie kicked Kate the Snake out of her house. I also love how she has Victor wrapped around her little finger. He’s still a crabby old coot but he obviously adores his feisty little wife.

  89. From MJ

    I read through quite a few of the posts…has anyone noticed now with the new writers how many more FLASHBACKS they are doing?? Reminds me of quite a few years ago when they used to do that. I imagine it’s just because they think new people are tuning in, and they need to catch them up, but from what I’ve seen of the ratings on here…people are tuning OUT. That should say something! I liked what I saw about Kristen and Sami running CW together. I am BEYOND ecstatic at this point for Eileen Davidson to come back. It’s honestly the only thing that’s keeping me watching the show…is looking forward to her return. Shake things up a little for John and Marlena! I’m tired of them playing supporting roles when they (esp Marlena) are my favorite characters on the show and made me return to watching Days last Fall after not watching it since they left. I miss the drama Kristen brought to the fold! Bring Susan back too! Days could use some laughs!!

  90. From SandyGram

    #87 patty
    Maggie setting the rules for Kate was good fun. But that little comment Kate made to Victor about she’ll return when they can finish their drink….ummmm…should we start getting curious whether the Katester will try to step between Maggie Queen of the Mansion and Victor?

    Kate and Sami’s battle with Adrienne was good also. As was Brady and Kate’s bring down Countess Wilhelmina.

    Sorry to say they may think it’s only business, but bring down CW is bring down Sami! I know Kate is anxious to be at the top in their business world, but to the point of destroying the company she built. I’m thinking something will come with that later.

    Then Rafe ridding in on his white horse to help Sami with Kate’s accusation that Mad World was in trouble in their overseas factories. Which turned out to be a Kate scheme. This from a man that is never going down that path again. But, there to advise her when she’s making a mistake (not that she listens), save her from muggers and google at her with his true love eyes. Another excellent day for Galen in the make-up and wardrobe trailer today.

  91. From SandyGram

    OOPs almost forgot….I love the picture of Chad and Mel that he picked up after knocking it off the table. His hair looked to be a little longer and combed back in an Elvis Presley style. Nice look on him!

  92. From patty

    Ah ha Miss SandyGram, are you telling us you think Galen is hot? Well, I agree! He looked positively scrumptious today…or any day.
    Seriously, I see why Rafe is so conflicted over his feelings. He is damned if he does or damned if he don’t with Sami, especially with Junior in the picture. Any sane person would run the other way. I also believe that Elvis will get his cold heart trampled on also. This torn between two (or three) lovers thing never works out for anyone.
    According to spoilers, Daniel realizes he still loves Jennifer so that doesn’t look good for Nicole and her obssession. I hope we see the end of that story soon and that we get our Nicole back, you know the one that uses her brain and kicks a**.

  93. From SandyGram

    #90 patty
    Depends upon the day and circumstances whether I want to go as far as to categorize any of the characters as hot! I kind of like to stay away from that controversy. But for today Galen was especially pleasing to the eye. Just to be far and balance as EJ was last week with his shirt tale out and seeing the joyful side of his personality. How’s that for sitting on the fence?

  94. From patty

    Ha! I hear you SandyGram! Hope you’re comfortable sitting on that fence! Well to be fair and balanced, I suppose EJ doesn’t look so bad with his shirt tail hanging out either, as long as it’s not pink. ;)

  95. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Daughter walks by – “why are you still watching that crap?” Me – “I don’t know..”. True dat.

  96. From SandyGram

    Should be ‘Just to be fair and balanced’

  97. From Shani

    Hey, I definitely want to be included in any of the “HOT” controversies! LOL! With Rafe at the top of my list! I agree, though, about EJ being pretty great looking when he’s so casual & being so much fun. But then he gets that DiMera look again & it all goes away in my eyes. I have said before that James Scott is such a great actor that his EJ evilness shines through & takes away his good looks for me. Felt that way about one of our daughter’s male friends one time. A simply stunning hunk of a guy but after she/we got to know him better, we didn’t think he was at all. In fact, a rather synister looking young man. So glad when she dropped him!

    I agree with those who compare Rafe’s personality to Bo’s. I have thought that & it is probably why I can see a Hope/Rafe pairing if that rumor ever becomes reality. Would take a little getting used to, of course, because Hope & Bo have been a couple forever, but I think I could get with it.

    I finally watched Wed.’s show. Glad Abigail was not sucked in by Nicole. Nicole was sure bent out of shape over Dr. Dan’s concern that Jennifer was disappointed in him. Sami & Kate are a good team when they are on the same page. They sure ripped on Adrianne!

  98. From Leah

    Just a thought….
    Nicole turning up and saying to Sami that she was there because she had paperwork from her divorce papers for EJ to sign… is this a clue Ejole are going to be on the cards yet again? Oh I hope not. Ejole are just as BAD to watch as Safe as far as I’m concerned.
    Isn’t it funny that Safe are divorced but that Nicole (who is apparently so scared EJ is going to take the baby off her) is that scared that she hasn’t bothered to dot all her i’s and cross all her t’s by getting her divorce final! Oh Nicole you really are dumb and pathetic.
    Does anyone else think her choice of names for the baby is yuk and weird… Daniel Rafael. I wonder how long this will last?

  99. From Shani

    Leah 96, about the baby’s name – I sure think if Nicole wants to keep it alive that Rafe is the daddy, Rafael Daniel would have been the better choice. If Rafe’s the daddy, wouldn’t people expect his name to be first?!

  100. From MAB

    #85 Cindy – I never said Bo was leaving because of Rafe. But it’s a known fact that Peter Reckell stated that one reason he was leaving was because of his lack of airtime. And that is the writers fault for giving Rafe more airtime than Bo, so yes, it’s like he is being replaced.

  101. From jolie

    #77 Sandygram, narcolepsy has to be a bit aggravating but you seem to really thrive! I also wondered who was now funding Will’s footloose lifestyle since he no longer works for Elvis. I really thought that maybe he would be somehow sucked into Kate’s orbit and work for her but he and his mom are getting along too well.
    #79 Snickelfritz you summed up the 3 ladies of the week in a few sentences! They all need a lifestyle makeover. Maybe a session with DR Phil or whomever is the latest great at psycho babble.
    #81 Patty, I wondered about Elvis funding his life as well. He seems to wander in and out of the manse at will and still uses Mary as his version of child care when Caroline is out gathering clams.
    #84 NeeNee, you are getting really good at providing the history! Bet you could photoshop as well if needed. And Nicole just proved that you never know when you might need that skill.
    #85 Cindy, good point on Bo leaving. Some have posted that Rafe got promoted and got a pay raise while Hope and Bo took a cut. Rafe’s scale may have been very low and he is still only part way to where they are dropped. It happens in real life. Good points in your post.
    #86 Sandygram, I tried to think back to see if Nick actually did anything to Abe’s family to make Abe wary of him other than going to jail but came up short. I thought that was a little out of character for Abe but he is under duress in adjusting to be sole parent.
    #90 Patty, I think Sandygram was bragging on Chad’s looks as well. Nothing wrong with that gal’s eyesight. I would personally like to see Elvis in some darker colors and do away with the pink and lavenders. Once in a while, put him in a casual dark sweater and jeans!
    #96 Leah, poor Nicole has used 73% of her brain cells lately just photoshopping pictures of Rafe, forging DNA tests, having desk sex, talking to her stomach. She has not had much time in the baby name book it seems. I thought about as well. What would Elvis do? When the baby is born I know he’ll not want it named Daniel Rafael especially if he gets his DNA test done. I think Jennifer will spoil his results to protect Daniel since she is voicing her disappointment so loudly now. Elvis might not get the results he expects and we’ll still have a small child running around Salem named Danny Rafe. I always wondered why Sami didn’t change Sydney’s name when she got her back. I think most people would have under the circumstances but this is DOOL and things are just slightly different.

  102. From Shani

    I also meant to say I don’t know where they are going with Caroline & having her forget things, but I think she looks especially good these days.

    NeeNee 54, yes, think “VOTE”! Our country needs strong leadership. The war on terror is definitely not over!!

  103. From Tee

    Sorry that double posted above guys, here is a link to tv source article with more spoilers as well .


  104. From Tee

    Well Odd I posted some comments and a few spoilers then I seen it double posted by accident so I posted #103 to apologize and posted a full link to tv source with spoilers and all my other comments are now gone that I posted today buy #103. Can someone else tell me if you can see them all they should be after #95 somewhere. I have refreshed and refreshed and cannot see them

  105. From SandyGram

    #104 Tee
    It could be they were deleted because they appeared to be double postings. And I have experience on multiple occasions spoilers I posted are deleted when I included a link other than to a sister site like Send a message to the Admin for clarification is the best way to know for sure. Although I am still a little confused about posting links, it’s still not clear to me (even after ready the Posting Guidelines)when you can and when you can’t. Sometimes it depends on the rules of the site where the spoilers are coming from. For instance Days Cafe’s rules are All rights reserved.
    No copying/pasting/paraphrasing

    You can post excerpts from Articles, but not the whole Article without permission.

    Good Luck, but for me, the best thing to do is ask the Admin., there pretty helpful.

  106. From jolie

    Sandygram and Tee, just let me say thank you for the work you both do to share the spoilers with us. You are both very generous with your time! Very much appreciated.

  107. From Tee

    Sandy#105 Both came from articles in magazines. Thanks I will ask and find out.

    Jolie Your welcome I enjoy doing it.

  108. From Cindy

    Jolie: I agree. I realy appreciate the poeple who spend so much time posting spoilers and history that I have forgotten. It really adds to the show for me.

    MAB: Sorry. Did not mean to put words in your mouth.

    Happy Friday everyone!!

  109. From patty

    Yes Tee, thank you for the links and of course you too SandyGram for all the spoilers you provide. I too am a little confused about what is allowed and what is not so I hesitate to post anything but am very grateful for all you both provide here.
    As for this latest spoiler Tee posted, it proves to be quite interesting. Maybe not as much for EJami fans but for the rest of us. So happy that Gabi is finally going to come clean to Melanie . Chad does quite a job beating Nick’s face in so I’m glad Gabi runs straight to Mel and tells her about it.
    Sami’s talk with her mother is about her contemplating becoming Nicole’s baby’s stepmom so she is thinking long term with Rafe and is very hopeful. She is angry at Nicole about the pic but is still super excited about her date with Rafe and brings her tiny purse.
    Of course I doubt Sami will ever get that far with Rafe if EJ has anything to do with it but Kate has good advice for EJ and warns him to guard his heart against Sami. Kate thinks Sami is incappable of loving a man as an adult woman should. I guess she’s talking from experience.
    Well I am absolutely loving the new directions this show is going and if some don’t and want to tune out, that is up to them but I ain’t going nowhere for sure.

  110. From jolie

    #109 Patty, I guess it took something really drastic like Chad going off on innocent (in this case) Nick to either scare Gabs enough of Chad or really make her made enough at him to spill the beans and play the ball where it lands. Your crack about her tiny purse is too funny. You really have an eye for the details. I haven’t see the show but will later on today. Sami might end up with Elvis but if she does, it will be because she doesn’t think she can be what she needs to be and she’ll be settling.
    And I am feeling a little sorry for those who get mad and tune out. DOOL has had a long run and we better enjoy it while we can. Have a great weekend.

  111. From Richard

    Who took the picture of Nicole and Rafe??

  112. From Shani

    I’m catching up! Watched yesterday’s (Thurs.) show. Thought it was beyond cool how Rafe stepped in on Kate’s conversation with Sami! & Sami was definitely impressed! Maggie was sweet with Melanie. All we can ever do with someone else is give them advice, tell them we love them, & then step back. Like others, I loved Maggie’s countdown getting Kate to leave the K. mansion. I don’t understand why Abe was so uncomfortable having Theo talk to Nick. Unless it was just because of what he’s heard, not really any personal reason to fear Nick being around Theo. I wish Will had more self-esteem & not struck down so easily over what he heard Adrianne say. I expected to see Nicole at work with her photoshopping but I guess that’s in today’s show that I haven’t watched yet.

  113. From SandyGram

    #111 Richard
    Nicole photoshopped it “a technic she learned from Eric in the dark room many moons ago” so she says. She looked through a bunch of pictures to find just the right one of Rafe lying down with his shirt off. (I didn’t catch where she got the stack of pictures she was looking through to find the one of Rafe). Then she put sheets over Alice’s sofa, climbed under the sheet and took pictures of herself. With these two pictures she plucked Rafe out of his picture and layed him next to her as if they were in bed together and put them as her avatar on her cell phone. And the rest is history, Sami saw the picture on her phone and…..well we will find out Monday. Just a hint an excerpt from a Days Ahead Summary, Sami notices the time stamp on the picture is today…OOps…I guess Eric didn’t teach her how to doctor the time stamp.

  114. From grandma to many

    welcome back Richard ! Seems like Nicole photo shopped the picture but for people who took advantage of a situation where they were so hurt and betrayed there were HUGE smiles on there faces .Sorry not believeable ! Grandma Judy PLEASE come back I miss you

  115. From SandyGram

    First of all….Ditto grandma to many….come back Grandma Judy!

    Episode September 21st:
    I’m going to call today’s show ‘The Day of the Dance’. It took 38 minutes for the couple parings of the day to get their story out, ‘Shall We Dance, Shall We Dance, Shall We Dance!” For Me, although the conversations were filled with truths, they were said in many ways to reach their conclusion.

    Sami and Rafe: Sami wants to have a conversation, she’s not asking for a commitment or do over, just the truth. The truth she is looking for is how does Rafe feel about her. Rafe’s pain of Sami’s tryst is obvious; he doesn’t think he can look at her the same way. A simple dinner she’s even willing to cook and Rafe with one of the lines of the day “That’s supposed to sell me?” It works out they will have dinner, but one things missing from the conversation ‘the elephant in the room’. Is the writer’s going to shelve Carrie and Rafe’s attraction to one another? For this potential reunion to work that subject needs to be addressed.

    Is Will worthy of Sonny: Maggie talks to Adrienne, Marlena talks to Will and Adrienne apologizes to Sonny…..Sonny finds Will at the Pub and ‘Ah, Will and Sonny’s first real kiss’ after Sonny tells him he will make up his own mind whether will is good enough for him. Gentle, caring, affectionate kiss. So much better than the frantic kiss or the rejected kiss.

    Finally Mel has one thing she wants to know from Nick, has he really changed as everyone says? Very nicely done, very nice conclusion, a hand shake, both seem pleased and off she goes to her wedding gown fitting. Which by the way since we know she will not be walking down the aisle with Chad, I was so glad to get to see her in her dress…she was beautiful.

    Then Chad comes upon Nick. I just have one question how will he stay out of jail after the pummeling he gave Nick. I’m not even going to call it his true DiMera spirit, he wasn’t raised as a DiMera, so this violent tendency is all on him and his insecurities about Nick or Gabi harming Mel.

    I do like the sparing between Billie and EJ. Cosmetics counter girl come psychologist, Ej calls her. Wish she was staying longer on the show, their encounters may be few and far between but she has his number.

    Then finally there’s Nicole and her picture…what a ‘hoot’, as we will find out Monday she didn’t even change the time stamp and guess who sees it knowing then the picture is a fake….Samantha Gene of course.

  116. From Richard

    I saw the part where the picture was Photo-shopped, but someone would surely have asked, if it was an actual picture, someone would have to use Nicole’s phone camera to capture her and Rafe in bed.
    It sure didn’t look like either her or Rafe was holding the camera to take the picture.

  117. From SandyGram

    Whitney Avalon, from the Big Bang Theory, Tweet:

    “RT @BrandonSufronko: You’re going to be on #DAYS in October?! Woo!!! Can’t wait to see what you’ll be up to! ;)” Thanks. I’m psyched too! She will be playing a nurse.

  118. From Tee

    Sandy~ #117 I had seen that other day and sent it in to site to check out. She went adding people that were days fans and stated tweeted it out. I did not give it away here because I was gonna let them check it out. But the cats out the bag now lol Thanks for posting it I was dying over here with the information. I get a lot of early info sometimes and even spoiler hunt myself, but I had decided to give that tidbit to the bloggers here. Now we can speculate, so she will be a nurse I wonder if it is another who will be involved in the Jen/Dan situation? Maybe like Maxine or perhaps it has to do with the big cliffhanger we are gonna get the 1st week of October.

    I Guess since my old posts got messed up I will tell you guys that Nicole receives bad news about her baby. Nicole and Jen get into a very heated confrontation also.
    EJ and Chad as I had reported will disagree and it could end up very heated between the two.

    The cliffhanger is supposed to be huge I think I know what it is, but waiting confirmation on it

    Mel writes Chad a letter as well.

  119. From SandyGram

    #118 Tee
    Nicole gets bad news about her baby….now that’s a spoiler you can’t leave us hanging on….do you know any more of the details and when will this happen?

    I did think it was interesting where I ran across Whitney Avalon coming to Days…even referenced it was from Tee. I couldn’t be sure that was you, …you really do have the contacts.

    I’ve backed off (not stopped) on posting the spoilers like I use to, you do such a fine job and for sure have more contacts than my humble searching the different sites.

  120. From Tee

    Richard nice to see you still around.

    Sandy great post above and god points on things #115.

    I am liking Marlena and Sami having a better relationship. I just hate that She does not say Sami you own up to your part and Rafe needs to own up to his. Falling in love with your wife’s sister is a huge deal. Just like I di dnot like how old writers wrote Rafe in how he so easily left Sami in the dust, I dont like new writers acting like Rafe did no wrong. The Carrie issue will need to be addressed because it happened. Sami is taking all blame I would like to see Rafe say something that can make the GA understand why he was so in love with Carrie, and even before he knew SAMI cheated on him. They are making it like she is all to blame and they both are.

    Nicole photo shoping that picture and forgetting to change time is funny. I guess Rafe will find out after the fact now. Spoilers before going around had her talking to him about it first.He is not happy but does seem worried how Sami will take it ,but then in the end leaves laughing when he asks her if he should even see the picture him self. He seems in over his head, But he started it and all he has to do is tell the truth. It is not like Nicole is some upstanding goody goody who needs his protecting. I can understand Gabi she is his sister, I dont completely agree because of him being a officer, but helping Nicole I dont. To me that is all about sticking it to EJ and it is wrong.It is always down to his decision he could tell the truth at anytime.He will decide if his secrets are more important then Sami in the end.

    Meanwhile EJ is gonna go talk to Mel for Chad before she leaves. Though it don’t seem it is gonna help Chad. I feel sorry for him that Gabi is the bad one here and he is losing Mel. I dont agree with his attacking Nick unprovoked though I am not seeing a big change in Gabi that would make me want to like her character, she only told the truth to stick it to Chad who she became scared of.

    Victor is a prime example of things I dont understand. Victor readily picks up phone to order a hit on Nick and have him dealt with and I enjoyed Fiery Maggies reactions to him. My issue is when is it ok that Victor can attempt to order a hit on Nick but wrong that Ej uses Rafes lies to get what he wants? Victor is a example of a man who has changed somewhat due to Maggie in his life, but he is still capable of reverting to his old tricks and most likely would without Maggie in his life.

    EJ has shown many times before he can be more then just tis scheming man I seen him many times go against his father and help the Bradys. I like to think he is like Victor in that respect but more gray. Most of his scheming has been because of Sami or for Sami etc.

  121. From SandyGram

    I’m very confused about Nicole and her picture making yesterday. If I remember correctly the first time we saw her trying to find a photo of Rafe she was sitting in Alice’s chair looking through a stack of pictures. She said ‘she was glad she had kept the pictures’ and suddenly there was one of Rafe at Horton Cabin. First of all why would Nicole have a stack of pictures with Rafe in it? Second, why would she have a picture of Rafe at the Horton Cabin, not to mention on with his shirt off?

    I don’t remember a time where Nicole and Rafe were at the Horton Cabin….does anyone else?

  122. From SandyGram

    #117 Tee
    Oh you’ve done it to me now…turned my curiosity generator up on high. Octobers cliff hanger, here’s my 2 thoughts:

    - With Lisa Rinna supposedly leaving the show, which it’s not clear she is with Kate offering her a job and the way she has been running into EJ lately. May be her and Bo leave together to flush out what’s needed to bring down a DiMera or two. And on their way to Ireland to find out the real reason for the Brady/DiMera feud there’s a plane crash and they are thought to be dead (leaving an opening for them to return and for Hope to move forward) Only thing there, I don’t think Hope would be very happy about that.

    - Nicole is forced to tell EJ the baby is his for medical reason’s during or just after birth. She certainly wouldn’t put the baby in danger just to conceal his parentage. When is she due….????

  123. From Tee

    Sandy~ I enjoy your spoilers and did not know I was given credit for it. Yayy my first credit lol. Yes that’s me. Please continue to post as you sometimes find ones I have not found and I think we compliment each other well in that area.

    Not much details on what the news it just thats she receives bad news and also that her and Jen have a confrontation. I believe it will happen in 2 weeks.

    Now the question is does the confrontation happen before or after the bad news she gets.

    I will do some more searching see if anyone else has any info I do belive it should be out in spoilers online by now. If you find anything please post.

    Thanks Sandy I enjoy your conversations, spoilers and insights.

  124. From Tee

    Sandy~ I too was wondering about how she had all these pictures of Rafe and how she got them. Very interesting I say.

    Sandy~ I rememebr Shawn Brady had Bo kidnapped and beat to keep the secret origins of feud a secret. Perhaps that may come into play. Did Bo ever find out Shawn did that I am trying to remember.

    I wondered if Billie would leave with Bo as well. You may be right on a crash or something to that affect happening. I am gonna do some snooping see if anyone has any info on this cliffhanger.

  125. From Shani

    DaysCafe Spoilers for NEXT week say Jen tells Nicole that once her baby is born, she has to get out of her house. I wonder if that is a result of their confrontation?

    DaysCafe Spoilers for 2 weeks ahead say “A certain someone is filled with bitterness. Mel has written Chad a Dear John letter! Hot head Chad clashes with EJ. Rafe is in a bind. More than one person’s future is at stake but not everything will turn out as planned. . . . Nicole’s unborn baby is put at risk. A big cliffhanger comes! BIG!”

    It all sounds good to me & I am lovin’ the show. Finally caught up & watched yesterday’s (Fri.) Melanie looked radiant & lovely in her wedding dress. Too bad she won’t be walking down the aisle & I wish she was leaving the show on a happier note. She took a huge step having her talk with Nick & those were great scenes. Adrianne took a big step, too, fessing up to Sonny & apologizing for what Will overheard her say. I’m glad Sonny went to Will & straightened it out. & Marlena, as usual, had good advice & words to give Will a lift.

    Sami was sure pleased with herself when Rafe came around & agreed to dinner. Dinner out so Sami won’t cook! LOL! Neither she, Marlena, or Hope are known for any good cooking! Could see it all over EJ’s face how curiosity was getting the best of him when Rafe was making the dinner reservations for 2.

    Hot head Chad is acting on his own paranoia & no ability to control himself. Nothing to do with being a DiMera at this point. Like SandyGram said, he wasn’t raised by them. But he was raised by that jerk of a District Attorney who treated most people badly, including Chad. Always talking down to Chad, wasn’t he? But I fear if Chad hangs with the DiMeras very long, he will be learning from the best how to take somebody down in a “clean” way.

  126. From Shani

    Well, I guess there will be another confrontation between Jennifer & Nicole after the one next week when Jen tells her she will have to leave Jen’s after the baby is born. I just read a National Enquirer spoiler in the Salem Spectator that says “Jennifer & Nicole’s fury is unleashed during a heated argument.” This spoiler is for the week of Oct. 1, the same week DaysCafe says about Nicole’s baby being put at risk, so I wonder if there’s a connection between that and the argument?!

    Other spoilers from National Enquirer for the week of Oct. 1, “Rafe & Sami have a serious discussion about their relationship. Chad receives a letter from Melanie . . . what will it say? Billie advises Bo. Chad is forced to consent to Nick’s agreement. Daniel admits that he loves Jennifer.”

  127. From SandyGram

    #126 Shani
    Daniel loves Jennifer…I wonder for how long if the baby is put at risk because of Jenn and Nicole’s fury that’s unleashed during their argument. If something does happen to the baby this may push Jenn over the edge also, do you think she’d every end up like her mom Laura?

    Ummm….Billie advising the BoMyster. Yep now I am thinking they could leave the SPD and ISA to go after the DiMera’s on their own. But still, is this what Hope meant when she said do what makes you happy?

  128. From Mali

    Honestly at this point, Chad needs someoneto turn to. I don’t care if it’s Kristen, I’ve read they bond I think the saddest part about all of this is he’s already lost so many people, Grace, his mom, the DA almost lost Stefano, lost Lexie and for a little while EJ wasnt his brother. And hes lost Gabi’s friendship. All this happened in 3 years, so of course he’s losing it and he became so desperate to protect Melanie he completely lost who he is. Im enjoying watching Chad’s downward spiral but he really needs someone
    The acting is good,

  129. From Richard

    I wonder how Max feels about not having the sister that he was so proud of?

  130. From Clear

    I enjoyed reading all the ideas and catching up on the latest speculation. If EJ finds out the baby is his, I can see Nicole giving in and moving back to the manse with baby–especially after finding out Daniel still wants Jenn and is telling people. I cannot see her moving in with Rafe, but stranger things have happened. Either way, it will put her between Sami and one of her men!

    Couldn’t they come up with something better than Gabi’s crime for Rafe’s blackmail? Too many people know about it, so what’s to blackmail? It will come out.

    Of course, Nicole framing Ariana never did come out because Doc Baker hung in there with the Code of Silence. If Rafe knew what Nicole had done to Ariana, he would call EJ to tell him the truth and let Nicole twist in the wind.

  131. From SandyGram

    #129 Clear
    I think EJ’s plan is to take the baby from Nicole. He’s so angry right now with yet another woman keeping his child’s parentage from him he just may kick her to the curb. I’m not sure she has any left over goodies in her bag to black mail him so she can stay with the baby. Now if she had only told him when she first found out she was pregnant and he was still feeling bad she learned about his and Sami’s tryst, she may have stood a chance of shared parenting. But not that’s just another ‘if only’. It does sound like in piece some of the spoilers together the head to head between Jenn and Nicole may jeopardize the baby in some way. Although Dan says he loves Jenn….that could be a deal breaker if something was to happen to his godson Daniel Rafael.

    Like so many we were hoping as long as EJ is going to be black mailing Rafe let there be something in his past. His back story does need to be filled in. A fiance who died in a car wreck and him growing up in a Convent isn’t enough.

    As we go forward to the November Sweeps the next 2 weeks should be very telling according to all the spoilers so far.

  132. From Shani

    SandyGram 127 it could only be a coincidence that Nicole & Jennifer’s “fury” happens the same week as Nicole’s baby being put at risk, & the two might have nothing to do with each other, but I thought it was worth noticing. Don’t think I would like a storyline where Jennifer ends up like Laura.

    I am thinking like you that Hope is being so supportive of Bo doing what he wants to do but I wonder how the writers will handle her feelings when he decides to leave Salem? & if it’s with Billie??!!

  133. From mali

    After losing so many people in such a small amount of time, Chad has to lose Melanie too? Poor thing needs someone emotionally, he’s making up conversations in his head. I don’t blame him for keeping Gabi’s secret to his self, the downside is the effects that secret is causing, he’s not sleeping,he’s paranoid, I really hope when Kristen comes, she can help him, or one of his friends can,

  134. From Richard

    What if Rafe’s, Emily and Rafe’s mother’s past is connected to Stefano Dimera.
    We don’t know who Rafe’s father is and his sister Arianna was involved with the Dimeras and drugs.
    Rafe’s sister, Gabi seems to choose dangerous situations, especially when she is crossed.
    There seems to be some Dimera influence on this family, IMO.
    I’ve always liked Nick, when they give him something to work with.
    His SL did get a little silly, when he went to Vegas, met a questionable young lady and ended up as protector of the two kids. It was still entertaining, though.
    Maybe Bo and Billie will go to spend some time with Chelsea.
    I will never believe anything that Ian said, my opinion only. Why would anyone take his word as the truth?

  135. From Richard

    If Nicole could invent a situation where she could pretend that her baby is at risk, she would.
    It would certainly get the attention of Daniel, Rafe, Jen and EJ, IMO.

  136. From SandyGram

    #132 Richard
    Ummm….maybe you have something there Richard. When Rafe and Sami first came together at the Safe House she was not so scared of EJ as she was of Stefano. She was just plenty made at EJ for hooking up with Nikki. But yet Rafe seemed to be a little zealous in investigating EJ. If the writers took this opportunity there seems to be several routes they could go to fill in Rafe’s back story like for instance: Emily was killed in a car, EJ Wells was a race car driver, maybe he was the cause of the accident…maybe she didn’t die but has been in a comma all these years; or Arianna was a drug user and EJ was her anonymous supplier….after all she was let out of prison early to find the drug king pin in Salem….and I’ve always wondered the night she died she and Will were having there heated discussion, didn’t she get a phone call and when EJ came upon them she ran from both of them….could the phone call of been to tell her EJ was the drug king pin? And that’s what makes Rafe so possessed over bringing EJ down. Lots of good speculation to go on this subject.

  137. From Mopy

    I am loving everything to do with Will, right now. I was so entertained by Sami and Kate’s mother lion run-in with Adrienne. That was fantastic! I’m glad that all came about swiftly, as this date cancellation thing could have been yet another opportunity to d r a g the Willy/Sonny storyline via misunderstanding like the writers just love to do nearly always. And, the ending result with that sweet kiss between them… Just lovely!

    Also, I really love Gabi and Will’s dynamic friendship and hope they dedicate more screen time to it. I even liked their lovemaking scene, and am glad that they handled the night so maturely with each other. It also shows the reality that, sometimes, sexual orientation isn’t so cut and dry all the time. It reminds me of my wonderful best friendship with my first ever boyfriend and love. We tried twice to date and be a couple, but he came out of the closet in his very late teens. Our friendship ever since has been absoluetly incredible, and I’m so proud of it and him. He just got engaged this summer to a lovely, wonderful man, whom I’m quite fond of. Sufficed to say, this storyline hits on a personal note for me.

    Also, I liked the interactions with T when Will was trying to get information out of him. It was so fun to watch that young love excitement from Will, and it was refreshing to see T (though still opposed to the entire concept of homosexuality) act civil and we got to see that, yes, a glimmer of friendship really does exist between them. I hope he does not turn out to be closetted, as I’ve seen others suggesting. That’d would be overdoing things a little. We have enough homosexual men on the show for now. What I mean is that there needs to be an appropriate balance and steady pacing for those Days fans not quite comfortable with the story, still. Besides, it’s realistic to have a character who isn’t supportive. I just hope that T can mellow the extreme and violent anger he’s had about it ever since Sonny came out. That scene with him being civil with Will shows that this could be possible.

    NICK! I was excited for his return, and I’m happy he’s back. I hope they have him continue being a character who beats to his own drum. A little socially outcast and mature for his years, but smart and enterprising. Please, don’t let him actually still be off his rocker, as been suggested.

    Though, speaking of off his rocker, Chad, dude… What in heck is happening to your mellon right now? This is bugging me out, a bit. Poor dizzy Melanie. She just can’t seem to get peace and quiet since the kidnapping, and even worse, the opposition she’s getting from nearly everyone with this last-minute wedding. No bloody wonder she’ll be leaving Salem! Girl hasn’t been able to even hear herself think since the kidnapping.

    I was hoping to see Nicole have more respect for herself and utilize the past lessons she’s learned. Neither Daniel nor Rafe is in love with you, you know it, you know what happens when you attempt to manipulate situations to make men love you. It never worked before, and it won’t work now. It would be refreshing to hear her say “great, friends it is, you men with little taste”, and mean it and move on down.

  138. From Clear

    All these great ideas from you, Dandy, Richard, and others are so good. Surely, writers should be able to come up with some gret ideas and tie up some loose ends.

    Please writers eavesdropping to find things out? Use some other kinds of discoveries for characters to find things out for blackmail, etc.

  139. From Clear

    Sandy, your posts are dandy, but I meant Sandy! Sorry–typo again!

  140. From Clear

    Sorry! I meant Sandy!

  141. From Leah

    YES… yet again?
    Checked out the ratings for the week of Sept 10 – 14th. There were a total of 161 000 less viewers watching than the week before. This means since the 27th of August to the 14th of September Days has lost a total of 474 000 viewers. What does that tell me? Viewers are NOT HAPPY with the change of events/storylines and character storylines since the 27th of August. Days you had better wakey, wakey and listen to your viewers and turn this around quickly.

  142. From Tee

    Hey all!! Hows everyone’s weekend going? Richard#132 Sandy#134. I am reminded of a tweet I seen Lucas put out last month It was about there being another Dimera. Iwill post it here.
    Bryan Dattilo ‏@Bryan_Dattilo
    Stephano will always be the king of bad guys. But Days can always use more Dimera’s.

    He then tweted apologizing for spelling Stefano wrong.

    Ok So After reading your 2′s posts I was thinking we all know Rafe hates EJ and as Sandy pointed out it was from day 1. So It would be interesting if they made Rafe’s mother involved with Stefano somehow.Please note this is only me saying what I think would be a good story line. I do want to see Rafes background approached more. As Long as Sami was married to Rafe he has not told her much of his story and most of it she found out from someone else.They could make him a Dimera, that would be interesting.

    On spoilers of Nicole getting bad news and her and jen fighting Ihad speculated above that could be the cause, but we will have to see if fight happens first or her bad news.Has anyone noticed how much she talks about feeling the baby kicking and how hard? Iknow its normal in a pregnancy but just about every scene she has she does it so it seems. Perhaps, and this is only my speculation, she notices the baby not moving as much. I do know her doctor is on set that week shooting so it seems she will be seeing her doctor that week, and probably where she will get the bad news. It may not be that she loses baby, It could be something else which makes her admit who real father is even. I don’t think it will be that because it would seem they want the story to go on and on, thats how soaps do. If the baby dies though It will go down as Rafe being father. My speculations are this. 1 If by chance the baby is gonna end up needing something to live per se from the father, lets hope Nicole will give them the fathers real information because if not Hell have no fury like EJ scorned and him losing the chance to know his child once again(Though Grace turned out not his, she indeed was a Dimera though) EJ still went through that whole thing when he found out Sami hid his baby from him.Nicole stole his child, and now if she was to do that to him I cannot see things going well for Nicole in future.2 If baby does not live, It may end up they kep the paternity secret, but we know Jen is working overtime in the dna labs and it will come out and EJ will be on a rampage for not being able to properly say his goodbyes to his child. At this point Nicole should be what about 7 months or so pregnant.3 Perhaps she will learn she is much further along then she anticipated, which would make the baby not EJ’s but Brady’s maybe or someone else’s. I know we have seen the paternity test was ran, but they could have Dr.Dan running it and finding out it was neither child and he could ave tested it with on file dna and found it to be Brady’s. I think the last would only happen if they intended to change child’s paternity and it seems unlikely the 3rd option will happen but I threw it in there just in case. 4th option could be they must deliver baby right away.

    I do not know what will happen I’m only speculating.There have been a few rumors about but I dont wish to post them at this time as they are sensitive and only rumors but my speculations cover them in a way anyway mostly.

    I think the big cliffhanger we are gonna get is gonna be about Jen. Remember a while back I posted she is gonna be involved in a incident that will shock Salem well I am thinking it is her uncovering of some paternity tests.I am gonna guess since Chloe is returning that will be one, it may make Dan the daddy of Parker.Wait As I was just typing I thought of something, I hate to say it but what if Jen is responsibe for Nicoles baby issues That could shock Salem as Nicole could have her thrown in jail for attempted murder if she hits/pushes her. I hope that is not it, but it could be as well, Once again just speculating. I know this is a sensitive subject, just trying to figure this all out like everyone else.

    Leah I think the total may be up to a loss of almost 600,000 by now. I hope they can come back ratings were climbing for months and became steady and are now dropping.

    I am not sure if I had posted this yet as I had been busy meeting dead lines but In SOD it says Days will be making some big announcements soon.

  143. From Tee

    Mopy~ I am enjoying the Wilson story as well, I did get a sort of uhh ohh feeling when they made promises to be honest. I am guessing that is the set up to the whole Gabi thing with Will and will cause those 2 problems. I hope they can overcome it though. I dont see why it should be a big deal in the end, Will was just coming to terms with his sexualty and was feeling rejected. Now if that had happened after he had been out a while then maybe Sonny could question his choices. There is a lot of great possibilities to this story and looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

  144. From Tee

    Here is link to Days cafe spoilers for 2 weeks ahead

  145. From steffie

    Next month Lucas will be on the top of Sami’s list. That woman is crazy. Wait, maybe Brandon will come back and then Sami will tell Rafe that she loves him more. Sami really should seek professional head help. She is one screwed up chick. LOL

  146. From SandyGram

    #145 steffie
    The only thing is, Sami has had professional help around her all her life and she hasn’t changed. If the writers did choose to make our Sami more decisive when it comes to men they would have to do it slowly so it would be believable. But then if she mellowed out to much would we love her the same. Now adding Brandon back into the pool of opportunities wouldn’t be bad, he was always nice eye candy. He would also be perfect to work with Theo since he’s a kids therapist (if I remember correctly).

  147. From Janiebell

    mELL SHOULD TAKE Chad with her when she leaves and Gabi should soon take off in the opisite direction.
    Young people about to take the plunge into marrage: Unless you are ready, willing, and able to devote the rest of your life to a child, donot have children. Kids donot always go out into a life of their own at age 18, and even if they do they might come back with another one or more. My daughter is age 40 “special needs kid”, and I am bound to her till death. My brothers and sisters have children who are “self suporting, and lead yheir own lives”. So when deciding wheather or not to have a family, think through all things that can happen remember that baby might never leave home.

  148. From Leah

    # 145 Steffie… yes I heard that too. Next month Lucas will be on the top of Sami’s list. This is just plain distasteful and horrible to watch. Sami’s Merry Go Around of Men CIRCUS!

  149. From patty

    Uh oh! Sami refers to EJ as a psycho nutjob control freak! What ever happened to the “good father that always puts his children first” of a couple weeks ago? You’re right Steffie, Sami needs to get her head screwed on straight but at least this time she’s more accurate in her description. She tells Rafe EJ is out of the picture except as a father to his children. She definitly wants Rafe in the picture and they share a hot kiss.
    How refreshing that Gabi came clean and told the truth to Mel. Chad or nobody else will have nothing to hold over her head anymore. She tells Nick she hasn’t been a good person and he says it doesn’t matter what she did, she is his guardian angel. I have a feeling Nick will be there for her down the road and I’m liking them together. Their story is different from all the other ones of the young crowd and promises to be very interesting if she ends up pregnant with Will’s baby.

  150. From patty

    Here’s a reason why Lucas is once again on Sami’s list in my opinion.

    A spoiler for the week of october 1st;
    Sami is heartbroken when Rafe says they have don’t have a future together . Daniel catches Jennifer making an alarming phone call.

  151. From patty

    Shawn Christian (Daniel) in an interview said; “You will see in the next couple months of Daniel going to EXTREME lengths to protect Nicole and her baby, and Melanie. He takes no sh!t from the DiMeras, and he is not backing down.”

    I wonder what that will mean for Jennifer.

  152. From SandyGram

    Episode September 24th:
    I just love Nicole and Sami bantering together. Nicole does ‘unscrupulous’ so well, she just has no principles when it comes to getting what she wants. There was a time I thought these two could be good friends their always fighting similar battles and not surprising sharing the same men. Now if the two of them could just put that little fact behind them and begin working together just maybe they could both end up in a happy relationship. But then how fun would the show be then! There still my favorite lady’s on Days.

    Love Kate giving EJ some friendly advice also. If I was to say EJ had an everyday friend in Salem it would be Kate. But will he heed her words of wisdom, not hardly!

    I guess it’s possible, but Maggie knows Melanie’s shoe size and her feet are so perfect she doesn’t have to try them on? I have got to let these little details slip by even though they drive me nuts.

    The makeup artists did a terrific job on Nick’s injuries, it was very believable he was really hit. Oh darn another little detail, Kayla just because she is Chief winey in charge, can ignore the fact these kinds of beatings should be reported to the police. Another Brady that’s above the Law, seems to run in the family. Then yes I saw it a gentle touch of the arm…there is a little ‘something’ brewing between Gabi and Nick.

    Chad is losing his mind and it looks like after today’s cliff hanger, as we have read through the spoilers, he will be losing Melanie. Good for the Gabster, although tomorrow could be her down fall she is finally going to spill the beans about her and Chad’s part in the Andrew story. I’m already feeling bad for Mel.

    Will and Sonny….good speed, slow and easy, although Lucas didn’t seem none to pleased to see them kiss. I don’t think Lucas is as ready as he thinks he is to Will being gay, but in the end he’ll work it out.

  153. From Leah

    # 150 Patty… I have to say I’m starting to agree with what a poster said on another website. Sami’s abnormal behaviour, doing backflips, saying one thing and doing another and changing her mind consistantly it is almost like she has SCHIZOPHRENIA! EJ, Lucas, EJ, Rafe, Lucas…. does it mean we’ll be back to EJ soon?
    Yep its all rather weird! Days you’ve pushed it a bit too far and you’ve lost the plot. There is NOTHING endearing, romantic or even hinting at a lovestory out of all of this!

  154. From SandyGram

    An excerpt from spoilers….Well it looks like on October 4/5th Nicole gets the worst news of all the doctor cannot find a heart beat and the baby had died.

  155. From patty

    I know what you mean Leah and that’s why I don’t understand wanting to tune out from Days because Sami can’t make up her mind. Things change on a weekly basis with her and her mother was right in saying she is being hypocritical.
    It’s obvious now that with EJ, it’s not where she wants to be, she had every opportunity to be with him but what is weird is that a few weeks ago she was willing to risk her life to save him and now she thinks he’s a phsycho nut job.
    With Rafe, she wants him back and she still has feelings for him but since he’ll be forced to back out she’ll be heartbroken because she wants what she can’t have. Even though I hate that EJ has to resort to blackmail to get him to back off, I’m glad that Rafe is being overly cautious and won’t be subjected to Sami’s fickle heart for a while anyway and that she will probably go suck up to Lucas again. Lucas is the only one who will be willing to be there for her no matter what and she knows that. She also might just end up alone and this time because none of her men want her anymore, not by her own choice. That would serve her right.
    In the meantime I’m excited about the rest of the storylines and enjoying Safe even though I know it won’t last and I’m really looking forward to how it all plays out.

  156. From patty

    OMG SandyGram, I can’t believe it! Wow, that is so not fair for Nicole. No matter how bad Nicole can get, she deserves to have a child of her own. That wouldn’t be what Daniel was talking about that they would go to any length to protect Nicole’s baby and say that the baby died to get EJ to back off? We shall have to wait and see but either way, things are going to get really interesting since it involves so many people.

  157. From NeeNee

    Leah, I agree that Sami’s behavior isn’t normal—even for her! We haven’t had a good split personality story for awhile. Maybe this can’t-make-up-my-mind about men thing is all about: a leadup to a mental condition. So then, who would be the psychiatrist of record? Mother Marlena shouldn’t be her doctor. This could be the chance to introduce a new character to Days: another doctor. Since the death of Lexie, Kayla is the only physician we’ve seen actually at work, no?
    Hard to say is there’s any money in the Days budget these days for that.

    Me either, Patty . . . over the years, if we had tuned out of Days because we weren’t happy about certain storylines, look what we’d have missed! (well, I could have done without the Rex & Cassie space twins plot). Speaking of missing things, our local cable company is making a huge switchover to totally digital. And it sounds like I won’t be able to use my old VCR anymore. DVR is the alternative. Come Thursday, the cable guy is coming over to program all our TVs and hopefully give us a lesson in DVR’ing.

  158. From NeeNee

    Oh, SandyG, so sorry to hear about Nicole’s baby. Given her medical history, it was a stretch for her to even become pregnant much less carry to term. Maybe a little revisionist history, there.

    Do you suppose she’ll blame Dr. Dan? All that frisky, desk-top activity couldn’t have been good for an at-risk pregnancy. Do we smell a malpractice suit?

  159. From Shani

    SandyGram 154 I read that about Nicole’s baby, too, this morning on DaysCafe & The Crystal Ball. I suppose having the baby die is the easiest way to unravel the mess over the daddy but I really hate that the writers are doing that.

  160. From patty

    OMG SandyGram, having Nicole’s baby die, I can’t believe it! No matter how bad Nicole can be, she deserves to have a child of her own. I am wondering if by Daniel saying he will go to great lengths to save Nicole’s baby if this is not just a plot to get EJ to back off and they just pretend the baby is dead. I know, far fetch ! Either way, it will make for some interesting storylines for everybody involved.

  161. From Debbie

    The news about Nicole’s baby really makes me sad. I was really hoping that having her own baby would give her some happiness but I did not like having Daniel and Rafe involved at all and think she and EJ should raise him together.

    The ideas that some of you have thrown out there about Sami’s mental condition are spot on! Sami with a split personality or some other disorder may very well be what the writers are cooking up for her. Although the idea is old and has been done a jillion times on daytime television, it would help explain the nonsensical way that Sami’s been behaving.

    And I’m really enjoying Will. He’s my favorite character on the show and Chandler is my favorite actor to watch. It took a long time for me to warm up to him when he first joined the show, but his sensitive portrayal of an angst-ridden teenager, even before the gay storyline, won me over. He’s so expressive with his emotions no matter who he’s paired with onscreen and this new relationship with Sonny seems to be a positive one for them. I didn’t like that they made Will gay but they’ve done a great job in showing him struggling inside to find out who he really is. And that’s a good thing.

  162. From patty

    I guess Sami will be keeping the merry- go- round turning. According to spoilers EJ almost gets the girl until she overhears him and Chad and rips into EJ for blackmailing Rafe. She then reconciles romantically with Rafe. No mention of Lucas. Oh my!
    Love this! Nick gets the upper hand with Chad and prevents him from pressing charges against Gabi.
    Yup, this is getting good and it looks like the Demiras are not getting their way anymore.

  163. From thelittleimp

    161 Patty–I’m curious what the charges would have been since what she did was not directed towards Chad. I think what Gabi did does not require any individual to press charges. It would make more sense if Nick prevents Chad from testifying against Gabi; since Andrew died Chad is the only one with first hand information (from Andrew) about what happened.

  164. From Leah

    I have to believe that the spoiler about Nicoles baby dying is either wrong or misleading. I personally didn’t want Nicole to be pregnant with EJs child anyway. He has enough kids… I was rooting for it to be Bradys though. For the Black name to be continued to the next generation would have been awesome! And Brady would make a great dad. BUT after all this time to have the baby die? I really don’t think the writers would go there again as viewers certainly made their views loud and clear after Grace and Nicoles other baby both died. I have to believe that is the story Dr Dan and Nicole are going to tell EJ and the rest of Salem but I don’t believe it for one bit.

  165. From SandyGrams

    Episode September 25th:
    Another terrific show today, now where to start. From Sami and Rafe’s walk through the HTS to dinner at the Pub what a difference between these two than what we’ve seen over the past several months. Especially at the Pub as Sami went on and on about the baby I thought for sure Rafe was going to give away Nicole’s secret. This reminded me of when they first met at the Safe House. Even then Sami still had feelings for EJ although she eventually became captivated by Rafe’s True Love Ways , while Rafe was taken in by her enchanting blue eyes and her spunky personality. Let’s see how long it will take for the writers to turn yet another new page and Sami is put back with EJ, or even our Lucas.

    Now that we have read in the spoilers that Nicole’s baby will die I find it difficult to post anything about her story line because all of it will soon be over. Daniel and Rafe will be let off the hook; Jennifer can quit her DNA investigation; and EJ can stop trying to prove the baby is his, or will he? After the baby die’s will EJ still want to know if it was his? I just can’t get past the feeling there is something Big cooking here and just maybe that spoiler is misleading, it wouldn’t be the first time. Why invest so much into this pregnancy story line involving so many characters for it to end this way?

    For me, we couldn’t have asked for anything better from Camilla Banus (Gabi), Casey Dereick (Chad) and especially Molly Burnett (Melanie) as they gave us today. I could feel their pain from Gabi telling Melanie the truth and being truly remorseful. To Chad only wanting to protect the woman he loved. But as Mel said, he was acting more like a stalker and someone that want to own her. Melanie’s deepest pain was because Chad didn’t trust her to handle the truth, his wanting to protect her became possession and that’s what ended up breaking her heart. At the end she was more afraid of Chad than anything else and Molly did a wonderful job of displaying all those emotions. Not to mention she is one of (if not) the best crier on the show.

    It feels like it’s going to be an emotional week.

  166. From Tee

    Hey all! Kat so glad to see you posting even if it is not as much as you used to.

    I did not want to post what I heard would happen to Nicoles baby, as I said before because it is a touchy subject.
    I will say it is supposedly true though and we have to remember to whoever mentioned why would they build up the story line just to have the baby die. Well answer is new writers, old writers might have let it live we will never know I guess. I do hope sources are wrong, but the signs have been there she is constantly talking about the baby kicking, and after her fight with Jen she may notice it doe snot anymore. I will say we are supposed to get scenes with her and her doctor so if it is not true then did she pay him off?

    Second I aam gonna say if they decide to not let Nicole have this baby then it is safe to say they also are not planning on pairing her with EJ in the long run. Because if they were why do this to her twice now? IMO
    We will see what happens, and I hate watching anyone lose a child even a soap opera character.

    I just cant jump on this band wahon some fans have of liking how Gabi sticks it to Chad, and finds a way out ofChad telling the truth.
    People are misunderstanding it though Chad is not pressing charges he would merely tell SPD Gabi’s part in it all and they would press charges. I amnot rooting for Gabi, she has done nothing to redeem herself but try to pull one over on Chad by telling his part and hers, but she did not tell all. She only said she hired Andrew, and was naware of his intentions, why does she not reveal she knew he had her for a while and did nothing. She went there to his apartment on several occasions and did not tell SPD, when they were looking for her she ran back and warned Andrew, and once again when he was in tunnels she again proceeded to help Andrew instead of Gabi.She has got no redemption yet in my eyes.
    She is the guilty one here not Chad.He is only guilty of being a over protective boyfriend/fiancee imo.

    As far as Samis words to Rafe on how EJ is psycho and she Loves Rafe more or however fans take them, I know I read Alisons article that said she was scheming and had a agenda on this date. Her objection was to get Rafe to admit his feelings for her. It is funny to me since she was just telling EJ the opposite not long ago.Doting on how he is such a great father and all. I don’t deny she has feelings for Rafe though. I am tired of her flip flopping and wish they would stop it.

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