Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For September 27 & 28.

Making deals.

EJ meets with Howard and asks him to deal with Rafe so that no one traces it back to him. Chad shows up to whine to his brother about Mel dumping him. He blames Gabi for his romantic failings and blabs to Elvis about the role Hernandez played in the Mel-napping. EJ strokes his imaginary beard and contemplates what to do with this information. Meanwhile, Mel tells Gabi that she won’t be going to the cops but she won’t be forgiving her either. Gabi has to live with that. Her brother gets her to see Justin so they can work out a strategy. The lawyer says she could face serious jail time, although the whole case would be predicated on Chad’s testimony. Rafe assures his sister he will take care of it. Across town, Mel turns to Nick to say farewell.

Rafe is worrying about his sister. Since he doesn’t explain this, Sami assumes she’s done something wrong and prods him until he blows up at her. She runs off and into Lucas. They discuss the fact that he witnessed his son’s PDA with Sonny. Lucas is a tad uncomfortable but Sami is happy to hear about it. She and her son meet up to discuss her dates. She’s miffed when he probes about Rafe. Will thinks Rafe might just have been preoccupied and urges her to find out. Meanwhile, EJ hunts down Rafe and warns him that if he doesn’t end things with Samanther, Gabi could go to jail. Rafe bluntly dumps her.

Chad runs into Brady and spills the news that the wedding isn’t going to happen. He’s still optimistic that Elvis can get her back for him. EJ is across town asking Daniel to let him speak to his daughter. The doctor informs him that she’s already left town.

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  4 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    yes, melanie was right in dumping chad. he should have never kept that secret from her. and now look what is happening, melanie has left town (but we all knew this was coming). just glad that the writers kind of left it open that she might return, maybe, someday. chad will probably become a die-hard dimera and really become his father’s son..
    now i am wondering how bo is going to be leaving and if the writers will leave it open for him to return. i wonder what will happen to hope (she has signed a contract to extend her stay with the show) and ciara (don’t see much of her anymore)..
    with chloe returning the 1st of the year i wonder if the writers will put her with brady or bring philip back..

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 dc
    Yes Yes Yes bring back Philip with Chloe and Parker. It sounds like her return is only temporary. With all this speculating on whether Nicole really looses the baby the writers had to of known how the fans would react to a story line like that. So I’m turning my focus on the baby doesn’t die and one of the following happens:
    - EJ or Stefano buys off the OBGYN to say the baby’s heartbeat cannot be found. They have to induce labor and the baby is taken away…only problem with this scenario is I can’t imagine Nicole would ever let them deliver that supposedly dead baby with out her holding him before they took him away.

    - If it was Stefano by himself…then Kristen will return with a new born.

    - Or, Danielin something very similar.
    - Or, it is Nicole that arranges this….

    But whether it’s Daniel or Nicole they arrange for the baby to be with Chloe or just maybe Taylor, but I’m more for Chloe…and that’s why Chloe returns in January to bring the baby back to Salem. But before this could happen that second engagement we’ve read about could be either Daniel or Rafe marries Nicole and they adopt a baby which just happens to be Daniel Rafael.

    But then I could be just over thinking everything! It must be time to start closet downsizing…I think way to much about this show.

  3. From patty

    Good theories SandyGram! Didn’t somebody post a while back about some new actor appearing on the show as Nicole’s replacement OB GYN? Now isn’t that just a coincidence? So many scenarios on how somebody could pull this off to make it look like Nicole’s baby is dead. Let’s keep our fingers crossed but in the meantime, my closets need reorganizing also.

  4. From Tee

    Dan told Nicole she needed to get a new doc as he thought it was a bad idea if he was.She has seen this doc a few times now, rememebr when she got ultrasound she then went and told Daniel it was a boy. He did not know because he is not her doc anymore.

    I do understand why they would kill off the baby, but at the same time dont wish it on anyone even a soap character especially one who has lost one already.

    Ari Zucker did say she would knock the scenes out the ball park in a tweet yesterday. I can imagine she will.

    Chloe is returning for a story line temporarily involving Parker, so I don’t think she will have Nicole’s baby, but perhaps if the baby does live Kristen is a good theory. Like the speculation going on and it give hope to people who don’t wish to see it happen.

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