Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For September 6 & 7.

Getting out.

When Nick is granted parole, Daniel and Chad have a fit. Mel stops their tantrums to explain that she supported the decision. Turning to Maggie, she explains that she did this as thanks for all of the support she has shown her over the years. The men have to accept this, but Brady doesn’t. Mel obsesses over Nick’s release. Sensing she is upset, Chad stomps off to threaten Nick before going home and popping the question to Mel. Meanwhile, Daniel gets back to work and welcomes Kayla on board. She wants to re-hire Jenn, but that makes him uncomfortable. When Jenn shows up for work, he tries avoiding her, which makes her think he’s angry at her.

Kate gets a promotion at Titan and immediately starts ratcheting up her battle against Sami. The blond rolls her eyes. Her day already sucks anyway. Chad and Gabi have left her high and dry for models. She tries to get Gabi to come back but Chad forbids it in no uncertain terms. After seeing Gabi mope around, Sami encourages her son to comfort her but he says he can’t do that. He runs off and bumps into Grandma Kate. He unloads about his love life and longs for Sonny. Moments later, Sonny asks him out. They meet up and clear the air but are interrupted by Chad with the news that Nick plans on sticking around. When Will discovers that Sonny has gone off to meet Brian, he mopes over to Marlena to complain to her about his crummy love life.

Sami keeps fuming about Rafe claiming to be the father of Nicole’s baby. Marlena reminds her that she has children of her own to worry about. When Sami goes home, Rafe shows up and accuses her of ruining his sister’s career. They argue but sort it out and he apologizes.

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  1. From SandyGram

    Looks like Nick’s release will start off on shaky grounds with Daniel, Chad and Brady not liking that he was released. It would seem for them all to love Melanie so much, they don’t know how to respect her decision to help Nick get released. And Chad throwing the big DiMera threat on Nick is not going to in dear him to any family but his own.

    Now Kyla is moving from slinging clam chowder to taking over Lexie’s job as Chief of Staff at University Hospital. And on top of that her first act as Chief is to hire Jennifer back into her Public Relations job. Kyla is already kind of know as a busy body, we can only hope she gets to busy to involve herself in others business.

    It sounds like it’s not Sami who is preventing Gabi from working at Countess Wilhelmina as a model, but Chad with his threats to expose her involvement with Andrew. Then Kate always has Abigail who was working as a model with Madison at Mad World. I’d like to see one of them use Will, Sonny, Brian all very handsome young men in their men’s line. Or maybe some cheese cake from the business men of Salem like Daniel, Brady, Cameron..It seems like Will and Sonny are coming together, although be it slow, a few modeling sessions of shirtless young men could cinch the deal. Now would Will like to work for his Mom or his Grandmother? Yeeew!
    I’m still anxious to see what Stefano has in store for Will…they may have some unfinished business! I’d like to see Will’s slate cleared for all the things he was involved with to get EJ elected as Mayor and of course finalize did he or did he not shoot EJ in the Church all those years ago. Just another story line that needs some cleaning up. A ‘do over’ of kind to give Will an opportunity to move forward with no baggage he created hanging over his head. Yes that would include hiding the fact Sami shoot EJ in the head. Or did she? As I read somewhere to get the shooting off Sami’s history, have the writers make it that EJ did shoot himself. Something like, when Sami walked into the bedroom that night seeing EJ on the bed with the gun lying by his side she was traumatized, further enhance by the reflections in the mirror (that darn mirror was there for some reason). She picked up the gun to walk away and get help, but when her own memory snapped remembering all the DiMera’s had done to her and her family, her anger was overwhelming now she can only remember that she shot EJ. Yep I like it! Two shootings cleared up with a little ‘do over’.

  2. From SandyGram

    Episode September 5th:
    I liked everything about today’s show with one exception. Once again Johnny was show boated and Sydney was not seen enjoying time with Daddy. I did love the conversation between EJ and Johnny, especially when they were talking about Johnny being good at building things and Johnny said ‘he guessed he didn’t get that from Mommy’. The writers provide great line’s for this kid.

    Like two good friends just passing the time, EJ and Lucas had a great conversation. Lucas, so casually, filling EJ in on Sami’s ways, but letting him know that he was the first man Samantha ever really fell in love with. While adding, quote from Lucas to EJ “Do you really think you’re the right man for Sami when you and I both know there’s only one man she’s made happy for more than two seconds and he’s not even in this room”. Another ‘Send Me To The Moon’ moment for EJ, that must of made is skin crawl. For me EJ and Sami may have the steam, their just missing the substance that Sami and Rafe had (as well as the steam). And that’s not to bad mouth EJ! The writers just need to work on EJ being a more supportive, understanding, protective, kind of guy and showing him making one peanut butter and jelly sandwich is just a baby step in making EJ ‘A Better Man’.

    Although we didn’t hear what Melanie said to the Parole Board I’m think after she saw Maggie comforting Jessica in the outside room, her decision to talk in Nick’s favor was more to not let the family down while hiding her on-going fear of Nick. I did like showing the flashbacks of Nick and Melanie while he held her hostage, it reminded me of how obsessed Nick was with Mel. But I did think in that one flashback where Mel went out on the balcony, Nick was acting more like he was trying to keep her from jumping to get away from him, than him trying to push her off. I’m going to have to go watch a few old You Tube video’s to clarify that!

    Nikky, Nikky, Nikky….this is all leading to another impossible situation for her. We can only hope again that the writers give her some self confidence and less neediness. She is a beautiful, smart woman that much like Sami needs to stand on her own!!

  3. From Leah

    I like the Sami vs Kate battles. They are good value. Nothing like watching old foes battling it out.

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