General Hospital Spoilers For September 11 – 13.

How will it end?

Things are coming to a head where Jerry is concerned, as John and Dante realize the antiserum is rigged to explode. They figured out a way to open the briefcase, maybe they can disable the bomb as well. As for Jerry, he takes off with Alexis, but Sonny and Jax are in hot pursuit. Unfortunately for Jax, his brotherly bond with Jerry doesn’t help him any as big brother turns his gun on him. Based on the photo to the left, it seems Shawn gets in on the action with Sonny, who actually tries to save his nemesis Jax. Quite a switch from a year ago. It could all be for naught though as a gunfight ensues and a gas line is torn open, putting them all in jeopardy. But not before Jerry finally admits his ultimate motivation for the entire fiasco. It looks like at least Sonny makes it out alive, as later in the week, he has bad news for Carly.

As the rest of Port Charles waits for a cure or death, Jason confides in Monica his theory about Sam’s baby. He later enlists the help of Spinelli, who has an idea of how to find out if the dead baby is really Sam’s. At the same time, Sam tells Molly about her “what if” scenario. Ever the romantic, Molly probably eats it up, but also wonders who Sam would choose if they live: Jason or John. In addition, Elizabeth confesses her true feelings about Jason to big brother Steve.

Speaking of Steve, he and Kate find Olivia on the hospital rooftop and fear she’s going to jump. That’s not the case though as she’s just having another hallucination. One that once again proves to be a premonition.

In other news, Tracy discovers something about Joe, Monica has bad news and Patrick shocks everyone.

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