General Hospital Spoilers For September 4 – 6.

Taking action.

Todd is on a mission to save his and everyone else’s life. In order to do so, he gathers the Port Charles’ wealthiest and suggests pooling their money to meet Jerry’s demands. While the elite meet, it becomes apparent that Tracy is the only one not getting sick. She heads to the hospital in hopes the doctors can learn something from her unaffected condition. Meanwhile, Todd’s gang prepares to trade Jerry their money for his cure. But, Jerry has escaped.

Over in the cabin, Jason and Ewen’s standoff ends in Jason getting wounded. As Liz tends to Jason, sparks fly. As for Ewen, all we know is he wants to make amends. He starts by attempting to let Patrick know Robin is alive. Later, Jason runs into Sam. With the threat of death hanging over their heads, the estranged couple wonders what would have happened if they made different choices.

Sonny prepares to tell Kate that Joe knows her son is alive. He doesn’t seem to get the chance though, as she learns Ewen has Elizabeth. Discovering her doctor is in cahoots with the man who has terrorized the entire town might make her want to re-think the perceived success of her therapy.

With the fate of everyone’s future in his hands, Patrick heads to the recreated lab he thinks Robin was killed in. As he tries to come up with an antidote, Maxie helps him decipher notes Robin left behind. They share a special moment.

In other news, McBain thinks he knows where to find the cure and Sam becomes woozy from the pathogens.

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