General Hospital Spoilers For September 7 – 11.

In the face of impending death, the citizens of Port Charles take action.

With Alexis in danger from Jerry, Shawn tries to save the object of his affections. Whether his efforts set Alexis free or not, the two have the opportunity to share their true feelings for each other.

Things might be heating up for the younger set as well, as TJ and Molly set out to check off the items on their bucket lists. They get to the one about having sex and consider it. Nothing like the threat of death to set the mood.
In order to make Sam realize there wasn’t anything she could have done to save her son, Jason reads the medical records. Something in there piques his interest as he is determined to find out the truth about the baby. Will the truth come out?

Todd’s done his best to meet Jerry’s demands in order to save the people of Port Charles. Not everyone is impressed though, as Sonny and Jax become furious with him. Has he done something to make things worse? Perhaps, as Jerry has another trick up his sleeve. It could be McBain to the rescue though because the fate of Port Charles apparently lands in his hands.

Last we saw Heather, she was locked up in the metal hospital. Don’t count her out just yet though, as she is on her way back. This time she’ll have a connection to another familiar face.

Fall spoilers from Soap Opera Digest:
The end of the Jerry storyline will kick off new ones heading into the fall.

John and Jason will be forced to work together again, as the quadrangle between them, Sam and Elizabeth continues. With Spinelli’s help, Jason also digs deeper into what happened to Sam’s baby.

Carly stars in a quadrangle of her own with Todd, Johnny and Jax. As Jax and Carly dance around the issue of their divorce, Jax becomes suspicious of Todd and Johnny’s secret alliance.

Sonny and Kate’s wedding, which is close to the date of their first wedding, approaches. However, Connie and the fact that Kate’s son is out there will be a factor.

Felicia and Mac have been working on their relationship off-screen, but they will soon be seen onscreen again. Maxie will also be involved more with her parents and Spinelli, who softens towards her, but is still gun-shy.

Lulu and Dante will continue trying for a baby. That means more sex and romance for the couple.

Anna has to decide whether or not she’ll forgive Luke for his lie about Robert and Ethan. She also doesn’t totally let go of the hope that Robin is alive.

Although he’s not necessarily looking for it, Patrick may start dating again. Also, Shawn and Alexis consider their feelings after the death threat is over, Trey starts to have real feelings for Kristina and Olivia’s hallucinations continue to be significant.

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