General Hospital Weekly Summary For August 27 – 31.

Duke Lavery’s back and the link between Jerry and Ewen revealed.

A crushed Anna discovered the patient in the Swiss clinic wasn’t Robin. After a comforting Luke got her out of there, Duke Lavery emerged from the shadows. Luke and Anna spent some time together in a Swiss hotel, where Luke confessed he lied to Robert about Ethan being his son. He tried to explain his reasoning, but Anna wasn’t sure how she felt about him anymore.

Jerry announced to all of Port Charles on TV that he had contaminated the water supply. He added that he had the antibiotic serum, but it would cost them. McBain, Jason and Jax showed up to confront Jerry. When Jason’s violence and Jax’s brotherly persuasion didn’t work, John brought Jerry to the station. Todd paid Jerry a visit to try and negotiate with him. Jerry demanded $88,111,000.00 in exchange for the life saving serum. Todd agreed to raise the money, which reflected the Dead Man’s Hand that was stolen from John Jacks years ago. Later, Jax visited his brother and they recalled how despondent their father became upon losing the cards. Jerry told Jax that Dr. Ewen Keenan had been treating their father and injected him with something that killed him.

After Jason told Patrick Liz could be in danger from Ewen, Patrick went to Liz’s house. He found the two arguing, but delicately diffused the situation. Ewen left, but lurked around so he could overhear Patrick and Liz share their suspicions about him. By the time Jason got there, Patrick was knocked unconscious and Ewen and Liz were gone. Ewen took Liz to a cabin and explained that John Jacks took the Dead Man’s Hand from Ewen’s father. This left the Keenans with nothing, so Ewen vowed vengeance. Unfortunately, Jerry saw Ewen kill John and has been blackmailing him ever since. Jason, off a tip from Spinelli, burst in with a gun.

Once Tracy left Joe’s hotel room, Sonny stopped by to threaten his nemesis. Joe turned the tables when he said he knew Kate’s baby was alive. Afterwards, Joe stopped by the Quartermaine mansion for a romp with Tracy in the living room. As they basked in the afterglow, they both started showing symptoms from the water tampering. When Tracy stepped out of the room, Joe pulled out a vial of Jerry’s serum. He secretly poured it into a bottle of water, which he gallantly gave to Tracy.

In other news, Trey and Kristina tied the knot, Molly and TJ talked about sex and Shawn kissed Alexis.

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