General Hospital Weekly Summary For September 10 – 14.

The end is just the beginning.

Shawn gave Dante and McBain the coordinates he found where Jerry was headed with Alexis. The three men took off in hot pursuit, as Jax struggled with Jerry over a gun at the marina. The gun went off and hit Johnny. Jerry took off with Alexis, leaving the counteragent in a locked briefcase behind. Sonny and Jax went after Jerry and ended up in a shootout, which resulted in an explosion. John and Dante got to the briefcase, but realized the counteragent was hooked up to a bomb. John didn’t know which wire to cut so he went with the red one since it was the color of Natalie’s hair. It was the right choice. Shawn and Alexis found Sonny after the explosion, but no Jerry or Jax.

At the hospital, Sam and Jason said an emotional goodbye, as Patrick came up with enough for one dose of the cure. Tracy stole it and gave it to Edward, but he wanted Emma to have it. Meanwhile, Dante and Lulu arrived and gave the counteragent to the CDC, who put it into the water supply making it accessible to all of Port Charles. As Sonny & Kate and Steve & Olivia celebrated their lives being saved on the roof, water sprayed down on them from a helicopter. Much like Olivia’s latest hallucination.

The next day, Jason enlisted Spinelli to look into the baby who died. Spinelli went to the lab and convinced the tech Ellie to test the tissue on file for the baby. She confirmed the baby who died could not have been Sam’s. Later, Liz surprised Jason at the penthouse with balloons for his birthday. She also confessed her feelings for him. After deciding she might be able to forgive Jason, Sam stopped by his place and saw him kissing Liz.

Back at the hospital, Sonny tried to gently break it to Carly that Jax was dead, but Jax showed up alive and well. Jerry was still M.I.A. As Todd and a recovering Johnny reestablished their pact, Jax urged Carly to figure out what the men were keeping from her.

Kristina broke the news to her parents that she temporality married Trey. At the same time, Trey stopped by the house to see Sonny. Kate answered the door and noticed his medal was the same as Joe’s. She promptly had a meltdown.

In other news, Tracy questioned Joseph about his last name, Tea considered Heather for Victor’s nanny, and Cook died.

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