General Hospital Weekly Summary For September 17 – 21.

Devastating truths, painful pasts and new beginnings.

After Sam saw Jason and Liz kissing, she returned to Alexis’ house to sign the divorce papers. Meanwhile, Liz put it all out there, telling Jason she wanted to be with him. He let her down gently explaining there was still too much violence in his life. Spinelli burst in and privately told Stone Cold that lab tech Ellie proved the dead baby was not Sam’s. After retracing the events of the night Sam gave birth, they deduced Heather was involved. After talking with Steve, Jason further realized Sam’s baby could be with Tea in Llanview. Morgan met John at the Floating Rib and told him his suspicions. He asked McBain to get a DNA sample. Jason then saw the dragon figurine behind the bar and went to the Chinese restaurant where he and Sam were married. It being their anniversary, Sam ended up at the same spot.

Realizing Trey was her son, Kate turned into Connie. She told him Joe Jr. raped her and that she wanted to abort him. Connie’s next order of business was to enlist Johnny’s help in ruining Sonny and Kate’s wedding. As for a reeling Trey, he found comfort in Kristina’s arms, though he failed to tell her about his parentage. The newlyweds of convenience decided to stay married instead of getting an annulment, like Kristina’s parents wanted.

In other news, Sonny found Tracy and Joe together. He devastated Tracy with tales of Joe’s past. Tracy threw her new lover out, but later agreed to hear his side of the story. Joe pled his case and kissed her, knowing she couldn’t deny their chemistry.

Patrick agreed to go on a date with Dr. Britt Westborne. Little did he know, the new student nurse Sabrina developed an immediate crush on him.

Sonny figured out Joe was Trey’s dad, Maxie was hired to be Kate’s wedding planner and Carly told Johnny she signed divorce papers.

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