General Hospital Weekly Summary For September 3 – 7.

Escapes, kidnappings and revelations.

In lockup, Jerry told Jax why Dr. Keenan killed their father. Jerry also informed his little brother he wasn’t poisoning the town for money, but he didn’t expect Jax to understand. In an attempt to get Jerry to lead him to the serum, Jax got the jump on a cop and demanded he let Jerry out. Jax didn’t have his brother for long though, as Joe tackled Jax and took off with Jerry. After freeing Jerry, Joe got him to give him more of the serum.

Jason burst into the cabin where Ewen was holding a gun on Liz. Ewen shot Jason in the leg, but that was only a minor setback for Stone Cold, who in turn shot Keenan in the stomach. The three went to the hospital, where Steve tried saving Ewen’s life. Ewen just wanted to talk to Patrick, who was working on an antiserum in the lab. Patrick reluctantly visited with Keenan who said Robin’s name before he died. Meanwhile, Elizabeth tended to Jason’s wounds as John rushed in a woozy Sam, urging Liz to examine her. After John got called to the station regarding Jerry’s escape and Liz left the room, Sam shared with Jason her fantasy of what their lives would be like had she never listened to Heather’s claims about Franco. Jason later looked at Sam’s baby’s medical file and noticed the baby’s blood type wasn’t a match for Sam or Franco. He wondered if the baby who died wasn’t Sam’s after all.

Todd convinced Port Charles’ one percenters to pool their money in order to pay Jerry off for the serum. They went to a warehouse to meet Jerry, who arrived after knocking out Shawn and kidnapping Alexis. At the same time, Shawn showed up at the police station with information on Jerry’s whereabouts.

In other news, Heather broke out of Ferncliff and paid Tea and her baby a visit, Molly and TJ discussed having sex, but didn’t do the deed and Sam and John tried to track down the Dead Man’s Hand.

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  1. From Michelle Renea Anderson

    GH is my favorite soap opera, sometimes I just laugh at the plot lines but I enjoy it. Ewen would have been a good compassionate villian. They should have kept him around. But then everybody comes back from the dead so why not Ewen?

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