Revenge Recap: On A New Path.


As Takeda and another man watch, Emily struggles to free herself from being bound underwater in the ocean. Emily grows calm, as memories of her mother flash before her. The unknown man frees her and brings her to the shore. Furious, Emily tells the men she was close to unlocking something about her mother. She announces that she will find her mother and when she does, God help the people who kept her from her. That includes Takeda. Meanwhile, Daniel opens the house in the Hamptons, with Ashley by his side. Elsewhere, Declan finds Jack on the boat. He notes his brother has been pulling away from everyone ever since Amanda came back. Amanda boards the boat and Jack promises things will be different once the baby comes. At the same time, a recovering Charlotte asks to be released from the treatment facility in order to honor her mother at a memorial. Conrad is against it, but the doctor agrees to let her attend the event.

As Nolan trains in a boxing ring, Emily shows up and brings him back to the Hamptons. She tells him Takeda was behind Amanda’s return. Emily pulls up an online article about a hospital she remembered her mother was at. It was closed two days after her father was arrested.

Emily and Nolan break into the abandoned hospital. As Emily walks the halls, Nolan finds her mother’s chart, which reveals someone named Charlotte Clarke visited her. Emily says her aunt Charlotte was physically unable to do so, assuming it was Victoria. Back at Emily’s place, Nolan and Emily play the video of Victoria, Conrad and the white haired man discussing Emily’s mother being alive. Emily concludes she needs to get close to the Graysons again.

At the bar, Declan tells Jack their establishment failed inspection and that it’s basically failing since he’s gone off the grid. Jack heads back to the boat where Nolan visits him. Nolan informs Jack Emily is back.

At the house, Ashley orders an assistant around regarding the auction. Conrad arrives and finds his son drinking in the study. Conrad tells Daniel he now has access to his trust fund, which he wants him to put into the company. Daniel isn’t interested, blaming both of them for what happened to Victoria.

After visiting Charlotte at the treatment center, Emily pays Amanda a visit on the boat. She tells her old friend she appreciates everything she’s done for her, but she’s on a new path now. Amanda won’t be pushed away. She threatens to expose Emily, should Jack learn she isn’t really Amanda Clarke. Jack interrupts them. Emily covers by saying Amanda asked her to be the baby’s Godmother.

Back by the ocean, the man who freed Emily asks Takeda to allow him to bring Emily back. Takeda warns if he fails, the mission is over for both of them.

At the memorial, Daniel tells his father his money is staying in the trust, much to Conrad’s disappointment. After Emily experiences awkwardness with Ashley and Daniel, Ashley gives a tribute to Victoria. Charlotte also speaks, as her doctor gets a call. He tells Charlotte her blood work came back testing positive for drugs. The doctor drags her away, as Charlotte accuses her father of doing this to her. She runs to Emily and whispers something in her ear. Emily’s face hardens and she storms off…straight to a cabin an alive Victoria is staying in. Emily tells Victoria that Charlotte sent her. Victoria calls the secret phone she and Charlotte have been communicating through, but the doctor answers the call from a blocked number. Victoria hangs up, assuming Conrad wants control of Charlotte’s inheritance. She explains to Emily that the government is keeping her safe while they build their case against Conrad. Charlotte’s doctor calls Conrad, revealing they are in fact in cahoots.

Emily returns home and tells Nolan Victoria is alive. She asks Nolan for a camera to plant in Victoria’s place and for him to run a background check on the doctor. Jack shows up and Nolan makes himself scarce. Jack wishes he and Emily could go back in time. Emily says they can’t, but wonders if he’s sure the baby is really his. Jack returns to Amanda, questioning if he is the father of the baby. She agrees to make an appointment right away.

Emily pays Victoria another visit to show her the research she found incriminating the doctor. She plants the camera in the process. Back at the beach house, Emily and Nolan watch Victoria on the secret cam and find her talking with the white haired man. Victoria orders him to eliminate Emily.

Next week, Conrad finds Victoria. Emily tells Nolan that Victoria took her mother away, so she’ll take her daughter from her. Nolan says, “That’s dark. Even for you.”

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