Revenge Season One Recap.

“Catching up.”

Amanda Clarke was raised by her single father David. They lived in a beach house in the Hamptons, while David worked for Grayson Global. He proceeded to have an affair with Conrad Grayson’s wife Victoria. Meanwhile, Conrad was laundering money for a terrorist group, who blew up a plane. He feared exposure and ultimately prison, so Conrad and Victoria framed David for the attack. David went to prison, while Amanda ended up in foster homes and juvenile detention.

When Amanda was released from juvie, she was met by Nolan, who became a young billionaire with David’s help. Nolan informed her of her father’s death and gave her David’s journal where he declared his innocence and gave her the names of those who framed him.

To get her revenge, Amanda changed her name to Emily and ingratiated herself into the lives of the Graysons and others who were involved in David’s imprisonment. As she began blowing up the guilty parties’ lives, Emily targeted the Grayson’s son Daniel and made him fall in love with her. She also ran into her childhood friend Jack, who didn’t recognize her. Jack fell for her as Emily, but despite the mutual attraction, she turned him down for Daniel.

Victoria became suspicious of Emily and had someone dig into her past. The investigator discovered that Amanda switched identities with her juvie friend Emily, who he tracked down at a strip club. The fake Amanda literally whacked him in the head before he could report back to Victoria. She then arrived on the new Emily’s doorstep. While staying with Emily, the faux Amanda met Jack, who was overjoyed to reconnect with the girl he loved as a boy. It didn’t sit well with faux Emily that faux Amanda was dating Jack. Fearing Fearing faux Amanda’s wild card ways, she convinced her to get out of town.

During all this, Nolan used his mad cyber skills to help Emily, who also reunited with her revenge master Takeda. She then became engaged to Daniel and learned Victoria’s daughter Charlotte was her sister. As part of her revenge plan, Emily made sure Conrad found out Charlotte was David’s, which blew up the Grayson family. It then became clear to Emily that her father wasn’t killed in a prison yard fight, as she had been told, but by the Graysons.

After witnessing Charlotte’s descent into drugs after learning David, a convicted felon, was her real father, Victoria went to the feds to strike a deal. She wanted immunity for giving them all the info she had on Conrad and David Clarke. When Conrad was accused, Daniel went to his father for an explanation. After learning everything, Daniel publicly stood behind his father, thus alienating Emily.

Emily learned the identity of the man hired to kill David and went after him. Before that confrontation though, she and Jack bonded over the death of their childhood dog Sammy. Their emotional moment led to a kiss. Meanwhile, David’s killer realized Nolan had been surveiling him and kidnapped him, as a way to lure Emily. It worked and Emily finally got her confrontation, where she got the upper hand. However, she stopped short of killing him out of respect for her father’s memory.

Emily and Daniel, who found out about her kiss with Jack, broke up. Finally free, Emily went to Jack’s place to tell him everything and start a life with him. However, when she arrived, she discovered faux Amanda was back…and pregnant.

With Emily’s secretive help, the feds finally got the evidence they needed to bring charges against Conrad. Emily also made sure they knew that Conrad had David killed, which Victoria didn’t know about. Upon this discovery, Victoria made it her mission to testify against Conrad, but her plane crashed before she had the chance.

Upon learning of the plane’s explosion, Emily feared all the evidence clearing her father was gone. Nolan showed up and told her he backed up everything, so not to fret. He also showed her a video that indicated what the Grayson’s did to her father went far beyond what they knew. Nolan added that her thought-to-be-dead mother was alive.

The new season will pick up with Emily and Nolan reuniting after a couple of months of “regrouping.” Emily finds him and convinces him to return to the Hamptons with her. While there, they attend Victoria’s memorial service, where a clean and sober Charlotte is told her blood work came back positive for drugs. Accusing her father of blowing up her mother’s plane and setting her up with the drugs, Charlotte whispers a secret to Emily before she’s carted off. Emily’s face hardens, as she seemingly sets off for another round of revenge.

Are you excited for season two? What do you think will happen? Share your theories in the comments below. And check back September 30 for the full recap of the season two premiere.

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  1. From Meko

    I cannot wait for the new season. I did not watch Revenge when it aired regularly. However, I was able to see the season on Netflix and it is awesome… I bet Victoria is not dead… Too good to be true…

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