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What would a week in Daytime be without plotting, scheming, sex, surprise returns and a major catastrophe? This is what we love about soaps, and each one had an element of each to share. For some reason Thomas was falling for Rick’s plot on “B&B,” Sharon ran into long-gone Daisy on “Y&R,” Nicole couldn’t seem to break free of her daydream fantasies on “DOOL,” and Jerry had the entire town of Port Charles in the palm of his hand on “GH.” Exciting stuff!

B&B Breakdown:
Yes! Another week with more characters on screen, which only made the show more dynamic and interesting to watch. And as always, it was fun to see Bill in true diabolical form. Candace said, “Dollar Bill was his blunt self this week as he became frustrated watching Liam moon over Hope’s press conference, and began hollering at him to snap out of it etc. It’s funny how Liam takes no notice of him now and continues on doing what he likes. I’m not sure why Steffy is choosing to spend her time watching Liam pine for Hope, but her conversations with Bill and Katie showed that she’s fine doing just that. By week’s end, Bill had another plan in the works – this time a family dinner including Katie and Steffy. Yikes, this can’t be a good idea. Bill is the Energizer Bunny of schemes and plots – and must be an eternal optimist too… ” Do you think Rick’s scheme to get Caroline is slimy? Read more about it in The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days: readers and Christine agreed that without the great dialogue happening between the characters in Salem right now, it would be hard to stick around just for the plot direction. But finally, characters were getting some things off their chests that they have needed to for quite a while. Christine said, “Lucas and EJ’s discussion was long overdue. These two have never said more than a few words to each other, yet they’ve Samanther in common so it’s only right that they get some things off their chest. Lucas poking fun at himself and EJ for being idiots was surprising and funny. He even brought up the forced sex. It’s become somewhat of a taboo subject around forums because of all of the bickering that usually ensues when it’s brought up but it’s important to remember it at such a key time in this story.” Find out what Christine and others had to say about the other conversations taking place in the Days of our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
The new ratings for “GH” were released last week, and there is no question why it has gained an average of 215,000 a day over last year. Things were moving at a brisk pace again last week, the characters were well-developed with great dialogue and once you thought you had it all figured out a new curve ball came our way (Heather was back!) Of course, with actor Steve Burton leaving, there is a pall of sadness over it all. Hollie said, “Talk about unresolved feelings! Jason and Liz have such a connection, one that can never be broken because of what they have lost together. And guess what? Jason and Sam have that same connection! Sam has John to fall back on, but poor Liz – with Ewen gone and Jason about to leave, they need to introduce a new prospect soon. “Loved the Jason and Liz scenes, Jason knowing something was wrong without Liz saying a word and drawing her back as she stepped away,” Ranshoma says. “Loved Sam and John on the floor, her melting in his arms, their faces inches apart. Sexy!” Read more about what Hollie and the viewers thought in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
Lucas Warning EJ off Samantha was pretty good, but advice that probably won’t be taken. Matt said, “Lucas has decided that as long as he’s stuck in Salem after flushing away the life he built for himself abroad, he might as well be a useful tool. He seems to have appointed himself the agony aunt for all of the other men who go down Sami’s ‘one way street’ as he called it. Apparently inheriting his mother’s talent for vivid descriptions, he warned Elvis that men who get ‘sucked in there’ don’t come back the same. EJ assured him that there was no sucking going on. This warning did make its way into the surviving half of EJ’s brain, however. But it wasn’t until Johnny constructed some kind of deformed phallus out of Lego and pointed it at the window that things really clicked for Elvis. That was precisely the kind of demented sign that he needed to plan his next move in getting Samanther back, even if it would only be, as Lucas warned, until Thanksgiving. After all, scarf season starts after the holiday and then he wouldn’t want to be pinned down.” Get more at Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
When Sharon was finally pushed to the edge, she ended up in Fairview this week and came face-to-face with presumed-dead Daisy. Crazy!  Now to find out what happened to her and how she got there. Candace said, “Nick’s testimony seemed to sway the judge enough for him to order an assessment, thereby sending Sharon one step closer to the edge, and also into Tucker’s bed. It was interesting to see Adam show up at Tucker’s door and take in Sharon’s attire, or lack thereof, and realize through his eyes how she’s being played. Later, Sharon went off to Fairview, where she encountered none other than Daisy, in a weird replay of their meeting in jail. Cool twist. I’m anxious to hear how Daisy wound up in there. ” But that’s not all! Find out more about the wacky happenings last week in Genoa City in The Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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