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On “B&B,” a couple got married (not Hope and Liam), but the new beginning ushered in the end of Ron Moss’s time on the show. The residents of “GH” were cured of the pathogen, but not bad luck. Sami struggled to make a decision about her men on “DOOL” and Daisy’s return on “Y&R” should bring some serious heat soon. Plus, Dustin is back with his thoughts about what has been happening in Salem.

B&B Breakdown:
Finally, a wedding that had nothing to do with Liam, Steffy or Hope. And even if it was just Ridge and Brooke tying the knot again, knowing it was actor Ron Moss’s last appearance as Ridge made it a true landmark. Too bad the focus was more on Brooke and Stephanie than Ridge for his send off. “It was a good turnout for this wedding – even Bill showed – he usually begs off of these Forrester shindigs,” Candace said. “Presumably, he felt he needed to keep an eye on mini-me, since that’s about all he did. Anyway, I love a gathering, and there was some unexpected comedy, such as Pam careening around the mansion and calling Donna ‘fat’, some unexpected moments, such as Eric talking sweetly with Donna, and of course the expected interactions between Hope/Liam/Steffy/Thomas/Rick/Caroline. Gah. Brooke and Ridge’s vows were funny (thanks to Brooke’s reference to what might ‘arise’) and very emotional. Kleenex!” Read more about the wedding in The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
Sami has always had a hard time deciding which man was right for her – or really, Mr. Right Now. But even by Sami’s standards, things are moving among men at a rapid-fire pace. It’s hard for us to get invested if she can’t invest in one of them. Christine said, “Rafe was on to Sami. He could tell she ‘wasn’t into EJ’ because she was going on her date in her bubblegum pink hoochie clubbin’ dress and her mismatched ‘ginormous’ purse. She told him the Sydnapping was no longer relevant. I guess there’s a statute of limitations on kidnapping. Two years and all is forgiven! Speaking of all being forgiven, that passionate kiss Sami got shows Rafe’s gotten over Ejami grief-sex. This feels like it’s coming out of nowhere and is moving too fast. Sami’s head must be spinning.” Find out what else Christine thought about the pace last week in the Days of our Lives Weekly Blog.

Dustin’s Thoughts On Days:
Dustin’s back and had quite a bit to say about what has been going on lately on “DOOL,” including his disappointment that Stefano returned only to be scuttled off again so quickly. Dustin said, “Fortunately Ian is not a Dimera, and was apprehended and taken away. However before he left he revealed who was a Dimera… E.J.! As part of his plan to steal the DiMera fortune, Ian faked Alice’s letter to Stefano, and he switched the blood tests to make everyone believe E.J. wasn’t a Dimera. Let’s ignore the fact that only two people had keys to that locked box containing the secrets, one which was hidden away for years. Also if this wasn’t the big secret that Alice was holding over Stefano, then what was? Why has nobody wondered? Oh and speaking of those secrets, are John and Hope ever going to get that divorce? Something tells me the new writers just want to forget that storyline and never have it spoken of again. I can’t stand plot holes!” Read Dustin’s Thoughts On Days to get even more insight.

GH Rundown:
Now that almost everyone has been saved from the pathogen (sorry Cook!) the focus has swung back to all of the problems that existed before Jerry came back to town. Things with Trey, Sonny, Joe and Kate seem like they are really about to heat up. But according to Hollie it isn’t the only baby storyline that is heating up. She said, “And finally – finally – someone is seriously putting the pieces together about finding Sam’s baby. What will the show do without Jason considering not one person on the medical staff at General Hospital (ahem, Steve) even thought to question the fact the blood types were off and medical conditions appeared and disappeared out of nowhere. Very disappointing, Dr. Lee!” How did the crisis end? Read about it in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
While Samantha had her hands full facing all of her suitors, Will and Sonny fumbled toward something more as they admitted how they felt.  “From the way they were acting, I wonder if they still have the same cowboy patterned drapes in their bedrooms. Will worried that Sonny was swooning for Brian. Marlena should have craned her neck in to tell him that threesomes are okay. They can even be good for a relationship. If more people in Salem followed that advice, there would be a lot less grief. Of course, Will isn’t the only person who should be following that advice. Just look at his dad. But Lucas seems to be learning his lesson. He is slowly becoming a ‘DOOL’ viewer. He’s not entirely sure why he’s there, but he can’t turn away from the ongoing Daysaster that surrounds him.” Laugh along some more at Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
There were a lot of twists and turns in Genoa City last week, but not all of them were winners to Candace. She said, “The fact that our once super-stylish fashionista, Chloe, turned up in her dowdy house with a weird-looking dog like Bobby is proof positive of how far wrong things have gone with this character. Now she’s toting this pooch around everywhere like she used to do with Delia – where is Delia anyway? In any case, Kevin finally cracked and ‘fessed up to wifey about being involved in the cover-up of Tim’s death. Ready for the break up! Ready for old Chloe to come back!” Find out more about what happened last week in  The Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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