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People were acting all crazy on Daytime last week, and while some of them were definitely justifiable, others were just certifiable. Katie got hysterical on “B&B,” which threw her into labor. On “GH,” Connie came back to do damage control while Heather was off mixing things up in Llanview. Nicole was practically delusional on “DOOL,” and on “Y&R,” sanity seemed to be at a premium.

B&B Breakdown:
Things got emotional last week, especially for Bill when he got caught in a lie by Katie. She took him to task for it but just minutes later he was in crisis mode, rushing Katie to the hospital as her labor started.  But what was with Katie’s reaction to Bill’s involvement in the wedding anyway? “Katie’s reaction was to go totally ballistic, which I found to be way over the top given that she already had overheard a conversation between Dayzee and Marcus about Bill plotting to sabotage the wedding, and basically chose not to pursue it,” Candace said. “Essentially, she shouldn’t have been surprised much by this reveal, and so her shock and outrage seemed out of place.” Read more about what started this mess – Deacon’s return – in The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
Another week and Sami was still trying to ignore her feelings for her men, including Rafe. Meanwhile, Rafe was trying to figure out his feelings for her. And everyone was frustrated. Christine said, “Lucas tried again telling Sami what her problems were. There were a few variations but what it boils down to is that she doesn’t think proactively about how acting on certain feelings could get her into trouble. True, Sami should explore her feelings for EJ and for Rafe before she jumps into any relationship but we know Sami and that’s not what she’ll do. She’ll jump in heart first and ignore her own daily vow: ‘I just want to focus on my kids and my career.’ Yes. We know. We heard. Plus, it’s in the Salem Gazette and on Salem FM radio.” Read the Days of our Lives Weekly Blog to find out how Nicole handled Daniel’s brush-off.

GH Rundown:
Even though the residents of Port Charles were all fit as fiddles again, the drama was nowhere near over. New staffers showed up at the hospital, finally, but what was with that awkward daydream Sabrina had? However, the real drama was Jason’s baby chase that looked to be unfolding very quickly, along with everyone finally realizing that Trey was Kate’s son. Too bad Kate wasn’t around herself to roll with things. “With Heather taking up the slack for almost all the crazy in Port Charles lately, it was so wonderful to see Connie back and in fine Bensonhurt form,” Hollie said. “She is on a crusade, and there is no telling when Kate will come back. Connie has been a very busy girl, making secret pacts with Johnny, dispatching Maxie to plan a tastefully tacky wedding and lurid bachelorette party and keeping the fact she knows about Trey a secret, all while pretending she is Kate. Not that she is doing a very good job at that. At least Olivia’s powers of perception are still on point. The fact that she is the only one who recognizes Connie reinforces their familial bond and history.” What about the wedding plans? Read how Maxie was coming along with the tacky-yet-tasteful affair in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
With Jennifer back in Daniel’s orbit, Nicole was feeling the heat. So photoshopping Rafe into her bed for Sami to find was totally justified – in her mind.  “The infamous Salem sexagon continued to spiral out of control this week as Nicole, Rafe, Sami, Elvis, Daniel and Jenn endlessly recriminated, threatened and pounded on each other. Jenn railed at doctor Dan for jeopardizing his career to help Nicole. She did it over and over because he kept his eyes closed most of the time. Jenn must have assumed that meant he couldn’t hear her. Down in the square, EJ took a page from Lucas’ playbook and sucker punched Rafe. Unfortunately for him, the former Fed beat him into the bushes. Sami assumed this was all about her and spent two episodes convincing Rafe that they needed to talk. Nicole chucked a hammer into that plan by photoshopping a picture of herself and Rafe in bed and then ‘accidentally’ exposing Sami to it. It was unclear if Sami was more horrified at seeing him in bed with another woman or the fact that it looked like it came from a dating site for swingers.” Do you agree? Read more at Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
Who doesn’t love a surprise appearance by a fan favorite? Patty popped up last week, and it was great to see her. It almost made up for the muddled mess of a storyline the warehouse five has become. According to Candace, “There is so much about this story that’s difficult to understand, such as Genevieve continuing to work as a bar maid even after she thought Victor had moved on, Billy connecting Nikki with Victor before coming clean to Victoria, and Victor/Christian continually acting shell-shocked. Does having amnesia mean you stand gaping silently at people when they speak to you, or answer the phone without saying hello? Gah.” Find out more about what happened last week in The Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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