The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: After Liam.

Rejected again.

This week, Hope rejects Liam yet again. Could this actually be the end of this seemingly endless story? Can you even imagine what other use her character has at this point?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From LANGLEY

    YALL NEED TO STOP YO YO-ING AND PUT LIAM AND HOPE TOGETHER. i do not see anybody on the soap Stephanie should have. Out her.

  2. From Andrea

    Will you guys just find a way to put an end to all the drama already!Like seriousy its irritating.Here’s what I think they should do.Liam&Steffy(If people want that.)Thomas&Hope pregnant with Liam’s baby though.(REALLY CUTE couple.)Rick&Caroline.If not those couples then,Liam&Hope,Caroline&Thomas,and Rick&Steffy.Come on B&B make it happen and end this nonsense.

  3. From hillbilly

    Iwould like Rick plane duesn’t work.I still think Thomas & Caroline are GREAT COUPLE,& Hope & Liam are to. but Liam Would have to show it to Hope.But we all know how the store line will end.

  4. From Soaps Forever

    Liam and Hope all the way, leave them together and stop the Bill rage of imposed behaviour, Caroline and Thomas all the way, Rick alone or find someone new that could love a dull and ingenuine guy. Steffy needs to find a new guy, work in Paris, just somewhere else with someone new and not more chasing or waiting on Liam. Sick of her.

  5. From Soaps Forevet

    Liam and Hope in love like they were before Bill interferred. Steffy somewhere and someone else, never again with Liam, so sick of.
    Caroline and Thomas all the way. Rick alone or with someone new that can stand his ingenuine, dull and boring personality.

  6. From Finally

    Please put Hope and Liam back together where they belong. Have Liam get counseling so he finds out why he changed. Give Steffy a new man and stop her stupid manipulations. Bill’s manipulations needs to be found out. Why Steffy went and stayed in Italy need to come out as well. Hate the new Liam Spencer and he needs to return to Liam Cooper who loved Hope and her alone. Leave Thomas and Caroline together.

  7. From Marls

    Please put liam and Hope back together. They belong together. Caroline and Thomas are ideal for each other so leave them together. As for Ricke find another woman for him and get Steff a new man. in all honesty please try and make the storyline a little lie real life because for instance Thomas is seeing the manipulation by Rick but is still going like a blind blind person.

  8. From Catherine

    Put Liam and Steffy back together for good. Hope goes insane and becomes a criminal like Deacon, only way more insidious. Thomas and Caroline. Rick dies – he’s a – actor and his character is also HORRIBLE. Also…bring in some more men – geez!

  9. From Cherrie

    The story line is starting to get old and to the point of no longer waiting to watch it. Liam and Hope need to be together…Thomas and Caroline need to be together…and because they are two of a kind, Rick and Steffy need to get back together!!! Please stop making this portion of B.and B. seem so unrealistic. I have been watching for years…but now it is getting to the point, it’s fake. It is dragging on way too long…please put the right couples together!!!

  10. From Ashley

    The triangles have got to stop!!! We had Ridge/Brooke/Taylor for YEARS and he ended up with the wrong woman- majority of viewers wanted Ridge and Taylor together. The same is happening again- the majority of people want to see Liam and Hope together, especially after all the manipulation and lies to keep them apart. Let Liam find out ALL the things that have happened to keep them apart and put them back together- it is getting VERY boring watching this go round and round in circles. FIX IT or people will stop watching. Get Hope and Liam back together and get a brand new character in for Steffy. PLEASE!

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