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For what feels like an eternity, Liam hasn’t been able to make up his mind between Hope and Steffy and keeps going back and forth. They keep waiting for him and taking him back. Is he really that great, or do they just have some serious problems that need to be addressed?

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  1. From Rhonda

    I think Liam should tell Steffy to get lost because it’s just a winning game to Steffy and Liam took Hope’s virginity and that’s just telling us fans that, that doesn’t mean a thing and telling girls that it’s ok to sleep with everybody like Steffy is encouraging Liam to do. For God’s sake bring Steffy a new guy and let Liam and Hope have some peace! and if that doesn’t happen, I’m not watching it any longer!

  2. From sher

    I agree!!!!!! I can’t stand Seffy. Why won’t Liam tell Steffy he doesn’t want her around and go be with Hope. All he has to do is tell Hope he won’t see Steffy anymore.

  3. From Carol

    Could not agree more with Rhonda! Steffy is just like Brooke she uses sex and I am sick of it as wel. If this is what we are teaching young girls that this is the way to keep a man then I am not going to keep watching this show either!

  4. From babygirl

    I really believe that hope and liam will end up together because steffy tries too hard and always end up playing too many games and they always come back to haunt her on the other hand hope is just hope and that is why liam loves her and respects her what u see is what u get with no pretence

  5. From Dannyjo

    I agree with Rhonda, Steffy is a annoyance and a true manipulator. She needs another man definitely. I love Hope and Liam together. I will also stop watching B&B if there is not a conclusion to this triangle shortly. Alot of people have to pay for their interference in Hope and Liam’s love.

  6. From PJ Snell

    I think Liam n Steffy should be together. Hope has too many hang ups,spoiled and whinny, enough already. You didn’t see Hope and Liam having any fun. Liam is not who Hope needs at all. Bring a new guy to town, a trustee to help settles who get to be CEO in place of Ridge. Let Hope become envy of everyone with new guy…

  7. From Celia

    I agree with all the people that want Liam and Hope together. I also will stop watching if they don’t put them back together because it is sending the wrong message to our youth. Bill and Steffy need to get caught in all there lies and manipulations. Also Taylor is making me sick by telling Steffy to go after Liam when she went through so much with Ridge. She ought to know better. I hope that Hope gets pregnant and that all the lies come out so everything will be set right.

  8. From Cee Cee

    I agree with everyone that wants Hope and Liam back together. I will stop watching the B&B if they don’t. Steffy and Bill both need to get caught in all the lies and manipulations. PUT lIAM AND HOPE BACK TOGETHER. I hope that Hope is pregnant.

  9. From soapysoaps

    Please put Liam and Hope together. All Steffy thinks about is sex & fun and there is more to a relationship than sex and fun. I really thought that a spoiler would be Hope finding out she was pregnant,and that would be great

  10. From shirley

    please put liam and steffy together l hope that steffy is pregant they are good couples l hate hope with liam l think better steffy with liaml hope not liam and hope toghter liam dont need hope

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