The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For August 27-31.

Playing fast and loose.

At Rick’s prompting, Othello exaggerated what he saw go down between Liam and Steffy, claiming to Hope that they made out in the club. Othello quickly realized that Rick had been using him so he could make a play for Caroline. Meanwhile, Taylor ran into Thomas and started quizzing him about any lingering feelings he may have had for Hope. He insisted that he was falling for Caroline. Rick showed up next to tip him off about Liam and Hope being over. Tom said he’d try to comfort her.

Bill and Liam continued arguing about Hope. Bill was still sure that she was a bad match for his son. Later, Hope arrived to see Liam. She was furious and ordered him to go back to Steffy. She left in tears. Rick ran in to tell Liam what a loser he was and ordered him to stay away from the blond. Hope had already run back to Forrester, where Thomas found her in tears and tried comforting her. Rick interrupted their hug and suggested they go away to relax. The former quasi-couple discussed their past and what a goof Liam was. Meanwhile, Rick snuck away to tell Caroline that Thomas was with Hope now. He played the sympathy card by reminding her of how Amber manipulated them and then gave her a kiss. He left to gossip with his family for awhile and then returned to ask Caroline out to dinner. He tried convincing her that Tom had dumped her, but she wasn’t buying it and wouldn’t let him kiss her again.

Liam went down to the beach. Steffy motored by and stopped to see him. He told her Hope ended things. Just to prove he was serious, he put on his leathers and then they motored back to his place to watch Bob Hope movies. She left to get pizza. Thomas and Hope showed up to get her stuff. Liam was there so there was bickering. Steffy returned so there was even more. The blond finally told Liam he could go over to ‘the dark side’. He didn’t understand. She left anyway, noticing a giant painting of a heart with a knife through it on the wall of the house. Hope and Thomas returned to Forrester where Rick continued needling him to sweep Hope off her feet.

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