The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For September 17-21.


Hope told Rick that Liam seemed to be changing. Rick didn’t follow. He then pushed her into a photo shoot with Thomas. Caroline was upset about how flirty it was making them look. Tom tracked her down and assured her that everything with Hope was innocent. They kissed until Rick showed up to goad them about Hope. Oliver arrived with photos to look at and that upset Caroline more. Once Rick got her alone, he started kissing her.

Deacon showed up with flowers for his daughter. He took some of the blame for what happened in Italy. She complained about Liam and Steffy and he complained about Bill. Hope asked her dad to stick around. Her aunts dropped in to fuss over her.

Bill was impressed when he caught his son berating employees. He was sure that Liam that he could become a real man now. Katie caught him giving this lecture and the men assured her that Liam was moving on from Hope. Once alone, the couple debated Liam’s feelings. Later, Deacon showed up. He and Bill began threatening each other. Bill tried buying him off but Deacon wasn’t interested. As they argued, Katie managed to overhear everything and then confronted her husband and Deacon. She tore into them. She couldn’t believe she was having a baby with a man like Bill and got so distraught that she erupted in agony. Bill rushed her to the hospital in a panic that the baby would come too soon. Dr. Meade warned that a c-section might be necessary.

Caroline paid Liam a visit. He tried impressing her with his new persona but she thought it was a joke. He admitted that he still wanted another shot with Hope. Liam went straight over to ask her for one and they had their familiar argument. Hope said this was all too hard. Meanwhile, Taylor paid her daughter a visit and they caught up about the Liam situation. Thomas showed up next. He and his sister discussed their romantic frustrations. Over at Spencer, Liam was lashing out over his latest failure. Taylor showed up to see him and told him he needed to let Hope go and grieve the loss. He immediately went to see Steffy and told her he was following her mom’s advice.

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