The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For September 3-7.

Not again.

Katie and Bill bickered about Liam. Steffy showed up and joined in. She told them about the heart Hope spray painted on the house. Liam continued to mope around the office. Liam was desperate for Hope and his father worried he was going to humiliate himself again. He ordered Steffy to stop letting Liam repeat his past mistakes. Bill then informed his wife that they were ‘Team Steffy’ now and that meant they needed to transform Liam into a new man and make sure to steer him away from Hope.

Rick kept urging Thomas to let Hope lean on him. Thomas agreed, but he knew that Rick was exploiting the situation to make the moves on Caroline. Meanwhile, Caroline eavesdropped on Hope telling her parents how supportive Thomas had been. Her press conference quickly got underway and Thomas was introduced as a new designer for Hope’s line. Everyone was shocked, even more so when Tom planted a kiss on her. Then they confused people by denying that they were an item. These shenanigans infuriated the Forresters, aside from Stephanie, who thought it was all good for press. As they bickered, Rick snuck off to find a confused Caroline and offered her a cuddle.

Thomas told Hope that he kissed her for the hype… and because he found her irresistible. She wasn’t sure they could have a future. After seeing the press conference, Liam interrupted them to start begging her for another chance… again. She was too exhausted by forgiving him to do it again. Thomas told him to go, but then left them alone to continue their argument. Meanwhile, Stephanie urged Ridge and Brooke not to get married at the courthouse. She thought they should have a big family wedding. This was her way of finally accepting Brooke into the family. Brooke was thrilled.

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