The Young And The Restless Spoilers September 21 – 24.

Connections and manipulations…

Jack calls Billy, worried Nikki will drink if she doesn’t find Victor. Billy gives Nikki the number to the cell he gave Victor, who ends up lured into an explosive attack. Billy puts a shady dockworker in a choke hold and demands to know where Victor is. Though the man tells Billy that things are going down at Warehouse 5, he also informs that Billy’s too late to prevent things from going forward. Meanwhile, Nikki calls Victor, who answers her by name. Suddenly, an explosion sounds through the phone leaving Nikki screaming for Victor!

Sharon fills Adam in on Nick and Vikki being team players. Adam isn’t so fast to jump on Sharon’s bandwagon and wonders what everyone will think if they knew Sharon was cheating on Victor while voting his proxy. We all know Tucker is using Sharon for his own gain, and once again he manipulates her. Sharon worries to Tucker about their affair coming out, but Tucker shows Sharon a photo of Victor hugging Sister Celeste and implies that he’s off having an affair of his own.

Daisy may have spilled the goods to Paul, but the question is… Will she testify to what she saw. Paul needs to know and comes right out and asks. Daisy promises to pull through for Paul if he can get her out of Fairview. Just as Christine tells Michael they’ll have to use Lauren’s statement about the gun, Paul appears and relays what Daisy told him. Michael arranges for a court order to question Daisy. When they arrive, a nurse informs everyone that Daisy is gone – her mother checked her out!

Come Monday… Kevin assures Chelsea that he and Adam did not come to an agreement about Tag ‘n’ Grab. While Nikki admits to Abby that she was talking to Victor, Sharon vows not to let anyone take anything away from her ever again.

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