The Young And The Restless Spoilers September 25 – 27.

Panic and answers…

Victoria demands to know why Billy didn’t tell her about Victor. Billy explains that he was trying to work everything out. He got a lead on Victor, went to LA to bring him home, but it was too late. Billy then warns Genevieve and Kevin to stay quiet about him knowing where Victor had been all along.

At the morgue Sharon is told that there isn’t any rush and a man suggests that they wait for the rest of the family. She advises that no one else is coming and asks to see the body. Sharon lifts the sheet but doesn’t think it’s Victor. She wonders if Victor is up to something and simply wants everyone to think he’s dead. Sharon orders the body to be cremated. When Nikki finds out, she vows to kill Sharon.

Jack informs Tucker that he’s not liquid enough to make his margin and admits he needs cash fast. He offers Tucker Beauty of Nature. Tucker jumps on the chance to own the company and orders Sofia to have the papers drawn up. Sofia begins to worry about all of the stock Tucker keeps buying. Tucker admits that once he consolidates, he’ll have a major holding in Newman Enterprises – so much so that Sharon will have to step aside so he can take over. Tucker puts his plan into motion by asking Sharon to marry him – and she accepts! Many are upset over Sharon’s behavior, as the Newmans try to deal with their loss. As Katherine delivers a eulogy to the great man, everyone’s about to get the shock of their life when Victor turns up in Genoa City alive.

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