The Young And The Restless Spoilers September 28 – October 1.

Confessions and missing persons…

Sharon opens her door to Doris, who demands that she pack her bags and come home with her. Sharon refuses to leave with her mother. She plans to stay right where she is and get back at the Newmans. Doris reminds Sharon that her door is always open then leaves. Meanwhile, Nikki and Victor wake up in bed together. She’s happy his return wasn’t a dream. After they talk about their future, Nikki pays Sharon a visit and tries to pay her off. Sharon refuses Nikki’s money – and Victor is none too pleased to hear that Sharon is suing him for abandonment!

As Jack hustles to devise a new plan, blackmailing Tucker into selling him back Beauty of Nature, Kevin begs Billy to tell Victoria the truth before it’s too late. Victoria appears and warns if Billy has a confession to make he’d better tell her now. Billy denies any such thing. When Victor turns up to visit Victoria, Billy becomes nervous. Victor offers Victoria a job at Newman, but she isn’t sure it’s what’s best for her. Once alone, Victor admits to Billy that he knows he rushed into a burning warehouse to try to save him. He claims to want Billy and Victoria to be happy, which gives Billy a sense of relief.

Michael and Lauren are still mystified when Daisy remains missing. At Fairview a doctor can’t identity Daisy’s mother from the photos presented to him. Surveillance video only shows a woman dressed up with her face mostly covered. Lauren worries it’s Shelia, leading Paul to ask Michael if there was a match to Shelia’s handwriting. He then goes to Patty to see if his sister saw anything, but Patty only sings then tells herself later that she’s not as crazy as they all think.

Come Monday… Tucker challenges Jack and Genevieve. While the cops look for Sharon, Victor wonders how he and Nikki ever got so far off course.

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  1. From Rosalie

    Yes, but Inwould like to see fairer questions asked, for instance.: I would like to see Victor put in jail for what he did to Sharon, just marrying her to get even with Nicki, how desperate is the old guy, in fact Nicki is to blame for everything by marrying Jack in the first place, Victor and Nicki are both despicable as human beings.

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