The Young And The Restless Spoilers September 4 – 6.

Surprising finds and unexpected encounters…

In Los Angeles, Billy approaches Victor and jokes about his ‘California find’. Victor doesn’t know who Billy is and asks what he wants from him. Billy leaves Victoria a message to call him then demands to know what the hell Genevieve is doing there with Victor. She realizes Victor is ill and hasn’t been taking his heart medication. After she reports to Tucker, he arranges to send Victor’s medication but asks Genevieve to keep him away from Genoa City. Genevieve gives Victor his meds then asks the nun if she can stay at the shelter. All the while, Nikki tries her hardest to make Jack see things her way.

Michael is stunned to hear Ronan’s claim that he and Phyllis were having an affair. He warns if Phyllis is going to stick to this story, she better tell Nick – or he will! In the end, both Michael and Nick react to Phyllis’ lies. Nick doesn’t believe Phyllis had an affair, to which she admits it’s an alibi Ronan came up with to help her. As Michael tries to get Ronan to fess up, Nick appears and punches Ronan – as a way to stage a confrontation over the affair.

Sharon makes it clear to Tucker that she’s actually enjoying the game they’re playing. However, Victoria comes across something that will spell trouble for Sharon. Victoria finds the box of stolen goods and later hears from Summer about her missing concert tickets. She warns Sharon to step down and threatens to bring up her mental history if she doesn’t. Nick worries about Noah’s reaction to their plan but knows it’s what’s best for their family. Once the court hearing takes place, Sharon is stunned by the outcome and is involved in an unexpected encounter. Sharon assures Tucker she’s not crazy. He promises to fight Nick and Victoria, in order to keep Sharon in a position of power, then notifies someone to be prepared to buy up Newman stock.

Wait, there’s more… desperate to help Paul, Avery aids his search for the video Ricky made of the murder.

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