The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary August 27 – 31.

More strangeness surrounded the Ashbys, Ronan helped Phyllis, and Tucker secretly plotted…

A woman with a koala bear keychain bumped into Lily, who later found a business card labeled ‘Claude Shirl’. When Lily described the woman to Cane, he assumed someone was impersonating his sister. Lily called Ronan.

Paul and Avery met with a friend of Ricky’s, who admitted Ricky killed and recorded Rachel’s murder. He claimed Ricky also killed Craig Hunt. Heather debated getting rid of Ricky’s things, to let go of the past, then eyed a snow globe from Niagara Falls.

Sofia secretly helped Tucker buy Newman stock but was confused why he wanted to hire Harmony. Sharon had Abby banned from the Newman ranch and gave her horses to charity. Abby bought more Newman stock. After an interview portrayed Sharon as a bimbo, she accused Nick of hiring the reporter then fired him when Nick called her a brat. Nick then questioned if Sharon got rid of Victor and promised her a fight. After suspecting Tucker was helping Sharon, Billy convinced Kevin to hack into his cell and found Genevieve had texted Tucker from LA. In Los Angeles, a nun befriended Victor. Later Genevieve found Victor, who didn’t recognize her. Billy appeared and spotted Genevieve with Victor.

Jack was warned he probably wouldn’t get any better. As he had Nikki’s things packed up, Kyle arrived – not wanting to be near Sharon, who he caught in his room at the ranch. Not to mention, his license went missing thereafter, which Sharon placed with other stolen items, including Summer’s concert tickets. Kyle agreed to move back in with Jack just as Nikki appeared. Jack stunned Nikki by standing up and walking away from their life together.

Ronan arrived at Phyllis’ penthouse with a search warrant. Phyllis admitted what really happened to Tim, and Kevin told Ronan where he stashed the rug. Ronan promised to help them and caught cops with the blood stained rug. He informed it was only wine stains. When Kevin was placed at Tim’s, by Beth, Michael demanded he come clean. Kevin refused. Ronan suggested to Michael that Beth had Tim’s body at her place before moving it back to Tim’s. When Phyllis wouldn’t be straight with Michael, he asked Ronan for a court order for Phyllis’ laptop. To give her an alibi, Ronan claimed he and Phyllis were having an affair.

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