The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary September 10 – 14.

Ronan faced Nick, Daisy begged Sharon, and Paul smashed the snow globe…

Phyllis didn’t have any answers for Nick as to why Ronan would cover for her but admitted Kevin’s part in the cover-up surrounding Tim’s death. Ronan got confirmation and reported to Phyllis and Kevin that Beth received a plane ticket she believed was from Tim, which was Ronan’s doing. After Fen told Summer he overheard that Phyllis had an affair with Ronan, she confronted Phyllis for cheating on her father. While Kevin told Chloe the truth, Nick left for the ranch after a confrontation with Phyllis and Ronan, who claimed he was in love with Phyllis. Ronan then caught Summer and Fen drinking and delivered her to Phyllis. Summer retaliated more by telling Daniel their mother had been sleeping with Ronan.

Daisy told Sharon she’d been hiding at Fairview from Ricky. Sharon updated Daisy on Ricky’s death and Paul possibly going down for his murder. Daisy begged the doctor to release her and finally convinced Sharon to confirm Daisy’s true identity. After the doctor warned it could take two weeks to get Daisy released, she took some pills, hoping to make an escape after being rushed to Memorial. Soon after, Ronan received word on Daisy’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Tucker signed a document prepared by Nick and Vikki to remove Sharon from Newman, but Nick and Vikki were stunned to see Sharon back at the company.

Billy noted Vikki’s upset over her missing father but didn’t reveal Victor’s whereabouts. Later, Nikki asked Billy to help her find Victor. Victor rounded up his co-workers to demand better working conditions, which he was beaten to a pulp for. Later, he confided in Genevieve, who’d gotten a job as a bartender, that he felt someone was out there waiting for him.

Paul found a flash drive inside the snow globe. It showed Ricky pinpointing Paul should something ever happen to him. Michael couldn’t ignore it. Everyone worried about a jury’s view of Paul. Lauren was determined to admit her connection to the gun that killed Ricky.

Jeffrey found out about Chelsea’s pregnancy and appeared supportive. Gloria saw through his behavior to the dollar signs in Jeffrey’s eyes.

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