The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary September 17 – 21.

Daisy confessed, a judge ruled, and Jack warned Billy…

Everyone learned Daisy had been hiding in Fairview and was now in a coma. Daniel promised a comatose Daisy if she woke up she could be part of Lucy’s life. Lauren admitted Paul wouldn’t have shot Ricky if he hadn’t had her gun. Christine returned but couldn’t get Paul in to see Daisy. Kevin went to see Daisy, who started waking up but fell back into a coma. Paul visited Patty, who created a distraction so Paul could see Daisy. Daisy woke up and admitted Ricky tried to kill her because she saw the video of him killing his girlfriend. She promised to testify if Paul got her out of Fairview. Paul reported to Michael, who arranged for a court order to question Daisy. When they arrived, a nurse informed that Daisy’s mother checked her out.

Nick moved back to the ranch with Summer and Faith. Christine promised Phyllis they’d finish their issues in court. After Phyllis’ trial was moved up, she confided the truth about the hit and run to Leslie – and Ronan’s reasoning for being her alibi.

A judge ruled in Sharon’s favor. Back as Newman’s CEO, with stock prices plummeting, Sharon couldn’t fire Nick and Vikki without the board’s approval. Nick warned Tucker had been secretly buying Newman stocks. Tucker admitted it to Sharon, who accepted his ‘good business investment’ excuse. After they made love, Tucker bought more stocks. Sharon forced Nick and Vikki to back her during a press conference but worried her affair with Tucker would come out. After Tucker had Genevieve take a picture of Victor hugging Sister Celeste, he made it appear to Sharon that Victor was having an affair.

Tucker warned Genevieve to keep Victor in LA. Nikki pled for Billy to help find Victor. After Sister Celeste was targeted over Victor’s fight for better working conditions, he left the bar to keep her safe. Genevieve didn’t tell Tucker but told Billy. Billy confided the truth to Kevin and left for LA. Victor returned to the bar then was lured into an explosive attack. After a call from Jack, who worried Nikki would drink if Victor wasn’t found, Billy gave Nikki the number of a cell he gave Victor. When she called, Victor addressed her by name. Nikki heard an explosion erupt through the line and screamed for Victor!

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