The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary September 3 – 7.

Billy approached Victor, Nick punched Ronan, and Daisy resurfaced…

Victor didn’t recognize Genevieve, who realized he wasn’t taking his heart medication. While she called Tucker, who sent the meds, Billy approached Victor and figured he had amnesia. Privately, Genevieve admitted to thinking Victor had been faking his condition, but Billy expressed otherwise. Genevieve reported to Tucker, who warned her to keep Victor away from Genoa City. After the nun voiced her distrust of Genevieve, Victor ordered her to stay away from them and the mission. Billy asked Genevieve to keep an eye on Victor.

Jack had Nikki’s things delivered to Vikki’s. Though Nikki tried to reason with Jack, he turned her away and arranged for a divorce – after Cane reported that all Jack’s resources had been poured into Newman as he’d asked.

Nick and Vikki planned to use Sharon’s past mental state against her. After Summer told them about the missing concert tickets, Vikki confronted Sharon and found a stash of stolen goods. Nick and Vikki later testified that Sharon wasn’t mentally sound to run Newman. A judge ruled Vikki as CEO until Sharon underwent a mental evaluation. After Tucker and Sharon had sex, he convinced her to go to Fairview for the evaluation – to prove Nick wrong. Adam arrived to check on Sharon, who made it clear she’d just been with Tucker. Later, Sharon was admitted to Fairview and heard someone call her by name. It was Daisy! Meanwhile, Billy returned to Genoa City, where Vikki asked about his trip to LA. He changed the subject to her being CEO and warned once Victor returned he’d take back the position – and Vikki would forgive her father yet again. Vikki couldn’t understand Billy’s sudden anger.

Phyllis told Nick Ronan’s plan to help as her alibi. Michael didn’t believe the affair but witnessed Nick punching Ronan to stage a confrontation. Meanwhile, Avery and Paul realized Heather had Ricky’s belongings and were upset to hear she’d gotten rid of them – all of them except the Niagara Falls snow globe. Heather gave it to Paul, who remembered that Ricky had taken his murdered ex to Niagara Falls.

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