Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For October 24.

The Genie And Her Bro.

Kristen drops in to see EJ in his office. She says she can help him get what he wants. “Are you some sort of genie?” he asks. He’s resistant since she works for his father. “You’re my bro,” she objects. He hauls out reasons why that doesn’t matter. She tries bonding with him about losing a baby. That doesn’t work so she talks to him about Samanther. “The heart wants what the heart wants,” she says. He pretends to read and she counts the tiles on the ceiling. She needles him about Rafe claiming paternity of his son and asks him what he’ll do now that he has dirt on the cop. He claims he doesn’t want to be vindictive. “That is so smart,” she fawns, saying acting magnanimous will impress Sami. He admits it and she tells him any woman could see through that. Kristen offers to help take care of Sami for him. He doubts that will work considering her past with Sami’s mom. She declares the past is irrelevant and promises to send him Sami by the end of the day. After she departs, he calls his father and orders him to get his sister to back off.

Chad runs into Abby at Caffeinated. He tells her how sorry he is about her mom and the baby mess. Gabi arrives to hear about this and gasps. Chad tells her to leave Abby alone and go gab to Rafe. Gabi runs off. Chad trashes Gabi until he gets a call from his father. “What do you want?” Chadsworth asks. Stefano just called to say he loves him. Chad hangs up on him. His voice cracks as he complains to Abby about his father. He apologizes for being insensitive since her dad just died. After she heads out, DiMera henchman Howard walks in and tells Chad he’s sorry for his brother’s loss. Chadsworth is puzzled so Howard explains.

Sami runs into Rafe in the square. He stops her from running off and makes excuses. Rafe says he never wanted to hurt her. His sister runs up to pay her condolences. Sami prods Rafe to tell his sister ‘the punchline’ about this story and then plods off. The siblings head back to the loft and he fills his sister in about everything. They discuss how hard it’s been on Nicole and how he’s lost Sami for good. Meanwhile, Kristen shows up at Sami’s. Gasping erupts. Kristen says she’s not there to cause problems. Sami doesn’t know how she can show her face after all the mayhem she caused. “Hello Pot. It’s me, Kettle,” Kristen quips, before explaining that she’s taken over CW. Sami ran the company into the ground so she’s the new boss.

At the hospital, Kayla calls clinics about their dementia research. Meanwhile, Hope drops in on Bo at the pub. Caroline turns up to snipe about Bo acting like a babysitter. They’re scared. Ma Brady is joking but has to explain that to them. They pull her into a conversation about her work schedule and he offers to help her out. She refuses to be treated like an invalid and starts talking about the fourth of July. When they suggest she get a caregiver, she’s furious and claims it would be a frivolous expense. Her son says it would make her family feel better. Hope chimes in that everyone loves her, even her customers. They hug her until she agrees to give it a try. After she wanders off, Hope hugs Bo and they discuss his plans. He still hasn’t given up on going after the DiMeras. Kayla walks in and says she’s found a way to help their Ma. She explains that she found a program for her but it’s across the country.

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  1. From jan

    elcome back Kristen you have been missed. you and your dad make a great team since EJ can’t seem to grow up enough to accept that he is “cut our of the same cloth” that Stefano is. SUPER welcome back Stefano…maybe now we will get a good story line. you are the “man”. whenever you appear i just settle back and wait for action!

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