Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For October 3.

If It’s Crazy…

Chad storms into the pub and threatens to reveal everything that Gabi did. He wants to make her pay. They argue about who drove Mel away. He’s about to call the cops when Nick gets between them. He threatens to tell the cops about Chad pulverizing him. He’s sure the SPD would be happy to put a DiMera away. “Good luck trying to live with yourself,” Chad says. Nick announces that they are going to talk to Justin. Bo strolls in and advises Nick to stay out of trouble. Later, at the mansion, Gabi thanks Nick after he’s had Chad swear a deposition clearing her. She thinks he’s gone above and beyond for her. “How I feel about you is above and beyond,” he says. They kiss. Gabi tells him he’s a good kisser and then runs off.

Abby goes to see Daniel. She’s worried about her mom and about Mel. He’s vague. She tells him about Jenn and Nic’s fights and suspects they are over him. He asks her to take care of her mom. Meanwhile, Brady spots Jenn railing at Nicole in the square. He tries stopping the fight. That only makes Jenn angrier. She tells Nic that she’s evil. Caroline starts pushing away the growing crowd. Nicole goes out of her way to leave graciously. Brady drives Jenn home. She notices Nicole’s prenatal vitamins are still there and ask Brady to take them to Daniel’s. He assumes she just wants him to check up on the doctor but goes anyway. When Abby arrives, Jenn tells her daughter about her fight and Nic moving out but refuses to explain. Picking up Jacks’s photo, Jenn wishes he was there to talk to. Her daughter assures her that worrying about Daniel does not mean being disloyal to Jack. Meanwhile, Nicole goes to see Daniel and they talk about their run-ins with Jenn. He’s sure that she will keep quiet about her suspicions but Nicole thinks she has a screw loose. Nic asks again if she can stay there. He says she can look for a new home tomorrow. Brady arrives with the vitamins and asks to speak to the doctor alone. The pregnant lady goes to the guest room and listens in. Brady quizzes the doctor about his feelings for Jenn and hints that she still loves him. He warns him to be careful with Nicole. The doctor says he won’t walk away from her and the baby, but part of him will always love Jenn.

Rafe walks in on Elvis making the moves on Samanther in Caffeinated. He wants to talk to Sami alone and apologizes for being curt, wishing they could work things out. EJ smugly watches until he has to leave to take a call. Sami thinks Rafe is sending her mixed signals to torture her. He promises not to do that anymore. She assures him that EJ has changed. He doubts that and leaves, telling EJ to ‘go to Hell’ as they pass in the alley. Rafe goes home, has a beer and talks to Ari’s picture about what a crummy brother he is. Will shows up and wonders if Rafe has given up on Sami. “Some things don’t work out,” Rafe says, though that obviously isn’t how he wants things. Meanwhile, Sami and EJ arrive in their hall. Chad is waiting and weeping. When the brothers are alone, Chad tells his EJ that Mel is not coming back and Gabi will get away with everything. The DiMeras head out for a ‘boy thing’ and leave Sami behind. She’s a tad confused. Down in the square, Chad tells his brother about the deposition he gave. EJ’s furious that they have nothing on Gabi now. Sami steps out of the shadows after eavesdropping.

Bo runs into Billie at the hospital. They discuss his crazy work hours and he admits he’s thinking of quitting his job. She thinks that’s a great idea and encourages him to follow his dream. Later, he heads to the pub to talk to his ma. He asks Caroline if he should take his pension. She thinks so. He has a crazy idea. “If it’s crazy, than it’s probably right,” she says.

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  1. From dc

    well, i hate it that nick and gabi have chad over a barrel..
    and it appears bo has decided to quit the salem pd.. but we all knew he was gonna be leaving soon (i think next friday)..
    glad brady let daniel know how nicole is (she has never wanted to ne 2nd). just hope daniel will believe what he says..

  2. From jan

    goodbye Bo. will miss you! come on…bring back Stephano!!! the man who creates the good story lines. EJ and Chad are a boring example for sons of THE MAN!!! Oh how i miss the good old days when it was exciting!

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