Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For October 4.

You Used Me!

At Daniel’s, Nicole tells him she has a way to take control of her destiny. He makes coffee and she explains that there is a law in Utah that will deny the biological father most parental rights. He won’t let her move to Utah by herself and points out that the child would need an adoptive father. Nic hugs him and asks him if he is willing to adopt. The doctor thinks this should be their last resort. The pregnant lady says she is being driven crazy by dreams. She beats herself up and he promises to stick by her and the baby. He runs off to work. She wants retail therapy. Later, she winds up at the hospital and tells Maxine that she is living with Dr. Dan now. “Lord help that man,” sighs Maxine. Dr. Sedwig pops up to say that she’s filling in for Nic’s regular obgyn today before she leaves for South America later that day. They start the check-up. The doctor soon explains that there is no fetal heartbeat.

Maggie drops in at Jenn’s. After Abby has a little chat with her about Mel, she departs. Jenn informs Maggie the ‘houseguest from Hell is gone’. Maggie bluntly asks her to stop hurting her son. They argue about Nic. Red tells Jenn that she ripped her son’s heart to shreds. The blond says she will stay out of his life and explains that that’s what Daniel wants anyway. Maggie insists that he still cares about Jenn. When Maggie goes home, she’s shocked to discover that Victor has had brunch prepared for her. They smooch and she fondles his chin. She pouts about her son so he gives her a pep talk. Meanwhile, Jenn runs into Daniel at Caffeinated and wants to confess something. “Ummmooourrrr,” he groans. She won’t accept that for an answer and makes him sit down so she can remind him that they are friends. She wants to ‘pick up where they left off’. He’s a little thrown by this and tells her they are going in opposite directions. He doesn’t see how they can be friends.

Gabi runs into her brother’s apartment. She hugs him and declares that it’s all over. Chad can never hurt her and she doesn’t need to be protected anymore. She explains what Nick did to save her. He’s thrilled. She rushes off. He calls Sami. There’s no answer so he runs off to find her. Meanwhile, Sami barges into Casa de Chad and demands to know what he and his brother were discussing. “He’s playing you and I want to help you beat him at his own game,” she says. Chad is reluctant and asks her to go. She insists that EJ only ever helps himself. Chad caves and explains things vaguely. She guesses that his brother was just ‘helping’ him to get leverage to keep Rafe away from her. “Damn him!” curses Chadsworth. She runs off to find Rafe. He’s not home because he’s looking for her. Eventually, they run into each other in the square. They lock eyes and then lips.

Elvis meets with a lawyer and asks him to help make the deposition his brother signed go away. He needs a loophole. When the lawyer hears that Justin took the depositions, he laughs and says that he has an impeccable reputation. This is all a dead end. The lawyer adds that EJ doesn’t even have the clout to bribe a judge at this point. EJ heads to Sami’s. He uses his key to go in and snoop around. Chad arrives and they start lecturing each other. “You used me!” Chad yelps. EJ squints when his brother explains that Sami tipped him off about this. EJ turns red, screams, hunches his shoulders and does hand gestures until his brother calls him a coward and says he’s exactly like Stefano. EJ mopes down to the square and witnesses Sami and Rafe kissing.

Abby runs into some chick at the pub. Abigail’s impressed to learn that she’s a surgical intern. That fades when Cam walks in and it becomes clear they are dating. This is awkward. Cam leads his date away as Gabi arrives. She gives her friend a shoulder to sob on. Later, Gabi takes out the trash and bumps into Chad. He tells her that he will still find a way to make her pay.

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  7 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    well, i wondered when we would see cameron again. it looks like he has moved on from abby.. i guess this means she needs a new beau..
    sami and rafe back together again (i like it) but i think i may be the only one. i have seen on this site where alot of people want sami and ej together (they are too much alike, it would never work).
    and i still wonder if nicole’s baby is really dead. we have never seen that doctor before.
    chad was so right in telling ej he is just like stefano, and in telling him that sami knew what he did, then ej finding sami and rafe together..

  2. From Cindy

    dc: You are not the only one. I think EJ and Sami have heat together, but that’s all. I did want them together at one point, but EJ could never win her heart fair and square and has proved to me that he does not really love her; he only wants to posess her. She only turns to him when things go wrong with other men. I am happy she is back with Rafe.

    As far as Nicole – I hope her baby is not really dead, too.

  3. From JENNIE


  4. From Dee

    Does anyone know what song was playing in the background when Jennifer & Daniel were talking at the Coffee Shop, when Jennifer asked if they could at least still be friends?

  5. From SandyGram

    dc and Cindy … sentiments also. I loved everything about today’s show with one or two small exceptions:
    - It would have been nice to see Gabi be a little more humble about the depositions.

    - I felt really bad for Abigail when she saw Cameron on a date with a beautiful Surgical Intern from the Hospital. The intern was more fitting for Cameron they seem to be more the same age, Abi is still in her early twenties and acts young. We have read that Cameron will be recast with Nathan Owens. No other news about that, but it does make one wonder where is the character of Cameron going.

    - It would have been fun and so romantic to have the scene with Sami and Rafe running to one another in the HTC in slow motion, culminating in the kiss.

    And of course it broke my heart to see Nikki when the substitute doctor told her the Fetal Monitor was not picking up the baby’s heart beat. Kleenex anyone…I’ll finish the rest of the box tomorrow when Nikki hears the rest of the news.

  6. From jan

    you have made Nikki such a rotten character. please do not take the baby away from her…that is cruel!

    i will miss Bo! hope they can work things out so he returns with a new contract!

    please, please bring back Stefano!
    his tory lines were so xciting!

  7. From dc

    hey sandygram.. yea, i hated seeing no heart beat for nicole’s baby. but today she is goona freak out (from what i have read)..
    would love to see stefano again, i think they are waiting for the return of kristen.. just hope she does not come between marlena and john..
    kristen may be a mtch for ej. it is gonna be fun to watch how they react to each other..

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