Days Of Our Lives Poll: Jenn.

Too much cream puff?

Over the past year or more, Jenn has become one of the dominant characters on “DOOL” and that hasn’t gone over well with everyone. Do you actually like Jenn, or is this a waste of air time?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From Seany

    Jen used to be my favorite character. Back when it was the Salam stalker and her love for Jack and Patrick Lockheart, if Jen was on, it was going to be a good episode. But for some reason now, I just can’t seem to get into it. Yea it’s been like 10 years since then, but still. Maybe it’s the fact I don’t like Daniel but non the less, I wish I was a little more vested into Jen’s character.

  2. From dc

    i like jennifer (especially since she no longer has jack in her life). i have always liked her character. i am a long time viewer of the show. it is good they are bringing back some old timers. just wish they could come to a contract term with bo. him leaving will be a great loss..
    in watching the show today i knew daniel would believe jennifer. i just wish they would find that chart that nicole tried to destroy saying that baby was already dead.. and everything she said the other day was a lie. sure hope they don’t drag out this baby thing.

  3. From babs

    I used to like her when she was a kid but she’s grown into such a know it all. Butt out, Jennifer. I can’t stand her anymore.

  4. From Tracey

    I love Jennifer! Missy is a great actress. I just wish her and Daniel get back together soon! Jennifer is a honest,caring and lovable character. Nicole is a scheming lieing bitch. I hope Daniel final sees her for what she really is a bitch! He should know better than to have gotten involved in the Nicole baby drama. I feel sorry for EJ he does make a great father. Nicole should not have kept him away from the baby. I guess that’s why Nicole had bad karma.

  5. From bettyg

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again–You go, Jenn! I like what Melissa has been doing with Jenn. Jenn has REAL emotions, some good, some bad, but isn’t that what we all have? This makes for a REAL character.

  6. From Babs

    Oh, I agree that the actress is very good. It’s not like I want her to leave the show or anything. I just don’t like “jennifer”.

  7. From babs

    Oh, I agree the the actress is very good. I don’t want her to leave the show or anything. I just love to hate Jennifer. She’s a know it all and a buttinsky.

  8. From CoopersDad

    She’s horrible and hasn’t contributed anything for as long as I have been watching. She should have been in the elevator instead of Jack. Always a victim!

  9. From jenn

    I usually like Jennifer but not latley. However, I think it’s good to add some diversity to her character. She can’t be perfect sweet Jennifer all of the time or her character would be boring. Babs, that how I feel about Sami. I don’t like her but I do not want her to leave. She adds the drama just like what Jennifer is doing.

  10. From Barbara

    Jennifer was too aggressive in trying to talk to Nicole about Daniel while Nicole was (supposedly) pregnant. Her timing was all wrong and I don’t think she was mourning Jack. She has wanted Daniel all along.

  11. From Casey

    I watched the very first episode of DOOL and most of the time since. Jennifer was great with Jack but they should have kept him or let them both go.
    What kind of sick writers would kill off another baby of Nicole’s, especially when she was due??
    I’m sure it’s not possible it’s still alive (like Stefano and others who have “died”).
    And why do they keep trying to put EJ and Sami together? They’re total misfits, they don’t even look good together.
    I’ve never enjoyed the show less than I do now. Makes me sad.

  12. From Redi

    I used to like Jennifer, but lately I can’t stand. She had her chance with the good doctor. I don’t think her actions to save Daniel were from grief, I think she was jealous. I can’t believe that I don’t feel sorry for her. Daniel should of gone to the jail and said “It makes no difference if your guilty or innocent, I told you to stay out of it, now look what happened!”

  13. From Connie S

    Can’t stand her. I liked her when she was with Jack, but ONLY because she was with Jack. She whines too much, is self centered, and is the queen of pity parties. I fast forward when she is on. I just can’t stand to watch her at all any more.

  14. From WandaW

    Jen was good when she was with Jack, because they both were two simpltons together. To take a could be sexy, vibrate man like Daniel with a goodie-two shoes like Jen is just off. She calls herself fighting for her man, but someone or something can always make her back down, because she is the sacrificing, considerate, morally righteous person. She really makes me sick and I sometimes fast forward when I know she has made up her mind to step back and let a bitch take someone from her. They should have killed her and Jack and left Abigail to stay back here and act out.

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