Days Of Our Lives Poll: Kristen And…

A new pairing?

Kristen is back in town and will be quickly causing some issues for Marlena and John simply by being there. But she’s got some other things up her sleeve… or does she? Will she keep her sights set on John, or will one of the other men around town catch her fancy?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From dc

    well, i can see the writers putting kristen with either brady or roman.. (probably brady, because of john)..
    not sure about kristen yet, i just don’t want her to come between john and marlena, she has caused enough problems for them in the past..
    and i cannot wait until daniel finally realizes about nicole and how she has faked the death of that baby. we all know she lost it before the fall..
    by the way, who was that doctor. could she have been a person that stefano placed at the hospital?? i guess we will never know..

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 dc
    As I’ve mentioned with the other Video, there is Diva behind those Kristen eyes. From the spoilers she will be taking over as CEO of Countess Wilhelmina, probably Stefano’s doings since EJ doesn’t seem to be warming up to his sister just yet. But it will be interesting to see if EJ comes to bat for Sami and her position at CW after all he said he would always protect her. Then other spoilers has Daniel find part of the baby outfit he saw at the apartment in the Hospital room which starts Daniel to thinking, finally something starts him to thinking. And it sounds like in a very short period of time Daniel and Nicole are no more.

    Now the substitute doctor, that’s a $64,000 question. If she’s not involved with Stefano in some way, her only purpose would have been to have her wright Nicole’s diagnoses on a paper record so Nikki could later destroy it later. Maybe the writers are leaving this open waiting to see how the fans would feel about the baby not being dead, but being held in Stefano’s home in South America, like he did Sami and Eric all those years ago. I’m for that, just don’t let it take long for the little fella to reappear.

  3. From jackie

    Ijust want her to go away! UGH!

  4. From jenn

    I love Kristen! I hope she does cause drama for John and Marlena. This way, John and Marlena have some air time! Before Kristen came, they were pretty much MIA.

  5. From jenn

    Oh yeah, I cannot see Kristen with any of those men that were mentioned above. So I chose, someone new.

  6. From BBow

    I actually really like the idea of Kristen and Roman. Roman needs both some good air time, and a woman who is not as “straight and narrow” as he is. I loved him with Kate; however, as much as I think that they were a perfect match and that Josh and Lauren had amazing chemistry, I am afraid the writers will never put these two back together. So, I say let him be with Kristen. I would even suggest Nicole, but it might get weird with Eric coming back.

  7. From Merrianne

    Would like to see her cause some mischief with Marlena and John: 1) gives them more air time/sl, 2)those two need to come out of their comas. They’re so lathargic. Put some sass in their Salsa.

    Roman would be a good choice to for some of the very same reasons. He’s such a fuddy duddy: spice it up.

  8. From Lynne

    I don’t want Kristen to end up with Roman because he is just annoying and doesn’t need air time…just a opinion. I don’t remember too much of the Kristen storyline from years ago. I think I tuned out during hte whole Susan debacle. They aren’t bringing that character back I hope. That is how this show lost me last time. It was so stupid! I don’t see anything good about this show anymore. I can’t stand Sami the hypocrite. I hate that Nicole lost the baby but can’t wait for her to be found out by Daniel. Do we really have to watch the Sami and EJ show again? I usually love when they bring back characters but bringing back story lines? Please! Come up with something new and what was with Kristen’s outfit. I think I read on here somewhere that she looks like she stepped off the 80s Dynasty set. I also don’t like the Abe/Kayla pairing. Love Patch and Kayla and always will. Hmmm. Why am I still watching this show? That is one thing I have never been able to figure out. If they bring Susan back though, I’m out!

  9. From Lissa

    I do want to see her cause some mischief for John and Marlena, but not break them up. I voted Roman, that man just hasn’t had anybody for a long time and she could spice up his life and hopefully break his being so uptight. Plus Roman being connected to the Dimera family, that would be funny. I like Kristen is back and she added lots of humor with Susan. If EJ’s mother is going to make an appearance, all the better that it is the one and only original! Peter can come back too and spice things up for Jennifer, I’m not sold on her and Daniel being together. Don’t want Daniel with Nicole either.

  10. From Casey

    Maybe there is hope Nicole’s baby is still alive?
    Please someone explain to me how Kristen and John could get together since he is her uncle?
    John is Stefano’s half brother and Kristen is Stefano’s daughter? Who is her mother? I guess i forgot the Kristen days from before, none of this makes sense to me now!

  11. From jenn

    Hi Casey… Kristen and Peter were adopted by Stefano. Their last name is Blake and I believe their mother’s name was Rachel

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