Days Of Our Lives Poll: Lucas’ Problem.

What’s his damage?

Although Lucas was a bit reluctant at first, he came around to Will being gay. Or so it seemed… After spotting his son locking lips with another man, Lucas became severely uncomfortable and even turned to Adrienne to help her break them up. Is Lucas actually homophobic, or is there something else going on with him?

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  1. From dc

    well, i guess he just needs more time..
    will is a good kid and lucas has been a good father (even though he has not been around much).
    hopefully, eventually, he will come around and be there for his son..

  2. From jenn

    dc, I think the same too. I think he needs more time. Like you said, Lucas hasn’t been around much, it might be harder for him because he had to come to grips that maybe he doesn’t really know his son. I think Adriane was being a little rude about it. Just because it was easy for her to accept doesn’t mean everyone is. I know she was trying to educate him but she should’ve spoken to him like an adult instead in her condenscending nature. Seem like Adriane thinks she is a perfect parent…. I just hope the writers do not make him a homophobe, that would be sad.

  3. From Darren

    Accepting and seeing are two different things. ALTHOUGH, L always did seem to have a little sugar in him tank. Hope he get a lover, male or female, soon.

  4. From Soap SK

    Will and everyone else should just give Lucas a break. He is dealing with this just like everyone else. Just cause he is not so quick to accept Will being gay does not mean he doesn’t love him or accept him. Its just a hard thing to deal with and Will needs to know that just like he was/is confused about being gay…his father is also confused and just trying to process everything. I hate the way Adrienne, Sami, and especially WIll are going off on Lucas for feeling the way he is instead of helping him through it.
    And Will goes from being unsure about his sexuality to making out in the Town Square…that would surprise anyone!

  5. From daysgal

    Great point Darren about seeing and accepting. Too true! I just think Lucas needs time.

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