Days Of Our Lives Poll: Too Much.

Another baby.

Already infertile Nicole has lost her second miracle baby, which is destined to lead her down the path to madness, or at least a lot of misery for everyone involved. Is this too much misery for one show, or just some good soapy melodrama?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From dc

    well, nicole going crazy, i thought she already was.. she has the obsession with daniel.. losing the baby has just out her over the edge. now she is gonna blame jennifer for the death of the baby after she destroys her medical files from the hospital.. she is not going to do anything to herself even with that instrument in her hand.. she will finally get back with ej (from what i have read).. she just needs to get on with her life without daniel, oh yea and rafe (my opinion)..

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 Hey dc
    It appears through the spoilers Billie finds the torn up medical files Nicole throws away. Now we’ll have to wait and see if their still readable and wonder why Billie hasn’t turned them over to the law before Jenn is arrested. And what we don’t know yet through the spoilers is how does EJ find out the baby was indeed his. Could it be Billie tells him in exchange for some other piece of dirt on Stefano or something like that. The show still has me sitting on the edge of my seat.

  3. From dc

    hey there.. glad to see you are still posting.. i was getting lonely..
    WOW!!! i had not read any of this. this would be something good billie could do before she is gone.
    we still do not know when and how bo is leaving. i wish they could come to something good where his contract would be renewed and he could stay..
    hated seeing melanie leave but at least they left it where she could return..

  4. From jenn

    I have a hard time believing Nicole is going to lose another baby. I found it peculiar that Nicole’s primary physician is “out” and there was another doctor who was going away to some developing country. Could be way off base but it in my opinion, this has DiMera written all over it.

  5. From SALI4533

    would someone please get rid of Jennifer. She is so annoying!
    I’ve been watching this show for about 25 years and I liked her in the earlier years. Now I find her intrusive and just simply annoying.
    I love Nichole and wish something good would finally come her way. As if that poor girl hasn’t been through enough already lol

  6. From bettyg

    Sorry, SALI4533, but I like the new Jennifer! She’s thinking for herself now, and, right or wrong, I’m impressed! You go, Jenn!

  7. From CoopersDad

    Sorry, bettyg, gotta agree with SALI4533. Jennifer is the worst character on the show today. The only way to improve her would be a personality transplant and a much needed make over. Her hair is like straw and many times it looks like she saved the clothes from Alice’s closet.

  8. From Paki

    Sorry but I think Sami is still the most annoying character. I agree on the hair, she needs a new cut and darker hair or low lights. I don’t think she takes good care of her hair from the looks of it. I still love Missy Reeves and hope they turn her around a little. She has been annoying.

  9. From Melody Nutt

    I hate that Nicole lost her baby again. The writers are just sick! Give her something. Enough baby drama. Let her have a little happiness. Adrianna is doing a great job though as a grieving mom.

  10. From Jenn fan

    I totally love Jennifer. I have been a fan when she first came to town. Back when Josh Taylor was Chris Kotchichek and not Roman. She needs to get hooked up with someone great. I always thought and hoped she and Bo would have hooked up. Nicole on the other hand is too predictable. Can’t stand her. All of her stories are always the same. Manipulating and conniving. Man eater. Always ruining peoples lives without consequences. Blah blah blah!!!

  11. From lyn

    where is the gyn doc that told nicole the baby was dead a couple days before the staircase fall?

  12. From Barbara

    Just 3 weeks before her due date and the baby dies? Isn’t this very unlikely, given that she was under medical care? Wish the writers could have let the baby live. So convenient to bring in a substitute
    doctor and then the computers go down. Patients still have folders–ddoctors still write things down!

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