Days Of Our Lives Spoiler Video: November Sweeps.

“A liar, a home-wrecker and an unsuccessful murderer.”

Rivalries, jealousies, old enemies and big revelations are on the way for November sweeps.

Take a look at the video and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

Find out about the new sitcom “Malibu Country” in our Primetime TV Listings. And learn about what’s happening in Salem next week in our DOOL Spoilers For November 5-9.

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Fun fact! Matthew Purvis wrote this story just for you on October 30th, 2012 |

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  1. From Miselemeas

    Nicole you could wear sackcloth and ashes and be a beautiful woman and what an actress; By the way if you want a guy in such a state of dishabille please go for our Rafe he wears his new dishevelled look so well. Go Rafe you are a beautiful specimen and so nice and kind,as well.Goodlook also to Nicole I really enjoy watching you display your talent as an actress.By the way about long string of misery we used to say,behind lace curtains, HE may only shower once a week, we dont know what is behind that pink shirt,gross;; Slainte

  2. From Miselemeas

    I meant goodluck ,of course. Slainte

  3. From Miselemeas

    Meant to mention,people who have been
    writing tomes on some sights [do'nt know what else to call them] length should be curtailed ,if I had my way, they would be obliterated from the face of the earth.Rarely do they have any content worth perusing,so have been meaning to mention that to Admin.
    for some time.I do not think it’s fair to inflict such punishment on the rest of us.

  4. From Miselemeas

    You know,you can sound like a toff and be common as dirt,now me,I am proudly a ‘Downstairs’ kind of person,so by inference of some,I am just like you Rafe,oh joy;;lets grovel in the mire together,hm.
    Lets lift a glass of hock to all of us inferior beings;;Slainte

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