Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For November 1 & 2.

In the lost and found.

Jenn begs Maggie to beg Daniel not to leave. The redhead tries. That fails. They bicker. Jenn arrives and begs. That fails. They insult each other. Meanwhile, EJ is furious when he hears that Nicole is now saying that Jenn’s not a baby killer. He assumes that Daniel put her up to changing her story. She tries to talk him down. That fails and he vows revenge. While he calls his big sister for some advice, Nicole tells Daniel they need to leave immediately. He agrees, but he can’t get that stupid twosie out of his head. She notices he’s not wearing that necklace he never takes off. The doctor goes looking for it. She decided to call Sami and enlist her to keep EJ off her back. That’s not the best idea. Sami’s confused and unhelpful. Over at the hospital, searching for his necklace, Daniel finds the twosie and starts putting things together. At that moment, Jenn visits Detective Hope and offers to make a false confession to killing the baby just so Daniel won’t leave town. The cop tells her that’s a bad idea.

Brady barges into Kristen’s room and rails at her to stay away from his father and Marlena. When he gets nasty, she slaps him silly. Brady stomps off to see his dad and complains about the DiMera. John assures him that she’s not a problem. Brady is paranoid anyway. Meanwhile, Sami agrees to stay on as Kristen’s underling since she is promised a bonus to help her destroy Kate. Kristen does a little destructive work herself when she goes to visit Kate with an unpleasant message from Stefano.

Gabi confronts Nick over the fact that he obviously has a problem with Sonny and Will. He gives his rationale. It sounds good to her. Pretty soon, he’s watering her lawn. Meanwhile, Billie tells Will about his father’s rationale for him staying away from Sonny. William is not impressed, particularly after his boyfriend tips him off about his kerfuffle with Lucas. Will blows up at his father. Lucas suggests that Will is just another notch on Sonny’s bedpost. Will is so upset that he runs off to make out with Sonny, who has just been getting an earful from his boyfriend’s grandmother. Sonny stops Will from seeking sex in distress. Frustrated Will begins questioning him about all of the other men he’s been with. Sonny’s miffed and kicks him out.

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  6 responses so far...

  1. From SandyGram

    Jenn confessing to keep Daniel in town…next thing you know they’ll have Jennifer throw herself down a flight of stairs to keep Daniel in town….Oh sorry, that’s what they have in store for Nicole! Maybe Jenn and Nikki can end up in the same padded cell and Daniel can visit them at the same time!

    What more is there to be said about Samantha Gene a gluten for punishment with her eyes wide open and her brain shut off! But you have to love that the writers are consistent in how they perceive Sami to be!

    My goodness is this all they have for Billie, sticking her nose into yet another characters business.

  2. From dc

    finally that baby outfit is gonna be found by daniel and he will discover nicole has been lying to everyone..
    the next two days sound good but next week will be even better..

  3. From Janiebell

    The writers did a great job with the Caroline/Bo storyline. Bo will be missed; I hope he soon returns. Caroline is playing her roll with great charactor.

  4. From Lulu

    I love that Kristen and Sami work together : good match !

  5. From Kat

    4 Lulu,
    Just think, if Kristin would have gotten away with her deceit,
    that EJ (Susan’s child) was Hers and John’s, Kristin right now would be EJ’s Mother, John his Father, and Sami could soon be
    Kristin and John’s Daughter in law, not that I am saying that Kristin and John would be together… or whatever,
    they could have split up, or Not….
    But all the lies got exposed, and EJ is Susan’s and Stefano’s child.

    But when it comes to be, Kristin and Sami would and could have in the past and now make a great pair. They think alike.

    Thanks to the writers, for always making and keeping Our Sami, interesting, on the edge and more, to keep this audience talking about her, more than anybody else on this show…. Sami, love you or hate you, You my dear Lady, you make the show go round, you keep this show alive, Bravo… for Sami the character and also
    Our EJ, A Gift that keeps on Giving,
    Long live Sami and EH.

  6. From EM

    I’m confused about Kristin’s relationship. They keep calling her Stefano’s daughter and EJ and Chad’s big sister but Susan is EJs’s mother and Krisitn is Susan’s sister. So wouldn’t Kristin be Stefano’s sister-in-law and EJ and chad’s aunt/

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