Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For November 5-9.

It all falls apart.

Kate is furious when Kristen hands her divorce papers from Stefano. She doesn’t appreciate getting the high hat either. Kristen could give a toss. She calls her father to assure him that everything is going swimmingly. When she runs into Junior, she can’t help but notice that he’s thinking of having Daniel bumped off. She advises him to do the right thing.

Victor attempts to bribe Nicole into leaving Daniel. She insists that she loves Dr. Cowabunga more than cash. Victor suggests that Brady use his charms on her but he refuses. Nic asks Rafe to ask Sami to ask EJ to back off. Sami talks to Jenn about it instead. Neither of them understands why Nicole dropped the baby killing charges. When Lucas shows up to comfort Jenn, her brain starts churning and she guesses that Nicole deliberately prompted a confrontation. She storms off to confront Nicole, who gives her the boot. Meanwhile, following a trail of convoluted clues, Dr. Daniel proves that he makes an even better detective than surgeon. He manages to discover that Dr. Sedwick was the one who told Nicole her baby was dead, long before her tumble down the Salem steps of doom. He goes home to confront Nic but she’s gone on an armed rampage. She stalks over to Jenn’s and lashes out at her for trying to destroy her plans for Daniel. When she threatens to go back to the police, Daniel arrives and confronts her, explaining that he knows what really happened. Brady, EJ and Rafe arrive as things spiral out of control. Daniel tries to keep Nicole calm. After she confesses, Abby lashes out at her and Nicole runs back to the steps. Everyone follows her and she whips out her scalpel. She threatens to kill herself as everyone watches. Daniel manages to get her to drop the blade, but she then hurls herself down the steps. When she wakes up in the hospital, she offers Rafe her statement. While he tells her she could be facing major charges, EJ looks over all the evidence and admits that no one is to blame, but he’s still angry.

Marlena keeps panicking about her daughter working for Kristen. John goes to see Sami to talk her into giving up the job. He jumps into Kristen first. When Sami joins them, she rejects his suggestion that she quit. Marlena hears about this and bawls to Brady. She starts getting paranoid, especially after she learns that Kristen and John are both on the local church board now. John repeats to Marlena that he can keep his distance from his old flame. Hope shows up and asks John if he can go to the Horton cabin to do some repairs. Marlena tells him to go and then worries to Hope about her marriage falling apart. When he gets to the island, Kristen is waiting. He refuses to believe that this is a coincidence. She just missed the last ferry so they’re stuck there. They recall their past. She sobs. It’s cold so he gives her his jacket. She wants more. She wants forgiveness. He’s moved but can’t do it.

Nick and Gabi have sex again and then go back to work. Sami comes in and sees them together, guessing they are an item. They ask her not to tell Rafe and Nick assures her that he will never hurt Gabi. Sami reminds him of the job offer at CW. He ponders that and then prepares a romantic evening for Gabi. After proclaiming their love for each other, they do some horizontal jogging. The next day, Will drops by to tell her about his fight with Sonny. She urges him to talk to the other man. Meanwhile, Tad urges Sonny to talk to Will. Their friends badger them both until the lads agree to meet up and talk.

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  1. From dc

    yea, staying in salem will be punishment enough for nicole. seeing how everyone hates her (maybe not ej). but eric will soon be in town (he will comfort her).
    and here we go again with kristen trying to get between john and marlena.
    sounds like next week is gonna be a good one…

  2. From SandyGram

    Wow….so EJ is thinking about having Daniel bumped off. Then Sami betrays Nicole to Jenn. And there are still naysayers who think Rafe should have told Sami the truth about Nicole’s baby being EJ’s.

    Then yet another confrontation between Nicole and Jenn, where has the sanity gone between these two? It seems both of them are out of control, we can only hope this will bring a conclusion to this story line. Like you said ‘dc’, Eric will come to town and cure all of Nicole’s wicked ways (or try). Then now sweet, understanding EJ realizes no one’s to blame for the death of the baby, but he’s still angry. Well let me see, if EJ had of kept it in his pants and Nicole hadn’t of felt so betrayed and wasn’t so afraid of him try to take the baby from her, she wouldn’t of felt she had to keep the baby a secret from EJ. Not that she was right in doing so, but that’s the way it was written.

    It doesn’t seem Kristen is mending to many bridges now that she’s back. Now she has Kate upset at her. Wouldn’t it be great if Marlena, Kate and Sami could come together to bring down the Femme Fatal of the DiMera family. Women taking over the business of protecting the family like in the movie Bella Mafia. Now John and Kristen are on the same local Church board, dont’ even know how to comment on that bit of info. But John going to the Horton Cabin at Hope’s request to fix some things and Kristen ends up there also. She is wasting no time in trying to make John’s dream come true.

  3. From Lulu

    BS Sandygram : Ej WAS NOT with Nicole when he had sex with Sami, i repeat Ej WAS NOT with Nicole so enough with this lie. As for Ej he should seek REVENGE on Nicole not Daniel !

  4. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from Comings and Goings dated October 30th:

    Brendan Coughlin, who recurs as T, is getting a girlfriend. Brie Gabrielle will begin airing as Audrey Perkins on November 9. Gabrielle appeared on season two of Hannah Montana as Anne. She also had a one-day stint on Days in 2009, portraying a teen named Jamie.

  5. From rose castillo


  6. From patty

    Now we know why Kristen is playing matchmaker with EJ and Sami. Her reason is that eventually it might mean getting Sami out of father’s company. But Sami won’t listen to Marlena’s warnings to quit working with Kristen and tells her mother “I can’t believe your past with John is coming back to bite me”. Of course Sami makes it about herself but I hope Marlena tells her I told you so when Kristen rakes Sami over the coals.
    EJ having Daniel bumped off? And here we all thought EJ had turned over a new leaf and was not going for revenge. Yeah right!
    Lulu, SandyGram never said anything about EJ being with Nicole when he had sex with Sami, but he was professing his love for her and promising her no more secrets when she found out about it. As a matter of fact, he was on his knees proposing when Niole discovered about the grief sex. Of course she felt betrayed but the reason she kept the baby from him is because she was afraid he would take her child from her, which she knew first hand he is capable of.
    I can’t believe John will fall for Kristen’s act. Church group really??? Now if John can’t see through that one, he’s dumber than I thought.
    I’m beginning to think TPTB don’t like Nicole. How much lower will they make her sink? Hasn’t she been through enough now she has to be totally destroyed. Funny how some pay for their mistakes over and over and some never do.

  7. From Maggie

    I enjoy seeing the return of “Kristen” to the DOOL screen. I like anyone with “John” other than “Marlena”!! Ready for some “reunion” with “John and Kristen”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. From MAB

    How do Nicole’s secrets all come back to being EJ’s fault??? Nicole willingly slept w/ EJ and got pregnant. Maybe if these women would use birth control, they wouldn’t have to worry about getting pregnant. Nicole wasn’t really betrayed when EJ slept w/ Sami, because Nicole had left him. And Nicole only used the excuse of being afraid of EJ taking the baby to reel in her accomplices Rafe & Daniel, and dumb & dumber bought it hook, line & sinker. When is reality, she did it purely out of spite & jealousy over Sami. If she was SO worried about EJ taking the baby from her, then why was she willing to leave Salem w/ him and start over?

    I guess Jen hasn’t learned her lesson, as she once again sticks her nose in, and confront Nicole once again. What is her problem??? I truly think she is insane at this point. I’m not surprised Nicole decides to go after her. Too bad Nicole won’t get a chance to kick Jen’s @$$, which is what she deserves.

    Who cares if EJ thinks about bumping Daniel off? He should want several of them bumped off for what they did. And just because EJ has the thought, don’t mean he’ll go thru w/ it. And we know Daniel isn’t going anywhere, so it’s not gonna happen. EJ is right in wanting revenge, but it looks like it will ultimately be EJ who comes to the conclusion that no one is to blame in this horrific situation. I, for one, would like to see EJ get his revenge, but apparently the writers see fit that EJ take the high road on this…and I’m ok w/ that too.

  9. From SandyGram

    #6 patty
    Thanks patty for the back up. I was ready to respond to Lulu since her posting was so passionate, but I see once again you said in a few sentences what it took me two paragraphs to say. Looking at the big picture, EJ only has to look in the mirror to know who is to blame for his son’s death. That doesn’t mean Nicole, Daniel, Rafe and Jennifer weren’t culpable, as the writers wrote them to be, but for me, the buck starts and stops with EJ.

  10. From bobby

    #3 Lulu-a little harsh with sandygram. I was under the impression Nichole and E.J. were together, but not married..She was doing all she could do to help him with his campaign. Hard to walk down the aisle with the man that was semi-responsible for her mother being shoved down the stairs and him having hanky-panky with her sister. Wow-did I see Rafe get a little back-bone with Sami today? Sorry we’re losing Bo. Watching Hope was the hard part. They have had such a long history together and just as much fun as hard times, but always had enough love to get them through. A real Power Couple.

  11. From Noah's Mom

    Was just wondering if I missed something…but last I knew John and Stefano were brothers, both being sons of Santo Dimera…thus making Kristin John’s niece.

  12. From patty

    bobby, Nicole and EJ were married when he had grief sex with Sami. She had left him after finding out about his affair with her sister and his part in the death of her mother. She had divorce papers drawn up but EJ sucked her back in. They were very much back together when she found out about EJ and Sami’s romp.
    Loved seeing Rafe laying into Sami and tell her what she needed to hear. She is a self absorbed, untrustworthy bitch and even though Rafe didn’t say it in so many words, she got the message loud and clear. It’s about time Sami stops playing with men’s feelings. Let her go lap up EJ’s lies and end up back in the Demiras evil clutches .
    Bo and Hope were definitely a super couple. I still can’t believe Bo is gone for good. :(

  13. From patty

    Why would Nicole use birth control since she had been told she could never get pregnant?

    EJ comes to the conclusion that no one is to blame yet he tries to bump off Daniel? That’s not taking the high road and he fools no one. Well, maybe Sami but she’s so easily fooled.

  14. From Kat

    Sooooo Happy, that Soon the EJ/Sami Drought Will Be Over.
    Looking forward to some good Stories coming to the screen,
    as our John would “try” to say,..
    EJ/Sami,,, “Make our Days”…Finally.
    Thank you to TPTB and writers…
    Sounds like you are finally responding to the Heat that was coming your way.

  15. From Blaze.

    If TPTB can age a child to a teen in the matter of a year, Rafe could be spending all kinds of time with Sami’s children, that we just don’t see!! Her children all liked Rafe, didn’t they?! At least until RoboRafe stepped in to make their little lives hell!!
    And, stopping by to see Caroline seemed like a very nice gesture to me!! Then telling Sami how sorry he was to see this happening to Caroline was sweet too!!
    I’m sure EJ will show his true caring side to both Caroline and Sami as well, ‘cuz that’s just his nature!! Heheheh!!
    Oh no, wait, he’s too busy hatching his plan to off Dr. Dan!!
    Now that’s a changed man!!
    Happy Day All!! :)

  16. From Cougar

    Bo and Hop’s last scene today so emotional. Those tears in Hopes eye and the expression on Bo’s face as he walked away from the pub. The line of acting crossed surely over into real emotion. How hard it must be for Peter and Kristen (or is it Kirsten) to see an end to career together. So sad to see an end of a great team. hopefull we will see Peter return someday.

  17. From Jean

    In my opinion I think the part between Will and Sonny is ———! That carrying on is not appropriate for TV, much less daytime tv. —-

    Removed partial post. We do not allow gay bashing of any sort on this website. Feel free to state your opinion in a respectful manner. ADMIN

  18. From SandyGram

    #14 Cougar
    It’s Kristian Alphonso and your so right Kristian and Peter are a great team together. Hurry Home Peter, Hurry Home!

  19. From Leah

    # 12 Kat… great to see you back here girl. Welcome back!
    I reckon John would say what he has already said before in reference to EJ and Sami’s relationship… “I don’t think those two kids actually realise just how much in love they are!”
    Have to say I miss that upfront, say it like it is, don’t care what others think John. I loved him, you just never knew what he was gonna come out with next. Remember when the classic line when John found out Ejami had slept together… “Well its about time. You could cut the air in here with all the sexual tension that was around.”

  20. From Leah

    # 3 Lulu… I think your right. Memory serve me right didn’t EJ ask Nicole to marry him again on the night Ejami sleeping together was exposed and came to a head. Rafe turned up punched EJ and then the truth unravelled from there. Nicole took off her engagement ring (which had just gone on her finger) and threw it at EJ. Declaring they were over!Sami however was well and truly married as she was when she slept with EJ when Sydney was conceived. Naughty girl Sami – lol.

  21. From patty

    As a matter of fact, EJ is the one who should be responsible and use protection or get snipped or something since he knocks up everyone he sleeps with. Women hide their children from him anyway and the Demira gene shouldn’t be spread around any more than it has to. There’s already enough of them as it is.
    Yes Leah, Sami is not only naughty but is an untrustworthy biotch. As for Nicole and EJ, they weren’t together when the sex happened but he was still in love and trying to win Nicole over. Seems like he’s always groveling for someone’s love. Pathetic really for someone who acts so tough.

  22. From Shani

    Yaaaaay Rafe, telling Sami the truth – exactly what she needed to hear – like a man who loves her would do for her own good! Boo EJ for deceptively giving Sami just the right strokes. & high praise to him from Kristen for doing so! Nothing is a coincidence where Kristen is concerned & her attempt to destroy John & Marlena has begun!! Sad good-bye to Bo & I hope he will be back someday. . .

  23. From Just Moi

    EJ saying he like Sami just the way she is, is the biggest BS line EJ has ever sprewed out of his mouth. As soon as Sami is in his clutches he will be trying to change her, mark my words! You can not have a lying, cheating, loud mouth, clod hopping bimbo as a Dimera and he is going to try to curb her wayward ways. He will be lying to her before the bed sheets are cold. But I say go for it! Go EJami…lie, cheat, and make each others life miserable…GO EJAMI!!!

    Yes nothing is a coincidene where Kristen is concerned, she has a plan and won’t rest until Marlena is destroyed.

  24. From gail

    has nicole had her baby in real life

  25. From Kat

    Good, so let’s hope Sami and EJ get together, finally, let them worry about each other,
    and Rafe is finally free of Sami to move on…
    And us EJ/Sami fans get to watch the Love Story unfold, that we have been waiting for,
    it’s up to the writers, how they will handle the Story between EJ and Sami. Couldn’t it be just surprise, surprise, and they both learned from their past mistakes, and might end up having a great relation ship, of course, there will be some ups and downs, such is life.
    And all the Rafettes can start rooting for a New Lady in Rafe’s Life..
    Leah, love that word….
    I realize, that All the Fans can’t be Happy at all the days of our lives, things change, people change, stories change, writers change, LOL, do the writers ever change, more than the characters.

  26. From maryl

    #18 patty–at least EJ has “something” to snip–unlike Rafe, who apparently doesn’t have much to worry about in that department. Poor Rafe!

  27. From maryl

    #18 patty–At lease EJ has “something” to snip down there, unlike Rafe who apparently doesn’t have anything to worry about in that department. Pooor Rafe!

  28. From patty

    Poor Rafe what? Just because he hasn’t knocked up half of Salem and didn’t get baby machine Sami pregnant while they were married? Sami was the one out of commision at the time with her female problems. I say poor children that are born to Demiras, Rafe is just fine. EJ and Sami are the only two that reproduce like rabbits on Days and they are the ones that shouldn’t because they don’t have a clue how to be parents.

  29. From maryl

    If EJ hadn’t impregnated Sami, we
    wouldn’t have cute little Johnny or Sydney. And as for Rafe, what in the world would he do if he wouldn’t have EJ’s children to try to keep away from him? Rafe would not have anything going on for him.

  30. From SandyGram

    #11 Noah’s Mom
    Yes Stefano and John are 1/2 brothers, but Kristen is not Stefano’s biological daughter. Stefano adopted Kristen and her brother Peter.

    It hasn’t always been clear that Stefano adopted Kristen and Peter or were they only wards or step children of Stefano’s. But it was made clear when Kristen first showed up on EJ’s doorstep and referred to her as being adopted. So to answer your question, Kristen is John’s niece by adoption, no biological relation.

  31. From jolie

    I was glad to finally see Rafe tell Sami off. He still loves her but time for being her door mat…over. Let him move on. And her scenes with Elvis. Did anyone snigger while he was telling how he doesn’t think she is selfish…must be everyone else who has the problem then. Just what she needed to hear to support her narcissistic view of herself…could anyone else hear the reel clutch kick it into high gear as he reeled her in?? Strange how insanity works with Sami. She keeps going back to Elvis and expects different results. Oh yeah, I forgot. He changed. He changed out of that pink shirt but that is all the change I’ve seen. I guess that since he wants to bump off Dr Feelgood…just a blimp on the Elvis Good-dar. And Rafe was right…talk about stupid. We’ve said it time and again…run Rafe run.

    LuLu, Sandygram was right about Nicole and Elvis in that he was professing his love when they found out about the grief sex. Not sure if(and not accusing you either as the post was a bit difficult to understand) you were saying “lie” as in Sandygram was telling one, but that is harsh and while any of us can and will make a mistake, let’s just be nice.

    Not liking what I read about what’s in store for poor Nicole next. Yes, she is a tart, a liar, a cheat, will stop at nothing to get what she wants. Oh dear, that describes Sami, Abby, Gabby, Will, Daniel, Elvis, Kate, Kristen but I was talking about Nicole here. That Nicole is going so far off the deep end…I just hope Eric is up to the challenge to bring her back. Kristen was once in that position as well, beloved, crazy, lying at the drop of a hat, going off the deep end, driven to do whatever to get what she wants. Of course that didn’t work out too well for her. I think Nicole has enough of a fan base to make it back into the hearts of Salem and be welcome in HTS.

    #6 Patty, can’t wait for Sami to feel the sting of Kristen and she will and she’ll blame it on Elvis. Or her mom. Or John. And Elvis and his new leaf…I think they meant he was getting the leaf for the dining room table out of storage at the Dimera Manse since Kristen was back and they’d need the extra space at breakfast and most certainly at Thanksgiving if Fatha brings a turkey and joins the happy family. Elvis’ revenge schemes usually blow up in his face and Fatha reneges his paternity for being inept so you can see where this is going.

    John and Kristen in a church group. How did she pull that one so fast?? And yes, Patty, Kristen might just be pushing Sami out of the CW, you know there is something in it for her or she wouldn’t care a fig as to what happens to Elvis’ “love” life. She sure is making Marlena act like she is a bit short of a full deck but then Marlena starts stacking the deck if the spoilers are correct. Good for her. Hopefully John won’t go all pious and try to pull a saintly act and be all disappointed. Marlena may be saving his butt as well. And Sami’s too before it is all said and done. I loved that Sami and Marlena were getting closer but that seems to be doomed. Tastes great/less filling. Can’t seem to decide where we want to go with some of these stories.

    Stefano might push Kate too far with the divorce papers. She will need a project now since things seem hopeless for her love life. She might step up her plans to put CW down the toilet bowl or worse. I still think in the end, Stefano will come home and after a while, try to win Kate back. He will need her. Of course that might be enough for her. Or since we have all long voiced that Roman needs a woman, maybe they’ll start dating again.

    Wondering about the stranger who is supposed to go into Kristen’s room. Man or woman?? Could be Stefano or one of his men. Could be John or Marlena. Or Elvis having her watched. Or Susan keeping an eye on her. Sami trying to get her old job back. Or Kate digging dirt on her. Lots of possibilities here. Might be more to Kristen coming back than to aggravate Marlena into a stroke.

    Finally the woeful tale of Nicole’s baby’s death comes to light. I am sick of this story. I am really sick of DR Feelgood acting like he really cares of Nicole when he is also professing he loves Jennifer. Really tired of Jennifer acting all nutsy. Wish Nicole was not to become the village pariah…again and again but we are finally winding down on this one. Can’t be soon enough for me.

  32. From jolie

    #28 Patty, Rafe has been the stablizing influence along with Caroline on the lives of those children. Yet all he got was grief from Sami, and lies, and cheating, and cloning from the Dimeras, and threats. The kids are the ones who will suffer without Rafe or Caroline. They are losing the 2 best things in their lives. Elvis and Sami will be all wrapped up in one another until the next big blow up and he’ll try to take full custody or she will. Or who knows. They may finally drive Kristen over the edge she has been perched on and she’ll abscond with the kids to that island where she probably still has friends.

  33. From SandyGram

    #31 jolie
    Your thoughts on Kristen kicking Sami out of CW rang a bell. This could be part of her scheme. With no job it wouldn’t be uncommon for Sami to turn to EJ for help (on behave of the children of course) pulling them closer together. Sami will probably forget John and Marlena offered her financial support if she should loose her job just the other day. Next thing we know Kristen will own that Apartment Complex Sami lives in where she could kick her to the curb when she finds out Sami lives there free. Like I’ve mentioned before, put them all in the DiMansion together and share and share a like.

  34. From patty

    jolie, you won’t be seeing EJ’s “new leaf” tomorrow when he storms in at Nicole’s and shoves and pokes her in the chest, yells in her face like a lunatic and nearly pulls her arm off when she tries to get away. This is how he treats the mother of his stillborn child who’s fresh out of her hospital bed. This must be his non abusive Demira side showing! All this because Nicole backed out of accusing Jennifer of a murder she didn’t commit.

  35. From jolie

    #33 Sandygram, can you imagine Kristen there in the mansion with Sami’s kids?? That bodes ill for happy family relations. Sami was picking up the phone to call 911 when she first saw Kristen so now she is working for her. What will it be next? And Kristen owning the apartment thoughtful! It is sort of creepy the way Sami is being drawn into the viper’s nest here but she should have her eyes wide open. Trouble is that with our beautiful girl, the only thing that is consistently open..her mouth. And Kristen will not have to push Sami far because here she has alienated Lucas and now Rafe. She needs a man to fall back on and to tell her she is right…walk in Elvis. And all I can remember is Elvis promising the Big Guy that he’d be a better man if Johnny didn’t lose his sight. It keeps coming up so I guess that got me to thinking of all the ways in which Elvis has changed, NOT!

  36. From Kat

    Wow, I love the Panic among the Rafettes, now that it looks like Sami and EJ will re-connect.
    Poor Sami is being thrown to the wolfes, in record speed,.
    It was only yesterday, when everybody was chanting for Safe…
    All I want to see on the screen is the slowly coming Love Story between EJ and Samantha,
    I don’t care what they did to who or when they did it, just as long as For My “Entertainment” I get to see those Two on My Screen sizzling and giving me plenty of guilty pleasure to watch. I care less about the rest.
    If I want to see Total Morality I watch an appropriate show that will give me that.,
    But in between I love watching my fictional soap with all the corrupt/in moral, and devious characters that the writers have essembled and enjoy every moment EJ and Sami can give me.
    Yes Maryl, every child that comes into this world, No Matter who the parents, Is precious… Sami and EJ both love those cute precious children, no matter what,
    and both of those parents, have been Re-actors to each others bad deeds, and unfortunately the Kids were caught in the middle, until EJ, yes EJ finally saw the light, took a big step, and gave Sami full custody, bless him…

  37. From Leah

    Sorry but EJ IS and HAS BEEN the stable influence in Johnnie, Sydney and Allies lives. He is the ONLY CONSISTANT MALE in their lives since the day they were born. So sorry that statement don’t swing it. Rafe ONLY came on the scene when Allie/Johnny were 3 or 4 and Sydney was about 15 months old. EJ has always loved and treated Allie as his own. So much so that Sami has had to remind him she’s Lucas’s daughter (wish that would change) not yours. When Sami went away for all those months (WPP) who took care of Johnnie? And Sydney was raised by EJ only until they found out she was in fact Ejami’s child. Watch reruns of Days if need be… but them the facts!

  38. From Leah

    Aaahh… at LONG LAST Sami’s eyes are wide open. The Rafe fog/haze has cleared and she can see him for who he truly is! Love Sami’s lines about Rafe being mean, stupid, condescending, sanctimonious hypocrite who can go to hell. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Yay!
    That’s why I hated Safe… I HATE how Rafe belittles Sam and makes her feel worthless and incompetent. No wonder we saw Sami as a shadow of herself when they were together. Thats why I love her with EJ. EJ always encourages her, builds her up, you can do whatever you set your mind to Samantha AND EJ backs her and supports her in her endeavours. Thats why when Samis with EJ she is sexy, sassy, fiesty, determined, confident, know what she wants WOMAN. Thats our Sami… Love it!

  39. From Blaze.

    Wow, so now Mr. Changedman verbally and physically abuses Nicole!! It doesn’t get much lower than that, folks!!
    Too bad, ‘cuz EJ is sexy as heck, but what an a$$!!

  40. From patty

    Leah, Sami will melt and quiver everytime she runs into Rafe and she will most likely be begging for his help from the Demiras in no time. I only hope Rafe can tell her to go to hell. EJ feeding Sami BS doesn’t make her feisty and confident, it makes her gullible and stupid if she believes anything that comes out of his lying mouth.

  41. From Leah

    Lets not forget EJ wouldn’t be carrying on like this IF it wasn’t for Nicoles lies. Lying and saying Jennifier pushed her down the stairs and caused the babies death. Nicole is getting no sympathy from me. She goes from one storyline to another spinning her web of lies. But eventually Nicole always gets caught and tangled up in her own mess.
    Maybe when the “good” Father Eric turns up he will be able to perform some kind of deliverance and help her. Ha, ha! After decades of this kind of behaviour its about time there was some kind of change for Nicole.

  42. From SandyGram

    #37 Leah
    If I may, just a small update to this statement: “Rafe ONLY came on the scene when Allie/Johnny were 3 or 4 and Sydney was about 15 months old.”

    Allie and Johnny were 1 year old and Sydney wasn’t born until after Rafe came on the scene, check out the dates:

    October 2007 Johnny/Allie were born

    October 2008 Sami went to the Safe House and Rafe came on the scene as her FBI Body Guard.

    January 2009 Sami gave birth to Sydney

    Now today, Johnny and Allie are older due to being SORASD’d to Age 6 in 2011.

  43. From Kat

    So many of EJ’s re-actions are a ripple effect of all the poison that Nicole has dished out.
    Just think, the Moment EJ learned from Nicole … or whoever, that Jennifer caused His Baby to die,
    he could have in DiMera fashion had Jenn Done away with… out of Re action to Nicole’s lies.
    Nicole has been a lying “Mom” from the first moment on, never really thinking about her baby, only about herself and how to get and keep a man.
    She knew hers was a High risk pregnancy, but did she really pay attention, No, not even for the Baby’s sake. I feel terrible for her, but I am also so torn, because IMO she brought so much on herself.
    Living in a Hotel, high class I might add, the cost of that every month, would have very well paid for a Apartment and some “Help” and she would have had Money left over, LOL,
    Yes, I know, it’s a soap, and good reasoning does not happen here all the time.
    Nicole and Her history, are not any better than Sami and Her history.
    They both are full of lies, would be killers, Baby Kidnappers one way or the other…to me witholding a Baby, is also a form of kidnapping,
    but good old Rafe seems to like them..he has for both of them risked His career etc. and more..
    Good old boy needs a woman more like our boring Carrie, did not say Good Girl, because she is not, but she is Boring.

  44. From Blaze.

    EJ carrying on is one thing, but he needs to keep his hands to himself!! Ooooo, big man, picking on women!! Maybe he needs another one on one beat down by Rafe, or maybe Brady!! You know, someone his own size and GENDER!!
    Great Day All!! :)

  45. From Maryl

    SandyGram, EJ and Nicole had Sydney until Nicole’s lies came to a head, so although Rafe was on the scene as you said, he did not, however, have contact with Sydney until EJ turned her over to Sami. So EJ was with Sydney from birth. She seemed to be about l yr old or so when all this happened.

  46. From Leah

    Yes agreed Maryl… Rafe may have been on the scene with Sydney but didn’t have any one on one contact until she was around the 12 – 15 month mark. As for Johnnie Rafes first contact with him was when he came to Salem and I reckon by the way Johnnie was acting Johnnies character was older than 1 – 2 years old. He and Allie looked more like they were around 2 – 3 years old mark. Besides all of that…. EJ was CONSISTANTLY in their lives and never really hasn’t been. EJ has not had LONG periods of time with no contact with his kids like Sami or Lucas.

  47. From Leah

    PS: And I really don’t care how Rafe or Sami react seeing each other. As long as they are not together as a couple its fine by me!

  48. From SandyGram

    #45 Maryl
    Thanks for clearing that up. I took the statement in Post #37 ‘when Rafe came of the scene’ as when he came on the show, not how old the kids were when Rafe met them. That fits better with the topic of the posting. Thanks again!

  49. From Clear

    Daniel needs to stop feeling sorry for Nicole other than for the baby dying, and then stay away from her. Nicole needs another Pookie dog since almost everyone, but Brady hates her. Only a furry friend maybe for a while. Brady will probably zone in on her sooner or later since they drink well together.

  50. From Lissa

    OMG- Reading the first paragraph made me see how bottomed out Nicole has gotten to. While in no way are her actions right, and she has always been twisted to begin with but it shows how mentally unstable the loss has caused her to be. She even went with intention to harm Jennifer right after the news before the fall. She was told by a stranger her baby was dead and then left alone to deal with it. So then in typical Nicole fashion she reacted the way she always does and lives in denial to keep up her charade. Then proceeded to keep up the facade to not lose her perceived support system and found opportunity to blame Jen for her loss. It’s like textbook character for her. She needs mental help. Poster story for postpartum depression, hormones out of whack. As for the part about EJ threatening to take the child, he did even when he was trying to convince Nicole to give things another go but that also is true to his character. That did help to keep the lie of paternity going and she was scared. I remember thinking she might tell him then he opened his mouth and it was obvious it wasn’t going to happen with those threats. He said it in the hospital to her right before the DNA test(that was switched) even happened while the interloping idiots (Rafe and Daniel) were in the room. He can’t help his need to have the upper hand in whatever situation he is facing and he knows how much of a manipulator Nicole really is. I like EJ don’t get me wrong, he is the guy I love on the show but love to hate sometimes. The villain with redeemable qualities much like his father tends to be. Soaps need these types. He just can’t be all good being Dimera. I like him with Sami when they finally get it together but did like him with Nic too. The whole keeping EJ from his kid again and her losing a second child made me want to give up on him and her being together. Anyway looking forward to getting past this storyline and seeing if there is chemistry between her and new Eric.

    They should just let Sami have him after all. We are due for another run now at this point. Now that Caroline is off the grid she’ll be needing that nanny more than ever, where are you Mary? They could be a John and Marlena but after a couple years it could turn into a Victor/ Nikki(Young and the Restless) type relationship anyhow. They will forever be challenged and on again off again because otherwise they would end up being boring(like John and Marlena) and they are way too spicy for that. They will always have a fan base. I believe Sami is EJ’s first love. She is the mother of his children. That is a double whammy on always having a special place for her in his heart. First love dies hard. I don’t believe he is her first love, I think Austin was but they share no ties and she finally moved on. EJ is however the father of her two youngest children so they will always be tied. They have chemistry but that and being first love doesn’t always make for lasting unions. In real life Lucas would be ideal since they have a lot of history and he was becoming more like a best friend, but his character is boring, self righteous, and too uptight. They get boring together. Soaps rarely have healthy relationships otherwise they would just stay separate and civil to co-parent to not mess up the kids back and forth loving and hating all the time. But the heart wants what the heart wants and viewers will always root for their favorites. There are just too many fan faves to bounce to and fro between. I could like EJ with others more easily than Sami. Always wondered what a pairing of EJ and Chloe might be like. Mobster type with the voluptuous Opera singer. Sami does better with recycles than newbies aka Rafe. I even got used to them for a bit but was never sold on the Alison/ Galen chemistry. Brandon was on my radar for awhile when I liked EJ with Nicole. Too bad they couldn’t have brought him back for a bit. Sami is indecisive about men in her life and has a hard time committing but she’ll always be one of my faves because she just is who she is take it or leave it. She is the common denominator in all her pairings that have fan bases and fits well in most of them.

    As for Daniel, his and Jen’s relationship is so lame. He tells her it is not her job to protect him from his own bad choices then she tells him it’s not his job to protect her by giving up his livelihood and happiness. She’s supposed to be grieving and has been acting flaky. Heck, I’d rather see him and Chloe go another round after this whole orchestrated mess of baby momma drama he involved himself in since now technically he is no better than her in those regards.

    I’ve been liking Kristen’s return so far. Kate hasn’t been a convincing vixen lately and I like the female Dimera familial association as a vixen. I don’t mind her causing troubles for John and Marlena but hope she finds a new man to be with ultimately. Don’t want a whole other triangle involving those three lasting too long, just long enough to heat things up for our super couple and Kristen getting some story lines of her own. She has potential to carve out her own place in Salem with her new start.

  51. From patty

    I don’t get how someone can say in one sentence they are a Sami fan and want her to be with EJ the next, the man who has spend part of his life tormenting her. I suppose having Mary as a full time babysitter is as good an excuse as any to have to suffer through another round of EJami. Now the blame for EJ being a bada$$ has shifted to Nicole instead of Rafe. Of course somebody else is always responsible for EJ’s evil deeds, never EJ’s psychotic and vengeful self. Now he has a nutjob sister to help him carry it out.

  52. From patty

    #47 Leah, so it seems you like to see a dumbed down Sami falling for EJ’s layers of crap he’s feeding her. I mean, even EJami fans see that he’s feeding her BS but it doesn’t matter how he wins her over or that he’s second best, as long as EJami fans get their turn? Not a very good reason to want your favorites to be together. Their chemistry together is just overdone fakeness. All Sami is really good at is wearing tight dresses , lie and jump from man to man. EJ is getting sloppy seconds…or third. Sami is getting the devil in a pink shirt.

  53. From Maryl

    Love that handsome, imposing, and dangerous devil in the pink shirt!!EJ Dimera rocks Salem like none other with his bad boy charisma. Rafe, on the other hand needs to clean up and quit looking so sloppy in his tee shirts hanging out, hair needing combing and sloppy posture. You can almost smell him from the looks of his upkempt self. And I thought saints wore brilliant white flowing garments? Ha!

  54. From Leah

    Patty you and I will never agree… simply because your a Rafe and Safe fan, and I’m a EJ, Sami and Ejami fan.
    Different opinions and ways of seeing things is ok. It is what makes the world go around and makes it an interesting place :)

  55. From patty

    Maryl, EJ is the one that leaves a bad smell because he’s rotten to the core. Rafe on the other hand is loved and adored by all , has friends and family that care, is an upstanding, respected member of society and has never hurt a soul. The same cannot be said for EJ Demira. This is not about looks because Sami loves Rafe’s , this is about good versus evil and Sami being stupid.

  56. From Kat

    Let’s see now,
    Rafe, the Man who swore an oath to up hold the law…. (EJ never swore an oath, he knows He can be bad at any moment)
    Rafe helped keep EJ from his bio child (Sidney), a form of kidnapping in my books.

    Rafe covered up Sami shooting EJ in the Head, and he allowed young underage Will to be part of it).

    Rafe (with Bo and Hope’s help, held RoboRafe against his will and physically abused him, etc.

    Rafe again, with malice and foresight withheld another child from EJ, another form of kidnapping. Etc. ect.
    Now as for punishment, I think in the writers eyes…
    Rafe got locked up in the DiMera Mansion, ok, he paid for part of his crimes..
    Sami, for shooting EJ, got to sleep with an imposter, (I did not like what EJ did, never have and never will) but one could see it as the Writers punishment for Her shooting crime….
    EJ has been shot by Will/Lucas ?? and Sami, beating within an inch of his life by Brady (his blood cousin), etc etc.
    writers could see it as EJ’s punishment for his crimes… People don’t go to jail to much, because we need them in Salem to keep the story going.

    Stefano, well what can one say,
    he has done so much bad in his lifetime, just like Victor, wonder who was worse…
    however he has also been punished, by loosing children, and many other things, getting abducted by Ian, held for a long long time,
    etc. One thing to say about Stefano, You never hear him whining about what was done to him. He takes it, prob. knowing he deserved it as paybacks for his crimes…

    Yes, I like to watch Bad Boy EJ, together with Sami, they give Me the best Entertainment,
    compared to boring Rafe and so Far Marlena and John. Hope Kristin will spice up that boring situation quite a bit. I do not enjoy a lame and boring Soap, there so many other shows that could put me to sleep.

    Now of course, to each their OWN, whatever makes you happy,
    for Me it is EJ and Sami, no matter how bad they are, but they are sooooooooooo Good, no matter what.

  57. From Linda

    Hey Maryl person it’s fine if you don’t like Rafe but do you have to be so crude with your remarks about him as in #’s 27 and 53.

    Maryl’s remarks didn’t go against any guidelines. ADMIN

  58. From Mo

    Looking forward to all the scenes especially Will and Sonny they are good together and Freddie/Chandler bring it in every scenes they are both gorgeous men and they are great characters and I look forward to seeing them when they are on.

  59. From MAB

    OMG, Jen is crazy! So much so that she is turning my stomach. She is worse than Nicole! Nicole’s desperation is much more believable as she has lost yet another child, but Jen, she is bonkers, especially now that she has decided to make a false confession to killing that baby just so Daniel won’t leave town. How twisted it this??? She acts so desperate when it comes to Daniel, regardless of his confession of love to her. I’ve never seen someone like her “telling” Daniel what he wants, and it’s not Nicole. Whether that’s true to not, he made his own decisions where Nicole was concerned, while Jen remains convinced it’s all Nicole’s doing. Daniel has a brain Jen, and did this on his own. She takes goes to such great ridiculous lengths for him, when it’s not necessary, and in the same breath tells him it’s not his job to protect her??? Makes no sense…Jen has lost her marbles…and at this point I don’t even think her loosing Jack is playing a factor in her current mind frame.

    I’m sorry, but I wanted more out of Bo’s exit…it just wasn’t enough for me. I loved his last scenes w/ Hope tho, and I’m sure some of those tears were real. I loved them declaring they were “partners” for life, and I for one hope that the writers stick to that. I can’t imagine her w/ anyone else. Also, I was waiting to hear him call her Fancy Face just one last time as he walked out, and it didn’t happen. I thought for sure he’d say it, but he didn’t. Big mistake writers! The show won’t be the same w/o him!

    I agreed w/ Sami when she told Marlena if she can handle Kate, she certainly can handle Kristen. I’m glad Marlena is actually showing concern for Sami (for once), but Sami is tough and can usually take of herself. Besides, EJ certainly isn’t gonna let anything happen to Sami. Regardless of his relationship w/ his family, he’d choose Sami over them in a heartbeat!

    I finally enjoyed a scene w/ Rafe & Sami! Normally him being so ugly to her pisses me off because he blames her for everything and never takes responsibility for his own crap, but I’m glad he’s driving that wedge deeper & deeper between them, and she is seeing clearly now…and EJ will be the one there for her once she finally puts that controlling relationship to bed! I loved their realistic convo when Sami asked EJ’s opinion, and he told her he likes her the way she is, as he always has. And that is what Sami needs, to be able to be herself, and not thinking she has to change to please an anal good-two shoes like Rafe, who calls her stupid, among other things, belittles her, yet still claims to love her??? What a joke! Wow, his verbal abuse to her never ceases to amaze me. EJ is the only one who has accepted her for who she is, good or bad, and maybe this time around she’ll realize she’s been doing nothing but wasting her time pushing EJ away.

    Spoilers DO NOT say EJ “tries” to bump off Daniel, it’s says he “thinks” of having Daniel bumped off. BIG difference! I read the spoilers accurately and don’t try to put my own spin on them.

    Kat – glad to see you posting again. I’ve missed your insights. I so agree w/ you about EJ & Sami. Finally TPTB woke up and realized what we EJami fans have known all along. They belong together, and we get to see their relationship finally take form. And you are so right about the Rafettes. Yikes! They sure do spend a lot of time & energy bashing EJ…so much hatred over nothing more than a soap opera character. I guess this is what the rest of us have to look forward to as EJ & Sami’s relationship develops. In fact, it’s already started.

    As of late, it’s been pretty much common knowledge that Rafe hasn’t spent anytime w/ Sami’s kids, as they are now spending more time w/ their REAL fathers, EJ & Lucas. Just as some always wanna point out that EJ don’t spend time w/ his kids, well we know that’s not true either, as it was revealed during his convo w/ Sami that he has the children on certain nights.

    I don’t care who uses protection, man or woman, people on here just need to do it and stop getting pregnant all the time. And if the women aren’t on the pill, then they have mouths to ask the men to use condoms. It takes two! But EJ can’t help if the women keep knocking down his door to get to him, or that he’s so virile (sp?) that he has the goods to get a woman pregnant and have his own kids, while poor Rafe seems to lack in that department, and instead tries to claim parenthood of other men’s children.

    I don’t believe Nicole was pregnant in real life this time around.

    Hmm, it’s been said that EJ & Sami don’t have a clue how to be parents, yet we see well adjusted, loving, caring, beautiful children w/ the Brady/DiMera influence? I say that is good parenting, as those kids are terrific!

    It’s obvious Brady is the one who walked into Kristen’s room…spoilers have already revealed it was him. No mystery there.

    Leah – yep some sure do seem to forget the facts, don’t they? Mostly they just put a spin on them to turn the real facts into what they perceive to be true. Doesn’t work, and never will!

    Yeah, we’ve seen over & over who Sami melts & quivers over every time she’s around him, and that is EJ!

    If some wanna get technical about EJ putting his hands on women, then the same can be said for Rafe. I’ve seen him several times getting physical w/ women. Again, just a fact!

    Maryl – nice to see you posting again too!

    EJ never threatened to take the child from Nicole until she got Rafe involved…just another known fact. Again, if she was so scared, why would she want to go back to him and leave Salem? She did it because of her jealousy of Sami, knowing she would always be his second choice to Sami. And for EJ being all good, I for one don’t want him to be all good, and would never expect him to be, just like Sami.

    No couple will ever be boring, unless you start out that way (hence Rafe & Sami), as long as they keep their s/l interesting. Bo & Hope did it for years, and never got boring, and I think the same can be done for EJ & Sami too. It’s up to the writers!

    What does being a Sami fan have to do w/ wanting her w/ EJ? Why do some assume (again) what EJami fans think? I think some are just grasping at straws now. I for one see NO BS in what EJ has said or done. I’ve always been a Sami fan, and have always wanted her w/ EJ since he joined the show. And once again, it will be up to the writers how things happen between them. Thinking EJ is her second choice, among other things, is just what one wants/chooses to believe. And it’s those who can’t stand to watch the greatness these 2 bring to the screen because it affects Rafe’s status. Face it, Rafe won’t be the center of attention anymore now that TPTB are putting all their eggs into the EJami basket.

    Rafe adored by all & has never hurt a soul…since when??? Nothing but false statements! Rafe thinks he has friends, but actually only has very few, and the only family he has is Gabi. And his resume of mistakes is as long as anyone else’s, and ones he’ll never admit to. And hurting people, he sure knows how to do that too. He’s hurt Sami, Nicole, Carrie, EJ, Will, Ari, among others. But he’s such a great guy…not!

    There is no good vs evil anymore on soaps. Those days are gone. Now the so-called good people of Salem are no better than the bad guys.

  60. From Blaze.

    EJ took an oath when he became Mayor!! Luckily he didn’t have to TRY to be honest for long, since he lost that job!! :)

  61. From Kat

    I think I see a triangle coming, Kristin-Brady and John, with poor Marlena slowly going over the top. Meaning we already saw Marlena’s shrink kid of introduced into the SL.
    Brady is getting hooked, all the signs point in that direction.
    Love him talking about Kristin,
    “She is a would be killer, and kept someone locked up.
    Hello Kettle Brady, you are talking about the Pot Kristin. Like that phrase, because it fits just about everybody in Salem….
    Remember locking up Vivian alive in a truly cruel way,
    and beating EJ 3/4 to “Death” only. because Melanie stopped you and saved EJ’s life.
    In God’s eyes, no matter how bad, a la Vivian/EJ they are, they are human beings, just like Marlena.

    Will be fun to see, how John will re-act to watch Brady’s increasing desire for Kristin, I am all but sure, the writers are heading in that direction. Think that boat with Brady and Nicole has sailed, at least for a long time. She will be busy with Eric, hopefully defrocking ?? him.

    Nice to let Nick have his say, if he truly feels that way, they are his feelings,
    doesn’t mean he is against anybody, or won’t let them live their lives.
    I rather have a honest person, than some people that hide their True feelings in order to be PC. Who needs that, lay your cards on the table, like Nick did with Gaby, but respect whatever Will and Sonny have.

  62. From SandyGram

    Episode October 31st:
    Just finished watching yesterday’s show…very interesting! I thought there were several very key points made:

    Kristen talking to EJ – “I want to help you get what you want”. I think she’s stretching it a bit here, is it what he wants; or is it what Stefano wants; or is what she wants as she becomes the new Bella Mafia over the DiMera Family?

    Sami to Marlena – “Your past with John is coming back to bite ‘ME’. Mom even you can’t tell me what to do!” I guess this line speaks for its self as the writers have our self-absorbed Samantha Gene thinking only of herself and not family.

    Kristen to EJ – “I know that she’s in your blood even though she put a bullet in your head.”
    EJ responds with: “Speculation”. Now this one really caught my attention, EJ is now calling the shooting incident speculation. Could this be leaving the door open for the writers to revisit who shot EJ in the head?

    Kristen to EJ: “Eventually it might mean getting Sami out of Fathers Company”. How about ‘Your Fired’ that seems to work for Donald Trump.

    EJ to Kristen – “My association with him (Meaning Stefano) made me into a man I don’t want to be”. Had to chuckle here, when he has done little to change from that man. Before I get beat up over this statement remember I said has done little, not nothing! And in this case less is not more!

    Kristen to EJ – “The big attraction you have for Sami is a family, something bound together by blood and love”. For me, then what kind of family would he have that is based on manipulation, threats and deceit? Until he can earn Sami’s love based on his own merit of being a caring, loving, responsible, trusting man he’s desire for a family is questionable.

    Now EJ gets a phone call and off he goes leaving Kristen sitting on the bench. Did you see the frustration and look on her face…gave me shivers of a very unstable woman, not someone who has changed her evil ways.

    Marlena to John – “She’s trying to drive me crazy. She’s trying to get close to the doctor that knows the most personal and private things about my life”. Marlena is obviously speaking of Kristen. For me, just a glimpse of what Kristen has in store for Doc. How will Stefano fit into this scheme or is this Kristen taking care of her own underlying issues for coming back to Salem?

    Daniel, Jennifer and Maggie….nice to see them, but going over and over the same old stuff is like ‘chalk on a black board’.

  63. From Blaze.

    I thought Brady only locked Vivian in the sarcophagus after he found out she had locked Maggie up in it, because she was jealous!!

  64. From Lissa

    It comes down to the point that Sami will always be on a roller coaster of the men she is with. Doesn’t matter who she is with. I’m not even saying I don’t like her with Rafe, I got used to them being together just that the pitting against one another and bad writing makes me stop caring one way or the other. I meant I’ve never been “convinced” these two were meant to last. I’m not even convinced she is meant to last with anyone, she has a hard time committing to just being on her own without needing a man. At least now she finally has a career but from the sounds of it they plan to take that from her too. Things are good when they are really good(like with Rafe) but when they resort to grief sex and stuff it taints it. It will always be like that in any round with whoever. Then we move on and get past it. I didn’t blame Rafe for not telling Sami Nicole’s secret either because she couldn’t truly be trusted when it comes down to it. If she had known and gotten upset at him I have no doubt her hate for Nicole would have trumped her ability to keep quiet to EJ. Even if she gets with EJ watch out because she could connect with Lucas again if anything ever happens to Will or Allie. It is what it is, her character acts on impulse and she doesn’t see the big picture for what it is. Her past dictates her future and she has always been the way she is. She did settle down for awhile with Rafe but then you see her drawn in by EJ again even after everything. True to her nature, nothing necessarily concrete. But to say you can’t be a Sami fan and like her with whoever isn’t right either because that would be like saying Lexi was not a loving sister. Around the time she died EJ had told Sami that Lexi had said if they could get past their differences they could make each other more happy than ever, now after all those two have been through it would not seem right in the head for a sister to say such a thing. All in all it is a soap and I’ve been watching so long I’ve learned it’s not worth getting too invested into any pairing. I’d bet Sami will do many more rounds with any or all of those men in her life. She’ll get another round with EJ, end up back with Rafe down the road and they will bring Carrie back to stir things up for them again. After all the main reason she is choosing not to forgive Rafe is over the fact he trusted Carrie with the truth of Nicole’s and his secret. I never wanted for them to break Carrie and Austin up and the writers repeatedly bring her back only to sabotage her character and then send her away again. I just wanted them to come back, start a family and be happy but instead right off the bat they pit the couple against each other and play out the sister rivalry once again when I was so happy she and Sami were finally getting along. You just never know where they are going to take it, but it’s guaranteed to get your blood boiling from time to time. Truth is after everything each and every one of them has put the other through, none of them should want to be with each other at all, but in soap land everything is forgivable. Sami forgiving EJ for kidnapping Rafe and putting a skeevy body double in his place amongst other things, acts like that never happened. EJ forgiving her for her past transgressions against him. Rafe forgiving her. Most couples on this show are like that, and if they are not just give it some more time. There is just no offense too great on this show between couples to completely oust them. Always potential for reconciliation after some time passed.
    I wasn’t a fan of the gay storyline at first but I have been liking the Will/ Sonny relationship. They really have an air of happiness together. The writers have been making too much habit of pushing the characters into annoying positions though. Lucas’s behavior at Sonny’s apartment the other day was overly intrusive.

  65. From patty

    Brilliant post SandyGram! But don’t you know us Rafettes have it all wrong, now EJ is a blessed man because it’s EJamis turn.
    Blaze, not only does EJ break oaths, he made a promise to God to change his ways to save his son’s life and we all know how that never happened.
    Now here we go again looking for ways to justify the Demiras actions by coming up with other characters past deeds. I hope Brady digs out that sarcophagus again and stuffs Kristen in it. I for one love it when the good people of Salem cross the line to fight evil .

  66. From Deena

    I LOVE Kristen back! I think she is mixing things up which is great! She is giving John and Marlena a story line – which they desperately needed too! I cannot be happier with the show right now. I think Kristen has great chemistry with everyone she interacts with. I LOVE IT!!!

  67. From Lissa

    Basically bias toward characters does no good. The storylines are so convoluted there is no justifying any of it. Just enjoy what you do when you get it.

  68. From Deena

    Also – maybe Kristen could be paired with Brady. This could bring up some drama. They seem to have chemistry! I also hope Rafe and Sami NEVER get back together. EJ and Sami have AMAZING chemistry!!! Has Sami forgotten how much Rafe loved Carrie!?! Gosh! I wish Carrie could just come back for a day to remind Sami!

  69. From voiceofreason

    I wish they would just have Rafe give Sami the old heave ho for good. She and EJ are perfect for each other. They’re both mentally unstable and a bit nauseating. I can’t figure out why any many with half a brain would find Sami the least bit attractive. There are much better looking women on the show and she’s a headcase.

  70. From voiceofreason

    #66 Deena, they have amazing chemistry because they’re both written to be self-absorbed, psychotic nut jobs. Rafe is better off without Sami. What anyone sees in her, I have no idea.

  71. From Blaze.

    Whoa! John would flip if Brady and Kristen hooked up! John is already having dreams about her. The age difference is there for B&K, but stranger things have happened!! :)

  72. From Blaze.

    SandyGram, I totally agree!! I would love to see EJ win Sami over by being a caring, loving, responsible, trusting man!!
    He does something nice, and then turns around and ruins it by doing something underhanded!!
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Sami and EJ be a power couple, but only if they’re together because of love, not lies and deceit!!

  73. From Shani

    It was outrageous how EJ treated Nicole today. & I don’t even like her right now! He really is a low life crime lord kind of guy! And some say Rafe has an anger problem?! That’s really laughable! In fact everything that’s been said on this page to trash Rafe is laughable. Seriously it’s so comical & I did laugh out loud! There are a few who just can’t rip on him enough. Some of it on the crude side, though, & as in 27 & 53!!

    I thought Abigail looked quite beautiful today with her hair done up the way it was.

  74. From Kat

    69, Blaze, in all honesty for the entertainment, wouldn’t it be great if Brady will fall for Kristin, in lust or whatever, as I mentioned I think it will happen. And so right, Papa John, (not the Pizza) already confused in his dreams, what would he do.
    I remember it so well when John was totally crazy for Kristin, chased her, trying to keep her from marrying Tony/Andre, who knows…
    Age difference in Salem, does Kristin look old enough to be EJ’s Mother, and if she had gotten away with it, she would have raised EJ as hers and John’s child.
    In Salem, Age does not matter….it goes up and down as needed..

    I think Allison/Sami is a very beautiful woman, for anybody to say otherwise, wow..

  75. From MAB

    EJ fans don’t try to justify his actions. We admit to his mistakes, much like the character himself does, we just don’t see it one-sided like those who loathe his character so much that they make up stories about him, accuse him of things he didn’t do, and not to mention the daily bashing he gets. EJ fans don’t profess him to be perfect like Rafe fans do him. And that is the difference in EJ fans vs Rafe fans. Rafe fans praise him no matter what he does, saying he’s loved & adored by all, is an upstanding, respected member of society that has never hurt a soul. Now that is what I call BS!

    I think it’s rude to insinuate that Sami is not attractive. I think she is one of the most beautiful on this show, just as pretty as the rest of them.

  76. From Blaze.

    Kat, I agree!! The entertainment factor alone is worth watching Brady and Kristen!! Once John starts obsessing over those two, Marlena will definitely jump on the Jealousy Train!!

  77. From bobby

    Isn’t Kristen a little old (no offense) for Brady. The only attraction I see is she is just like Nichole. #73 Shani-I agree with you about E.J. getting into Nichole’s face. And in Dr. Dan’s apartment no less. He just has no boundries. And like you, no fan of Nichole, but when he talked about her losing the “kid”, I had to say-he reached another all-time low.

  78. From Kat

    I for one have no problem being a
    thought Rafe fans would love the Name….
    Yes Blaze, to me it’s all about the entertainment factor, good SL’s that keep me wanting more… Looks like Marlena will make it easy for Kristin, she is already ueber reacting all over the place,
    playing right into Kristin’s hands.
    Some have to make up their minds, do they like Sami to be with Rafe,
    or does Rafe deserve a “More beautiful” woman, what a low blow…
    so what is it…
    Sounds like Sami has been thrown over board by the Safe fans, now it is only Rafe minus Sami.
    Good, Sami and EJ moving on.

  79. From patty

    Shani, I totally agree with your post, all of it.
    EJ’s actions are always justified on here or blamed on other characters . He can be manipulative and abusive, lying and scheming, plotting revenge, hiring goons to do his dirty work, stealing pension funds and framing innocent people, blackmailing and kidnapping and yet there is always a good reason or somebody made him do it. It’s not that bad because everybody that is not a Demira they are no better because they did this or that and EJ’s just a poor misunderstood soul, bless his heart.
    I just love Nicole and Sami’s conversation today when Nicole is trying to get her to help her out with EJ. He’ll listen to you Nicole says, you’re his kryponite, his obsession, he lives and breathes around you …and Sami says please, I’m going to be sick. True love!

  80. From SandyGram

    Episode November 1st:
    Great Show…Other than more chalk being drug across the black board with Jenn, Dan and Maggie. The writers have put in so much effort into these dialogs when we all know Daniel is never leaving town with Nicole. Anxiously awaiting Nikki to go off the deep end.

    Kristen’s Hotel Room:
    Great encounter with Brady and Kristen. Crackers, sandwich or me, what a cougar. How could Brady turn down a woman that was involved with his father and was going to be his step mother at one time? There is something wrong with that picture, but with the path Kristen is on with her coy, unscrupulous self, she may just wiggle her way into Brady’s orbit or his sarcophagus. Their last words covered their entire conversation for the day:
    - Kristen: “You don’t scare me Brady”.
    - Brady: “Well then your’re dumb too!”

    From the moment Nicole opened the door there stood EJ with that evil vengeful look he does so well. Followed by typical inappropriate poking, pushing, grabbing, physically abusive ways. This is the EJ I don’t like. The writers needed to find a different way for EJ to express himself, a good tongue lashing would get the point across just the same. Then in EJ’s Office when talking to Kristen, when it comes to Nicole, EJ is very astute when there is more to the story Nikki is telling. Who’s going to let that little cat out of the inevitable bag?

    Finally we find out what Nick’s concern is with Will and Sonny. I was some what surprised the writers included the subject of being gay as a choice. Especially since we have heard on many occasions within in the show reference to the opposite, being gay is not a choice. I like the way Nick explained how he got to the place where he did all those terrible things and he wasn’t thinking about right or wrong; and how he wishes no harm to Will or Sonny; and he doesn’t think of them as being bad; and he doesn’t hate them. For me, although surprised, it was appropriate to include the choice or not a choice issue in the gay story line and show that based on personal belief’s there will be those that are uncomfortable when around someone who is gay, or in this case a couple and that’s ok too! Now other than Lucas dealing with his issues as a father of a gay son and maybe one scene in the future where Nick explains his feelings to Will and Sonny, hopefully this is all that needs to be said on the subject. From a tacky point of view, it was a good lead into Nick and Gabi ending up in her room for a little afternoon delight.

    PS: Loved Abby’s hair do today. Other than having bangs, I wore the exact same ‘do’ in my Nursing days in 1968 – 1970.

  81. From SandyGram

    #79 patty
    Sami being EJ’s kryptonite, his ultimate natural weakness; his Achilles’ heel, the one weakness of an otherwise invulnerable hero. The only problem is EJ ain’t no hero and he sure ain’t no Superman.

    The kryptonite maybe a beautiful glowing green, but EJ’s experience with green is only from his jealously when Sami is around Rafe.

    But he is excellent at the being a mean, mean, mean boy! A loving, caring, trusting, man he has yet to become.

  82. From Shani

    Not just in the case of Sami – I think it is rude to insinuate that any of the characters are not attractive because it falls back on the looks of the actor. Like when some bashed Madison’s & Taylor’s looks!!

    Kryptonite?? Like Sami, I think I am going to be sick, too, when I hear that!!

  83. From Leah

    #75 MAB you are SO RIGHT! EJ fans do not like everything he has done. I’ve cringed and got frustrated with him along with the rest of his fans BUT I also have at times understood why he has reacted the way that he has in certain situations. EJ fans love him for that reason… he’s grey. Capable of good and bad. And all I said above is exactly the same reason why I like Sami too. They are a pigeon pair and are made for each other. Whether people like it or not some people are drawn to and love those with this kind of
    edge. Alot of people out there love the grey/bad type guy who they believe can be redeemed.
    Rafe fans on the other hand never think “Saint Rafe” puts a foot wrong. Thats kinda weird to me… after all nobody is perfect and (IF indeed) he is human means he has flaws just like the rest of us. Maybe its Rafe who should be going into the priesthood. At least all his woman foes will be over! LOL
    Another difference I see between Rafe and EJ fans is…. The hatred Rafe fans spew out towards EJ. While most Ejami fans don’t like Rafe we don’t hate him. I think most of us would be happy to see Rafe stay on Days and see his character develop and have new storylines. I’ve always said they should introduce us to Emily and let his past start to open up to us and then let the adventure begin.
    Changing subject now…. I visit quite a few other sites and I’m a little concerned and hope Days know what they are doing. Alot of fans are expressing their dilike, displeasure in the gay storyline. Some say while they are happy for Days to have a gay storyline but they do not want to watch initmate scenes between the two and how its too much and turns them off. Others are refusing to watch full stop. Less viewers can only mean trouble for Days.

  84. From Leah

    So happy to finally see some good scenes on Wednesday between Nicole and Brady. Notice how Brady straight away knew Nicole wouldn’t just drop the charges against Jennifer and asked her “Who got to you?” Brad was also on the ball when he said “Why you doing this for Daniel?” Then Brady added “He’s your latest obession Nicole.” Oh dear Brady, he knows her so well. I love them together and hope they will be in the future.

  85. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    I see Rafe as grey. I see EJ as totally black. To me, grey means a person with a moral compass who crosses that line in times of turmoil, even in a misguided cause. Somebody who lives on the other side of that line (ie. the protagonist) wouldn’t be grey. Bo was often grey, too, hence the comparisons earlier this month. It’s sad to think he’s gone because they made a DiMera the new leading man and usurped his role and made him backburner fodder. Pete’s been phoning it in for a few years now. I’m not surprised he got tired of it and left. But I guess the PTB know which side their bread is buttered on, and it’s with the Brit, not Bo.

  86. From Maryl

    Mab, you are so right about there no longer being good versus evil in the soaps. It seems to be more about revenge, jealousy, hatred, unfaithfulness and a lot of hypocrisy–all the characters are guilty of these things at one time or another–whether they are considered good guys or bad.

    I would like to clarify one thing in my so called crude blog about Rafe’s appearance. It was not about his looks, but about how he dresses and how that effects his appearance. The smell part may have sounded a little crude, however, I remember when EJ wore that pink shirt for several days how the Safe fan were making a big deal about how he probably smelled for wearing the shirt that long. And for some reason that shirt still bothers some today.
    There are remarks made about Sami that are crude and not flattering to her, yet no one notices those remarks when made by a Rafe fan, unless EJ/Sami fans bring it up. As for EJ, he is constantly being attacked for what he wears or any little thing that he does. So you can say its sort of a one for one exchange. If one character can be so scrutinized, why not another?

  87. From SandyGram

    Something just turned on a light. Kristen is in a Hotel Room…why isn’t she staying at the DiMansion?

  88. From Chrissy

    I think Nicole is getting a bad rap. Sure she’s done bad stuff but so has most of Salem. I geared up when she lost the baby. She lost her first one, and now to lose her son right before his due date? It would drive anyone insane. I have a friend with a similar experience and her and her husband had near mental breakdowns. And this new Jen is just annoying. Her husband just died and she is chasing Daniel. She was having screaming matches with a high risk pregnancy women. And she was acting high and mighty with Daniel, who was just trying to help someone besides her. I was hoping Nicole would slap her silly. Now she gets Daniel back, but she’ll most likely break his heart like last time. I’m surprised that Sami keeps going back to EJ. He is super sexy but he’s terrible to her. He raped her (which is how she got pregnant with Johnny), broke up her marriage with Lucas, tried to take her kids away, blackmailed her, stole her husband Rafe and replaced him with a body double, the list goes on. Besides a Brady and a Dimera just don’t mesh well. I loved him with Nicole, but his unhealthy obsession with Sam got in the way. I loved Rafe telling Sami off. She’s self centered and he’s too good for her. Has she forgotten that Rafe helped her hid her daughter from EJ? She acts like she’s a saint when she cheats on every guy she’s been with, kidnapped her own baby sister, stole her other sisters man, hid Will’s paternity from Lucas for years, lied to the police to get custody of Will from Lucas…personally I want her and EJ to get together so it will blow up in her face like it always does, and she’ll be wanting Rafe to rescue her but he’ll have moved on to someone else without a string of kids and babies daddies. I’ve always liked Nick and it’s great that he’s back. I respect his beliefs and that he voiced them to Gabby. Most of Salem is Catholic (or so they say) and its nice someone is speaking up. And he’s doing it in a respectful way and has only told Gabby. I’m glad he found someone, hope he stays in Salem for good.

  89. From Seanny

    This week needs more Will and Sonny. The rest is just Zzzzzz…

  90. From Tee

    Hey all!!
    I have missed a lot and want to say lots of great comments here.

    So since it is a huge thing why Nicole his the child hereis the actress answer Why is Nicole hiding this pregnancy from EJ?
    Arianne: Because he is a jerk! You know, there is a lot of pain there, and these two have never really been honest with each other, sadly, and I think that one, she is taking a page out of Sami’s book and thinks she has something right going on there. And two, he has hurt her so badly that she doesn’t want him to have anything to do with her or her child’s life. And I think she has made this decision out of pain and not coping

    There you have it, she did it mostly because her hurt over his sex with Sami. I think as the actress who plays the scenes she knows more. That interview was August of this year and as you can see y which site interviewed her where you can find full interview.

    I have said over and over as a EJAMI fan I would love to see Rafe in a great pairing. I dont hate Rafe, I just think he is better suited elsewhere and I would love to be rooting for him. I know he will be paired elsewhere and cant wait to see where and if I will like the pairing.

    Leah #84 Great post. I also think EJ knows her well and hence why he went therein anger, he believes Jen killed jis son, and he knows Nicole andmust wonder why she dropped these charges, many salemites say it looks like Jen did it based off what they hear as EJ pointed out to Chad, He has agreed to let them all go ie Rafe/Nicole and Dan but wants justice for the murder, he is grieving and so of course he is gonna e highly upset Nicole is using his dead child to bargain for love. He knows she is up to something, because he knows how she is like Brady does. Brady might have been more angry if it was his child like EJ was.

    Kat So glad to see you back and Maryl I have missed your posts here very much.

    Its not rocket science to know EJ will somehow find out Dan played a part in Nics recanting on the original it was Dan thing. So many others as he told Chad have said Jen did it as well. So he is lead to believe she did and finds out Dan plays a part in why Nicole changed her mind, so he gets upset makes a statement, but he will not act on it. I hear lots make statements on this show. EJ may have carried out something like that in past but he wont this time. Why should he not be mad, with them he believes they are plotting to let Jen go for the murder of a innocent baby which was his baby? But as spoilers say it is EJ who says Jen was not in wrong. As we all wondered a autopsy is indeed done. He is still angry of course he is, Nicole is using their dead baby to get a man again.Since EJ revealed the truth to Sami he has let that part go except when he told Rafe he should be more nice considering he is saving him his job etc and Sami was there, which has nothing to do with him trying to use the death of his child to get Sami. I Dont see him in Samis face saying but Rafe kept my child from me or this or that. He said his piece and that was that.

    This is where EJAMI fans have a issue with understanding why EJ is the bad guy here? What is he doing?EJ has taken the high road and said perhaps I may be somewhat to blame because Nicole would be protected and living with me, and not staying with Jen if I never slept with Sami hence Jen would not be confronting Nicole perhaps and fans are now twisting it blaming EJ? I am confused? Then after he lets all these people go and only wants justice served by the law for Jen which may be closure for him I Know it would help with parents to see justice and he is bad for wanting that?He is angry Nicole would dare play with something like that as would any parent, we must remember EJ as well as most think Jen did murder the baby,When he finds out the truth he is only angry really with Nicole perhaps disgusted maybe we will see. He has that right she used their dead child to play her game again. Not her first time at this rodeo so to speak.

    As far as Kristens age to Bradys is everyone forgetting Nick is older then Gabi by oh say at least 10 years in 2006 he was in his mid 20′s. Gabi is Wills age which is about 19. Nick is around 30 or so.
    Brady was born in 1992 but aged to early 20′sin 2000 which would make him in his possible mid 30′s and Kristen probably is in her maybe 40′s.Both are way very mature adults in age. I see no problem with it. Age imo is not a factor especially when you are as old as Brady and Kristen on the show.
    Now I would see more a issue with gabi whos not even legal drinking age and Nick whos in his 30′s but I actually see none. All are adults IMO.

    Nick using religion ughh I have to say I am not a fan with people using GOd/religion to be a homophobe, I am interested to see how this story goes, and think it could make it interesting but I dont support the whole religion against gays stuff, and I am a devoted christian. Just my opinion. I love Wilson and am glad they are gonna repair their relationship and move forward. Go Wilson and Days for doing a story line like this.
    I want to add I think Nick did a great job explaining his views and was glad he did it well as well, I just dont agree with his views but cant wait to see how it all plays out in end.
    Thats the thing about soaps I may not always agree with things on it but man does it make great tv if done right and hopefully along the way this story line can hopefully make people more accepting to peoples choices. I also want to add being gay is sometimes a choice and some say the believe they are born that way. I am a firm believer in it could be both because I have heard it both ways. Either way I am proud to say I support everyone’s choices of sexual preference and hope more people in the world will. Because in the end each individual has to live with their choices in life not anyone else.Freedom of choice or preference in all things from politics, religion sexual preference etc to what you will eat today No one has the right to make those decisions for anyone but themselves IMO.

    Patty #79 I have seen many EJAMI fans be upset with things he did in past, tha’ts the thing people say we were not but we say over and over we don’t condone all he does. I simply dont get how anyone is blaming what is happening on EJ I believe Nicole is using her dead baby to plot and scheme right now, not EJ he took the high road. I believe Rafe/Dan and Nicole schemed to keep his child from him as Ari said she did it out of hurt mostly not because she feared EJ. wHAT WAS EJ supposed to just go forever after begging her to let him be apart of this childs life and say sure Nicole keep my child and give it another father? What man would? Nicole is very unstable put the lame where it lies IMO and its not EJ. Not this time. Nicole also was gonna go back with EJ and allow him to raise this child if only he agreed to leave Salem as I think Mab pointed out but when EJ said he would not leave Salem where his children were she went right back to scheming, wow so EJ again his fault I dont think so IMO.
    Yes lots of people do bad things on Days it is a soap, it would be boring if everyone was do gooders.
    Kat #56 Well said
    Patty are you a Sami fan?I was under assumption you did not like her from all your comments about her? I asked cause I seen a poster say you were.

    I may point out characters misdeeds good deeds, what pairing I like and dont like ut I have never down right bashed a character, I always try to hope I may like them in other story lines. I dont like what Nicole is doing at all. I know its so weird as well I am a EJAMI fan but I love Nicole as well, lots of EJAMIs do, we just want her in a love story where she will be number 1. I was a big Bricole fan, still am though I am interested in Eric and Nicoles chemistry. I think Nicole does some despicable things but I still root for her in stories and cant wait to see her get that love she wants. i think thats the hard thing for me when EJ haters dont root for him in a story, they think he dont deserve his child(not all, some) and thats what I dont understand.

    I was unhappy with how Bo left wish it would have been a bit better, oh so bitter sweet. I am gonna miss him thats for sure.
    Why was Samis kids beside Will not brought to see Caroline she was their babysittter, and is their Gr grandma or did I miss that somehow?

    We once talked off parent interaction off screen we dont see so glad to hear EJ gets kids on nights during week, hope that lays that one to rest.

    Rafe was a stepfather to them and I think he was a good one but after he and Sami split he only checked on them once that we know of.
    I would like to think a child should be in their real fathers lives, IMO Rafe was ok as a step parent ut kids need their real parents not the other way around IMO.

    Kristen is not gonna e firing Sami anytime soon, Sami and EJ will be working together, and Sami will e going after Kates company. We have all seen what Corday spoiled in sod and know how it is gonna play out atleast for a while so no Sami wont be out on her butt anytime soon running to Dimera mansion for a place to stay. EJ bought the partment to get away from Stefano he owns it not Stefano, so Kristen cannot gain it without EJ giving it to her and Sami knows that. EJ did tell her why he bought the building and if she was kicked out she would ask EJ how. If we did not get a layout on how this is going and if Stefano owned it not EJ then I may agree with that spec, it is good and could have happened but it wont.

    Oh Poor Nicole she did lose that baby, ut once again EJ believes as do most of Salem minus Abby and Dan that Jen pushed Nicole, and so of course he knows Nicole and her schemes and wonders why she would allow justice to not prevail for the death of their child. Its kinda hard to sympathize with her anymore now after she is using it the way she is, I sympathize she lost the baby but that’s it. She is now using it to get a man that dont love her and was using it to throw Jen in jail to get that man No sympathy for me on that.

    Hope all are safe from storms that sweeped through

  91. From Tee

    Sandy~ HEY Hope your having a good morning.
    Kristen told Chad she thinks it would be so strange being back in mansion and she looked wierded out by the thought of it even. Maybe it has too many bad memories for her, It did take a lot of convincing for her to return by Stefano

  92. From patty

    Tee, us Rafettes never said Rafe is perfect or a saint either, those things are said by EJami fans.
    It also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know Nicole kept the baby from EJ because he’s a jerk and he betrayed her over and over. I don’t believe it’s because she was jealous of Sami but she doesn’t say that Rafe made her do it either.
    You may say you don’t make excuses for EJ’s behavior, but your post is full of them. EJ did use “that bloody child” as he calls him to drive a wedge between Sami and Rafe, he says he won’t seek revenge to impress Sami but we know he’s planning to bump off Daniel. There is absolutely no excuse for the violent way he pushed Nicole around, I don’t care how angry he is or how one might want to turn that around. EJ is the control freak and abusive, not Rafe as has been stated here plenty of times.
    No Tee, right now I’m not a Sami fan, again somebody else said that. Not saying she’s not a beautiful and great actress but I think she is a stupid and insecure airhead, which is not very attractive from where I stand. She makes women look dumb by falling for the same BS over and over and then everybody’s suppose to feel sorry for her when she falls flat on her face. She’s a screw up and it’s getting old.

  93. From Shani

    I for one do not see Rafe as perfect & have never said that. In fact, I don’t remember seeing any of the Rafe fans on here write that he is perfect. I agree with 85 & see Rafe as gray. Everyone in life & in soaps crosses over to gray at one time or another for one reason or another. It’s the overall picture that matters & EJ overall is a complete turn off to me. I would cheer loudly if the writers ever pulled EJ out of the rut he’s in & give him a new storyline where he did good things for a change! & not do them for his own benefit but out of genuine concern or love for somebody. But I have given up looking for that. But I can count on Rafe to come through for the greater good, just as Bo always did.

    I agreed with Nicole keeping her baby from EJ. But from EJ’s point of view & the fact that he doesn’t know the truth of the baby’s death, I can see why he is angry she would drop the charges against Jennifer. But that still does not justify the terrible way he treated Nicole yesterday.

  94. From Shani

    Well I was going to add a P.S. about Sami but patty 90 you said it all!!

  95. From patty

    #91 Shani, that’s right and Sami and EJ pairing up is not going to change his wicked ways either. Sami is not a smart and shrewd woman like Nicole and she is no match for Kristen or any of the Demiras. They are going to make mincemeat out of her if she ever goes there.Now we know Sami only thinks of herself but a smart woman wouldn’t drag her children again in such an evil family given what they have already put them through. I never cared for Sami but the time she was with Rafe showed her to be somewhat human, now she just acts like a dumb blonde in skin tight dresses.(no offense to real blondes) :)

  96. From Maryl

    patty–in your blog #55 which was in response to me, you stated the following about Rafe–”loved and adored by all, is an upstanding respected member of society who has never hurt a soul”. Although you never said “perfect”, your assessment of him sure sounds as perfect as you will get in a human being.

  97. From patty

    Maryl, that is just the truth of it as far as his character goes. He doesn’t deliberatly set out to destroy or hurt people, Caroline, the Bradys, the Hortons, John and Marlena, Brady, Daniel, the police force, the FBI they all respect and trust him. That doesn’t make him perfect and he does step over the line but his character is meant to be the good guy, like it or not. The only people that dislike him immensely are EJ and EJami fans and that is because Sami loves him and not EJ, well as much as Sami can love anybody.

  98. From MAB

    I think anyone would act the way EJ did thinking Jen was gonna get away w/ the murder of his child, including the fact he is still upset that once again his child was kept from him. This is just not some regular ole scheme Nicole hatched against him, this had to do w/ the loss of their child. EJ figured out pretty quickly tho, by his actions which did not harm Nicole in anyway, that Nicole is hiding something. Like he said, she doesn’t scare easy, and he knew by her demeanor that something was off. He knows what this baby meant to Nicole, and knows she would’ve never recanted her accusation (true or not) if she wasn’t hiding something. Also, I believe Rafe (or any man) would do the same thing if he was in EJ’s shoes, but we’ll never know that as he has no children of his own. I find nothing laughable about the comments about Rafe, as most are true. And in NO way does Rafe get trashed more than EJ on here, to the point of absurdity! The posts above are more than enough proof of what is said about EJ (daily) by some that are way more crude than anything said about Rafe. I’m not gonna point the specific posts out tho like someone did.

    Geez, some act like EJ goes around beating women to a pulp everyday, which is ludicrous! But if you remain claim EJ is abusive, then the claim also applies to Rafe, too, as well as Daniel, Brady, John, Bo, all of them. They have all grabbed someone forcibly before. Rafe was rough w/ Sami & Nicole both several times. I have seen EJ, Rafe, and others get a little rough, but wouldn’t call any of them abusive.

    I don’t like the idea of Kristen & Brady. If Kristen is old enough to be EJ’s mother, then the same goes for Brady IMO. I assume, by soap opera standards, that EJ & Brady are close in age. I did like their interaction, but Brady is screaming for a s/l of his own, and a woman (that was not involved w/ his father). I think his talent is being wasted! Eileen (Kristen) is a terrific actress. She can work w/ anyone, and hold her own in any scene, much like Nicole & Sami. I’m really enjoying her!

    John said it ALL yesterday, “Kristen can’t get to us unless we allow her to”. And that mantra goes for everyone on the show.

    Wow, do we really need to keep reading the same list of EJ’s mistakes over & over…most of which really isn’t relevant at this point? Yada, yada! Please find something new & current to harp on. It’s old & played!

    Well, Jen & Maggie pretty much got what they deserved. I know in the end Daniel is gonna find out the truth, but right now, they are driving him nuts! I get them trying to talk to him, but how many times does he have to tell them to butt out!? When he was standing between them, it was like they were treating him like a little boy, chastising him. Daniel is an adult, and is responsible for his own actions & decisions.

    Go Nick! I’m so glad he was given a voice about Will & Sonny. He has a right to the way he feels, and no one should trash him for it. He explained very well that he likes them, means them no harm, and wants the best for them, but as for their choice, he doesn’t believe that way. I for one completely agree, it’s a choice, just like everything else in life. And you can be accepting of a person’s choice, but don’t have to agree w/ it, nor have to compromise your beliefs over it. I say kudos to the writers for showing that there is another side to this story. I find it more than appropriate that people should be able to feel free to express their feelings like that w/o being chastised for it. I don’t think Nick is uncomfortable around them. I just think he’s afraid to be honest w/ them w/o everyone jumping down his throat for being honest. It always seems as soon as someone disagrees on the subject, everyone turns ugly (like Will does Lucas) and starts hurling insults, etc. Why can’t people talk maturely like Nick & Gabi did, and agree that it’s ok for each person have their own opinion on the matter? If more people were accepting of BOTH sides, then this wouldn’t be that much of an issue IMO. (And before I get any backlash on this, just a reminder, this is MY opinion and there’s no need to berate me for it…agree or disagree, we all have the right to our beliefs).

    It was said, I don’t remember seeing any of the Rafe fans on here write that he is perfect. Not true, as it was also said, Rafe is loved & adored by all, an upstanding, respected member of society that has never hurt a soul. Well that is pretty much is saying he’s perfect. And that statement certainly wasn’t made by an EJ fan, as it is EJ fans who are now also being blamed for claiming Rafe’s sainthood. Right…just more absurdity! EJ fans deal w/ the facts of how Rafe acts, and what he does & says that shows he is no better than anyone else, he has his faults, and if he’d just stop acting like he’s Mr. Perfect, then EJ fans would have no problem w/ him. Rafe fans will hate & trash EJ til the end of time, no matter what he does.

    Leah – yep that will always be the difference in EJ fans & Rafe fans. EJ fans see his good & bad side, know he is human, and not a superhero…we don’t claim him to be nor expect him to be. Rafe fans never admit to anything he does wrong…much like the character himself. Also, yes, the hatred Rafe fans spew out at EJ is horrendous! EJ fans just don’t like Rafe, nothing more, nothing less. It’s rare that a really crude comment is made about Rafe, as what we do say about him are the facts, like it or not. But Rafe fans go to extremes in twisting facts, and even make things up, where EJ is concerned.

    Nope, it was Bo who was grey, a genuinely good man, who didn’t like to play by the rules, but never stepped too far over the line. He never kept a child from it’s parent, even if it was a DiMera, and that’s only a tip of the iceberg of things Bo never did that Rafe has had no problem doing. He is far from being anything like Bo, and never will be. Oh, and if any character is to blame for Bo’s exit for not getting enough air time, it’s undoubtedly Rafe. As all the Rafe fans have tagged him to be the next Bo, well that pretty much solidified that Rafe is a replacement for Bo. EJ has been on the show much longer than Rafe and his presence never affected Bo’s status. It was until Rafe came along that we started seeing less & less of Bo…fact!

    Maryl – bingo! Comments about EJ on a daily basis always contain something nasty, from his pink shirt to the way he talks.

    No one is living at the mansion right now, I guess, and apparently Kristen doesn’t want to. Or maybe it’s getting a facelift for when Stefano returns!

    Tee – ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Just as I (and others) have always said, Nicole’s sole purpose to keep EJ’s child from him was over her hurt & jealousy of Sami. I understand her hurt, and even her anger, but that’s no reason to keep his child from him. Her so-called claim of being scared of him was only to reel in Rafe & Daniel, aka Dumb & Dumber (sorry, I just love calling them that because it’s so fitting). Also, so true that if they would all just own up to what they did, and apologize for their actions, then EJ would let it go. EJ is fresh to this, and angry, and wants justice for his child…also fitting.

    Tee – yes most of us EJami fans are also Nicole fans. I sure am! I don’t see how some can just turn themselves off from being a fan of a character just because you don’t like what their doing or what’s happening. Like one minute you love Sami because she’s w/ Rafe, then hate her the next because she’s w/ EJ. If you’re a fan, you’re a fan, and stick w/ them thru the good & bad times. You just don’t turn it on & off like a water faucet.

    I don’t recall anyone claiming Rafe made Nicole do what she did, he just jumped on the bandwagon to get back at EJ for sleeping w/ Sami.

    Again, EJ planning on bumping off Daniel is a fabricated lie, when spoilers specifically say he only thinks about it. Apparently some don’t know the difference. Now EJ’s getting blamed before anything even happens…for something that isn’t even gonna happen. Can we say desperate EJ haters??

  99. From MAB

    I just love how some just know for a fact every step EJ is gonna make before it happens, and predict how he’s gonna destroy Sami, yada, yada. Since when did some on you start writing for the show??? What happens is up to TPTB, and the writers, period!

    Hey EJ fans, we are now being compared w/ the EJ character himself, and that we don’t like Rafe because she loves him, not EJ. I just love how some are so desperate for their Rafe pleas, and apparently obsessed, that they make absurd accusations of what EJ fans think & feel. I didn’t know we had physics on here.

    Hmm, I guess the PD & FBI trusted Rafe so much that they fired him. I’m sure he’s still being watched like a hawk, and will probably eventually mess up again and get fired.

  100. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Oh, come on, Rafe was brought in to play second banana to the EJ/Sami story as it took off about 5-6 years ago. James and Ali have leading couple status that Pete and Kristian had back in the day. Bo and Hope have been replaced as supercouple by the super-anti-couple. They got older and stable nothing much was written for them, except the shortlived prison stuff, when Carly was on. James Scott is front and center all the time as leading man status. Galen Gering gets almost no story that is not tied to the anti-couple. He is not leading man status, in my book. Frankly, without EJames there is no need for a Rafe.

    As far as comparisons, he is 100% like Bo, the cop, fair minded, but willing to get down in the dirt with his adversaries and fight back like a real man, instead of wilting like a wussie. That was always Bo’s role and the role that he and many others play on a variety of daytime shows. But air time, leading man status and story development, – no that went to James.

    It’s a very simple equation of good boy who crosses over, or bad boy who uses ‘good’ deeds to manipulate and lives on the bad side. Hell, they’re written that way for a reason – to create the conflict..

    If Admin. would like a suggestion as how to improve the board, it would be to limit to 500 words or less…for everyone.

    Patty didn’t say perfect. Didn’t even mean perfect.

    I’m not a real blonde. I’m not offended either.

    Sorry if I seem off on a tangent, but I have a real EJ in my life, some real misery and my anxiety level is at peak.

  101. From jolie

    #39 Blaze, you named it. And I was wrong when I posted the only thing he changed was his pink shirt…had it on this week. How wrong a gal can be about this guy!

    #40 Patty, your post is so spot on. Sami doesn’t stand a chance with Elvis and Kristen tag-teaming her. Sami always seems to follow the Elvis Path of Least Resistance…better to believe what he is saying because if you think about it, you know it is a lie.

    #44 Blaze, his other MO is taking the kids. We need a pool to pick the next date he threatens to take the kids from Sami or she runs out of the house with them to get them away from him.

    #50 Lissa, very good post, well thought out. I might not agree with it all but can see it your way. I appreciate your fair manner with the characters. Good job.

    #62 Sandygram, good post as well. I love your thoughts on what happened. Lots of them mirror my own views. Kristen and Elvis’ view of family…sort of skewed. If the object of their obsession doesn’t want to be a family, then we’ll just pull out the chest of dirty tricks and pummel them with nasty until they can’t help but surrender. Yeah, that seems to be working.

    #77 Bobby and Shani, didn’t the way Elvis acted just make you KNOW he was feeling grief? NOT. I was a bit offended when he called the baby the ‘kid’. Sort of heartless and detached but then that is our boy Elvis.

    #81 Sandygram babe you are on a major role with your posts. Keep it up.

    #87 Sandygram, good question because Elvis hasn’t been there. Stefano hasn’t been there so lots of room for her. Strange or maybe this allowed for Brady to walk in.

    #90, 93 Patty, you are right about poor Sami. And she’ll have to learn it all again the hard way and the kids will be the ones to suffer. I think the writers softened Sami’s image a bit when she fell for Rafe but now she is back to her selfish ways and better have her scheming skills out and polished because she’ll need them with where she is headed. She doesn’t stand a chance with Elvis and Kristen both on her. I didn’t care for her remark about John’s past haunting her again. What about all the crappy things she has done to one and all? Poor gal is weak, rather vapid about using her brains, not a thinking woman for sure which is part of her charm for Elvis. He doesn’t have to stretch too far to reel her back in.

  102. From Cougar

    I find Lucas and Nick’s attitude towards gays keeping in time with a more balanced and real reflection of how people grapple with the ambivilance they feel. They harbor no hate to them but don’t approve of or get the life style.

    In the months leading up to a Wilson pairing, Days portrayal of Salem’s attitude was that everyone was extremely enlightened. It was kittens, puppies and sunshine with the exception of one character. Tee. As we all know now Tee has come around. Complete acceptance is hard and slow in coming.

    I loved Kirsten’s facial expressions when EJ answered his phone. It reveals the instability lurking beneath the calm, cool, sane mask she projects.

  103. From MAB

    I think it’s a disgrace to the beloved Bo character to compare to the likes of Rafe. Rafe is not good enough to even lick Bo’s boots! And truth still remains that Bo never went to the extremes that Rafe has. All that the Bo character embodied over the years, shows the difference in an iconic character like him to a second banana like Rafe. But it can be said that one comparison is evident, in which Rafe was becoming a replacement for Bo. EJ has been around a long time, and not once did I notice a lack of airtime for Bo…not until Roman hired Rafe, and we slowly started seeing the shift of Rafe becoming top cop. That was when Peter began talking about lack of airtime, and one of the reasons for his departure.

    I agree leading man status has gone to EJ, and deservingly so, but he was barely in the same vicinity of Bo, where Rafe always was. Pretty self-explanatory that the Rafe character was pushing Bo aside. It was even written into the script that Rafe got a promotion & raise, while Bo had to take a pay cut. Where is the logic in that???

    Hmm, I can not wait for EJami to start, and become the great couple most of us know they can be. AND for TPTB to prove the naysayers wrong.

  104. From Kat

    So Nicole is willing to leave Salem, even before Her Dead Baby, the one she held in her arms, is laid to rest..just to keep a man…It’s seems to be ok with her, that now EJ may be the Only one there for the that little boy, mourning him…
    Seems like EJ had to do the same with “Grace”.
    Seems to me that Dr. Dan would find out sooner or later anyway, that the Baby died for other reasons than Nicole’s fall, the autopsy should reveal that any day now. But of course he will find out on his own before the results will be in.
    So one way or the other, he would know that Nicole lied.
    I still say that Nick’s feelings should be respected. People have to be able to be honest with their Own feelings and believes, that is very important in life. Does not mean he dislikes anybody with a different way of life or does try to be mean and disrespectful. Live and let live, it works both ways…
    Lucas, funny today when he mentioned that Sonny could have had 20 or so lovers prior to Will. I remember when Lucas first came to Salem, he was a cadet, and also his fame was, that he had more women/girls, than anybody long before He did the Deed with Sami. So Lucas should know all about lot’s of lovers at a very young age. I am sure, some of you do remember young Lucas…

    The going on about Rafe vs. EJ, hopeless,
    I will just continue to be an EJette, and let the Rafettes have their Rose colored views.
    Hitting my head against a stone wall does get boring after a while..and leads to nowhere, it just goes round and round.
    Of course I will always agree with the posters that really see both sides, like MAB, Maryl, Tee, and Sandy, she can be pretty even and fair, and that is a compliment, so please take it as such, No need for anybody to have her back.

    Jennifer, wow at the Pub, yelling she wants to confess to a crime, pretty wacky IMO. She needs some very serious help to get back to normal, and of course Nicole needs even more Help, she is on the way to really go off the cliff. Only God can help her, or next best, one of God’s man, like Eric, and maybe that is why he is coming to Salem, to help Nicole…
    Dr. Dan found the other half of the little outfit, with the Tag on, so Let The Games begin….

  105. From Blaze.

    I’m torn over whether Nicole kept her pregnancy away from EJ, or his unborn child.
    I understand that a father would want to be part of the pregnancy, but at what cost?!
    Doesn’t the mental health and wellbeing of the Mother make a huge difference in the whole development process?
    I mean, couldn’t EJ have caused Nicole all of the extra stress AFTER his ‘bloody child’ was born? (EJ’s words, not mine!)
    He was willing to say it was Rafe’s baby when he thought it would pi$$ Sami off and drive her away from Rafe.
    Besides her own misguided intentions, maybe it was all of the extra stress EJ caused that contributed to Nicole’s miscarriage!
    Nicole had the joy of pregnancy, but sadly, she really didn’t get to know her child either, not just EJ!!

    As far as the gay storyline… Different strokes for different folks!! LOL!!
    I think everyone has the right to love and be loved. There are so many factors in life today. In Biblical times, who could have predicted all of the diversity we have now?
    Hopefully the Lord loves us all for who we truly are! And I’m holding out hope he has a good sense of humor, or I’m in really big trouble!! ;)
    Happy Friday All!! :)

  106. From MAB

    What stress did EJ cause Nicole, what??? For the better part of her pregnancy he was not around. She was running around causing her own stress trying to keep a secret.

  107. From Kat

    Leah, my dear friend .. I did not mean to leave you out, sorry…

    Blaze, I assume you are gay.
    I hope you are a happy person, have a good relations ship somebody you love, and I am sure the SL on DOOL is of great interest to you.
    I have No Doubt at all, that the Lord loves us all. We are All His Creations, perfect or not, different colors, mental or physical shortcomings,
    and yes Gay…
    Give people a break please, some can not just toss over board what they were taught at home or in church.
    Time will change their hearts, I know,
    because my heart has change so much,
    and it is because of watching a very tasteful (so far) done SL.
    Also, they are starting to show, people like Nick or some of us, that have and never had any ill feelings towards gay people, but need time to get more comfortable in their own minds and heart.
    Patience and Tolerance is needed on both sides.
    Be good Blaze, The Lord does love you, never doubt that for one second.

    On Nicole, we don’t know yet what made the Baby die, so to blame EJ right off, is not fair.
    He was hardly around her, after he first found out. It used to be Stefano “Did It”,,,
    now it is “EJ did It”, even if it is reaching to the moon.

  108. From Kat

    106 MAB, I so agree, just finished saying the same thing.

  109. From gerri

    Haven’t been on the blog site for a few days,but as always you all nailed thoughts exactly,I’ve been a Sami/Rafe fan,since they were In The Safe House,Rafe Is the good guy here.EJ Is an abusive man,control freak,and can only have relationships,that involve,deceit,blackmail,threats,etc.Started way back in that cabin,when Lucas was trapped,under those beams,and supposedly Johnnie,was conceived.

    I do think It’s time the writers put Sami and him together,and see who can out do the other with lies,will be fun to watch for however long It lasts.
    I believe they could really make each other miserable,I’ve said before They have great chemistry,but no substance,and to each his own,maybe this will be enough for them,for awhile.maybe
    If she keeps him occupied,he won’t have time to mess up someone’s life.
    and maybe Sami won’t go over the top,and attempt to end his life again.she just can’t be this loose
    woman all this time,going from
    man to man,and suddenly stop,to have this family life with him..
    I don’t blame Nicole one bit,for lying about whose baby she was carrying,she knows him for what he
    truly is.

  110. From Blaze.

    Kat, #107: Thank you for the words of encouragement, but you know what they say about assuming!! :)

    No, I’m not gay, but I have good friends that are. I’m just a person that strives to find the greatness in all of us, differences or not. It makes me happy!!

    I believe the Lord loves us all and I would never just dismiss any of his (or her, depending on your beliefs) teachings. But as a loving God, an evolving God, I believe he/she can see that times are not what they were hundreds of years ago. I mean, women were subservient to men, and walked behind. I walk side by side with my husband and he’s proud to have me there.

    Hopefully you’re right, that time will change hearts. We all deserve to find happiness!!
    Thanks again for your kind words!! :)

  111. From Mopy

    Props to Days for not ditching the Halloween decor immediately on Nov 1st. Woo-hoo!!!

  112. From jen

    I have to admit that I’m disappointed in Ken Corday. Nothing against gays, but is it NECESSARY to have these love scenes with Will and Sonny? Sorry, but it’s a turn off.

  113. From Jen

    Why is it when Nicole loses a baby, especially this time since she was close to delivery, that there is never a funeral for them?

  114. From missy

    109, if you say you dont blame nicole because she knows him for who he is, then YYYYYYYYY did she sleep with him????

  115. From Kat

    110 Blaze, sorry for assuming, the moment I wrote that, I had to laugh a bit to myself, thinking, well if I am wrong, well you know what I mean.
    When you said you are hoping the Lord has a sense of humor, or you are in trouble, well here we go again .. I assumed.
    I also did not know you were a Lady, assumed you were Male, double whammy, LOL

    Changing Hearts and Minds, hard to do,
    slow, slow process, but I hope in time the world is changing more and more, just like it has changed so much since the beginning of times….

    just look to this site, try to change anybody’s heart or mind about any given character, and yes I know this is fictional,
    but locked in is locked in.

    I wish they would bring back Emily for Rafe, or somebody from his past, and give him a great SL. Maybe we would get to see another side of him, and those that don’t like him yet, might learn to like a new side.
    Get him away from his obsession about EJ – move him in a different direction.Who knows, in a few years, they might put him back with Sami again,
    all is possible in Salem.

  116. From Blaze.

    #113 Kat, Thanks for your message! It made me smile!! :)

    Yes, I’m hoping the Lord has a sense of humor, because he knows the real me!! Terminally perky!! Which, according to my husband, is kind of annoying real early in the morning (and probably in my prayers, too)!!
    And, I’d have to use the term ‘lady’ loosely!! Hahahah!! :)

    Luckily, we all have the ability to make changes in our lives and our hearts!! Sadly, some don’t take advantage of the opportunity, but hopefully they find their own special kind of happiness!!

    This site has a LOT of nice people on it and it’s fun to read everyone’s take on the happenings in Salem!!
    There are definitely ‘haters’ for both Rafe and EJ, but each of them deserve it in their own way.

    I agree, Rafe needs a good back story and then bring it forward so we can see a different dimension to him. Give him more depth.

    And, Ooooo, if EJ could just stay sweet and squishy for a little bit, we would just eat him up!! The total package. YIKES!!

    Fantastic Weekend, All!! :)

  117. From Leah

    # 98 MAB
    Yes I think you are right about finding a character on Days (whether its a man or woman) who hasn’t man/woman handed someone on Days. Every character I’m thinking of has at some stage had a cat fight, swung a punch that connected, grabbed someones arm, got up in someones face and pushed and shoved others. Even our beloved Marlena has had a few show downs SO to single out one character and call them the “abusive” one is stupid. I think during his time in Salem EJ has certainly received more than he has given in this department. Maybe you all have your acts fully together but I know when I’ve been angry I’ve grabbed onto someones arm to try and get them to listen to me and I’m certainly not an abrusive person! If we are classifying what EJ did to Nicole as abusive then I would say “most” of Salems good citizens are abusive. Even Saint Rafe has pushed and shoved woman. When the Sami shot EJ in the head storyline was being played out Rafe pushed, shoved and bullied Nicole and HIS SISTER Arianna. Simply there is no difference so why single out one character? Silly….
    #105 Blaze
    I think alot of Nicoles stress during her pregnancy was “self created.” She could have just told the truth and known EJ would have take care of her. He did it first time around (even though he was clearly still in love with Sami), he would have done it again. Nicole really is own worst enemy. She spins her web and then ends up getting caught in it. Same can be said for her blaming Jennifer for the death of her child. The truth will come out eventually and then again she will wanna play the victim.
    # 107 Kat
    Ah thanks Kat, same back to you!

  118. From karen

    I am a senior citizen like the show, but am uncomfortable with love scenes with WILL and Sonny, and sometimes too, with others.
    We do not see this with older actors, victor and maggie, or stephano and kate. GOOD!

  119. From Irene

    Am not on often, but interesting comments from everyone. Does anyone, beside me, think that Melissa Reeves needs a new dresser? The dress she had on this week was ugly (imo). She has looked very matronly to me. I know she is not a kid anymore but she can look better than that. Maybe Days needs a new wardrobe department.

  120. From Lacey

    I was sickened at the way EJ manhandled Nicole! What a monster he is. He is such a low life character. Raping Sami, threatening most women on the show and now being physically abusive. I can and will never be able to like this character. What a brute! And now what is he doing? Going to try to murder Daniel? Sickening man.

  121. From diane

    #17 Jean, I have to agree with you that Will and Sonny’s actions have not been appropriate for daytime tv. I’m not “gay bashing” as I have friends who are gay. I just don’t like seeing them making out and rolling around in bed. Then again, I don’t like any of the sex scenes. I am not a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but I just think some things are better left to ones imagination. Actually, sometimes what happens in a person’s imagination far outdoes what is shown on tv. I think more time should be spent on developing the characters than showing them rolling around in the hay. I know a lot of people on here won’t agree with me, but that’s ok.

  122. From Kat

    60 Blaze,
    meant to answer you on.. EJ took an oath as Mayor, yes He Did.
    But think about it,
    The oath of a law Enforcement officer, vs. a Politician, Who do you expect will/or should live by it more… I would not trust any politician to much, especially not a DiMera. People voting for Him should not expect to much,
    but FBI, Police etc. one expects so much more. So when Rafe let’s people down, it is harder to accept.
    Our EJ is written bad and good, because that is the character he plays.

    P.S. Every time I see EJ from now, sweet and squishi, I’ll see you trying to eat him up….funny, Enjoy.

  123. From Kat

    Soon Eric the priest/almost priest, will be in Salem and of course involved in a Major SL with our “Fallen Angel” Nicole.
    In the olden movies, we have seen stories like that, but usually they do not end in harmony with the couple happily ever after.
    Now these days, We have the Gay Story on Days, and people are trending to accept it.
    Will the same happen with Nicole and Eric…. after all Nicole will be kind of “stealing” Eric away from God!
    I know, Priest have left the Priesthood before, but I don’t really know, is everybody ready for this.
    I have no problem, especially if Eric has not yet taken his vows,
    to me it will be an interesting Story if done right.
    Like we said, the world is evolving, views are changing all the time,
    however Not Fast enough for Some.

    So what do some of you think, about the up coming SL, “Nicole and the Priest”, having been in love once upon a time…..and now facing each other again
    at the cross roads of their lives….

  124. From SandyGram

    Episode November 2nd:
    It’s interesting, I can’t remember in all the scheming between Sami and Kate, or to each other, has either one cared what Will or Allie would think about their dislike for one another. I mention this because whether they like it or not, they are family because of the kids. Kristen sure didn’t have to turn the screws on Sami that much to get her to agree to the employment contract. She just dangled the one carrot she knew Sami couldn’t turn down, the destruction of Kate. How’s Will going to feel about that?

    Loved the conversation between Kate and Sonny today. As much as Kate attempted to take young Will from Sami and prove her an unfit mother in the past, now as a young man, she only has his best interest at heart. If she could just spin a little time with Lucas on his attitude toward Will and Sonny as a couple. Lucas needs to make up his mind whether Will being gay doesn’t bother him, or it does but he will respect Will’s decision. As mentioned in other posts, to date, the writers have not given us any evidence that Sonny is or was some kind of playboy, jumping from partner to partner. As Sonny said the other day, would Lucas be saying the same things to Will if Sonny was a woman? For me, for this story line to be honest, it’s important that Lucas’s feelings be taken into consideration as a concerned father. And although he’s going about it differently, Lucas is much like Kate when it comes to protecting their young and in not wanting to see Will’s heart be broken.

    Will’s immaturity came through in this show and Sonny nailed it when saying he wasn’t asking for himself about Sonny’s experiences, but for his Dad. I was glad to see the writers had Sonny turn Will down when he became aggressive, getting together at that moment was for all the wrong reasons.

    It would appear Gabi has accomplished what she couldn’t get from Will, sex upon request. I do like Nick and Gabi together but slow down a little. I suppose if Gabi is going to be pregnant with Will’s child, then moving into a sexual relationship with Nick needed to happen leading up to a ‘who’s the daddy story’. How convoluted will this story become real quick. From the spoilers it looks like Sami gets involved in Gabi and Nick’s relationship. It’s not clear why, could she actually be concerned because of Nick’s past, Gabi’s age and inexperience, to many things to choose from??? She can’t put Nick down to much since she wants to hire him. A whole new ball of snakes are opening up that involves Nick, Gabi, Will, Sonny, Rafe and Sami.

    Then there’s Jenn…well enough said, hopefully this too will be over soon! Especially now that Daniel has finally seen the other half of the twosie.

  125. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    I wanted to comment at first on the word “bloody” as someone who uses it. First Americans assume it means the f word, when in actuality it mainly is used to put emphasise on something. Harry Potters Ron used it all the time, lots of kids use it, It can mean bad things or good things, It is used to represent awe, shock, and add empathise on things for example I could say Its bloody beautiful out. I am saying its very beautiful out Very would be the emphasis on the word Beautiful. Now using it in shock is when it is usually used to emphasize a negative feeling. It is used in newspapers tv everywhere and has a variety of meaning and to be honest it is for some used almost in most sentences. That does not mean I am cussing or even that I am saying something bad if I use it I am putting emphasize on something that may have me shocked or in awe. So when EJ said His Bloody child he was really putting emphasize on the fact that it was his child and showing how shocked or angry he was with what Nicole was doing.

    bloody: adj 1 . An exclamation of surprise, shock, anger or even awe.

    So just thought I would give someone a take on the real meaning of bloody from someone who used to live in Ireland a while and the word is used in most of UK, England etc.

  126. From Kat

    123 Tee,

    My Goodness, Thank you Tee,
    for clarifying it,
    I knew what EJ meant right off,
    never gave it a second thought,
    but I guess Americans really need to get educated on the meaning of the word… Thank you so much…
    Me being European, I understand so much more, when EJ is talking, and I really think he is such an educated man in his Manner and speech…
    Rafe, well bad, but so common, but he has his own following… and that is ok…
    Again, Tee, Thank you, we truly need little Reality Checks every so often….

  127. From Tee

    #122 Sandy~ Sami and Kate wow those 2 have been at it for so long, but I have to say when it comes to the kids they support each other. They unite as one voice, I remember Kate calling Sami to tell her EJ was planning to leave, and even Sami taking advice from Kate about Will, then there’s the whole Adrienne issue where they came together to protect Will then Kate said this don’t change anything between us. I look at it as long as they are being like that when it comes to the kids I am fine with their little competition they have going. I look at it like Brady does who is Samis own brother and he is fine with it. As long as they are not physically trying to hurt each other a little business competition is ok. Besides Kate and Brady started it anyway, we seen them many weeks ago saying they were gonna take Sami and Cw down. So Kristen giving Sami a bonus for taking down Kate in my book no problem. Kate and her brother started this anyway.This round anyway lol
    I enjoy their competition and their sometimes civil conversations.

    BTW Rafe has no clue why he is helping Daniel look for Nicole, Daniel will approach him and urgently ask Rafe to help find her and he does. I cant remember what poster commented about that somewhere here.Rafe learns the shocking news when everyone else does.

    Kat I heard that Eric is not exactly happy as being a priest, or that he is not sure it is his calling. Though time will tell. I am interested to see how it will go and believe it could be great, It definitely may give Nicole the support and love she desperately seeks. I hope so.

    I wanted to add to some I myself and others have said about dislike of characters. I like to think a big difference is I may not like Nicole with EJ or Rafe with Sami but I actually love Nicoles character and Rafe I am still hoping to root for him in a storyline. Maybe like Kat said bring on Emily.We know so much about all the families of Salem but the Hernandez family. We really don’t know much and hopefully we get to learn more someday.
    Leah #115 Wonderful post

    Blaze #110 And many of your other posts were beautiful and how I feel about the Wilson story line. I know not all like it but I hope it can allow people to atleast be more understanding that No one has a right to judge us but God, and I say God for all religions as I respect freedom of religion as well, I am a very kinda freedom to make your won choices or be who you are or who you want to be kinda person. The world and its views will not change over night but just in the years things have become alot better for people and their freedom of choices etc.
    Blaze I love your different strokes for Different folks line.

    Kat #107 I think that was well said about your feelings and I appreciate how you put it that people need time and all that. Very well said. I like it.
    I am straight and married as most here know but I am just a aid supporter or gay/lesbian rights, but so true how many need time, things like this were kept more quiet back then it has always been around, people have always been gay and straight ect. Just it was less acceptable it will take time. Hopefully it will come the day when all will be ok with it. I am glad you are keeping a open mind.

  128. From Kat

    123 Tee,
    as an European, I have always known what EJ meant with the word .. bloody…
    I never thought of anything wrong,
    was really surprised when some of the Posters on here took offense to it…..
    Bloody to me, growing up has never been a word to be offended by, and anybody, that speaks more languages, knows about that…
    “What a bloody darn mess is going on in Salem right now” with all those bloody darn people in this town…LOL”

  129. From Arlene

    I too was disappointed in Bo’s exit. It would have been nice to have a last love scene with Hope, especially since he would be gone for a long time. It was so sad to see him leave.

  130. From Tee

    Patty#97 You said Rafe does not deliberately set out to hurt or destroy people, he actually does. He deliberately set out to hurt and destroy EJ who is a person. But you are right in that Rafe is made to look like the good guy, which is why it is so bad to some when he does awful things like keep a mans child from him.
    My thing is this, Some believe it was ok Rafe did that because it was EJ and act like Nicole is more deserving of the child then EJ. I honestly believe that both deserve their child as I believe a child needs its parents, and should have right to see a child unless it is deemed by a judge they beat or cause harm to their child, drug addicts etc.
    So if EJ does not deserve his child and it was ok what Rafe did because Iti s EJ. Why is Nicole more deserving, she has kidnapped, lied shot and schemed a few murders (she paid Larry Welch to shoot Victor) thats hiring a hitman, and for what his money. So after that did not work out she teamed up with Jan Spears, and Victor was assumed dead by her I believe. I believe she was also a suspect in the murder of her first husband. Now she is using her dead child to get a man, and throw a woman in jail. She also lied about childs paternity. I could go on and on with her.
    So maybe sometimes I feel some people only think Dimeras dont deserve anything but not me I feel all do. I love Nicole despite all her faults, Sami was never ever a innocent paramount of virtue, so no when she got with Rafe and became what I call fake I did not like it. From the day I have watched Sami which is her first day she schemes and goes for what she wants and that is the Sami I like, she kisses no ones butt, and now she runs around trying to be a paramount of virtue ughh

    I am glad the Nicole/Dan Jen thing is wrapping up soon.

    Love how Sami did not go running back to EJ yet, they plan to do it right not have him be a rebound. I cannot wait

  131. From Tee

    Kat~ Yes I have seen many posters say EJ refferred to his child as his boody child and say he must not care or whatever because of saying that and Since it was used again in this blog by posters the saying I thought well why not clear it up for them. I was just tired of seing some use that against him, when they may not understand the full meaning. He certainly is not using it to say anything bad about his children he was expressing his shock and anger perhaps.
    I am trying to learn some Gaul lately lol, but I do speak 3 fluent languages and can write in 2. Glad you understood the meaning of it and I think it is neat you can speak other languages as well.
    Oh I guess pig latin may be considered a language so make that 4 lol

  132. From Kat

    Hi Tee, LOL, isn’t there such a thing as “High Tea”…
    I have more hope, people changing their minds and hearts about Gay/Lesbian,
    than I have about people giving EJ just half a break, meaning not accuse him of things he has not done, or not done yet, and might never doooooooooo., or having done things no Worse than others have done in Salem…

    EJ is written the way he is by the writers. They pull the strings, and EJ has the biggest Fan base of any of them .
    Of all the shows polled, EJ, Sami and EJ and Sami, consistently are running in the top 3.

    Rafe is down there like No. 7, and when asked about couples, He drags Sami down there with him to his low number.
    It is what it is. Fans love James Scott/EJ, and that is the Majority. Numbers are what they are, all over the place.

    Good Stuff Tee, very informative as always.

  133. From Kat

    Just checked to polls,those numbers are out of All the soaps that are on the air….

    No. 1 = Bo for last 5 weeks
    No. 2 – Hope

    No. 2 EJ for last 25 weeks
    No. 3 Sami

    Bo and Hope \ couple No. 2
    EJ and Sami \ couple No. 3

    Have to take back Rafe No.7, he is not even listed in the top 10…Don’t know where he is…
    Rafe needs a SL of his own, and a new woman in his life, and a new attitude, no more smirks and arrogance,
    he is a good looking man, but his character just doesn’t make it.
    Just MO, but Numbers say it all.

  134. From Leah

    What site was this Kat? What poll?And like you its no surprise to me Kat… I’ve always said EJ, Sami and Ejami have a massive following. They are the couple the majority of Days fans want. Every site I’ve ever visited (unless its a particular fan based bias one example: Ejami, Safe or Lumi fan club/site) Ejami HAS always come out on top as preferred couple pairing for EJ and Sami. So its about time the powers to be let it play out.
    And I agree its long overdue that Rafe have a storyline completely of his own. No EJ or Sami to prop him up. Something that we the viewers can sink our teeth into that will add depth and open up more of his character and past to us.

  135. From Kat

    134 Leah,
    it is “TV Source”.
    go to Soap..
    Pulse Ballot for Oct.22
    then vote for Oct. 29, etc…
    and every week you will get the results.
    You can vote for all Soaps remaining on the air,
    Fav. Male, Female, Couple, etc…

    Go look it up, and you can vote every week and then see the results.
    I just for GH and DOOL, have no idea about any of the other soaps…

    It was great so See how many voted for Bo and Hope, now that He is leaving.
    Wonder if Polls will jump for EJ after Bo is out of the race.

  136. From Leah

    Thanks Kat… I’ll check it out.
    Have to say I loved the “honesty” between Sami and Nicole on Friday. My favourite part was Nicole speaking the truth to Sami about EJ. Nicole to Sami…
    Nicole: EJ will listen to you. I mean you have a hold over EJ. A hold like no one ever has or ever will.
    Sami: I don’t know what your talking about (liar Sami – ha, ha).
    Nicole: Sami sure you do. Your his kribonite, his obession and he lives and breathes around you no matter how much he loves someone else.
    At long last Nicole admitting while he may have loved me EJ has never loved me the way he does you. In Nicoles own words its always been Sami, Sami, Sami! So glad Nicole is seeing clearly and hopefully moves onto greener pastures.
    Everyone in Salem knows it Ejami despite there better judgement can’t stay away from each other and love each other. Lucas has told Sami the truth about her love and unresolved feelings for EJ several times. Lucas even suggested to her that deep down Sami was afraid to admit her feelings because deep down she was scared something on the inside of her had EJs initials on it. Rafe in the past has asked Sami do you wish it was your marrying EJ today instead of Nicole? To which Sami answered yes! And then last week Rafe told Sami if I told you the truth about Nicoles baby eventually EJ would have found out about it because for some reason you can’t be trusted around him. You just can’t help yourself. If you knew it, he eventually would have too!
    Celeste to Sami: You are EJs archilles heel.
    Kate to Lucas: EJ is the sun in Sami’s orbit. Always has been and its always going to be that way.
    John to immigration guy: I don’t think those two kids really realise just how much in love they really are.
    Stefano to EJ: If I had told you the truth about Sami being pregnant (with Sydney) you would have gone running back to that Brady b***h. You are STILL in love with her admit it!
    William to EJ and Sami: Why do you care what she thinks and why are you lecturing him. You two really are two peas in a pod.
    Hope, Jennifer, Marlena, Carrie, Caroline, Kate, Chloe, Roman etc etc have all questioned Sami about her feelings towards EJ. IF the whole of Salem can see it and are talking about it I don’t see why some Days fans can’t. Its clear its time to put this Ejami show on the road and see how it plays out. Ejami 100% in love and committed to each other and their family. Yay!

  137. From patty

    I don’t understand how it’s any of Sami’s business what is going on with Nicole and Daniel. Since when does Sami give a hoot about Daniel or Jennifer enough to make her go to her house and badger her relentlessly about something that has nothing to do with her. Please, lets not have Sami become a busybody while she’s between men. Next she’ll be sticking her nose in Nick and Gabi’s affairs and again I don’t see what they have to do with her. Also for someone that is suppose to be soon reunited with her “true love” EJ, she sure puts him down a lot and agrees why Nicole should fear him.
    Well Brady has a dream about Kristen but it is a nightmare where a wacko Kristen shoots his father right in front of his eyes. He later promises Marlena that he won’t let Kristen hurt her and both he and Kate agree with Marlena that she has reasons to be very afraid of Kristen and they don’t thing she’s overacting. I don’t think so either, Kristen is creepy.
    Daniel follows the “twosie trail” and finds out that Nicole’s baby was already dead before her tumble down the stairs. I guess the trip to paradise is off.

  138. From Kat

    # 137,
    I wish I knew what you are talking about.
    I guess you are in the future, I am in the present concerning the SL. Always a day late, be nice if we could talk about things that have already happened, not what somebody has already seen.
    It makes it hard to follow, or debate back about stuff I have no clue about.
    I guess next week, I will know what you were talking about today…
    Just my thoughts and sorry about still being in the dark.

  139. From patty

    Leah, notice when Nicole went on about her being EJ’s kryptonite how Sami told her stop, I’m going to be sick. Nicole was being sarcastic, not playing matchmaker. Most people in Salem think EJ and Sami are a sickness, not a love match and all think Sami would be nuts to go back to him. Nobody trusts EJ or the Demiras, not even Sami obviously because even she thinks Nicole did the right thing by keeping her baby from him.

  140. From patty

    This is a spoiler site, Days of our Lives spoilers for November 5-9, we discuss spoilers. Next day, next week , next month…spoiler site, where everybody is entitled to post as they please as long as they respect the rules and guidelines.

  141. From Leah

    Patty is that how you spell krytonite – ha, ha.
    Um in regards to your post 139… Yes Sami may have said that BUT sometimes what people don’t say speaks volumes more. Sami didn’t protest, go off and hit the roof like she may have previous years. She knew what Nicole was saying was right and the truth. It kinda reminded me of Ejami scene on the 19th of July. EJ was leaning over Sami and telling her how whenever they are in trouble they always end up back in the same place, back with each other. Sami’s reaction was again not jumping up and down or protesting too much she simply told EJ “Shut up.”
    Not too much protesting going on by Sami about EJ these days. Certainly not in comparison to their past.

  142. From SandyGram

    #141 Leah…I was just wondering are you referring to patty’s spelling of kryptonite, which is the radioactive material from Superman’s plant Krypton, in Post #79 kryponite or Post #139 kryptonite which is the correct spelling.

    Before pointing out misspelling or typos of others you might want to take a look at Post #136 from Leah where kryptonite is spelled as ‘kribonite’, as well as favorite as ‘favourite’ (Ha Ha)!

    Everyone on this board misspells a word or has a typo now and then; just between me and you do you really want to start pointing out spelling errors? Just a thought!

  143. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Gee Tee, how come I get called the Word Police for offering descriptions and you get a pat on the back from Kat? I’m not sure I like the double standards being set here. I took an awful lot of abuse a while back and was told I was a lot of not very nice things. I’m still not sure why.

  144. From Leah

    Oh ok thanks Sandygram… don’t claim to be the best speller but I think yous get the point. But in saying that I don’t come from the USA so some of our spelling is different to yours. Favourite is spelt exactly the way I typed it over here. Another example for you would be we spell labour with a u also and I know you don’t over there. The english language is a funny one. No wonder other cultures learning it have such difficulty when we in the english speaking world can pronounce and spell if differently and it’s the same language.

  145. From Leah

    Oh Sandygram I just reread you post… oh I certainly wasn’t having ago at Patty anything. In fact I thought she had spelt it right (thats how much I know… I just knew I hadn’t spelt it right). I was actually having a laugh at myself! But thanks for the informative info anyway.

  146. From SandyGram

    #144 & #145 Leah
    With the ‘haha’ after your comment about spelling, as I put ‘HaHa’ after mine, I kind of figured this would come back to bite me. Sorry if I over reacted, I just get a little bewildered at times with the finger pointing and accusations. As you have pointed out, there are many reasons someone may spell differently than others, like English not being their primary language. Even more so why something like spelling and typo’s should never be an issue on this board. Thanks for keeping me straight.

    Does this mean you are one of our Canadian board members?

  147. From Leah

    Thats ok SandyGram… all is well. And no I’m from the land Downunder… I live in Australia!

  148. From Shani

    Seriously?? We really need an education on how Brits use the word “bloody”?! Shiver me britches, that’s bloody condescending!!

  149. From patty

    Really Shani. It doesn’t matter what country you’re from or how many languages you speak, the context in which EJ refers to his “bloody” child is self explanatory and it’s not meant as an endearment.

  150. From Shani

    patty 149 you are exactly right! I’ve seen a lot of spin to let EJ off the hook & this one is right at the top of the list!!

  151. From Kat

    It is very sad, that now EJ’s OWN language is held against him. What understanding people, and then people wonder why there is no unity about other problems….
    Clear that some do not understand what “bloody” means to a Brit.
    It’s to bad, the writers had to use this word, knowing, as we find out on this blog, that people would not understand and Of Course Hold it against EJ.
    This Hate for EJ, no matter what, is getting a bit sad and overboard, but at least don’t blame him for his Language, and He speaks it very well.

  152. From SandyGram

    #147 Leah
    Wow, Australia now that’s a pleasant surprise, I didn’t know Days showed in Australia.

    Where Canada is one day ahead of the US, is Australia on the same schedule as the US or are you behind or ahead of the US as far as when the Days episodes show?

  153. From Shani

    Mmm, more condescention to those of us deemed not able to understand. What I understand is that my British friends use the word bloody in a lot of their talk but they would be respectful enough to never use it discussing their dead baby. Or anyone’s dead child. So enough with trying to bridge the language barrior to excuse EJ. He acted like an a@@, both in word & in deed!!

    Posting for everyone to see. Please remember the dialogue writers are the ones to blame for EJ’s dialogue and any character’s dialogue. They chose for him to use the word “bloody.” Hoping everyone can move on from this before it escalates! Thanks! ADMIN

  154. From Kat

    Fair enough, We are All entitled to our opinions.

  155. From NeeNee

    Hey, Miss Shani!

    We’re down to the wire for the elections now and hopefully we can all go back to traditionally normal Days of Our Lives.

    Small illustrative example just occurred to me, that carries over into the EJ vs. Rafe issue: everybody for decades has sighed & said *ho-hum* about dead voters in Chicago voting. . . . “oh, that’s just those loveable rascals on the left.” Meanwhile, should any conservative EVER do something as innocent as helping an elderly parent fill out an absentee ballot now, THAT’s voter fraud!

    EJ? Oh, he’s that loveable bloke with the British accent who’s just trying to break out of his Fatha’s orbit; he doesn’t really mean to take children away from their mothers or install a homicidal killer in their homes. Nah—he’s just being EJ. And he’s sooooo cute, to boot!

    But that slimy, underhanded Rafe who has occasionally strayed from the straight & narrow to help those in danger stay safe, so that their threateners can be brought to justice, WELL! Let’s throw the book at him because he’s evil / stupid / smelly and mean/mean/mean! And besides . . .he needs to pluck those eyebrows!

    SIDEBAR: An elderly parent of my choir members got an absentee ballot & filled it out before having surgery. On the way to the hospital, he remembered that he forgot to sign it. Sadly, he passed away after surgery. His kids found the ballot, unsigned. One son said, “We know dad would have voted for R/R and I can do his signature pretty good.” His sister said, “Now, now. Dad wouldn’t want us to break the law just so his vote could count. That would go against everything he believed in.” Ballot torn up, end of story.

  156. From Trebuchette

    I said I wouldn’t watch the destruction of Nicole AGAIN (and I won’t; they’ll NEVER sell me on Jennifer, mwah!)

    …but had to come say, caught scene w/ Marlena/Kate and LOVED it! I actually stopped to watch. Ppl forget Marlena/Kate had friendship and I like seeing that on this show. A little interested in Kristen storyline, and where Brady stands.

    But I will pause, then FFW, through any Jennifer crap. And Nicole, even though she’s a favorite, because I hate what they’ve with her storyline and sick of her being a punching bag (quite literally, from what I READ about EJ/Nic confrontation. Didn’t watch, but read it.) If I ever read that Jennifer dies or Nicole gets some respect, I’ll watch Nic scenes again. But until then, I’m just going to watch Kristen, John, Kate, Marlena, Brady. THAT part has promise. <3

  157. From MAB

    Again, Lucas can’t say anything w/o sounding like the bad guy. Will is acting so immature, and Lucas is right to tell Sonny that Will is not ready for a serious relationship.

    Not even gonna comment on Jen, Daniel, Nicole, etc. It’s overdone, stupid, and I’ll be glad when it’s over. I did like seeing Sami & Nicole interact again tho.

    Tee – some apparently don’t understand what is meant by certain words in other languages, such as bloody. Just because it’s EJ saying it tho, some want to make something out of it, and use it against him, like they do most things, but that’s become typical behavior on here. Some just assume way too much of the characters, and of others. They hate EJ so much that they even claim to know everything he’s gonna do & say, and sometimes before it even happens. I guess we have mind readers on here. I think the comments were condescending to you, and as usual, it was uncalled for. You were just trying to give your insights. But they would rather dish it out, and have no problem doing so, that is until someone comes back at them, then they want to whine about it. You can bet the uproar from them always starts when EJami fans say something in favor of him.

    Arlene – yeah, why wasn’t there a last love scene w/ Bo & Hope???

    Kat – about that poll, the 2 best couples in daytime made the top of the list. For me, Bo & Hope is the best couple of all time. And EJ & Sami are just the best couple period.

    Leah – no doubt EJ & Sami have a massive following, and have for a long time.

    Nicole was being honest calling Sami EJ’s kryptonite, because she is. Nicole has always known Sami was the one for EJ, and I think Sami is realizing it too. Too bad Nicole always comes in second w/ men. Hopefully that will change once Eric returns! Back to Sami, I’ll be so glad once she finally chooses to be w/ EJ, regardless of all the naysayers, and can’t wait to see her & EJ prove everyone wrong that they can be the amazing couple they were always meant to be!

    Kat – SO right when you said “this Hate for EJ, no matter what, is getting a bit sad and overboard”. I said the same thing a while back. Of course, I think it just shows a lack of maturity on their part, that they hate him so much they resort to childish behavior.

  158. From voiceofreason

    In regards to my much earlier comment about how attractive Sami is, it was simply meant in the context of the show. Obviously Allison is very attractive. In comparison to others on the show, her looks, IN MY OPINION, do not justify having to deal with the fact that she is a self-absorbed, psychotic nut job. Hopefully that clears things up. lol

    On another note, I have a very serious question, one that I hope doesn’t come off as sexist or anything because it’s not meant to. Why is it that as a guy, I can be subjected to two guys making out every day on the show and yet you never see women making out? Not that I want to see that either, I just don’t get the double standard.

  159. From voiceofreason

    I assume that it’s because women, the primary viewer of these shows, would be more grossed out by two women kissing than two guys, but that just seems like a big-time double standard to me. I don’t want that shoved down my throat in either case. MAB, we rarely agree, but I definitely agree with you in that I’m happy they gave Nick a voice on the whole thing and were able to show another side to the argument.

  160. From voiceofreason

    MAB, this has to stop. I’m starting to agree with you too much. I also can’t stand this Daniel/Nicole/Jennifer thing at this point AND I also agree about Lucas/Will. This storyline has run its course and Will is really starting to get on my nerves. Good actor, but the storyline has to go. Let them be gay and get on with it.

  161. From Shani

    Thank you for your post administration. I agree with Kat, “fair enough, we are all entitled to our opinions”.

    Speaking of my circle of British friends, they like warm beer, which I cannot handle at all!! The colder the better for me!!

    I was really into the show today. As much as I have not cared for the story of Nicole losing her baby I was on the edge of my chair wanting Dr. Dan to talk with the doctor who told Nicole her baby was dead. The look on his face, – - PRICELESS! Marlena was right “you know you’re in trouble if Kate feels sorry for you”. Sami & John are so wrong about Kristen. But Marlena, Kate, & Brady have her pegged!! & she’s EVERYWHERE!! Sami was on a mission with Jennifer, trying to find out exactly what was going on. Glad Lucas showed up & that Jen & Sami ended-up ok, with Jennifer left to ponder being intentionally set-up by Nicole from the start.

    Nee Nee good to see your name pop up again. Yes, tomorrow the big day! With things so close, wonder if we will have to wait a couple of days for results. Or one or the other could break away at the last minute.

    I chuckled at your post 155 about EJ & Rafe. Good one! Rafe was at it again today, (for shame), secretly getting the phone # for the doctor Dan wanted to talk with. Like what Bo would have done!

    Thank-you Shani. I appreciate you not thinking I was pointing fingers. I am enjoying everyone dealing with issues with greater ease lately and want to keep up the great postings. ADMIN

  162. From Shani

    I agree about Will & he is getting on my last nerve the way he treats Lucas over the Gay issue. Of course Lucas has concerns, & I was also with Nick in how he explained his religious feelings about his friends being Gay.

  163. From Shani

    OMG I just realized Hope & John are on the Jeff Probst Show right now!

  164. From Shani

    Actually several of the Days cast are on. Anyone else know this was coming up? I just stumbled on it after leaving my TV on after Days was over.

  165. From patty

    I also agree that Will is the annoying part of the gay storyline. I can’t believe how much he has turned into his mother thinking everything is about himself and treating his father like crap. If Will is happier than he’s ever been, it doesn’t show. He sounds bitter and angry to me and poor Sonny has his work cut out for him with this guy.
    Not sure I agree with what Nick had to say. I thought it was a little hypocritical of him to use religion and morals when he turned around and proceeded to have sex with a girl he’s known for about two minutes. I could see an older person like Caroline or even Eric the priest bringing up religion but coming from Nick, an ex-con, it just didn’t seem right .
    voiceofreason, I hear what you are saying but I don’t believe most women are that comfortable watching two guys make out either. As a matter of fact, the same goes for any couple, better to leave a little to the imagination.
    Like everybody, I am anxiously awaiting the day for the Nicole/Dan/Jen drama to be over. It can’t come soon enough.

  166. From MAB

    voiceofreason – I see we are agreeing more as well. Yes, there needs to be a balance in the gay s/l, and I’m glad we’re seeing that too. I agree, Will is getting on my nerves too. Not only is he acting immature, he has to realize not everyone thinks alike, and everyone, including his father, has a right to express how they feel. Lucas, nor Nick, wants anyone hurt (like most people), but that don’t mean they have to accept the lifestyle. Also, the kissing going on between men & women, me (as a woman) don’t want to see either, but if I had to choose, I’d rather see women.

    I’m sure Kristen being back isn’t gonna be all nice, but I think it’s premature to know what she is up to, and what she is all about since her last stint in Salem. Either way, it’s interesting!

    Various websites announced the Days cast being on The Jeff Probst show today, and it was discussed on here as well a few times. Tee is the one who announced on here. I believe EJ & John were slated to be on there, and maybe others.

  167. From Leah

    #152 SandyGram…
    Yes Days of our Lives is played on free to air TV over here. It is the last soap to be doing so. The Young and the Restless use to be on free to air TV but a couple of years ago it went off the air here and over to pay TV. I know for a while they started playing General Hospital on pay TV as well but I think it didn’t last long.
    As for our Days schedule compared to yours… we are behind you. At one stage we were about a year behind you but what we are up to now. I haven’t been watching it on TV here because we are that behind I’ve been watching it on the internet.
    Thanks ADMIN for stepping in and stating what should be clear and obvious to us all. The Days executives, writers or dialogue writers are responsible for EVERY thing we see and hear on our screens. If we are unhappy with something they are the ones we should let know as they are the ones responsible.

    You’re welcome. Things were fine and I apologize if it looks like I’m pointing the finger though I was not. I am unable to create a post and this is easier. I see how well everyone is getting along and wanted to keep that going. ADMIN

  168. From bobby

    #162 Shani-Will has to stop and realize that he has had these feelings for a long time and has to let people adjust. Lucas loves Will no matter what, but has to have time to absorb the change. Plus, as a protective father, he doesn’t want someone hurting his son. On a good note–Go Dr. Dan.Long time coming. Nichole is going to be kicking herself 10 times over for not taking Victor’s offer. No man-no money. She’s getting everything she deserves for using a baby to ruin everybody’s lives just to get a man. And do we really have to see her fall down another flight of stairs?

  169. From Shani

    kat 167 ok, thanks for explaining but it doesn’t matter, I still say fair enough. I have heard that before about cold drinks causing stomach cancer, like was believed in the old days by many in European cultures. & funny, some Mormon friends we have believe anything too hot is bad for you, temperature-wise & seasoning-wise. Go figure!

    Like you I’m not completely onboard with Dr. Dan & Jennifer but they do love each other so I’m glad they will be free to go ahead with it, if they both choose to do so, & the whole Nicole thing will be over. I wonder if the old writers were planning for Nicole to have the baby but then the new writers changed the outcome. Probably after they decided to have Eric back on the show. I think it could be a good storyline to have Eric struggle with his priesthood vs. being in love with Nicole. But who knows what TPTB have in mind?!

    EJ, Rafe, Lucas, John, Hope, & Brady were the ones I saw on the Jeff Probst Show before I had to turn it off. I’ve been on & off this site with politics calling so maybe it was discussed during a time I was gone. Great to see everyone out of their roles on Days.

  170. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    Dying to be~ I did not mean to make you feel singled out anywhere and dont recall naming you in any comments. If it’s about Bloody thing, It has been said by many postes since he said it, but since Admins handled that, I am not gonna bring it back up I just wanted to tell you sorry if you felt singled out. Thanks. I try to be respectful in all my posts even when we dont agree.
    DYING TO BE #100 I have to agree about Rafe being brought in for angst for EJAMI, and IMO without EJAMI in his life what will he do next. It becomes hard to root for him when all his story revolves mostly around that. EJ has been in many of stories that do not involve Sami, but Rafes stories generally rely on EJ. If you remove that who is Rafe Hernandez? I hope writers move him to his own story lines and make me wanna root for this guy. Give him his own person so to speak.

    KAT High Tea reminds me of Bram Brack and of course a recent Holiday Halloween!! High Tea/Dinner/supper. I do wish to visit Ireland again, I was born here in America but lived there for a few years to study my culture some and its beautiful there.

    NeeNee I don’t think Rafe is slimy and mean at all. I just don;t know what is there for but to revolve around EJAMI, he needs his own history and story a part from them like most characters. What is Rafe without a EJ story? We have not really seen that yet and I am looking forward to it.

    PATTY#137 I guess since Nicole came to Sami asking her to help it now is her business. They are not exactly friends and Sami knows Nicole is up to something. Jen is also close to her family and Lucas’s Cousin so therefore her children by Lucas family so yes she may be trying to figure this out and help Jen. But imo when Nicole asked her help Sami had the right to want to know more of why and what. She is just not gonna help her enemy without knowing or understanding if she should or not.

    Sandy~ You are on day ahead right? Then I think the answer to Kristen’s reasons for not living in mansion are more explained now. She said it gives her the heebie jeebies(sp) She don’t want to be there alone she is haunted by it.

    Speaking of DA Victor is just WOW. Trying to push Brady off on Nicole.

    KAT #133 ilove that site and Ryan who runs it is a good source, love his spoilers, polls etc

    EJAMI got 1st place days couple every week in past few months but 2 times and I think like you said it was given to BOPE due to votes. I guess with Bo leaving and all people paid homage to them. I sure will miss him.

    I am loving KRISTEN and cant wait to see whats in store for her and Marlena/John/Brady.
    I know I may be a minority but Iliked John and kristen together, she was not always bad. She was very into church and charities and what not.

    Spoilerish EJ decides to call his fatha and re join the ranks but there is a twist and there’s gonna be a somewhat upset in Dimera dynamics. What exactly will it cost Stefano to re gain EJ in his life? I can’t wait to see EJ’s conditions on his fatha.

  171. From Shani

    Administration 161, no I didn’t take it that way at all but thanks anyway for clarifying. Pretty neat how you can’t create a post but you can appear seemingly out of nowhere to communicate with us. You’re right & this site is goin’ pretty good right now!!

    Good! I watch the posts from the CMS. I try to read each when I can now and am very happy people are working out their issues. Thank-you for your kind response. ADMIN

  172. From MAB

    Kat – thanks for the kind words, and the same can be said about you as well, just know that. I agree about the complaint as to how much many words should be used in ones post. Why does anyone care how long someone’s post is? If it bothers them that bad, skip it I say…problem solved.

  173. From patty

    bobby, Will took a long time himself to accept he was gay so why can’t he understand other people who struggle with it? I don’t like that he makes his father sound like he’s a homophobe. Lucas loves his son and has been there for him to the point of doing jail time to protect him. Will in return has been plain nasty to his father, betrayed him by helping EJ and Sami escape and barely blinked when his father had his heart broken. Will is selfish like his mother and thinks it’s all about him.
    As much as I want the Nicole/Dan/Jen story to end, I agree with #156 Trebuchette that it is getting tiresome watching Nicole’s character treated as a punching bag.

  174. From kat

    Let’s face it, so much pain and hardship going on in this country right now,
    and here we are, talking, agreeing and dis agreeing about a fictional soap, and some taking it to serious,..
    Let’s all have a good laugh, take a deep breath and go on watching the incredible life in Salem…
    Keep it absurd, weird and unbelievable, and it will give us so much to talk about….
    On the Probst show, both Rafe and EJ looked amazing, prob. thinking, hey Ladies, love us, hate us,
    As long as we are getting our great Paychecks, what does it matter….

  175. From SandyGram

    #171 Tee
    No I’m right here in California so I’m not one of the lucky ‘Day Ahead’ viewers. But I do read the Day Ahead Articles on Sites like Network 54 New Salem and Days Cafe. I really enjoy the posting from our Canadian board members (especially patty…I’m sure there are many more) they give me insight into what’s coming up the next day, which goes along with me being a Spoiler Junkie.

  176. From patty

    # 171
    Tee, I really believe that Sami’s visit to Jen was just a time filler and it will probably be the last we see of it. Since when does Sami care what happens to Daniel or Jennifer or anyone for that matter? I also think that Victor trying to push Brady on Nicole was not just a bad idea but was just a waste of time also and will go no further.
    I like that John comes clean to Marlena about Kristen “coincidently” popping up everywhere he goes and that Marlena guesses before John even tells her that Kristen showed up at his church meeting. How much more obvious can she be about stalking him. I hate that they are making John appear too dumb to clue in that Kristen is a threat. John should be smarter than that but Marlena has caught on that Kristen is trying to make her appear paranoid so she won’t play into it anymore.

  177. From Blaze.

    Just a note… Warm beer is easier to chug!! Heheheh!! I’m just sayin’!!
    Happy Day All!! :)

  178. From SandyGram

    Just finished watching the Jeff Probst Show celebrating 47 Years of Days of Our Lives and 12,000 Episodes. How fun was that? On stage was Kristian Alphonso (Hope), Drake Hogesten (John), James Scott (EJ), Galen Gerring (Rafe) and Brian Datillo (Lucas); and clips with Deidra Hall (Marlena), Arianne Zurcker (Niole), Joe Mascolo (Stefano), John Aniston (Victor), Eric Marstoff (Brady), Peter Reckell (A very young Bo) and I think Blake Berris (Nick) hugged a super fan. Jeff is such a talker, I would of like it a little more if the stars had more time to talk. I especially loved the audience question ‘what do you wear when doing the sex scenes?’ Brian quickly responded with nothing and that Ali (Sami) was Okay with that! Kristian said she wore sweat pants pulled up with a strapless bathing suit top and sheets. I’d love to go to a Fan Event but they’re never close enough for me. I know I’d be tongue tied in front of them and probably end up bawling from excitement.

  179. From Tee

    KAT~#167 I am reminded of when the kids wanted Sami and EJ to dance together at that thing for Lexie I think it was. I also remember them wanting them together as well. So yes I would say they love both their parents as well.

    Bobby #169 so true on this show KARMA plays more at hand then jail. So no matter people usually get it one way or the other. I love Nicole as a character and theres times she drives me nuts but I know I am looking forward to seeing how things go with her and Eric.

    #158 Voice I am thinking that they just chose one or the other to do the story line. I know In general on tv or even in public people seem to find 2 women more acceptable. For example how many men enjoy that sort of thing, etc. I am glad we can all discuss this in a civil way. I know from what I have seen out there in general women have a bit of a easier time then men do in this area. It could be different for others but that is just from what I have seen.
    Maybe they will go down that path with woman as well in future who knows.Very true about Lucas he will need time to get used to it. Maybe Will is more upset because at first it was Lucas upset with Sami for freaking out and now she is completely accepting this, and Lucas is in need of more time. I Also think Lucas is taking it a little over the top trying to scheme to break them up with Adrienne and then making it out like Sonny sleeps around a lot. I do agree Lucas will come around in time, but I also agree with Sonny about him not acting same if it was a woman. I like they are using diversity and typical struggles in this like Nick etc. I am not a fan of Nicks excuse but I think it is needed because it is something gay people hear all too much the whole ” Cant accept or be Gay due to religion stuff” That is something that is being used against gay people and yes it is sad IMO. I think it could be a great story line and want to see how it is played out.

    PATTY~ I do hope Nicole finds love a and maybe with Eric she needs that. Maybe she will change her ways. I guess thats me always looking for a characters redemptions. I Mean Nicole is using her dead child to get a man and try to send Jen to jail and scheming and lying like usual but I can still root for her and I love that. I rot for her to find great love and change etc. Same way I root for EJAMI and EJ himself.

    I think you may be right about it just being mostly filler stuff to add to the story and it will be ending soon anyway. Next up for Dannifer will be JJ returning next year

    More soon gotta take dog outside

  180. From Cougar

    Enjoyed the Jeff Probst Show with the Days cast members. It was interesting to hear that Kristian figure skated and Drake was drafted for the Cardinals and Yankees. Wow they both were athletes prior to their acting careers and its’ very easy to picture her gracefully pirouetting and him up to bat. I wish that they would have given a little more interview time with Galen, Brian and James.

  181. From NeeNee

    Cougar, were you watching when Hope’s figure skating was written into the storyline? Back in the mid 1980′s her skating was part of a plot involving Victor Kiriakis & a diamond . . . getting old, can’t remember details, but I do recall her actually skating.

  182. From kat

    Let’s All Vote tomorrow,
    I know I will, because I love this country.
    I have my citizenship papers to prove, and I am so proud of that…God Bless America….

  183. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Tee, no it wasn’t you who singled me out. I was pointing out that Kat basically called me the WP when I defined a word, but clapped for you, even tho I felt your explanation wasn’t needed. I feel that is the double standard. And I don’t understand why.

    Also, the suggestion to limit the amount of commenting is that it is cumbersome to read thru 2,000 word essays that beat the same drum, in order to find a nugget of something signficant. Brevity allows us to read them. I was taught that you were supposed to want people to read what we write. I guess I’m too ADHD for 2,000 words. Or it’s boring. Different strokes. I’ll just skip over those, as always.

    Cougar, do you need a coach up in Northern IL? I have one I’ll send you. Free of charge. No thanks necessary.

  184. From SandyGram

    Episode November 5th:
    I am so enjoying the show, starting with Brady’s dream of Kristen shooting John. Can this be a hint of what may be ahead for us?

    I would love to see Kate and Marlena join together to bring down Kristen, they were good friends at one time. But that’s probably not possible if Kate is going to ever get back with Stefano.

    With Eric coming to Salem soon he will add a new dynamic to Nicole’s world. It’s pretty obvious Nikki and Dan are done’s-vill!

    I suppose since there is a spoiler for Friday November 9th that an autopsy was performed on the baby and nobody was found at fault for the baby’s death, we can hope Daniel Rafael is still alive somewhere. Now we can only wait and see if the other rumor that Nicole will someday be a mother from a pregnancy from years ago will come true. But then that’s a pretty big rumor!

    I did read an excerpt on TV Megasite that Melissa Reeves (Jenn) will be leaving the show in the fall. But it is fall and not even a whisper of this being true in the spoilers or interviews. It must of originated from the ‘Soap Whisperer’.

    Sami is a little shy on finesse when approaching Jenn about what’s really going on. Over the past several weeks it has been Jenn who talked down everyone else, today Sami surely got the best of Jenn. Then she was so quick to turn down John’s job offer which I can totally respect her reasoning. Hoping she will throw caution to the wind, aligning herself with Kristen maybe more than she anticipated and I’m thinking neither Stefano or EJ can control her. It definitely seems she has an agenda outside bring the DiMera family together.

  185. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from an article on ToNight dated November 11th:

    On crossing the soap floor from Passions and slipping into the skin of a new character, Gering says: “It wasn’t difficult with the characters. One of the directors brought me in and wrote a character who was similar to Luis.

    “Rafe, however, is a little more astute and aggressive. I thought the writing was better and my character more multi-dimensional.

    “So it was a lot easier for me, especially since there was no hell in the closet.” (laughs)

    In the upcoming storyline, interlinked with Nicole’s running away after the baby switching saga, Rafe ends up rescuing her.

    He says: “I can’t give any secrets away. Let me just say this: the period coming up for me as an actor and for my character is a fun one. It is all interesting.

    “Obviously, there is going to be good drama. As for Rafe and Sami, there are all kinds of crazy things going on for them.”

  186. From Leah

    SandyGram… I’m a little confused about Galens statement about an up and coming storyline. It is interlinked with Nicoles running away after the baby switching saga and Rafe ends up rescuing her. Baby switching drama? What does that mean? I don’t get it. Nicole switched Sydney… is she going to do it again to someone?
    Have to say I REALLY hate the same storylines being played over and over again. Can’t the writers think of something new?

  187. From Shani

    Blaze 178 great point about the warm beer!

    I thought James Scott looked super in his glasses yesterday on the Jeff Probst Show. I agree Jeff talked too much & cut into the Days stars’ time.

    Kat, your expressions of your love for this country are always appreciated. Sometimes those of us who have lived here all our lives can take our great America for granted. Everyone, please vote if you haven’t already. My husband & I just came home from doing so. Didn’t take us long – only 55 minutes.

  188. From Cougar

    Nee Nee I missed that one with Hope in the mid-eighties I was working on 1st shift hours with no vcr. How times have changed I bet she was beautful to watch.

    DTBB Do tell what type of coach are you talking about?

    Smeone mentioned Jens awful drss. The dress it sself is not that bad its the puky print on the fabric. It is actually a retro pattern. If you can beleve this my dad had a flannel shirt with a very similar pattern on it that he wore around the farm. It was ugly back then and it still is, No wonder he wore it to feed the pigs.

    Well I’m stepping out to cast my vote.

  189. From SandyGram

    #187 Leah
    Baby switching saga is probably referring to the recent DNA sample label changing so it looked like Rafe was the father of Nikki’s baby. I’m with you on repeating story lines….but then after 47 years maybe TPTB just can’t think of new circumstances for a story. Do you have any good ideas for a story that hasn’t been done in some way or the other?

  190. From MAB

    I hope no one missed Hope, John EJ, Rafe & Lucas on Jeff Probst’s show Monday. It was awesome, and they all looked great! I would’ve LOVED to have been there, but I’m on the east coast and never get out to the west coast to do things like that. I loved the clips from the others too, especially Stefano & Victor showing off their bad boy persona for Jeff. I knew Drake was drafted, and that Kristian was a figure skater, but I didn’t know she won gold nor that her accident ended her skating career. Hope has skated several times on the show, even when she was older, she & Bo ice skated together. The show wasn’t long enough tho, and Jeff talked too much, and didn’t concentrate enough on James, Galen or Brian. I loved how Galen gave James props for his acting. He must be very well respected by most of them, as several others have said the same about him. Also, I loved the sneak peek clip they showed of Nicole getting busted. I can already tell Nicole is gonna act everyone out of the room, yet again, and I’m gonna feel so sorry for her, even tho she brought most of this on herself. When Daniel is in her face, she is crying so hard, saying I didn’t do anything wrong, or hurt my baby. It is gonna be so sad. I hope no one treats her badly over this. It just needs to be over, she has lost enough. I still think Jen needs to apologize to her tho for how badly she treated her & sticking her nose in her business where it didn’t belong.

    SandyGram – I’ve met quite a few famous people in my life, but never any soap stars, and have always wanted to meet the entire cast of Days. It usually depends on how much you like a person as to how you act around them. If you aren’t not too into them, you’re more at ease around them, but when you really like them a lot, you do tend to get a little nervous around them…unless you get the time to get comfortable around them and realize they are people just like you & me.

    Lucas is not the only one who Will has treated badly over this. He treated Sami badly in the beginning as well. Also, Will didn’t betray Lucas by helping EJ & Sami escape. Sami is his mother, and he did what he thought was right at the time. And if Lucas got his heart broken, then maybe he should’ve thought twice before jumping back in the frying pan w/ Sami. He should know from their past experience that as long as EJ is around, she’s never gonna have a successful relationship w/ any man. I don’t think Will is selfish, I just think he is immature & childish. He is not adult enough to handle a real relationship, least of all one he’s really gonna have to work hard at.

    When did Victor push Brady on Nicole??? I only saw Victor offer her money to leave Salem. I wish everyone viewed the show the same day, and not be a day ahead. It kinda blows when you start reading what you haven’t seen yet.

    Like it or not, for most people, religion plays a part in everything. No one should be chastised for referring to the word of God, or believing in it. Everyone goes around wanting to exclude God from everything now, which is one of the problems. But this boils down to everyone having a voice, having the right to their thoughts & beliefs, and being able to express them w/ being judged.

    All & all, good show Monday. I like Sami getting along w/ John, and liked their interaction. I don’t think Sami was quick to turn down John. She knew why he was offering her the job, and she doesn’t want her stepfather as a boss who will show her favoritism. I like Sami standing up for herself…love how she is becoming herself once again now that she’s out from under Rafe’s thumb. I think Sami can handle Kristen. If she can handle Kate, why not Kristen? I’m glad Kate didn’t sign the divorce papers. I’m also glad she went to see Marlena. I think Kate is looking lovely lately. Nice to see Brady period (and his chest)! I think Jen has given up after Daniel went off on her & Maggie the other day, and that is the only reason I think she was submissive w/ Sami. Sami talked circles around her and Jen acted like she didn’t know which way was up. Otherwise, I think she would’ve gone off on Sami and threw her out.

  191. From jolie

    #167 Kat, we are busted! You are so right. Some of us are just long-winded! Can’t help ourselves.

    Does anyone know who is watching the pub? I may have missed it but I thought it was mentioned that someone was coming to watch over it in Caroline’s absence. Ok, I admit, I want to go stir the chowder (I’d slip in some okra).

    #171 Tee, I see what you are saying about Kristen and the Dimera Manse but I thought it might have to do with her activities that will be on the outside of what Stefano wants her to do…and we know there has be to something going on there. It might not show for a while but Kristen operates on her own time and agenda. And very intriguing your lines about Elvis moving back into Fatha’s circle.

    #174 Patty, you have it girl. Lucas does come on too strong but that is Lucas. Will is so much like his mom. And yes, writers, quit punching on Nicole and give her some relief. She has always been a good sport about the way her story has gone. I’d say a very gutsy actress to pull off some of the stuff that has happened to her character. So please show poor Nicole some love.

    #185 Kate and Marlena…will wonders never cease? You never know who will end up as bed fellows or co-conspirators in Salem and again and again. I like Sandygram’s idea of Sami and Kristen teaming up as I too think Kristen has something up her sleeve that Stefano has no control over. But yes, Kate and Stefano reconciling may go on the back burner for a while unless Kate somehow eventually takes Kristen down and after she has alienated herself from Fatha. This can go anyway, anywhere.

  192. From patty

    jolie, spoilers predict that Kristen is going to hand over her job at CW to Elvis so that would make him Sami’s boss. That should be interesting since Sami’s the one who’s the boss of EJ and pulls his strings like a puppet. This is all part of Kristen’s plan of course, who cares about CW.
    Another interesting spoiler that has people talking is that Abby and EJ bond over whatever. A lot of people are getting their hopes up and coming up with all kinds of scenarios where an obsessed Abby loses her virginity to him and that he finally gets out of the Sami rut.
    jolie you are so right about Kristen having her own agenda.

  193. From Kat

    143, DtbB
    184, DtbB

    When did I call you the “Word Police”,
    I guess I am getting old, because I can not recall using that Word..
    And if I upset you, why didn’t you tell Me, instead of going through Tee and confusing her.
    Let me be very clear, I am Not picking, I am just puzzled, and I like to have peace on here….

    I am still wondering, If the new writers will go for the SL, that EJ will turn out to be the child that Kristin lost… and somehow there was a switch. It would really put the icing on the Kristin/John SL.

    I feel bad for Nicole,
    but she was more than willing to Let Jenn go to jail for Murder,
    if Dr. Dan had not offered Up Himself. Nothing that Jenn did, was as bad as sending somebody to jail.
    MAB on that one thing we differ a bit in opinions.
    What Nicole tried to pull was malice, Jenn, yes over the top.

    I believe, as I have said before, that Nicole went into denial, and therefor was willing to blame Jenn for the baby, instead of thinking that maybe she did something wrong that could have caused the baby to die inside her…So Sad, no matter what.
    Hope Eric will help her, and she can get back to normal, once and for all, not just little Band-Aid treatments.
    With Eric coming back as a priest, we will have prob. lot’s of church involved stuff coming up, and of course Father Matt will b e back.

  194. From MAB

    I think Ari Zucker loves playing Nicole regardless of the material. No matter how many times she gets knocked down, she gets back up, and she is just so good at it too. Nicole is a multi-layered character, which most actors love playing. As it was mentioned on Jeff Probst’s show yesterday, most actors love playing characters like hers, and the bad guys like EJ & Stefano, etc.

  195. From Blaze.

    After watching the Probst show, I can see why James is so highly complimented by his peers!! He seems to be such a nice guy in real life, which makes his evil acting even that much better!!
    Still, so YUMMY!! :)

  196. From MAB

    #194 Kat – I look at it like that Jen was also in denial about a lot of things. She even admitted at first she wasn’t sure if she pushed Nicole or not. And w/ her horrific treatment of Nicole, no wonder Brady & Billie thought she really did it. Nicole messed up, but so did Jen, and I’m just sick of all the blame being laid at Nicole’s feet. Things didn’t erupt until Jen got involved, and butted in where it didn’t concern her at all, regardless of Daniel. He’s a big boy and made his own decisions to go along w/ Nicole. I just want Jen to take responsibility for the role she played in all this.

  197. From Kat

    196 Blaze, I agree about James/EJ,
    and I think that is what shines through in his bad/good character, and we still like him no matter what, at least many, many of us, Not All, LOL.
    Hope we don’t loose him to bigger and better projects that might come his way. He never ever could be replaced, just like our Bo, Stefano or even Victor.

  198. From kat

    197, MAB I think we both have good points..and I enjoy talking with you.
    They still did not say, exactly
    Why the Baby did die….Shouldn’t they be able to tell, that it was Not from a Fall….anybody have any knowledge about that stuff.
    Also couldn’t the baby have been dead for a while, since Nicole did not feel any movement for a little while…
    Today, Nicole is really showing signs that she is close to the edge.
    Don’t know why Jenn can’t just stay away. Her and Dan are not in a relationship, so just move on and mourn for Jack, and when you are yourself again, then think about Love and maybe another relationship..

  199. From MAB

    Kat – I wanna know what happened to the baby too. I’m not surprised Nicole is close to the edge, in fact I’m not sure she isn’t over it by now. And Jen won’t leave her alone. That is why I say Jen played a part in this. Nicole’s stress level went into overdrive after Jen stuck her nose in. EJ sure wasn’t causing her stress.

  200. From Lisa

    Oh please Chrissy the ‘unealthy obsession’ lmaoooooooo Ej had done as much if not WORSE to Nicole than he did to to make arguments against Ej and Sami ‘unealthy relationship’ whereas white washing Ej and Nicole abusive relationship is ludicrous, really.
    As for Lucas being entitled wow i disagree totally : homophobe or not (and he seems to show signs of it by his actions) he is a total jerk playing on his son’s insecurities so the annoying one is certainly not Will ! And to me Lucas is more than ‘annoying’ his behaviour is cruel and it is not the first he acted like that he did it to Sami so many times..remember when he met Sami in early 90′s he also played on her insecurity about her weight and as a result she became having a eating nice really so it is totally in character to good old Lucas Roberts/Horton and it is not justified AT ALL.

  201. From Leah

    # 193 Patty
    Well I for one don’t wanna see EJ with Abby… that would be gross! I mean here is EJ a successful man in his mid thirties and how old is Abby portrayed as on the show? Around Melanie, Chad, Will and Gabi’s age. No I think that is inappropriate. Yuk!
    #190 SandyGram
    Oh thanks for that info. As far as a new storyline goes…
    Raise Emily from the dead and bring the girl to Salem. I want to see her rock Rafes world and learn about his and their past. I reckon there could be all sorts of exciting stuff there to explore. Why the writers haven’t done it before now is beyond me.
    Would also like to see a Brady/Eric/Nicole storyline and Nicole finally getting her wish. A long lost grown up Bricole child appearing on the scene.
    Like to see EJ go into private law practice and Ejami solving clients cases/mysteries.
    Would love to see John go back into the policeforce and Marlena in her office practicing again.
    Like to see Lucas front and centre in a storyline of his own.
    Would like to see Tony, Rex, Mimi, Philip and Chloe come back as well and Roman needs a new love interest. Well theres just a few ideas for you – lol

  202. From SandyGram

    November 9th Spoiler has EJ studying the Autopsy report which says no one was at fault for the baby’s death. It will be interesting to see if there is a service and burial and will the head stone say Daniel Rafael DiMera. Maybe he will be buried next to baby Grace.

  203. From MAB

    Leah – about EJ & Abby, I think some just want invent something between them because of how the spoiler reads (and by those who hate him). More in depth spoilers say all they do is have a conversation about loss. I highly doubt the show would go down that road, for several reasons. They should’ve learned their lesson w/ Abby & Austin, plus we all know EJami is on the horizon, so I think we can be sure there is nothing to these rumors.

  204. From kat

    Still would like to have a Name put to why the Baby died…There had to be something that caused it….. you think…
    Wonder if EJ will have the baby baptized and have a service or something, that would be nice to see. About the Name, I doubt that EJ would use the names Daniel Rafael, the two men that did every thing in their power to keep His child from him.
    Well, Nicole sure is or was not planning on a Memorial Service etc. She was to busy packing and getting out of Dodge…
    Who did those guys think they are, God, playing with a child’s life.
    Just look at all the ripple effect, and how many people have ended up hurt.
    Poor Dr.Dan, again Victor was right….

    EJ and Abby, doubt very much that will ever happen.

  205. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    Kat#199 The ultrasound will show noone was at fault not even Nicole the baby died of natural causes I assume from what spoilers say.

    I think Nicole is on the edge as well.

    #200 Mab you are right Jen played a part in constantly going after Nicole which could have stressed her out and Jen should have been mourning Jack prehaps they are both suffering some depression from their loss, Which just means Nicole will come out as psycho and Jen as a saint cause she is a Horton. I think Jen stuck her nose where it did not belong, and Nicole had a high risk pregnancy which usually means no stress, and Jen gave her that times 100. Jen however did not push her down the steps, but the stress could have contributed to the death IMO because Nicole being stressed is hard on the baby too and she is so high risk. They usually cannot be sure if stress caused it but will say it could be a huge factor especially in high risk pregnancies, but this is Salem and Jens a Horton.

    Kat #194 I think it is possible and they could still make him Stefanos by saying off screen he had her inseminated without her knowing at a doc appointment or something. They could play it as him trying to guarantee her pregnancy or what not, she is his adopted daughter in name at least but not blood related. Though it could be interesting if it was Johns baby as well. Marlena would have a fit.

    Patty #193 yes people took that Abby goes to visit EJ and they talk of losses as meaning they were gonna hook up, but she actually goes to sorta clear the air about what his plans were with her mother, and EJ tells her he ahs no intentions of doing anything to his mother she was not at fault, and she then tells him she is sorry for his loss and knows how it feels as she lost her dad. Thats about it really, now
    Spoiler below sorta.

    Gabi does tell Abby she can help her find a man and they discuss her virginity and her losing it.
    Now my spec
    Gabi may try to hook up Rafe and Abby, who else would it be? Chad and her already had that relationship talk and lets say Gabi and Chad are on bad terms so no to Chad, Will is Gay as is Sonny, Nick is her man, Brady will be involved with Kristen/John according to spoilers(though he would have been my guess as well)
    There is T but he has a girl already but if they make him more then recurring he may be a possibility Next is Rafe who is single and moving on,I know some dont want to believe he is yet but he is as I have said for months now. He is Gabis sister as well, so maybe she will try to hook them up. My spec but no EJ and Abby are not hooking up, even the producer, sony actors etc have said EJAMI is coming so No on Abby and EJ. It was just to tie up the EJ/Jen Thing since he told her he would see justice.

    Sandy#186 The article was done in Africa I believe where Drake, Galena and Ari are. They are a few years behind us which makes more sense with his baby switching comment
    Heres a link on the guy who did it and his name is african I assume by how it is spelled

    They are 2 and a half years behind us there. So that interview was for Africa not here.

    Joile #192 Yes she does but Stefano asked her to live in mansion today and she said she would not and that place haunts her but she does operate under her own, I cant wait to see whats in store.
    As far as EJ and his fatha as I spoiled a bit yesterday spoilers should hit today as it is spoiler day and there may be more out there now about it, but he isn ot gonna be like before as far as bowing to his fatha he will allow him in his life but that is it and look for some demands there on Dimera empire sorta a change in dynamics and EJ being his own person. That is about all I can say lol.
    Stefano should be on scene very soon as well as EJ is gonna call him and he will make plans to come home.

    Not sure if anyone remembers a few months back I said there was gonna be a big showdown at Horton home in November and it would feature Jen, Dan, Ej,Rafe, Nicole, and Brady and Abby. That showdown will air either Friday or Monday and it is when the baby story line comes to a head. I think it will air here Monday, Then we get Abby visitng EJ same week to sorta see where EJ stands on his mother after the show down.

    More spoilers below

    Kristen has EJ take over CW siting he can be over Sami but as well it is to make John more comfortable and more on her side Since they dont want Sami working for her. This happens right after Marlena comes and confronts Kristen, and they have a little showdown.

    Marlena deletes a important message to John from Kristen

    EJ gives Nicole a piece of his mind on her latest,, though he tells her she has punished herself more then he possibly could.

    EJ tells Kristen he just does not know what to do when she approaches him and asks why he is allowing Nicole and Dan to leave, he is trying to do the right thing here and take the high road, and show Sami he can be the good guy too, and after Kristen keeps prodding he says what should I do fake a accident in Maui? To which in end he decides against and Kristen urges he take court action but he says No. In end he is just gonna do nothing. He is torn against what he would normally do and feel is right against what kind of man he is trying to be now.

    I think they are doing great with showing EJ going through struggles of trying to be better, This is not a over night change that can happen here and it would look more fake if it was he is having conversations showing his struggle and doing the right thing usually. I like that.

    Sami working with EJ, is not a sheme really because if Sami does not want him she will not do anything them working together is only putting them in each others orbits a bit more. Patty is right it will be interesting to see who wears the pants in this since Sami tends to be able to make EJ do whatever she wants usually.

    Sandy thanks for clearing that up I forgot it was Patty who gets to see a Day ahead.

  206. From patty

    Tee, I think your sources have mislead you if they told you that EJ told Kristen he wants to take the high road and wants to be the good guy. He tells Kristen at times like this he wants to take a version of the good book, an eye for an eye but he can’t persue that right now because all his progress with Sami would go out the window, especially with Rafe. But he reminds Kristen that Maui is not out of his reach so his intent is still to seek revenge, as long as Sami doesn’t know about it.
    EJ doesn’t just give Nicole a piece of his mind or tell her she’s been punished enough, spoilers indicate he rips her to shreds and leaves her distraught and in tears.

  207. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    *189 Cougar…Beckman at U of I.

  208. From SandyGram

    Episode November 6th:
    There’s the answer to my question, like a few of you have said, Stefano wants Kristen to move back into the DiMansion, but she says it’s full of ghosts….yeah ghosts she created. So now Stefano will return and along with the ghosts, evil will once again reside in the DiMera manner. Hope he got a lot of rest on his sabbatical, he’s going to need it with Kristen on board. Kristen’s box that was being held for her, yet another key appears. Could it be the key to the Horton Cabin where she ends up with John according to the spoilers? Keys, coins, Phoenix symbols, declarations of never forgetting anything, the intrigue of it all.

    I do love Victor on the screen, but to throw Brady under the Nicole bus to save Daniel…Nicole is too far gone to accept even Brady’s hand of friendship. She’s done some horrible things but I’ll always root for her.

    Finally Daniel has untangled the web that Nicole weaved with her cohort’s set on protecting Nikki and her son from the grips of the DiMera Dynasty. The writers have taken this story about as far as it can go, now it’s time to heal after the final details come out this week. Spoiler…Eric will jog his way into Nicole’s orbit once again and round and round she goes where it stops nobody knows.

    John is acting blind to Kristen’s presents everywhere he goes. It’s like she has a hot line to everyone’s calendar so she can be places at will. She’s got my attention. Finally with the help of Kayla, Marlena realizes Kristen is just ‘pushing her buttons’ to make her look irrational. Can’t wait to see Doc turn the table on Kristen, this will be a battle of wits for sure.

  209. From Tee

    Patty~ I was going of the episode itself, No source on that and spoilers which are already out it was my summary of it so to speak.
    Kristen asks EJ why he is sitting there when they are leaving, He is trying to show Sami he is not that bad guy, that is obvious by his choices, Kristen keeps pushing him on it questioning him and he says he is not sure because he wants to do right in Samis eyes and he has that side of him He tells her When He thought Nicole was guilty he was hapy justice was gonna be served and now noone may be guilty, Kristen said but what about Daniel and Nicole you still have them and he says he cant go after them especially Rafe or all his progress will be gone, Then Kristen says ok so you do nothing and he says IDK that is what I am grapling with, and he dont know what to do and feels he cant act like nothing hapened and like it does not matter to him, Roman interupts then backto the cono eventually where Kristen tells EJ he is running out of time and letting two of them et away and he says lasttie we talked we discussed how this was a accident and I was going to accept that, she says yes about death of your baby but this is about 3 people who lied to you He asks if she is seriously sugesting I couldnot do something in Maui and says its a dangerous place, and Kristen tells hi use the law he is a lawyer and only he knows how far he is wiling to go for justice.
    Spoilers say he does nothing to Daniel so we know he is gonna do nothing, Daniel does not die or anything anytie soon. So yes that is what my sumary was based off the episode which saw him teling Kristen at first he had no plan for revenge and then saying he could reach him In Maui but he wont do anything anyway, If that was his pan why did he say to Kristen aren’t you the one who tod me no one is at fault and he mentioned he struggled with what to do and she kept pushing saying you are running out of time to get revenge and so he said He could in Maui not I will in MAUI and he does nothing anyway as he has not done anything but seek justice by law so far. I seen him trying to weigh what he feels is right and struggling with not seeing any revenge and how When he knew Jen was gonna go to jail for a part he felt she played he was ok with the others going free because Justice was gonna be served somehow. But now he is confused, he said it his self.

  210. From emma

    Sandygram you criticize characters like Ej or Kristen (who did nothing nasty since her return yet..) but root for Nicole who does nasty things every much double standards it is hard to understand..
    Nicole will not pay, Ej should seek revenge on her for weeks..this fallout of her story is so lame and now she will reward with Eric, the beautiful priest..puke.

  211. From patty

    EJ is confused because he wants to seek revenge but can’t because if he does he knows he’ll blow his chances to win Sami. He would if he knew she wouldn’t find out and if Dan and Nicole would leave Salem. EJ hasn’t changed and he never will and Kristen is the same cunniving witch she ever was. Anybody can see through her and she doesn’t fool anyone no matter how many little girls she pretends to save. That is what make ED so good in her role, she can act fake very convincingly.
    As for Nicole, no one says what she does is right but she has paid over and over for her bad deeds while some just get away with murder. She went to jail for kidnapping Sydney but what did EJ get for doing the same thing? Now we have to look forward to him ripping her to shreds, which will probably include shoving and poking again. I still say Nicole did the right thing keeping her baby from him.

  212. From SandyGram

    #212 patty
    Except keeping the baby from EJ, I’m thinking the same way.

  213. From emma

    Ej was almost murdered twice and beated up to death ! Nicole stays in prison for maybe two weeks !! These comparisons are ridiculous : Ej PAID FAR FAR MUCH MORE than Nicole ! Wow i am amazed by these inncurate and oh so hypocrite posts, it is pathetic. Ah and Nicole did not so much paid for attempted murderers multiple times..people who defend the Nicole character whereas they don’t even know the character ! like i said : PATHETIC.

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