Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For October 11 & 12.

Looking bad.

Brady worries when Jenn’s wacky rants are starting to sound an awful lot like threats. Meanwhile, Victor worries that his godson has gone off his nut. After being stuck in the middle of an argument between Maggie and the mustache, the doctor is having a hard time holding it together. When he heads home, Nicole is appalled to realize that Daniel won’t be leaving for Utah as fast as she wants. It’s starting to look like she won’t be able to avoid his finding out that she lost the baby. Alone, she cries to herself. Jenn calls his place and leaves a voice message that Nic hears. It pushes her over the edge. She stomps straight for the square with the idea of gouging Jenn with a blade. The blondes wind up arguing on some steps before Nic tumbles. Brady and Billie arrive as she hits the ground. She’s taken to the hospital as she goes into labor. Roman arrives and Billie and Brady’s statements don’t cast Jenn in a good light. He has to have Jenn arrested. Over at the hospital, Daniel shows up right after Nic gives birth to a stillborn. She blames Jenn and vows revenge.

EJ crashes Sami and Rafe’s date. Everyone accuses everyone of being dishonest, but Sami still just wants to make out. They head to Caffeinated. John and Marlena join Rafe and Sami and everyone hopes for the best this time. Rafe walks Sami home and they smooch. Over in Europe, Stefano meets with Kristen and asks her to return to Salem to help heal their dysfunctional family.

Caroline is not too thrilled when her son points out that she’s having serious memory problems and should seek some professional help. He gets her to go and see Kayla anyway. They all suspect what’s wrong with her even before they run any tests. They guess it’s Alzheimer’s.

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  13 responses so far...

  1. From Janiebell

    I hope Daniel learns the truth as to when Nicole rilly lost her baby and clears Jenn.

  2. From Leah

    I’m really not liking this Jennifer. She’s had a personality change and come on, supposedly mourning for Jack while flirting with Dr Dan. Nah, I don’t like it one little bit!

  3. From dc

    i am tired of the storylines here they go on and on.. nicole’s baby is dead (we know it). just move on and give nicole another storyline. she will probably get back with ej eventually anyway. if this happens i will be glad for dr dan..
    they will find out that baby was dead before her fall but not before they put jenn in jail for murder of the baby..
    i know all of you don’t like jenn but i like her and dr daniel together.. (just my opinion)

  4. From krys1990

    I haven’t liked Jen since she came back this time. I wish that she would have left with Jack. After she chose him over Daniel, I don’t want her back with Daniel, especially not this soon after Jack. She’s just not the sweet Jen she used to be. Send her packing and bring back another Horton…Nathan maybe.

  5. From Swirly

    OK. Here’s what I don’t understand. If Nic was at the doctors and she found out her baby was dead, don’t they (for a better word) extract the baby right then? Why would they let her walk around with a dead baby inside her. But I did miss some of the show – did she leave on her own? And I heard that all the records were lost with a computer crash or something. So, that one doctor who left for vacation was the only one that knew????

  6. From dinky

    Swirly: a D&C needs to be scheduled. so yes they send you away with the baby still with you until the scheduled procedure or your body will miscarry soon enough. either way is terrible.

  7. From dinky

    have i been blocked?

  8. From dithy

    They don’t do a D&C at that point in pregnancy…she would be induced into labor and deliver. It’s a truly awful experience.

  9. From sharon

    Jenn is sorta two faced, right now. where is the grief for Jack?? She seems like she just doesn’t want him with anyone but her, and Abby is as bad as her mother. And has anyone noticed, in the middle of all these trying terrible problems, they can change hairstyles and manicures????? lol doesn’t anyone connected with the show keep track of these minor items?? guess not!!!!

  10. From Carrie

    The baby was nearly full term. They would have induced labor, not a d&c.

  11. From Helen

    I can’t stand Nicole. They should not have had her baby die. They should’ve had everyone around her abandon her so she’s left alone. She’s a hateful person and deserves the worst! Again, not by losing her baby though. Just have everyone see her for what a conniving, manipulative b**tch she is. She’ll never change, she always goes back to her old ways.

  12. From ssdawn

    I lost a baby from a stillbirth 13 years ago, I was 35 weeks along. It is a joke how they handled this whole loss. They wouldn’t have just let her go home without scheduling her to come back and start inducing labor to have her birth the baby. That is what they did with me. Also, when a baby has died inutero, they can tell when they are born. There are very clear signs that the baby has been dead for awhile. Their skin looks different, and their is just a certain look about a baby that is stillborn. So in Real Life, Nicole would have never gotten away with this whole scheme.A REAL DR. would have been able to tell that the baby had been dead for awhile. This was all hard for me to watch. It is a nightmare having a DR. not find a heartbeat and they tell you your baby is dead. I don’t like Nicole, but I haven’t liked this storyline at all.

  13. From Paula

    I agree that Nichole is a selfish manipulative witch, but I also understand why she is the way she is. She had a horrible childhood and a father who was pure evil to her. Because of this, she is always looking to find love in all the wrong ways, but no matter what, she didn’t deserve to lose her baby again. As far as that goes, I feel very bad for her. What I don’t approve of is the way she is using her baby’s death to get her man and screw with Jennifer’s life. Using her baby’s death like that is pretty low….even for Nichole.
    And just where is the doctor that knows about this?? She’s bound to show up at some point. I also think that phone call she made about making “arrangements” just before she heard Jennifer’s message will be her downfall. That’s bound to surface somehow and bring her down….but of course, not before Jennifer goes to jail.

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