Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For October 15-19.

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Rafe’s about to get out his giggle stick when his reunion with Sami is interrupted by some grim news. When Rafe gets to the hospital, he discovers that Nicole has lost her child. He does his best to comfort her. As she weeps, a drunken EJ blunders in at the moment that she tells the cop that they have to continue keeping the paternity a secret. At first, Elvis doesn’t clue in that the baby is dead and calls to order a paternity test. When the news finally reaches him that the child is gone, he’s left to grieve alone. Later, Nicole does everything she can to convince Daniel that Jenn really did shove her down the steps of doom. He’s not sure what to think. He heads over to the cop shop after learning that Jenn has been arrested. She’s sitting in her cell when her daughter comes to visit. Jenn doesn’t know what to tell Abby. Hope promises to get her cousin a lawyer. The doctor arrives and she assures him that she is innocent. He believes her.

EJ goes to see Nicole. He does his best to act sympathetic, all the while recording their conversation. After offering to help her make sure Jenn suffers, he prods her to admit that the baby was his. She’s so heavily sedated she can’t lie about it. Down the hall, Sami runs into Rafe. He breaks the news about the baby and she consoles him until it turns into making out. They go home and are about to climb into bed but the grief is almost overwhelming to him. EJ shows up to ruin the mood even more. He confronts them with the recording he made of Nic’s unwitting confession. Rafe won’t cover it up. EJ smugly leaves and Sami lashes out at Rafe, refusing to let him make any excuses.

Jenn gets bail but has to face the fact that plenty of people think that she might be guilty. She’s absolutely terrified. Abby goes to visit Nicole and attempts to convince her to let her mom off the hook. Nic is not sympathetic. When Daniel drops in to see her, she admits to him that she broke the truth to EJ. He’s worried but still tries to be supportive. He takes some time to grieve the loss of the child and then runs into Jenn. After she thanks him for believing in her, he returns to Nicole and urges her to consider the possibility that the fall may have been an accident.

Sonny and Will spend some time with John and Marlena. It’s a bit awkward and it doesn’t help that John is reluctant to discuss anything from his past. The lads later run into Nick and Gabi on their first date. Nick’s a little shocked to discover that Gabi’s ex is gay. The couples go off separately to make out and plan their next dates.

Stefano finally manages to convince Kristen to return to Salem. As soon as she flies back, she manages to easily make her way into John’s bed. At least in his dreams. In reality, John is just groggy after a night of sensual excess with Marlena. She senses that something is askew with him but John downplays it. Meanwhile, Kristen goes to visit Elvis, who mistakes her for his mother until she corrects him. He isn’t friendly when she says that his father sent her. She begins initiating her plans for John and Marlena. She stalks them around town before managing to corner Marlena at lookout point.

Caroline’s annoyed that her kids keep hovering around her. Roman joins his siblings to make it worse. Kayla finally admits to her ma that it does indeed look like she has Alzheimer’s. Caroline is ready to fight it. Hope begins researching treatments and Victor arrives as Bo and his mother are having a difficult moment. Victor joins them and this makes her more coherent. They reminisce about their past until she falls asleep. Victor tells his son how sorry he is and how much he wants to help. Maggie and Hope join them. Victor tells his wife how much he cherishes her and Bo makes a vow never to let his ma down. He insists to his siblings that he should become her primary care giver. Bo wants to make up for all of the time they lost after they had a falling out over his paternity.

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  1. From dc

    sounds like it is gonna be a good week, next week..
    and i knew that ej was gonna find out that baby was his. maybe now that nicole has lost (2) babies she will give up on having a child and concentrate on herself. my thinking is she will get back with ej and maybe do some paybeack to people who have husrt her (so will ej)..
    the truth about nicole’s baby will come out (just hope the writers don’t take too long).. everyone will find out she lied about being pregnant after that last appt. i think a doctor will tell the truth.. then she will lose daniel.

  2. From anna

    Ej should not forgiving Nicole for lying to him about this paternity, trying to frame him for his father’s murder (yep audience remember..) not so long ago..he did not forgive Sami for Grace’s deception just like it would be totally OOC for Ej to forgive and forget..Moreover pretty soon Eric will be here for Nicole..

  3. From SandyGram

    Finally we know how Kristen and John got to the Horton Cabin and was in bed with one another, it was just in John’s dream. I do find it interesting that John seems to be so intense over Kristen’s arrival. Could there be some lingering memories that Marlena didn’t wipe clean during his recovery.

    Then at first EJ thinks Kristen is his mother Susan. Anxiously awaiting this scene to see exactly how EJ interacts with his Mom if only for a moment. Of course this seems a little odd wouldn’t EJ only have seen Susan as Susan not all prettied up as Kristen?

    So Bo wants to become Caroline’s primary care giver, interesting, could he be contemplating taking Caroline on the around the world sailing trip?

    Oh Boy all the cats are out of the bag next week ‘let the fur’ start rolling.

  4. From nana

    People who mocked Sami and Ej for grief sex last year and now Sami is about to have grief sex with Rafe and this time it is not even about one of HER kids, ha ha ha !!! These writers..seriously.

  5. From Lulu

    Hey DC you don’t make much sense; if Ej wants payback for people who hurted him Nicole would be the FIRST on his hit list..think..

  6. From 20yrfan

    This Nicole storyline is so disturbing, I’m 33 weeks and it’s making me not want to watch Days. So sad to see even her go through this a second time. Just wait, I’m sure Sami will end up pregnant again just as Nicole’s miscarriage is revealed to all. Twist, who’s the daddy, again… I miss the mystery!

  7. From dc

    well, lulu i have always thought ej and nicole were meant for each other. they are both so much alike it is scary..
    i guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

  8. From lulu

    I don’t see them so much alike, well not as much or more than other characters like Kate, Sami, Kristen, Lucas sometimes ect..but we can agree to disagree i guess.

  9. From Shani

    Nicole’s hate for Jennifer is full blown today. & with Jennifer telling everyone about her strong feelings about Nicole, it may be building up to being easy for some to believe Nicole’s story that Jennifer pushed her when she fell down the stairs.

    I was really into Sami & Rafe’s first date way back then & I was into it today too. Forgiveness all around for both of them for all they’ve been through with each other. I really hope when Sami gets over the initial shock of finding out Rafe has been lying & is not the daddy of Nicole’s baby, she will be able to forgive him & see that it was all to protect the baby from EJ just as Sami wanted to protect her baby from him once upon a time.

    Bo is obviously worried about his mom. If he is going to decide he wants to be her primary caregiver, he will have to reconsider his trip around the world. Take her with him or give the caregiver job to someone else, – since he is leaving the show.

    Good spoilers up above. I wonder how EJ could mistake Kristen at first for his mother Susan? He must not remember clearly what Susan looked like!

  10. From Lucy

    Sami already stated more than once that it was A MISTAKE from her part to deceive Ej about one of his children so NO she should not forgive Rafe for ONCE AGAIN doing it but with these hack will be predictable for weak and submissive Sami to forgive SuperHero who can’t do wrong Rafe !! yuck..

    The Altzeihmer story is a great idea but i am afraid to watch it on a daytime soap, this is a pretty relevant social issue, a real disease than many many many people know far too well so to hijack that in a wack soap opera fashion i am not sure about that..actually i am very afraid about it..This desease is degenerative and there is NO way out of Caroline should have to deteriorate and finally die..and it will be sad..and although some scenes will be (i hope) powerful and in a way funny in a wacky way (i know it my grandmother just die last year from Alzheimer and although over all it was terrible, sometimes she was such a mess, all over the place, wacky that you could not help but was sometimes so surreal and in order to not cry you just laugh and play her game..yep, it is also a way to see life in a light way in a very depressing sad situation when you know it will NOT get better) So to manage to hit all these layers, to not get boring endless scenes (because yes Alzheimer is a LONG long long disease when there are lot’s of repetitions so on a movie, or prime time drama where director, writers can fastforward time it can be done and get hooked people but on a daytime daily soap..where scenes are already pretty repetitive and with writers like these untalented morons..I AM SCARED actually !)
    So although it is a great great potential issue for a wonderful, oscar worthy, relevant story (did you see the french film about it Amour which surely will be nominated for Oscars this is a beautiful movie about Alzheimer, beautiful, go watch it people) i doubt these writers will be able to deliver and not mock it..

  11. From Leah

    Rafe deserves everything he gets and I hope at long last its coming to him in spades!!! about time he reaped the grief that he has sown since arriving in Salem. He’s a deceiver, lier, manipulator, bully, illegal activity cop.
    No matter what excuses Rafe/Safe fans make for Rafe… in the Rafe vs EJ battle ORIGINAL SIN will always belong to Rafe. Rafe was the first to cast the stone against EJ with the whole Grace/Sydney storyline. And to make matters worse through the whole Grace death storyline the boy NEVER apologised or admitted that what he did was wrong. Rafe learnt nothing and is repeating on whole saga yet again. Not too bright or fast is our Rafe!

  12. From Leah

    #4 nana… GREAT point!

  13. From bobby

    Thank you na na, you took the words right out of my mouth. Sami has a strange way to comfort these men in their grief. I suppose it does take their mind off it for 20 or so minutes. And what’s with the writer with the spoiler? John is groggy after a night of senusual excess? I think the new blogger John are 1 of the same.

  14. From SandyGram

    #10 Lucy….The following might give you a little comfort about Days exploring the Alzheimer Story. Of course nothing can ease the pain of those that have to live with this deadly disease. But from the Interview it sounds like the show has a way to handle it in a very respectful manner.

    Excerpt from the Peggy McCay Eager to Tackle Caroline Brady’s Alzheimer Story Interview

    The entire Interview can be found on Days of Our Lives How did you find out about the story?
    Peggy: Greg (Meng, Days’ co-executive producer) actually told me about it and then Gary Tomlin, (Days’ head writer), the man making the story really good. My first question was, “Oh my God! How does this end?” They said, “Well, you’re going to be here.” They said I would survive in some manner. There are advances in this disease. Hopefully, we’ll be able to use some of that in the story. I don’t know whether there are severe or less severe cases of this, but so far I’m functioning. It sounds like you’ve fully embraced this story.

    Peggy: I have. I also did a lot of research on this at the Mayo Clinic and other places. It’s encouraging, because they have a better grasp on Alzheimer’s now, than they had years ago. [There's been research] into preventative [strategies] and how to deal with having it. What the writers have done is given Caroline a tremendous sense of humor as she deals with this.

    Caroline has kind of a brave sense of humor. That’s a wonderful quality. I think that helps people, who know people who have Alzheimer’s, deal with the subject.

  15. From Lucy

    SandyGram thanks for the interview..and well although i find this Peggy MacCay very brave (and let’s face it for an actor/actress it is AWESOME material which could challenge her) to play it and to sell the storytelling she will be involved in or to praising her bosses; the writers and then finally the idea really interesting and powerful, i am still not keen to watch it with these writers..Remember what they wrote about prostitution with this ridiculous Chloe story last year or their doppelganger ridiculous stories ect..and now they want to try very REALISTIC complex social issues stories like Alzheimer, i don’t trust them at all to say the least…And the most important thing is that already they sold to her that this disease has some advances..well i know pretty well the subject and these advances are not to say real improvements in the long way..yep you can manage to stagnate the degeneration signs for maybe few months and if you are lucky and obviously a really powerful medical control maybe one or two years..but if they want to be respectful to this issue the Caroline character would have to die..and with not much years to left..maybe McCay is ok to live next year..i hope so if they don’t want to be BASHED as hell (and for good reasons) at least they will inject some humor, it is good to know because yep with all their antics people with Alzheimer can be pretty funny and yep sometimes well often despite themselves..

  16. From Terri

    I am so sick of sami switching back and forth. I liked Nicole and Ej but with her lying to him about the baby I don’t want them together. I thought this was all a hoax… Ej-Stefano-Kristen planned. (I was really hoping they stole the baby) Or having it faked so she could part with her baby.. Having Nicole lose this baby was just wrong by the writers. It would have been nice if the baby was Brady’s and lived. They were sleeping together then. But they killed it off, So sad. I love the Will being gay stories, that is exciting to watch. Different. And Jenn sick of her.

  17. From hershey

    i think its interesting how nicole didn’t have her reg. doctor but got another new one that she never met to tell her that her baby didn’t have a heartbeat. N this all happens just as Stefano is back and says that EJ needs his “help”. I think if we don’t see this baby at all after Nicole delivers that this just might be all of Stefano’s plan to make everyone believe that Nic’s baby is gone but really he just made it look like it and he really kidnapped the her baby to raise as a Dimera. N perhaps we will see this child later?? I hope so, otherwise the writers suck…making Nicole lose her baby again and so late in the pregnancy is crappy writing and really sad and disturbing

  18. From steffie

    Nicole did not lose Rafe’s child. He is hurting for his friend Nicole. They had planned to have sex before then. It is not the same thing. AND> Sami is NOT married to EJ or anyone else. These are two single people. What Sami and EJ did was disgusting. Her child’s body found and she is screwing, no excuse.

  19. From cassie

    Rafe has some plaining to do. But, he is loyal and he told Nicole he wouldnt tell anyone. Screw Sami, she can not judge anyone for being loyal.

  20. From cassie

    Nicole did not lose Rafe’s child. He is hurting for his friend Nicole. They had planned to have sex before then. It is not the same thing. AND> Sami is NOT married to EJ or anyone else. These are two single people. What Sami and EJ did was disgusting. Her child’s body found and she is screwing, no excuse.

  21. From Shani

    Lucy 10 & 15 so sorry for the loss of your grandmother. I posted a week or so ago that my Mother-in-law passed away with Alzheimers, which was first diagnosed as mild dementia & with her meds she was pretty “normal” for months at a time, but it progressed into Alzheimers. A very sad & long good-bye over about 10 years. I share some of your worry over how the disease will be handled on Days but it could be ok & informative if they do it right & it does give Peggy McKay a chance to shine in a difficult role. But it seems to me right off the bat they are jumping pretty quickly into Caroline having Alzheimers. But while it was not that way with my Mother-in-law maybe in some real life cases that’s how it is. You are so right about having to laugh so you don’t cry & my Mother-in-law gave us plenty of material to laugh WITH her over things she said & did. However, many times our tears quickly followed our chuckles.

  22. From patty

    I really don’t care if Sami forgives Rafe or not. She is such a hypocrite, after pursuing him and having him forgive her for cheating while they were married and lying about it for months she now has a problem with him keeping his promise to Nicole and not telling her about it. Sami has been forgiven for and has overlooked far more than that so I don’t get this “honesty” thing she all of a sudden developped. She sure won’t get honesty with EJ so maybe she should give Lucas another try. Rafe deserves so much better than that flake and so does Lucas for that matter. She deserves to go get abused and lied to by EJ again.
    caissie, I agree, the grief sex that it looks like Rafe and Sami don’t have doesn’t compare to EJami’s dirty romp on the fugly Demira couch. Neither one is married to someone else and they were already planning on having a romantic evening. I’m sure it would have been less disturbing to watch too.

  23. From Cougar

    I understand and respect the reluctance of several to watch an Alzheimers sl. For other reasons, I embrace it.

    Days USED to be a braver show that tackled relevant topics of the time but not so much lately. This could be a step toward redeeming themselves as a waky soap. However, I really dont see the wacky element ever disappearing.

    I also posted that my Mom died fron Alzheimers and now my mother- in-law is deep in its grip. My Mom had it 30 years ago and not much could be done. At first we though she was having a nervous breaakdown untill we got her to a Dr. So many years later my mother-in-law has it, I am surprises me at the denials and ignorance of the disease that are still out there. Two years ago her 47 year old daughter said we need to get her(mu mother-in-law) to a doctor to fix this. She really thought that there existed a cure; I had to explain to her ther is no fix. Then last week her daughter, my neice said I really dont think G’ma has alzheimers like you say she just has trouble getting the words out she fine. This said after 4 years of prescribed Alzheimer’s meds, degenerative behaviour and a diagnose by both her Dr. & a neurologist. As unbeleivable as it sounds there are still a lot of people out there who don’t get it and education and awareness is needed.

    The character of Caroline has a lot of life left to live and give with the newer meds that are coming up. My mother-in-law gained about 2 more good cognitive years and we were told that if her daughter and husband would not have been in denial about her symptoms and put on meds sooner to slow the progression that she would have had more.

    Depending how they handle it on Days we may see very little change in Caroline. Will she be the dynamic manager of the pub and cheif Sami baby sitter anymore? I hope not. Will she still be able to contribute and be afunction member of the cast, I think so yes. This is where soapland takes over and give the best possable out come which in my opinion is not always the way it works out in real life. For example when they intorduce Theo as autistic. Is he typically what we think of autstic? No not really. He has parent with resources to get him the best help and he was blessed with a milder case. So it probably will be with Caroline.

  24. From patty

    I’m very sorry for anyone who has had to watch loved ones suffer with Alzhiemers. I also am looking forward to see how they will handle Caroline’s illness. What I am surprised about is how it has already been diagnosed as Alzheimers at such an early stage and before Caroline has even seen a doctor. It is my understanding that there are many things that can contribute to memory lapses, depression, brain tumor, strokes , dementia, overwork and fatigue… that woman never stops and is no longer at an age where she should be running a business, babysitting small children and cooking for the whole town. I just hope they give this poor woman a break and take care of her instead of having her take care of everybody else.
    I’m just wondering what Jennifer is suffering from because she acts more off the wall than Caroline does.

  25. From Lucy

    Sami knows how Ej is, she knows he is a liar like she can be, she knows what she get into with him and he doesn’t hide this ‘nature’ whereas she put Rafe on a pedestal, not being able to lie to her (although he already did it lot’s of times but whatever, these writers are ridiculous), being always honest THAT is major differences ! As for the grief sex, hello Sami thinks at the time that Rafe IS THE FATHER, and she is not as disturbed as the last time with Ej since it was HER child last time so she was far more in a daze where she just need the deep deep pain to go away for a few minutes therefore i got why she needed this physical connection with the father of her if finally Sami DUMPS Rafe, halleloua and CHEERS CHEERS, her best move ever but i don’t truts these writers like with the Alzheimer story.

  26. From jolie

    #9 Shani, Jennifer interfered with the very wrong person this time. Nicole is not someone you want on your bad side when she is in full nutso mode. And I am a big Nicole fan! Love her. I am with you on Rafe and Sami as well. I had hoped they would at least enjoy a couple of weeks together but the writers are moving right along at a quick clip on the Sami romance horizon. So she didn’t sleep with Elvis and looks like she isn’t sleeping with Rafe so Lucas won the prize as it were. But then all they had was some friend sex and she quickly split on him. What is going on in this gal’s head! Sami should not be too quick to give Rafe the shove off over this. She as much as anyone understands that while Elvis loves his kids, he’ll pull a fast one on you in a hurry. So was all this quick run thru her main squeezes just an exercise to show Sami that she needs some time to herself?? I just really don’t see her running back to Elvis because she was so adamant that she knew he would not change and was trying to control her. I know there is an Ejami crowd here that thinks Rafe is controlling but I have never seen that. Rafe may state his view but Elvis will pull out all the stops to get his way. Now in my book that is controlling. Would Bo actually take Caroline on a world cruise and her with Alzheimer’s?? That seems extremely dangerous. She could just fall off or just walk off the boat in the middle of the ocean or at night. Who would know what happened to her. This is just strange. Perhaps Susan matured over the years and started to dress and act more grown up and could have been mistaken for Kristen. And then this is DOOL so we’ll never know but just have to take it on faith that he indeed thought he was seeing his mom. I wonder if he ever knew Kristen in his childhood. At one time we would have thought not but now, we might need to revise that thinking.

    #10 Lucy, Sami may have said that it was a mistake to deceive Elvis over his children but a couple of days ago, she was ready to help Rafe deceive him again over Nicole’s baby. Something about all of this doesn’t ring very true. So either she was playing Rafe by so readily agreeing to play Elvis, she was ready to play Elvis, she was playing both sides to the middle, she is now on Stefano’s payroll and is playing everyone! I put a Richard spin to that one.

    #11 Leah, help me out here gal. I can’t decide if you like Rafe or not! Teasing of course. The original sin here is on Sami’s head truly. And she is at the center of everything between the 2 gentlemen. They might need to listen to Kate’s advice where Sami is concerned.

    #14 Sandygram, isn’t it amazing how humor and bravery will get you thru the worse times in life? The actress here is very brave for her willingness to portray Caroline in this type of story. Kudos to her and the writers.

    #15 Lucy, valid points also. Another wait and see for us. You reminded me about Chloe and I am mad all over about that stupid story. I wanted to strangle that Aussie pimp! Glad he is gone as I’d never be able to get behind any stories with him in them after that.

    #22 Go Patty! Rafe’s secret with Nicole in a way predates Sami since she was off with Lucas or heavy ventilating into Elvis’ face while it was going on. Now, she wants to climb on her high horse about it?? Will she blame Rafe as well if she goes back to Elvis and is again put in danger, lied to, shut out from her family, generally finds her life in a terrible mess? Most likely yes she will. And the ‘grief sex’ had by Elvis and Sami had nothing to do with passion or love or need for belonging. It was born of anger. That is what made it disturbing…of course, just my thoughts.

    #23 Cougar, perhaps this story about Caroline’s condition will enlighten some of us who are fortunate enough to not have this in our lives…yet. God bless your family. We have also seen a different side to autism as you mentioned and some of us are being introduced to a gay relationship. I’d say there is a lot of life left in DOOL if they can keep the writing up to par.

  27. From renee

    It is just me or is anyone else disturbed because they didn’t take nic’s baby when it had no heartbeat they just sent her home?? Now that is so unbelievable!! What is wrong with the writers.

  28. From MAB

    Yep, like I’ve been saying all along, Jen has officially lost it! I’m not sorry in the least that she will get the blame for what happens to Nicole, especially after the way Jen has treated & talked about Nicole. She’s going all over town telling anyone who will listen what a disease Nicole is…and her only reason for supposedly doing this is Daniel…a grown man who went into this w/ his eyes wide open and made the decision to help Nicole. Nicole’s situation is NO business of Jen’s whatsoever, yet she stuck her nose in anyway, so if she’s gets it snipped off, she deserves it! And I wouldn’t find it surprising w/ all the venom Jen has spewed about Nicole that some may actually believe that she pushed Nicole down the steps. And since she hates Nicole so much, why not? There’s Caroline, Brady, and now Billie who has witnessed Jen’s obvious mental state. Jen is obviously capable of having a dark side as her actions as of late have proven she’s clearly disturbed (the writers should explore her mental stability w/ her mother’s history). But of course, in the end, Jen will come out smelling like a rose because she carries the saintly Horton name, and Nicole will be chastised for her actions. But for me, Jen has crossed the line, and I will never see her in the same light again. I will say tho her recent performances should be commended. But her constant interruptions she does when having conversations w/ other people is annoying!

    I agree w/ some, how can it not be a big deal around the hospital that Nicole’s baby died? I know the doctor “left the building”, but her doctor should’ve returned by now. There was also a nurse. Wasn’t she aware of what was going on? Wouldn’t she pass the news along to Nicole’s doctor? Also, I don’t understand why Nicole was admitted to the hospital so the procedure could be done immediately. Why wait? Oh well, I shouldn’t waste my energy on answers to any of these questions because they will never be fully answered.

    According to the spoilers, EJ tries to comfort Nicole over the loss of the baby, but it sounds like it’s nothing more than EJ just being genuinely sorry for her loss, as well as his own. She tells him the truth, and he goes to confront Rafe. Of course what good will it do, unless Sami comes to her senses and realize ole “honest” Rafe has lied to her yet again.

    Rafe & Sami’s scenes today were so boring…we’ve been there, done this already, clearly a snoozefest! I think Rafe has a little split personality problem. When he & Sami were talking, as long as the conversation was what he wanted to discuss, everything was ok, but as soon as Sami brings up whether he is truly the father of Nicole’s baby, he goes off. Then the added sad, pathetic explanation over the Carrie thing…how can Sami be so gullible to accept that, knowing he did it out of spite, much like everything else he does???

    I’m so sick of Rafe (& Daniel) using the excuse of protecting Nicole’s unborn child from EJ to cover for their lies & betrayal. It’s become a ridiculous claim, and at this point, doesn’t even carry any water anymore. EJ has 2 great, healthy, fairly well-adjusted kids that he helped raise w/ Sami, who continues to remind everyone all the time that he’s a good father, regardless of her feelings for him. And there is no reason the same scenario wouldn’t have applied w/ him & Nicole if she had just been honest w/ EJ from the get-go. But then again, we wouldn’t have all this drama taking place now if the latter would’ve happened.

    Susan could easily have changed over the years, her appearance, etc. I mean she & Kristen looked identical (duh, the same actress played both parts), so it’s plausible that EJ mistakes Kristen for his mother.

    I think it’s sad for someone to think Sami, or any character, deserves to get abused. Although, EJ has never abused Sami (and neither has Rafe or Lucas), I surely wouldn’t wish that on her or any other character. That’s why they just go around lying & cheating all the time instead…which is classic soap opera daily drama, and is what has made that hourglass turn for 40+ years.

  29. From patty

    I agree jolie, this questionning from Sami to Rafe didn’t sound right, especially coming from a known liar. She didn’t really believe he slept with Nicole in the first and if she had half a brain, she wouldn’t have to ask if he’s only doing this to protect Nicole’s baby from EJ. Plus she was willing to play EJ and keep his child from him also. Or so she said, maybe her intent was to tell EJ the truth all along. I’m glad Rafe was smart enough not to trust her. Sami is not acting very trustworthy these days with her jumping back and forth between men. Lucas was right when he says Sami wants what she can’t have and chews up men and spits them out. She did it to Lucas, then EJ and now Rafe. That girl has issues.

  30. From Cougar

    Follow the bouncing Sami ball. I had a chuckle a couple of nights ago. My husband semi follows Days and when he saw Sami with Rafe he said, “Sami’s with him now? I though she just got together with EJ!”

    The notion of Hope with Rafe has some possability but I really seem them as a cop team on the Salem popo force. One thing about Rafe though … he always seems to like being the father figure to other men’s children. I could very easily see him being the substitute papasita for Ciarra. I actually think I could even see Bo asking good guy Rafe to help Roman (since we all know how busy he is at the cop shop especially with cut backs now) be there for Hope and Ciarra. This type of relationship could develope and drag on for quite awhile. Has all the potential for day time friends and night time lovers coming to a screeching halt when or if Bo comes back.

    By the way has anyone besides me noticed how anorexic Hope looks when she wears a lower cut blouse. She is a beautiful actress but she is so thin you can actually see all the bones literally sticking out against her skin.

    I have always wanted to see Jen with a little more spunk but I think what is up with her uncharacteristic behaviour is the writers setting her up for the rumored arrest. You can chalk it up to grief, over protective friendship or perhaps jealousy over Dan’s relationship with Nik. It is somewhat unsettling that Jen is so openly lashing out at Nik, a woman dealing with a high risk pregnancy. The thing is Jen asked Nik into her. Bad idea due to past history and blow ups were likely. Pregnancy does not make you a saint it only makes you pregnant. Don’t get me wrong here. I really am disgusted with tptb for going down the “you lost your baby route” and wanted to see Nicole a mother. Nik is an especially dangerous and devious person and more so now that she sees everything as taken away.

  31. From Cougar

    MAB you verbalized something that has bee mulling around in my mind too for a while. Even if the Dr. was a sub leaving immediately they way it went down is odd. I have worked in clinics and ER;s for years. ANY Dr. worth his salt an took an oath would have had the decency to tell the floor nurse or the attendinng nurse about Nicoles predicament. Also, my husb and mentioned this right away: get a woman out of her clothes and into a hospital gown for tests and there is ALWAYS an attending nurse present. Theyjust DON’T run out the door like that with out making someone else aware of the situation. I’ve seen Dr.’ quietly tell a desk clerk to pass on some information to a nurse when one becomes available if all the nurses were indisposed at that moment.

  32. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Fact. Lying and cheating is emotional abuse. It’s harmful and it counts, same as physical abuse does.

  33. From MAB

    #23 Cougar – such a great post! Thanks for the knowledgeable information you provided as well. My heart goes out to you and your life experiences w/ this disease. I agree that the show can do some good by introducing this type of s/l, but you’re right, it’ll be done the soap way, because the outcome on the show never mirrors real life, as I’ve always said. I’m sure she will have a mild case, much like Theo’s autism.

    #25 Lucy – I completely agree. Some of us get why Sami & EJ needed that physical connection over the grief of their child. They were the only ones who knew how each other felt in that moment. And there is a big difference in that and whatever happens between her & Rafe.

    Rafe barking orders to Sami, telling her what to do, not wanting her to work, berating her if she has a thought that isn’t his…sure sounds controlling to me! And that is what Rafe did to her the entire time they were married, and will do again if given the chance. I’d much rather see the real Sami, the one she was when she was w/ EJ. The person she admitted to being w/ him.

    It’s obvious Sami will do anything to appease Rafe as she is willing to help Rafe hide the paternity of Nicole’s baby. With that said, Sami also said to Rafe, yet again, that EJ is a good father. She is adamant about that regardless of her feelings for EJ, and I think that speaks volumes over this idiotic plan of Nicole, Rafe & Daniel’s. Also, I think Sami has every right to expect Rafe to be honest w/ her. If he wants a relationship w/ her, then he should tell her everything since he’s supposed to be such an ‘honest’ guy. She expects that from him, because in reality for her, that is the only thing that separates Rafe from EJ…is that he’s supposed to be the upstanding guy that EJ isn’t. Well, she’ll soon find out that isn’t the case either.

    #30 Cougar – I get what you’re saying about Hope & Rafe, and I hope they are only a cop team, and nothing romantic. I could see it happening for Rafe, that is if it weren’t Hope of all people. She & Bo are the quintessential couple of this show, and I can’t imagine Hope moving on w/ anyone as long as she stays married to Bo. It just wouldn’t be right.

    If both parties are lying & cheating on one another, then it’s not abuse. It’s only emotional abuse if it’s being done by one party, but not the other. And FYI, I was talking about physical abuse, as it’s been claimed EJ has done, but never has. Just another FACT!

  34. From jolie

    #30 Cougar, tell your husband to hold on to his shoes…the month is early yet and Sami probably knows a few more men to run thru…like running thru raked leaves! I am not sure how I feel about Hope and Rafe as lovers but Hope took Patrick Lockhart as a lover and he would likely have been much younger but didn’t have family ties. Of course this is Salem and family ties are inevitable and make the participants all the more eager. As for the actress being very thin, I had actually thought she was less bony now than in the past but you are right she is one thin gal. She is indeed beautiful and I am not criticizing at all but she needs a little more muscle tone. I am a firm believer in a strong and toned form so I marked my feelings off as just my own prejudices about how I think the body should look. I see exactly what you mean and again, we are not criticizing this actress. They are so under pressure on how they must look and don’t you know it is just terrible to be an aging actress in that business today. At least Hope’s face moves when she talks and laughs! I agree about Jennifer. That gal went off the high dive with an anchor tied to her neck when she jumped in with Nicole. Hard to say if she was just being kind to Daniel at the beginning when she took Nicole in but in the end she was a venom spewing banshee! And yep, has spread her talk against Nicole all across town. And while the fall may be an accident, why was she fighting with a pregnant woman with whom she really had no business in her business? Jennifer stepped in very deep when she came to this stream. She says she did it for Daniel as his friend but she was jealous and just plain mad and a little crazed. And a lot out of control lately. Poor Nicole is still the loser here. No one to care for her while she mourns her loss, no one to care that she is suffering a loss really. Rafe cares but he has his own problems. Daniel cares some days and some days he is as daffy as Jennifer. Brady is so immersed in forgetting about Madison that he has forgotten he ever knew Nicole. Elvis…he is all about revenge and he’ll feel a pain in his little bitty heart and then he will be seeking retribution. Also, looks like the doctor, nurses, hospital, Nicole herself would worry about infection setting up due to the body rejecting the fetus and Nic would get very sick very quickly over the fetus dying and not being removed…sepsis comes to mind. And normally a doctor would not do the ultrasound and would not be in attendance unless there was a problem if then. An ultrasound technologist would do it, right? And if in a clinic, likely it would be in street clothes but in the hospital, they can’t wait to get you out of your clothes and into one of those expensive and sexy backless gowns. But again, that is real life and this is Salem!

  35. From Cougar

    Just got done watching Days. Wow someone better check for something in the water in the Horton house both Jen AND Abby were wound up today!

    That was quuite a leap for Abby not getting a straight answer out of Nick and Gabby about his stitches then to trounce out by saying I know I just lost my father and I’m trying to move on but noe one will let me. Don’t see the connection there between them not letting her in on their secret and not letting her move on.

  36. From patty

    It looks like I was right and all this is a game for Samantha. She is dressed to kill in another one of her tight fitting numbers and is kissing Rafe in the hall when EJ steps out of his apartment. She gloats and smirks and is deliberatly cruel. When he tells them he is moving out and that Samanther is not worth the trouble, she says “you mean because the best man won?” She then tells Rafe not to get blood on his nice white shirt when he says he wants to speak with EJ alone. Now if EJ wants her back after she dumps Rafe ,then he is a bigger fool than I thought.
    The actress who plays Caroline puts on a wonderful performance when she realizes that there is something wrong with her. Very believable and she can definitly pull this stoyline off if well written.
    Poor Nic finally takes that tumble down the stairs. Jen and Nicole both act like two crazed lunatics, but I can’t help feeling sorry for Nicole even if all of this is to set up Jennifer.
    Dyeing, you are right, abuse comes in all forms and what Sami has suffered at the hands of Elvis Demira and the way they treat each other is abuse. If she is willing to go back to that, then yes she deserves it.

  37. From jolie

    MAB, it got a little physically abusive when Elvis allowed the RoboRafe into Sami’s bed and he was likely to have abused Allie if she had not been removed. Who knows what could have happened. To me, that caper is like Chloe forced into prostitution, hard to get over.

    And I heard Sami say Elvis was a good father as well but all the while she was jumping at the chance to be involved in hiding his child from him. Tastes great, less filling. I can’t quite put the ends of that one together and find a nice round circle. She says she wants honesty from Rafe and in the same breath says she’ll help lie to Elvis? The one thing Sami doesn’t have in any of her relationships…trust and for whatever reason. If I had a friend as schizo as poor Sami, I would not be telling her any secrets!

  38. From Cougar

    #37 Jolie great comment tastes great less filling! Laughed my but off. Dotts don’t connect do they.

    MAB I know what you mean about Bope forever and don’t want to offend Bope fans. I really hate to see that great peice of eye candy leave the sow. There aren’t very men his age on TV that hold a candle to him. I have said it before about him – there aint nothin’ wrong with that.

    The way I see it and mean it is they should be commrads in arms and loyal partners to each other, much the way Olivia was with Stabler on Law and Order. They loved each other but in a way that transends romantic love but rather is the love, trust, loyalty, support AND respect you have for another fellow human being that has your back in life and death situations that cops find themselves in. If Peter Reckell opts not to come back, which I hope he does return to Days, romantic love could be one of those things that could be put on the table. They didn’t mean for it to happen but just does. Rafe seems to be just one of those characters the writers have wanted to use this way. A hero type that imo is somewhat misguided where decides to be the white knight.

    I really like Rafe and find him sexy to the blue collar the opposite way EJ is to white collar. EJ is my fave but I would like to see tptb give Galen a real crackerjack sl once with some originality. They need to go to the deep end of the pool and explore his past. Bring on the skelletons in the closet or not.
    How about a Hernandez family reunion froma death in the family; I’d love to see the that weird uncle, dorky cousins or street wize high school chums that he left behind.

  39. From Shani

    I totally agree with Rafe not telling Sami the baby secret. Doesn’t know yet if he can trust her. But I also think he is determined to honor his promise to Nicole. I have never seen Rafe be controlling to Sami. He has advised her, & he is usually right, but she does what she wants. EJ tries to control everyone, including Sami, & he has emotionally abused her in many ways. Like forcing her into sex to save Lucas, fake Rafe in her bed, kidnapping Sydney, thinking Sydney was dead, etc. All extreme emotional abuse!

    It was so hurtful to Rafe when Sami was pushing him away & he had no idea why so I can believe him when he said part of what happened with Carrie was to hurt Sami.

    Jennifer said again today how she could not save Jack but she is going to save Daniel. She has said that before & I think it’s part of the root of her behavior. She & Nicole don’t like each other anyway & both women are under extreme pressure & about at the end of their rope due to current circumstances in their lives. Jennifer (today) to the point where she “forbids” & won’t “allow” Nicole to leave town with Dr. Dan & now Nicole is apparently out to cause Jennifer bodily harm with a knife, scalpel, whatever, & will end-up accusing her of murdering her baby, that she has been carrying around dead inside her. No matter what Jennifer has done I don’t want her, or anyone, falsely accused of murder. I didn’t even want EJ falsely accused of killing Stefano & you all know how much I like EJ!!

    Abigail was quite like her mom today when she was determined to find out what caused Melanie to leave. Chad, especially, wasn’t having any of it. I kinda liked how he handled her.

    I thought Peggy McKay did a great job with the scene when she gets angry & frustrated with Bo & dropping everything. & it sounds from patty’s post 36 like there will be more great acting to come from her. Realistic today, too, since some of the first symptoms of my Mother-in-law’s Alzheimers were her sudden outbursts of anger, which were not typical of her at all.

    I really laughed when Bo was offering to help Caroline with her bank statement & she asked if he shouldn’t be out buying a wooden leg or a parrot or something, – meaning for his boat trip. Ha, ha, really cute!

  40. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    MAB, years ago a marriage counselor told me that mutual abuse is called collusion. She never stated that abuse isn’t abuse if it’s mutual. Are you a counselor of any sort?

    Your statement was “Although, EJ has never abused Sami (and neither has Rafe or Lucas), I surely wouldn’t wish that on her or any other character. That’s why they just go around lying & cheating all the time instead…”. My point is that, while not physical abuse, they are ALL guilty of emotional abuse. Your statement seems to suggest that abuse is okay if it’s not physical, or that you don’t even identify these behaviors as abusive. Perhaps, you’ve led an idyllic life, to which I commend you, but it’s not true for a lot of us. Your statement is inglorious to survivors. No disrespect intended.

  41. From Shani

    Nicole’s expression priceless. Carrying a dead baby, frantic to get out of town & Dr. Dan lists off all his obligations & says he needs at least a week!

  42. From Leah

    I’m really not liking this Jennifer. She’s had a personality change and come on, supposedly mourning for Jack while flirting with Dr Dan. Nah, I don’t like it one little bit!

  43. From MAB

    I hope EJ will seek retribution for the loss of his child, against Jen & Rafe. I don’t think he’ll do anything to Nicole, otherwise he wouldn’t be so sympathetic toward her when she tells him the truth.

    jolie – you don’t have to explain the show to me. I watch it and I know what happened. My perspective is just different than yours, and that is what this site is all about…how one views the show, then comments on it. So IMO, RoboRafe was Stefano’s creation, not EJ’s. And he took on his won persona and is the one who got crazy and was doing abusive things even Stefano & EJ didn’t approve of. It was abuse from RoboRafe, not EJ. And Allie was safe because of EJ, who was the one that had her removed from the situation. And Sami jumping at the chance to hide Nicole’s child from EJ was nothing more than to score points w/ Rafe.

    Cougar – Bo has ALWAYS been one of my favorites, and still is today. I think there is much more for him to do, if TPTB would give him the airtime instead of trying to hand the reigns over to Rafe. I could understand if Bo was the age of Stefano & Victor, but Bo is still young enough to do it all. Peter’s main reason for leaving was lack of airtime, so for that I blame TPTB for letting him go. And if they think Rafe is his replacement, then they’re sadly mistaken. As for Rafe, I’d rather see paired w/ someone who he can connect w/ for real, and I don’t see that person as being Sami or Hope ever. Oh, by the way, I didn’t take any offense to your comments about Bo, just so you know.

    Oh sure, Rafe surely knows how to advise Sami, just like he advised her to take her kids to go to the pub to see John, and they all nearly lost their lives…then Johnny disappeared, which led to the downfall of their marriage. Yep, Rafe is just a swell guy…not!

    Funny how Jen & Nicole both are under pressure, yet it is Jen who looks like the @$$. She rants & raves about something that is none of her business, while Nicole has kept a level head where Jen is concerned. I could care less if Jen is falsely confused. Maybe it’ll wake her up, and she’ll see how nutty she’s been acting (that is if it doesn’t truly end up relating back to her inheriting her mother’s mental illness). Jen may not physically push Nicole, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t partly to blame for it happening. But like I said, since her last name is Horton, she will come out smelling like a rose when all is said & done, and Nicole will be the black sheep of Salem once again, and left alone to deal w/ yet another lost child. I hope that is when either Brady or Eric will pick her up off the floor.

  44. From Leah

    Everyone here knows I’m an Ejami fan BUT even I get tried of all this Ejami, Safe, Lumi bickering. Lets face it Sami is a NUTJOB! Sometimes I really don’t know what men see in her and why they continually all fall over themselves for her. Facts… she is a single mother with 4 children to 2 different fathers. She’s been married 5 times and while married Sami cheated on both Rafe and Lucas with EJ. She really has no degrees etc to have her running CW so thanks to Stefano (wanting to get back at Kate) she has a job and thanks to EJ she has a roof over her head. Amongst many things she is a liar and a master manipulator.She’s an almost dizzy blond who goes from man to man to man even though she’s in her thirties. Sami talks a good game about her kids coming first but she continually puts them and their needs on the backburner to chase the flavour of the month and she expects them to adjust and just accept it. Sami hasn’t learnt a thing! Sami an attractive catch??? I DON’T think so!

  45. From Melody

    I think it’s terrible that they let Nicole walk around with a dead baby in her belly for a day. Can the writers not see that the baby is now toxic to it’s mom’s system. In RL they would take it out right away and not let the mom walk around with it for days or even hours.

  46. From MAB

    I hope EJ will seek retribution for the loss of his child, against Jen & Rafe. I don’t think he’ll do anything to Nicole, otherwise he wouldn’t be so sympathetic toward her when she tells him the truth.

    jolie – you don’t have to explain the show to me. I watch it and I know what happened. My perspective is just different than yours, and that is what this site is all about…how one views the show, then comments on it. So IMO, RoboRafe was Stefano’s creation, not EJ’s. And he took on his won persona and is the one who got crazy and was doing abusive things even Stefano & EJ didn’t approve of. It was abuse from RoboRafe, not EJ. And Allie was safe because of EJ, who was the one that had her removed from the situation. And Sami jumping at the chance to hide Nicole’s child from EJ was nothing more than to score points w/ Rafe.

    Cougar – Bo has ALWAYS been one of my favorites, and still is today. I think there is much more for him to do, if TPTB would give him the airtime instead of trying to hand the reigns over to Rafe. I could understand if Bo was the age of Stefano & Victor, but Bo is still young enough to do it all. Peter’s main reason for leaving was lack of airtime, so for that I blame TPTB for letting him go. And if they think Rafe is his replacement, then they’re sadly mistaken. As for Rafe, I’d rather see paired w/ someone who he can connect w/ for real, and I don’t see that person as being Sami or Hope ever. Oh, by the way, I didn’t take any offense to your comments about Bo, just so you know.

    Oh sure, Rafe surely knows how to advise Sami, just like he advised her to take her kids to go to the pub to see John, and they all nearly lost their lives…then Johnny disappeared, which led to the downfall of their marriage. Yep, Rafe is just a swell guy…not!

    Funny how Jen & Nicole both are under pressure, yet it is Jen who looks like the @$$. She rants & raves about something that is none of her business, while Nicole has kept a level head where Jen is concerned. I could care less if Jen is falsely confused. Maybe it’ll wake her up, and she’ll see how nutty she’s been acting (that is if it doesn’t truly end up relating back to her inheriting her mother’s mental illness). Jen may not physically push Nicole, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t partly to blame for it happening. But like I said, since her last name is Horton, she will come out smelling like a rose when all is said & done, and Nicole will be the black sheep of Salem once again, and left alone to deal w/ yet another lost child. I hope that is when either Brady or Eric will pick her up off the floor.

    DTTB – you know what, I don’t appreciate you once again challenging my intelligence, like you did before. And asking me if I’m a counselor, well that sounds like a shot to me. Why is that so hard for you and a few others to comprehend that I am talking about a fictional show w/ fictional characters, and the way “I” see it. All “MY” opinion here, got it??? I’m not talking real life, and NEVER do, no comparison! And if you’ll notice MY statement that you dissected was about the show…not real life! In real life, abuse of all kinds is appalling, always wrong. But the way I feel about it in real life is completely different in how I may see it on the show. And you have the nerve to say that what I said was inglorious to survivors. Well what makes you think I’m not one of those survivors??? You have no idea what kind of life experiences I’ve had to assume what type of life I lead. You don’t know me, so don’t sit there and pass judgment on me or my opinions because it may not politically correct enough for you.

  47. From MAB

    I think I posted twice, sorry.

  48. From Guest

    Don’t miss Thursdays show its a good one. Cudos to all the actors on Days. Bo how could you even think of leaving when your mom needs you so badly. It will be much harder to make that story fly now. Bo would never abandon his family when he is needed.

  49. From Blaze.

    DTBB #40. Good post – I was also wondering if MAB might be some type of counselor, so I don’t feel you were challenging anyone’s intelligence!!
    Great Day All!! :)

  50. From SandyGram

    Episode October 10th:
    There was plenty of emotion in today’s show. Jenn was so on overload that even Brady couldn’t calm her down. Rafe and Daniel, after a few tugs, jumped in with both feet to help Nicole conceal the parentage of her baby and protect her ‘delicate pregnancy’ from the subsequent evils she feared from EJ. But yet the writers must have lost that thought by letting Jenn run rabid on Nicole at every chance she gets. I’m looking forward to the end of Jenn’s rants, this is not the Jennifer Rose we know and love. Although I also don’t want to see the writers omit a reason for Jenn’s break in personality after Nicole’s fall down the stairs. SPOILERS tell us Daniel will believe Jenn’s version of the fall when the dust settles so I’m anxious to see how he handles Nicole at that point.

    Abigail is displaying some of Jenn’s persistent side of her personality in trying to find out the real reason Melanie left town. Who will she get it out of Nick, Gabi or Chad?

    This is pure speculation but I could envision in the near future Abi pushing Chad for the truth and hold on here it comes….in doing so her and Chad become the next grief sex couple. Abi being distraught over the death of Jack and Cameron walking out on her as Chad is over Mel. Abi wanting the truth, Chad wanting her to leave it alone; in the heat of the moment a little insistence here, a little push there, a little getting in each others face and wham bam thank you mam, it’s a done deal. REMEMBER Speculation Only!!

    The scenes with Caroline and Bo are in the Emmy category. What a mother/son moment when she realized she had called Bo ‘Shawn’. I think this was the defining moment they both realize something is wrong. We can only hope the writers keep up with this quality of script while telling the Alzheimer story.

    Then there’s our Maggie. Has anyone else noticed Maggie’s endearing little squeak just before she cries? She needs to give Daniel a little space she’s about to love him to pieces.

  51. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Sorry, I made the assumption that what you infer about the show mirrors your feelings on real life. I think I got it. You’re okay with abuse that is fictional, but not in real life. Where, exactly did I challenge your intelligence? Why is it a ‘shot’?Overreact much? I thought you were not posting here anymore, anyway?

  52. From SuzanneQ

    #45MAB – I agree with you about Bo and if he were to get more air time and a good story line, I’ll bet he would not be leaving. I did read somewhere that he was asked to take a 45% paycut. How true was that, do you think? I have always liked Bo and have liked him with Hope and also with Carly. I cannot imagine that with him as a caring person, he would leave his mom, Caroline, at this time of her life when she would need her children.

    Also, I cannot see how the writers will be able to write the Caroline story line. It is deeply painful for all family members when an older father/mother start to forget, lose their memory etc.

    I do have an uncle who cannot remember his grandchildren and has said to me that he remembers my name and my mother’s name, but cannot remember my sister’s name. It’s heartbreaking to see in real life but to watch it on Days? I don’t know if the writers have the ability to do it.

    Also, I don’t like the way the writers have turned Jen into a nutcase trying to save Daniel when she couldn’t save her own husband and whose fault is that, I might add? This story line is so stupid, I don’t even care to write about it. I don’t want Nicole’s baby to die. I wanted her and EJ to enjoy having a baby together. If not her and EJ, then Nicole and Daniel or Nicole alone, anything but not another baby dying, Days.

    I’m truly hoping that Stefano somehow takes the baby and Nicole’s baby will be alive, but I have read what others said before that the baby will be stillborn. That’s going to be awful to watch and I give great credit to the actors, especially Ari Zucker (Nicole). She has been fantastic.

    SPOILERS – I’m new to writing here but I’ve been reading your site for quite a while. Someone on another site mentioned there’s a wedding in January and Melissa Reeves tweeted a picture of wedding flowers. Who’s wedding would that be? Tee and Sandygram, might you know about the wedding? Do you think that Daniel and Jen might be getting married – yech. I will run away from that as fast as possible.

  53. From SandyGram

    OOPs…forgot one thought about today’s show. Kate and Nick…I hope his past experience with Kate tells him to stay away from her. Did you catch Kate wants Nick for his experience with “synthetic organics he listed on his only application for Countess Wilhelmina he sent in last week’? Ummmm…just how did Kate head of Mad World get a copy of that application? Already playing the games she plays so well with Nick. Run Nick, Run Nick!

  54. From Richard

    Whatever is happening in the house of Jenn?
    First Nicole lives there and goes crazy.
    Jenn lives there and goes crazy.
    Now Abby is getting a little crazy.

  55. From Tee

    Great blog!
    Hey all!!

    I am glad EJ learns the truth from Nicole, even if he gets it because she is sedated for pain. I am also glad he tapes it. That right there is gonna be helpful to him as it seems. Good thing too, Because Sami may not believe him on it.

    Rafe tells Sami he would not hesitate to do it again as well, which is like wow to me. I do hope Sami takes a little time to herself after this, I hope EJ makes her work for it this time.

    Spoilerish I hear a drunk EJ goes to Samis apartment as well, Must be before he finds out paternity.

    I keep going back to EJ convo with Stefano where he flashes back to Sami teling him he don’t know what real love is, and Rafe does, and it is heart breaking to me.

    Looks like Rafe is gonna get what is to come for him

    Dan takes Jen side, and Rafe remains supportive of Nicole.

    John can’t get memories of Kristen outof his mind, someone mentions her then he has a dream of her, but he will continue from there to remember/think of her.


    Lisa Rinna who plays Billie filmed her last day on Days yesterday.
    I wonder how she will lave, they have rarely used her but to run around salem, and talk to EJ.

    Nadia who plays Chloe said she is only doing a guest stint, so do we think Dan will leave with her when she goes?

  56. From Lucy

    Well MAB while i agree with you about lot’s of things i really hope Ej will seek MAJOR revenge against Nicole, after all he did it with Sami whereas she did less worse so why should he be ‘nice’ to Nicole after all her manipulative deceptions ? I don’t like double standards ! lol

  57. From SandyGram

    Spoiler Excerpt from Days Ahead:
    The entire Article can be seen on Network 54:

    Sami and Rafe are leaving on their date then:
    - EJ: Slams his door as he comes out of his apartment which causing Sami and Rafe to break off their kiss.
    -Sami: There’s no need for small talk. Don’t let us keep you. I’m sure you’re very busy.
    - EJ: Actually, no, I have plenty of time on my hands. I do have some rather bad news for you both. I’m going to be moving out.
    - Rafe: Throwing in the towel? That’s so soon for you. Usually you’re so slow to take a hint.
    - EJ: I’m not throwing in the towel, I’m just moving on to better things.

    So EJ is moving, what about being close to his children. As always he was just using his children for something he can’t get on his own. I guess since Sami didn’t want to be one of those children (at least for now) he’s going to pack his bag and move “on to better things”. Now Sami is a ‘thing’…Elvis sounds a little spoiled to me!

  58. From SandyGram

    Now that I’ve gone back and read the excerpt I have one other thought…Will EJ evict Sami or make her start paying rent? We’ve never heard whether she has started paying EJ bad back rent like she said she would. Just another one of those little details that drives me crazy when left out by the writers.

  59. From Tee

    Hey all!

    Hi Suzanne, glad to see you posting here. I had reported the January wedding a few weeks back I think, I am gonna guess since Melissa tweeted the bouqet, it will be her wedding, but no confirmation yet. I am also gonna guess it will be interrupted by Chloe’s return. I believe it happens day of or week of her return. Doug and Julie will come for the wedding so figured it must be a Horton wedding most likely. Some speculate Gabi/Nick or even Will/Gabi. But I am gonna stick with a Dannifer for my guess.

    Sandy~ Hey, I actually think EJ wanting to move is based off his wanting to not have to see Sami with Rafe, and that is normal. I would feel the same way at least for a while, with it fresh in my face. EJ is gonna be really affected by his lose of Sami, over next week. I am guessing he takes this as a final loss of Sami. He is gonna get drunk and show up at her apartment. I think he just wishes to distance hisself from her, and with good reason, we have seen how she has been talking to him, and rubbing it in his face lately. He can still be a father from the mansion, or wherever and not have to look at the woman he loves with another man on a day to day basis right now. Plus they need him at mansion, so Stefano has better access to him and Kristen, for those interactions down the line I am sure. His response about moving on I feel is justified Sami was rubbing it in his face, and being snarky. Ej also told Sami not to worry about paying him even after she was insistent, he sorta brushed it off. If Sami was going to stay with Rafe she should just move to Rafes place, but at the same time she could stay there as well. EJ gave her the place because she had nowhere, and she no longer wanted to be at Rafes place because they were over and all that.It is realy I guess on how much more she wishes to disrespect EJ, but in same sense, I feel he gave it to her and kids to live in and so it should not matter who she is with. IDK I am abit divided on rather I think it is right for her to live there with Rafe or not lol.

    Rafe tells EJ”So your throwing in the towel huh thought you would be planning your next move?

    EJ”No I have better things to do”
    I am moving on to better things”

    I took that as if he was not gonna waste his time anymore plotting to get her back he was moving on to other things now. I also think it was his hurt feelings coming out, he looked very sad when he said it.

    Sami, in her red dress, skin tight, screaming for Rafe to umm wel you know lol It cracked me up seeing what she had on. Especially after Rafe made comments on her dress that was the same but pink, for her date with EJ. I also recall his purse coment and went back and watched and sure enough she uses her big purse many times in pursuit of Rafe and while with Rafe, I find that so funny, details writers must forget.

    Mab I like your comments about Bo, I wish they did him more justice leaving so far we have not seen much but him wanting to take his child along for a chase Dimera stuff trip, which is dangerous. Ciara will be staying behind, then they are going to say Bo is gonna be in charge of Carolines finaances , care etc, but he is leaving and she is staying.Not to mention the actor wanted more money and more time, and it seems they have decided Rafe will be a great replacement for him which makes me mad. I will miss Peter that is for sure he was a big reason I started watching this show. Tissues for sure when he does leave which is this month I believe.

    Sandy #49 They have recast Cameron which I cannot see them doing if he was not to be a integral part of the sow, and not just shown in scenes here and there.But I also remember the spoiler that Brady moves on to someone else, and rumor of it being Abby.I thought Brady and Jen were growing close, but…Spoilerish below
    Nov has Abby and Brady arriving at Horton home and leaving Horton home together, and scenes around town before the arrival.This is also same day where Jen,Dan,Rafe,Nicle,EJ,Abby,Brady are all at Horton home together.
    Brady and Abby leave together, Rafe and EJ leave a bit later Nicole leaves and Jen and Dan are last to stay behind.
    So perhaps Abby and Brady will get together.Episode airs Nov 12th.

    COUGAR #38 I love Law and order SUV.

    Abby investigating why Mel left, interesting since Gabi indirectly was a cause for her fathers death in a way, at least Abby may see it that way as well as Brady. Gabi may have bigger problems there then with the Dimeras.

    Yayy Kristen this week I cannot wait.

  60. From deb

    Please, Sami and Rafe are the new couple to endure the testing and trials. With Bo leaving Salem(Hope), Sami and Rafe are the younger couple (Marlena and John, the older) to give hope that life can be navigated together, even through the roughest times.

  61. From Sue

    Is anyone else sick and tired of Jen’s ramblings. Use to like her character now Cannot Stand Her!! Sami and Rafe will be back together so just get on with it. And EJ needs a good punch to the eye.
    I am glad to see the writers taking on Alzheimers, it’s such an important subject. Thank you

  62. From Shani

    The Crystal Ball, one of the spoilers for next week says “Daniel realizes the repercussions of his actions could be career ending”. What?! He didn’t think of this before?! As out of control as Jennifer has been, she’s been right in what she has told Dr. Dan. Not her place to inject herself into his life but nevertheless, she’s been right.

    I expect Nicole to do things I don’t like. & lately once again she has been in full-SCHEME-ahead mode for her own benefit trying to hang onto Dr. Dan after he started backing away from her. & now she has full blown hate for Jennifer after hearing Dan confess his love for Jen to Brady, & she has lost her baby that has been her tie to Dan. But Jennifer’s actions are new to her character & I don’t like it. I think it will boil down to her grief over losing Jack & it’s significant when she says she couldn’t save Jack but she’s going to save Daniel. She fell in love with Dr. Dan after Jack was gone for so long so I can see how easy it would be for her to transfer her protective nature onto him. But she is being absurd about it. I hope Nicole’s accident & the mess that follows will jolt Jennifer back to reality, she will get some grief counseling & move on with her life with or without Dr. Dan.

    EJ moving o n to better things huh? Mmmmmm. . . .

  63. From jolie

    Poor Nick. I thought that the cosmetics industry would be a better fit for his genius mind but Kate scares me. Nick could step off in a murky hole with her and end up back in jail. Nick, run to the kitchen and stir the chowder!

    How sad and funny at the same time the scenes with Bo and his mom. Caroline the actress…brilliant and sweet. So tough a lady.

    So the nuns at St Marys come up in the dialogue. Is this a clue that there is a clue to someone’s past there? Or am I watching too much DOOL? Or both? And I LOLed at Daniel asking Mags to keep his moving to herself. First, this is Mags we are talking about, and I do love her, but she is a chatterbox. Second, he’ll do several very loud self-talks about what he is doing and why and anyone can hear because he’ll do it in the HTS. Third, what fun would a secret be if it were kept on DOOL?

    Nicole has lost it and has a good reason…loss of her baby. Jennifer has lost it and is sticking her nose deeper into this awful mess. And now Brady in the middle which I guess just lets us see that he hasn’t skipped town since they have slacked off him in the storylines. What this town needs is another explosion or earthquake that would shake a lot of people to their senses.

    Abby…I don’t get her. Except that sticking her nose into something that is not her concern runs in the family.

  64. From jolie

    #46 MAB, didn’t mean to offend you. But while Stefano was the creator of RoboRafe, Elvis was right down in the cell and smacking Rafe as he was handcuffed. Culpable in my book and up to his eyeholes in it all. But again, in the eyes of the beholder.

    DTBB, call it like you see it.

    #53 Sandygram, I thought I had missed interpreted that part with Kate getting his application but you confirmed for me. And I too advised him to run but back to the chowder stirring!

    #54 Richard, that was what was in Alice’s other letter but she was confused and left it to Stefano rather than Hope. Something in the water at Horton House!

    #55 Tee, John better not talk in his sleep! Marlena will have him on the couch in more ways than one! And Billie just swans thru the HTS on occasion. Another great actress wasted. So now we see too that Chloe will too be making a swan dive and not extended stay. Is Dan actually leaving? Has there been a rumor on that one?

    #57 Sandygram, so Elvis moving back to the manse to be with Auntie and Fatha to cook up the next devious plan to ruin the citizens of Salem? So is he going to do that thing he does so well, try to take the children? Is that how he’ll reel Sami back in? Although she is supposed to be terribly mad and betrayed by Rafe over Nicole’s baby, things have not changed about how Elvis behaved. That elephant is still taking up half the room and starting to stink. And that you thought of Sami’s rent…so funny!

    #59 Tee, I think you might be on to something. A wedding involving Dr Dan and Jennifer with Chloe dragging Parker back only to show Daniel he has a son. No one is happy in Salem for long and nothing is as it seems. And Elvis is like a rattlesnake…most dangerous when he is quiet and out of sight, no? And good one about Abby and Brady, I need to think about it as not sure how I feel…but how Abby calms down! Do you watch Major Crimes…another good show.

    #60 deb, some of us believe like you( and some of us don’t). So be prepared and hope you have your big girl shoes on to state that here!

  65. From MAB

    Blaze – no I’m not a counselor, but whether I am or not, what does it matter and why do you care???

    DTBB – uh, you made several assumptions about me. I call that insulting my intelligence, as you did before when you felt the need to correct my grammar. Overreact, nope, that’s what people like you do who go around dissecting others opinions. Also, why do you care whether I post or not? No one’s twisting your arm to read them.

    For the record…I never said abuse was ok in any form (another assumption). I don’t view it the same way on the show as I do in real life. I don’t think 2 “fictional characters” that go around lying & cheating on each other is abuse. And I’m not the one who said that they hoped Sami got abused by EJ, that was someone else, but that comment didn’t get questioned. That’s the person who is apparently ok w/ abuse. Ugh, why do I even bother explaining when it’s obvious some’s comprehension level only goes to a point?

    Well, Jen just keeps digging her hole bigger & bigger. She is officially bonkers! I laughed out loud when she told Nicole “I forbid it”. What…really…forbid??? Who does she think she’s talking to, one of her kids? Nicole is a grown woman, and I wished Nicole would’ve slapped the spit out of her mouth! She was forceful w/ Nicole, and basically a bully to a preganant woman. I’ve lost all respect for Jen. IMO, even loosing Jack, is no excuse for her behavior. And again, Nicole was still the calmer one of the two, when in reality it should’ve been Nicole freaking out.

    I certainly don’t compare Abby’s attitude to Jen’s. Jen is going off on Nicole for no reason whatsoever. I don’t care if Daniel is her friend, what he is doing is none of her business, and Nicole’s situation is also none of her business. As for Abby, I kinda get her frustrations. She lost her Dad, Cameron dropped her like a hot potato, and her best friend Mel took off w/o saying a word to her.

    Wow, I felt so bad for Caroline yesterday. I think she already knows something is wrong w/ her. Elderly people tend to get defensive when their kids start pointing things out to them, and she did just that when Bo brought it up. And boy did Bo see it first hand. She was yelling at him, calling him Shawn, then realized what she was doing. You know tho, it hasn’t been long since Kayla was there all the time. Didn’t she ever notice anything different about her mother? I will say one thing, the Brady family should’ve never let her work so hard, and so long by herself at her age. Someone should’ve come in and helped her run the pub.

    SuzanneQ – hmm, I didn’t hear about Peter taking a paycut, and if that is the case, including his reduced airtime, then I’m not surprised he chose to leave the show.

    Again, why is Brady playing second fiddle to the likes of Rafe & Daniel??? Where is the s/l for Brady?

    I liked how Kate was dressed yesterday. I liked her talk w/ Chad too. Don’t know what to think about the Nick thing.

    Lucy – I see your point about EJ seeking revenge on Nicole, and he has every right to do so. I just think he won’t cause her anymore grief after her loosing yet another child.

    Why do some read so much into what EJ says? I take his comment about moving on to better things as a shot at Sami & Rafe. They were taking shots at him, so why can’t he take shots back at them? Moving on to better things I think was said out of anger & jealousy. And why do his comments have anything to do w/ his children? His address shouldn’t matter…he can still be close to his children.

  66. From MAB

    jolie – hmm, see, I don’t care if EJ was down in the cell smacking Rafe. He deserved it for one reason or another.

    Call it the way you see it? That’s fine, as long as you’re not insulting someone. This site is supposed to be about the show, not commenting on people’s personal life.

  67. From jolie

    #66 MAB, didn’t, haven’t, will not comment on your personal life. Don’t know you for sure. I will say that you seem to have a large chip on your shoulder and that you seem to take many things personal all the while you like to say that whatever you spew out is just your opinion. And I was not any more explaining the show to you than you like to do to the rest of us in a previous post. Bless you but you do seem to be unhappy about most everything that goes on in the show and here. So really sorry to continually offend you but truly, one never knows where to step around you and the truth of it is that I don’t care.

    For the others of you who regularly post here, sorry for you to have see this. I can normally just go around her but I feel she has been a bit mean-spirited today.

    Have a great one!

  68. From Shani

    The fake Rafe plan was Stefano’s but EJ was neck-high into it & enjoyed every minute of Rafe’s suffering, even though the fake Rafe was living with his kids & being intimate with Sami. Even most EJ supporters on this site thought the plan was disgusting. & it obviously didn’t go over with fans because the storyline was changed from what it originally was intended to be. If there are people who believe Rafe deserved what he got I don’t understand why anyone would think that but so be it, their opinion. But it can’t be denied that EJ had his hands all over the plan right along with Steffie.

  69. From gej

    MAB, can EJ ever do any wrong in your eyes? Seems like you have a justification for every crime or lie he commits.
    BTW, Ej has used physical abuse on a woman. Remember when he put a gun to Sami’s head to rape her? Isn’t that “physical”?

    Also when you say “thats a fact”… this show is fiction, there are no facts!

  70. From Tee

    Hey all!!
    Haha I just realized I usually open with that lol.

    Guys the show is getting good, I think. Lots is going on. I go back to 2010, when EJ and Sami were together briefly, about to get married, I knew it was going to end, and i was no time for EJAMI. I did not want EJAMI under the circumstances of what happened either.
    One thing we can all agree is we have had many writers on his show, some have made characters redeemable, while others have pushed them back into the fire. It is hw we get some stuff that don’t match, or crazy stuff, and character changes.
    I know some may not like EJAMI, or even other couples, it is fine as long as we remain respecful. I know if we were to go through some of these blogs, it is EJAMI fans who usually have to deal with a lot, I get it EJ did some awful things. Very awful.So has Sami, Marlena was possesed at one time, Victor was a criminal lordhead, Shawn Brady had Bo kidnapped and beat to kep famly secrets origins secret.Nicole stole Sami and EJ’s baby, Hope was teamed up with Dr. Baker at once in her alter ego or whatever. All characters just about have done some crazy stuff. It is how they redeem them to me I believe in redemption is available for all even evil Stefano lol. Some classify what Sami did to Austin as rape as well.
    I know all may not agree, but over tIME EJ has grown. The man lost his sister, his fatha disowned him so fast his head spinned. From there we have seen him grow. After what he did TO Sami he has regretted it all we seen him wan to commit suicide over what he did to his children and Sami. So he blackmailed Rafe, that is nothing compared to the old EJ from over a year ago. He stated he wishes to do things different, and has. I DON’T EVER Expect him to be a perfect person, I think he has improved and is working towards redemption. I see him at Victors age maybe more like Victor.Stefano would very much like to mold im back to what he wants him to be.Stefano is why Hope, John, Marlena and so many others have done evil things. Imagine how much harder it is for EJ as his son, whom he is molding, manipulating, He knows when to approach EJ when EJ is down and losing it all he strikes and reels him back in. EJ is the example of the guy who tries to do good a times, but so many use his last name to judge him. Perhaps John could be a big help and step up and reel EJ to the good side.In short without Stefano’s influence EJ is much better person. EJ has always shown he wants his fathers love, we seen him beg for it even. Stefano set really high standards for him and has molded him for so long, it is a wonder he is as good as a person as he is sometimes.
    I hope posters here can understand this better on my pov on EJ And others. Do I think Rafe is evil no absolutely not, But Sami has made it clear why she chose Rafe, by her and EJ’s conversations. Rafe would never lie and keep secrets from her, and he is so honest to her. So based on her perception of how they are she thought Rafe was the best choice based off honesty and etc. That is why it will be devastating to her. Rafe is not the man she thought he is. EJ is still the man she thins he is, he is only less evil then he was. He will still scheme, and stuff but he has changed drasticaly. Old EJ would have done much worse. It was always Rafes choice as well. The truth shall set you free sorta. He chose lies. When you say you are gonna be honest, and never lie to your significant other, and keep lying it is wrong. If he dont trust her he should not be with her. Relationships are built on trust in a way and that is what Sami was trying to establish with him. IMO.
    Has what EJ done in hispast worst then Rafe? Most definitely, atleast what we know of Rafe anyway. Sami loves, EJ,Lucas and Rafe in her own way. She may feel Lucas has been gone too long, or is morelike the best friend who will always be there IDK. We only know she accepts them all for what she thinks they are. Lucas the steady guy who will stand by her side and listen to her rants and father of 2 of her kids and she loves. EJ the man who is Dimera, who her family dont like but accepts her for her and she loves.
    Rafe the honest do gooder whom she loves.To her the choice was easy Rafe her family loves him and he is so honest would never lie to her. So again perception, their past she is well aware of EJ’s and they have moved past that, as long as he keeps her agreement. No murder, kidnapping and cloning.

    This post is long and I am sorry want to add some comments on other stuff. Above was not intended till I read posts and decided to add it.

    Abby I think will be the one who solves Gabis secret somewhere down the line. On that note A poster above mentioned EJ being responsible for all Robo Rafe did though his father planned roboRafe, and EJ did go along with it. EJ also told his father real Rafe cannot be killed, he would not allow it. He also removed Allie so she was not hurt when he found out what Robo Did. I want to ask do you think Gabi is responsible for the deaths in Salem, and Mels kidnapping? That has been something a lot of postes here say Gabi is not responsible, So to all who think EJ is responsible for Robo Rafes actions is Gabi responsible for all Andrews? She brought him there, told him she wanted Mel out of picture, he then kidnapped Mel. She found out and tried over and over helping him escape. So good quesion and can’t wait to see what people say, I have seen same people who blame robo Rafes actions on EJ and say Gabi is not responsible. Both situations are different but a indirect results came from both.

    My opinion is EJ is indirectly responsible for his actions and he owned up to them in the end. I also feel Gabi is indirectly responsible for deaths etc. Directly responsible for Mel.

    Ej has had years of molding and manipulation by Stefano as has many who went crazy on show has. What is Gabis excuse?

    We know about all families on this hshow Hortons, Bradys, Carvers, Dimeras. What do we know of the Hernandez family? Not much. I hope that is corrected someday.

  71. From Tee

    Spoilerish below.

    I had seen the pics and thought it was Cameron who delivers and yes Cameron is the one who delivers Nicoles stillborn baby (tissues) The baby really is dead (sad).
    I know the reason it is being done, and I have to say this It is still awful to see someone lose their baby (tissues)Nicole holds her dead baby, as well.
    I knew it was going to happen but had hope even though sourcs all said she would lose the baby. When I seen the pic of Cameron delivering I knew it was no plot or scheme. That is why I pointed everyone to the pics but left my observation out of it.

    Sad day tomorrow on Days

  72. From MAB

    Yeah, I find that odd that Daniel is just now realizing the repercussions of his actions ending his career. He knew the consequences going into to this so why is it just becoming clear to him now??? As far as Nicole hating Jen, I don’t blame her in the least, regardless of Daniel. Jen has been horrible to Nicole and her hatred for Jen is justified IMO. I understand Jen’s concern for Daniel, but her behavior negates that. Daniel is a grown man who can make his own decisions. And Nicole wasn’t all the pushy about his involvement.

    jolie – I was absolutely not referring to you about commenting on my personal life. I was referring to the individual(s) that do that very thing, and they know who they are. I guess instead of saying “that’s fine, as long as you’re not insulting someone”, I should’ve said “that’s fine, as long as no one insults others.” I meant the comment in general, but I guess you took it wrong. With that said tho, I notice that you seem to have a knee-jerk reaction to just about anything I say. I don’t know where you get that I have a large chip on my shoulder. The only problem I have is when people get on a personal level w/ me. I’m not here to talk about my life or real life, I’m here to talk about the show. And that gets a little hard to do when people continually want to call me out just because my opinion differs from others. I call it the way I see it, just like you said, or were you implying that only certain people can do that??? I also don’t know where you get that I am so unhappy about the show. I complain no more than anyone else on here. For the most part, I’m enjoying the show, even the parts I don’t like. Like Jen, although I think she’s bonkers, her performances have been great. And I do hate Bo is leaving, but I haven’t seen too many disagree w/ me on that one. What is so abnormal about that?

    gej – yep most of what EJ does can be justified, just like how others justify Rafe’s behavior. But I admit, EJ has done a lot of bad things. I just don’t think he’s any worse than the rest of the Salemites. And yes I realize the show is fiction, but there are facts to the show as well, in fact plenty of facts. Like the fact that Stefano was really alive when he was supposedly dead. If you see it differently than me, fine. I honestly don’t care.

    I never said I liked the RoboRafe s/l, although it was some of the best performances Rafe ever had, even Galen admitted to that. AND I never said Rafe deserved what he got. I said EJ smacking Rafe around…he deserved it for the things he had done to EJ. I thought the s/l was a waste of time for the most part and was glad when it ended.

    It escapes me how some perceive other’s opinions to the point that they think they are entitled to make insinuations of how people think, or make personal comments, just because they think a comment wasn’t politically correct. I thought this was the USA, where people had freedom of speech. Apparently for some on here tho, that right only applies to those who agree w/ you. There is no reason why someone should have to back track and explain their opinions just because someone had a knee-jerk reaction to what someone said.

  73. From Blaze.

    MAB #72: Wow!! :\

  74. From Snickelfritz

    I have made very general comments about some of the posts here in the past, but today Jolie #67, you took the words right out of my mouth. Not to be mean, but enough is enough! I have been reading this blog for a long, long time, and I see MAB in the same light. She has an opinion, but everyone else just posts on here to personally attack her. It’s okay for her to attack others because she is just “defending herself.”________ The problem is that one cannot defend themself when there was never an offense commited in the first place. I think people get tired of it and end up lashing out. MAB, I think people want you to cpntinue to post, but stop being so sensitive and taking other people’s opinions as insults toward you! Not trying to hurt your feelings, just want you to take a step back and realize how you appear to even those of us that are neutral.

    Please do not call others ‘idiots’. Let’s all try to move on from the issues of today. Everyone has had their say. If everyone could be more sensitive to their fellow posters it would make it an easier place for everyone to post. ADMIN

  75. From MAB

    Tee – great post and I agree w/ it all. Stefano created RoboRafe and would’ve done as he pleased regardless of whether EJ was involved or not. Although EJ went along w/ some things, he did not go along w/ everything. His involvement was probably for the best because otherwise things could’ve been even worse than how they ended up. RoboRafe could’ve done something to Allie, or Rafe could’ve ended up dead. Yep, EJ is indirectly responsible for his actions, but he owned up to them, as he usual always does for his mistakes (unlike Rafe). And Gabi, I feel she was also indirectly responsible for her actions, but she didn’t want Andrew to go to the level he did. She didn’t want Mel hurt.

  76. From Tee

    Some spoilers below from sod magazine

    Rafe goes to hospital to comfort Nicole, and grive with er.They talk about rather to keep it hidden and agree. EJ overhears them admit the baby is his. He then wants a blood test, but learns the baby died.
    He pushes record on hisphone enters Nicoles room after Rafe leaves and manages to get Nicole to confess, by supporting her and offering to help with Jen.

    He goes to Samis gives Rafe a chance to come clean one last time, Sami backs Rafe up. Ej then decides to ply the taped confession. Rafe having no choice confesses. EJ laves Sami and Rafe to discuss in private, and Sami goes off then storms off.

    Also SAFE Were about to have Grief sex according to Galen, he needs it then the sex. He needs that physical connection, it is interrupted by EJ though and that is when he offers Rafe one last chance at confession.

    Sweeney then says this closes down the Sami/Rafe dynamic in a way that allows someone else to slide in, and EJ is there patiently waiting she says.

    Nicole now worries what will happen now that EJ knws and she can only just wait and see what he will do.

    Dan visits Jen in jail she tells him she did not push Nicole on purpose and he believes her. He then tries to get Nicole to admit she may be wrong. Not happening.

    Ari says Dan cannot see the Jen she sees because he does not live with her all he sees is perfect Jen, not how she is with Nicole and what Nicole sees.

    Kristen is back and visits EJ, he mistakes her for his mother, but when she reveals who she is and why she is there he shuts her out. She decides to give him space.

    John is caled away during a romantic evening with John, Kritsen has been watching them and sees Marlena alone, Marlena turns and sees Kristen and freaks out Says Davidson.

    To read full articles I only summarized it pick up latest issue of SOD.

  77. From MAB

    Snickelfritz – you too??? I guess you don’t call someone taking my comment about a fictional TV show and comparing it to my personal life an attack. Go back and read what was said. It was implied that I think abuse is ok. The problem is what it is on here, and will always be, just because I view things differently, and don’t confuse the show w/ real life experiences. I don’t call that being sensitive. I, unlike others, don’t make comparisons of ones opinions to what they are like in real life. You can’t make those calls of people you don’t know personally. Oh, and don’t worry, you certainly didn’t hurt my feelings at all. I’m not that thin-skinned.

  78. From jolie

    #70 Hey Tee! I get what you are saying. And you are right, there is no one truly perfect and no one character truly without some kind of redemption here. And while I have not said that Gabi should get away and go free without any kind of retribution for her part in the kidnapping of Mel (hard to say about the explosions, would have happened anyway at some point no doubt but still, it happened when it did) I think one difference between Elvis and Gabi is age. Gabi is supposed to be young and very stupid. Elvis is old enough to know better but can be very stupid and has really never paid for his crimes. But both are guilty and in a true court of law, they’d get the book slammed down on them. I sort of thought the whole Andrew saga gets swept away like a lot of other things in Salem but you may have a point…Abby may solve it yet and get it out there in the open. But then what? Not a story I can really get behind. It was sort of a means to an end.

    #71 Tee, you have said it time and again and we still wished right on. The baby is dead. This is terrible for poor Nicole.

    #74 Snickelfritz, love that name! Not sure what it means but it makes me want to pull the cap off a Sam Adams Octoberfest beer. Just a happy sort of feeling at that!

  79. From Tee

    Snicker #74 Glad you are posing here.
    I am always trying to end conflict on here, and get us all to be respectful. There was a comment above that said Mab was insensitive to victims of abuse based of her saying that she fel cheating being done by both partners was not abuse and she said this is a show,, and she later asked for posters to not try to guess her real life beliefs and attack them. They are much further up in postings so perhaps you did not read them. But perhaps If everyone did not try to chime in on Mabs postings saying I agree she is being sensitive etc she wll not feel attacked. She may have fet attacked when someone said they thought she was insensitive to abuse survivors.
    Cheating happens on this soap like changing underwear, I see it as wrong, but don’t see all the characters as being abusive for doing it. I see some things in soaps as different in life lok at Marlena and her possessed story. That was so out there lol. We of course can say things on the show happen in real life, and it does. But our views on show and real life do not have to be the same.
    As a little girl I loved Cinderella, and thought it was so romantic. I, real life I wont have a fairy god mother, and all this magical stuff as Cinderella had.

    I just wish we could all discuss and agree the show is the show not real life. Our opinions are just that our opinions. We are all adults, and all fans of whomeevr should feel welcome here.

    If you dont agree with Mabs stuff dont comment if you think it will get you in a disagreement. She has even asked people she has issues with on here to skip by her opinions. That is what I do if I think my disagreeing will lead to conflict, or I find ways to disagree nicely. So once again lets all keep that in mind here. We are all adults here and can discuss opinions even when we disagree. Sometimes its hard but I know we can all do it. Lets try not to attack peoples real life views here. I am not saying who is right or wrong, we just need to stop

    Why can’t we all be free to come and discuss what we like and don’t like about the show without being hateful and attacking here?

    I have kept out of it always until I see it is heading towards something that may cause this blog to be closed for comments like it has been in past over this stuff.
    It starts when 2 disagree, turning it into personal, others chime in to attack a poster and agree with attacks, A poster then feels attacked and it escalates. Lets stop guys please Thanks all lets keep this open to discuss Days. I don’t want the blog shut down.

    If you scroll all the way up and see how many posters chimed in and 1 either thought Mab was reffering to them 2 Posted their stabs at her as well, that is why she may be feeling attacked. I counted 6 in last like 30 posts. Lets take this approach with all issues like this so as to not escalate things please.
    I love talking with you guys and wish for us all to have this place to do it.

    Days is got alot going on for us to discuss, and I am excited.

    I am not posting this to offend anyone just trying to end this stuff as I usually do before mods have to step in and shut us down again.

  80. From Leah

    Every soap character is redeemable! I don’t care who they are… at any time the writers can choose to turn their characters around. Take Stefano for example… years ago everybody hated him. The crimes and schemes he played against the citizens of Salem were unbelievable. BUT look all these years later here we were missing him and his input on the show when his character supposedly died.

  81. From Shani

    Jolie, beer, YESSS, I knew there was something about you I liked! & Sam Adams Octoberfest yet!

    Snickelfritz I think administration misunderstood your “idiots” word.

    Just a great show today all around. Quite a fall Nicole took but I don’t think Jennifer pushed her. Looked to me like in trying to pull away from Nicole, Nicole lost her balance and fell backward. Whatever, the baby was already dead & Jennifer is not guilty of murder. That is Nicole’s lie. Amazing even in the midst of her tragedy Nicole is able to form a plan for revenge! Sad scenes with Caroline, both with Bo & with Kayla. Good point someone made, why didn’t Kayla notice any differences in Caroline while she was working at the pub? Thought EJ was very rude to Abigail but that isn’t new for him. He was a man on a mission to set Nicole straight. The scenes coming up with him comforting her will probably be touching. Good stuff between Sami & Rafe!! But they’re going to have to get together on where they are going on their dates so Sami knows what to wear!! She looked beautiful, though!! & I love the look for men that Rafe had on!! I got such a kick out of Victor today. & he practically repeated everything to Dr. Dan that Jennifer has already said.

  82. From Leah

    Aaahhh…. at long last Brady and Nicole have some scenes together. I love Bricole and have missed them. So glad the writers have Brady there for her. He is the ONE friend who she has always been able to count on. I’m hoping for a Bricole reunion soon and wouldn’t mind seeing Bricole in a new triangle. Let me see… should it be with Dr Dan, Rafe or Eric??? I’m hoping it will be with Eric. After all Nicoles troubles over the last few years seeing 2 men who have put her as number 1 fighting over her would be nice!

  83. From Tee

    I guess while I was writing my long lets all get along speech the admins handled it lol, So sorry for the long lets get along speech guys.

    I still have not said the one thing about this blog that I have been wanting to say. To writer of blog I am still laughing at the giggle stick comment it was funny. I used to know someone who reffered to it like that as well and it always makes me laugh. Great humor in your blog so Thanks.

    Jolie #78 Yes alot of tings get swept under the rug on this show, and we get no explanations. It does not usually tend to happen with Dimeras, though they usually get away with their crimes. I myself years ago used to get mad when Stefano did. I still say he can be redeemed, all can but I think he brings balance to the show.

    Gabi can be redeemed as well, I was just thinking in terms of what both her and EJ did indirectly caused issues. By law both are of age to be responsible for their actions. I feel both were indirectly responsible and some directly. I seen EJ own up to his and grow from it. I am waiting for Gabi to, and she has not.

    I think a poster asked above why Abby said noone wil let me get on with my life after losing my father. Perhaps that was a clue as to her finding out Gabis involvement, or maybe she has suspicions about it we don’t know yet IDK.
    There were spoilers saying Abby will not get over this easy and will suffer from it mentally. Perhaps that is gonna play into this IDK

  84. From Tee

    Jolie#78 I agree it is sad, and I know a sensitive subject for us all to see. I guess they ahve their reasons, and I understand them but still sad. She deserves to have a child, no matter her vil deeds. I guess that is why I could never be on boad with the support of taking EJs child either. Not just because I like his character, I don’t think it is right from anyone. No one deserves that.

    Leah #80 So true all characters are redeemable, it is what I love about show. Over the years I have watched some pretty crazy characters turn out pretty good.

    Shani #80 great post. Yes EJ will be comforting to Nicole but it is mostly to get her confession he has to be nice. He is probably not done where that is concerned on Nicole lying to him. I agree about S

  85. From Tee

    Jolie#78 I agree it is sad, and I know a sensitive subject for us all to see. I guess they ahve their reasons, and I understand them but still sad. She deserves to have a child, no matter her vil deeds. I guess that is why I could never be on boad with the support of taking EJs child either. Not just because I like his character, I don’t think it is right from anyone. No one deserves that.

    Leah #80 So true all characters are redeemable, it is what I love about show. Over the years I have watched some pretty crazy characters turn out pretty good.

    Shani #80 great post. Yes EJ will be comforting to Nicole but it is mostly to get her confession he has to be nice. He is probably not done where that is concerned on Nicole lying to him. I agree about Sami and dressing for her dates for Rafe it was comical she was not dressed properly. Their sandwich comments are funny as well. Guess she won’t have to worry about where rafe takes her on a date anymore though. Since she calls it quits with Rafe next week. I thought she looked beautiful as well, it was same dress she was gonna wear almost as when she had her date with EJ except that was a tight pink number and this one was red. She puled both colors off well.

    I am looking forward to the Caroline Victor scenes. I forgot all about their love before from years ago and if I remember right Victors bad boy evil crime lord ways is why he never got Caroline.
    Her commenting on Maggie and Victor priceless lol. Never knew she still thought of him like that.Caroline and EJ share some scenes soon as well, I think those will be interesting. Wonder if she will have advice for him, I will have to go through and see what they will be I cannot remember now.

  86. From Cindy

    Tee # 70 – Well said. When they hire the next round of writers, would you please apply?

  87. From Tee

    Just found an interesting thing about Kristen and Brady!
    Link below

    Leah I agree all characters can be redeemed. That is why I love this show, well one reason. I have watched many characters go from super villian to grey or good. I love it.

    Shani #81 Great post. I think Sami looked beautiful as well. Her dress was a tight little number similar to the one she had on for her EJAMI date except that was pink and this red. Both colors look great on her. I guess they wont be planning any more dates anytime soon, but I enjoyed their chatter on sandwiches they made it into a whole conversation and th whole Your not a sandwich from Rafe is funny.

    Victor and Caroline are some scenes I am looking forward to seeing, and I also hear she has some lines with EJ coming up. Interesting she brings up Maggie being with Victor, when she was in love with the bad boy years ago. I am sue she did not end up with him then because of his evil crime lord ways. But he has changed a bit now. I am just wondering what they will discuss, and will it lead to anything or just closure for her or nothing at all.

    Sandy yu will like article I posted it may blow a theory we discussed out the water or add to it.

  88. From Shani

    Tee 84 yes, I think EJ records his conversation with Nicole, doesn’t he, when she tells him the baby was his? & I think you are right that since Cameron delivers the baby that cinches it that the baby really is dead & there is no plot surrounding it. All the coincidences at the hospital – the new doctor, computers being down, etc. – will help Nicole with her lie accusing Jennifer of murder. But I can’t help but think SOMEBODY has a record SOMEWHERE of her exam, ultrasound, & the result of no heartbeat!

  89. From SandyGram

    Episode October 11th:
    Well I will be calling my Financial Advisor tomorrow and buying stock in Kleenex Tissue, another 1/2 box today and all ready for a full box tomorrow. On such a sensitive and difficult subject like Alzheimer Peter (Bo) and Peggy (Caroline) were wonderful today. With every tear that fell down my cheek I could feel Bo’s anguish when trying to say and do the right thing to help his Ma with out embarrassing her or forcing her to do something she was ready to do. And Caroline how powerful standing on her own, but finally realizing she needed help. This was a great Soap moment!

    Although my heart also went out to Nicole today, I can only hope this will end the tumultuous conversations between Jenn and Nikki. For me, Nicole’s fall was her loosing her balance when Jennifer was trying to pull away from her. But you could see in Nikki’s eyes when Brady came to her side, she was thinking fast about what to say. And as we know by the SPOILERS Nicole will say Jenn pushed her.

    The writers sure make Dr. Dan look like a Nicole Walker victim when everything that has gone on between them has been his decision. Well maybe just a little was influenced by Jenn constant barraging him with how she’s going to save him from the evils of Nicole.

    Another beautiful day for Allison Sweeney (Sami), this gal wears ‘Red’ so well. Loved the bantering between Rafe and EJ. I could see the smoke coming from EJ when Rafe said “Sami and I are back together again and no matter what kind of charade you try to pull nothing is going to tear us apart. I’ve won and you’ve lost for good.” Just another ‘Ah Ha’ moment for our Rafe as we all know when he admits he’s not the father of Nicole’s baby Sami will not be able to handle it and accuse him of not trusting her. Which I’m behind Rafe 100% in that department.

  90. From SandyGram

    #86 Tee
    I did love the Article on Kristen and Brady’s possible hook up. But here we go with the Cougar thing, she is old enough to be his mother as we all know. I think this goes along with the Spoiler that says Brady will do anything to support John and Marlena. The Article says Brady finds her intriguing, but I can only guess that Brady is her way to get to John.

    #87 Shani
    About Cameron being the doctor in the delivery room with Nicole. Being Celeste’s son,just a thought, could Stefano be holding something over her head …. well you can guess the rest! There has just got to be a way where that baby is not dead.

  91. From bobby

    Shani-I think I read (and it may have been on someone’s blog here) that Billy remembers Nichole throwing something in the garbage and she retrieves the ripped up doctor’s report and shows that the baby had already died before she tumbled down the stairs at the Horton Square (Was it the ghost of Grandma Horton knocking her down for picking on Jennifer?)

  92. From Tee

    Sandy What about Maxine? I a sorry I know this is hard for us all to take but the baby is dead, no could some writer come in years later and twist it I am sure they could. Put she holds her baby in her arms, the baby never leaves the room. She watches it come form her. Sorry its hard but we cannot pin this on the Dimeras this time Though good spec, there is too much evidence now saying the baby is gone.

    Shani I think someone will come out with some records that were missing one day down line to prove Jens innocence. I recal them saying records are missing or something.

    Sandy and other posters let me ask you I am curious. If the shoe was reversed would you feel the same about the baby secret. Even add someone else to mix would you feel the same, what if it was Lucas instead or Brady Rafe did this to. What if EJ did this to Rafe and what if it was all to keep a promise as you say would you support that. If EJ tried to pull this on Rafe I would have to say I would take Rafes side. It is wrong. I think Nicole has done some awful things to Sami, stealing her baby, trying to kil Victor etc. I stil never would think she deserved to not have her child. As I think EJ deserves to know about and be a father to his child. I am curious on what others think of this, I sometimes have to take my love for EJ Dimera out and say wow he is so wrong. I do that. I di that when he was doing Robo Rafe, when he kidnaped Sydney. I was furious with what he had done. But he did show remorse. Rafe gets a final chance by EJ to tel truth after baby dies. No reason to lie baby is gone. He still lies, so EJ plays tape and Rafe has no choice but to say ok yes I lied.

    I got some great spoilers and such to post to you guys gonna pick my son up and when I got back great stuff. I am not sure all will love it but some will.

  93. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from a Michael Fairman Interview with James Scott dated October 11, 2012:
    The entire article is available on Michael

    James on DAYS seemingly working toward an EJami pairing:
    “They’re not really re-visiting it. They have never done it. I think it’s about time, frankly. There is a good opportunity for story there. Alison Sweeney (Sami) and I work very well together. It’s sort of a fairy tale. They don’t play it so much now, but the Brady’s and the DiMera’s have a history. You have these two waring families, and then this sort of love between these two people who should not really love each other. They do love each other. Not in a romantic way, necessarily. They care for each other very much. I think there is always the potential to have a very powerful relationship.”

  94. From SandyGram

    #91 Tee
    Yes your right Maxine is the room. With all of Nicole’s belly rubbing, her talking to the little ‘dude’ and she is so far along in her pregnancy I guess I’m just hoping the baby is not dead. It’s like we got to know the little fella. But then Billie held a 5 month old premie Georgia in her arms, buried her in the Bayou and then came Chelsea at age 18. And if it is the Dimera’s that can get it done, I can go with that, the baby’s alive. But don’t keep him off screen for very long and get him back to Mommy Nicole.

    No I’m not for keeping a baby’s parentage a secret no matter who the parents are. I didn’t like it when Sami did it either.

  95. From Snickelfritz

    OMG, I am mortified. I post from my smartphone and it has a bad habit of adding in its own words. I really apologize to everyone! I would never call anyone on here an idiot on purpose! But I will and have called my phone that!!!
    That said, I usually don’t weigh in directly, but today I was just done with it all
    Again, I really apologize to everyone I offended!

    Thank-you. Admin

  96. From patty

    SandyGram, you will definitely need that whole box of tissues tomorrow. A sad, sad day for Nicole and Ari plays the role brilliantly. Not only does Cameron deliver the baby, but Dr. Knapp and Maxine are present and even Maxine sheds a tear when Nicole holds her son.
    Even though I am really upset that Nicole’s child had to die, I hate that Jennifer is being arrested for murder when there is no murder. As wacky as Jen been acting lately, she didn’t kill this baby . I hope Billie does retrieve those papers and show that the baby was already dead.
    I’m really not excited about a possible connection with Brady and Kristen. I want Brady to find a young woman his own age, not one that has already slept with his father. Why can’t this guy ever get a decent storyline?
    Spoilers have it that Sami runs crying to Lucas about Rafe…and round and round she goes! Good riddance for Rafe and Lucas should start running the other way right now. Maybe her low cut, skin tight little gettups won’t work on any of her men anymore. Rafe is not “honest” enough for our Samantha Gene , EJ has better things to do and if Lucas is smart, he means it when he says he’s done with her.

  97. From TerriK

    Ok Nikki’s performance today literally made me cry. watching her hold her stillborn child was just heart wrenching. If she doesn’t get an award for that’ there is something wrong.
    Sad we seem to me losing EJAMI but it seems Elvis may get his way for a little while with her.
    Her and Rafe are kinda cute together so i can deal. It is what it is.
    Very short I am just so mentally exhausted as of late.

    I will leave it at this: Days wouldn’t be the same without the dry witty humor of Victor Kiriakis. Love it!
    Have a great weekend everyone! xo

  98. From Tee

    Sandy~ #93 Thanks for posting that is actually what some of spoilers was about. I did want to say even on his site the whole article is not there as he even says it is from SOD, and he took part of it, he says to read it all pick up latest edition of SOD. He is interviewer I believe. I do recommend everyone o get latest issue lots of good stuff in it and you can read the rest of James article as well as some suff from Ariana, Alsion and Galen. Most of that I summarized above in a post I did. but good stuff in this issue for sure fellow posters.

    So I know most are familiar with me saying for a long while now SAFE is temporary, and well it is true. I am now going to take the time to elaborate more on it. I have not done in past because it wasn ot time for it. I am sure all here remember when Carrie left it was originally thought to bring her back, then later changed I have my theories on why I will post those in a bit. So Carrie was supposed to come back and have her Hea With RAFE, Atleast for as long as the writers deemed it to be, we know how it goes we have seen Samis pairing fans get bread crumbs over and over, some for Lumi some for Safe some for EJAMI.
    Rafe is now set to be paired elsewhere though, some are saying October, some November. So not sure when or even who though I have my speculation I will cover that later. Then we all remember James last interview saying he and Ali asked new writer to bring together EJAMI slow due to their characters past with each other.
    Galen was unhappy with how his character handled the SAFE breakup the first time, and anted to eat a can of raviolis while mourning from the couch. So we seen it go from EJAMI abruptly to Safe, but we seen it happen quick, making Sami looked like one confused person, and well we all have said she has been going round and round as of late. So Rafe got his redo on the breakup in a way, I guess. EJAMI are now gonna be done. As James said they have never been given a fair shot and he is excited they are. I iwll tell you as well the article asks if we are ready for EJAMI. I would like to point out the sources who have said this get their stuff way in advance of spoilers. I have stood by their saying Safe was temp, and EJAMI is still coming.

    Now on to my speculations.
    Rafe is most likely gonna get paired with Rafe I say this because knowing Carrie was gonna come back then Peter resigned a sBo then Carrie is not coming back. I am a huge BOPE fan, so I of course hate this, but I also realize Peter has no intentions to come back and we are obviously gonna see Hope paired elsewhere. Perhaps years down line Peter will come back and well we know what will happen then. It is just not in any future plans. There is gonna come the point will Hope will move ON. My hope is it don’t happen fast like Jen did.This here is my spec only guys. Now how do I feel on RAFE/Hope well I can’t feel anything right now I am a BOPE fan I will have to wait and see how it plays out later.
    I say why not put him with Kristen it sure would stir up stuff lol.
    Rafe is not related to any Salem women so it is open for him, Hope however is related to most men. Though there is Roman.

    I think Abby will be paired someday back with Chad, though rumors suggested Brady. I am saying this because it makes more sense this way. Mel may come back and they could have a triangle there I guess.
    I think the January wedding will be a Dannifer as I said with Chloe breaking it up with a Parker paternity reveal. Dan will of course probably go back to Chloe, and perhaps they will leave town together since Chloe is only here temporary.
    Brady will be there for Jen and they will get otgether.
    Eric will be with Nicole he is her first love.
    Kristen who knows about her she is like RAFE open and non related to most salemites except the Dimeras by adoption. What of Roman he needs a good woman I say.

    How will Kate and Kristen get along both trying to be the female Alphas in the mansion if she gets back with Stefano?

    Patty #96 I think Sami always goes to Lucas with her problems he to me is like her BFF. I should hope he stands by what he said since he gave her the ulimatum and she chose EJ. So true about that box of tissues, and I forgot her Doc is there as well. I agree Jen might be acting cray cray but she did not murder the baby.

    Sandy #94 I think we ahve seen different writers come in and make people alive who clearly were dead, so it is a possibility somewhere down the line a writer could make that happen. But for all purposes the intent now is baby is dead, and Dimeras are not involved. The writers have her doc, Cameron, And Maxine there. She also holds and delivers that baby, these writers are making it clear the baby is gone. I am thinking nicole will get a child but sorased because her article she did sorta mentioned it being more likely she would have a long lost grown up child come back. I am thinking maybe pre EJ, possible with Eric, or even Victor or elsewhere. IDK. She did not say it is going to happen but she did mention it, and it was hinted it was not this child. I just wish she had a child,
    I also wanted to ask just cause I was confused I thought you were in support of Rafe keeping this child from EJ. I may be mistaken but thought you may have been one of the supporters of that, If I am wrong I am sorry, I was just trying to see how everyone felt about it in general. I really do hate Nicole lost her baby, but we know this is days she could have one hopefully later, maybe one she had once or a new one. Though it would be hard to see her pregnant again.

    Spoilerish Brady promises Marlena he will keep a eye on Kristen

    Chad and Abby share a moment

  99. From patty

    Tee, to answer your question, I don’t think keeping a baby a secret from their father is right either but if that is what the mother wants to do and if it is to protect her child, then there has to be a reason for it. In this case, the father being a Demira and knowing what they are capable of is what drove Nicole and Sami to keep their children away from them. Rafe and Daniel are not the ones taking a child from his rightful father , Nicole is. They are just keeping their promise to her.
    Now I know that Sami all of a sudden is saying EJ is a good father but without hesitation she was willing to help keep his child from him . He is moving out of the apartment he moved into claiming he wanted to be closer to the kids because he has better things to do. He couldn’t win over Sami so now living across the hall from his children is no longer important to him. This time , he will use the death of his child to drive a wedge between Sami and Rafe, another desperate move on his part. If EJ did this to Rafe you ask? EJ did way more to Rafe and he’s still walking around wreaking havoc so that is mostly why most of us don’t mind seeing Rafe stick it to EJ once in a while…
    Snicklefritz, you seem to be a very fair and neutral blogger and your opinion is welcomed anytime. I like your name too, even if I can’t pronounce it, but if it has anything to do with beer, I’m in.

  100. From Mar

    Nicole’s tears, even with the baby, are just worn out. She’s worn out. She’s tried to fit in and someone keeps writing her in, but it’s time to go. I’ve watched Days since Julie was young, and Nicole doesn’t fit. She’s not part of anyone’s family. And I stress it enough..she’s worn out the tears. Over & over it’s the same.

    I’m sorry to lose Bo, and can’t wait for the great writing that will be writing for the Bradys &
    Hope! Hanging in there, but hope I’m in the last Days of Nicole!!

  101. From Tee

    Patty #99 Thanks for answering. I am the kinda person who believs 2 wrongs don’t make a right. I guess I see it as Rafe volunteered to be the baby daddy, Nicole never once approached him and asked him to do this. He put himself into EJ and Nicoles conversation and said I am the father, Nicole did not come to him and ask him to do that. Dan well that is another story, and Nicole did ask him tonot switch results back. Sami did not keep her baby from ELVIS out of fear of ELVIS, she did it because she was mad about Nicole mostly. Watching the old episodes which I did not long ago, I seen SAMI in safehouse reading EJ got engaged imagining it was her. See EJ called her and said he was gonna move on and attempt happiness with Nicole as he knew since he could not have her that is closest he would get to happiness since she was haing his baby. Upon returning Sami went to tell him once again and well found Nicole at mansion and decided not to tell.

    Gonna post a few things here that tells it

    On January 11, EJ turns on his father when he tells Sami, Marlena, Bo and Hope that John is not dead but being held by Stefano. As a result, both EJ and Sami go into witness protection to hide from Stefano. Still married, EJ and Sami plan to get a divorce when EJ discovers that he might be deported back to England. Sami and EJ decide to move in together to prove to the immigrations officer that they are a loving family so that EJ will be able to stay in the country. Though it eventually comes to light that this was all an elaborate ruse orchestrated by EJ to maintain the status quo with Sami and the children, EJ is extremely moved to overhear Sami tell the imposter immigration officer that he would be lucky if he was ever able to find someone who “loves him half as much as EJ loves me.” During this time, EJ, law degree in hand, and with a renewed interest in turning over a new leaf as a loving husband and father, joins Mickey Horton’s firm. He takes on his first case, despite John and Sami’s objections, representing Sami’s longtime rival, Nicole Walker.
    On May 15, 2008, EJ and Sami hash out their feelings over what happened the night Johnny was conceived after deciding to deal with the issues they’ve had between them in the past head-on. Sami declared that it was time that the slate between them should finally be wiped clean. EJ asks Sami if she can really put the night of Johnny’s conception behind them, and Sami firmly says that she can and will. After their conversation is interrupted by a very tipsy Nicole barging into the mansion and demanding to see EJ, jealousy rears its ugly head and, after physically throwing her romantic rival out the door, Sami pulls EJ into a fierce kiss. This inevitably leads to the couple making love on May 18th. Due to a misunderstanding, Lucas is released from prison early and, despite having told Sami that she should move on, is livid when he discovers her in bed with EJ. When Sami chases after Lucas, EJ overhears her desperately trying to convince him that their night together didn’t mean anything. Lucas doesn’t buy it, telling her he’s always suspected that Sami had feelings for EJ, despite her continual denial, and tells Sami things are over between them.
    Sami and EJ’s marriage is eventually annulled, but not before EJ begs Sami to be honest with him and finally admit that she has feelings for him. She tearfully admits that she does. Eventually, EJ tries to move on with Nicole, but it is clear from the start that his feelings for Sami are still as intense as ever when he calls out her name while having sex with Nicole in an elevator during a power outage. The encounter leaves Nicole pregnant. At approximately the same time, Sami finds out she is also pregnant with EJ’s child but decides to keep the information to herself, jealous of EJ and Nicole’s burgeoning relationship. EJ eventually expresses to Sami that he wants to move on because he’s tired of Sami giving him the run-around, and because he wants to start a family and believes that Nicole is as close as he’ll ever get to his longtime wish. Sami continues to keep her pregnancy a secret, despite Lucas insisting that Sami tell “the man she loves” that she’s going to have his baby.
    Sami makes an attempt to tell EJ about her pregnancy on October 17th. While standing on the DiMera mansion’s doorstep, Sami spies EJ and Nicole together through the window. It is never made clear whether or not Sami would have actually gone ahead with telling EJ about the pregnancy despite seeing them together because moments later, Sami inadvertently witnesses Salem’s mayor being assassinated.
    Following the mayor’s assassination, EJ rescues Sami from a sniper, after which she reluctantly agrees to go into the Witness Protection program. Sami is devastated that she has to leave her children behind, and is heartbroken when she is told that, as a safety precaution, she isn’t allowed to even bring pictures of the kids with her. EJ, however, manages to slip pictures of Johnny and Allie into her luggage when no one is looking.
    Sami and EJ, despite being separated, still show signs of longing for each other. When Sami reads an announcement in the paper of EJ and Nicole’s engagement, she imagines herself in Nicole’s place. Meanwhile, EJ dreams about waking up with Sami, and can’t help his disappointment when he realizes he’s waking up beside Nicole instead
    Here is a link for further reading and even has something Brian said about them being a super couple..

    I know this post will be long because I posted that excerpt from above so sorry. I just wanted to show Sami keeping her child from EJ was not out of fear. I also did not support her doing it either.
    I am unsure how Nicole was in fear of EJ he was running around begging her to let him be there for the child and for her.

    I also feel he can be a father from wherever he is, his moving out is obvious to him not wanting it to be fresh in his face on a daily basis. People divorce and move away to different houses breaks are needed sometime. EJ forcing himself watching SAFE in his home on a daily basis is something he cant handle right now I feel. EJ will not drive the wedge Rafe himself does. EJ and Sami actually dont interact after that for a while, he leaves them to discuss and do as they please.

    Patty I also believe Rafe has done things to EJ, I just do not think 2 wrongs make a right. Thank you for telling me how you see it and I respect that. I guess I see it different. I see Rafe volunteered to be the daddy no one asked, and Sami sure did not hide the baby out of fear it was jealousy mostly. I actually think perhaps deep down Nicoles is over revenge too as well, and the fact that she never comes first to EJ Sami does. being jealous or plotting revenge gives them no right to hide that baby from him I think.
    I also like the name snicklefritz, It is different.

    Oh ya I also know EJ has done things to Rafe as has Rafe to him. But I was referring only to this issue. If the two kept going back and forth then it would never stop. Again my 2 wrongs never make a right especially when a child is involved. My example of that Sami lied to EJ about Grace, keeping EJ from Grace whom he did not get to know because of that and at time that was supposed to be their child. So EJ responds in kidnapping his child, whom he never harmed, to show Sami how it felt in a way. IMO 2 wrongs do not make a right But I get confused how it was ok Sami did it to EJ but not ok when EJ did it back. If I was to think one was ok surely I would think the other was. But I think neither was right if that makes sense.

  102. From Leah

    Patty a while ago a poster posted that Bryan (the actor who plays Lucas) twittered “Lumi in October.” Now I don’t know if this is true but all I can say is oh I hope not! I’m well and truly over this Sami Men Merry Go Around. Its way overplayed and we fans are all over it. Like Will said to his mother take your time this time and truly think about it before jump into another relationship. And what does Sami do… doesn’t pay attention to his advice yet again. Will has more commonsense and maturity than his mother does. How shameful Sami…

  103. From Tee

    I just found this video its when EJ found out Nicole was pregnant, and Rafe says hes the father. Ej tells Nicole she will make a wonderful mother, and even expresses concern over her because of her past medical history. He does suggest she move into mansion to allow him to be there for her as she has a hard time carrying to term, and he wishes to be a part of her and the babys life. He then tells her he hopes she does not wish to hide another child from him as she did before, and does tell her he will be a big part of his babys life no matter what.He never said he was gonna take the baby quite the opposite, he said he would be a big part of his childs life even if she did not want to try again with him or move to mansion.

    Have a good night everyone

  104. From patty

    I agree Leah. I get a kick out of this spoiler “Sami feels used”. Gee, jumping from man to man like she’s been doing, I would say she’s the one doing the using. Roping them in and then dropping them like flies when the mood suits her. I don’t know what her game is but she needs to stay home and take care of her kids like she said she would. If these guys were smart, they would see that she’s not much of a prize to fight over.

  105. From Tee

    Leah here is what he tweeted it was on July 10th
    Bryan Dattilo ‏@Bryan_Dattilo
    Going back to work tomorrow. Can’t wait to create some more lumi magic. It’s what we do. Tweet on tweeters

    Judging from how they tape that should have happened already or be happening pretty soon now. I will also add at that time not sure when new writers started filming either or even how ahead they would have been at that time. It is possible it has even already passed hard telling. I know New writers stories began airing I think right after olympic break or week before. So I am not sure.

    Spoilers below heres link

    Cindy #86 lol Thank you and so many great things come out of us fans,

  106. From Shani

    Hi Tee if Lucas, Brady, Rafe, or even Bo are men like they are right now, I would not like a woman keeping the paternity of her child from any of them. But if any one of those men turned into the kind of man EJ is & with his kind of DiMera family history then yes I would approve of it. Women can have perfectly legitimate reasons for keeping their child’s paternity a secret from the father. I think Sami & Nicole had those reasons. Sami was jealous of Nicole, but also, & a very big also, on top of already knowing for years the kind of people the DiMeras are, a man was murdered right in front of her eyes on the DiMera doorstep.

    Leah 101 & patty 103 I like what you wrote.

    Politics are my prioriity after the debate last night so I will have to watch DVR of the show late tonight. Gives me time to stock up on tissue for Nicole delivery scenes! Her dead baby very sad & we have no choice but to go with that. But there are enough loopholes that I think they could bring the child back someday if the writers chose to do that.

  107. From Shani

    Well, an extra post has been added so now it’s Leah 102 & patty 104.

  108. From SandyGram

    Spoiler/Excerpt from Daytime Royalty Interview with Peggy MacCay, dated October 8, 2012:

    DR: Nadia’s coming back, and you were involved with the paternity switch originally…
    Peggy: Yes I was, and I committed a crime! I switched the petr… whatever you call the dishes, the DNA, and now it seems that I was too stupid to get that right! I’m not used to committing crimes – I’m not good at it! (laughs)

  109. From MAB

    Tee – thank you very much for your kind words, and your understanding. Too bad more people on here aren’t like you! You explained it very well, maybe better than me, but it really shouldn’t have to be explained, because no one should attack another’s opinion and turn it into something personal. I enjoy discussing the “show” w/ anyone & everyone, but I find that cannot be done w/ a select few on here because they take my opinion, dissect it, and put their spin on it. Then they start the drama, categorize me, and even call me names, and act like they’re justified in doing so. Makes no sense to me. I don’t do it to them, but they sure relish doing it to me. I don’t mind anyone disagreeing w/ me, but the personal stuff I won’t put up with, and I will strike back for it.

    Leah – I agree any soap character is redeemable. I also agree about Brady & Nicole reuniting, but I have a feeling Eric just may have something to say about that.

    Nope, the word “idiots” was certainly not misunderstood, especially when it’s directed toward a fellow poster.

    Jen is partly responsible for Nicole’s fall. No, she didn’t push her, but that certainly doesn’t make her innocent. Jen was so adamant about arguing w/ Nicole at the house, to the point of even trying to physically keep her from leaving, etc. Then when Nicole approached her at Horton Square, she didn’t wanna talk. Well, Nicole did because Jen certainly got her say, and Nicole wanted to have her say as well. It’s not uncommon for Nicole to want revenge after being so distraught over loosing yet another child. People handle tragedy in many different ways. I think she’s in shock. And w/ the continued rants from Jen, Nicole has slipped into her own little world. And Jen is her target.

    GO EJ! I loved that he got into Rafe’s face and told him the TRUTH that he wasn’t gonna allow him to keep his child from him. Rafe threw around his little threats, but EJ got the last laugh because Rafe is the one who is in the wrong here, lying to everyone about it. I can’t wait until Sami finds out too.

    Wow, Sami was certainly overdressed for her date w/ Rafe. Maybe she thought her was gonna take her out for a nice dinner instead of the wiener stand, uh, I mean coffeehouse. That is how she dressed for her date w/ EJ, and I’m sure that dress would’ve been appropriate for the evening he had planned, as it was obvious EJ was pulling out all the stops for her…shame it never happened. Rafe & Sami were comical talking about the sandwiches, but he blew it when he started acting like an @$$ to the employees because the service wasn’t fast enough for him. Is there any situation where he can just act normal, and not act like a snot??? It would be nice for just once to see him not act superior to everyone else.

    Poor Caroline! I’m so glad Bo is there for her. I see him now making it his mission to help his mother. And just as I said yesterday, since Kayla left, it’s been too much for her. She even said it. Why hasn’t anyone in that family bothered to help her run the pub?

    Whoa! Sparks between Kristen & Brady??? No wonder since he’s almost a replica of John. Kristen may try to get close to Brady to spite John. This may be very interesting!!

    Tee – I am also looking forward to Caroline & Victor’s scenes. Victor has always had a place in his heart for Caroline, and that has never changed.

    I do not support anyone keeping a child from it’s rightful parents, unless the child was being abused. I don’t care if it it’s EJ, Rafe, Lucas, Sami, Nicole, whoever. It’s wrong. There is no real reason to protect a child from EJ. Johnny & Sydney are his kids, and need no protection from him, because he is a good father to them, as Sami keeps pointing out, and he has never abused his children. There is no justification for Rafe to keep EJ’s kids from him…for the second time I might add. He needs to get his own kids, and leave EJ’s alone. Also, Sami initially only wanted to keep her child from EJ because of Stefano, and then jealous played a role when he moved on w/ Nicole. Even back then, Sami admitted EJ was a good father. And I still believe today that if Rafe hadn’t shown up and got involved w/ Sami, she would’ve went back to Salem and fought to be w/ EJ. But when Rafe came along, she saw it as an opportunity to stick it to EJ for moving on w/ Nicole, so he became her partner in crime.

    I’ve always said Lucas & Sami need only be friends. They are good at it. I just hope Lucas finds a new love, as he’s never really had a true love before. And again I say, when is Brady gonna get a real s/l and be put front & center where he belongs, and not play second to Rafe & Daniel, as he’s doing now????

    Great interview w/ James Scott SandyGram posted. And he is right, they’re not really revisiting it because it’s never really been done. And as I’ve always said, there is a great story to tell there, and it they could have a very powerful relationship, if the writers would just do it! They no doubt love each other, and if their relationship would be explored properly, then I think it could be a great love story.

  110. From patty

    EJ has known all along that Nicole’s baby was his and he has threatened her from the beginning that he takes what is his. We have not seen him once show concern for the welfare if this “bloody child” as he calls it during the pregnancy or after the daysaster. Now EJ will play the emotions to trick Nicole and to use his dead child to get back at Rafe. In the meantime two men have been unselfishly caring for Nicole and her baby, going to great lengths to protect her secret and sacrificing their own relationships to be there for her . Even EJ went along with Rafe being the father to suit his own purpose. If Elvis stopped using his children for his own agenda, maybe Sami and Nicole wouldn’t have to keep his kids from him. I don’t care how often Sami changes her fickle mind about it, the fact remains that EJ did horrible things to her and her children in the past and he will most likely do so again given the chance. Nicole has seen first hand what he’s capable of and is not to blame for wanting to keep her child from him. Elvis hasn’t changed and even air head Sami knows that.

  111. From Cougar

    Say yes to the dress! Has the wardrobe dept gone to a Macy’s sale and and loaded up an a buy 2 and get the third one free?! I’ve noticed that Sami has had 2 nearly identical dresses for the EJ then Rafe date. I have also noticed that Jen’s little number is very similar only it’s a much more modest version as far as the clevage goes.

    The thing about who should they pair Nicole with was that they really had a good match up for her not that long ago. I really enjoyed the play and interaction she had with Dr. Dan after I got past the fact that Nik was preggers at the time.

  112. From patty

    Hot scenes with a shirtless Rafe!
    Before they are about to make love, Sami tells Rafe that she loves him and that she never stopped loving him. Rafe tells her no matter all the things that happened between them, he has never stopped loving her for a minute. Now if next week Sami is with Lucas or EJ, that means she is a liar. She never told Lucas or EJ that she loved them.
    Tender moments between Nicole and Daniel and then Nicole and Rafe as she thanks them both for being good friends , being there for her and loving her son. Nicole brings it again today.
    Sami threatening to call the police on a drunken ,obnoxious EJ after he shows up at Rafe’s apartment when she’s alone and her dress is still unzipped. He sees the number on the phone and figures out Rafe’s gone to the hospital and thinks Nicole is having her baby. He leaves and Sami thinks her threat worked.

  113. From Snickelfritz

    #109 MAB, once again, let me apologize. I did not type that word into my rant post. If you ever try posting from an android phone, you’ll understand exactly what I mean. I did post an apology and felt terrible that that ended up in my post. I wouldn’t ever call you or anyone else on this blog that! It was definitely an accident & I am so very sorry. I can’t apologize enough, and hope we can move on.

    Having said that, hope you all have a nice day. I’m a working Mom, so won’t be able to see today’s show until this evening on SoapNet. Will be a tearjerker, for sure. My poor Nicole!

  114. From Blaze.

    MAB #109: WOW!! :\

  115. From MAB

    Blaze – I’m so glad you’re WOWed about my comments. Enjoy!

  116. From MAB

    EJ “thought” that Nicole’s baby was his all along. He had his doubts, and didn’t have proof, so he never “knew” for sure. He threatened her a couple of times, but only AFTER he tried to repair their relationship. But for the most part, he’s left her alone. And Nicole was willing to take him back (regardless of her claims to want to protect her child from EJ), but it was only on the condition that he leave Salem, and his other children, to get away from Sami. He said no, so she continued her charade w/ Rafe & Daniel. Her reasons were out of jealousy (much like Sami). So EJ has every right to threaten to take what is his, especially when it’s HIS child. I don’t see how EJ could show concern when Nicole wouldn’t allow him too…she’s kept him at bay. I’m glad he’s gonna expose Rafe for what he did, how he lied, and intended to raise another man’s child.

  117. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    So I posted video above so everyone can remember how this lie started. During Nicoles conversation with EJ, she never denied he was the father in fact she insinuated he was by saying, Just because I am pregnant does n ot mean we are getting back together. And EJ I need time to figure this all out, I don’t want to move to mansion. on and ON. Then EJ started out saying how wonderful of a mother she would be, and how he knew she was worried with her history and he would be there for her and baby. Even when he got the drift Nicole wanted him out of baby and her life, he only said I know you don’t intend to once again keep me from my child, and I will be a part of this babys life no matter, Why don’t you let me help you, and please get the best care, see a doctor. Where does those things say he threatned to take her child? He was very nice and supportive and begging towards her in beginning. Rafe jumps in without Nicole asking and claims the baby, She never once said EJ the baby is not yours. So who gives Rafe the right to volunteer to be mans child? Even after Rafe claimed the baby, EJ was begging, pleading of Nicole to let him be a part of his childs life and stop lying, and never once threatened her with taking baby. He only go more angry about is as time went on and on. I Just don’t see why anyone thinks he should not have his child, and how he threatened Nicole, and how Rafe volunteered his self. Perhaps Nicole would have told the truth, especially as nice and supportive EJ was being to her, RAFE had no right. That is how I see it and clearly it was shown on tv EJ was not trying to take away her baby not until much more recently has he been going that route. I do not blame him after all the lies. So in this theory Shawn shouldnot have had nay of his kids, he had Bo kidnapped and beat to keep a secret of Dimera/ Brady feud origins. That is abuse. Victor well he was a crimelord, keep all kids from him too I guess, John Black and

  118. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    So I posted video above so everyone can remember how this lie started. During Nicoles conversation with EJ, she never denied he was the father in fact she insinuated he was by saying, Just because I am pregnant does n ot mean we are getting back together. And EJ I need time to figure this all out, I don’t want to move to mansion. on and ON. Then EJ started out saying how wonderful of a mother she would be, and how he knew she was worried with her history and he would be there for her and baby. Even when he got the drift Nicole wanted him out of baby and her life, he only said I know you don’t intend to once again keep me from my child, and I will be a part of this babys life no matter, Why don’t you let me help you, and please get the best care, see a doctor. Where does those things say he threatned to take her child? He was very nice and supportive and begging towards her in beginning. Rafe jumps in without Nicole asking and claims the baby, She never once said EJ the baby is not yours. So who gives Rafe the right to volunteer to be mans child? Even after Rafe claimed the baby, EJ was begging, pleading of Nicole to let him be a part of his childs life and stop lying, and never once threatened her with taking baby. He only go more angry about is as time went on and on. I Just don’t see why anyone thinks he should not have his child, and how he threatened Nicole, and how Rafe volunteered his self. Perhaps Nicole would have told the truth, especially as nice and supportive EJ was being to her, RAFE had no right. That is how I see it and clearly it was shown on tv EJ was not trying to take away her baby not until much more recently has he been going that route. I do not blame him after all the lies. So in this theory Shawn shouldnot have had nay of his kids, he had Bo kidnapped and beat to keep a secret of Dimera/ Brady feud origins. That is abuse. Victor well he was a crimelord, keep all kids from him too I guess, John Black and Hope both Pawns for STefano I wonderif that could have put any kids in danger of years, especially since John would shoot his own mother almost in his brainwashed duty. Sami shot a man, and raped Austin. Nicole kindnapped Ej and Sami’s baby. All people who have put peoples life in dangerous, what makes it ok they get their kids and EJ cannot. He has never abused his kids, and though has a crazy past, who dont on this show? I guess this is my opinion, I also am not bias. I look at it on a whole, IF i Feel something someone does is so deserving of them not having their child I would feel of it of most of Salem. Irespect everyones opinions. I guess I was wondering if i was more a EJ Dimera bias or if people felt the same on all people, which would be amess because noone in Salem is perfect. I see it is only a Dimera/ EJ bias, and that people feel others are able to do anything they want and deserve their kids. Meanwhile EJ does not. I feel its wrong He has every right to know it is his child, and if he is not fit to be a parent a court will decide that, or wow he may give up custody like he did to Sami because he repented for what he has done in past. Thanks all who have shared their feelings on it, I am glad we can all discuss it and not argue.

  119. From Tee

    Post messed up so it should continue and say. John and Hope are pawns of Stefano and both committed crimes during their alter egos, who is to say when they could do that again. We have seen them turn into them over and over again. Marlena as possessed one time. Chloe was a hooker, as was Kates had her hands in many of crimes too. Sami raped Austin, and tried to kill man. See most people in Salem have done horrible things, and If I took the approach of saying someone dont deserve their kids because of this stuff, well there would be no one with kids almost. Caroline even shot Victor once, Nicole tried to kill Victor and she stole Samis baby. So is she more deserving of Ej? I was hoping it wasnot because of a bias against EJ or Dimeras, when all have done stuff. I just feel everyone deserves to know of their child, and i is wrong. I respect everyones opinions, I just do not understand them based off answers to why people feel EJ is less deserving, or his crimes or worse or noone else commited them or whatever Thanks all who have shared what they thought on it.

    Mab you are welcome, I like that you hold your own, and I enjoy reading your posts.

  120. From MAB

    Tee – I enjoy reading yours too whether we agree or not, but it looks like for the most part, we do. I completely agree w/ your posts above about EJ. Some on here just have separate rules for him, and for them, he’s always at fault, and to blame no matter what the circumstances. I’ve always said too that I look at the whole picture, instead of seeing it one-sided.

  121. From BooBear

    Sami is such a disgusting tramp. I don’t know how poor Alison Sweeney can play her without gagging. How many men has she had sex with in the last couple of months? Poor Lucas, just duped and dumped again by Sami. And is Rafe the Esperanto name for “idiot”?
    The Nicole story line is infuriating. Killing her adored baby is just vile. Jennifer was the instigator behind Abe’s foul play during the Mayoral campaign which led to Nicole’s retaliation and the nano-second Lexi-Abe break-up.
    Jen is such a little weasel, holier-than-thou, dangling Danniel, another dullard, while she made up her mind about Jack. Her over the top reaction to Daniel’s decision to help Nicole made her seem out of control and out of her mind. Jack’s hardly dead and she’s angling for Daniel again, covering it with the concern of a “friend” Like Mother like Daughter!
    I know Nicole will be exposed as far as the baby is concerned, but Jennifer is not pure. And on my TV, it did indeed look as if she pushed Nicole.

  122. From SandyGram

    Episode October 12th:
    Tears anyone? No more please, that’s enough for me. Today my sympathy went to Daniel, yet another baby he had begun to love taken from him. Then as demented and agitated as Nicole had become after learning her baby had no heart beat; to becoming so deranged wanting payback for Jenn, up to wanting to cause her harm; once she delivered the baby it didn’t take her long to switch to survival mode. Nicole’s self preservation has always been her strongest personal trait. Although as we will find out Jenn did not push her it will also be her down fall. It will be interesting where the writers take Nikki from here.

    More tender moments for Caroline and Kayla and Bo. After all was said and done she jumped right up with ‘she had to get home, she had a Pub to run’. Bravo Caroline stay strong.

    Well I hate to say it, but Marlena really ‘irked’ me today. It wasn’t that long ago she was giving Carrie the green light on a relationship with Rafe. And now, she’s so happy to see Sami and Rafe together. I guess there’s no way for the writers to clean up the mess they made between the sisters and Marlena’s favoritism from one to another when the story line warranted it. I guess the only time it would really matter anyway is if Carrie was to return to Salem.

    The SPD at work again. Leaving Billie and Jennifer at the scene of the accident, where all the Salemites are mulling around whispering about Jennifer. Then returning to arrest her in public.

  123. From SandyGram

    Episode October 12th. Continued:
    Forgot to mentioned….Nicole delivering her still born son was hard enough for me, but when Maxine started to cry I was a mess. And then Daniel standing outside Nicole’s room, again when he wiped away his tears, my water fountain turned on again.

  124. From Gerri

    Today’s show was so sad,I wish the writers,wouldn’t have done this to Nicole again,no matter all the bad things she’s been involved in,she wasn’t deserving of this.

    I’m thinking going back to the papers,Nicole ripped up and threw in a waste container,why there where they could be found?were Lot’s of safer places.
    They were intended to be found(part of the storyline)to prove Jenn’s innocence.

    I Think They should give Sami a romp with Dr.Dan,since she loves going from man to man,somehow they,haven’t connected those two..
    It would be a perfect match,being they both love,to do naughty things.

    Kristin doesn’t look like she has aged a day,since I saw her last,guess her role will be,whatever Stefano’s evil deeds,he wants done.

  125. From Blaze.

    Kristen does look great!! I wonder how long it will take her to play the “Grandma” card on Marlena?! :)

  126. From SandyGram

    Heads Up – Excerpt from Twitter

    TeamReckell ‏@TeamReckell

    Sadly, @peterreckell will be leaving @nbcdays! Bo Brady will last be seen in Salem on October 30th. :-(

  127. From Leah

    Patty… seriously, your only discovering Sami is a liar? We’ve had years of seeing it. I laughed when recently during an Ejami conversation. Sami said to EJ “Are you accusing me of lying EJ?” To which EJ responded “Well thats a given darling, you always lie.” LOL

  128. From patty

    That’s right Leah, that’s why I can’t believe she suddenly turns all high and mighty because Rafe didn’t tell her about not being the father of Nicole’s baby. Of course EJ shouldn’t talk, he always lies and that’s a given too.
    SandyGram and Gerri, the last couple of days have been very hard to watch poor Nicole going through the heartbreak of losing yet another baby. I have never lost a child thank God, but I can’t even imagine how someone that did sitting through these heartbreaking scenes without falling apart. Ari Zucker is the best and definitely deserves an emmy. Love her!

  129. From Leah

    Agreed Patty… they are certainly two of a kind.
    Yes I certainly hope Ari gets nominated for an Emmy too. She deserves it.

  130. From bobby

    For all those feeling sorry for Nichole, she is taking one of her worst moments to ruin lives with her lies and put Jen in jail over revenge. She’s so selfish. And to think she’s doing this over a man. One she will never have. Now can we stop having E.J.’s secret babies popping up all over the place? Old and tired story line.

  131. From Richard

    I tend to believe that Daniel knew that there was a possibility that Nicole could not carry this baby to term and that may be why he is sticking so close to her.
    Maybe Emily also could not have a baby, or else Stefano and EJ was also involved in her life.
    There should be security cameras in HTS that captured the scene between Nicole and Jennifer. There are lie detector tests also.
    It’s very funny that Billie and Brady was there to witness it all, but after all, it was a Dimera baby, but one that I believe that Stefano would want no part of.
    It’s funny to me that neither of the Nicole/EJ babies survived, as well as Chad/Mia’s baby. Only EJ/Sami’s babies have survived.

  132. From bobby

    Ok-Kristen. If she comes back with hots for John-isn’t she related to John? I barely remember her as Stepheno’s daughter. How many kids did he have. I know there was another daughter that was in love with Tony and then found out they wer brother and sister. Then she died. Now we know they were only cousins. You really need a map to keep track of this family’s relatives. And now E.J. has to mourn another lost child and he “comforts Nichole”?? My head hurts. Stephano and E.J. are very busy with the ladies. Let’s see where Chad takes us. He’s a little more like Tony with touches of his father and brother. And now another new sister. Whoops-almost forgot Lexie.

  133. From SandyGram

    #131 bobby
    Let’s see if I can get this right:
    - Kristen isn’t related to John, she and her brother Peter were adopted by Stefano so John is not their biological Uncle.

    And here’s the break down of Stefano’s biological children:

    Renee DuMonde (daughter; with Lee; deceased. Tony was in love with Renee, but it was not incest since Tony is not Stefano’s biological son. They never married although they were together the night she was killed)
    Megan Hathaway (daughter; mother unknown; deceased)
    Lexie Brooks Carver (daughter; with Celeste; deceased)
    Benjy Hawk (son; with Ellen; deceased)
    E.J. DiMera (son; with Susan)
    Chad DiMera (son; with Madeline)
    Theo Carver (grandson; via Lexie and Abe)
    Steven Hawk (grandson; via Benjy)
    Grace Brady (granddaughter; via Chad and Mia; deceased)
    Johnny DiMera (grandson; via EJ and Sami)
    Sydney DiMera (granddaugher; via EJ and Sami)
    Daniel Rafael (grandson; via EJ and Nicole; deceased stillborn October 5, 2012)
    Unnamed grand-daughter (E.J. and Nicole; miscarried Nov 24, 2008)

    All of this information is available on Soap Central.

  134. From bobby

    #132 sandygram-thank you. And I’m sure it will help everybody else. There wasn’t one woman that was safe from the Dimera’s gene pool. I guess that’s why I think sooner or later, there’s going to an incest relationship somehow. Again-thank you. There were some I really forgot. Poor Chad has some big shoes to fill. He’s only had the one. When you step back, that poor guy hasn’t had a very happy life so far.

  135. From Delores

    I just got to thinking after reading a post a few steps above regarding Billie’s premie still born (supposdely) in the bayou and then growing up to become Chelsea. Now, usually when awoman miscarries or her baby dies early like that, the mother does NOT just get up and walk out of the hospital with make up, nice hair and nice clothes and still show, as Nicole seem to do. Dont they usually have to stay over night or a day at least to be “cleaned out” and etc. ?? So all of this got me to thinking that maybe some one seet this whole thing up and when Nicole and Daniel goes away, she will have that baby unexpctedly and some one will whisk it away and some time next year that baby will have taken miracle grow and become 16 and will be another MOSES come to rule the world.

  136. From SandyGram

    #134 Delores
    The baby being alive has been a speculation for about 2 weeks since we first found out Nicole would lose the baby. This is one of those ‘hurry up and wait’ situations to see what the writers will do. For me, I’d like the baby to be alive in Soap land somewhere!

  137. From Diane Tuner

    Isn’t Melissa Reeves a terrific actress. Its great that she is getting a story line that she can do some acting with. I believe this will bring her and Daniel together.
    I love Kristen coming back Eileen Davidson does such a fantastic job portraying her and Susan. We can only hope that Susan will be in Salem shortly. I will look forward to Susan (oh sooo silly) and EJ (oh so prope) interacting. I am counting down the days.
    The story lines are showing a little more depth, just trying to be patient.

  138. From Tee

    Mab #120 Yes we usually do agree on everything. I love your posts, and think you have great opinions and ideas. I also like that you see the whole picture.

    Sandy #121 Great post. I have never understood how Marlena can do that. She does it every time Carrie is here, rather it is about a man or something else she is always taking Carries side. I think her best advise to Carrie should have been, how wrong it was to fall and love with her sisters husband, and that she should at the very least give Rafe an Sami time. She instead encouraged her. Now she is encouraging her other daughter to be someones number 2. I like to say it is to fix a story, but this is typical Marlena always. I notice when they were all laughing about EJ Sami di not instead she plastered on a fake sorta half smile. I also notice John told Rafe he fought for what he wanted when it was EJ who did that Rafe just defended himself, against EJ. Those are little things I notice and they tell a story as well. Sami did not seem so happy with her mama preaching to her about how she must get it right and how happy she was over Rafe and her either. She seemed aggrivated at her mom and tired of hearing it. They are giving more evidence that Sami is trying to do what her family thinks is right and that was to choose Rafe. I know some may not see it that way, but after those scenes and her conversations with EJ about it she has basically admitted it in many ways. Some may not understand how Sami is a big liar but dont forgive Rafe it is easy, first she sees Rafe as so honest and she chose him over EJ based off what she sees him as a honest no lying man whom her family loves. That was the deal breaker with Sami the whole dark and light convo with EJ showe that as did the one they had before when they talke about ehr doing it to please everyone but herself. Sure she has feelings for Rafe, but she does for EJ as well, so she narrowed it down by other means and when Rafes lie comes out it will show her the reasons she chose Rafe are no longer valid to her. Hope that makes sense.

    Sandy also so true about SPD they would have had EJ in cuffs had it been him and down at the spd, they left Jen standing there, then walked off. They should have secured the area and asked her down to station for questioning. They always muck it up.

    Spoilers below

    Daniel makes a proposition to Nicole perhaps they will go away together but she needs to drop Charges.
    Daniel makes a discovery and NIcole decides not to press charges on Jen.
    Kristen offers to help EJ get what he wants. John runs in to Kristen.
    These are all for week of 22nd

    So I wonder if Nicole don’t press charges, EJ certainly still can, and since he has no idea that Nicole is lying I bet that will be how it goes down.

    Delores #134 When Nicole left hospital the baby was still inside her, and yes it is normal to be allowed to go home. I was allowed to go home and be in the comfort of my own home. I was asked to come in for a checkup wihin 24 hours afer though.
    For all intent purposes the baby is dead, the bayou baby was another writer coming on and making Chelsea happen, so yes it is possible down the line some writer can decide one of Nicoles baby has live, but this one is not intended to live by these writers. That is the great thing about this show no one is truly dead as we always see, But yes it is the intent that the baby is dead. It is sad but they have reasons for it. I myself didn’t watch Nicole give birth to the baby I looked at pictures as it is hard for me since I just lost my baby last year.But I know they made sure baby was visible in room and Nicole held it, and she pushed that exact baby out Caeron, her doc and Maxine were all there no suspicous people. They wanted it made clear she lost the baby, I think it is more likely she gets a different baby sorased later because of her interview she did. I do not think it will be any of EJs babies. It will be one before that we don’t know about. That is what I think.

    One last spoiler below

    Bo and Caroline prepare to leave town.

    I want to comment on that and say I think if Caroline leaves it is only temporary. She will come back without Bo.

  139. From Leah

    I heard somewhere that in Arianne Zucker interview recently she brushed on the possibility of Nicole have a long lost child out there somewhere. Now from what I gathered it won’t be from her last 2 previous pregnancies… it is liable to be a grown up child from way back in her past. If this turns out to be true… a couple of possible fathers could be Brady, Eric, Victor etc. Now wouldn’t that be interesting and certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons! Was this all hype? Time will tell I suppose… tick, tock.

  140. From SandyGram

    #136 Tee and #137 Leah

    Tee….If you should have it handy, could you give us the source of the Spoilers for the week of October 22nd.

    Leah…Would you happen to remember the source of the Interview mentioned in your post.

  141. From patty

    Tee, I understand what you are saying is your own perception of things but if Sami supposedly just got back with Rafe to please others, why does she tell him she loves him and never stopped? Why would she say that to him and not to EJ or Lucas? Don’t forget that Sami was the one going after Rafe without the advice of her mother or anyone. She had her chance with EJ but she wanted Rafe. If she goes back to EJ or Lucas now, they will be her #2 as you put it. Chances are that if Sami ever goes back to EJ , it will be through manipulations and trickery on his part, not out of love or because he’s honest. So yes, expecting Rafe to be perfectly honest with her at this moment is laughable coming from her since she doesn’t even know how to be honest with herself. She is a known liar and so is EJ , Rafe is basically an honest man who has opted to not trust her with the whole truth with good reasons. Besides, EJ has better things to do now so he says. Whatever that is, I have a feeling it won’t be better but worse.

  142. From Shani

    I didn’t have a problem with Marlena supporting a Carrie/Rafe relationship. At least not where Carrie was concerned, although I felt sorry for Austin in the whole mess. But as far as Sami, due to her actions at the time due to her guilt, she made it seem that she was done with Rafe. Both before & after Carrie & Rafe became involved. Now that Sami has come to her senses, gone after Rafe, and won him over, (not that he ever stopped loving her either), I liked the “family” scenes with them, Marlena & John. I hope Sami will not be mad at Rafe for long after she finds out he is not the baby daddy. She did, after all, keep her baby from EJ, too, and she will know once again what a loyal guy Rafe is that he would do that for Nicole and keep her secret.

    I feel the same way patty does that Sami has professed her love for Rafe in a way that she never has for either Lucas or EJ.

    More terrific acting by Ali Fri. & it was very sad but at the same time disgusting that Nicole is turning her tragedy into a lying scheme.

    I absent mindedly forgot a couple of things over the weekend & thought of Caroline & my late mother-in-law. Must be so scary to realize you are losing your grip on things!

  143. From Clear

    Guess they have better tests for Altz. A few years ago a doc told me they cannot really tell the causes of dementia until autopsy after death. Dementia could have more than one cause. The meds they have pretty much just help people maintain what they have left I think.

    Sami going all banshee on Rafe is crazy! She should be glad he did not do the deed with Nic.

    I am waiting to see them put Billie Reed with someone! Give her something spicy to do.

  144. From SandyGram

    From SoapOperaFan Comings and Goings: Updated: October 10.

    Lisa Rinna (Billie) has tweeted that she shot her final episode of “DOOL” yesterday (Oct 9th). It should air in January.

    With her last air date in January would she have enough time to find her a fella. Maybe she will be helping John and Marlena keep an eye on Kristen through EJ.

  145. From jolie

    #90 Sandygram, can Cameron be Stefano’s son? There was no mention of a father for him. Actually there was no mention of anything except that he rode into town with Celeste as his mom right before Lexie died. So if he is a Dimera son, he could possibly be in on a scam. And I know Tee has told us time and again that the baby is dead. But we know revisionist history is in the making somewhere at all times on DOOL!

    #92 Tee, a hard but fair question. I think the answer is that Elvis has done so much evil that it is easier to root for someone who feels that he will destroy them, in this case if Nicole’s baby had lived and Elvis took it-she would be destroyed. Nicole has done some terrible things but poor Nicole, it always falls right back on her. She doesn’t always end up all with all the cards. Elvis doesn’t either but he and his fatha always have another plan to get back at someone or to get on top. They probably have a 50-50 success rate on their plans, Nicole is more like a 10% success rate. Lucas has done stupid things but he isn’t evil. Rafe can be a bonehead but he isn’t evil. Elvis can do some good things but he is evil. And Stefano, as much as he is missed from the story and screen, is just a big fluffy evil man! But you really have to love them all for the roles they play and the story they tell. I agree that Elvis deserves to know his children but then we would have missed a very convincing, enticing, involving storyline. That Rafe manned up to claim the baby, I think it was out of hurt, despair at losing his connect to Sami and her children and YES for some revenge against Elvis and the Dimeras. I can’t see Brady as involved in anything like this as he can be a big goofball about some of the things he does but he is sort of like John…goofy, upstanding, sometimes making some oddball and not as smart choices. But yes, this is all too involved to say one deserves this or one doesn’t deserve that. And the story goes right along…..

    #96 Patty, good post. I am puzzled at some of the other posts that Elvis(the actor) is implying that the Sami/Elvis thing will be back on so he will take her back. It is probably high time for them to actually go a round in a real way but I think it will take the drama out of their situation and Sami is a high-drama/high-maintenance type of gal and things might get really boring for them. I hope the writers don’t do anything terrible to the children like has been done before to keep a little drama in their lives.

    #97 Terrik, hang in there gal. Get some rest when you can. You are so right about Victor. We don’t get to see enough of him but he is so danged good when we do. Love him.

    #98 Tee, we are going to learn to listen to you, I promise. I can see Rafe and Hope but there is the age thing and the fact of a marriage in the family but since Salem is a small place, that happens more often than not. Brady and Jenn, not feeling it but who’s to say I can’t. Brady is such a good friend to have. I’d love a Kristen/Roman match but he is too goody and she is not. But it is a big wait and see!

    #110 Patty, so well said.

    #138 Tee, do you suppose that Daniel finds out about the medical records and uses it against Nicole to get Jennifer off the hook? Those will likely surface somewhere, sometime. And Jennifer has been great in her scenes but just darned loony!

    Shani and Patty, Sami indeed did profess her love for Rafe and she wanted him and wanted their life back. She never wanted to give it up. Sami did make Rafe think she was done with him and pushed him out of her life due to her guilt. Elvis might welcome Sami right back in to vex Rafe or make her work for it because he is miffed at her. In the end, he has not changed nor will he. He has made mention of wanting to change but mostly it sounded like he was trying to convince himself as no one else sees it in him. Sami being so affronted by Rafe’s omission of the truth about Nicole’s baby…oh please. Sami wouldn’t know the truth if fell out of her mouth, by mistake. That just slayed me!

  146. From Shani

    Sooo, Danile says he believes Jennifer that she didn’t do this. She asks him why. He says “because you said so. & you don’t lie.” GREAT, GREAT scene!!

  147. From jolie

    Is it just me or does everyone else think the picture of Dr Surfing Dude on the SoapOperaFan page, Dan Surfing the wave of Daytime Drama, is not the funniest thing? His head looks a bit contorted like that sheep on the internet last week which had apparently been born with its head on backwards… Well, Dr Dan is a nice looking fellow so he should be able to take that picture that seems to poke a little fun at his surfing ways and days.

  148. From Leah

    #140 Sandygram… I’m sorry I cannot give you the exact site of the source. I surf around so many of them. An Arianne Zucker interview hinting at the possibility of Nicole having a grown up child out there somewhere and that he or she may pop up in Salem some day should have been enough for me to take special note but I’m sorry I didn’t. Hopefully Tee will be able to help out with this one.

  149. From SandyGram

    Episode October 15th:
    Another very sad day for Nicole and Jennifer. The writers have done a wonderful job showing both Nicole’s anguish over loosing the baby but still having the presents of mind to detail out how Jennifer pushed her all in her pursuit to entrap Daniel. Daniel and Jennifer’s scenes were also heart wrenching, culminating into Daniel believing Jenn.

    Sonny’s idea for the Coffee Shop, although interesting, why would anyone want to get before a crowd and talk about their past? I doubt if we will every see the idea come to fruition as I believe it was just a lead into Kristen returning. Obviously John has some very bad memories of that time and is not willing to open old wounds. But opened they will be, now we will wait and see how the writers reintroduce Kristen back into the fold. She sure didn’t seem interested until the old scoundrel turned on the DiMera charm. It’s nice to see Stefano back and Kristen seems to have a little maturity about her since we last saw her on screen.

    EJ knows now that Rafe is not the baby’s father, let the games begin.

  150. From patty

    Week of Oct 29th
    Lucas and Sonny get into an argument.
    Rafe tracks Sami down to surprise her.
    Kristen offers EJ help with Sami.
    Nicole is ready to start a new life.
    A mysterious guest enters Kristen’s hotel room.
    Nick and Gabi make love!

  151. From SandyGram

    #150 patty
    EEEE Gads…Kristen is going to help EJ with Sami…Oh Please she with the biggest failed relationships..this will be interesting.

    Nick and Gabi make Love…Now who could see this coming???

  152. From Tee

    Sandy Spoilers I posted were from the guides. I am sure they are available anywhere online now.

    As to the question about article Leah and Sandy I can look that up. I believe it was on this sites sister site, or I will see what I find today about it, she has done so many interviews by now lol.

    To all else I will get back with more comments later today.

    Patty #150 Thanks for posting and also guys the sweeps promos will be out on the 29th of this month. Well I should say the first round of them.

    More info later and hopefully I can find the interview of Ariana Zucker for ya Leah

    To add to Pattys spoilers for week of 29th Daniel will declare his love To Jen. That is for Tuesday That spoiler I found on another site and they posted no source. I usually dont site places that don’t post sources but I am assuming since Patty posted she had a source so I added it. I see spoilers all the time on sites but if no source is listed I wont post them here lol. If you know where they came from Patty source wise please post for us Thanks.

  153. From Tee

    #150 I just remembered Kristen helps EJ with Sami week of 22nd. She will be working with Sami at CW as some of us have talked about. I wonder if dates are wrong or she will help with Sami more then once? I am guessing more then once. I hope they become best friends as I stated before Sami needs a female friend.

  154. From Shani

    Can’t remember if anyone already posted this or not. . .

    From a Daytime Royalty interview with Peggy McKay -
    DR: Nadia’s coming back, & you were involved with the paternity switch originally…

    McKay: Yes I was, & I committed a crime! I switched the petr… whatever you call the dishes, the DNA, & now it seems that I was too stupid to get that right! I’m not used to committing crimes – I’m not good at it! (laughs)

    Could this be a clue to Parker’s paternity being revisited??

  155. From patty

    The spoilers for the week of Oct 29th (#150) are from Daytime Royalty.
    Yup SandyGram, EJ needs all the help he can get to win over a woman who obviously doesn’t want him. By the looks of it EJ’s little plan to come between Sami and Rafe couldn’t have worked too well because it seems like they are not exactly over either. I’m afraid Kristen’s help will not be anything good.
    Gabi and Nick make love, they sure didn’t waste any time.
    Lucas and Sonny get into an argument, I wonder what about. I hope Lucas is not turning into another Kate by meddling into his kid’s business.
    Shani, I think that would be a nice twist if Parker turned out to be Daniel’s.

  156. From jolie

    #149 Sandygram, I thought Sonny’s idea was probably sound but that he would think that John would want to lay it all out there…not so fast. Yes, there are probably some honest guys in Salem who could sit around and safely answer questions about their lives. Well, there’s, not he had that thing once. Then there’s, well, maybe not, she was involved with some shady…OK, Sonny my boy, put your thinking cap back on and try again. Don’t you have a friend who plays guitar?? Much safer!

    But I think you are right, John will likely now be seen as still having some bad memories or something akin to PTSD that Kristen’s coming will trigger all manner of havoc for he and Marlena. That Kristin will help Elvis get Sami…that seems to say that Samather is not falling right back into Elvis’ arms or that he is not making an immediate play for her after the Rafe lie comes out.

    I thought the scenes between Sami (with Rafe’s shirt wrapped around her) and Elvis were sort of funny. I could actually see them as friends. I don’t think he will be able to keep up his end of the deal when they go back to being a couple but maybe they’ll learn to be friends. Poor Elvis will need one with Stefano and Kristen messing around in his life.

    #150 Patty, Rafe tracks down Sami to surprise her…wonder what he finds out or will she be talking to him at that point?? Nicole starting a new life. I just find that so terrible and I still think Daniel has a little culpability in Nicole going off on Jennifer like she has with the pushing down the stairs story. Apparently that story doesn’t hold water for long. Some of these stories are really hitting the streets then rolling up fast lately. A mysterious guest enters Kristen’s room, now that is intriguing. Does someone follow her to town? Does Kate start nosing around on her the very first thing? Kate is not afraid of Sami but she would likely be wary of Kristen if only for her ties to Stefano. Nick and Gabs make love…so is this how the pregnancy comes to notice? Gabs comes up preggers right away and it is really Will’s? Or have we all just become so tied up with her being preggers by Will that we are convinced? I hope Nick is the good guy we think he is and Gabs doesn’t send him over the edge.

    I thought Stefano looked so rested and so good in his scenes with Kristen. I know he is a scallywag but can’t wait for his return.

  157. From SandyGram

    #156 jolie
    Stefano being a ‘scallywag’…I love it! And yes I too enjoyed his meeting with Kristen. Her with the wide brimmed hat concealing part of her face very mysteriously and him with his same ‘cock of the walk’ attitude. November Sweeps should be fun!

  158. From jolie

    Yesterday Dr Dan told Jennifer he believed her because she doesn’t lie. Whoa Nelly! Didn’t she do some lying and fast and illegal foot work while working on Abe’s campaign? I guess he meant that she doesn’t lie as much as he does which is probably true since he has been lying for weeks about Nicole’s baby and who the daddy.

    According to the spoilers above, Elvis acts all sympathetic to get Nicole to open up about the baby. Then I also read that they bond over their grief a little. I haven’t seen today’s episode so am looking forward to it to see for myself…tastes great or less filling. How can Elvis grieve for a baby then in the same breath run to Sami to spill the beans on Rafe? Yes, I know he is always so anxious to spread cheer but really?

    I am wondering how Rafe will like Gabs dating Nick the ExCon? But then Gabs could have also been an excon in the future if her secret came out so this might really be a good match.

    Where has Maggie been with Jennifer in the pokey??? Surely she has baked a nice batch of cookies with a file in it for poor Jenn. I just think it is a bit off that Mags doesn’t take off to the SPD and give poor Roman a tongue lashing for arresting Jenn so quickly. And Victor would move Heaven and Earth to prove that Nicole is lying and to prove to Daniel that he(Victor) was right about Nicole. Just a missed opportunity for I told you so but I thought it was strange.

    So is Bo going to join Little Joey in the upper rooms at the pub to never be seen or heard from again while he is taking care of his mom? How will he go from caretaker to off the show? Or will he indeed be like Lil’ Joey and we’ll eventually forget that we ever knew him? Tee, don’t you have any scoop on the how of Bo actually leaving? Or is that a very well guarded secret?

  159. From SandyGram

    #158 jolie
    Excerpt from Next Weeks Spoiler Summary:

    “Kayla discovers a radical treatment for Alzheimer’s in California and Bo offers to take their ma out there. They will be gone for months, but Hope is completely supportive.”

    October 31st is suppose to be Bo’s last day on Screen.

  160. From SandyGram

    Episode October 16th:
    Another heart wrenching show today, good thing I’m stocked up on Tissues. But I gotta say, what tugged at my emotions the most today was the encounter between EJ and the small boy in the waiting room. Now this is the EJ that can capture a heart, sensitive, caring, thoughtful, this is the EJ I’d like to see more of. Not the EJ that walked into Nicole’s room, although grieving for his son, using the death of his son (as Nicole is doing) to manipulate the truth for his own gain.

    So Nick didn’t know Will was gay and it would appear he’s going to have a problem with it. Could it be while in prison he was faced with abuse and possibly rape that would affect him now?

    Caroline is sure holding her own, I sure love the scenes at the Pub. As I did, like seeing Malena and Sami’s moment in the HTC.

  161. From Tee

    Hey all lots of great comments.

    Jolie The Bo leaving is being kept under wraps. All I know is he will leave with Caroline for treatment,she will return he will not. I know they don’t intend to kill him off either. But I also know that however they do it it will free up Hope in the end to pursue relationships elsewhere. Many sources have tried to get the goods as of last I heard noone really has the info that far out yet. So they are keeping i a good secret.

    Sandy I too enjoyed EJs scenes they were great and show his character is not all about being evil. I believe EJ is trying to be a better man. He really is.

    EJ decides not to press any charges on Rafe, Dan or Nicole.

    Kristen helping EJ is not what people are assuming. She will be working at CW with Sami, and all she does it puts Sami in his orbit so to speak. Sending Sami to have somem stuff signed by EJ, stuff like that to get them spending time together. To those who have watched the DA you know Sami looked very sympathetic and hurt over EJ and his loss, even as she was kindly telling him to leave. Her eyes showed she felt bad for him. You would also know EJ didn ot use his dead child to get what he wants, He came to there asked Rafe if we was still gonna lie to him and claim his child he was very emotional and days Nicole suffered a tragic lost. He offers Rafe a chance to tell him the truth to which Rafe lies. Goes to leave and plays the recording then he leaves. he dont chase Sami, he dont say anything else. He dont try to lure Sami in or anything he goes to grieve his child.

    Rafe and Sami are done at this point, I expect Rafe may this time try to win her back, but when those spoilers for 2 weeks say he goes looking for Sami they are still over. Though EJ is not chasing around Sami at all and Kristens help is just putting Sami around EJ. We know what happens then, but I dont look to EJ making iteasy this time.

    Jolie #158 They did grieve and EJ may have played it smart by recording it but he is still sympathetic to Nicole and very good with her over the loss.

    EJ does plan to go after Jen though because he believes she killed his son.

    Sandy I think there is gonna be something there about Nick and interested to see what it is.

    Parker is Daniels that has been spoiled for months now, Nadia said she is returning for a guest stint about Parker as well. I think she has a 6month contract if I am not mistaking. She willcome and interrupt Dannifer wedding I think.

  162. From steffie

    Ej is full of Sh…t He can’t judge anyone with his track record. I didnt I feel sorry for him today? While his child died he was scheming. He is one spoiled evil person. I can not stand EJ.

  163. From patty

    Tee why would EJ make it easy for Sami if she’s not even pursuing him. Better yet, why would EJ want Sami at all when she has treated him like crap and he knows she loves another . I don’t believe he has changed one bit or that he ever will. He is still willing to use people ,like he did his dead child to come between Sami and Rafe, and he will use Kristen to help him lure Sami back in. Even Kristen knows that EJ suddenly changing his mind about pressing charges is a tactic to win over Sami. Kristen is a Demira sent over to reunite the Demira family and her intentions are not to have them all roasting chestnuts together during the holidays with Sami by EJ’s side. I have a feeling she has her own agenda like a true Demira.

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