Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For October 17 & 18.

Facing up.

Caroline and Victor get nostalgic about their not-so-pretty past. This tires her out and she heads to bed, leaving Vic to tell Bo how sorry he is about his mom’s condition. He offers to help any way he can. The cockles of Maggie and Hope’s hearts warm at the sight of the father and son bonding. After realizing what his ex has in store, Victor tells Maggie he wants them to treasure the time they have left together. After talking things over with his family, Bo offers to be Caroline’s primary caregiver, hopeful that it will help heal the wounds their relationship suffered when he found out that Victor was his biological father.

John wakes up with Kristen in his bed. He eventually figures that was a dream and takes a walk to get his head in order. Marlena runs into him and notices that he’s looking screwy. He’s not very explanatory so she decides that they need to do something romantic to get his focus back. Meanwhile, Kristen visits little brother Elvis and offers to help him out. He refuses. She calls her father and fills him in and then stalks Marlena around town.

Jenn is granted bail. She tells Justin that she thinks she’s innocent but knows that the evidence against her says otherwise. Abby runs off to see Nic and plead for mercy. Nicole isn’t receptive. Later, EJ confronts Nicole, Sami and Rafe with the recording he made of Nic’s sedated confession. Unable to cover for this, Rafe has to make a confession to Sami. She’s furious. Elvis is smug. Sami won’t listen to Rafe’s excuses. Meanwhile, Nicole tells Daniel the latest. He’s worried about the trouble they could all be in but tries to be supportive. When he has some time alone, he grieves for the baby and then runs into Jenn. He’s happy she’s out on bail and she thanks him for believing in her innocence.

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  1. From Shani

    I voted Caroline’s story is being handled well, although having been through it with a loved one, I do think it’s moving a bit fast. I am loving the show overall right now!

  2. From dc

    yes shani, i agree with you totally. my mother-in-law is in this stage now and with her having all boys, it is hard on them. she is strong willed but sometimes it is hard to get thru to her and make her understand things she does. i guess patience is best.. we just try to be there if she needs us..
    the show is getting some better. just wish this baby thing with nicole was over..

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