Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For October 22-26.

Arrivals and departures.

Once Brady admits to Jenn that he thinks she’s guilty of shoving a pregnant lady down a flight of stairs, she realizes that Daniel is the only one who believes her. He’s been busy suggesting to Nicole that the whole thing was just an accident. Nic refuses to accept that. Jenn shows up, apparently to apologize, but it soon turns into a fight. Meanwhile, Daniel turns to his mom to worry about the women fighting over him. Finally, he decides that he and Nic really should leave town after all and build a life together, so long as she doesn’t press charges against Jenn. She’s thrilled until Rafe drops by to tell them Elvis is out for revenge. They’re shocked when EJ appears and claims he will seek no retribution. Rafe wonders what gives and assumes this is another Sami-related maneuver.

Jenn’s family and friends rally around her after EJ throws threats her way. She calls Daniel to worry and he makes her feel like she’s being protected. Then she worries to Abby about making things worse. To her shock, Roman informs her that Nicole has changed her mind and the charges have been dropped. At that moment, Nicole and Daniel plan to move to Hawaii. She’s starting to think that her life might actually get better, but then Daniel discovers a clue that could unravel what really happened. Meanwhile, Sami rants to her ex about Rafe betraying her. Lucas points out what a hypocrite she is.

Kristen quickly involves herself in EJ’s life. Even without him explaining much, she figures out his plan to win Samanther over and tells him he’ll have to do a lot better than that. Since he knows his father sent her, he’s not keen to have her involved. Chad shows up to pay his condolences to his brother. Kristen tries being sisterly to her new little brother and then heads to CW to inform Sami that they are now working together. She immediately sends Sami off to see EJ for his signature on some documents.

Marlena plotzes when she sees Kristen is back in town. Her old enemy claims she wants to make up for the past. She takes off and tracks down John before Marlena can beat her to it. Kristen claims she doesn’t want trouble and she was only nasty all those years ago because she’d lost her baby. Marlena runs in panting and screaming. That makes Kristen look comparably sane. She runs into Brady later. After a chat from a panicking Marlena, he’s promised to keep an eye on Kristen and lets the DiMera know it. That doesn’t bother her much. She’s already finding excuses to spend some time with John. After she helps him tend to a little girl in need, she’s sure to rub it in Marlena’s face.

Sonny and Will tell Kate that they are planning to get married. She’s shocked but it turns out they are just yanking her chain. Nick continues to be uncomfortable around the lads but does his best to hide it. Gabi notices it, however, so he tries distracting her with kisses.

Kayla discovers a radical treatment for Alzheimer’s in California and Bo offers to take their ma out there. They will be gone for months, but Hope is completely supportive. Sami finally bumbles on the news of her grandmother’s illness and kicks herself for never paying any attention to her. The family and friends gather around to bid goodbye to Caroline and Bo.

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  1. From dc

    kristen should stay away from john and marlena.
    now we know how bo is leaving. taking his mom to california for treatment. hopefully it will only be for a short time and they will settle his contract so they can both return very very soon..

  2. From Shannon C

    I so hope this is the beginning of Ejami finally being together for real. I only hope that EJ continues to not want to involve typical Dimera tricks to win her back.

    I think Kristen adds a much needed dynamic to John and Marlena and the Dimera family. I love her when she was on the show before until she turned into 20 different people. That whole thing kind of reminded me of Passions.

    Speaking of Passions I hope that the show brings Rafe and Hope together as rumored. I hate Safe, but I think I could tolerate/like Rafe with Hope. She is much more his type.

    I really hope there is some great plot twist with this whole Jennifer/Daniel/Nicole thing that we don’t see coming. With the exception of Ari amazing acting as the loss of baby Danny this whole story has been uninteresting. I am hopeful that it was all written to finally end EJ and Nicole for good by her losing the baby and the rest was just added in to try to give other characters some story.

    Between Dan and Jen and Safe my ff finger is wore out!

  3. From SandyGram

    I knew it….Daniel makes a deal with Nicole so she doesn’t press charges against Jenn. Where’s is the handwritten medical records Nicole tore up and tossed? Or where is the message the Substitute doctor left for Dr. Sedwick saying the baby had not heart beat (Nicole didn’t throw that away)? Where is the nurse that knows Nicole came in for an appointment the day she found out her baby died? Where are the HTC security videos showing the fall? Where are the COPS who find all this stuff that would clear Jenn?

    EJ is going to seek revenge …. EJ is not going to seek retribution! Make up your mind either you are or your not and what would make him change his mind?

    Here we go…Kristen is now going to be working at CW (I just knew this would happen)and she’s giving Sami directions. It’s only a matter of time Countess Wilhelmina has a new CEO!

    Nick is going to feel uncomfortable being around Will and Sonny, what’s up with this I would think he would be one of the more progressive characters on the show. By the way if Gabi is going to be pregnant by Will, that story should be coming out soon or the time won’t be right after Gabi and Nick have sex soon so she can say Nick is the father of her baby.

    So Caroline and Bo leave for California together…but who’s going to take over the Pub? And Sami kicking herself for not paying attention to Caroline…but then who did, except Kayla since Christmas last year, so why are we highlighting Sami’s failure to do so. Sami must of payed so attention to her, she has been dropping off and picking up the kids from her on a regular basis.

  4. From Tracy

    I was hoping that the baby hadn’t died that they just said that to give Nicole her baby. Or that EJ had taken the baby. I hate it that the writers took yet another baby from Nicole…. I loved her acting though. Will and Sonny, great story line. Hate Sami always running back and forth, cry baby. EJAMI is my favorite. Princess Gina was always my favorite, loved Hopes acting. Jennifer pursued and fought with Nicole the entire time. For weeks and everyone seen it. nicole tried many times to get away from her…. Now the only time Jenn tried to get away from Nicole, she falls. I thought it would be cool since Jenn new about the DNA that she too was behind the FAKE BABY DEATH, too bad that is not in the cards.

  5. From dc

    hey sandygram, you have so many questions that i would also like the answers to..
    can’t wait to see how all this plays out. i read somewhere that daniel finds something (before he decides to leave town with nicole). i just wish rafe would have come clean with sami about that baby (even though he promised not to because of ej)..

  6. From gej

    it will be Eric when he returns?

  7. From Lynne

    I hate that Nicole lost the baby. Isn’t it weird that her Dr. wasn’t there when it happened. Can anyone else see in a few years that this kid will show up somewhere and it will turn out that Stephano took the kid. Classic Days. Georgia/Chelsea storyline all over again

  8. From MAB

    It’s so nice having Stefano back, and can’t wait until he’s back full force. A lot is being said about Kristen’s return, but I’ll have to wait to see what happens before I comment on it prematurely, but I’m looking forward to what she will be bringing to the show.

    Nicole just keeps knocking her performances out of the park! I feel so sorry for her. But I don’t feel a bit sorry for Jen. I know she didn’t push Nicole, and don’t believe she’d ever do anything like that, but her jerking away from Nicole the way she did caused Nicole to fall. She should’ve known better than to fight w/ a pregnant woman on the stairs. Although the baby was already dead, I believe Jen’s treatment of Nicole recently was partly the cause of Nicole loosing her baby, along w/ the pressure Nicole put on herself, and the added tensions from Dumb & Dumber (aka Daniel & Rafe). They were SO worried about EJ causing stress to Nicole’s baby…HA! EJ did nothing to cause her any stress…that’s all on Nicole, Daniel, Rafe & Jen.

    So, Sami professed her love for Rafe. Big deal. She has also professed her love for EJ in the past, several times, yet some refuse to believe she ever did love him, even when she said it. So if it all comes down to what Sami ‘says’, then why should we believe what she says to Rafe is the gospel, but what she says to EJ is the opposite??? I’m not saying Sami doesn’t love Rafe, but I think her love for him is more out of redemption for herself…like being w/ Rafe will give her approval & peace w/ her family, and make others see her in a different light, like she’s not the bad girl anymore, but the problem is, bad girl or not, she’s not the real Sami when she’s w/ Rafe, and never will be.

    Sami didn’t start pursuing Rafe until HE came to her the night she was going out w/ EJ. He forced his way back into her life, making her doubt her decisions, and beat around the bush about them reconciling. Again, something else I think Rafe initially did out of spite to get back at EJ. I’ll never think EJ is Sami’s second choice. I think he’s her first choice, and always has been, but her being w/ him is just not “politically correct” for her friends & family. Sami needs to stop worrying about what others think of her…funny she never has to do that w/ EJ tho.

    I think it was hypocritical for Marlena to now be on Sami’s bandwagon after she completely supported Carrie & Rafe. It was a slap in the face to Sami & Austin. And Sami only moved on back then because Rafe had made it clear to her that he was done w/ her. I find Rafe’s declaration of love to Sami a joke after his declaration of love to Carrie was evident up until she left Salem.

    Nicole should’ve learned her lesson w/ EJ a long time ago. Just like Sami, as long as they conspire to keep EJ’s children from him, the more he’s gonna fight them to keep his kids in his life. If Sami & Nicole would’ve been honest w/ EJ, he would’ve never took Sydney from Sami, nor would he have threatened Nicole that he would take their child from her. And the false claim from Nicole, Daniel, Rafe saying they did it to protection the child from EJ is ludicrous. There is & never was nothing to protect the child from.

    Rafe laying claim to Nicole’s baby was out of pure revenge on EJ. He even admitted to it. Rafe formed a connection w/ Nicole, someone who he always despised until she called it quits w/ EJ. I think he genuine likes & cares for Nicole now, but in the beginning, I think he was just using her to get back at EJ. I don’t call that manning up.

    A real EJami love story is just waiting to be told. And if the writers would run w/ it, they’d have SO many stories to tell. There would be many obstacles for them as a couple that would keep them always interesting & entertaining. Like, dealing w/ their past, obstacles from her family & his family, the struggles she will grapple w/ choosing to be w/ him, the struggles he will grapple w/ on being a better man for her, and on & on & on. So many avenues the writers can go w/ them, so much material that can come out of a relationship such as theirs, and ALL of it would be interesting, and never boring.

  9. From MAB

    SandyGram – I agree, why is it that Sami’s guilt over Caroline being highlighted, and not the others? She probably had more contact w/ her than the others did since she watched the kids all the time. In fact, she & Sami had a lot of talks that she rarely had w/ others until recently.

  10. From Richard

    #3 SandyGram
    Maybe Nick was raped in prison.
    They only show surveillance videos when it benefits Dimera’s. shown to John of Marlena in Alamania and video of EJ disposing of the gloves.
    There is still no explanation of how Brady and Billie were Johnny-on-the-spot to witness Jenn and Nicole fighting.

  11. From Barbara Norris

    I cannot believe the hospital is so dumb that they did not know the baby has been dead for a week. some of you writers do not have common sence. BRING THAT NURSE BACK TO CLEAR JENN’S NAME. THAT NIC IS SUCH A LIER AND A CHEAT, A NO GOOD PERSON, GET RID OF HER ONCE AND FOR ALL.

  12. From Richard

    I see that it was real easy for EJ to sober up on his way to the hospital. He started out drunk and ended up sober.
    Could it be that Anne at the hospital is a Stefanoteer and is involved deeply in the Jenn/Nicole confrontation?

  13. From patty

    Spoilers have it that things momentarily begin to thaw between Sami and Rafe. Oh yeah, EJ will need Kristen’s help and most likely underhanded tactics to win back the woman who obviously loves somebody else.
    Great powerful scenes between Ari and James portraying grief over the child’s death. Those two are at their best when they are together . Too bad we can’t be sure if EJ is just putting on an act to get what he wants, Nicole’s confession so he can stick it to Rafe.
    I’m afraid Kristen is just going to be another pain in the neck Demira. She hasn’t even landed and already she’s causing problems. May be just my imagination but I seem to detect some of Susan’s mannerism in Kristen.

  14. From Charlet Metz

    Since Bo is leaving the show why not put Rafe and Hope together, I’m so tired of Sami!

  15. From Charlet Metz

    Since Bo is leaving and Sami is such a tramp going from Lucas, EJ,and Rafe why not put Rafe with Hope?

  16. From bobby

    I really hate trying to figure out the 2 words at the bottom. What’s the deal? Anyway-Why would anyone want Sami and E.J together? Did you see him today? Nichole’s lowest point, and he’s tape recording it. He’s the scum at the bottom of the barrel. It’s Nichole and E.J. that belong together. If they treated people half way decent-they have to spend all their time seeking revenge. Boy, oh boy! Let someone seek revenge on either of them and they are as vengeful and horrible as anybody can be. And when did Sami and her mother become such good friends? It is refreshing.

  17. From oliver

    kind of bummed i read somewhere that Nick and Gabby are going to sleep together in the next two weeks and Will and Sonny have barely kissed… If they were a hetero couple they would have been knocking boots already.. just saying…

  18. From gerri

    Patty#13 and Bobby#14
    you are so right with your comments…I agree totally!!

    Nicole and EJ ,should be together,they are 2 villians,In the worst kind of way!

  19. From sharon

    I read in SOD that the actor playing Bo is retiring in real life. wants to spend time with his family. I wish the writers would make up their day, story line goes one way, the next day, the other way. crazy. And EJ and Nichole are def good together!! both are rotten to the core…..

  20. From lisa

    Ej and Sami are perfect together ! And the actors bring the best of each others when they have scenes together, that is Alison Sweeney and James Scott, end of story.

  21. From Chris

    Ejole all the way. What amazing chemistry these two share. Sami is just disgusting. She has 4 kids and in love with Lucas one week and then on to Rafe the next. Somewhere in there she allows Ej in her life but that’s not love. Ej is his best with Nicole. He doesn’t resort to these disgusting tactics like video taping the mother of his dead child confess only to run and try to break up Sami & Rafe. So childish but this is what happens to Ej when he’s hooked up with Sami. Please let the baby be alive and Ejole to find their way back to one another.

  22. From jolie

    #3Sandygram, Dr Daniel is sure taking a lot on himself with getting in the middle of this thing with Nicole and Jennifer but that’s our good dr and of course his raging hormones. I can’t condone what Nicole is doing…just not right to accuse murder but Jennifer knows Nic is like a cobra (now I am a big Nicole fan so hurts to say it) and she backed her into a corner. Daniel is just dumb where women are concerned but he must be a medical detective since he will find something to turn the tables before he hauls his behind off to Hawaii with Nicole to start a new life. And Elvis, again tastes great or less filling. Does he or doesn’t he. Where there is revenge to seek, he’ll go after it and we all know it. I think he has some plan, involves Sami, somehow circumvents his Fatha, and involves some kind of havoc on Rafe. How’s that for covering the bases? I too was puzzled at Nick’s reaction to Will and Sonny and now we see that he is uncomfortable with them. Could Nick have been raped in prison? Is that his problem? Will that come out and he’ll act out because of it? Or is he doubting his own sexuality because of it? And are we to be continually lambasted with characters who are uncomfortable with it because that is really not a story. Sami probably saw Caroline the most of anyone when she stopped by there to see the kids while careening from man to man this year and when not on the run from the law. Sami, remember that you were going to focus on your kids??? Add some other family members to that list. Your daddy has to be lonesome and is getting older and has a stressful and dangerous (insert chuckle here) job at the SPD. He needs some of your insight and attention as well. Actually I’d like to see some interaction between Roman and Sami that didn’t involve her in a crime, down to the pokey to see Elvis, being defensive when her dad talks to her. And Roman, ease up and be a dad to Sami. Yes, I know she is busy careening between men and crime but take the time. She is worth it.

    Sorry for that rant!

    #11 Barbara, Nicole was still wearing the same outfit so I think all of this happened in the same day though it sure feels like a whole week. All the same, the baby should have shown signs of no oxygen rather quickly. Maybe that is what Daniel picks up on.

    #12 Richard, Elvis tends to sober up when there is a chance at revenge. It is his chief motivator in life, his reason to keep breathing. And I do love your term Stefanoteer. How creative is that! And I agree about Nick in prison. I was on to the same idea..see above…about a prison rape perhaps. Will Nick have to go see Marlena for counseling about it? Bless him if he does.

    #13 Patty, you hit the nail on the head again. Elvis and Kristen using underhanded tactics to win back Samanther when she just professed her love, undying love, for Rafe. And while Elvis did appear to be in some form of grief (with the little boy in the waiting room and with Nicole) again in the end it appears it is revenge rather than grief that drives him. But that’s our boy. And wouldn’t it be a hoot if Susan had turned the tables on Stefano and she was posing at Kristen??? Bad bad bad!

    #14 Bobby, yes, Elvis was impressive with his tape recorder going and his prodding Nicole with his supposed grief. Revenge! And Sami and Marlena became friends, even mother-daughter again when we got new writers! It is refreshing, very.

    #18 Chris, you know, you are right. Elvis does become almost childlike in his obsession with Samanther and will stop at nothing to win her. Well, he may win her for a while but his tactics will blow up in his face. Those secrets always have a way of coming out and he’ll do something dastardly and Sami will figure it out and leave him sitting in the floor with a bottle of booze, again.

  23. From MAB

    I loved Bo yesterday when he was telling Hope about Caroline. It was very touching. I’m gonna miss him so much when he leaves!

    Marlena has always favored Belle & Carrie over Sami (and Carrie’s not even her own child). Her support of Carrie & Rafe was appalling, so for them to be all hunky-dorey w/ each other now is not realistic. I see Marlena & Sami’s relationship as nothing but fake. If Marlena would come clean about her support of Carrie & Rafe, then maybe I could see their mother/daughter reconciliation as being valid.

    Ari is such a great actress…she just makes Nicole so endearing regardless of her indiscretions. And she looks the part too, no makeup, red face from crying…she looks like what she feels like.

    Oh, poor EJ was so sad over the baby. The little boy was cute that came in talking to him. EJ spoke the truth about his family, and how much his children mean to him. And then the little boy said ‘I bet you’re a good Dad’. Powerful stuff from EJ, that left him sobbing. Nicole robbed him of being involved, much like the Grace situation, and he’s left mourning over another child he didn’t even know. Then when he entered Nicole’s room, he was honest about his feelings, but he’s no fool, because he is gonna make sure Sami knows what Rafe’s role was in all this. GO EJ! Also, for someone Nicole is so scared of (supposedly), she sure didn’t put up much of a fight to keep the truth from EJ.

    I agree w/ lisa, EJ & Sami are perfect together, and Alison & James rock! No need to explain why EJami fans want them together. There are MANY reasons, all of which have been explained, so there’s no reason for others to question those opinions.

    I’m looking forward to what Kristen may have in store. I’ll have to see what she brings to the table, and how she may or may not help EJ. If not for characters like the DiMeras, the show would be boring, but they aren’t the only ones who go around conniving & scheming. The old days of good vs. bad really doesn’t exist anymore. But there has to be a level of that behavior that is always needed, else there would be no drama.

  24. From jolie

    My numbers in my post above were sort of skewed by the time the post came thru. Sorry for any confusion.

  25. From Tracy

    Bobby, no offense but I think if you were the father of someones baby and you knew that in your heart from the start and you tried everything to prove it…. dna blah blah blah…. Any man who would want his child would stoop to all levels for a confession. I couldn’t imagine if I were a man and someone hiding a child from me. The things missed in the pregnancy not to mention the birth and now having the death to deal with. sad

  26. From jolie

    I found it funny in the spoilers for next week that Dr Daniel turns to his mom to worry about the women fighting over him. How sweet! Then he decides to move on with Nicole?? What is he drinking? I can’t wait til Elvis threatens Jennifer. He’ll have Hortondom down on his shoulders if he does much of that. Luckily I guess Dr Dan’s promise of a trip with Nicole gets her calmed down and she drops the charges against Jennifer. So does she supposedly remember that Jennifer doesn’t push her?? Once that bell is rung, she can’t unring it and blame her again. That takes all the steam out of Elvis’ threats against Jennifer anyway so he is just huffing and puffing about nothing like normal. Rafe figures that Elvis will not seek revenge against Jennifer(until next opportunity) due to a Sami-related deal and he is probably right. Wonder if Elvis cooks this one up or is this where Kristen steps in to help him get Sami back.
    Elvis always seems to drown his sorrows in the bottle when his dirty dealings don’t get him his 15 minutes with Samanther. Wonder that he doesn’t change his tactics. Maybe scheming isn’t really the way to true love. Maybe threats against other people make your karma work against you. Kristen coming to his rescue in winning back Sami, that ought to prove so fruitful until Sami finds out she has been played yet again. She loves Rafe. She loves the life they had. It is too funny that Lucas will call her a hypocrite about her ranting about Rafe betraying her. Lucas is honest if anything else. Wish he had a storyline that was up to par for the actor.

  27. From Lisa/St. Louis

    I found it all sooo convenient (Stefano DiMera style convenient) that the hospital computer systems happened to be down at the same time that Nicole’s doctor was delivering another baby…leaving Nicole to see a doctor (I use that term loosely) she had not seen before. Things that make you go Hmmmmm!!

  28. From MAB

    Spoilers say:

    Chad & Abby share a moment together. I hope they eventually get back together. I loved them in the beginning, and thought they were gonna be the next great young couple. I still think that can happen for them, and hope it does.

    Sami still has her CW job, but she will now be reporting to Kristen! This should be interesting!

    Caroline will receive treatment in CA for a few months w/ Bo at her side, but then she will return. How are they gonna explain Bo’s absence then?

    I’m really looking forward to the possibility of EJami really happening this time around, as discussed in the recent interview w/ James Scott, who was duly noted “the talented fan favorite”. I’m glad he discussed that there is always the potential for EJ & Sami to have a very powerful relationship, how they do love & care for each other very much, and that there is a good opportunity for a story there (all of which we EJami fans have been saying all along). He also noted he & Alison work very well together, and that it’s sort of a fairy tale between them…having the 2 families always pitted against each other, but in the midst of all that, there’s this love between these two people who should not really love each other (again just another reason why their relationship would be so interesting). Well, all this talk has got my hopes up! I hope the writers are really gonna make it happen this time, and not just tease us once again. Any thoughts from the EJami fans?

  29. From Tess

    It is so stupid that the doctors couldn’t even tell that Nicole’s baby was dead for several days when she gave birth. The baby’s body would be in a state of decomposition after being dead for so many days. Gosh the doctors in Salem are as stupid as the cops. The story lines on this show are just so stupid. I guess when you have stupid writers that’s what you get.

  30. From MAB

    I highly doubt the Horton clan scares EJ in the least. He’s taken on the Brady’s, so why would the Horton’s be any different? Jen does deserve part of the blame for Nicole loosing the baby. She brought a lot of stress into Nicole’s life when she moved in w/ her, and then to jerk away from her on the steps, knowing Nicole could fall (and did) was all kinds of wrong. EJ should want revenge on Jen, just as Nicole does.

    EJ isn’t the only one who has schemed to ‘get the girl’ and certainly won’t be the last. But that’s what he learned from being a DiMera, but that doesn’t change the fact that Nicole fell in love w/ him w/o any reservations, as did Sami. Sami has loved EJ, has admitted to loving EJ, and I think still loves him regardless of her admissions to Rafe. Actually I think she loves them both, and probably wishes she could combine both of them as one. I still believe she thinks she belongs w/ Rafe for various reasons, mostly her family. But that part of her that makes her a magnet to EJ is there and always will be. She is never gonna have a healthy relationship w/ anyone else until she fully relents to trying to have one w/ EJ. Then if it doesn’t work (which I doubt), at least she knows she tried, and then possibly can move on from there. Otherwise EJ will always be an obstacle for any other man in her life.

    EJ surely isn’t the only one who has drowned his sorrows in booze, but I believe there have only been 2 incidences that EJ has done so to the point of getting really drunk…and both times were over Sami, when she left him on their wedding day, and when she stupidly decided to drop him to run back to Rafe. But it’s just proof of what an affect she has on him.

  31. From jolie

    #29 Tess, all of this must have transpired in hours rather than days as it seemed. Nicole had the same dress on during the office visit then when she came down the stairs after the altercation with Jennifer. I thought the same but it was the dress that kept the time frame from losing me.

    Does that make sense to you?

  32. From Richard

    Dan is two for two.
    He was involved in Chloe’s pregnancy, when she was incapable of having a baby.
    Now he is involved in Nicole’s pregnancy, when she was incapable of having a baby.
    Wonder if this has happened before?
    Wonder if his real father or adopted father is/was a doctor?
    Wonder what really happened to his ex?

  33. From JustStop

    Jarlena?? C’mon, I hate this new fad of smashing a couples name together. It is ridiculous, and sounds like something a teen magazine would do!

  34. From Shani

    EJ & Nicole are 2 of a kind, using their grief & tragedy to get revenge, or in EJ’s case to once again try to win a woman. Heavily sedated Nicole really looked in a daze today when she vaguely remembered EJ was in to see her & she may have revealed something she didn’t want to. That wasn’t supposed to happen. No matter how out of control Jennifer has been over Nicole, I still do not think she deserves to be jailed for the baby’s murder. There was no murder. Baby was already dead. EJ’s wrath is apparently going to turn on Jennifer. The only credit I can give to him at this point is that he doesn’t know Nicole is lying & the baby was already dead before her fall.

    I would wish an autopsy would be done on the baby but that’s probably too realistic for the show.Like no follow-up DNA test on Parker by Daniel back then.

  35. From LF

    MAB, ———-. Sami, EJ and Rafe are characters in a fake world. You act like you know these people personally and all their fans too. Reality is, you have NO idea who will end up with who and you DON’T know the opinions of others. —

    Please do not call out other posters in this manner. Name-calling is not allowed here. ADMIN

  36. From Becki

    ——— EJ and Sami have ZERO chemistry together. She looks like Miss Piggy and James Scott is way too hot for her. They are so BORING together. Now Nicole,(Ari Zucker) is so beautiful and such a good actress that her and EJ belong together. Sparks fly when they are on screen together. “EJAMI” stinks and always will.

    I have removed part of your post. Please do not call out other fanbases or posters. Feel free to state your feelings for characters but keep in mind this is a community and there are real people behind these posts. ADMIN

  37. From Kit

    Sorry if I’m repeating myself don’t know if my thoughts posted but. John and Kristen were married or heavily involved in the past. Soooo Kristen is daughter to Stefano. John is brother to Stefano that makes Kristen Johns niece? YUCK

  38. From bobby

    #29 Tess. I thought the same thing about knowing the baby had not been alive for couple of days. And I am so sick of E.J. going on and on about “his” misery. Has he ever taken just one moment to try and figure out why these women keep hiding these pregnancies? #25 Traci-If E.J. didn’t threaten to take these babies away from their mothers every time things didn’t go his way, just maybe they would be a little more forth coming. He reaps what he sows.(and we all know what he sows a lot of) #28 Mabie-As cute as Chad started out, I don’t think Abbey needs a violent boyfriend. If he got his butt to anger managment, then maybe. After Caroline has her medical info role-we can do anger managment.

  39. From Richard

    I always thought that it would probably be a routine procedure to make every attempt to revive a child that comes out stillborn.
    I didn’t see this being done.

  40. From Richard

    Kristen is a “Blake”, not a “Dimera”. She and her brother Peter were adopted by Stefano.

  41. From Clear

    I cannot see how Nic’s baby could have made it now– unless Celeste had some terrible vision about the babe and convinced Cameron to plot to get Nicole separated from the baby. Maybe she cast one of her spells? I’d be willing to go into watching fairy tale mode with that so Nicole wouldn’t lose the babe! Why not! We once had the “Mar devil,” when Marlena was once possessed remember. Ciara and Theo can start having visions that lead Nicole to find him.

  42. From cassie

    EJ raped Sami, told her that he child died, held the bloody clothes in her face. Rafe lied to Sami to protect a friend. If Sami forgave EJ, surely she will forgive Rafe. If this is the beginning of EJami, I am done with Days. I am sick of people glorifying Rape AND a woman being treated like garbage. How the heck is this couple so special when this man allowed RAFE2 to have sex with he, a stranger. Yet people want them together ONLY because EJ talk with a dam accent and is goodlooking, at least to some, not me. What a kick in the gut to woman that have been abused

  43. From SandyGram

    #37 Hi Kit,
    Kristen is not Stefano’s biological daughter, he adopted her and her brother Peter. Also at the time Kristen was involved with John he did not know he was a DiMera, but none the less, they are not biologically related. Soap Central is one good source for the biography’s of all the characters, including who was married to whom, relatives, siblings, children, crimes committed and an overview of their history on the show.

  44. From SandyGram

    Kit #37….sorry went and looked at some details in both Stefano’s and Kristen’s history and in Stefano’s history it says he never adopted Kristen and Peter. In Kristen’s history she is referred to as his step daughter. Stefano was supposed to have been in love with Rachel Blake (Kristen’s mother), although she is never listed as a woman Stefano had a romantic relationship with. I’m pretty sure whether adopted or not….Kristen and John are not related biologically.

  45. From patty

    Well, the cat’s out of the bag and Sami still doesn’t believe EJ even after he plays the recording . Rafe admits the truth and leave it to Sami to make this all about herself . Leave it to EJ to worry more about if Sami thinks Rafe’s still the better man. It goes without saying that Rafe is still the better man than EJ, no matter what Sami spits out at Rafe in her anger. It is not even about keeping the child a secret, it’s all about poor little ole Sami being left out of the loop because you don’t trust me, you told Carrie but you didn’t tell me, you chose Nicole over me…me,me,me! I don’t feel sorry for her one bit. I like that Sami finally gets a taste of her own medicine and now knows how it feels to be on the receiving end of a betrayal. Everything she accuses Rafe of she did herself, she hid a child from EJ, she cheated on Rafe and lied about it for months and she even admits that she is the best liar he knows. I thought it was a joke when she says “you are a sanctimonious hypocrite! Two things that people would never say about me”. Yeah right ! Little does she know that Lucas is about to tell her that exact same thing and he’s absolutely right. You can always count on Lucas to be completely honest. I’m glad Rafe stood his grounds and said he would do it all over again if he had to. Sami tells him she doesn’t forgive him and they’re over, walks out and slams the door…and up on the merry-go-round she goes again. Good riddance for Rafe, too bad she’ll most likely be back.

  46. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    Will and Sonny pranking Kate funny, I like these two and hate they will get into a fight Hopefully its nothing big.

    Nick.. well theres gonna be a story there can’t wait to see it. The spoiler or Will and Gabis secret is back out. I was thinking on it it cant be that they had sex, because I mean everyone knows they dated so they should assume sex may have happened. I am guessing the pregnant thing, and I wonder if Gabi will try to pass it off as Nicks since they are gonna have sex.

    EJ I think is showing more and more how he is trying to change and be his own man. He is not gonna seek revenge on Rafe or Daniel, and it may be because he wishes to show Sami he has changed, or whatever. I think that takes a lot of restraint on his part. he really is trying to be a better person in this. It reminds me of Victor, look what Maggie did, he changed for love. Sure he is still ruthless, but he is not like he was before no more killing, hits, kidnapping etc. All changes for the better. EJ has always shown signs of this but in last 6 months or so he has shown more he can be a good man. He may always go for what he wants, and scheme a little so does Sami though.

    I am so glad she also knows Carrie knew the truth which only showed Sami that he cared, loved and trusted Carrie her own sister. I am glad they brought al that up, Sami is right she cheated and she owns up to it. She forgave him for falling in love with her sister while with her and after her, for so called sleeping with and impregnating Nicole and even though she felt deep down he did not sleep with Nicole she believed him because he is honest and would never lie. Sami is nott he only one who wronged someone Rafe wronged her too and she forgave him and even offered to help him. Why should she forgive him and trust him when he would not trust her? I liked her points. She went into this with honesty and forgiveness. Then Rafe says he would never have told her wow I bet that hurt. How would she have felt marrying this man and years down the line finding out it has been lie after lie, and that he had no intentions of ever telling her?

    Kristen, looks just like before, Eileen sure is beautiful. I cannot wait to see her in action. I will say spoilers say she is going to be working for CW with Sami and it looks like her plan is to send Sami over to get some documents signed by EJ thus allowing Sami to be around him. WOW sounds so devious and underhanded. Not! That is not at all IMO bad, So what Sami is gonna be in EJ’s presence it is her perogative rather she acts on anything and begins panting again as usual when around EJ. She showed a lot of emotion and feelings when EJ was at Rafes apartment she felt really bad for him you could tell she was torn on waning to say or do something.

    Sandy yes No relation to John and Kristen, and I remember something about Kristens mother dying so he took them in as orphans or something. I do not believe he officially adopted them

    I cannot wait for Eric to get here. Hopefully Nicole will finally get the man who loves her and only her. Ari has been shooting scenes with him so that’s great. I neevr liked Nicole with EJ because even the actress who played her said she was never his choice. Sami has been his number 1 always. Nicole was number 2. She deserves a man who loves only her and I liked her with Eric as well as Brady, though she even said Brady did not make her number 1. At least Brady did not make her second best over and over like EJ has.

    Mab great post #28 and 30

    Richard yes Dan is 2 for 2 here. One done o him and one he ha done to someone else.

    #25 Tracy great post.

    What secrets is EJ keeping now? It is Rafe who had the secrets so what secrets will blow up in EJ’s face? He seems to be going about this the right way, I like the growing he is doing as a character.

    Sorry so long wanted to respond to a lot of posts so many great ones on so many subjects

  47. From Cougar

    With Caroline getting treatment who will stir the chowder? If Bo weren’t leaving I’d say that I could see him bartending in that little joint. Sami should be able to do a bang up job since she is now a hot shot ceo. Wouldn’t be a nice thing for a Caroline’s granddaughter to help out. It is only fair since Caroline had given up so much of her time to take care of ALL Sami’s kids. Starting with Will to Sydney that’s pretty close to 20 years. Also, I don’t see Sami taken a demotion very well and reporting to someone else especially Kristen Dimera.

    A few posts have suggested that Nick endured a prison rape as an explanations for his discumfort around Sonny & Will. That would certainly be a different and unusual road to go down. I don’t think tht this would necessarily make his sexually confused but more in the case that he was tramatized and in need of counceling. That is a much better venue for Marlene to used in. That is when she is best. I enjoyed the PTS story lline they had going and felt that they rushed it a bit did not make the most of it that they could have. I’d rather see Marlene counceling than the sexiest granda alive routine that gets trotted out there repeatedly. It’s not that I don’t think we should see evidence that people over 50 enjoy sex. Yes I agree she looks great, by the way she looked terrific in that little black dress today. Its just comes of as egotistical; like Deidre Hall has a clause requiring some sort of acknowledgement that she is still sexy.

    #33 Just Stop, tak heart. Jarlene kinda of sounds like and makes me think of Jhardia; a nast parasite that causes nausea, vomiting and bloody diarhea.

  48. From Tee

    Oliver #17 Great point and so true about Will and Sonny. Look how fast Gabi and Nick are about to get it on. I know they plan to play this out as it should be which means full on relationship like any normal couple, I guess they are approaching it differently due to some peoples opinions. I am a straight female and have no problem with the Wilson story I support it fully. I like them as a couple as well.

    Patty I think it is about trust to her. Sami has done wrong and admits it and they talked honesty, having a man tell you He never would have told you and kept it a secret when you are supposed to be in a relationship is wrong. I think Sami expects honesty in her relationship and wanted to do that as she said they both made mistakes and she wanted it to work this time.Rafe also told her sister whom he only knew a month or 2. That must have hurt her. She cheated on hi she owned up and tried to make amends. He says he forgave her. She forgave him for supposedly sleeping with Nicole ehr enemy, and falling in love with her own sister while they were married. That is huge. Sami was not the only one in wrong here Rafe was as well. She made it important they be honest and even offered to help him because he was her man even if she thinks EJ was a good father. It was her way of saying I have your back I trust you, and if you need to do this I will help you and he admits he dont trust her. But she should trust him and she did even as she thought he was lying she trusted him. He was on wrong with Carrie as she was in wrong with EJ while they were married. Both cheated rather it be sex a kiss it is all cheating. She even as she sai forgave him and trusted him after knowing he fell in love or slept with the 2 women she despises the most. That was big on her part. She put forth the effort to make it work Rafe and his lies did not in her eyes. It is not about Nicoles baby and the lie it is about him never trusting her with the secret he said himself he never would have told her and he trusted another woman which means he was not just lying to keep a promise to Nicole. It was about him never trusting her. That is a deal breaker in relationships and most likely Sami did not trust EJ all the way before and hence why she chose Rafe. You cannot have a relationship without trust imo You are right EJ did throw in there a few see Sami comments, but I was glad he did in end leave her be when she asked.

  49. From Tee

    Cougar your sexy clause has me laughing so hard.

    Most of Salem parents pawn the kids to their grandmas.

    Sandy good point about noone else noticing Caroline and Sami being called out on it. I am thinking i t may just be Samis own comments on how she feels bad she never noticed, which shows she is not so self absorbed as some may think. Though she is at times. I have heard no one else in Salem say how they feel bad they did not notice. Even some of her own kids as you said who work with her in the pub did not Like Kayla as you said.

  50. From Pat

    Here we go we can’t let Sami be happy and drama free for more than two weeks…How pathetic is EJ??? Really is Sami the only woman in Salem worth fighting for.. I love her w Rafe and the name Ejami alone sounds stupid just like them together is stupid.. He is too obsessed with her it is just too pathetic. The lengths he goes to for just one woman. Mother of his children or not. I really liked her w Lucas too but she always manages to screw that one up too. I’m sorry but I just don’t get why people like her with EJ I don’t see it..I am also sad that Bo is leaving. I hope they come to an agreement because Hope w anyone else just doesn’t make sense just like it didn’t when it was Bo w anyone else.

  51. From patty

    Tee, I know a relationship needs to be based on trust and honesty, but this is Days and Sami we are talking about. If trust and honesty is what Sami wants in a relationship , then there is no hope for her and EJ because she will never get it with him, she doesn’t trust him either. Lucas would be her best shot if he’d have her.
    EJ trying to cange you say? I don’t think so . Blackmailing Rafe to stay away from Sami, not seeking revenge, using Kristen as a go between, not wanting to use his father’s ways(yet), it’s all part of his plan to get in Sami’s pants. Besides, he already got what he wanted, which was to expose Rafe to Sami. Using the death of his own child to get an admission, not because he wanted to be the father but because he could prove to Sami he was right about Rafe. That whole scene at Rafe’s apartment was sickening because instead of mourning a child’s death, EJ and Sami both managed to make it about themselves. No wonder Rafe never would have told them. Rafe never slept with either of these women Sami hates so much and all he did was keep a secret for Nicole which makes him a loyal friend and proves that he can indeed be trusted. If Rafe doesn’t trust Sami it is because she is not trustworthy, EJ shouldn’t trust her because she was willing to help keep this child from her too and as Lucas will point out to her, she is a hypocrite to expect total honesty when she’s admittedly the biggest liar of all.

  52. From bobby

    #40 LF-a little harsh on MAB. No need to get nasty. If you had a life, what are you doing on this blog? Pot calling kettle black. It’s just a soap opera. It’s NOT REAL!

  53. From jolie

    Shani, when you think about it, Nicole is sort of using the baby as a trap for Daniel as well, and I am a big Nicole fan. I do think she is desperate and Jennifer interfered too much so put herself in a bad situation with Nicole. Nicole spiraled out of control in a large way when she found out she lost the baby. Jennifer doesn’t deserve to be in jail, no. But she might be lucky Nicole didn’t cut her throat with that scalpel so Jenn might be getting off easy! That Elvis is using Nicole’s pain and grief to his advantage…never a doubt that it would happen. How could he sit there and say the things he said to her and then run right over to throw it into the middle of Sami and Rafe? He is after revenge. He knows no other way.

    #37 Kit, Kristen was a Blake and not a Dimera and was adopted. Well, it appears now that she is a Dimera but not by blood.

    #38 bobby, oh my dear, but you are so right! Why is the first thing that Sami or Nicole thought about when being pregnant by Elvis…hide it from him. He is a cad and a thug when it comes to the measures he would use to keep a child from its mother and to control their lives. He has proved that to Sami time and again. How is it that she has forgotten that?? And poor Sami said recently that he was a good father and in the next breath offered to hide Nicole’s baby from him as she understood the whys of keeping it away from him. This is just sort of ridiculous. And you are right about Chad..he does need some anger management. Yes, his life is crap but some of it his fault. So the Dimera thing to do is seek revenge because his heart’s desire didn’t work out for him. Like his big brother!

    #45 Patty, girlie, you state it all so very well. Poor Sami but she’ll play herself for a fool again. How can they continue to write her like this? What self-respecting woman would not step back and look at her own history..and just a few scenes ago she was willing to help lie to Elvis about the very subject. Sami should thank her lucky stars that Rafe would ever darken her door to give her another chance and that Lucas would endeavor to even speak to her again. But no, she’ll do the one thing that she knows will help her self-destruct the quickest…go back to Elvis once the smoke clears. Not that he is honest, up standing, deserving, kind, loving. Just that he is the one who will hold her hand and tell her what she wants to hear and all the while help her self-destruct. Ludicrous.

    Sandygram, Susan was Kristen and Peter’s sister, right? I think that is right but you know you can never be so sure.

    #47 Cougar, I wondered about if Kristen was being appointed above Sami…maybe she will be given the reins due to stock ownership or something like that?? Anyway, she sends Sami to Elvis to get papers signed?? Since when does the CEO do the running?

    #51 Patty, trust and honesty and Sami really don’t belong in the same sentence! She couldn’t get a pound puppy to trust her, knowing she’d leave him outside the door of the pub while looking for a customer to shove her kids off on. And I agree, the only thing Elvis is changing is his shirt. He has continually schemed all year…the mayoral campaign which he ran because he wanted to be a better person, moving out of the manse to be near his kids to show how he was a better person, blackmail, threats, the absurdity of using Nicole’s grief to get an admission so he could then use it against Rafe. Revenge! This whole baby death drama has been distasteful. The poor kid has been used in so many ways and only to be used again once dead to gain access to a woman who would have kept the child from its father. I am really glad this is coming to an end and not soon enough. The trouble is that now we have to watch Sami run right back into the spiderweb that she’ll weave for herself with Elvis. I question that Stefano doesn’t tell Kristen to bust up any chances that Sami and Elvis will end up together. Or is Stefano just doing anything to get back into the good graces of family life and will then do his own dirty work? Like son, like father.

  54. From Shani

    Yes, jolie, I agree about Jennifer being lucky in a way because Nicole’s original intent was to go after her with that scalpel. &, yes, Nicole has used the baby to draw Dr. Dan in & she was devastated to lose the baby & not to quickly be able to get Dr. Dan out of town to Utah with her before he or anyone found out her baby was dead. & now comes her revenge part of it toward Jennifer. & revenge for what, really, when you look at it?! Revenge for overhearing that Daniel loves Jen. I don’t think for a minute that Jennifer caused Nicole enough stress to damage her baby. Unless it was the stress that was in Nicole’s own mind filled with jealousy. & the stress 24/7 of keeping her secret & constantly worrying over what EJ might do if he found out the baby was his. All of Nicole’s own making. I understand why she kept the paternity a secret from EJ but, still, it had to be a huge burden to carry & it was her choice to do so.

    EJ trying to change = NOT ON YOUR LIFE!! imo

  55. From SandyGram

    #53 jolie
    It is a bit confusing it goes something like this:
    Kristen and Peter Blake are brother and sister. Stefano took them on as wards/step children after their mother died. In looking through the books on Days of Our Lives and on-line history I can’t find anywhere that says Stefano actually adopted them, but Kristen does use the DiMera name.

    Kristen fell in love with John, she got pregnant. When she lost her baby she wore a baby bump as if she was still pregnant while Stefano found Susan Banks a pregnant women and with blonde hair, false teeth and a little training she looked just like Kristen. Kristen and Susan are not sisters, but the are both played by Eileen Davidson. In 1997 Susan went into labor and looking like Kristen gave birth to a baby boy, finally giving the baby to Kristen to raise as her own with John.

    You can read their history on Soap Central. This was a strange but very entertaining time for Days.

  56. From SandyGram

    Episode October 17th:
    Wow an episode full of grieving, hard to watch at 2:00 AM it was so emotional. Bob and Hope’s performance really cut to the bone. It was so realistic and I just love when Hope takes Bo into her arms to comfort him. Sami also did a bang up job in comforting Rafe. She looked very genuine in the compassion she was showing him. I know he was sad Nicole lost the baby, but he played these scenes like he really was the father. At that moment Sami was, like she said believed Rafe 100% the baby was his and along came the spider. It was obvious that EJ also was distraught in the loss of his son, especially after Nicole confirm he was the father of the baby boy. Although, through the grief, you could see he was plotting to get revenge on anyone involved in this conspiracy even though he told Nicole he wasn’t interested in Daniel or Rafe. For me, as it has been since the first time I heard EJ say to Stefano, he was going to get Sami back, isolate her from those she loves or cares about and make her totally depended upon him, this has always been his motivation. Oh yeah, he wants to get back at Rafe, but for me, his real target is Samantha. He wants to, as always, destroy her relationship with Rafe and everyone so she will turn to him and only him. The one she can always trust, the one that loves her, the one that forgives her for her past deeds, the mother of his children….run Sami, run Sami!

  57. From jolie

    #54 Shani, you are right, my Nicole did all of this because of overhearing Daniel loves Jenn. How very sad, isn’t it. All Nicole wants is a family, to have to love and to be loved back. But she makes all the wrong choices and always goes about it the wrong way. You cannot scheme your way into someone’s heart and make it stick. Nicole needs to learn that lesson. Elvis needs to learn that lesson. Kristen, you might need a new lesson in it before your stay in Salem is over. Real love ain’t for hire, babes. Nor can you trick your way into it.

    Elvis trying to change = impossible dream. Think leopard changing his spots.

    #55 Sandygram, you are a charm. Thanks for the history. This is ringing some bells now. And it was entertaining and just far out when it was happening.

    #56 Sandygram, you sure summed it up nicely. The show was full of grief. Bo and Hope really showed concern and problem solving the way a true long married couple, fully invested in each other and family, would act. Loved it. And you see it clearly about Elvis’ motivation, at least for me. Elvis is out to destroy Sami so she will rely on him and no one else. Why else would she ever turn to him…because she had exhausted her other outlets and he has always been there to help slam those doors. Elvis is about control and revenge. He’ll isolate her from any and all who love her for herself and then he can satisfy his little obsession for a while. Sami, indeed run!

  58. From Cindy

    For all you big Sami fans, here is an oppotunity to be on the show.

    Good luck!

  59. From Shani

    SandyGram #56 your analysis of why EJ wants Sami is soooo the way I feel about it! & I think it is his obsession to have it exactly that way. Not really love in the sense that you are in love with someone to the point that you only want them to be happy, not that you want to possess them for yourself no matter the cost or if that other person is happy or not.

  60. From Sue

    You can send “Kristen” right back to whereever she came from, don’t want her.
    Sami needs to do some growing up, she is such a hypocrite and someone needs to punch EJ right in his face!
    Jennifer, she should have gone with Jack.

  61. From Mandi

    Loved todays episode the 18th. Bravo for Sami finally hopefully she will realize Rafe doesn’t want her he wants someone like Carrie. At least EJ loves Sami for her the way she is. I hope she sticks to her guns and stays away from Rafe. Would love to see Kristen cause some trouble for Doc and John..that should put some drama or Marlena so she can actually keep her nose to herself for a change. Still hoping they might bring Peter back for Jen, so she can finally get over Dan and leave Nicole and him together. as for post #40 LF that is extremely rude that you would put someone down for having an opinion that differs from yours we are all supposed to be adults on here and bullying should not be tolerated at all.

  62. From Just Moi

    Hi All, It’s been a long time since I posted but I try to read everyday, it’s about the only way I get to keep up with the show lately, life is just a bit hectic for me right now. Love the posts and opinions, keep them comming.

    Ohhh how I loved the flash backs of John and Kristen, John was (and still is) one hot cookie!!! I like flashbacks and seeing how everyone looked back in the day.

    Well Eel J never changes, planning his revenge while the crocodile tears flow. Don’t understand how some can say…well EJ or Sami admitted they were wrong/apologized so it’s ok. NO its not ok they are liers and cheaters and they so belong together….go EJami, they deserve to live in hell together.

    The scenes with Caroline and Bo have been great. Caroline is doing an awsome job with this storyline and it playing it realisticly.

    Oh Nicole, I hate that she lost her baby but dang that girl can act. She must be exhausted when she is done taping a show. She has to be the best actor on days, not to many can hold a candle to her. Now her and EJ together you can see the sparks fly. They should be together, they are the best couple on days but I want Nic with someone who is not the scum under her boots, I want her with someone who will treat her as #1, but dang her and EJ have the chemistry

  63. From MAB

    I loved that Brady came to see Nicole. I still love them together!

    Powerful stuff between EJ & Nicole!! Poor EJ has yet another child to mourn that he didn’t even know was his. I’m glad he got what he wanted, and I hope he nails Rafe for his lies, but spoilers say he isn’t gonna go that route. He’s saying right now he’s gonna make them pay, but he’s talking anger right now, as he rightfully should. Also, I loved when EJ showed up at Rafe’s. He was exuding ever emotion in the book (anger, hurt, betrayal, etc.), while Rafe could do nothing but stand there w/ that stupid, smug look on his face. I loved it when Rafe was ready to start his smart mouth, and EJ just said SHUT UP! Rafe sure didn’t have much to say after that, because everything EJ was saying was the TRUTH! Rafe, you deserve EJ’s wrath and more. Hey, here’s a thought. Go get a woman pregnant and have your OWN kid, and stop trying to take EJ’s from him. Better yet, have your own kid and see how you feel when someone tries to keep it from you for no good reason!

    Well, here we go again, people getting bent out of shape over MY opinion of EJ & Sami. I didn’t see the nastiness LF & Becki exuded towards me, as admin stepped in before I read it. When will people ever learn??? I don’t know why some get so bent out of shape over someone’s opinion about a fictional show & fictional characters. I make no bones about loving EJami, and I’m not the only one who supports them as a couple, but as usual, it’s ME who gets the backlash from others for it. Makes no sense! Also, I’d like someone to point out where I said anything about knowing these people personally or their fans, or where I said I knew who would end up w/ who, or where I said I know opinions of others. Of course that won’t happen because I DIDN’T say anything like that. Get a grip people, and stop making up lies! All I did was quote what “James Scott himself” said in an interview about EJ & Sami possibly happening…and I’d say he more than anyone has the inside scoop on what could happen, other than TPTB of course. And just because you think EJ & Sami have zero chemistry doesn’t negate others who think they have a multitude of chemistry! And to call Sami Miss Piggy is a bash to the actress herself, Alison Sweeney, who I think is a beautiful woman, just as beautiful as Ari Zucker. EJ is beyond handsome, and even tho I prefer EJ w/ Sami, he matches up w/ any woman physically.

    Ugh, now the abuse is being brought up again??? Get over it people, this show is NOT real, and these are NOT real life situations. Sami & EJ have talked about their past, and have moved on from it. Why can’t those who constantly bring up their past get over it too??? It’s lubricious to insinuate EJ fans only want him w/ Sami because he talks w/ an accent. EJ haters sure will go to any lengths to trash EJ, and IMO, referring to his accent in that manner is a slam to James Scott.

    I know Nicole was sedated, but I didn’t see where she was so dazed that she didn’t know what she told EJ. And EJ didn’t know she was sedated, unless someone told him, and we didn’t see it. She seemed coherent to me.

    I don’t care if Jen goes to jail or not, but she needs to pay for the part she played in what happened to Nicole. And Dumb & Dumber (aka Daniel & Rafe) should both loose their jobs, or at least be suspended until they can prove that they can start enforcing the oaths they took as cop & doc.

    Nope, there are NO valid reasons for what Sami or Nicole did to keep EJ’s kids from him. EJ only took Sydney because of the scheming he overheard Sami & Rafe doing to keep her from him. And Nicole, she didn’t really have any reason at all. They are the ones who threatened him first to keep his child from him, so I see his threats as only returning the favor. And as Sami has came full circle about it, she realizes what a mistake she made trying to keep him from the kids, and now admits he’s always been a good father, and shares the kids w/ him, no problem. If Nicole would’ve just admitted he was the father, and shared the child w/ him, there would’ve been no problem there either. It’s the women to blame in this, as their reasons basically for keeping the kids from him were out of jealousy.

    Sami asked Rafe from the beginning to be honest w/ her, and she gave Rafe the opportunity to tell her everything, but he refused. So I’m glad Sami throws Carrie in his face! He was forthcoming w/ Carrie, but refused to tell Sami, when he claims to love her so much. Just another reason I don’t buy his love for Sami. Go Sami, for calling Rafe a sanctimonious hypocrite! That is so fitting for him. Sami believes he’s the opposite of EJ, but that sure isn’t the case at all. And that is the point, Rafe is supposed to be the good guy, but he proves everyday he’s not, and certainly no better than EJ, or anyone else.

    Tee – great posts! Here’s 3 items I really agree w/ you about: 1) At least Sami (& EJ) own up to their lies. Rafe would still be lying if EJ hadn’t busted him. He always has an excuse for his behavior. He thinks his actions are justifiable. I also agree about Kristen sending Sami over to EJ’s. Big deal! It’s Sami’s decision on what she does when she’s around EJ, and no one else. I also agree how Sami showed concern for EJ about the loss of the baby. Even tho she didn’t believe the baby was his, she still showed him sympathy. Also, Sami did make the mistake of sleeping w/ EJ, but for Rafe to go off and fall in love w/ her sister, confiding in her, etc. That has to really hit Sami hard. 2) Kristen hasn’t even landed in Salem yet, and I already like her! And regarding her, you are right. Stefano took her & Peter in as they were supposedly orphaned after their mother died. I was thinking Stefano adopted them too, but I guess not. 3) I also don’t think EJ & Nicole belong together because she was never his first choice. She always played second to Sami. Nicole needs a true love, and maybe Eric will be the one, although I still like her & Brady too. I also think the same thing about Lucas. He’s always played second w/ the women he’s been with. He needs a true love too.

    I don’t blame EJ for using the situation just to get an admission. EJ already proved he is mournful over loosing yet another child, as he discreetly sat alone crying over his loss. But getting the truth nonetheless at least gives him some sort of retribution against Rafe’s lies, as he helped rob EJ of missing out on Nicole’s entire pregnancy, even if it was just to be around and feeling the baby kick.

    I know Caroline is strong willed, but why is everyone letting her work her fingers to the bone back in that kitchen???

    I am SO dreading Bo’s exit. The connection he has w/ Hope is undeniable. They are so good together. There’s gonna be a big void once he’s gone.

    Cougar – I so agree w/ you about Marlena. She is at her best when she’s doing her job as a physiatrist. Otherwise, her always moaning around John gets pretty annoying.

  64. From MAB

    I for one would want revenge after someone deliberately tried to keep my child from me, so I don’t blame EJ at all. He really is justifiable to want Rafe to pay for his actions.

    Yes, Kristen is being appointed above Sami. Spoilers have already confirmed that Sami will now be reporting to her. So Sami will be doing the running if Kristen tells her to.

    Yep, EJ schemed during the mayoral campaign, but so did Abe & Jen. And Nicole did things even EJ didn’t know about. So EJ isn’t the only one to throw insults at for what happened. If they want to claim to be upstanding citizens, then they need to act like it.

    If you want to say EJ used his stillborn child to get the truth, ok, but Nicole, Daniel, Rafe & Jen aren’t innocent in this at all. Nicole used her baby for her benefit, and Rafe used the baby to get revenge on EJ for sleeping w/ Sami, Daniel just got sucked in, and Jen took her frustrations out on a pregnant woman. Good going you guys, you are all now tainted characters for using a child to benefit your own selfishness.

    I didn’t see much genuine compassion from Rafe. Seems to me all he wanted was grief sex too.

    Sami has turned to EJ many times, and will continue to do so as long as EJ is the one truly there for her. Sami was ready to jump in eyes wide open w/ EJ before Rafe darkened her door and convinced her she was making a mistake, and should be w/ him.

    Mandi – good post, oh, and I’m w/ you. I loved when Peter & Jen were together. I wouldn’t mind seeing that happen again.

  65. From Snickelfritz

    Ali Sweeney is indeed a beautiful woman!

    I was going to watch the episode where Nic lost the baby, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Too painful, as even though this show is fictional, you invest in and care for these characters.

    I did, however, catch a snippet of the show yesterday, and the pain in EJ’s eyes was evident. I had to turn it off when that single tear trickled down his cheek. I really hate this storyline.

    Starting to think that MAB was right, and she is picked on. No call for the nastiness toward her this week.

  66. From frances

    I have being watching since Days started back when. These are parts that people play. I remember reading that Allison Sweeney when she was young she would read where people were making fun of her when she was a little bigger. She said that hurt her so much when she was young. She is now small and grown but that is still very rude when someone says something that hateful. The actors are that actors and they must be very good to bring out all the hate but really the writers have to put different charactors together at different time as to keep the soap going. Unless you want them to bring in new charactors all the time in which case we wouldn’t have all the beloved charactores that we have. I love all the posts and we do want this to be a place we can have fun with and not get so hateful. Lets have fun!!!!!

  67. From MAB

    Thanks Snickelfritz

  68. From louise

    Finally i just have to express my DELIGHT to see Sami DUMP Rafe !! If only it was for GOOD this time but with these pathetic writers i am afraid it will not last..sigh but for now CHEER CHEER cheer Samantha Gene !!!!

  69. From bobby

    O.k. Rafe. Take a step back and see what you are going to put up with for the rest of your life if you keep sticking with Sami. Get away now. I know you can’t help who you love, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and move on. There are much, much better women out there that doesn’t come with all the baggage Sami comes with. Speaking of-where are her kids this week?

  70. From patty

    Very interesting that Kristen is looking into the embezzlement charges against John knowing it is not something he would do and immediatly came to the conclusion that EJ and Stephano are behind it. I sure hope she will pursue that and expose them for that crime or at least use it as leverage against them. Kristen definitely has something up her sleeve and it involves John. It’s too soon to tell why but she gives me the creeps for some reason, especially in John’s bed.
    SandyGram, Shani, Jolie , Just Moi, you’re all spot on and I totally agree. I’m with you Just Moi, Nicole is the best actor on Days.

  71. From Richard

    Remember Rafe, Daniel and Nicole had a plan. Jenn may have stumbled upon this plan. Maybe even Sami. I never sell her short.

  72. From Shani

    Oh, poor Sami, Rafe didn’t tell her the secret he swore to Nicole he wouldn’t tell. Oh, but he told Carrie, boo-hoo & sob. OK so your feelings are hurt. But you really love Rafe, right?! – so grow up!! I can’t wait for Lucas to set Sami straight!!

  73. From Snickelfritz

    Bobby, I have been wondering where the kids are, too. They are’t with Marlena and John…they’re too busy knocking the boots. Not with Caroline…she has her own crisis going on. Not with Will…he’s with Sonny. Could they all be with Lucas? Does he babysit Johnny and Sidney? Or are they all at home watching cartoons and eating cereal? Things that make you go hmmmm….

  74. From patty

    Good question Bobby, where are the kids most of the time when she’s out gavillanting around in her skin tight little dresses? Hopefully not at Caroline’s. I agree that Rafe should breath a sigh of relief to be rid of that headcase and move on to better things like he deserves. As long as he’s in Sami’s orbit, he will have to constantly watch over his shoulder with EJ breathing down his neck. Love how he just shows up unannounced at Rafe’s place and throws his weight around and tells Rafe to shut up in his own house. Sami is just not worth the trouble, his life was a lot easier without her in it. She’ll bounce back and go suck up to number 2 or 3, depending on the day of the week. Or she might go crawling back to Rafe. I hope he tells her to take a hike.

  75. From Richard

    This was supposed to show up before #71.
    I don’t believe that I have ever heard Sami say the “LOVE” word to EJ.
    Sami never trusted Rafe 100% as she said. If she did, she wouldn’t have asked him to tell her the truth, whether he was Nicole’s baby’s daddy or not.
    We did not see a baby. What if Nicole’s baby had already been born and all this other stuff was really a setup. What if there was really no baby in her belly, at the time the baby was deemed stillborn.
    If I was a scheming doctor, that’s a plan that I would come up with, if I had to produce a child that would correspond to a timeline when Rafe and Nicole was caught together by EJ.
    The pills would come into play, Jen, Nicole and Daniel could all play a part to prove that EJ’s baby was dead. That is better than EJ and Stefano taking Nicole’s baby.
    I think that she still needs the outfits that she had for the baby.
    Maybe even Billie and Brady was in on the deception, also. Jenn lost Jack and Brady lost Madison, in an explosion that they could have believed was setup by the Dimeras.

  76. From olivia

    Yes YES yes Sami DUMPED boring ass Rafe !! HIP hip hip hourrah ! If it stays like that i could watch again this so so awesome, and by the way great acting from Ali Sweeney today.

  77. From SandyGram

    Episode October 18th:
    We’ll probably see many flash backs of Kristen’s past with John and Marlena since it’s been 14 years since we’ve seen her. Eileen Davidson is still a beautiful woman. I loved when she went to EJ’s apartment and he thought it was his mother Susan. Even when she spoke it seemed like she was channeling a little of Susan’s personality and facial expressions. And she had the the 2nd best line of the day “not all the plastic surgery in the world could make Susan look like this”. Just like a DiMera arrogant to a tee! It also looks like EJ answered the question whether Stefano adopted her with this conversation: “Kristen – Father sent me. He thought you could use your big sister. EJ – Adopted. Kristen – Whatever.” But I am curious, she just got off an airplane before going to EJ’s, where did she go and who did she talk with to know EJ lost a son? And last, when we first saw EJ’s apartment walking in from the hall there as an attractive living room with beautiful decorations and pictures and a nice kitchen….today when Kristen walked in from the hall she seemed to enter right into his dark, gloomy office. I like the more cheerful set best.

    Could the scenes have been any better with Bo, Caroline, Victor and Hope, Maggie . Just when I put away the tissues I found myself crying into my sleeve when Victor came into the Pub and Caroline called out ‘Shawn’. The look on Bo’s face when turning to face Victor and when Caroline came into the picture was more the heart wrenching. But the scene that brought out the big tears was Bo watching Caroline and Victor at the table and again when Caroline said good-bye to Victor and gave him a kiss. The memories of their relationship still strong and deeply felt.

    I can’t say it enough as long as I have seen Bo and Hope on Days, never have they been so captivating than in these recent scenes. I love the way she embraces him emotionally and physically. For Me, there is no replacement for Bo and no other man that she will connect to like Peter Reckell.

    John’s dream must have been stirred up by Sonny asking John to tell his story on open mic night. His mind has been messed with so many times no telling what’s going on in his head. But he never seems to be able to get back to the first 30 years of his life. Now here’s a real opportunity for the writers, this could be a great back story waiting to come out.

    From the man who said to Sami a couple of weeks ago “I just can’t stand to see you cry. I just can’t”. Who was that man? He certainly looked a lot like the one that didn’t just want the truth about Nicole’s baby’s father to come out, he also wanted to torment Sami with all the comments of how Rafe betrayed her. Verbally stabbing her and throwing it in her face at every turn. Now this is a man any woman would be proud to be with. Oh did I forget to mention who the man was…Ah come on you know…he has the same name as the King of Rock-In-Roll that sings Blue Suede Shoes.

    For Me….Rafe is the man Sami believed him to be…honest…trustworthy….loyal. He kept a commitment to a friend as he did for Sami when she asked him to do the same thing for her.
    And finally the #1 best line of the day, Sami “Ive been changing test results since High School”. Now that’s a real trustworthy woman!
    All in All great scene’s and lines between EJ, Rafe and Sami today. But should the real question be: What is it about EJ DiMera that 2 women would want to keep him from knowing he fathered their child???? Just a thought!

  78. From Richard

    #76 SandyGram
    It may not be just EJ, when it comes to Sami and Nicole.
    Celeste didn’t want Stefano to know about Lexie.
    Chad’s mother didn’t want Stefano to know about him.
    Sami and Eric were taken from their family by the Dimera’s
    Stefano did something to Theo, I believe.
    Nicole could see what lengths EJ would go to with Johnny and Sydney.

  79. From Shani

    Wonder if John has a connection to Kristen & senses she’s nearby & that has stirred up all his memories? Like Bo & Hope always seem to sense things about each other. If that were the case with John about Kristen, Marlena better watch out! I say the flashbacks of John & Kristen are pretty hot!

    Yes, yes, such great scenes between Victor & Caroline, & then when Victor & Bo hugged.

  80. From Lacey

    Cassie you are so right! EJ is so dispicable. If Sami runs back to that creep because of protecting a baby from EJ, which she herself did, then she deserves to be with EJ forever. Let her be with a rapist, murderer, blackmailer, child endangering, scum of the earth. Let’s find so done Rafe deserves. He is such a kind and caring man. So sick of EJ! I wanted to bust him in the face today. Yuk!!!

  81. From Clear

    Cougar, sInce Gabi is there working maybe Gabi & Nick keep stirring the chowder–unless Sami gets fired from CW! Then again maybe Eric will be conflicted, leave the priesthood for say, Nicole? Then he could stir the Brady chowder!

  82. From olivia

    Finally Sami DUMPED boring ASS Rafe !! I will just express my DELIGHT to that !! Go go Sami, finally your best move ever ! And Alison Sweeney acting was great today ! I could watch again this soap if it stays like that. As for Lucas lecturing Sami next week..lmao the guy is bitter and always bear Ej a grudge, certainly not the most objective or honest pal..

  83. From Tee

    Jolie~ Hey lots of good points on things I as a Sami fan am unhappy with how she is written at times.

    Susan was not related to Kristen she just supposedly looked like her I thought well with a wig etc. She was sister Mary Moiras sister the link was only that Eileen played them all. Thanks Sandy for that history on them as well. It was a crazy time the writers say they do not wish to do any of those crazy stories according to Eileen. I would love to see Susan and EJ I think we should see that she is his mother and hopefully we will at least get that with Eileen back. EJ telling Kristen how she kidnapped him from his mother priceless lol.

    I do not get why anyone can say EJ will never change Victor has done far worse and he changed. Shawn Brady kidnapped and had Bo beaten and he is a Brady and good according to most.
    EJ a year ago would have done far worse, he cannot change completely overnight, I feel he has come a long way So what he blackmailed Rafe at least he did not have him killed or kidnapped or something to that affect. I feel in terms of what EJ is capable of he went form what some can say EVIL to bad so big change. He has distanced himself from Stefano and has noone now. We must understand he was molded by his fatha so him being able to resist him and go his own way is great. If anyone remembers the whole John embezzlement was something he did for his fatha and his fatha set him up. That was one reason EJ was so upset with his fatha. We also must remember that it may have been for a story line about John and EJ that old writers planned to set up the paternity of EJ deal. Gee I guess Abe and Jen cheating in the election makes them evil as well. Old EJ would not have cared he would have seeked revenge on Dan/Rafe and Nicole. New EJ is not, he is putting others feelings in perspective and when he came into that house he mentioned in a angry way Nicole suffering a loss, sure he may have wanted to show Sami the truh but he was also grieving. Just like in hospital so was EJ supposed to allow his childs grave to have Rafes name on it like before? This was the only way he could get proof and he mentioned that so it must have been upsetting to him. So what was EJ not supposed to get proof it was his child? Was he supposed to allow his childs grave to have Rafes surname? All because he is a DIMERA?
    I find it wild how Nicole uses her baby to get what she wants and people feel sorry for her but EJ cannot prove this chid is his to himself and the woman he loves? Nicole is just as bad as him she has kidnapped, stolen a baby tried to kill a few husbands, used her child to get men, accuse a woman of murder who did not push her, tried to embezzle money, tried to kill Victor for his money. It is ironic for people to think she is more deserving then EJ when she has done some evil things as well and is still doing them. I feel sorry she lost her baby, many people see me saying she deserves love And to be someones number 1. It is crazy when people think I want EJAMI just because EJ is hot. what would be my excuse for wanting Nicole to be happy when I clearly feel she is a bad girl and sometimes evil? That is why I wonder how people can base EJ and what he deserves and dont deserve based off what he has done in past. I do not just think EJ deserves to know about his child and what they did is wrong, I also feel for Nicole and she is plotting and scheming her babys death to get a man. EJ only wanted to prove it was his child and Rafe lied nothing wrong with that. Any person would want the person they loved to know they did not lie to them. It is natural. IMO.

    I also do not care if Sami is queen B of lying she and Rafe made a agreement not to do it to each other, she was honest and told him she went to talk to EJ when he was away getting dinner. When she said she woud help Rafe keep the scret from EJ she made it clear EJ was a great father but her being with Rafe meant she woud have his back even against EJ. That is why she agreed to do it and what she said, her place was with him since she was with him and wanted to show him she had his back Not because of anything else. Sami told EJ the night he seen her kissing Rafe when she found out about the blackmail she was honest with him something she has never done much with anyone else. And she was she di dnot lie to EJ she told him the truth about her feelings for Rafe. and everything else. EJ also has been honest with her. He did not deny the backmail, he could have schemed and made up something about Chad going crazy or whatever. He has trusted her with his feelings and secrets in last 6 mnths as she has him. She said it herself. What EJ or Sami did in past is past this is now. EJ dont ask Kristen for help he actually denies her help if you read spoilers. She puts her self there and does it al she does is send Sami for a signature, and Sami is not gonna be ceo Stefano allowed her to do what she need to get the family back and so she will make herself Ceo Sami gets to stay but as far as spoilers Say Kristen is now in charge. I spoiled this a while back it would happen, that Kristen would be working at CW with her we have all discussed it here.

    Stefano told EJ to go back to Sami when he believed he was not his son he wanted to part with something that he knew EJ wanted and he helped him lose before Sami, so he broke up his marriage by telling Will to tell Rafe the truth, so EJ culd be with the woman he really loved all along. He told him that. I doubt he is gonna try to interfere with that now. EJ is calling the shots now and EJ can use that how he wants against his fatha. He just has not at this time. I Personally would love seeing that.

    Nick must be evil since he is blackmailing Chad as well.

    Since people cant change I guess Victor is a secret crime lord by night when Maggie dont know about it. Victor was far worse then EJ.
    Sami herself has done things just as bad as EJ. Though not as bad as EJ and Nicole.She has raped a man, changed many a test blackmailed schemed and remember Stan? What makes them so good and EJ evil? I look at them all as characters, and I think that many have done evil things and can be redeemed or become better. Sami has, EJ has, Victor has. Nicole is stil Nicole. I love Nicoles character in some stories. I love Rafe in some stories. So everyone here knows I actually think the actor who plays Rafe when he came in was very good looking. So liking EJ has nothing to do with his looks. To me EJ is a man who has been molded by his father to be evil and ake over for him. Over the years he has done what his fatha loves buthe has also went against him and shows he can be a better man. It wont happen over night but he shows improvement and has decided he will not do as his fatha he has his limits. We must remember change takes time and he is working on it. I dont want him to be a do gooder I like a little scheming here and there by characters.

    Mab and Mandi some great posts

  84. From Clear

    Sami, just cut off your nose again to spite your face! Sami lies so much that it will grow back before her next fit anyway! Getting mad at Rafe after the secrets she kept plus ones she let get out to eavesdroppers through plain stupidity is beyond INCREDIBLE!

  85. From Peter

    Everybody keeps talking about Bo leaving. I’m not sure this is true. Although I don’t have any proof, I believe that the role of Bo will be recast as was done in the past.

  86. From bobby

    I loved Sami accusing Rafe of wanting sex just because he was grieving over the loss of the baby. Whoa up!! Isn’t that what started all this trouble in the 1st place. Isn’t that why she and E.J. were banging away and destroyed both of their marriages? And get off the “oh you slept with my sister” kick. She had just slept with E.J., and Rafe and her were not together. Not to mention, Rafe didn’t sleep with her. They had feelings for each other, but one thing Sami can’t understand-they also had morals as her sister was still married to Austin. I still can’t believe that any man in their right mind would want Sami or Nichole. You never know when you’re getting sloppy 2nd’s with those 2.

  87. From jolie

    #62 Just Moi, good to see that name pop up here! Love the comment on Elvis’ crocodile tears. And I am with you on Nicole. She is a great actress and has done these scenes with believable emotion. I loved her with Elvis when he treated her well but you are so right, he doesn’t deserve her right now with his revenge showing like it is.

    #66 frances, most posters here do not comment on the actors themselves in a personal way though we did have a comment against Allison Sweeney’s looks this week that was too derogatory to repeat and wasn’t at all true in the eyes of most. Allison is a beautiful, fit woman and is a superb actress. We are lucky this show has kept her interest all these years as she sure does make up a big part of the Brady family and storylines.

    #69 bobby, can you say run Rafe run? You are correct that Sami, though Rafe does love her and she loves him, comes with a large load of baggage, Elvis and his dirty tricks a part of all of that baggage. And with Caroline not feeling up to par, where are the kids?? I thought about them earlier in the week and decided that since maybe Elvis suddenly left the apartment with his move on to better things, the kids must be with Mary at the manse. They are probably watching Tom and Jerry cartoons and eating Cheetos and ham sandwiches as we speak.

    #70 Patty, good point on Kristen. Is she playing both sides to the middle? Will she come back to town and mess around in Elvis’ and Chad’s lives like Stefano wants her to but does she have her own agenda as well? I’d say yes that she is not what she appears and will try to call the shots like she wants them to go. Has Kristen forgiven Stefano for locking her away? What happened with with all of that? John will be somehow tangled up in her mess before he can load a picnic basket with strawberries and whipped cream.

    #71 Richard, they did say they had a plan then it just sort of fell by the wayside and things seemed to take a different turn…when Nicole went to the dr to be told her baby was dead. Too strange! It does leaving you wondering. Or wishing.

    #72 Shani, I am with you. Grow up sweet Sami, get over it. I guess that telling Carrie the secret is worse than going on the run with a supposed killer, helping him escape the SPD who had guns while there was no evidence to his innocence. Yep, keeping a secret from a person that is not involved is much worse a crime than all that aiding and abetting a killer stuff. And Lucas should shake poor Sami to see if the marbles are still rolling free up there.

    #77 Sandygram, Bo and Hope had have great scenes together lately. She just seems so in to him on a grand level. She is really listening to him and loving him and it seems so right. I hate this to end for them and for us. Since John can’t remember the 1st 30 years, will there be other children out there wandering around that might show up? Wouldn’t that shake up the apple cart for Marlena and John and even Brady? And yes, we need to see some of that 30 years. I was not looking forward to Kristen coming back as she was not a favorite character for me but I am giving it a shot and making my mind up to like it just fine. That John was having dreams of her…is there that big a connection still there and does he just sense her coming for him? And your assessment of Elvis’ charms for Sami, right on track. How can she fall for that crap again? She just said she loved Rafe, never stopped loving him, loved their life, wanted it back. I don’t see that changing for her. Sandygram, save your other sleeve for Sami to cry into when Elvis does it to her again. And yes, Sami, if you have any skills at all, it is changing hospital records and test results…years of practice. Well, we hear that your skill didn’t come from Caroline.

    #81 Clear, I am glad someone is on the lookout for someone to stir the chowder! Good ideas of yours. I always thought that Sami would take it over since her kids lived there most of their little lives and since she was the most clueless in the kitchen. I would hate to see the pub closed as it has been a staple for Salem and all of us for years. Sort of like a comforting home. And loved your post about Sami’s nose growing back! I agree, they are writing Sami as rather dumb and really a large idiot lately.

    #85 bobby, you are too funny. And correct. None of this storyline makes any sense. Why would Sami ever go back to Elvis and play kissy face with him after all the things he has done to her and all the heart ache he has caused. Matter of fact, why would he go back to her? Elvis did sy he loved her but she said I know. She loves Rafe and said so. And Rafe should take note on the expiration rates that Sami puts on relationships…none last more than even days lately. Go ask Lucas. But Sami on a tirade about honesty…just doesn’t hold water. And did Rafe ever tell her that he had spilled all his secrets…no. Sami kept saying that they had to be honest, had to tell the truth. That he had to tell her the truth. He never really said he had told the whole truth. He never really said there was not more to tell, that he had signed on as the baby’s father and intended to be just that whether bio-dad or not. Yep, he might have tap-danced a bit but she was doing all the talk about honesty. Sami, get out your CW moisturizing SPF15 shine remover and look closely in the mirror than comes cleverly packaged in the compact ($89.00 at better department stores) and give yourself a good look. And use some of that honesty that you are so hip to these days on yourself!

  88. From SandyGram

    #87 jolie
    Great post and how comical does anyone watch Tom and Jerry cartoons anymore?

  89. From Just Moi

    SandyGram, thanks for the great posts and for keeping up to date on days since I haven’t had much time to catch more than a few minutes here and there. Without your updates I would be totally lost. I have to agree with you about Bo and Hope and the scenes lately, they have been great. Is it me or do all the characters get much more air time and more interesting once we know they are on their way out?

    Jolie…thanks for you great posts that ALWAYS give me a good chuckle. When I see your name I get all giddy and can’t wait to read, keep up the good work.

    Patty and Shani great posts always. I like the way you girls think!

    Tee…well there are always things in your post that I don’t agree on 100% (as I am one of the dreaded “EJ Haters”, I like the way you keep it clean and respectful and Im always open to having my opinion changed a little (hope that made sense, Im thinking in one language and typing in the other lol)

  90. From Blaze.

    Sami has so much baggage, she needs her own carousel!!
    Wonderful Day All!! :)

  91. From SandyGram

    #89 Just Moi
    Nice to see you back posting, now if we could just encourage our Grandma Judy to return. Thanks so much for the compliment. I’m really enjoying Days right now, but I guess I always do. Kind of anxious to see the ‘spat’ between Sonny and Will. I hope it has nothing to do with Will mending the bridge with ‘T’. And I hope it has nothing to do with the ‘secret’ Will and Gabi are suppose to share eventually and for sure I hope the ‘secret’ is not that she is pregnant. The timing of bringing on another baby story maybe to soon, for me, I’m still a little raw over Nicole’s tragic baby loss. That a lot of wishful thinking, maybe saying it out loud will postpone another baby story since my speculations don’t pan out so well. Again welcome back.

  92. From Cindy

    Days has definetly improved recently. The stories are all compelling even if we don’t agree on which characters we want to prevail. I think it would help if we reread our posts and remember tone can be misunderstood. I have had that issue as much as anyone.

    The hardest one for me right now is Caroline’s story. She is about the same age as my mom, who was also just diagnosed with alzheimers. I totally understand how Bo would want to move in with Caroline and take care of her. I live 2 hours from the rest of my family and it is very hard to get a call about something that has happened with her and not be there to help. I wish I could just quit my job and move there, but I am a single mom with 2 kids in college who need my financial support. I don’t know how to choose between my mom and my kids. It does help to see how another family (although not a real family) is trying to deal with the same issues. I see how easy it is to personalize these characters and forget they are not real when you relate their situations so closely to your own.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your families!

  93. From Debbie

    I have to say that as much as I hate the fact that Peter Reckell is leaving Salem, I’m enjoying how the writers are sending him off. The idea of him going off on his own to bring down the DiMeras was the lazy way out but having him involved in Caroline’s story is not only brilliant writing, but it’s showing off his talent in a sensitive way and he’s sure pulling on my heartstrings now. Between Nicole losing her baby and Caroline’s pending Alzheimer’s
    condition, it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions watching the show lately.

    Speaking of carnival rides, I see that the Sami-Go-Round is open for business again. I’ve never liked the character so I don’t care who she’s paired with, but it’s boring to see this adult woman being perpetually portrayed as someone with a teenage mentality where her boyfriends are concerned. I know that people’s basic personalities don’t change that much from childhood to adulthood, but seeing her always so impulsive and indecisive just makes her look immature to me. I do feel for all the Sami/EJ fans in that she’s had her piece with both Lucas and Rafe enough times already…I say let her have a piece of EJ now and see how she rides. I think it’s cruel that the writers tease fanbases and don’t follow up with anything of substance just because they know fans will continue to tune in.

    Wow, today’s set with Marlena walking through the autumn leaves looked huge! And what’s with the Horton Town Square? I thought it’s supposed to be enclosed. Nick and Gabi were looking at the stars earlier this week unless it has one of those astronomical domes on it. I’ve been liking these two together and am also wondering what he’s uncomfortable about regarding Will and Sonny. Someone mentioned maybe he was assaulted during his prison stay so that could be an interesting storyline provided it’s written in a sensitive matter.

    It’s so good to see some of the ‘old’ regulars back. Just Moi, I’ve missed your posts. And yes, we’re still waiting for Grandma Judy’s return as well. BTW, where’s Patsy been?

    Love seeing Kristen back in town to stir up trouble again. Eileen Davidson looks exactly the same as when she first appeared on Y&R decades ago. Amazing beauty and talent. Should be good viewing.

  94. From jolie

    #91 Sandygram, Will and Sonny are both so new to having a relationship and poor Will doesn’t have much in the way of a good one to pattern his after. Who knows what will set off a spat for them? And if Will and Gabs have any kind of secret, I am with you. Too early for a baby adventure. It would be horrible for us to go right into another baby story with a hiding the daddy byline then have Nicole who is suffering from post-partum to snatch that baby as her own. Now I am just imaging the worse that could happen here and just pondering as I go so none of this is spoilerish at all. Wonder how Nick will take it that Gabs is keeping secrets with Will? Wonder if Nick’s problem is not that Will is gay but that Will just is Will and it is something from the past. Can’t be too much or too far because they are both young. Again, my mind loose and wandering on a Friday afternoon.

    #92 Cindy, prayers for your mom and your family. Hang in there gal.

    Have a good weekend everyone. Remember that it is October so Octobeerfest is awaiting somewhere.

  95. From bobby

    I have a new story line for Dr. Dan. if he loses his job at the hospital. Since every women on the show ends up with a baby every time they do the dirty deed-No one must be using protection. Dr. Dan could open a clinic for all the patients with STD’s. He’ll be rolling in money in no time.

  96. From SandyGram

    Episode October 19th:
    Today’s ‘Ah Ha Moment’…..John has an Office. At least it doesn’t look like the inside of a closet like EJ’s Office. I remember John’s last Basic Black Office back in the day, there was a wall that opened up into a room with all kinds of electronic equipment because he was also working secretly for the ISA.

    The writers are doing a great job in Caroline’s Alzheimer story, showing Kyla, Bo and Roman getting together to talk about where to go from here and being very mindful of how important it is for Caroline to have input into her needs from here on out. From Kyla we now know the rest of the Brady siblings have been told of Caroline’s condition. It’s nice to see the TPTB have written the story where Bo, Kyla and Roman will take the lead and keep the others informed. I’m glad they didn’t turn it into a battling family, but more what’s best for Caroline. As someone else mentioned I too am glad Bo is not running off on a Sail Boat as his departure from the show.

    Well we can definitely see what Daniel is working up to. To protect Jenn and keep her out of jail, he will commit to Nicole. But I doubt they will ever leave Salem together. I was thinking today about the Horton’s and how Hope and Nick have been in prison and potentially Jennifer Rose, when the DiMera’s have yet to serve any time for their dastardly deeds.

    With the ending to today’s show, Kristen following Marlena into the park, then one has to ask themselves, who is the surprise visitor at John’s office?

    SPOILER…DON’T READ ANY FURTHER…if you want to wait until Monday to find out. John’s visitor is Kate and they have a strange conversation about Nick. When she has offered Nick a job at Mad World, why is she now letting John know Sami is trying to hire him at Countess Wilhelmina? If you like Days Ahead Articles try Network 54 or Days Café , for more information.

  97. From Leah

    Wow, wow, wow!
    The scenes from the 17/18th of EJ, Sami and Rafe… your attention and eyes are automatically drawn to the EJ and Sami characters. Rafe in the mean time just stands there looking like a lifeless cardboard cut out. So what should be an EJ/Rafe/Safe scene becomes an Ejami scene and all about them and their relationship. And even when EJ leaves and its just Safe what should be the high point to a main storyline just fizzals. There was no intensity or spark… how sad and pathetic. Oh please dear lord let it be the end of it. The majority of us are all Safed out!!! Sami kick that boy to the curb and move on.
    About time Rafe was exposed for the liar he is. Since arriving on the scene Rafe has done nothing but lie, steal, cheat, threaten, manipulate, twist the law, do illegal acts and activities… AND oh yes, thats right he’s meant to be the good guy coppa. FINALLY he’s reaping some of what he has sown. Wait til Sami finds out the WHOLE truth about what Gabi did and how Rafe again is hiding and covering it all up. Mmmm…

  98. From Leah

    I have to say…. until the powers to be at Days give Ejami a fair dinkum shot at making a go of it Ejami and Ejami power will not go away! For six long years we have waited for Ejami to be given their chance… that is, 100% in love and committed to each other and their family. Since EJ arrived on the scene we’ve seen the instant Ejami attraction. Lucas and Carrie commented on it straight away. We saw Sami with Austin and goo goo gagga over EJ, then we saw Lumi and Safe marriages fall apart because of Ejami attraction/love etc. Safe and Lumi have both been given their times… lets move on to Ejami and lets see how it plays out. I don’t really see what it can hurt. As alot of you say no couple pairing makes or breaks a show so Days have nothing to lose and in the mean time they will make alot of loyal, patient Ejami fans happy for a while.

  99. From Cougar

    The thing that they have yet to throw at us with EJami is Sami day dreaming about EJ. You know what I mean. Like the way they showed Nicole daydreaming about her future with Dr. Dan and her child. As we all know now, unfortuantely that that won’t happen.

    Enjoying the return of Kristin. This is something they should have been doing for a long time now. Bringing back old friends and relatives to build sl’s on.

  100. From patty

    You are right Leah, EJ and Sami managed to make the death of a baby all about themselves as they do everything else. If Rafe wasn’t such of a good guy, he would have kicked EJ’s butt out of his apartment and then set Sami straight and call her out on her many lies instead of Lucas doing it and making her see what a hypocrite she really is. She had six long years to decide to be with EJ and she still chooses Rafe or Lucas. EJ is only in her life because he’s obssessed with winning and because he’s the father of her children.
    Sami doesn’t daydream about EJ because he is her worst nightmare…and she doesn’t want or love him. He just tells her what she wants to hear because he knows how to manipulate her. Sami being so immature falls for it.

  101. From lisa

    I find Deidre hall really boring and I am so glad Kristen is back and she is the ONLY reason Im watching DOOL again.
    Eileen Davidson is one of the best daytime actresses and she brings talent to a show that lacks good writting the past decade.

  102. From Leah

    Sorry Patty I have to disagree with you in a way. I really don’t see any difference between you defending Rafe and what he has done vs EJ fans defending what he has done. And Rafe has done way too much already to classify him as a bad guy. Way worse than kicking someone out of his apartment. Sami was right… he’s a hypocrite. Yes we can say the same thing about EJ and Sami BUT… at least they eventually can see the error of there ways, be regretful and admit to it. Not so with Rafe. Rafe never once apologised to EJ over his involvement/part in the “Grace” storyline and here he is again willingly doing the same thing all over again with Nicole. Rafe learnt nothing. As Sami said… “Rafe you said you would do it all over again. You think you’ve done nothing wrong because you think your always right.” Well said Sami and spot on. And thats the difference between Rafe and Ejami!
    PS: Oh and yes I’ve seen Sami daydreaming about EJ plenty of times! BUT my point was not about who Sami is daydreaming about IT WAS about the Days powers to be just letting Ejami have their time together at long last. Whether they make it or not doesn’t matter at least a large amount of loyal Ejami fans would finally be rewarded. I really can’t see the harm in it. Go Ejami and Ejamily.

  103. From SandyGram

    Days TPTB letting EJ and Sami have their time together is an on going conversation. But I’m a little confused. There have been many occasions since EJ came to town in 2006 where TPTB put EJ and Sami together. Each time they also chose to keep them apart through EJ’s manipulation when either trying to get the relationship or trying to keep the relationship. Although on several occasions EJ and Sami have discussed their tumultuous relationship and forgiven each other of their past deeds, TPTB still choose to keep them apart. Each time ending a relationship Sami had with another man. And granted EJ and Sami have undeniable physical chemistry on screen, TPTB have still chosen to keep them apart. Well I guess I’m not as confused as I thought I was.

  104. From Tee

    Hey all!
    Just Moi#89 Thank you I always try to remain respectful.

    Sandy #96 Great post I thought it was a aha moment as well, John has a office,just like him and Marlena bringing up smooth sailing with their love lol.

    LISA #101 I agree. I Love Kristen!

    Leah #97 and 101 agree great posts.

    Heres a spoiler from the guide for some of ya
    Sami and Rafe reveal their feelings for each other.
    Lucas interrupts a heated moment between Will and Sonny.

    So after that spoiler I am still happy because I know Safe are over for a while at least. EJAMI is in sweeps as well after that.

    Also Galen Gering and Kristian Alfonso will be on the JEFF probst Show together no date yet.

    I find that interesting since rumors are going around they will hook up.

    EJAMI have been kept apart in past mostly due to the characters past history, and some writes just kept adding to that history.
    I am not sure Sami will settle down any time soon, who knows.

    Still curious on how it will be said when Bo does not come back with Caroline.

  105. From Tee

    I am wondering if anyone here remembers this interview Galen did last November right before EJ and Sami had sex? Here is a excerpt from it
    Well, not such a good times for SAFE fans. They’re pretty upset about the hookup and what it could mean for Sami and Rafe. Is this the beginning of the end?

    I always say a relationship is like a scale. You’re always evaluating it and if at any point in time you’re not getting what you need, then is the relationship still relevant? Is it balancing out? There’s a lot to deal with in that relationship. You’ve got Sami, which is a lot in and of itself. You’ve got her four kids, her ex E.J. — Really? Who wants that basket full of crap? If ultimately the relationship isn’t sparking the way it used to, I don’t know if it’s relevant. I don’t know if these two are meant to be together. Time will tell.

    When Carrie and Austin returned, old time “Days” fans assumed we were heading for a new quad with the twisted Brady sisters. While there’s chemistry brewing between Rafe and Carrie, Sami hooked up with EJ and there’s something odd brewing between Austin and Abby. It’s not a quad or a triangle–

    It’s obtuse. Dysfunctional. I love the stuff they’re writing for my character now. They’re writing to my strengths as an actor, so there’s drama but there’s also comedy and it’s very well done. As an actor, what a gift, so I’m enjoying it

    I just wondered if anyone remembered it and seems he was claiming he felt the relationship was irrelevant then and his feelings had changed (Rafes). This was on November 23rd 2011.

    Wanted to post that since some here thin Rafe is too good for Sami. Guess Rafe thought the same last year as well, or rather he did not really think she was worth her baggage.

    Sometimes its fun to revisit old interviews, though this was different writers then, it still gives some insight on where story was heading

    I think Sami is worth a loving man imo I love Sami

  106. From Leah

    Another reason Ejami work is because they are the classic forbidden love story. Every good soap should have one. Why? Because we love to root for the underdog, that couple that despite the odds and circumstances overcome them anyway. Ejami have the family history and dynamics (the Bradys vs the Dimeras). Ejami had that feel that they were destined to be together from the start. It was in the stars. The physical attraction to each other, that pull towards each other, was there from the day they met. Even Lucas and Carrie stood there watching them and picked up on it straight away. The Santos and Colleen storyline pointed to it… the foundation has all been laid but the writers have really yet still to write it. Two children and 3 failed marriages later its time. Time for the forbidden love to be played out and given a good go.
    All GOOD soaps have that forbidden love… look at B & B: Ridge and Brooke, Y & R: Victor and Nicki, Victor and Ashley, Billy and Victoria, etc etc. You get the point. Forbidden loves are just part and parcel of a soap. So wisen up Days… go Ejami and Ejamily!

  107. From Days since 1965

    Kristen and John? Marlena and John? I am still waiting for Marlena and the original Roman (Wayne Northrup) to get back together!

    #17 Oliver: You’re right. I love Sonny and Will. I cannot help but think the writers are intentionally moving forward as gently as possible as to not cause upset in the hopefully minute prejudice fan base. Those who are somehow threatened or do not feel is “right”. People are often afraid of things they do not understand

    It seems they are rushing the progression of Caroline’s Alzheimer’s. Everyone progresses at his or her own pace, but this is too fast. It can often taken 10 years or more before people are this symptomatic and I cannot imagine anyone noticing before. Having worked for years with dementia patients of all levels as well as both my mother and mother-in-law having had Alzheimer’s for the past 30 years, I wonder if a lot of this is rushed due to Bo’s exit? So far the accuracy and emotions are right on. I was more than a bit taken aback by Hope looking in to long term care facilities. Really Hope?

    #92 Cindy: I am so sorry about your mom’s diagnosis. I would strongly encourage you to talk with someone from the Alzheimer’s Association. Educate yourself on the ‘norms’ of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Ask questions. Talk to others that have been through this. It was validating to know several issues we were struggling with were common issues. Things we thought were helpful were causing additional upset for our mother. The number one thing I can tell you is always treat your mother as an adult, as a person without Alzheimer’s. Early on my mother would tell me how hurtful it was to her when people would treat her as a child. The “experts” stressed this all throughout Mom’s Alzheimer’s years. She lived with it for almost 20 years. We always talked with her as if she did not have this. Their moments of clarity will always be there. You just don’t know when. We promised Mom she would always have her dignity too. We saw to it her hair was always done, her nails, nice, clean clothes, etc. That is something I would want promised should I be dx’d.

    It would be great to have Marie return to Days to be with her grandson, Nick. It’s been too many years.

    I love seeing Sami with Lucas. If not Lucas, then Rafe. EJ’s arrogance, his self importance just makes me want to shake him. The hypocrisy of everything he does yet is fast to claim the role of victim when the table is turned. I think Sami deserves to be happy.

  108. From patty

    Well Leah, I don’t see why Rafe should have to apologize to EJ for anything since it was all the women’s doing to keep their children from him. Besides, have we ever seen EJ apologize to Rafe for locking him up in his basement, threatening him with harm to Allie, erasing his memory , sending him up the river to some intitution and putting a perverted imposter in his place? And no, it wasn’t just Stephano’s doing. Perhaps TPTB can’t come up with a good reason why a man that is capable of such things should deserve a second chance in this relationship.
    If Rafe and Sami are over, it is not because Sami wants EJ and definitely not because the better man won. Sami is selfish and it has to be all about her or else but she still deserves better than to be in EJ’s clutches again, the man who admittedly enjoys making her life hell.

  109. From Shani

    As I have said before, when EJ first came to Salem, I really liked him & Sami together. But their forbidden love story ended for me a long, long time ago, after all that has happened between them & the evil EJ is capable of. Sami & EJ have to work things out together about their children but any romantic pairing of the 2 of them anymore is sick IMO. No comparison for me between what EJ has done & any small potatoes Rafe has done. & I agreed with Rafe helping Sami keep her child from EJ as well as Rafe helping Nicole. Both women were terrified of EJ knowing about their babies.

    I thought Rafe was the only one in his apartment who acted respectfully toward the death of Nicole’s baby. I agree with those who saw Sami & EJ being only about themselves.

  110. From SandyGram

    #107 Tee and #108 Shani

  111. From missy

    ok, so now we have the kristen show,, no sami or ej on friday, or monday.. one question i dont see any spoilers about the babys funeral.. are they just gonna forget about laying him to rest… just wondering….

  112. From patty

    That is right Shani, he was the only one in that room who cared anything about that baby. I just wish Rafe wasn’t such a gentleman and would have made sure EJ knew that Sami was all about keeping that baby a secret from him also and was willing to help because she’s the best liar he knows and she’s been switching test results since highschool. And she wonders why Rafe couldn’t trust her? If Sami is still willing to keep children a secret from EJ, that doesn’t spell trust for a relationship between the two of them either and with good reasons.

  113. From SandyGram

    There are 3 story lines I’d like to see the writers address to completion.

    1- Will shooting EJ in the back and
    2- Sami shooting EJ in the head

    They can always be held over Will and Sami by the DiMera’s and if angered enough EJ, Stefano or Kristen can bring them to the forefront again. But the writers would have to include EJ, Rafe, Will and Sami as co-conspirators to conceal these crimes (and Lucas).

    3 – Then there is Stefano holding the evidence that Kate did in fact try to kill Chloe. If they are never going to return together as a couple this needs closure also.

    If these characters are going to move on from one another the writers need to make the slate clean.

  114. From Tee

    Hey all, Hope every ones weekend was great!!

    Here’s a great article from Soap opera Central that has some good stuff for everybody!!

    Sandy #112 I think itis prety clear EJ has no intention to throw Sami or Will in Jail. He even said if Sami shot him he deserved it and forbade his father from looking or doing anything further.
    If it was to ever come out EJ would not be in trouble as SPD would rather not throw Bradys and Hortons in jail and he was the victim in both. Now if he say tried to say do what Nick did by making someone cover it up with blackmail of another crime that yes would be illegal. If Salem PD decided to reopen either case and he did not cooperate then he could be in trouble but I don’t see Roman or the SPD ever doing that. I think EJ sees them as thigs he deserved because that is what he said when he figured it out. If he wanted Will in jail he would have let him take the fall for killing Stefano, even though he was a suspect he bailed him out and encouraged him to use his alibi and was supportive of Will.

    As alison tweeted in answer to a fan who said same as you Patty that Sami was very angry at the fact he told Carrie and not her that was the nail in the coffin. He kept saying as do fans how Rafe was keeping a promise to Nicole but he broke it for Carrie her won sister. So Alison jumped in and gave fans some of what Sami was thinking in this.
    Its a huge slap in the face to say I cant tell you but I can tell your sister, and I only knew her for a month or 2. Even going back Sami laid her whole life out on table for Rafe she told him all her secrets, He never told her anything about his fiancee she learned that elsewhere or about his family or anything. He has always maintained a level of secrecy with her and for him to open up to Carrie was too much and wrong. Sami let him in on all her schemes in past while with him, told him about EJ, Lucas and even Austin. Sami may be queen B schemer and liar but she did not build her relationship with Rafe off her lying so much in that aspect. How many times did her and Rafe sit down and have honesty talks? Too many to count, so yes I feel Sami is justified in why she feels it should be over. Why be with someone who does not trust you,, and he even says I would have never ever told you the truth rather the baby lived or died.

    Sami also made it clear she ahreed to help Rafe keep the secret because she wanted to show Rafe she had his back and would support his decision because he was her man. She stated EJ was a good father and said that is a fact but she thought she neded to be there for Rafe as he was for her. Perhaps though we will learn that she only said it to get the truth from him who knows it is hard to say at this point. Just because Sami schemed and lied in her past doesn ot mean she deserves to be lied to by her man relationships are about honesty if you don’t trust who you are with then don’t be with them. The key was Rafe saying he would never trust her. Why should she so ok that’s fine we can have a non trusting relationship? Both were in the wrong in past Sami cheated Rafe cheated. They started fresh and made promises he did not keep his it is as simple as that. IMO.

    Missy #110 I have been wondering as well. The baby should have one but Nicole is still in hospital and it has been same day in Salem for 2 weeks now so maybe it is coming I hope so.

    As far as Rafe being only one to respect the baby and grieving well Rafe is a officer and he knows that supposedly Jennifer pushed Nicole like EJ said why was he not out trying to arrest or investigate as a officer. That is his job, and more so since he was pretending to be the father, but he was there trying to have as Sweeney and Galen said in SOD grief sex. I dont think he even acted like he cared too much about Sami leaving he was smirking half the time. And said he would do it again and never tell her. Meaning he did not care and intended to lie again if he so felt it and would never trust her. He cheated on Sami as well, and only reason he did not have sex with Carrie was because Austin showed up. He was all kissy kissy with Carrie before he knew anything of Sami cheating. That is cheating cheating is cheating. Who is he to be all high and mighty he was wrong just as she was but she owned up to it and trusted him even when her gut said he was lying she stood by him.

    #106 Leah great post and so true.

    Spoilerish I always forget to say this
    Dan discovers a piece of Nicoles baby clothes in a room at hospital and knows she was there prior to losing baby.

    Gabi is pregant she will start showing symptoms very soon.

    I am wondering why Nick is rushing, what is his deal.

    What is Lucas and Sonny gonna fight about I wonder?

    I have a feeling Kristen is not so bad as she was before. I would love to see her in a great love story, not sure how I feel about brady though. I think it will be interesting.

    I hope Lucas is supportive of Wilson, he will lose his son. It is bad enough he has been gone most his life he needs to make up for that and stop worrying about who Will is kissing.

    Marlena is really worried she evn wants Sami to quit CW. Kristen has not even done anything..yet

  115. From Leah

    Have to say I did some youtubing today… and wow, wow, wow! I again saw what Days is missing. Days needs some edgey couples. Rex and Mimi OR Shawn and Mimi were HOT! I mean Rex singing “their” song to Mimi “I got you babe” by Sonny and Cher or Shawn giving Mimi a chocolate mustache and then licking and kissing it off. We had men making breakfast or cooking a surprise dinner, rooftop dancing, Mimi burning food and laughing about it etc… meant Days was fun but yet there was still the romance, love and sexiness. Bring back Rex/Shawn, Mimi, Patrick, Philip, Chloe and Chelsea. Compare that to now and what have we got over the last couple of years? Mismatched couples, swapped paternity test and hidden or dead babies. No wonder Days ratings have slipped.

  116. From MAB

    I loved the scenes between Victor & Caroline…and Bo. And the scenes w/ Bo, Roman & Kayla discussing their mom’s condition…it’s nice to see them addressing their feelings & concerns for their mother. They acted like real brothers & sister. Great scenes!

    I like seeing John more, and enjoying Kristen already! Marlena is a bit dull anymore. I really only like her when she’s in Doc-mode.

    I could care less about what happens to Jen at this point…or Daniel for that matter. It is sad Jen plays the Jack card as an excuse of her ridiculous behavior towards Nicole. I don’t buy it. Nicole is still doing a great acting job, and I can’t wait until she gets past this and is able to move on and find true love again w/ either Brady or Eric.

    Leah – your comment “your attention and eyes are automatically drawn to the EJ and Sami characters. Rafe in the mean time just stands there looking like a lifeless cardboard cut out.” SO TRUE! EJ & Sami rocked those scenes, while Rafe just stood there w/ the dumb look on his face. But that is all he could do since he was right! Yet Rafe still thinks he did nothing wrong, and said he would do it again. The best line was from Sami to Rafe, and was one of the most important things said, “you don’t think your wrong, do you?” And THAT is the bottom line, and always has been where Rafe is concerned. He NEVER thinks he wrong. I’m so glad Sami realized he told Carrie, and not her, and I’m so glad EJ was able to point Rafe’s betrayal out to her. I think Sami handled it very well. EJ had his rightful say w/ Rafe, and left for Sami to finish him off! Great retribution for EJami, and their fans. Kudos to Sami for finally dumping Rafe, and I hope it’s for good! Great acting from Alison as well.

    Rafe will never apologize to EJ, and I wouldn’t expect him to. He wouldn’t mean it if he did. He’s that callous, and could care less if EJ has lost a child he never knew was his. And even tho EJ doesn’t know Jen really didn’t push Nicole to make her loose the baby, I’m SO glad EJ got his say of how he would’ve protected Nicole, and never took the child from her. EJ would’ve done what he said, if Nicole would’ve kept the peace w/ him, there is nothing she would’ve wanted for. And just maybe she would have her son right now alive instead of dead. More great acting from James Scott, as always. He always knocks it out of the park!

    For the record, EJ did not threaten Rafe w/ harm to Allie, that was Stefano. Some people have such a selective memory, especially where EJ is concerned. Allie was safe because of EJ.

    Sami HAS told EJ she loved him, and has admitted it to others. Go back and watch some of the old clips. It’s there. Those words DO come out of her mouth on more than one occasion.

    Oh yeah, Rafe cared so much about the baby’s death, that he was ready to have grief sex w/ Sami, over a baby that wasn’t even his. Also, he also didn’t care even to do his job, and try to find out what happened to Nicole to make her loose the baby. And the blatant disregard for Nicole, someone he says he cares for, telling Sami, I didn’t do it for her. Then who did he do it for??? It certainly wasn’t the baby, tho he claimed that. As I’ve always said, he did it out of spit & revenge against EJ.

    I can’t wait until Stefano’s business is done, and he returns. Wonder what his business is???

    I have to admit I’m really enjoying the show more & more lately. I have to give credit to the writers, as they are doing a pretty good job as of late.

  117. From jolie

    #96 Sandygram, I thought John’s office was so much better as compared to Elvis’ as well. John is acting so strange. I hope we aren’t in store for another lapse in which he becomes Pawn again. Or where he goes off the deep end like he did a couple of years back with Ava or Eva or whatever the gal’s name (she also played a supposedly younger than Nicole Taylor for a while). And that John’s visitor is Kate….hmmm. Something is afoot as Sherlock would say. And that they discuss Nick, stranger still. So has Nick done some kind of research or work that will come back on him and jerk him into the forefront? Like something that John might be tracking for ISA or that Kate and John might still have some kind of ties and how does Sami and CW come into this?? Industrial espionage. We need more of that since we have all these cosmetics company and Basic Black making a come back. And then Kristen was reading about the millions gone from Basic Black and likely knows Fatha and Elvis were in on that caper. Lots could be happening with these characters. Bring it on. And your point about the Hortons running in and out of jail while the Dimeras haven’t put a big toe in the pokey….what more can be said?

    #100 Patty, I thought the same thing. Elvis was not grieving but rather couldn’t wait to throw it all in Rafe’s face and over Sami! He ran with the information to make sure he got to gloat over Rafe’s keeping a secret from Sami. Well, Sami, back up 2 days when you begged to be in on it. That Rafe can’t trust her…Elvis can’t either! Elvis is all about the winning without thinking that he’ll then have to deal with the baggage of Sami which is a lot. And she loves Rafe..she said it. She might think she has ‘something’ with Elvis because he says so. And I laughed when Sami called Rafe a hypocrite. Has that gal looked in the mirror lately??

    #103 Sandygram, as usual, you see all the way around it. I think Elvis and Sami have great chemistry. As do Rafe and Sami. As do Kate and Stefano. And the list goes on…it is called acting! And while Elvis thinks he wants Sami right now, you are right. There is always something he wants more and he’ll screw this up eventually. I think the TPTB keep it churning between Sami and her men because it keeps everyone else churning. How mad is that?

    #108 Shani, good post.

    #110 missy, good question. Will we have a funeral or will they gloss over it?

    #111 Patty, Rafe did keep his mouth closed and didn’t shove it right up Sami’s wazoo like he should have. He allowed her to have her say and she said way too much as normal for her. I can’t wait for Lucas to tear her one.

    #112 Sandygram, can we throw the coin into that list while we are cleaning up storylines? If it brings back the likes of creepy Ian, just forget it. I’ll just make it up to suit myself.

    I read over Tee’s spoilers (large thank you to Tee!) and it says Marlena wants Sami out of CW. Smart move as Kristen moves in. With Sami and Elvis perhaps getting all lovey-dove and Sami working for Dimeras, she is just too much in their pocket and Marlena needs to be worried. Especially since Kristen will be in CW as well. Sami needs somewhere to be able to let her noggin clear a bit from Dimera.

  118. From MAB

    #116, “But that is all he could do since he was right!” (meaning EJ was right).

  119. From MAB

    Ah, the good ole days. I usually hate flashbacks, but those of John & Kristen were cool…nice seeing some of the past. I think Kristen is still as pretty as ever. I didn’t see much difference in EJ & John’s offices, just different décor. And who cares anyway, I’m just glad they’re actually working out of their offices instead of their homes like before.

    Anyone who has the same mindset as Rafe would not see EJ’s grief. Sami saw it…she knows. (And of course the EJ fans saw it). EJ grieved alone, then w/ Nicole, then once again while confronting one of the men who jumped at the chance to keep this secret w/ Nicole. But at least EJ got a little restitution, and made sure Rafe’s part in this was exposed, along w/ blowing his plans out of the water w/ Sami. Rafe deserved to feel EJ’s wrath, and it was so fitting…and refreshing to watch! Rafe’s lucky EJ didn’t do more than he did, but I think he knew Sami would finish it off. The other best line from Sami was calling Rafe exactly what he is, a sanctimonious hypocrite! EJ & Sami don’t have to worry about being called that, because they don’t deny their flawed personality. They don’t act, nor claim, to be perfect, like Rafe does.

    It’s about time Rafe kept his mouth shut because normally Sami allows him to control this situation, and this around, she took control. She wasn’t having any of his bull, she’s done! I hope this is a sign she has come to her senses, and she sticks to what she told him. Be done w/ him Sami! He needs to go find Carrie or someone like her, and live his boring life.

    I think EJ & Sami’s journey, if the writers do it, will be a great one. Like Leah said, they are a classic forbidden love story. So much material for the writers to work w/ having these two as a couple. But what transpires between EJ & Sami will be up to the writers. If the writers see fit for them to be together, then it will happen…if they get together and EJ (or Sami) screws things up, it’ll be because the writers want it that way. It won’t be because of what some fans expect of them. I’m just hoping they finally do it this time around, and prove all the naysayers wrong that EJ & Sami can have a successful relationship if it’s written properly. They have pretty much put the past behind them, so let’s move them into the now, and see what the future holds for these two amazing characters & actors! Can I get an Amen from my fellow EJami’s out there???

  120. From MAB

    I’m glad EJ cleared up the fact that Kristen was adopted by Stefano.

  121. From Mandi

    After watching todays episode I really dislike Marlena even more lol how can she tell Sami to forgive Carrie and forgive Rafe over and over again and sit there and not be at all pleasant with Kristin. I really hope Kristin can move on and get John really jealous and get ol’ Doc all bent out of shape lol. I agree with MAB though about EJ’s grief I could see it in his eyes when he was finally told with out a doubt that it was his baby. It is sad he has to grieve alone and it was disgusting to have Rafe act as he was over the baby’s death he only wanted to keep the baby from EJ he would have done it if it was some random stranger. I would love to see Sami and EJ finally get a decent shot together she needs someone who puts her first for a change and not her sister, it’s sad she always seems to be second fiddle to Carrie with her own mother and every single man she has been with but EJ. you got an amen out of me Mab for sure :)

  122. From West coast watcher

    I read your daily blog, and watch when I can, thank heavens for the DVR.

    Rafe with Hope won’t work. She is way too old for him.

    Sami and Ej might be fun. Stephano needs to take a chill pill on this coupling since it was he that ordered Ej to impregnate Sami (remember).

    Kristen coming back is lame. Didn’t like her before, she has no purpose.

    The writers have played all the scenarios with John and Marlena, and we need more steadfast couples. We have no one left….Maggie and Vic??? Bo and Hope???? Doug and Julie??? Would love to see them back!!

    What are they going to do with Lucas???

    Oh well. I either read your postings or watch the DVR. There are times I am so BORED, I just delete the program!

  123. From patty

    Sad part is if EJ and Sami get their shot together, he will be second fiddle. Sami is not over Rafe, she’s already daydreaming of her wedding day to Rafe again! Here she is bumping into him and staring into his eyes. Spoilers were right, she’s beginning to thaw already.
    The conversation with Lucas and Sami was spot on. Loved his questions to her ;”what standard of perfection are you holding Rafe up to because it sure as hell isn’t your own? It’s ok for you to be a screw up but not Rafe?”. Of course Lucas figures out that this is not about Rafe keeping a secret but about the fact that he told Carrie and not her. Leave it to Lucas to tell it like it is.

  124. From bobby

    Kate visiting John? What was that about? She was the one that tried to hire Nick, but goes to John about Sami hiring him? I didn’t hear Sami ask Nick to work for her yet. What’s up with Brady? How in the world could he take Nichole’s version over Jen? He knows her record and how she lies. Can not wait for the day to come when Dan and Brady find out the truth about the death of her baby. Of course, they’ll just say she was in shock and didn’t know what she was doing. She really has a high tolerence for all the drugs they’re giving her to relax.
    That mouth just keeps flapping and she keeps on scheming and lying.

  125. From Tee

    Mab I also enjoyed Victor and Carrolines scenes together. Love the family pulliing together but Sami should have been told right away what with Caroline babysitting and all.

    Sami is of course going to fb to things she is hurt and is remembering good times. Stay tuned because She don’t thaw too well in tje end. Safe is over and will be for a while atleast who knows somewhere down line it may change but Rafe will be moving on from Sami as she will him. Don’t believe it its ok I will wait till it happens and then we will all see. Sami and Rafee were together 3 yers of course she has some fond memories. They need closure and I hope its given tje right way.

    Lucas promoting Safe has been sick for me. I used to be a Lumi fan and I think its wrong to use Lucas to promote any of her men.

    Sami has been selfish and did make things about her
    I agree but. For different reasons

    Ej is grieving just as much as Nicole I bexome amazedpeople queation a parents grieving.
    I am also amazed that Nicole has kidnapped and tried to kill people and gets sympathy but Ej can’t ferom people and Nicole who has done evil things supposedly is innocent woman now. She has not changed as we see. She’s still using a baby to get a man and taking down innocent people with her. Atleast Ej is taking tje high road no matter his reasons. People just love to hate him and sometimes forget what others have done to him. For whatever Nicole has done and is doing I sympathize for her as I do Ej. I am not biased. I treat both equal in that regard.

  126. From Tee

    Sad thing is Sami cheated on Rafe with Ej. She ran to Ej for comfort not Rafe. So it could be said she is not over Ej as well. Sami loves thhem both in ways but she chose Rafe based off honesty and character and her families opinion. She always runs to Ej. 6 yrs she has cheated on men with Ej. This whole Rafe thing is much more about. Closure and Sami growth.Though I am still waiting on to see how she. Grows.

  127. From Mopy

    Nice to see Tee being awesome, today, which is more than I can say for Wilson punking Kate. That really was a stupid waste of time, and as Kate pointed out, pretty immature. Dufuses! Other than that, I’m still loving Wilson.

    Marlena ticked me off, today. Yes, don’t trust Kristen, but don’t waste your energy snarking at her sarcastically. If you were a near murder victim would you stand there throwing attitude at the person who tried to kill you, or would you bolt the hell out of there?

    I don’t give a piss about Ejami or Safe. Neither pair appeal to me whatsoever. I don’t give a piss about Jen or Dan. I do wonder what Chloe is going to think of her bestie after it comes out that Nicole pulled another one of her classic schemes to trap her ex-husband. I’m thinking that they may not be besties after that. Then again, it’s unlikely that they were ever friends in the first place.

  128. From SandyGram

    Episode October 22nd:
    I’m with you ‘bobby #123, where are they going with this Kate thing. If she wants Nick to work for Mad World just offer him a better position and more money.

    SPOILER: Also, little does Kate know Kristen will be CEO of Countess Wilhelmina soon, how is Stefano going to feel about Kate interfering in CW’s business? The writers have something cooking here that’s just not clear yet.

    Marlena and Kristen’s encounter in the park was interesting. Did anyone else notice how the leaves on the trees behind Marlena were blowing as if there was a wind and everything was still behind Kristen? Just an observation! From the time Kristen arrived when talking to EJ or Marlena there were moments that I could see the “Susan” in her. Her smile, her wide eyes or the tone in her voice I didn’t see the beautiful villain but the quirky Susan comes to mind.

    One mistake after another, yet again Jennifer is where she shouldn’t be. Daniel is going to stick by Nicole, but according to the SPOILERS in 2 weeks he will be done with her. Apparently he finds one of the baby outfits, like the one at the apartment, in Nicole’s room making him think she had been at the Hospital earlier in the day. How about just a good ‘swift kick in the butt’ to open his eyes.

    As speculated there is definitely something up with Nick and the fact Will is gay. Apparently when Gabi approaches Nick, he denies there is a problem and he also continues to rush his relationship with Gabi. Yeah rushes her right into the sack!

  129. From Blaze.

    Do you think EJ ever sat down and wondered WHY Sami and Nicole wished to keep their pregnancies from him?
    What it is about HIM that forced them into making that decision?

    EJ might have been grieving, but for himself, not his son! He was basically willing to deny paternity when he thought Sami would be mad at Rafe for getting Nicole pregnant.
    When that didn’t work, he was off to another plan.

    I think he could have had lots of interaction with Nicole if he wasn’t being such a jerk. She wanted him until he cheated on her with Sami. She loved him.
    Even if he didn’t KNOW the baby was his, but wanted to be part of the pregnancy, he could have just tried been Nicole’s friend. Instead, he was always getting up in her grill and causing trouble (he threatened her and the baby right from the beginning). Nicole needed a friend, and EJ could have been there for her, but he was too busy thinking of himself.
    Now he’s crying “Poor Me. I didn’t get to know my son!” Geez EJ, what has Nicole gone through?! Did you feel sorry for Nicole? No, you were too busy devising a plan to get her confession, so you could bury her along with the friends that she feels were PROTECTING her and the baby!!

    Tell you what, EJ, quite whining, get off your pity pot, and go spend some time with the children you do have!!
    You’re such a great dad. Prove it to your little ones!!

    Fantastic Day All!! :)

  130. From Blaze.

    OOPS!! I meant, “Quit Whining” :)

  131. From SandyGram

    #127 Blaze
    I have asked that question so many times and the writers give us answers. The only problem is they also have Sami and Nicole forgive EJ at every turn so it apparently doesn’t matter to these women the kind of man he is and that he is a DiMera.

  132. From iris

    Are you joking or what Blaze, Ej begged at first Nicole to raise this child with her, he was pathetic by the way when Nicole kept plotting against him at the same time with Dan and Rafe the guy who already kept him from a child !! Seems we did not watch the same soap ! What is WTF is Ej not even seeking revenge on these three hypocrites, totally out of character..pathetic these writers really..

  133. From Blaze.

    Sorry, Iris! I thought EJ begged to be part of the pregnancy AFTER he was caught knocking boots with Sami and Nicole kicked him to the curb. Nicole was in love with, and married to, EJ, but that didn’t stop him from tossing Sami’s feet in the air!! EJ needed to be put in his place. Grief sex or not, a line needed to be drawn and Nicole was holding the magic marker!! Well, for now anyway!! SandyGram is right, these women just keep getting sucked back into the EJ web!! :)

  134. From patty

    EJ has a plan , the look on his face today after he told Rafe,Dan and Nicole he wouldn’t press charges, it was pure evil. Kristen has something up her sleeve also and I don’t imagine it is anything good. I’m with you SandyGram, I see a lot of similarities in Kristen’s movements and facial expressions with Susan. Maybe there could be a reason why EJ mistook her for his mother, wouldn’t it be a hoot if Kristen turned out to be Susan in disguise. Or maybe Kristen could have raised EJ as Susan. Farfetched I know but you never know with those Demiras. Either way, they are usually up to no good and I don’t believe this time is any different.

  135. From ST

    OOOH Maybe Kristins brother Peter will get out of jail and come back to haunt Jennifer. She is going to need an exciting story line after this baby mess is done. He should be ready for parole soon…. I love Days

  136. From iris

    She was not even pregnant at this time and was not even with Ej, she just dumped him after shagging him for two episodes (which was disgusting by the way, no chemistry at all here..ugh..) so when Ej and Sami romp happened he did owe her NOTHING ! We really did not watch the same show..

  137. From Leah

    Ha, ha… that is hilarious Lucas is backing up Rafe? What a joke! Seems BOTH men are ok to support and respect each other with Sami, just not EJ or Ejami. Mmmm… could that be because they are two of a kind? Lets see BOTH knew Sami had a thing for EJ and loved him, BOTH were married to Sami and had Ejami influence all through both of their marriages, BOTH marriages ended because Ejami couldn’t stay away from each other and slept together and BOTH Rafe and Lucas have BOTH been in love with and wanting to settle down with and marry Sami’s sister Carrie. Yep, Rafe and Lucas DO have a bit in common. No wonder they understand each other! Ha, ha.
    One thing I will say about Lucas though… is he has always pulled Sami up and told her how it is. Something I do love about him. Lucas has even been outspoken to Sami about her and EJ also. Lucas has repeatedly told Sami “You love EJ. I just reckon you won’t admit it cause it frightens you Sami and your scared deep down on the inside of you something has EJ initials on it.” Only a few months ago Lucas was telling Sami to be honest about her unresolved feelings for EJ and vise versa.

  138. From jolie

    #127 Blaze, get it on! You hit on some very good points. But Elvis is not a thinking man nor are Nicole and Sami great thinkers. They are very selfish which continues to attract them to one another. You are correct…Elvis just prove it. Lying, cheating, taking what is not yours, ruining lives, sticking a criminal in the home of your children to sleep with their mother..these are not the way.
    And Blaze, another one who needs to grow up…Sami, my mom love my sister best Brady. So pull yourself up, act like a grown up, quit careening between the same men, be a Mother to your kids rather than say you are, quit huffing and puffing all over town. Tiresome at best.

    Go Lucas. Sami needs a dose of that and often.

    #130 Iris, I will agree with one thing you said, Elvis is pathetic in how he affects the mothers of his children in that they feel they must protect their young from him. And he perpetuates it with his deviousness and untrustworthy behavior.

    Patty, I do agree with you that Sami is not over Rafe. She loves him, he loves her. Elvis is that naughty thing that she does because it gets her some attention.

  139. From pat

    Can we please not have another Sami running back to E.J storyline?? Please move this carater along. Do something new with her. Make her fun again. Have her and Lucas go on an Luke and Laura type adventure. Something totally diffent from the same old time storyline shes been in since she started the show

  140. From bobby

    #139 pat I agree. Earlier I said they have to bring fun back into this show. And not just Will teasing Kate he’s getting married. And they have Abbey just hanging in the wind. And Kristen and Brady? That’s just creepy. Oh! and will someone please tell E.J. to tuck his shirt in. Can’t feel sorry for someone who claims to be grieving but is plotting his next vengence scheme. It’s also time to find Lucas a new woman. Of course, than Sami will want him back.

  141. From Shani

    I was disgusted with Nicole yesterday. Faking fear of Jennifer & repeatedly calling her a murderer. I thought Jennifer had her bearings back & was trying to be kind & sincere, being so sorry for Nicole’s loss, but at the same time letting Nicole know she was not going to let her ruin her life. Kristen is up to no good, I feel, & she sure rattled Marlena.

  142. From MAB

    Ugh, I’m sick of Daniel whining…Jen, Nicole, pick one & be done already! And I still think Jen is disturbed…she was so rude to Brady yesterday. She’s mad at him because he told the truth…really? Uh, I thought the truth was the Horton mantra? I guess that’s only if it suits them tho. I’m not surprised Nicole may be thinking her lie is the truth. After all she’s been thru, she is a wreck! And Jen had the audacity to come to the hospital to see her???????? That is the last thing Nicole needed. Jen had NO business to show up at that hospital. She should’ve been thrown out on her @$$.

    I didn’t get John & Kate’s talk. I thought Kate was interesting in hiring Nick? We haven’t seen anything about Sami hiring him…news to me. And why would that affect John & Marlena? I loved seeing him & Brady together again. Why did Brady say he needed to work? I thought he took back over at Titan?

    I’m glad Will & T are friends again, and that T is even ok w/ Sonny. And I’m glad Will is cutting his Dad some slack over him being uncomfortable about seeing him & Sonny kissing. Lucas, as well as everyone else, are entitled to their feelings and shouldn’t be condemned for them.

    Marlena was a snot to Kristen yesterday. Not that she should welcome her w/ open arms, but her hatred for Kristen, and sparing w/ her seemed out of character for Marlena. Marlena goes around telling everyone else how they should feel and deal w/ their anger & pain, but apparently Doc doesn’t take her own advice. She overreacted, while Kristen maintained her composure. Why waste your energy Doc? You should be secure in your relationship w/ John at this point…and you certainly can’t do anything about Kristen being back in Salem, so deal with it!

    Tee – I completely agree how some question a parents grieving, but those who do that, to EJ, simply do it for their hatred of him. For some it’s not that they love to hate him, they just hate him period. They would never give him any credit because that would mean they would have to admit what most of us already know. EJ is just like the rest of them, he has a good & bad side. I also agree that Sami has never been over EJ. That is why her relationship w/ Lucas fell apart, even Lucas admitted to it. And the same thing happened w/ Rafe. Rafe first became her partner in crime when she decided to keep EJ’s child from him because he decided to move on w/ Nicole. Then she got this (insane) idea of what a great all around guy Rafe was. She thought he’s honest, a cop (like her Dad), my family likes him, and maybe I’ll be a better person for being w/ him. Well, none of that has worked out, has it??

    Yep, spoilers say EJ will be taking the high road in all of this. I personally would love to see him take down Daniel, Rafe, and even Jen, but he’s not gonna do it. I think this has to do w/ Sami, and apparently Kristen is gonna teach him that Stefano’s way is not always the way to go to get what you want.

    EJ doesn’t need to sit down and wonder why Sami & Nicole wanted to keep their pregnancies from him. They did it out of jealousy, plain & simple. Sami was ready to tell EJ she was pregnant until she saw him w/ Nicole. Then she went into witness protection & was still planning on telling him, until EJ told her he was moving on w/ Nicole. Then Rafe showed up, and Sami’s priorities changed. She found an ally, and ran w/ it, which resulted in all the turmoil that happened during that period. And Nicole, well, pretty much the same scenario…mad because EJ slept w/ Sami & left him. She found out she was pregnant and plotted against EJ to keep his child from him. EJ begged her to forgive him, and to raise their child together, but that was only if EJ agreed to Nicole’s terms to run off w/ her, leave Salem, and everything & everyone else behind for her. And when he said no, she was done w/ him. She found her allies, and schemed for no good reason, w/ Rafe & Daniel to keep EJ’s child from him. NOW, there’s your reasons for them keeping EJ’s children from him. Also, EJ only approached Nicole a few times in the beginning of pregnancy…since then they have had little contact, and he’s basically left her alone, until she lost the baby. That is NOT EJ always being up in Nicole’s face. And EJ didn’t threaten Nicole or the baby…he threatened that she would not keep his child from him, and rightfully so. Big difference! If Nicole wanted a friend, she had it in EJ, but she ruined it by purposely making an enemy out of him.

  143. From MAB

    There is no difference in Sami running back to EJ, or running back to Lucas or Rafe. Sami just goes where the writers put her, although, it does make her look desperate at times. She should be in a real relationship w/ EJ, that is as long as her family & friends would let her make her own decision to be w/ him w/o condemning her, and making her feel like she’s wrong for doing it. EJami fans are tired of the snippets of their relationship that we have become accustomed to. We want the entire package!

    EJ’s shirt being untucked…really??? I see Brady, Daniel, Rafe, Bo, and many others who walk around all the time w/ their shirts untucked. What is the big deal about EJ’s shirt??? What some will come up w/ just to rank on EJ!

  144. From jolie

    #139 Pat that is the best idea I have seen here. That is exactly what we need. Sami and Lucas could do that and it would seem like the right thing too. When Sami ran off with Elvis when he was running from the law, it didn’t make sense, wasn’t fun or even dramatic…just stupid. Rafe isn’t the type to take off like that but Lucas could fit the bill and he deserves a good story line. Writers, Pat has thrown down the gauntlet here!

    #140 Bobby, you are right about Lucas. If a new woman walked into his life, Sami would be stalking him next week.

    #141 Shani, I hate what they are doing to Nicole. She is one of my favorite characters for her spunkiness. Now she is just plain nasty, a shrew. Yes, she has been dealt a hard blow. The Nicole I like would grieve, dust herself off, plot her next move but to blame someone for an innocent baby’s murder…that is just plain wrong and will have fallout on her. The friends she has cultivated will turn against her. She’ll be like Elvis, walking around with her shirttail hanging out. I don’t understand Marlena’s reaction to Kristen. Ignore her, walk away from her. Maybe even smack her a good one. But to let her goad you and get underneath your skin..not so much.

    And Elvis making threats one minute then not looking for retribution the next. Sort of wishy washy but probably means he is completely engrossed in his next venture to torture Rafe, hide someone’s kids away from them, hold a citizen in the basement, steal some millions, remake Sami into a simpering idiot. Yes, I know, some of these crimes were Fatha’s but our dear Elvis was standing there holding the bag. Now big sister can help him.

    Since John is having all these dreams about Kristen, wonder if he’ll talk in his sleep. Marlena ain’t gonna like that at all. I suggest one of those devices to keep you from snoring because it appears to keep you from talking as well.

    Daniel finding baby clothes in the examining room and figuring out that Nicole had been in there the day of the shoving match between Nic/Jenn. Here is a guy who is so completely clueless as to women, babies, women and babies, how can he determine that one piece of baby clothing matches another? Do they NOT clean the rooms? That should have ended up in the lost and found bin under Maxine’s station. If that is all the evidence they find that Jennifer didn’t push Nicole (or the baby was already dead) then Jennifer needs to update her finances and find some parents for her kids as she’ll be in the pokey a long time. Also finding out the baby was already dead doesn’t prove Jennifer didn’t push her but I guess Daniel takes care of that side of this thing by buying tickets for he and Nicole to surf off to Hawaii. This is so lame but hopefully we’ll see the end to this sl soon.

  145. From MAB

    Spoilers have already said Daniel finds the piece of baby’s clothing in the lost & found. I don’t know what Daniel’s thinking is, but how is finding out the baby was already dead prove that Jen still didn’t push Nicole? I’ll just be glad when Daniel stops this back & forth, makes a decision, and takes his beloved Jen. Then Nicole can eventually move on, and hopefully find true love w/ Brady or Eric. I’m also glad Brady believes Nicole that Jen pushed her. Whether it’s true or not (and I still say Jen was the cause of the fall whether she deliberately pushed her or not), at least Nicole knows Brady saw that side of Jen that Daniel refuses to see. I still say Jen is disturbed, and not just because of the loss of Jack. I’m thinking she is starting to have issues like her mother Laura.

    Spoilers say EJ has made up his mind to win Sami back at all costs. I’m hoping this doesn’t mean another tease for EJami fans, rather the start of a real relationship between them. As for Rafe, I would hope EJ would seek revenge on Rafe for what he did, but looks like he decides against it. It may be his way of showing he can be the better person, or a way for him to form an attack on Rafe. I prefer the latter, but regardless, it’ll be up to the writers to decide, so I’ll wait to see what happens instead of speculating. Oh, and it’s not EJ who hides kids that aren’t his, that’s Rafe’s forte, who has now tried to keep ALL of EJ’s children from him at one time or another. Yep, EJ did hide one child, Sydney, and as wrong as it may have been, at least it was HIS kid and not someone else’s. And he was sorry for it when he realized what he was doing…unlike Rafe who isn’t sorry for what he did, and never is.

    It did make sense for Sami to run off w/ EJ. She didn’t want the father of her 2 children to end up in prison for something he didn’t do. She was protecting him, and showed her feelings for him, whatever they may be. Will even thought it was the right thing to do. They see a side of EJ most don’t, so they get slammed for supporting him in any way. It was romantic, dramatic, and everything in between…everything that a good soap s/l should entail. But how could it not be w/ these 2 dynamic characters & actors. I say more please…more EJ & Sami, or James & Alison!

  146. From Teresa

    I have never like John or Marlena, the characters or the way they are portrayed. They could send them back to Europe and Days would have the money to renew Bo’s contract.

  147. From Shani

    jolie 144 good post.

    If Daniel can prove the baby was already dead, at least Jennifer would not be guilty of murder, at the most assault, but since it would be proven that Nicole told the huge lie about the baby, & she would look soooo bad, I would think Jennifer could be cleared of all charges. Or maybe Nicole wouldn’t even pursue any charges once she was found out. As for the fall, it’s my feeling that Nicole is just as responsible for her own fall as Jennifer is. More so, really, because Nicole was the aggressor toward Jennifer & Jen was trying to get away from her. I’m just glad Nicole never had the chance to carry out her original plan to attack Jennifer with the scalpel she had in her purse.

    I really enjoyed Lucas to Sami today!

  148. From MAB

    Jen didn’t seem to want to get away from Nicole before when she kept confronting her nonstop, and even tried Nicole from leaving the house right before the incident at Horton Square. As soon as Nicole was ready to fire back at her, Jen wanted to get away from her. Jen needs to admit to the part she played in this, when she stuck her nose in where it didn’t belong. She was at fault for several things that transpired, and she can’t claim innocence just because she is a Horton.

  149. From Shani

    Well, there you go, I just read in the spoiler on the new page that Nicole confesses to EJ that Jennifer is not guilty.

  150. From SandyGram

    Episode October 23rd:
    Just finished watching yesterday’s show. Lucas is always so good when pointing out to Sami her worst enemy is herself. Lucas’s remark about Allie telling him Mommy had a hot date with Rafe was interesting also, since I don’t remember seeing the kids at the apartment before or after the date. I suppose the writers need to slip these little tidbits in from time to time so we know the kids still exist. Loved Sami’s dress, wonder what’s done with all the outfits the characters wear, they must have closets of this stuff from throughout the years.

    It’s obvious Marlena is not going to trust Kristen no matter what….but John seems a little more sympathetic to Kristen’s plight of 14 years ago with losing their baby. I was going along with Kristen having tons of therapy and is now a changed woman until she compared her emotional trauma to Jennifer’s. She’s going to be a sneaky one she is!

    Now EJ showing up at Jennifer’s house, this miscreant is the EJ I don’t care for. Granted he is hurt over the loss of his son, but once again instead of letting the law deal with Jennifer he had to demonstrate his DiMeraism with his threats and promises to make her pay for killing his son. But I did like Hope walking into the conversation pushing a little weight of her own around to get him to back off. Then what an arrogant hypocrite when he remarked how throwing their family weight around doesn’t change the fact that his son is dead and he’s going to make Jennifer pay. For me, it seemed more like he was throwing the DiMera weight around more than Jenn and Hope were throwing around the Horton’s. Hope showing Lucas love when Jenn stepped out to call Daniel was also a nice family unity touch, nobody does it better than Kristin Alphonse.

    EJ backing off, I’m not feeling it! This is not a ‘forgetting’ man. As sly as he was in getting the recording proving he was the baby’s father, he will be just as cunning in seeking retribution on those he feels has done him wrong by concealing the baby’s parentage. I did like EJ conceding to Nicole, Daniel and Rafe, he may have played a part in the overall tragedy when he stepped backed and looked at everything. If he had not slept with Samantha it would never have happened. But then to say he’s letting it go and he’s decided not to press legal or ethical charges against any of them….ummmm this to will have to be a wait and see what the writers do.

    Finally, I’ve comment several times over the last couple of weeks about how EJ’s Office seemed dark and small like he was in a closet. And how John’s new Office, although smaller than his past office at Basic Black it’s brighter than EJ’s. Well the set crew must be having EJ and John share the same space and just changing the décor. EJ’s office now has a window and curtains just like John’s. Just an observation!

  151. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    Kristen to Sami Pot meet Kettle so funny. I forgot Sami kidnapped and sold her sister in black market.

    Rafe tellls Gabi he has never lied to Sami before in past Sami expects honesty from him so true.

    Kristen I love her and love how she called out Sami on all the terrible things she has done as well. They are so alike. Kristen was a good girl she just went crazy over John.

    The whole Nicole lie will come to a head I believe on Nov 11th or Nov 12th it happens at Horton house as I said a few months back it will have Jen,Daniel,Rafe,Nicole,EJ,Abby and Brady there. I bet that is when the reveal of Nicole’s lies happen.

    What is the difference with Bradys running around making threats to Dimera? EJ just went and told her she will not get away with murdering his child, he believes she murdered his child.

    Sami is gonna start to wonder about Nicole as well, and what she is hiding.

    EJ has really decided not to press charges on them, minus Jen who he believes murdered his child.

    Rather or not Kristen has him changing his mind is left to be seen, this is supposed to show EJ growing and making decisions calculating others feelings.
    His true intent is not to press charges on them.

    Mab #148 I agree Jen is not exactly innocent but she did not cause the baby to die by pushing Nicole, but why did the baby die? Could Jen and Nicoles fighting all the time have caused it? It is possible, I wonder if a cause will ever be revealed.

    Daniel is either gonna understand why Nicole went crazy or flip his lid when he learns the truth.

    So Abby and Chad huh will this create a triangle when The new Cameron graces the screen?
    Will Abby just say forget both of them and move on or will Mel come abck and throw herself one day into the mix? It was never said she is gone for good.

    Wilson will not be mad long they will have some help to fix their little rough patch

    I am still wondering if Rafe will indeed move on with Hope or someone else. I know he moves on but still wondering to who. I hope it is someone that can allow me to route for him as a character.

    He and Sami have nothing in common really. She has raped,, kidnapped, lied manipulated, schemed, tried to kill, oh gee all the things EJ has done. Perhaps that is why she has been able to forgive him herself. She is just like him except she had no evil fatha molding her and pushing her to do things his way.

    I remember Rafe saying Sami was never gonna be done with EJ so why is he trying to get involved now when he knows this to be true. Perhaps if he himself walks in on a sex scene he may change his mind.. Who knows

    Jolie #144 EJ told Nicole at hospital he had no intentions of going after her Dan and Rafe and he stuck by that. Of course he confronted Rafe with the truth but he never said he was gonna do anything about it. He said they would talk later. He went to talk with them all and said he had no plans same as he told Nicole when he got her confession. I know some people cannot see EJ as doing any good he even told Rafe perhaps you just are not use to that. Some were even so set on blaming him or Stefano for the baby’s death even though it is showing they are not to blame. It is natural I guess because they do bad things sometimes. I see it as EJ has been changing for a while now he is not gonna ever be a do godeer but he has changed so much and now picks his battles and uses less evil ways to get what he wants. This has been happening since around his break away from Stefano. So nothing over night like which would be less believable.
    I just would love to once see a EJ hater say wow look he is changing old EJ would have done this or whatever. Is he still scheming at times he sure is, so is half of Salem.

    Mab #145 Every sight has its way of writing up spoilers and that you have to remember girl. I do like how Matt writes up his here generally. They all put their own spin on it, for example Matt adds comedy to his I am still lmao at his giggle stick comment for example.So EJ wining back Sami at all costs may not be in evil ways at all, it could be alluding to him finally caving in to allow Kristen to help him. I do think retribution on these guys who kept hs child from him is deserved, but I understand EJ’s stand and why writers are doing that as well.

    Lots of fans wonder why EJAMI dont have any scenes yet that are pivotal well the answer for me is if they did I would notlike it I dont wan to see Sami run from oe to next over night it don’t seem right. She was all up EJ’s butt and within seconds turned to Rafe if they did that so fast with EJ it would look like she was undecided and choosing second best. So we will see them together here and there for a few weeks, before any magic happens. When Sami all of a sudden was in love with Rafe again I thought yea right you were just playing tonsil hockey with EJ and ready to move on, but writers have ben sure to show why she chose Rafe over EJ not because of love but the whole dark and light and family and honesty thing. When they ended the blackmail so quick I also knew as well. I have known for a while thanks to great sources out there but as a viewer I knew by watching these moments Safe was temporary. Sami struggles with loving EJ, I hope it is time she decides he is the one for her. I know for a fact Sami and Rafe will not be reuniting any time soon. The actors themselves said that.

    I hope they continue with EJ’s growth and I hope he still remains a bad boy at times, just not evil.

    Great posts Mab

    Sandy great posts about the office as well.

  152. From SandyGram

    Episode October 24th:
    Kristen has sure been a very busy body since arriving in Salem. I supposed the next thing she will drop on EJ is the business about the embezzlement of Basic Black’s retirement fund. Maybe finally Kristen will lead EJ to where Stefano has the funds hidden and then get on John’s good side by returning the funds to Basic Black. It will be intriguing to see if EJ keeps his hands clean and lets Kristen do all the dirty work in manipulating Sami back into EJ’s arms. Or will EJ be captivated by Kristen’s charms also as she brings him back in to the DiMera fold.

    Sami and Rafe’s small scene today seemed like a filler just to keep their story alive while Kristen consumes most of the 38 minutes of the show. I would imagine Kristen will get more air time for now until the fans are reacquainted with the character. She is definitely a piece of work!

    I liked seeing Chad and Abby together (although I miss Mel), until Gabi showed up that is. I think Chad and Abby have a lot in common. .

    The count down for Bo and Caroline leaving for California has begun. The scene’s today were so realistic when Bo and Hope we’re talking to her about needing help at the Pub. I loved how Hope tried to reassure her nobody was trying to take her out of the Pub, that she was needed there not only because it’s her business but because the customers needed her. And, darn those tears, they just had to fall a little when Caroline was shown with a male customer, laughing and talking. Heck I’ll go work at the Pub and help out. But as anticipated it will be Hope that steps up to handle the Pub while Caroline is gone for her treatment. Wonder what that will do to Hope and Rafe pairing as Detective Partners? It will be interesting to see if Auntie Hope takes on Caroline’s babysitting duties also, after all for all we know Joey is still upstairs.

    The best lines for today came during Kristen and Sami conversation:

    - Sami – Really. Probably the crazy and psychotic part anyway. I don’t understand how you have the nerve to show you face in this town after the hell you rained down on my mother and everyone else in Salem.

    - Kristen – Well hello pot, it’s me, kettle.

    PS: For Me, Daniel has joined the ‘manipulating Nicole’ club. He will go away with her, if she rethinks her fall and says Jennifer did not push her, that it was an accident. Which is true and Nicole knows it, but still for him to put it to her that way, he’s just using her. And that’s after he says to Nicole “would you still go away with me knowing I have feelings for another woman?”

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