Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For October 29 – November 2.

Leaving town.

Rafe learns of Caroline’s condition and pays her a visit. She tells him that when she returns, she hopes that he’ll be back with Sami again. He tracks Sami down to offer his support over her grandmother. She’s touched and, though she keeps her distance, they admit they still love each other. EJ conveniently interrupts the tender moment, which leads to Rafe and Sami fighting. Meanwhile, Victor commends Bo for stepping up to take care of his mother. John and Marlena chime in to offer their support. Family and friends gather around to bid farewell to Bo and his Ma. Hope gives him a disc of family pictures and a disc of dirt on Stefano. Everyone is sad as they go. Kayla mopes so Abe lets her lean on him.

Kristen offers to help her little brother get Sami back. EJ’s willing to take the offer. She’s already busy playing head games with Sami’s mom. Marlena is starting to get paranoid and orders Sami to quit working with Kristen. Sami misinterprets this as a personal criticism and has a fit. Meanwhile, Brady barges into Kristen’s room and trashes her. She slaps him and gives him the boot. He runs to his dad and tells him he can’t see what he saw in a lady like that. Meanwhile, Kristen takes a call from her father and then goes to see Kate with a special message.

Will and Sonny start getting intimate, but they’re interrupted by Lucas pounding on the door. He tells his son that Caroline is leaving. Will’s shocked and runs off to see her. Lucas isn’t subtle about showing Sonny he doesn’t approve of him trying to get acquainted with his son’s nether regions. Sonny doesn’t care. They have words. Later, Billie finds Will and tells him his dad doesn’t want him seeing the Kiriakis anymore. Will’s furious and finds his father so he can tear into him. Lucas suggests that Sonny is just a user and urges his son to question him about all the other men he’s been with. For some reason, Will follows his father’s advice, which hurts Sonny’s feelings and he puts the breaks on their relationship. Elsewhere, Gabi notices that Nick is uncomfortable with Will and Sonny. He explains why. She’s cool with that so they make out. This leads to him putting a candle in the pumpkin.

Although she’s agreed to Daniel’s deal to drop charges against Jenn so they can leave for Hawaii, Nicole worries that he may find out the truth before they can go. Jenn isn’t making it any easier. She learns about the doctor’s plans and begs him not to sacrifice himself for her. After a big blow up, he blurts out that he loves her. She thinks that’s a good reason for him to stay. He disagrees so she runs to his mom to get her to talk to him. Maggie tries but her gift for the gab fails this time. Jenn tries once more to talk the doctor around, but the conversation gets ugly. Meanwhile, Nic packs to go and stops to fantasize about life with Dr. Dan. The thoughts of sex and surfing are interrupted when Elvis rears his head. He accuses her of letting the woman who killed their baby go free. She admits Jenn wasn’t guilty. That confuses and angers him even more. He becomes threatening and stomps off. The doctor arrives and Nic tells him they need to leave immediately. He heads to the hospital to pack up and she calls on Sami to keep EJ distracted so they can escape. At the hospital, Daniel says his goodbyes to Victor and suddenly finds part of one of the baby outfits Nicole left behind. He realizes something is up.

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  1. From dc

    i may be totally wrong but i think eventually stefano and kate will reunite.. they seemed to be good together before their break-up..
    and i think daniel is gonna find out the “real” truth about nicole and how she has been deceiving him. shame on her.. just wonder where they will go with nicole’s character after the smoke clears..

  2. From SandyGram

    It would be nice if Stefano and Katie reunited, but he’s such a stickler when it comes to loyalty. I don’t think he’d want her back at Countess Welhelmina if Kristen is the new CEO. Which ever way it works out Sami is up to her ears in DiMera’s.

    So it’s going to be sex, or I should say Sonny past partners, is the reason for Will and Sonny’s first argument. Then Billie telling Will that Lucas doesn’t want him seeing Sonny, she is sure getting her 3 minutes of fame with each character now a days. I’m glad to see Nick’s issue with Will being gay is coming out, but to celebrate he takes a lap around the play ground with Gabi. What’s the hurry?

    It looks like TPTB are stringing out Nicole’s truth about the baby’s death to the inth degree. Waiting for the truth to come out is like like listening to chalk being dragged across a black board.

  3. From Sue

    Nichole’s defense will be that she was in shock and denial. Even if she’s lying, who wouldn’t be messed up? Look at the way she found out, and then she was just left alone to suffer. Any wanna be mom would be crushed. Even though Nicole has been through it before, she wasn’t three weeks from her delivery date. I think that type of loss would make me nuts.

  4. From Stacey

    #3 Sue… I think you’re right about her having the ability to say she went bonkers – that makes sense. But I don’t like it one bit – the writers should never have gotten Nichole prego, and certainly not made it yet another miscarriage. I hope Daniel Finds out soon – looks like maybe week after next? When’s Nic’s doc return from Vacation?

    So…I may have missed something – Hope is a-ok with Bo being gone forever and their marriage is solid? Or…will she be dipping in some Brady soon? She’s not related right? I always thought maybe Hope and Brady could get together – or they need to introduce another character I suppose.

    Jealousy and craziness doesn’t fit marlena’s character – she’s too strong for that.

  5. From rose castillo


  6. From bobby

    What is going on with these catch phrases? Sonny staying away from Will’s nether region. Nick lighting Gabby’s candle and Hope dipping into some Brady. I’m not one for violence, and if it wasn’t a soap opera-I don’t know who I would like to slap more. Nichole or E.J. They are the perfect meaning of the word assume. And E.J. running around for revenge. But, it was ok that his Rafe clone shoved Nichole’s mother down the mansion steps (how many stair falls have we had ?) and she died. Gee, he was sorry-wasn’t that enough?

  7. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from Days of Our Lives Comings and Goings:

    Nicole’s ob-gyns return on November 5, as Daniel starts closing in on the truth about her baby’s death. Dawnn Lewis reprises the role of Dr. Knapp, while Lise Simms is back as Dr. Sedwick.

    Well darn so the temporary Doctor is not part of Stefano’s arsenal. I guess my hopes that the baby is not dead is shattered with the return of the good doctor that told Nicole her baby was dead.

  8. From bobby

    #7 sandygram-that’s what Bo and Billy thought too.
    Then lo and behold-Chelsea.

  9. From Shani

    SandyGram 7 I would also think like somebody else may have said that there would be overhead cameras at the town square that would show how Nicole’s fall happened & prove Jennifer did not push her. Would have thought Justin would have looked into those by now. But it sounds like Nicole’s lie will be unraveling anyway.


    “Victor tries to pursuade Nicole to leave Daniel alone.

    Maggie is supportive of Jennifer.

    EJ seeks Kristen’s advice about Daniel & Nicole’s betrayal.

    Sami finds out about Gabi & Nick’s relationship.

    Abigail & Cameron discuss their relationship.

    Daniel learns shocking news about Nicole.

    Brady apologizes to Jennifer.”

  10. From Shani

    Got my spoilers in #9 from The Crystal Ball, Salem Spectator.

  11. From jolie

    #2 Sandygram, you have a wonderful way with words…lap around the playground…hilarious. I agree about the Nicole baby death story, let it end. It has become so much about deceit and lying that the poor baby is lost in the shuffle.

    #6 Bobby, don’t you love the catch phrases? Whoever is writing these spoilers, and I suspect Matt, has a broad sense of humor and uses it with aplomb. And Nicole is hormonal from having a pregnancy so she has some semblance of an excuse. Go ahead and slap Elvis sillier than he already looks with his running around town, making threats and chasing Sami’s tail.

    #7 Sandygram, we’ll have to give Tee some credit here as she told us time and again, the baby died. Of course there are rewrites, new writers, more rewrites, so we are just scratching the tip of this iceberg.

    Billie seems to be waving a poison wand around town before she leaves. I like Billie but they brought her back and didn’t use her so leave and quickly. Quit swanning in and out of scenes and laying bad eggs for someone else to contend with.

    Patty, you called it time and again. Sami loves Rafe, wants to be with Rafe, wants her life back with Rafe. I know the Ejamis are hovering over for the love story of this century, no not George Clooney and whats her name but our own Elvis and Sami. I think Elvis will play some dirty tricks with the help of his big sis and convince Sami that he is the answer. The problem with that is that he is also the question. She’ll end up back in the Dimera mansion and have to shoot Elvis in the head again before she gets to leave next time.

    Kristen seems a bit out there. I wish this would turn out to be Susan. I think that would be a perfect change up. Let Susan turn the tables on Stefano. I do hope Stefano forgives Kate and they get back together. She is looking good these days in that weird fashion way of hers.

    Marlena is too over the top in her interactions with Kristen. And if John truly thinks Kristen belongs in jail and is such a baddie, why was he having goodie dreams about her?? And poor Brady is out of his league here. Let the adults deal with this drama and go find a woman or run a conglomerate or both.

    Hope prepares 2 CDs for Bo. He will be with Caroline and there won’t be much time to be scouting for Dimera clues, especially few at a medical facility unless Dr Rolf is working there which would be brilliant because he knows more about the inner workings of the mind than anyone on television.

    Will will rue the day he asks about Sonny’s past relationships, especially if Sonny wants to know all about he and Gabs and even more if she turns up with the next baby bump. And where does Lucas get that Sonny is the user?? Sonny is going to school and running a business. Is Will working now? Wasn’t Will the ultimate user when he was blackmailing Elvis for a car and apartment? Lucas, shake that lovely head of hair and clear that noggin. Get a woman and go run a conglomerate or something.

    I still don’t get Kate telling John that Nick was going to work for Sami and it would reflect on Marlena. Yes, she wants Nick for herself so make him an offer that he would not likely refuse…a lab with all kinds of neat stuff, a nice healthy budget for research, a nice salary. He’ll be in heaven and no need for subterfuge.

    Oh my dear morning glory! A third week of the Nicole/Jennifer/Daniel drama. At this point, the poor baby is likely buried so it is difficult to care what is happening with these three. Daniel telling Nicole that he wants to be more than friends…he is just a jerk. She is still in a most vulnerable state of mind. Yes, she is a liar of the highest magnitude but she just lost another baby and she has no one. Daniel is dangling the carrot, not that carrot but the proverbial carrot, in her face. So if Nicole is all pissed and dangerous now, what will she be once she really has nothing and has to start over? I guess this is where Eric drops in.

  12. From MAB

    Tuesday’s show:

    I had to check to see if the show hadn’t changed it’s name from Days of Our Lives to The Stomach Turns. All the whining from Daniel, Rafe & Jen…paleeze! From Daniel & Rafe continuing to make excuses for their lies for Nicole, and in the same breath calling EJ a liar (among other nasty things), to them trying to act tough & preventing EJ from entering Nicole’s room. Really? Who died and make them God???????? They’re lucky they’re not in jail for what they did, and I for one wish they were. Also, more whining from Jen, and her continued claims of complete innocence. How sad can these characters be??? I’ll be SO glad when this s/l is over, and these characters can start new s/l’s, because they are all annoying right now.

    EJ, on the other hand, delivered as usual, from his warnings to Jen, to him showing his vulnerability to the people who tried to keep his child from him. Unlike the rest of them who refuse to apologize for anything they’ve done, or admit their part in this disaster that ultimately caused the loss of an unborn child, EJ manned up & acknowledged that his tryst w/ Sami played a factor in what happened, and ended w/ saying he wouldn’t press charges against them. It took a lot of guts for him to do that, and I applaud him for being able to stand there in front of those crack-pots and humble himself the way he did. But it still remains to be seen what his plans really are. He could continue to take the high road & move on from this, or he could attack when they least expect it. Whatever he does tho will be justifiable.

    I laughed so hard when Marlena had to button that lip of hers when she realized that her claims of Kristen stealing her phone & keys were proven wrong. Looks like the respected psychiatrist Dr. Marlena Evans is gonna be doing a lot of overacting and making herself look crazy, while Kristen will look like the level-headed one. Who woulda thunk it? Ha!

    I am finding Lucas just annoying when he’s around Sami. Writers, give him a s/l of his own please! Lucas sure didn’t get why Sami was angry w/ Rafe. Here we go again w/ someone making Sami second guess herself. She was so on target when she told Rafe off, and told them they were done, then here comes Lucas making her out to be the bad guy here. Big deal, Sami is not perfect, and I don’t think she expects anyone to be, but she certainly expected more from Rafe who promised her the lies were over, yada yada, and didn’t deliver. Lucas said Sami has put Rafe up on a pedestal of perfection, but I disagree. It’s Rafe who put himself on that pedestal. And no wonder when he goes around acting all high & mighty, who can never admit when he’s wrong, and makes excuses when he is.

  13. From Shani

    jolie 11 I caught what you wrote about Kate’s weird fashing way. I agree she has been looking good. & I want that dress & jacket she’s been wearing the last couple of days!

  14. From SHERRY

    Mab, I agree! I cannot stand Lucas in the same room as Sami. He’s just plain annoying! With Chloe coming back I’m hoping he will get out of Sami’s orbit.

    As for Sami/Rafe/EJ…I’m really torn. One part of me really wants to see an EJami love story, but another part of me wants to see Sami and Rafe have another go at it.

    EJ really needs to woo Sami without manipulation in order to find out if there is something truly there between them. That said, their on screen chemistry I’d undeniable!! They are amazing together.

    Rafe, needs to grovel! Get on his hands and knees and beg Sami to take him back! I’m tired of seeing Sami as the bad girl always begging for forgiveness! I would love to see Sami have someone begging her to take them back instead of her always doing the begging! she’s done we’ll with this honesty thing, I would like to see more of it! And, her relationship with Will has been really great lately, I hope that also continues!

  15. From jolie

    #13 Shani, don’t you think Kate is a bit less gothic and more modern and feminine? She looked great in the outfit you are writing about. She is still a beautiful woman. John is looking better but it might be that he finally out out of his jammies and put on a suit!

  16. From Lisa/St. Louis

    #7 SandyGram…I was hoping the exact same thing. That Stefano grabbed the baby to get into EJ’s good graces again. The sl was all so DiMera like. Hospital computers were down, a doctor Nicole had never seen before, and didn’t the doctor say she was catching a flight that night for doctors without borders or something? She is back awfully quickly.

  17. From janet

    Here’s what I want: John, Marlena, Billie,Daniel,Jennifer, Rafe–GONE. Bring back: Eric, Chloe,Susan, Melanie,Philip,and Vivian. I want Nicole to stay and Sami back with Lucas. And for goodness sake, get women for E.J. and Roman!

  18. From Tracey

    A candle in the pumpkin…hysterical!!!

  19. From Shani

    jolie 14, John is definitely looking better – hotter?! – out of his jammies. LOL! He & Marlena haven’t had any strawberries & cream lately & I don’t think they will be anytime soon with Kristen in town.

    I didn’t like Kristen today. A trouble maker for sure is what I thought, on all fronts! I was sorry Gabi interrupted Rafe & Sami since Sami was willing to listen to him. The scenes with Abigail & Chad were nice to see but I do miss him with Melanie.

  20. From mocha

    I’m sorry but I think Sami has a lot of nerve going off on Rafe, she was ok with him lying to keep her baby from EJut him was his loyalty when he gave his word?. Wasn’t one of the things she “loved” abo. and he probably was right keeping the secret from her knowing her penchant for sharing things with EJ plus it wasn’t only his secret she knew deep down that it wasn’t anyway. You would think she would be relieved that the baby wasn’t Rafe’s Is anyone else tired of the back and forth between Sami and her men. Please no more switched test been there done that too many times. Salem Hospital has to have the worst security in the world. Sami’s name should be changed to Flip she can turn love on and off so fast makes your head spin. Still can’t see how Daniel and Rafe could get so involved in Nicole’s mess and Dan is only now realizing he could lose his license, really, just saying. Please don’t slap another silly hat on Kristen to make her mysterious lmao each time I saw her.

  21. From Cougar

    Has Kate finally lost that hideous blue streak in her hair. She is so great looking that that she didn’t need that to make her look younger or whatever she was trying to accomplish with it.

    Love seeing Marlene go off the deep end once; she is always so poised. Someone posted that it is not in her character make up, she’s too strong. I have to say that on a certain level I agree but it’s just such a guilty pleasure to see her become paranoid and unhinged. It shows that she is not perfect all the time. It puts her down ona more human level rather that acting like a machine that never breaks down.

    Enjoyed the Caroline alzheimer
    sl today. Acting was spot on to how most people respond to concerned relatives trying to intercede and help. They usually resist intervention and deny that they need any help. Of course as this is a soap, she decided to go along and accept assistance in record time but still fairly right on.

  22. From patty

    I’m not sure who is more pathetic, Nicole or EJ. Both willing to be with someone who loves someone else. Nicole using her baby’s death to trap her man and EJ using his sister’s lies and manipulations to “win” Sami. Is this suppose to be the foundation on which the great EJami love story is based on?
    Shani, according to spoilers Rafe and Sami each declare their love for one another but this time get interrupted by EJ. So no matter if or how Sami ends up with EJ, we know it won’t be because she loves him. It’s because she’s a flake.
    Kristen is a true Demira snake in the grass obviously. She is playing her cards right and has her own agenda. I love however that she calls Sami on her crap and makes her look like an idiot. It should be interesting to see how Sami answers to her new boss and hopefully gets to have the wool pulled over her eyes.
    Looks like Caroline and Bo will soon be saying their goodbyes. Will miss Bo. :(

  23. From gerri

    reading the blogs,so many funny remarks about some of the S/L’s and characters.
    I can’t stand DR.Feel good any longer,and please writers don’t pair him with Jenn,he has bedded I think every patient,he has had.
    I’m a Sami/Rafe fan,she was just happier,when they were together,writers give them another go at it.
    and as another blogger said,find EJ,another woman,that he can have without pulling some of his dirty deeds and blackmail.I might even like him,in that role.

    I had hope Nicole was changing,but she definitely wasn’t,I think the writers think we should believe,that if you have a tragic event,you should be allowed to do whatever to whomever,you wish,and It’s all ok…oh well not in my book.

    I hate to see BO and Caroline leave (hopefully for only a short while)because I know the writers,will bring in a love interest,for Hope and cause trouble,in her marriage to BO(if and when he returns)
    you know we get many repeated S/L’s,just written a little different.

    If Lucas Is going to be in Salem,for awhile find him a love interest…..

  24. From Sarah

    Sami and EJ belong together; that is certain. They’re the same person, basically. Soulmates! Their schemes will always get in the way, though. Honestly, this is a soap opera, things never go right. Sami should just accept being a bad girl and they can be the new DiMera team and have fun being the Salem villians they really are. A bad couple duo would be awesome. Sami and EJ is it.

  25. From bobby

    Ho Humm. I know everyday can’t be Action packed, but I fell asleep during todays show. Why does Sami and Nichole think there are only 2 men in Salem? Why do they both think E.J. is the “catch of the day”? And was anyone really surprised Sami ran the business into the ground? She never goes to work, and when she’s typing away on her laptop she’s always interupted. By a man, (like #4 Staci said)waiting to be dipping into her.

  26. From SandyGram

    Something did catch my eye in today’s show. This Howard Dawson who runs into Chad at the Pub and has done some consulting work for EJ. He asks Chad to tell him he was sorry for his loss. This was obviously the first Chad knew that the baby was EJ’s. But my question is how did he know Nicole had a miscarriage? It’s not like it has been published in the Salem Newspaper. And, although he said miscarriage, the baby was still born. I don’t know he raises the hair on the back of my neck and heightens my curiosity antenna.

  27. From Leah

    Damned if they do and damned if they don’t…. I have a little chuckle to myself sometimes. How come when Ejami fans talk about EJ or Sami or Ejami we get told “This is not the Ejami show, they are not the only 2 characters on the show, talk about another storyline or character etc etc. YET other fan bases do exactly the same for their beloved characters and can’t seem to go a post without running down EJ or Ejami? Last week for example I bought up other points of interest to discuss about the show and nothing… the same old same old. Still harping on about EJ vs Rafe, Safe vs Ejami! So I suppose I’m saying… some of you need to take your own advice.
    As for the Caroline storyline I think it is too rushed. Not that long ago she was taking Johnnie and Sydney for icecream. She was fine… now all of a sudden she is in a daze. I don’t mind the storyline but just wish a foundation had been better laid first. Gradual clues leading up to it. Be interesting to see how Days handles this storyline.

  28. From Stefanie

    Are we heading toward a Kayla and Abe pairing?

  29. From SandyGram

    Reposted here since the Spoilers for Oct 22 – 26 no longer show where I originally posted it:

    Episode October 24th:
    Kristen has sure been a very busy body since arriving in Salem. I supposed the next thing she will drop on EJ is the business about the embezzlement of Basic Black’s retirement fund. Maybe finally Kristen will lead EJ to where Stefano has the funds hidden and then get on John’s good side by returning the funds to Basic Black. It will be intriguing to see if EJ keeps his hands clean and lets Kristen do all the dirty work in manipulating Sami back into EJ’s arms. Or will EJ be captivated by Kristen’s charms also as she brings him back in to the DiMera fold.

    Sami and Rafe’s small scene today seemed like a filler just to keep their story alive while Kristen consumes most of the 38 minutes of the show. I would imagine Kristen will get more air time for now until the fans are reacquainted with the character. She is definitely a piece of work!

    I liked seeing Chad and Abby together (although I miss Mel), until Gabi showed up that is. I think Chad and Abby have a lot in common. .

    The count down for Bo and Caroline leaving for California has begun. The scene’s today were so realistic when Bo and Hope we’re talking to her about needing help at the Pub. I loved how Hope tried to reassure her nobody was trying to take her out of the Pub, that she was needed there not only because it’s her business but because the customers needed her. And, darn those tears, they just had to fall a little when Caroline was shown with a male customer, laughing and talking. Heck I’ll go work at the Pub and help out. But as anticipated it will be Hope that steps up to handle the Pub while Caroline is gone for her treatment. Wonder what that will do to Hope and Rafe pairing as Detective Partners? It will be interesting to see if Auntie Hope takes on Caroline’s babysitting duties also, after all for all we know Joey is still upstairs.

    The best lines for today came during Kristen and Sami conversation:

    - Sami – Really. Probably the crazy and psychotic part anyway. I don’t understand how you have the nerve to show you face in this town after the hell you rained down on my mother and everyone else in Salem.

    - Kristen – Well hello pot, it’s me, kettle.

    PS: For Me, Daniel has joined the ‘manipulating Nicole’ club. He will go away with her, if she rethinks her fall and says Jennifer did not push her, that it was an accident. Which is true and Nicole knows it, but still for him to put it to her that way, he’s just using her. And that’s after he says to Nicole “would you still go away with me knowing I have feelings for another woman?”

  30. From patty

    Good post SandyGram! I agree that Kristen will most likely use the information about the embezzlement to her advantage. I’m hoping she holds it over EJ’s head . He will take advantage of her matchmaking for a while but I don’t see them becoming close knit family anytime soon. This fake front of hers is all an act and Eileen is doing a great job portraying that. I’m hoping John doesn’t buy into it but I’m anxious to see what her plans are for the good and the bad people of Salem.
    I don’t believe that great actress was hired just to be the manipulator for an EJami romance.
    The baby story can’t end soon enough. As much as I feel bad for Nicole, I still can’t believe Nicole is using her dead baby like that. For what, for Dr. Tan who loves another , or should I say others.
    Caroline and Bo leaving will be sad but at least we know Caroline will be back. Will miss Bope. :(

  31. From bobby

    #27sandygram Not sure I like Abbey and Chad together. He, like the rest of the Dimera clan, has revenge on the front burner. He keeps fighting his family, and maybe Abbey can keep him centered, but until I see if he’s going to the dark side-Abbey has enough going on, she doesn’t need to get caught up in a double re-bound. Her’s and Chad’s. There was a reason it didn’t work before, and now that they are both recovering from breakups, it will have to go slow. Ha,Ha! Like that ever happens.

  32. From jolie

    #21 Cougar, that might have been me stating that Marlena was stronger than now being portrayed but I think I agree with you. Nice to see her slip a bit. Make her stretch. I love that everyone’s first reaction is to call 911! Kristen is a meanie in a bouffant hair do…and being from the South, I am digging the hair. And the Caroline saga, how truly sad is this. I believe this is the most believable and touching story this show as done in a long, long time. I thought Hope was at her best in the scenes yesterday as well with Bo’s mom.

    #22 Patty, I am a long time Nicole fan..I guess I just feel bad about her past and think she’ll overcome it, or something…but you are right. This is pathetic on her part and the same for Elvis. And I am throwing Daniel under that bus as well. He’ll pimp himself out to save Jennifer who he thinks he loves but thinks she doesn’t return his love. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Oh sorry, almost dozed off on that one. One thing for sure, Sami is selling herself short if she doesn’t do a head and heart check on herself. She knows Kristen, she knows Elvis, she has seen history repeat itself and knows that these leopards do not change their spots. Kristen is up to no good and while letting Stefano think he is in control, Kristen is indeed her own woman. The craziness will show again and that nice hair do will be flying around her head when she rides her broom across the Salem sky. Elvis can lay low, hide in his lambie pie clothing but a wolf is a wolf. He is stalking Sami and she doesn’t even know it.

    #25 Sandygram, I thought the scene with Howard Dawson was suspect as well. Just still seems that something is afoot. So Howard says he is doing some work for Elvis. Reckon he is doing even more for Fatha? And who is feeding Kristen all her tidbits of news on Salem. She knows anything and everything.

    #27 Sandygram, do you think Stefano is giving Kristen the go ahead to use the funds as a way to insulate herself into Salem to use her for some other nefarious purpose? I just hope Stefano still has Kate in his heart and doesn’t go off on a Marlena romp again. Not sure any of us are ready for that once more. If Kristen and Elvis were to turn the funds back over to Basic Black, that would indeed knock a home run for Elvis the Kinder Gentler and Kristen the Not as Loony as I Used to be. Just not sure where it would leave Stefano as there would have to be some kind of trail back to him and the funds??
    Abby and Chad were sweet together today. Are we to see more of them? Both could really use a FRIEND and not necessarily does either need a love interest right now. I loved the color of the sweater Chad had on but that shawl collar, not loving that on a young guy but it might be the next big thing so won’t say I hate it…might grow on me. Chad still seems like a lost little boy. Kate needs to take a bit more of a REAL and motherly interest in him. Well, not that kind where she bakes brownies for his girlfriend but is just there to check on him now and then.

    I too racked my brain for who would be coming in to keep check on Caroline and the pub…would it be Eric? Hope is still with the Salem PoPo so Roman needs her there. I always wanted Sami to go work there with her grandmother so she could spend some time with her kids but now she is in the corporate world running CW into the ground so she doesn’t have time. Wonder if she is spending CW money on all her tight date dresses?

  33. From Shani

    Ever notice that Ali actually looks slimmer in outfits that aren’t so tight? Tiny Madison could get away with those skin-tight numbers, & Hope would be able to also except it’s not her style, but Sami is a full figure woman. I have loved Hope & Jennifer in jeans the past couple of days.

  34. From MAB

    Good show Wednesday!

    Kristen hasn’t been on the show but a few days, and is already making an impact! I enjoyed her talk w/ EJ, and then scampering over to Sami’s to tell her she’s her boss.

    Rafe trying to manipulate Sami, but still has yet to apologize for anything. Nothing new there, as he still thinks he was right, and still thinks he’s done nothing wrong. Typical.

    Why do some want everything so clean on this show? This is a soap opera where drama reigns! I think it’s great if Chad & Abby get back together. I always thought they would’ve been a great couple, and I think it can still happen. They will be more interesting that he was w/ Melanie.

    Poor Caroline, it’s so sad to see what’s happening to her, but it’s great seeing her family rally around her and trying to take care of her. I also think this is happening too fast tho. I mean she just stood there and told them how important the pub was to her, and now she’s gonna be carted off the CA? Oh well, all I know is Bo leaving is WAY too much for me. I hate he’s going, and he is gonna be sorely missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Most EJ & Sami fans have never denied that Sami loves Rafe, just another difference in EJami & Safe fans, who I might add go to great lengths to deny Sami loves EJ. She can love 2 men (she has admitted to that), just like many other characters have done over the years, notably her own mother. I think she loves them in different ways for different reasons. I still say her relationship w/ Rafe is more about how she is perceived in her family’s eyes…that if she chooses to be w/ Rafe, she’ll have her family’s acceptance. She knows picking EJ would be hard, because everyone will try to condemn her for it, as they already have done. I say Sami can move on from Rafe, and have a great love w/ EJ. But regardless of the any fan’s opinion of who she really loves, it’s really a moot point, when ultimately the writers will decide who her true love is, and who she is paired w/ in the end.

    I don’t recall where it’s been stated that Kristen’s return is all about EJami. I sure don’t think that at all. Kristen has many ties to Salem, and being a DiMera, I’m sure she’ll not only have her own s/l, but have her hand dipped into everyone else’s too.

    Why is it a surprise Howard said he has worked for Elvis? It wasn’t all that long ago they were working together, we saw it. Also, it’s been shown Kristen has gotten a lot of her info from the internet, not uncommon in this day & age, not to mention Stefano gave her the 411 before she returned. And we all know Stefano knows just about everything there is to know about the goings-on in Salem.

    According to Lauren Koslow (Kate), she has hinted in interviews that she & Stefano will eventually get back together. When or how that happens, who knows, but I for one think it will.

    IMO, full figure means a women who carries around extra pounds. I for one certainly wouldn’t call Alison a full figure woman! She has fought hard from her days as a youngster being plump, to where she is now. She eats right, exercises, and has slimmed down to a fantastic weight! She has a real figure, she looks healthy, unlike a bag of bones such as Madison. Alison’s appearance is way more appealing than anyone who walks around looking like they don’t eat enough. I applaud Alison for how hard she works to keep herself in shape, while not slimming down to an unhealthy weight.

    #21 Cougar – yes it looks like Kate had ditched the blue streak in her hair. She explained in an interview why she donned it, it was a personal choice and the show was ok w/ it, so she ran w/ it. I’m glad she has gotten rid of it now tho, she needed the change, and I think her hair looked awesome the other day.

    #27 Leah – ditto!

  35. From jolie

    Shani, your observation is spot on. Ali is very muscular now so those tight dresses look a bit stressed but not in a really bad way but probably not what she would wear in her real life at all. I did love the black and white dress with sweater she wore this week. It was lovely.

    And Jennifer did look so very good in her sweater and jeans as did Hope.

    I liked the comment from a poster above who mentioned Kristen’s hat. I think it must have been to raise the mystery bar on her arrival. What better than a gal in a black hat to cause a stir? And now she has that fluffy big hair that makes her more approachable and less threatening. She is still a nutjob with the hat or the fluffy hair so Salemites be ware.

  36. From SandyGram

    TV Guide Article, Video Exclusive Will and Sonny Finally Have Sex, dated October 25, 2012:

    Great article on Will and Sonny coming together physically plus a 51 second Video of the two together. It appears the first first encounter was supposed to be October 29th, but it is interrupted by Lucas. Then November 14th is the actual day of their romantic encounter.

    Excerpt from the article, quote:
    Sonny: The sex scene itself caused no worries. “Chandler and I were much more nervous about our first kissing scene,” Smith recalls. “Our hearts were really pounding during that one but it worked out great because our characters’ hearts were pounding, too. Since then Will and Sonny have done enough flirting and kissing and cuddling that, as actors, we weren’t nervous about finally getting to the sex. The way we shot it is very real and passionate but tasteful. Chandler and I are comfortable with each other and it shows. We have good chemistry. We trust each other.”

    Personally I’m much like Lucas, but unlike Lucas I have become comfortable with Will and Sonny and enjoyed their acting skills in bring this controversial topic to Days. Two great young actors.

    Just search on TV Guide Magazine to see the entire article.

  37. From Shani

    jolie 35 yes, about Ali, that’s what I was seeing. No disrespect to Ali at all, just that I think outfits that skim her figure rather than hug it are more flattering on her. For me, “full figure” refers more to the bust line, as in full figure bra, & Ali certainly has that, plus the muscular look she has now like you mentioned.

    SandyGram I’m ok with the Gay storyline so far but I was tentative with Will & Sonny the other day when they did their few minutes of prank on Kate & all their talk beforehand.

  38. From jolie

    #36 Sandygram,I am much like Lucas as well but I commend DOOL for a story that has been slowly (a good thing for once) and tastefully written. Glad the actors can agree with the way it is written. I like both actors and think they are doing a superb job with a delicate subject.

    Now, if we could get past some of the other storylines and move them a bit faster….

  39. From MAB

    I agree that I like both Will & Sonny, for the most part, and think that both Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith are great actors, but I’m not looking forward to their sex scene at all. It’s not something I care to watch, and will likely be using my FF for the first time while watching a Days episode.

  40. From Richard

    For once, I agree with some people who really show little interest in a gay story line. To each, his/her own, it’s just not my cup of tea.
    It’s interesting to hear all the Dimeras talking about all the other people evading prosecution for breaking the law.
    Heard Kristen say the other day that Rafe has been a thorn in the Dimera’s side for a long,long time. To me that tends to indicate that Rafe may have had dealings with them long before he came to Salem.

  41. From Shani

    Hope has such a wonderful way with Caroline & it showed again today. So touching between Bo & Caroline when she brought him a beer instead of the calorie-packed pie he really wanted. This whole issue with her points up that sometimes in life the child has to become the parent & the parent child-like.

    Happily for me, Kristen’s plan to put EJ & Sami together didn’t amount to much. But Kristen isn’t done yet! I don’t like Dr. Dan’s bribe to get Nicole to drop charges against Jennifer but I did agree with what he told her today about revenge would still leave her hollow. & if Nicole felt better & lighter today after telling the truth, then she should feel terrific & like a featherweight when the whole truth about the baby comes out! But she won’t because she will be EXPOSED for the lie she has told about her prescious baby.

    Sweet between Jennifer & Abigail. Chad, watch out for Kristen! Ann from the hospital really has a chip on her shoulder toward Jennifer & has from the beginning. Wonder if that will turn into a storyline?

  42. From Kat

    Go to DOOL Daily Video Promo and watch
    Roxanna with James Scott in beautiful video. He is dressed and undressed and it is worth watching, I think…

  43. From Lacey

    If anyone has ears they could hear that Rafe apologized again and again to Sami today. He was so loving and kind with her. No manipulation. Come on. Give Rafe a break. I am so tired of a certain person just attacking everything he does. It sure gets old. Get real. We all know you love the evil EJ. That’s fine. Myself I despise characters like that. But no need to attack a good character to try to elevate that low life EJ. That’s all.

  44. From SandyGram

    Episode October 25th:
    Anne coming to Jennifer’s home was interesting, so glad to see Kyla arrive and set her strait. But now that Anne is back on the scene, I wonder what happened to the spoiler that Anne and Dr. Dan would have some kind of tryst during working hours? I still can’t see her with Daniel even if she was a patient. Maybe he will have to have sex with her to get her to back off Jennifer!!

    Hear I go again that darn Nicole got me teary eyed again. Although I feel Daniel coerced her into telling the truth; Arianne Zurker (Nicole) was totally believable and showed true relief she told the truth that Jennifer did not push her. She in deed did feel light and airy after and I loved it when she said “I told the truth’ as if it was her first experience in doing so. Arianne’s part of the scene was captivating. Now Daniel is another story, for me, even those big pearly whites and the praise he showed Nicole for realizing she was mistaken doesn’t have the same ring of believability. Although in some small way he knew Nicole would feel better telling the truth, his bottom line was to save Jennifer from prison. Nikki, you can be a better person all by yourself, you don’t need to be brainwashed by Dr. Scam.

    You can sure tell Sami is Caroline’s grand-daughter and where she gets her stubbornness from. Peggy McCays portrayal of the impaired Caroline has been wonderful. Kristin Alphonse (Hope) as the devoted wife and daughter-in-law, her tenderness and loving ways with both Bo and Caroline shows the family unity and strength needed for these powerful scene’s . After reading the Day Ahead for tomorrow I’m not going to critique it as I would normally. I can only say get out your Tissue Box out, the big one, for tomorrow’s episode is going to be a heart wrencher.

    Well Kristen sure had all her ducks lined up when letting Sami know she’s her new boss. And Sami fell right into her trap to get her into EJ’s orbit by end of day. As surprised as Sami was that the papers had not been signed by EJ, so was he. But how gallant he is to cover all the fees for the late filing.

    Finally, Chad seemed ok with meeting big sister for the first time in the Coffee House. Kristen is so going to work this lonely young man right into Stefano’s arms.

  45. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from Soap Opera Digest Article, November Sweeps Review: Tomlin and Whitesails Is Doing The Unbelievable:

    Here’s just a couple of teasers from this article:

    - Sami/EJ: Sami and EJ grow closer as they start working together. Says Corday, “We’re putting our lock, stock and barrel in those two.”

    - Kate/Stefano: Kate receives divorce papers from Stefano. She has a big story on the horizon.

    You can see the entire Article in the Soap Opera Digest or Daytime Royalty.

  46. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    Sandy#45 I will add some other stuff to your post which may interest people before I comment

    Eric’s Return: Eric returns to Salem just in time for Thanksgiving. Corday says they brought him back because they wanted another character in his age range on the show and they wanted to give Nicole a front-burner story.

    Gabi/Nick/Will/Sonny: Gabi receives big news that not only affects her relationship with Nick, but also affects Sonny, Will, Rafe and Sami. Says Corday, “We’ll be seeing a lot of the under-25 crowd, which in the past has always proved successful.”

    Ok I told you EJAMI lovers to keep the faith, this has never been a Rafe story this time around. I have said this for a while now I had faith in the sources who have said Rafe was about closure and temporary and it was about EJAMI.

    So now we have Corday himself saying they are putting all in EJAMI, I think the comment says volumes about what they want for them. Sami needed to have that with Rafe in order to move on to EJ. Sami may tell Rafe she loves him but she loves EJ more, all will see. It was about light vs dark and what her family wanted. Fyi Kristen only has them work together more, It is up to Sami and EJ what happens from that.
    Excited to see EJAMI is gonna have the real chance fans of them have been waiting for, it has been there for a long time but they needed to address Rafe and wrap that up, and its coming so does anyon wish to guess now who Rafe will be paired with, I have neevr taken abck what I have said for last few months, Rafe is gonna move on but with who? Will it be Hope, Nicole seems to be moving on to ERIC soon, which we all figured.

    Let me guess will Kristen tie up SAMI and EJ and force them together? Lol Nope she will only have them working close to each other oh gee how evil Kristen you are. She cant force EJ or Sami to act on feelings, they will do that them selves. Sami did not go running into EJ’s arms right after Rafe, which is good. I am hoping on the slow build up.

    I like that Chad was so easy to accept Kristen. I enjoyed their scenes together.

    As others said the baby story line could not be over soon enough for me.I cannot wait for Eric to get here.

    Jolie #11 Thank you I try to step back when people dont believe spoilers I give them way in advance, I have almost stoppd giving them lately because of it. So thanks for remembering I was one who said that about the baby.

    I am now glad Corday has told fans the plan on EJAMI and how important it is to the show or how much they are putting into them per se. It is another spoiler I gave out months back. Rafe was revisited because the actor was unhappy with how he acted when he split up with her first time, so it was more on closure, and temporary. I have stood by this and sources who have told me this and I am happy they were right.

    Mab Leah great posts.

    Sandy thanks again for posting that from sod. More spoilers in a bit for u guys

  47. From Nicole

    Corday can give Ejami all the stock and barrel in one couple,doesn’t mean everyone wants to be reward for waiting for Ejami to end just to find the they will not.I waited 8 months for baby Ejole and Ejole.I get a died baby and died Ejole.Well days is a goner to me,too.And i know alot of other tuning out.Hope the ratings continue to speak.

  48. From Richard

    Getting away from Days of our Lives and back to the EJami show, could just be the straw that broke the camel’s back for me.
    After over 40 years of watching and keeping up with Days, I might just become an occasional viewer of the show.
    EJ has broken up Lucas/Sami and Rafe/Sami and has destroyed Nicole and gone up against the whole Brady family.
    We used to have the Hortons, Brady’s, Black’s and Kiriakis.
    I’m darn sure not ready to waste my time watching a daily dose of the Dimera’s. Been there, done that.
    Watching EJ and Sami is like watching a movie for the second or third time. It get’s old and boring.

  49. From Lulu

    Goodbye Nicole and Richard ! Goodbye !

  50. From Tee

    I thiNk there are stories featuring many characters. Marlena and John are gonna be being a big story line, as is Kate and Nicole and Eric. Al the younger crowd etc.

    sad tose who wont watch because EJAMI is what they want and are going to go full force in it, but thee are many great stories coming I think,Not just that one.

    Wilson will be making love as well.

    I still wonder what Nicks reasoning is for disliking Wilson, I suspect it is as Sandy and Patty and other suspect something in prison. IDK though.

    I am glad Nicole will get a man who loves her and puts her first. EJ never did that she was always his 2nd choice. I cannot wait to see Eric back and wonder how long he will stay a Priest?
    Hopefully not long, Nicole needs him, I mean how long will she play someones second best? EJ has called her Samis name while having sex a few times and Dan is in love with Jennifer.
    I do miss Jack though.
    Perhaps Jack JR will come one day to SALEM that would be nice

  51. From Shani

    Richard 48 I agree with everything you said but I am not ready to give up on the show yet. Hope you really won’t either & that you will repair that camel’s back for a little longer! For one thing, we’d miss you on this site!

  52. From jolie

    #40 Richard, I am trying to go thru the gay story line with the attitude that the actors are doing a fine job. Not my favorite either. And those poor Dimeras, my guess is that when you’ve done it all from a to z and haven’t had even a hearty hand-spanking then you tend to see the sins and crimes of others as a bit larger than life. And I thought the same about Rafe when Kristen mentioned him…just how long has he been on the Dimera radar?

    #41 Shani, when Daniel told Nicole that revenge would leave her hollow…that is the most sensible thing that has come out of his mouth in ages. He is not known for his eloquence nor good advice. Poor Nicole will be left holding an empty bag when all of this is over. Yes, she has pulled a nasty stunt in the midst of this tragedy but she has to be a little kooky over the stress she has been under then the baby’s death. And don’t you wonder if the story between Ann and Jennifer lies in the past??

    #44 Sandygram, I had forgotten that little tidbit about Daniel and Anne. Oh dear..let’s see. It happens in a fit of frenzied passion due to saving a life or something. Anne records it on her phone. Daniel eventually marries Jenn and Anne brings it up then. Sorry I got carried away but that is the only reason I can see for a match up of Anne and Dr Feelgood. If he has sex with her to get her off Jenn, then he is a bigger prostitute than poor Chloe was during her high earning run. And you named it…scam. That seems to be what Daniel is running on Nicole with this promise that he’ll always be in her life and wants to be more than friends. What the what? So when he dumps her when he finds the baby shirt which by the way means absolutely nothing being in the lost and found, I will want to knock him off his high horse. Sorry for that rant! Sandygram, your post seems to have gotten me all in a tizzy!

    #45 Sandygram, let’s hope Kate doesn’t get involved with poisoning, stabbing, kidnapping any current or potential mates for her children or any competitors. I’d like to see Kate really do something to show Stefano that he needs a strong woman on his side. And once all of Kristen’s reasons for coming back are revealed, Stefano might be in store for a rough ride from her and might need Kate. Let’s hope. Sami and Elvis, bring it. She loves Rafe.

    #46 Tee, I might not have liked that you said time and again the baby story had a final and not very sweet ending but you said it. We have yet to accept it but you warned us! I want to see Nicole in a better story than what has just transpired. I hope this is it. The under 25 crowd, we have thought this might be a pregnancy so guess something is going to happen…wait and see time.

    Richard, I agree that putting the lock stock and barrel on Elvis and Sami…not my cup of tea. That she would even go near him?? I don’t get it but there is other stuff happening and I love your input. Stick around for those of us who are fans of your outlook on the show if nothing else.

  53. From Cougar

    There were a few comments about the stolen retirement funds. Forgive me if I;m wrong but the last timw they referred to those moneys was whe Steph used them to make an arms deal. Then the big twist was that he was working witha government sting to put away a Russian dealer. However, there was no follow up if the money was returned, is it tied up due to being used as evidence in court or was it actually government money not DiMeara funds used.

    Sonny & Will I feel they have done a good job tackling the gay sl. It is a part of today’s society that people come out of the closet, they want to chose who they have a relationship with. When this sl first come out there were a lot of vitrelic comments raged back and forth on it. Having said that I really wish that they would have used someone other than Will. It was easier for me Sonny as gay because he started out knowing what his sexuallity was. I am sccepting and OK with the gay people but I guess I am some what embarassed about still harboring certain ambivelencies. I still have probelems with PDAs and sex scenes. I’am just not quite there yet.

  54. From Cougar

    I am enjoying Eileen Davidson’s return. Just love wondering what wheels are turning around in that head of hers and how long will it be before the she starts acting pshyco. I can see all sorts of manipulations coming up. Will she arrange for Elvis and Sami to get locked in a broom closet together over the weekend. Also I hope that they use her to bring back Susan even if it’s for just a little visit to see those grandbabies of Elvis’s. It would be a hoot! Susan we’ve missed you!.. there hve been more comments on this sight about gettinga glimps of Susan more so than bring back the Kristen character.

  55. From MAB

    It’s obvious I’ve been pointed out as the person attacking Rafe for everything he does, when in reality I was just pointing out the obvious about him. Yet I’m being told I don’t have ears to know what I’m hearing, and that I need to get real. Wow, here we go again! Funny how one’s behavior can mirror what they claim to hate, and how one can make unreasonable remarks towards a fellow poster (whom they don’t know personally) over a fictional character. Well, I’ve got ears, and never once did the word ‘sorry’ come out of Rafe’s mouth. He kept trying to justify what he did, which is all he ever does, and thinks that is an apology. I think not! I’ll give him a break when he finally admits he’s wrong to Sami AND EJ, but he won’t do that because like Sami said, he thinks he’s not wrong in what he did. And talk about getting old, same goes for those who bash EJ every chance they get no matter the situation. Now…that’s all.

    I was surprised Ann came to Jen’s home too. She had no right, but why didn’t Jen go off on her too…she certainly goes off on everyone else? And Kayla takes up for her, and Jen starts getting smart w/ her too??? I’ve watched it over & over, and even tho it was an accident, and not intentional, Jen did somewhat push Nicole. I know the baby was already dead, but either way you look at it, Jen was responsible for Nicole’s fall. I also think Jen’s treatment of Nicole played a part in what happened, and I always will. If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. Jen needs therapy! After everything that has happened, she hasn’t dealt w/ the loss of Jack yet, and so soon after she got herself into this mess. I just find Jen’s character to be tainted now. She was always so good, and not like those who claim to be good. She was for real, and for her to be how she is now just makes me wonder if she’s truly experiencing the same problems her mother had.

    Bo was so cute yesterday w/ Caroline…then Hope. I am SO disappointed in his departure! I just can’t even talk about it.

    Hmm, the look on EJ’s face when Sami walked in his office was priceless, that smile of his, whew! He’s is so handsome! And I loved when she asked him for a favor and he said anything. I think she knows if she chose to be w/ EJ, that he would try to give her the world. Oh, and the part about the paper signing, well it might have been a segway to get her over there, but Sami knows she messed up. That’s on her, as she admitted she didn’t follow up w/ him, but how could she have when she’s been too busy jumping from Lucas to Rafe to EJ?

    Kristen is amazing! I’m so enjoying her. Not sure what is really up her sleeve, but it’s sure got me interested. I think it’s premature to say Kristen’s agenda is to only serve Stefano. I think she will do things her way, whether Stefano likes it or not. And Stefano may find she is more like EJ, by wanting to do things their way & show her good side, while still harboring DiMera ways. Like her showing her DiMera side w/ her take charge attitude w/ Sami, but then she showed a more sensitive side w/ Chad. Chad needs family he can lean on, and I’m hoping Kristen will be there for him. Like Kate, she’s not your typical woman, but can have a heart. I wish Kate would take more interest in Chad too. I think he would be receptive, plus it might score Kate points w/ Stefano. And Chad needs to get out of this rut and take charge of his life. Whether he complete embraces his DiMera side or not, he needs to move on, and I think he can do so and have a real relationship w/ EJ & Kristen, and maybe even Stefano. Also, I’m hoping Abby is a part of his future too. She also needs to move on.

    The spoiler that Sami & EJ grow closer as they start working together, and Corday saying, “We’re putting our lock, stock and barrel in those two.” I say hallelujah…it’s about time!!! Tee called it, and I’m so glad we have you on here for the inside scoop! I agree, Kristen can only do so much where EJ & Sami are concerned. It will be them, and them alone, who makes it happen. And now that Rafe will be moving on, maybe he’ll stop being a nuisance and become a likable character.

    Many of us have survived the sickening Safe relationship and never tuned out, and I for one wouldn’t do that just because I’m not satisfied. This show has never been the EJ & Sami show, as some claim, just because they may be front & center now. But that is how it goes, just like when it was Marlena & Roman, Marlena & John, Bo & Hope, Steve & Kayla, etc. If you’re a devoted fan of this show, you know they can’t please everyone all the time, never have, and never will. TPTB have realized it’s “their” time now, EJ & Sami, and that their 2 most popular characters will finally come to fruition. And these 2 have what it takes to pull it off by becoming an amazing couple, for the likes we haven’t seen in a long time. They have it all. They are amazing actors, are great looking by themselves & as a couple, and have chemistry that will melt the screen! As I’ve always said, there are so many stories to tell for them. I’m sure we’ll see them struggle thru the Brady/DiMera family thing, and many other things, and they will only be a stronger, better couple for all that when they come out of it all together. It should be a great love story, as long as the writers handle it delicately. There are MANY fans out there that are very pleased that they have finally seen the light, as we have waited a long time for EJami to happen! I love it!!!

    Also, the spoiler about Eric involving a front-burner s/l for Nicole is another highlight. I’m looking forward to this! Nicole should be front & center. Ari is an amazing actress and deserves it.

    Sorry, but I’m not looking forward to the seeing more of the under 25 crowd. They don’t have to caliber of making that much of a statement, as the days of old, like Belle, Shawn, Philip, Mimi, & Rex.

    I think for once Corday is pushing the show in the right direction. EJami on the horizon, Eric’s return & Nicole’s front burner s/l, John & Marlena’s s/l involving Kristen, Stefano returning, etc, etc. I think things are looking up for the show! I for one am excited!

  56. From Cougar

    Mab I agree ona couple of fronts with what you say about the Sami & EJ show. Well others are right about it taking years but you are right if you know show history. How long did it take to cosumate the Bo and Fanci Face saga, the Jen & Jack romance. They took YEARS! They hashed out a lot of differences, evil villans and complecations. Patch & Kayka , I;m not sure how long they drug that one out; it was a time when I was not able to watch the show. Jack and Jen, it took years for Jack to face his demons to feel worthy enough for the Polly Pure Breed Miss Jennifer Horton.

    Speaking of Jen, she didn’t intentionally push Nicole down the stairs it was an accident. I feel that she should make some sort ammends to Nicole but perhaps not jail time. Rather community service, some sort of anger management/grief counceling or more realisitcally fianancial court compensation for hospitalization. Sitting on a park bench sharing a pretzel with Brady really doesn’t cut it. I think that is more practicle and how things would be handled judiciously these days. However, soaps are neither practicle or realistic. I’m not sure but I have wondered if it is possable for coroners to determine whether the baby died before the accident. If Jen was arrested for murder of an unborn child you know that an autopsy is a for gone conclusion for forensic cause of death evidence in court. Sorry too many Law an Order episodes under my belt. LOL

  57. From Cougar

    One other quick point I forgot to insert about the Sami & EJ show. Also historically, they used to have several dynamic couples and timely story lines and plots with minor character to focus on years ago. For what ever reason, probably economic ones, we had about 3 super couples on the cooking on the stove instead of 1 super couple and 2 or 3 other lack luster sl’s. That is the challenge that the writing staff seems to come short on. It is a good test of ability if they can make a rich and interesting pictore with the limited choices of colors on thier palate to work with. They were on so somethign with Caroline’s sl but they are wrapping it up at warp speed.

  58. From Nicole

    There was a time when even though your couples were not together and it was interesting.My point is i am done with Days for killing Nicole’s baby for Ejami.For me to the “BIG” stock in Ejami is wrong.Some get real sick at victims of abuse being put with their abuser over and over.For Ericole they did not have to kill baby Ejole.And no decency on how that.No closer.Grace got a service.But wait she was “Sami’s”.

  59. From jolie

    Good points Nicole. There have been other soaps that put crime victims with their abuser and made a career of it. I think that boat has sailed. Women don’t take it anymore and it is talked about. Elvis is a cad, he can be charming and alluring and he completely goes to Sami’s head and she becomes enthralled. Good for him but I can’t ever see it as good for her. Sami goes for it because everyone else in town is agaist it. Most of us got over doing ourselves to go against the grain or family or status quo when we figured out that is wasn’t in our best interests. Sami hasn’t made that discovery as yet. The more she is around Elvis, the greater chance she figures it out. Trouble with all of this is that if this were a real life situation, this female would surely have lost a lot of herself in this lifestyle.

  60. From SandyGram

    Just curious….other than having sex, if it is the end to be all that EJ and Sami are put together as a couple, where does the story go from here?

    EJ’s story line today seems to be mostly tied to manipulating his way into Sami’s orbit; or EJ pulling off some maniacal scheme against a Brady, Black, Horton and now Hernandez.

    Will EJ with Sami by his side fight to stay out of the DiMera family fold? Which is questionable now that the Queen of Manipulation Kristen is working to pull the family together.

    Will Sami, as with Nicole, be expected by EJ to overlook some of his business dealings or family dealings? This is not in Sami’s persona to stay quiet about anything.

  61. From MAB

    Cougar – I didn’t say Jen intentionally pushed Nicole, I said as “I watched it over & over, and even tho it was an accident, and not intentional, Jen did somewhat push Nicole”. Jen played a part in what happened tho, and she should try to make an amends w/ Nicole, and if it doesn’t work, then at least she knows she tried, for her own sanity if nothing else. I never thought much about her going to jail, because I knew it wouldn’t happen, but above all else, she needs to admit to her horrific actions towards Nicole, and not just about the fall, but the way she treated Nicole from the start of this. That is what is so troubling about her behavior. She stuck her nose where it didn’t belong, and came out of it being accused of murder of Nicole’s unborn child. I’m just saying that the Jen has changed, due to loosing Jack and the mess she’s made for herself now. I agree, sitting on a bench w/ Brady is not gonna cut it for her. Brady will be fine eventually, as his relationship w/ Madison is nothing like the long term relationship between Jen & Jack. He was the love of her life, and you just don’t get over that overnight. I truly believe she needs therapy, and someone needs to get her to see Marlena quick! Although, it keeps eating at me about her state of mind, and if she may become like Laura. I don’t know about you, but I think it would be a good s/l for Jen.

    Cougar – I agree the Caroline s/l has gone too fast, but I think that all comes down to being a way for them to allow Bo to leave the show.

    Why would anyone think they killed Nicole’s baby for EJami?????? EJ had little to do w/ that s/l. It was more about Nicole getting involved w/ Rafe, then Daniel. There is NO reason why Nicole couldn’t have a child w/ EJ and still have a life of her own.

    As someone pointed out, EJ & Sami aren’t the first ones to have a checkered past, only to end up together. The most famous was Luke & Laura, and we all know what a powerful couple they came to be. Days has done their best, I think, to address EJ & Sami’s past issues. They wrote for them to get past it, and so should the fans. How can the show be enjoyable otherwise? If you’re that dissatisfied, then why watch? This is not real life, just a soap opera, merely entertainment.

  62. From Just Moi

    Ok I have been asked before if I am watching the same show as others. Well Im starting to wonder lol. On Oct 11 when Nicole fell down the stairs….was it not Nicole who went looking for Jen? Was it not Nicole who chased Jen up the stairs? Was it not Nicole who grabbed Jen by the wrist? So is Nicole not resposible for what happened to her? If Nicole had not done those things she would not have fallen down the stairs. I have watched the scene over again also and yes Jen was trying to get Nicole to release her by shaking her wrist but to me it was Nicole’s fault 100%. But maybe Im watching a different show lol.

    I like the spoiler about Kate and Stephano. I hope they get back together but I don’t want to see Kate kissing Steph’s keester and having to jump through hoops and such just so that Stephano forgives her. Yes she cheated and yes a little groveling is in order but Steph is not worth any butt kissing to get him back. Be strong Kate and hold your own and I hope this time around they will be more equal partners than before.

    I am liking Kristen being back so far and a little friction between John and Marlena is a good thing to keep their characters more interesting. I liked her scene with Chad, my that poor boy needs someone in his life to be there for him, now I don’t think that Kristen is the write fit but I hope someone will take him under their wing, I feel so sorry for him everytime I see him. Having Stephano and EJ as your only family make for a lonely Chad.

  63. From julie

    these posts about abuser and victims together being about CERTAIN characters make me laugh, Ej and Nicole had an abusive relationship with all the blackmail, trying to frame for murder, trying to murder (yep Ej tried to kill her !), kidnapp children, let mourn a child freely ect..or Kate and Stefano with Stef trying to kill her sons, blackmailed her seems it is ok for some characters but not others..laughable these arguments, after that you love who you love together but at least own it don’t try to make some nonsense is ridiculous.

  64. From MAB

    Alison Sweeney has confirmed she has signed a new contract w/ Days.

    It’s also been reported that James Scott (EJ), Drake Hogestyn (John), and Kristian Alfonso (Hope) will be making an appearance on The Jeff Probst Show. If anyone knows when this will be, please let me know.

  65. From Cougar

    Just Moi I’ll have another go at it; just trying to be Switzrland here a bit. Yes Nicole pursued Jen and should have let go. Yes Jen was justified in trying to get away. It was just a horrible accident. My take on itwas that they both share about a 50/50 responcibility for things getting out of hand. By most of todays standards no one would see Jen as acting maliciously and probably the worst that would come of it is a DA or a judge in a courtroom see Jen as responcible for not taking greater care to avoid creating a fall. That is why accidents are called accidents they are just like a fender bender that neither party intended for anything so horrible to happen.

  66. From MAB

    Who cares if Nicole went looking for Jen. After the pathetic scene at the house, where Jen brutally attacked Nicole verbally, and nearly got physical w/ her (a pregnant woman nonetheless), and tried numerous times to keep Nicole from leaving. She messed w/ the wrong lady, and Nicole went looking for her. Then all of a sudden Jen didn’t wanna play anymore, ran from her, so Nicole went after her. Yes, she grabbed her, but Jen pulled away from her so hard that it bascially looked like a push. I’ve watched it more than once and that is what I see. Bottom line is that Jen is partly responsible for the fall, and she needs to admit to her part in it, as well as sticking her nose in where it didn’t belong in the first place.

  67. From gerri

    #48 Richard,
    I’m with you,on these S/L’s,that are being written,
    just not the days,that I’ve watched since It aired,absoluetly,
    no substance,no committed couples,just swapping partners,pretty much on a daily basis,Romance????where???
    all I see is how fast,they can fall into bed.
    may not be real life,but alot of lives are being lived this way..
    too many young people,and now this gay S/L,what will we see next?
    I feel like you do,wasting an hour of my time.I guess I’m a little too old fashioned,and miss how It used to be.My husband watches It as well,we do FF alot,so It will be just a matter of time,before he gives up on it as well.

  68. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Jeeze you guys. It wasn’t an accident. Nicole totally set Jen up. Nic took a dive in order to blame Jen and keep her away from Dan. She totally used the dead baby as a pawn. She started out with the scalpel, then saw an opening on the staircase, had nothing to lose, and went for it. It was brilliant and much more in Nic’s wheelhouse as a conniver. Love her. She’s so wonderfully psychotic. And why do they keep referring to Jack as Jen’s husband? Did I miss an episode? (uh, yeah, I did).

    I hope Kate tells the bearded one to kiss off. Not that she deserves better than him, but whoa, put a bullet in Philly, that ain’t love, baby.

    If there’s going to be gay sex, and Ejami crap, I might have to go sit on the sidelines with Richard.

    Too funny. Stuck in an old VCR tape and there she was. Wacky Jan Spears with long haired Shawn. She’s really pretty. I’d forgotten.

  69. From jolie

    Sandygram, you bring up a great point. Where does their story go once Elvis and Sami get together? No more chase. No more shegnanigans. I asked this question once before and as you can imagine, it went over like a turd in a crystal punchbowl with the Ejamis who swear there is a story there with them together. Let’s hope so because once the drama is out of the picture, those 2 have 2 kids and that is all.

  70. From jolie

    Just Moi, what you are saying is right. Nicole is highly responsible for what happened..and I am a large fan. I think the problem Jennifer has is that she was acting rather crazed about saving Daniel from Nicole. Jennifer was telling everyone how Nicole was ruining Daniel’s life and she was going to stop her. I think you are watching exactly the same show. we all surely have different ways of seeing what we are watching for sure! I do agree about Stefano and Kate not kissing his buttocks to get back in with him. I think he’ll need her in the end. She did help him with his diabetes so that might come up again.

    I thought today’s show with Kristen and John and that little girl was sort of creepy. John definitely doesn’t have a way with children and I wouldn’t leave an alley cat with Kristen to take care of. I just thought it was a bit off.

  71. From MAB

    There are many stories to tell for EJami, and if the writers do it right, it can last for a long time. Build it up the relationship slowly, make them work for their love, for each other, just like someone mentioned before of how they used to do it, in the old days…have adventures, get married, etc. It can be great if the writers do it right. Some just don’t want to see what a great couple they could be. It’ll sure be way more interesting than anything she’s had w/ anyone else, especially Rafe. And where would she be if she was back w/ him?? Already in dullsville!

  72. From jolie

    Just Moi, I thought maybe Kate would take some interest in Chad with Stefano gone. She knew his mom from long ago. She is fiercely protective over her offspring and she’d probably make a project out of protecting Chad if he’d allow it. I just don’t see Kristen as really caring for anyone especially if there is nothing in it for her but you never know…she may prove me wrong and grow on me before it’s over. She sure is rining Marlena’s bell everytime she comes around.

  73. From Shani

    Just Moi 62 I am with you about Nicole’s fall. I said before that I felt Nicole was responsible for her own fall. Yes, Jennifer became over the top about Nicole, due to wanting to protect Dr.Dan, who really didn’t need protecting, but Nicole also became waaaay over the top wanting to hang on to Dr.Dan & she tried to manipulate him all along using her baby. Then even after the poor baby was already dead, she still tried to use him to get Dan. Rushing to get Dan out of town with her, she was in a real panic, & when she heard Jennifer’s phone message to Dan, Nicole completely lost it & went to look for Jennifer. With a scalpel no less, which fortunately never came into play but it was Nicole’s original intent. Why would Jennifer stay & listen to Nicole? They had already had it out at the house. Nicole was completely out of control, screaming about Daniel & followed Jennifer up the stairs at HTS, fiercely tugging at her arm to try to stop her. When Jennifer gave a big tug to get away, Nicole fell. I saw it as being much like when our son & daughter played tug & when she pulled her hardest, he let go & she went flying. In my opinion, Jennifer doesn’t owe Nicole anything. It wasn’t murder, IMO it wasn’t even assault. I can’t wait for the whole truth to come out! & then, too, YAY!, the storyline will be over!!!!

    I really liked Sami today & how sweet she was with Caroline & Bo. I’m with Marlena about her cell phone. I felt at the time there was more to it showing up in the office waiting room. Kristen is quite the trickster & I think she set Marlena up! She definitely made sure Marlena knew about her & John caring for that little girl! But Marlena, please don’t hammer on John & make too much over it!!

  74. From gerri

    Jenn should have never let Nicole
    stay at her house,Nicole was very rude from the start,and baby or not,I would have sent her packing,after the 1st day.

    Nicole put herself in the stairs,situation,and caused the fall herself…

  75. From SandyGram

    Episode October 26th:
    I suppose the point to Kristen helping Pamela in the HTC was so John would remember the loving, caring, compassionate woman he fell in love with; not the monster she became. It’s obvious this is leading up to John thinking she has changed for the better and Marlena …ummmm…think not!

    Brady and Kristen running into one another in the HTC felt odd. He was just a young boy when she was last in Salem, but they talked and acted like they knew each other well. Maybe he does from the stories he’s heard over the years, but her, I don’t see how she would be that familiar with him since he was so young when she departed from Salem.

    Common Grounds:
    Enjoyed seeing the younger crowd having a little fun together instead of all the drama. Nick’s uneasiness in being around Will and Sonny is still obvious. I’m liking Nick and Gabi together more and more they seem to be good for one another.

    Sonny’s Apartment:
    The fun between Sonny and Will continued as it gradually worked up to the kissing stage. As the kissing intensified I thought, as actors, they did a great job showing the uneasiness many couples experience before their first encounter. Now we will have to wait until November to see them fully consummate their relationship.

    Brady Pub:
    I couldn’t help myself, tears galore! From Caroline walking around in the Pub by herself; to Bo arriving; to Sami storming in with her tales of woe, then hearing about what her grandma is facing; to good friends Bo and Abe sharing a moment…..chocked up all the way! Wonderful acting by all!

  76. From Tee

    Jolie~ Thanks I never wanted Nicoles baby to die myself, But when sources said It I knew it was gonna be true. Originally I believe old writers planned different if that helps. I think we have to understand we have had 3 sets of writers here working in what past year or so, and perhaps these writers had other things in mind for Nicole. I am happy that Nicole is going to get a front burner story. Reading through posts I was just thinking of how I am a Sami fan, but I also like Nicole. I dont like Nicole with EJ, but I love her with Brady, and even enjoyed her with Dan until of course he decided having desk fun was not good enough for him anymore. I know Nicole is a bad person at times just as Sami, and EJ and many more on show. I have said many times over she has tried to kill, steal, kidnap, use her dead child more then once etc etc. But I still can root for her somewhere. I guess it is harder for some of us to understand why people cannot root for EJ, or see his changes, or feel his grieve. He has done many bad things but so has most of Salem. Sami raped Austin, kidnapped her sister and tried to sale her in black market, blackmail, paternity switches, Her alter ego Stan, lied manipulated, tried to kill EJ. Why should she or Nicole ever think they are better then him they have done the same things as him some were worse. Sami did all this and she is a Brady (halo) SUPPOSEDLY on their heads,Ej is how he is mostly because he has been molded from Stefano to be that way, we get these wonderful glimpses where he makes a try at doing better and I love it. I accepted Sami for what she has done, as I have accepted EJ. They have shown to move past what they have done to each other and are trying to grow from it. Lets not forget writers made them this way, this is tv and fictional.

    I wish people would realize that and not judge people who root for these characters based off something a writer wrote them to do years ago. So many crazy things happened back then, we had Marlena possessed by a devil for petes sake, and so many other crazy things happened. All writers can do now as what they always do fix it, and show a growth or understanding

    As Mab pointed out many soap characters have overcame this kind of controversy and became super couples. Perhaps some may not like it but are we all gonna be truly satisfied? No we are not.

    6 Years we hae had to wait and as a poster above said most couples hae had to overcome something to be together in the end. Marlena possesed and John and all his identity crisis stuff, being a pawn and committing crimes as a pawn as well as Hope and Bo. It goes on and on. Victor and Maggie, wow now that’s a changed man as well, from Crime lord to family man.Patch remember his story lines. I seem to remember Jack raped Kayla And had Steve beaten.
    He was in love with Kayla, and jealous of Steve.The point is that writers have went down paths in past, and it is unfortunate but as we always say writers can fix things rewrite things or as they did with EJAMI keep them apart and have them grow at some point and move past it same thing they did to Laura so. We talk about having writers change old stories well be glad they did not change those, instead they find ways to work past it. It is fictional in real life it is very unaceptable. I would never view things on this show like that with real life, and one reason is it is fictional another is so many writers.These writers for example do not wish to bring back Susan and all the kookiness of those days, so I guess we dont get no Susan they said it is from a time of writing where crazy stuff happened they have no intentions of visiting again. I would love to see Susan and EJ interact myself.

    I think they are handling Wilson well, and they make love I believe on November 5th.

    Mab you wanted to know the day Jeff probst show airs I believe it will be on November 5th as well.

    I want to see some moments with Bo and Ciara he is leaving and not coming back so please give us those.

  77. From Tee

    Sandy to answer the question what will Sami and EJ do together well I am sure they will do as other couples do. One thing though is her family does not like him so overcoming that is one thing. I think EJ will forgive Stefano or should I say rather I know he will he is his fatha. I expect nothing less, no matter what he is his son.I hope they can maybe work together and make the Dimera name a better name, perhaps they can change the name around some and make it more clean business. EJ has Stefano where he wants him in a way, and Stefano will not be around forever.Perhaps his grandkids will have him being a better man as well, last time we seen him before his so called death he was working for the government so perhaps he may want to settle down a bit in his old age as Victor did, Though a part of me doubts that. There is also the matter of Kate and her hate for Sami could you imagine the showdowns in the mansion between those 2. They could investigate these so called accounts and Dimera riches off shore. They could try to find a way to bring back all Johns memories. They could raise their children together and Sami herself is not so innocent they would make a dynamic duo. This will not end they will still go after Dimeras Sami could help EJ convince them otherwise. EJ. They could become Stefanos heirs oh what a hoot the Bradys would hate that one lol. So many things it is just like any other couple but with them being grey there is so much they could do.What do other couples do on Days?? They could do that as well.

    For all we know Chad may end up more evil then EJ ever dreamed of being one day, not all Dimera are hated there is John, and Lexie. I think they could also have John and EJ interacting more they are related. I want to see John reach out to some Dimeras he never even acknowledged Lexie as his niece. That was crazy.

    I guess it is better then having Lucas, or Rafe be huffing and puffing all over EJ and vice versa. Why have all these hunky men huffing in puffing in one area when you can put them elsewhere and give them a great story that don’t involve the woman they love cheating on them or running for comfort to another man.

    I am excited to say there are lots of possible hookups coming up
    Eric/Nicole, EJAMI, Dannifer, Wilson Nabi,
    Triangles most likely will be Dan/Jen/Chloe, Nabi/Wilson not a triangle per se but tied in for sure.
    Will it be Nicole/Eric and Brady or will Brady hit the singles area?
    Rafe to singles area,Hope, and Lucas.Abby is moving towards Chad and it is supposed they are gonna be hooking up but will she go to Brady in end or will that be Jen when Chloe comes in with the Parker secret and her and Dan ride off into the sunset?

    So single men will be Rafe, Lucas, Brady.Maybe Chad
    Woman will be Chloe,Hope maybe Abby.
    Cameron has been recast so where will he go and with who abck to Abby or elsewhere?
    Too many men not enough woman.
    Lets not forget Kristen and her and Bradys flirting does anyone think in end she will end up with Brady?That would remove him from list.Hope cant hook up with Lucas so that leaves Rafe for her.

    Days is casting a teen male 15-18.

    I am gonna speculate and say JJ is coming sorased maybe for Jens wedding to Dan if there is one in January.

    I forgot Kate and Roman are single I think it is time he got a woman, though I think Kate may end up back with Stefano down the line.

  78. From Vivian

    So when is Gabi going to realize she is pregnant with Will’s child?

  79. From Shani

    In reading these posts, it seems like Rafe would be a perfectly acceptable guy to some, even with all his transgressions a few harp on, – as long as he has a storyline that gets him out of the way for Sami & EJ. The problem isn’t that Rafe is a bad guy crossing the legal line once in a while, it’s about him having been with Sami instead of EJ being with her. But we knew that all the time, didn’t we?! I will be disappointed if Sami isn’t with Rafe, even though she doesn’t really deserve him, but I also think Sami & EJ won’t last.

    I like the idea someone had, maybe it’s on the other page, for Sami & Rafe to go away on some exciting adventure together to solve some sort of mystery.

  80. From Shani

    I agree with those wondering if they aren’t going to have a service or burial of some sort for Nicole’s poor little baby?

  81. From Leah

    Oh I’m SO DISAPPOINTED… that it looks like Gabi is going to be pregnant with Will’s child. Does no one in Salem practice safe or protected sex? And I hate the fact that Gabi is gonna be pregnant when she is a bit wacko (after the Melanie storyline) and still very insecure and immature. Don’t like it one little bit. PLEASE Days no more pregnancies and babies. We’ve had enough over the last few years to last us for a while!
    I too am enjoying having Kristen back on the show. Those Dimera boys need the womans touch in their lives – lol. But in saying that I do miss Lexie… and her and EJs relationship.
    Not interested one little bit in the gay storyline either. Sorry, but I’m not gonna watch that.

  82. From Leah

    # 78 Shani
    Sorry have to disagree with some of what you said about Rafe. Yes I have always thought Safe was a mismatch but… my main beef with Rafe is ever since arriving in Salem his storyline has only evolved around EJ and Ejami. I would love to see Rafe have a storyline of his own where he is the front and centre of it. Thats why I have continually said I think bringing Emilys character to Days would only enchance him and his character. It would open up Rafes mysterious past and let us know more about him. And that could only be a good thing.

  83. From Leah

    And yes I agree with a poster above apart from Will and Chad, these under 25s on Days now have nothing on Shawn, Rex, Mimi, Belle etc. Would be great to see some of them come back :)

  84. From patty

    #76 Tee, you may want for people not to judge the Demiras for what they did in the past but in the same sentence bring up everyone elses misdeeds from decades ago. The past of others doesn’t justify what EJ and Stephano have done and are still doing. They haven’t changed and no matter what your reliable sources tell you, they won’t.
    The writers putting lock ,stock and barrel on EJ and Sami may just be some more fan base crumbs and doesn’t mean we will see a white picket fence ,storybook romance for these two. To start with she loves another man and EJ’s coming second best so I can only envision more jealousy, threats and manipulations from EJ . I see him putting on his fake charm to suck Sami back in and then comes the tracking devices and watchdogs , using the children, bringing them in a house where evil lurks at every corner with Stephano, Kristen and maybe even Kate being a thorn in Sami’s side. I see EJ allienating Sami from her family and keeping secrets from her about all his dirty deals, putting her and the kids in danger. I also predict ratings to take another dive because most people don’t want to watch Sami and EJ have another go around and see Sami return for some more abuse . No other soap couple has put each other through what these two have and they don’t even come close to comparing to great love stories like Bo and Hope , Jack and Jennifer or Patch and Kayla. These couples may have had their problems and hurt each other, but they never set out to destroy one another, they mostly were saving each other from some outside force. Never seen EJ do that for Sami or anyone else, he’s usually the problem, not the solution. EJami won’t last .

  85. From Tee

    Vivian~ I believe this week coming up but is the baby gonna end up Wills? Or perhaps Nicks?
    This soap made several characters believe Nicole in a matter of 2 days slept with Rafe and found out she was pregnant with his child, though it was EJ’s no character questioned how she would not know that quick if it was really Rafes and they really did sleep together. So… may have something making it Nicks or Gabi thinking it is Nicks or vice versa. Still awaiting confirmation on who will be daddy in end. My guess is Will so far, either way he is gonna think he is the dad or he will be.

    Shani #78 I actually dont like Rafe with Sami for many reasons. My reasons mostly are, Sami is fake when she is with him, Sami is the queen of manipulation on this show as she owns up to that. When with RAFE she seems dumbed down IMO. I find IMO they are just not suited together, she needs a man who can handle and accept that.Sami will always be Sami, even if she pretends to be someone else. Rafe as some say is overall a good guy, he would be better matched with someone who fits his character I think. Maybe I will go as far to say Sami has pushed Rafe or had Rafe do things perhaps his character would not normally do in the past perhaps not perhaps so. EJ and Sami are a great match they have marvelous chemistry 2 kids together and they get each other and are similar to each other.Sami makes EJ want to be a better person, not dumbed down and fake he really wants to be better and be his own man.

    Nicole for example really only pulls out her stunts when trying to win a man who dont want her or dont put her first. I remember her with Brady and even Eric and I liked her there it was a good match.Though I also think she could have been matched with EJ As well she is not the woman he wants never has been so she should find that man to put her first. It is not and never will be EJ Dimera.
    Rafe and Sami IMO jst bring nothing to my screen, Rafe deserves a woman who completes him, shares in his interests and who could gie him a child. Rafe and Carrie were a good match if it was done right IMO.
    I have been a SAMI FAN since she graced the screen and I was a Lumi fan, I think Lucas is another who understand her very well and matched well as well, but I feel they moved into that BFF zone long ago and I like them as best friends.
    As the actor Galen himself said in a interview Sami comes with alot of baggage and EJ And Rafe does not really want that and is it worth it in the end. All Samis men have had EJ there in background, she has always cheated on them with EJ, and ran to him when she should have ran to her man at time.So I say I may enjoy Rafe matched wih someone who is a good match with him and who has great chemistry with him. I just have not enjoyed him at all with Sami or should I say Fake Sami dumb downed Sami.

    LEAH#82 I agree I enjoy the Wilson story but other then that do not care too much about stories in that age group as I did before. I hope they are able to make it better we will see.

    Patty#83 I brought up everyones past misdeeds as to say what makes them better then EJ so many characters on this show have done the same thing he has. You got people who are watchig Nicole use her dead child to get a man and punish Jennifer, and they sympathize with her and then say EJ is using his dead child and he is not grieving. That is a double standard to me. EJ has left Sami be since he told her Rafes lie and he is grieving. He is not up Samis butt doing anything, does he wnat her to be with him yes he does but he is grieving his child. My other point was the old EJ would have been all over them Rafe/Dan/Nicole with some high tech revenge plan. This EJ has decided not to seek revenge, because he 1 takes his own responsibility and 2 feels Nicole has suffered enough that he makes very clear 3 Values Samis opinions on what he should or should not do. Old EJ would not have cared he would have schemed away and plotted their demise. I see that as a change a big one.We seen him tell his associate he has no wishes to do anything the way his father would and he would run things his way. We also know he took all CW company ties and severed any of Stefanos companies from it.He has tried to be his won man and that is what I see on my screen. EJ is never gonna be a do gooder like perhaps some view other characters but he most certainly has changed alot. I am fine with him not being a do gooder, Sami is not a do gooder either. I guess to some it is ok when other charcters do these same evil things EJ has done as long as it is not EJ. That is wrong. Sami raped and drugged Austin, Kidnapped her sistser to sae in blackmarket because she was mad her mother was with John, Do you remember her as stan? Oh she shot EJ, changed many paternity tests schemss lies manipulates she is no innocent do gooder by any means. She has done things just as bad as EJ has in his past, and I as a Sami fan still rememebr what she did as I do EJ though both still scheme and manipulate they are not raping, and kidnapping anymore. Taht was my point. Now Nicole she has been doing what she always has so she has not changed, she is currently using her dead child to get what she wants and even accusing a woman of murdering it when the baby as already dead. Seems

  86. From Tee

    Vivian~ I believe this week coming up but is the baby gonna end up Wills? Or perhaps Nicks?
    This soap made several characters believe Nicole in a matter of 2 days slept with Rafe and found out she was pregnant with his child, though it was EJ’s no character questioned how she would not know that quick if it was really Rafes and they really did sleep together. So… may have something making it Nicks or Gabi thinking it is Nicks or vice versa. Still awaiting confirmation on who will be daddy in end. My guess is Will so far, either way he is gonna think he is the dad or he will be.

    Shani #78 I actually dont like Rafe with Sami for many reasons. My reasons mostly are, Sami is fake when she is with him, Sami is the queen of manipulation on this show as she owns up to that. When with RAFE she seems dumbed down IMO. I find IMO they are just not suited together, she needs a man who can handle and accept that.Sami will always be Sami, even if she pretends to be someone else. Rafe as some say is overall a good guy, he would be better matched with someone who fits his character I think. Maybe I will go as far to say Sami has pushed Rafe or had Rafe do things perhaps his character would not normally do in the past perhaps not perhaps so. EJ and Sami are a great match they have marvelous chemistry 2 kids together and they get each other and are similar to each other.Sami makes EJ want to be a better person, not dumbed down and fake he really wants to be better and be his own man.

    Nicole for example really only pulls out her stunts when trying to win a man who dont want her or dont put her first. I remember her with Brady and even Eric and I liked her there it was a good match.Though I also think she could have been matched with EJ As well she is not the woman he wants never has been so she should find that man to put her first. It is not and never will be EJ Dimera.
    Rafe and Sami IMO jst bring nothing to my screen, Rafe deserves a woman who completes him, shares in his interests and who could gie him a child. Rafe and Carrie were a good match if it was done right IMO.
    I have been a SAMI FAN since she graced the screen and I was a Lumi fan, I think Lucas is another who understand her very well and matched well as well, but I feel they moved into that BFF zone long ago and I like them as best friends.
    As the actor Galen himself said in a interview Sami comes with alot of baggage and EJ And Rafe does not really want that and is it worth it in the end. All Samis men have had EJ there in background, she has always cheated on them with EJ, and ran to him when she should have ran to her man at time.So I say I may enjoy Rafe matched wih someone who is a good match with him and who has great chemistry with him. I just have not enjoyed him at all with Sami or should I say Fake Sami dumb downed Sami.

    LEAH#82 I agree I enjoy the Wilson story but other then that do not care too much about stories in that age group as I did before. I hope they are able to make it better we will see.

    Patty#83 I brought up everyones past misdeeds as to say what makes them better then EJ so many characters on this show have done the same thing he has. You got people who are watchig Nicole use her dead child to get a man and punish Jennifer, and they sympathize with her and then say EJ is using his dead child and he is not grieving. That is a double standard to me. EJ has left Sami be since he told her Rafes lie and he is grieving. He is not up Samis butt doing anything, does he wnat her to be with him yes he does but he is grieving his child. My other point was the old EJ would have been all over them Rafe/Dan/Nicole with some high tech revenge plan. This EJ has decided not to seek revenge, because he 1 takes his own responsibility and 2 feels Nicole has suffered enough that he makes very clear 3 Values Samis opinions on what he should or should not do. Old EJ would not have cared he would have schemed away and plotted their demise. I see that as a change a big one.We seen him tell his associate he has no wishes to do anything the way his father would and he would run things his way. We also know he took all CW company ties and severed any of Stefanos companies from it.He has tried to be his won man and that is what I see on my screen. EJ is never gonna be a do gooder like perhaps some view other characters but he most certainly has changed alot. I am fine with him not being a do gooder, Sami is not a do gooder either. I guess to some it is ok when other charcters do these same evil things EJ has done as long as it is not EJ. That is wrong. Sami raped and drugged Austin, Kidnapped her sistser to sae in blackmarket because she was mad her mother was with John, Do you remember her as stan? Oh she shot EJ, changed many paternity tests schemss lies manipulates she is no innocent do gooder by any means. She has done things just as bad as EJ has in his past, and I as a Sami fan still rememebr what she did as I do EJ though both still scheme and manipulate they are not raping, and kidnapping anymore. Taht was my point. Now Nicole she has been doing what she always has so she has not changed, she is currently using her dead child to get what she wants and even accusing a woman of murdering it when the baby as already dead. Seems Nicole is actingmore evil then Sami or EJ but people spin it as EJ is acting evil right now. Gee I guess him letting them go free no ramnifications from him is so evil. Him wanting to be with the woman he loves and mother of his children wow so evil. Him wanting Jen to go to jail when everyone in town told him Jen is responsible for his childs death, again so evil. That is my point here. EJ is doing nothing wrong but yet is being blamed and called stuff for doing nothing.

    Patty what makes you so sure Sami dont love EJ? Every man she is with she runs to EJ and cheats on them with him, oh let me guess EJ made Sami come to him the night Johnny went missing? He also made Sami lay in bed with him the night Lucas was released from prison and gigle and laugh and he also made her declare her love for him many times right? I guess he made her chose him and put her life on the line for him when she ran off with him to prove his innocense too? Sami may not have said recently she loves EJ her actions and words show that. She and EJ’s conversations show she chose Rafe because 1 it was better for her family as they dont like EJ 2 its about light and dark(3 conversations recently said that) 4 Rafe never lies to her Never once did she say EJ I am choosing Rafe because I only love him instead she gave those reasons.EJ has every right to want to show her as he said its not between good guy bad guy or light and dark and that Rafe is not what she thinks and his reasons are because Sami chose Rafe based off that not love. Sami accepts EJ for EJ but is she willing to over go her family and what they think is the question. In 2010 I knew Sami wanted RAFE then and I had no intentions of hoping for them to be together as EJ was in the wrong then. Today as the actors who play them have been saying in interviews over and over til the cows come home and now Corday it has been about Sami. GALEN was unhappy with how he just had no emoton and acted as if he could care less about Sami and he wanted to fix that hence why Safe was reunited again anyway. I am sorry to SAFE fans who still want to be upset it is about EJAMI this time, you had 3 years.EJAMI has never been given one as you say Patty we have been given bread crumbs. Now people are doubting Corday him self, and Sony who posted a sorry to EJAMI fans about SAFE STORY THEY POSTED seriously what more does anyone want actors, Corday himself saying EJAMI is what they are going for and is what they are putting all into and people still say it is wrong?? I know how it feels the be a fan and have a pairing split. I am also a BOPE fan and very saddened by the fact Hope is gonna be paired elsewhere with time though and only because Peter will not be returning and this is why its being done I am now anxious to see who Hope will be paired with and dare I say I am excited it may be Rafe. They have aot in common, both cops, both mostly do gooders, both hate Dimeras. etc etc. If done right it could be a good match. I am gonna miss Bope BUT understand Hope is too important to show to remain single forever.

    Patty on ratings we have been done this road before days brought in highest ratings on the grief sex as it has been dubbed by many I will once again show that as many have done before. They even gave a press release sighting the week of grief sex and how it tied those ratings.Not to mention it has went down since Safe got in picture and thanks to the added men ratings over last few weeks before Eeileen came it has gained a little ground back. I am not sure who posted ratings here before but proof is in numbers. A project for me later I guess.

    EJ has saved Sami many of times. I also want to say I still think Stefano is evil. I neer once said he is not.
    But on ratings well theres proof for those and when they go up and down, sorry it is fact there are numbers to prove that. I think all pairings have fans of course they do, but either people can watch or not watch this show offers alot for anyone. EJAMI have not been together one time as a couple and I still watch the show.
    Patty we may not have same opinion its fine I respect yours always have, but since you addressed the post to me I responded. Judging Dimeras on past well I remember all characters past including my faves. It is a soap what fun would it be if everyone was a do gooder innocent? I love Stefano evil. It brings alot to show. I love EJ grey not evil and Sami, Kate, Nicole etc grey as well though some have crossed to evil at points. I guess following your theory when will we learn Victor is a secret crime lord murderer by night??John and Lexie are Dimeras and so its proof Dimeras dont have to be all evil, and I think EJ wants to be better we have seen that over and over.

  87. From Tee

    Wanted to add how long has it been that EJ “raped” Sami?? People are still holding it against him but not Jacks, or even Samis rape or Austin?Double standards

  88. From SandyGram

    For those wondering would we see Ciara say good-bye to Bo….Here is an Excerpt from an Article in TV Source Magazine dated October 26th titled Days of Our Lives: Previews for October 29th:

    “Before they depart for California, Bo and Caroline have a little unfinished business. Victor tells Bo just how proud he is of him for stepping up with Caroline. Later, John questions the real motivation for Bo leaving. Bo admits he plans to continue investigating the DiMera’s, but wants to concentrate on Caroline. Later, Roman, Kayla, Hope and “”Ciara”" share a tearful goodbye with Bo and Caroline. Hope gives Bo special parting gifts, one to remember their family and one to aid him in his mission to bring down the DiMera’s.

  89. From SandyGram

    #85 Tee…..If memory serves me right:

    EJ raped Sami: 12-29-2006 (With a gun to Sami’s head she agreed to have sex with EJ so he would help her save Lucas who was pin under the rubble when the roof fell in. Lucas would have died without his help.)

    Sami raped Austin: Feb 1994 (Sami slipped a date rape drug into Austin’s drink (played by Patrick Muldoon, followed him home and wearing Carrie’s perfum crawled into bed with him. Thinking she was Carrie Austin made love to Sami)

    Jack raped Kayla: Late 1987 or early 1988 (Jack and Kyla were married but she was having an affair with Steve. A reporter gave Jack some pictures of Steve and Kyla, he confronted her and decided he would also perform his husbandly duties under protest.

  90. From gerri

    so.EJ LOVES Sami soooooo much,I don’t believe it for a moment,my reason being,why would any man,put another man,in bed with the love of his life,and at the same time,put his children’s lives in danger,did he or did he not do this,no matter all the back and forth that these two have done,this would have to be the worst(he had to know sex would be involved)and I sure don’t know how Sami could forget this,and allow him back in her life and bed.
    I say,their entire relationship has been physical only,and she has allowed it.chemistry I agree they have,but no deep feelings or substance what so ever…this being my opinion only,which is my right……

  91. From Tee

    Sandy~Yes those are the dates. I dont care if it has been 5 years or 10 or 15 It has been a long time for any of them. I just dont think something that EJ did 6 years ago should be held against him if noone is willing to do the same for other characters who did it. EJ and Sami addressed it on the show I think in 2008, and moved past it. That is what is important to me.This is a fictional show, it is not like EJ just did this or even in past few years.

    Gerri#88 Yep EJ was involved in the clone story that his father thought of. Again did that just happen on this show or what? That was over a year and half ago.

    My pint is why keep bringing up EJ’s past when you are not willing to condemn others on their past. Is it only EJ’s past that matters?
    The wonderful thing about days is so many different writers have brought their takes to the show, changed some stories, made characters look bad or good etc.
    I cannot count how many times writers have done stories and a new writer has changed it or dropped the story line. At least all their past doings to each other have been addressed on this show. We seen EJ in a drunk stupor on ground ready to kill himself for the sydnapping he was ashamed and gave Sami full custody, thats redemption. EJ helping the Bardys find John and turning in his fatha,
    Some excerpts on EJ and his redemption as a fictional character on a soap opera

    It’s later revealed that EJ had blackmailed Celeste into convincing Sami to kill him, and was party to the whole thing. Eventually, the truth comes out, and viewers start to see a gradual yet seemingly sincere change in EJ as he realizes the magnitude of what he did and the pain that he caused Sami. EJ apologizes for what he did on several occasions, and later refers to what he did as vile and inhuman. He does use the word “rape” in one of his apologies, finally acknowledging the truth of what happened that night. He does everything he can to earn back Sami’s trust and he saves her life on several occasions

    On December 21st, Sami leaves EJ and tells him she wants a divorce. On December 24th, EJ prays to God, “I want to know what it’s like to love somebody without any conditions, to love them truly and not for myself. I want to know what it’s like to feel that love. Please just give me another chance with Samantha and I promise you I will be a changed man.” Lucas confesses and is sent to prison for shooting EJ in the back on December 31st. EJ makes a full recovery.
    Both above from 2007
    On January 11, EJ turns on his father when he tells Sami, Marlena, Bo and Hope that John is not dead but being held by Stefano. As a result, both EJ and Sami go into witness protection to hide from Stefano

    On May 15, 2008, EJ and Sami hash out their feelings over what happened the night Johnny was conceived after deciding to deal with the issues they’ve had between them in the past head-on. Sami declared that it was time that the slate between them should finally be wiped clean. EJ asks Sami if she can really put the night of Johnny’s conception behind them, and Sami firmly says that she can and will

    Sami finds out she is also pregnant with EJ’s child but decides to keep the information to herself, jealous of EJ and Nicole’s burgeoning relationship. EJ eventually expresses to Sami that he wants to move on because he’s tired of Sami giving him the run-around, and because he wants to start a family and believes that Nicole is as close as he’ll ever get to his longtime wish. Sami continues to keep her pregnancy a secret, despite Lucas insisting that Sami tell “the man she loves” that she’s going to have his baby.
    Sami makes an attempt to tell EJ about her pregnancy on October 17th. While standing on the DiMera mansion’s doorstep, Sami spies EJ and Nicole together through the window

    Following the mayor’s assassination, EJ rescues Sami from a sniper, after which she reluctantly agrees to go into the Witness Protection program. Sami is devastated that she has to leave her children behind, and is heartbroken when she is told that, as a safety precaution, she isn’t allowed to even bring pictures of the kids with her. EJ, however, manages to slip pictures of Johnny and Allie into her luggage when no one is looking.

    When Sami reads an announcement in the paper of EJ and Nicole’s engagement, she imagines herself in Nicole’s place. Meanwhile, EJ dreams about waking up with Sami, and can’t help his disappointment when he realizes he’s waking up beside Nicole instead.

    Sami, in the meantime, lies to EJ once again by telling him that Grace is a child she decided to adopt. EJ expresses confusion as to why Sami would adopt a child when she already has three that she was forced to leave behind when she went into witness protection. Sami, still obstinately holding onto her secret, reacts with anger, telling EJ to stay out of her life. In the meantime, Rafe decides to go along with Sami’s plan to have him illegally adopt Grace, making him the baby’s father in EJ’s place, though this plan never ends up coming to fruition. On June 3rd Grace is rushed to the hospital, and on June 9th, she dies from complications of meningitis. Sami, devastated by the death of the baby she believed was her biological daughter, lashes out at EJ, finally coming clean about hiding the pregnancy from him. EJ, hurt beyond measure that Sami would purposely keep his child from him, spitefully only telling him about her existence after it was too late for him to ever know her, responds in kind. After an emotional explosion at the funeral home, EJ serves Sami with custody papers, intending to keep her out of Johnny’s life forever. Soon after, EJ becomes enraged when he discovers that the headstone Sami and Rafe arranged for Grace’s burial plot bears the name “Grace Rafaela Brady”. After destroying it, believing it to be yet another symbol of Sami’s lack of remorse for keeping his child from him, EJ immediately has it replaced with one that reads “Grace DiMera”

    Eventually, tensions begin to ease between the two with the help of a guilt-stricken Nicole. Sami finally begins to show some remorse for her actions, and EJ reveals to Lexie that he still has feelings for Sami, despite how she’s acted towards him

    In a grand act of revenge, EJ orchestrates Sydney’s kidnapping to punish everyone around him. His original plan is to leave the country with Johnny and Sydney in tow, and never look back, however his accomplice, sister-in-law Anna DiMera, is able to see long before EJ can, that he’s still in love with Sami, and tries to convince him that he’s making a huge mistake. After things escalate to the point where he fakes Sydney’s death to emotionally destroy Sami, he changes his mind about leaving the country at the last minute, showing up at the Brady Pub with Sydney in hand. Sami is overjoyed to have her daughter back, and she and EJ seem to be back on a road to recovery.

    Rafe shows up at the mansion in time to stop Sami and EJ’s wedding, and a heartbroken Sami leaves a devastated EJ at the altar, packing up the children and moving them all out of the mansion that same afternoon.
    Later that night, a drunk and suicidal EJ passes out in Sami’s old bedroom clutching a family picture Johnny drew for him in one hand and a gun in the other. During an alcohol-induced tirade earlier on the evening, EJ swore to Stefano that he’d take the children and leave town. Kate called Sami to warn her of EJ’s plan, insisting, though, that EJ was in no state to put his plan into motion that night because he was in rough shape. Still, Sami snuck out of Rafe’s bed, got dressed, and headed to the DiMera mansion to confront EJ. Finding him passed out on the bed, Sami is about to turn and leave when her feelings of being betrayed by EJ overwhelm her. She grabs the gun from EJ’s hand, aims it at his head, and pulls the trigger. She slips back into bed beside Rafe before he even realizes she was gone.

    On October 14th, EJ admits to Stefano that he still loves Sami, and that he believes that if she was indeed the one who shot him, he got what he deserved.

    EJ has had many redemptions along the way.

    Sami actually raped Austin in 1995 and in 2005 her and Austin were living together and I believe got married or engaged..She plotted with Lucas to keep CARRIE With him and her with Austin. I think that is when she lied to say Carrie and Austin could not marry because of a genetic marker or something.

    Sami goes to EJ then but finds out who he is.
    I seem to remember she even lied once on Lucas saying he was abusing Will.

    Oh yea so it is clear when EJ pulled gun on Sami it was so she would get him past the road block he did not threaten her with it when he made the agreement of saving Lucas. So many people like to put that in there. EJ may have done some evil things so did Sami, My point is I think this is a soap opera not real life and he has shown remorse and redemption throughout the years. If I can look past the fictional characters of Jack, and Sami then I can look past EJs faults when he has grown as well. That is my point I cant and dont go back and say but so and so did this they are evil. I used what others did as to say why not say things about them they did it as well in past. I dont harper on thins fictional characters did when they show remorse and redmption and growth over years.

    Sorry for long post Thanks

  92. From Tee

    Sandy#86 Glad to hear Ciara and Bo will share some scenes.

    Kat so true,

  93. From Leah

    Lets get one thing straight… Sami HAS SAID she loves EJ several times. I’m not gunna go through and name and date every time but there is always one time in particular that sticks out for me. It was when Sami had shot EJ in the head and she was visiting him in hospital. Sami was in the room with EJ by herself and she was talking to EJ who was drugged up and asleep. Sami SAID “EJ I have loved you and I have hated you. Sometimes both at the same time!”
    So lets put that rest to that debate.

  94. From Leah

    # 85 Tee
    Spot on. People tend to sweep under the carpet or forget both Sami and Jack are guilty of rape. Time to move on. The writers had EJ and Sami deal with that subject once and for all in May 2008. Both characters said they would NEVER talk about it again and haven’t. Plenty of water has passed under the Ejami bridge since then. If the characters and storylines have moved way on passed then I think fans need to too! Its a bit silly for fans to be holding onto it when the characters aren’t. Not good to be confusing fiction with reality. Sami forgave him… its done and dusted as far as I’m concerned.

  95. From Tee

    Hey all!

    Patty #83 No source told me nor have I read a source say EJ or Stefano has changed or whatever. Iam stating what I see on my screen which is a big difference in EJ from what he used to do. I also stated above I have not seen Stefano change, I did say I remember he was working for the fbi or whatever it is called in SALEM. and I said I wonder what will come of that if anything. I answered back to Sandy on her question on what EJAMI can do in a relationship and said try to make a better name for Dimeras etc. I sited sources on EJAMI coming such as Corday the actors themselves and of course other sources. I just wanted to make sure that was clear me saying EJ changing is my opinion based off watching him on my screen.

    I need to clear date of Wilson making love It is Nov 14th I believe I accidentally put the 5th that is day some of days actors appear on Probst show. Thanks

    Leah thank you that is point I was making as well. #92 and #93.

    Sweeps sound good so many things coming up. I know they officially started but next few weeks sound good. I cant wait for Eric to get here. Wonder how he will fit in and where he will stay? Will he stay at Samis or Marlenas?

  96. From bobby

    I am really looking forward to Kayla and Abe connecting. It will be nice to see 2 normal people having a sincere relationship without some kind of game going on. The E.J./Nichole/Sami go round gets old real quick. Same ‘ole, same ‘ole. And it looks like the fear of Gabby having a little Will in the oven is coming true. MOre secrets, I’m sure. Will these people start using protection and birth control! What’s in that Salem water?

  97. From Shani

    patty 83 I like your post & you are so right about Sami & EJ as compared to other couples. There IS NO comparison to how Sami & EJ have tried to destroy each other. Fiction or not, it’s a turn-off! – at least to me & a lot of other people!

    gerri 88 another good post. & when Stefano’s fake Rafe creation was put in Sami’s bed, EJ not only knew sex would be involved, but remember he enjoyed it & got a kick out of it. EJ was up to his eyeballs in Stefano’s whole plan of fake Rafe.

    Yes, this is a soap opera, not real life, & EJ & Stefano are the villians on the show. Everyone else has done some bad things, too, but EJ & Stefano are dyed in the wool villians, even evil, & they are supposed to be. I’m not rooting for them in any way & I’d like to see them pay for their crimes one of these days. But for those who do root for them, fine, have at it, just don’t try to make them out to be good guys. They are what they are & it ain’t good!! I see NO evidence of that changing & sincerely doubt it will.

  98. From Shani

    bobby 95 I really wish they wouldn’t go down the route of Gabi getting pregnant. But if they are going to, I hope they don’t let us get invested in the baby over her entire pregnancy & then write in something terrible happening like with Nicole’s baby.

  99. From bobby

    #97 Shani I agree. Enough with the baby stories. I mean-Sami a grandmother?… WOW! And Marlena a great grandmother? What will happen to Jen and Dan once Nichole is caught in another web of lies? Kristen is like a Nichole clone. Can you imagine if Nichole went back to E.J. and the 3 of them started scheming. Watch out Salem!

  100. From bobby

    #97 shani. Real tired of the baby stories. Can you imagine-Sami a grandmother!?? WOW!! And Marlena a great grandmother? Let’s hope it”s just a false alarm. Wonder what will happen to Dan and Jen when the bitch Nichole is outed. I think Kristen is a Nichole clone. Can you imagine Nichole getting back with E.J. and the 3 of them scheming? Watch out Salem.

  101. From SandyGram

    Mother Nature seems to be in full force this morning with Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast; and a 7.7 Earth Quake off the coast of Canada with Tsunami warnings for Hawaii, Alaska and the West Coast.

    Sure hope these disasters are not affecting any of our fellow posters.

  102. From gerri

    Soap Opera VS Real life
    yes we fans get caught up in the
    S/L’s'so we know It’s just a show
    my question Is since we all post,our thoughts and likes and dislikes with the characters and S/L’s,those of us who feel differently,than some,are said to be,forgetting that it’s not real life,but a soap.while their comments, (though their “favs” are different’are basically the same)and should be interpeted correctly as a soap.

    we all enjoy the show,if not we wouldn’t be watching and commenting,and there is some things written,that has happened in real life.
    I hope another controversy isn’t about to start,with all the agrees and dissagrees,back and forth.
    this is entirely my opinion only….and not a dissagreement,with anyone,just my question as to why the difference????


  103. From gerri

    #100 SandyGram,
    hope no one is in harm’s way.
    I’ve always wondered tho,why is all these disasters listed as Mother Nature?mothers are supposed to be caring and compassionate,and protect our young’just a thought…

  104. From Kat

    Talking about the “Withholding” of Babies from their Father, for whatever reason,
    is IMO also a certain type of “Kidnapping”,
    So Sami, Rafe, Nicole and Dr. Dan also have done “Kidnapping”…
    EJ, yes he had his own daughter .. and we all know the rest..
    BUT, he went into big Remorse and returned Sydney, which is more than the rest of the So called “Kidnappers” were willing to do.
    They had to get caught….

  105. From Clear

    I still hold faint hope that at least one of Nicole’s children will return from the Day’s reservoir of the undead. Will they recast Bo and have Carolyn return with him later? Will either be the same actors.

    I thought it was really ridiculous for Nicole to try to hide EJ’s child. Did they ever give the cause of the stillbirth? That was a terrible terrible outcome for that SL–gives me day nightmares thinking about it. I had to fast forward through some of the over the top angst because it was not entertaining, but extremely disquieting and off putting as entertainment. Guess that’s why I asked if anyone heard the medical reason.

    In Florida we are happy to dodge this hurricane. I just hope people on the Northern coast don’t suffer and are prepared with extra water and battery back ups, or get out of the way.

  106. From Clear

    Just a thought– did anyone notice the track showing the storm headed for Washington? What do you suppose Mother Nature is trying to tell her children? With all the mud slinging politicians, I look forward to some “Soapy” escape entertainment!

  107. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    I too would like to say to all in path of Hurricane my thoughts and prayers are with you. We are supposed to get some high winds and we have that winter storm they suspect may meet with Sandy and make it ugly here. I am in Ohio so hope it changes a bit over next few days, we are expected to et what we get I think Monday or Tuesday. I stocked up here, because we have had 3 bad storms over summer one which was declared a disaster by Obama. So I am prepared this time.

    Gerri #101 Ihope I understand your question correctly but some have stated how its wrong to put EJAMI together based off of Rape and how it is a disgrace to survivors and other things. So I think that is what the “its only a soap not real life comments come from” I would never condone half the things on soaps in real life, but that’s just it its a soap and I love redemption on soaps. Most characters go through something and need redemption.
    Stating what others have done to compare is just that, its people not understanding why only EJ is hated by fans for what he has done if others have done it as well,IF i was going to hold something against a character I would have to hold all characters who did that to same standards. That is just me, I dont feel I can say its ok one character did it and not another. But I look at soaps as fictional and hence redemption can happen and other things that allow us to root for even the most evil at times. I dont hold what Jack, did against him he has been redeemed over the years, I dont even hold what Sami did to Austin or her Belle kidnapping either. Others say EJ did this or that he is dispicable but dont hold anything against Sami or Jack or Nicole or many others who have over and over done things to the same calibur. If you feel something is wrong thats fine, but when you say oh but only the Dimeras will be held accountable thats a double standard IMO.

    Hope that explains my view on your question Thanks

    Bo is not gonna be recast from my understanding, they are out of respect for Peter and his years as Bo going to not kill off Bo so if he ever decided one day to come back it is open. Bo will most likely end up missing or telling Hope he dont plan to return or something.This has been a big secret most sources know little to nothing though more info is coming out lately.

    Clear no word yet on how the baby really died or why yet. I hope we get a answer about it though.
    I am glad Florida was able to escape the brunt of the Hurricane

    On Sami being a grandma, well I guess she made Marlena one early on as well. I am ok with it. I would prefer they wait a few more years, but if written well Im ok. I do wonder will it settle her down a bit being a grandma if she is?
    Spoilerish below
    Bobby #99 Dan and Jen will get together and JJ may be coming to stir tat pot a bit early next year.
    Shani #96 so true some don’t like it but a lot of people like watching people overcome obstacles and change and grow to be better people. I am one of them.

    I never said EJ was a do gooder I actually said he is bad but not evil, not in past year anyway. Stefano is still evil as I state many times. I am under no illusion about that. I just see changes in EJ from his old big time evil schemes to what he has been doing lately. Ilove Stefano and what he brings to the show, lots of great stories. I also do not tend to actually root for him in story lines either. Just like I can recall times I did not root for EJ in past as well as other characters. I also know some things EJ has done has been in direct response to things done to him. IE Sami hides his child from him out of jealosy of Nicole, keeping him from eevr knowing Grace who was believed to be their child, then Nicole kidnaps his real child and well he went crazy and kidnapped Sydney, who was never hurt at all it was revne to make Sami who lied and then had the nerve to disrespect him further by putting Rafes name on headstone of his baby. It was about her feeling what he did I guess to him.Then you see him ready to kill his self over what he did, and wallowing holding Johnnys picture he felt remorse. Then Sami came and shot him, he told his father if she did he deserved it but knew she would neer see his children again so he took custody from her, then in end he remorsed and gave her full custody. So yes he has done evil things but he is not the only one and so much is in response to what has been done to him, not all but most. But key word is he felt remorse and so there is redemption IMO.

    I am still awaiting Gabis redemption..

    BOBBY I too am lokin forward to Kayla and Abe, I like that they moved this very slow it showed respect to Lexie and Abes love and even Kaylas to Steve. They made that mistake with Jen having her pining for Dan before Jack was even cold. I did not like that at all.They were a super couple and fans should have sen her mourningmore IMO.

  108. From Michelle

    I bought the latest issue of SOD today, they had a poll asking the viewers their opinion of killing Nicole’s baby yet again, one of the choices was “not surpristing, due to her frantic behavior, it was bound to happen”. I love that they had that choice, because that’s exactly how I felt about the whole situation, yes it’s cruel that she had to endure another loss, but from the very beginning she approached her miracle pregnancy the wrong way. This past year, EJ has shown that he is not into the game of using his kids to hurt their mother, no one can say he has. But her irrational anger turned into irrational fear that Rafe was glad to take advantage of. Deciding for a second time to claim EJ’s baby as his own, justifying his reason by saying EJ is a threat to the child. I never understood that excuse. Because while Sami hid Grace from EJ, she allowed JOHNNY to stay in EJ’s orbit, what is the rationale behind this?
    So Nicole lets Rafe claim EJ’s baby, and EJ knows in his heart it’s a lie, it was a sign to them, that were going to stop at nothing to keep EJ from his child, for what? He’s not hurting his existing children…. So with the lie, Nicole’s irrational fear is heightened, and instead of coming to her senses and confessing to EJ that she only went along with the lie because she was hurt on unable to forgive, she uses the situation to keep two men in her life that aren’t in love with her. Some days, EJ isn’t even thinking about her, but she’ll make up a lie to get Daniel or Rafe to show compassion for her. Yes, that miracle baby was special to Nicole, but it was special to EJ as well, the same baby that she lost the first time was his baby too.
    I did not think what she, Daniel and Rafe did was right. Based on EJ’s recent actions he did not show that he would be a threat to his children with Sami or his child with Nicole. It’s never right to keep a child from their parent, with so many single mothers and dead beat dads out there, if the dad wants to be a part of the child’s life, by all means let him. And I won’t buy the “he would be a threat” excuse because he’s still a part of Johnny and Sydney’s life.
    Nicole used her child, and create a stressful environment for herself and her child so I am one of those viewers that was not surprised.

  109. From Kat

    107 Michelle, You said it Lady…
    very sad, but so true.

  110. From Leah

    # 107 Well said Michelle! I thought Nicole getting pregnant round 2 was plain stupid in the first place. She “supposedly” can’t have children. First time was a miracle… don’t know what you’d call it a second time. Aahh… fiction soap land style – ha, ha. There is rumour after an interview Arianne Zucker did that Nicole will eventually have a child. A grown up one from way back in her past. That means possible daddys could be Eric, Brady or even Victor. Now wouldn’t that be interesting! I hope its not a rumour I hope it comes to fruition.

  111. From bobby

    Tee 106 Thank you for the Dan and Jen update. So, now we have JJ coming and Eric coming back. Still no one for Abby. I guess she’s headed for Chad after all. Hope everyone on the east coast stays safe the next 2 days. 3 hurricanes in just over a year.And I didn’t care to live in Florida for that reason. What crazy weather!

  112. From Shani

    Good Morning -

    It is all politics for me from now until election day next Tues., Nov. 6. Please exercise your right to vote between now & then if you haven’t already. I know some early in-person voting has been cancelled on the east coast due to the storm.

    BE SAFE anyone who is in the path of the storm!!

  113. From Betty

    Sick and tired of the EJ Sami show and the perfect little Jennifer tale. I think Days will lose some viewers when they put all their eggs in the EJ Sami basket, everyone is not pleased. Sami is not the only woman in Salem, Days find someone from EJ please, its not love working here its possession and control, terrible combination for a relationship.

  114. From MAB

    Some see it one way, and some see it another. Jen played a part in what happened to Nicole, no if ands or buts about it. Jen stuck her nose in where it didn’t belong, and that alone made her responsible for her behavior & actions towards Nicole.

    I’m sick of how the Brady family treats Sami (other than Caroline), like she isn’t good enough to be in their presence or something. And I’m sure it will only get worse for her when she gets together w/ EJ. Of course, why should it matter when they’ve always treated her like she was second best? I didn’t like Bo’s remark to her, saying how she should’ve asked (about Caroline). Well how was she supposed to know?? They were keeping it from basically everyone. At least he changed tune, and talked to her maturely about Caroline. Caroline telling Sami how much she loves her regardless of her mistakes was so true. She has always been in Sami’s corner. She would tell Sami when she thought she was wrong, etc., but she was always there for her. I think Caroline has been more of a mother to Sami than Marlena has ever been.

    Spoilers say Marlena will go to great lengths over Kristen, and I’d suffice to say it will be Marlena who looks like the crazy one, while Kristen will look like the sane one. I doubt it will happen, but if Marlena looses John, it will be her own fault. And why oh why put Brady in the middle of this? Why can’t they see fit to give this amazing character his own s/l, and a woman??? Paleeze! All his talent is going to waste!

    I think Will & Sonny act too immature. I know they’re the “younger crowd”, but they act like kids about all the time, especially Will. It’s getting old & played, much like I think their relationship already has. I did like their talk about his childhood days tho. I like them that way, as friends, but not interested in the rest of it at all. I just turn my head, and wait for the scene to change.

    Tee – I’m also a big Sami & Nicole fan. These ladies can act circles around most, shine in every scene, are good paired w/ nearly anyone (although some better than others), and are truly beautiful women. These are the types of characters I root for, as they always seem to be the underdogs, and have to fight for what they have & want. Their characters are real, and don’t deny who they really are, which make them more acceptable to me. Even w/ all their dastardly deeds, they have their good side, and they don’t pretend to be perfect, like some others on the show. Also, you are SO right how some of us are judge by others (on a personal basis nonetheless) just because we root for characters like EJ. This is a soap opera, not real life, and no one should be judging a EJ fans on a personal level. It’s uncalled for and just makes the ones doing it look desperate tho. For me, I look for something different in entertainment than the norm. I look for love & romance as much as the next person, but I crave the drama & intrigue such characters like EJ bring to the table. It’s pivotal for soap’s survival.

    As for the thought of bringing Susan back, I would be ok w/ it as long as she was different than before, and not so kooky. I don’t mind if she was comical, and a little backwards, but the silliness she exuded would be gone. If she were to return, I’d like to see her more mature, and a bit reserved. With that said, if she were a bit more ‘normal’, it would be nice to see her interact w/ EJ as his mother.

    Tee – thanks for letting me know about the Jeff Probst show airing! I sure will be watching to see the Days characters, specifically James Scott!

    Tee – again, ditto on all that can happen by making EJ & Sami a couple. You mirrored a lot of what I’ve been saying for so long. They will be just like every other couple, and have to overcome many obstacles to be together. But the fact that they have a lot to overcome w/ their past, families, etc., will just make things even more intriguing than your typical couple. I don’t recall anyone comparing EJ & Sami to couples such as Bo & Hope. I made a remark that they can be just as great as a couple like of Bo & Hope, but all couples have their own unique special relationship, as so will EJ & Sami. They would never be boring, always interesting, as there is much for them to conquer to be together. As I’ve always said, so many stories can come from their pairing, and also include a lot of other cast member’s involvement, which is a plus. I certainly don’t expect to see a white picket fence storybook romance for them, as it was suggested, and I say, who would want to? I see a romance that will defy all the odds, and be different than anything we’ve seen before. To me, it’s a no-brainer, and nothing but a win/win situation for the show. I just hope the writers do it justice! You’re also correct that EJ will forgive Stefano. I’m sure this will play into his involvement w/ Sami right off the bat, another obstacle for them to overcome, but it will have to happen, as there is no getting around that they are father & son. But unfortunately, Stefano (and Joe Mascolo) will not be around forever. EJ will eventually be the leader of the DiMera family, as he should be, and if Sami wants to be w/ him, she’ll have to accept EJ being a DiMera on some level. I think w/ Sami at his side tho, he will change somewhat, and try to be a better man for her. Not that he will be perfect, because neither will she, but either way, they will be dynamic together!

    Some just make assumptions as to how other’s view Rafe, when they don’t have a clue. Yep, I definitely don’t want Sami w/ Rafe, but that is only one of many reasons why I dislike him. And that really has nothing to do w/ how I view his character. Whether he’s w/ Sami or someone else, I’ll still dislike him, as long as he continues to break the law that he’s supposed to uphold, exudes the type of rude behavior & smart@$$ attitude he has, and acts like he is always right & never wrong, and never admits to his mistakes. However, I want to be hopeful for his character (unlike those who hate EJ). I hope (and think) he will be different once he is out of EJ & Sami’s realm. He’s proved he can be more likable in certain situations, such as when he was around Carrie, and even Nicole. I hope once he gets his own s/l where EJ & Sami are not involved, he will be a different character, and hopefully more likable, that is if he ever gets off the pedestal he’s on. But all that remains to be seen.

    Leah – I agree, doesn’t anyone practice safe sex on this show, especially the younger crowd??? Oh, and I was the one who mentioned how the current younger crowd have nothing on the younger crowd from years ago. The only ones I see real potential in is Chad, and maybe Abby if they get back together. I’m kinda liking Nick & Gabi, but they are a secondary story for me…not main event status.

    Ugh, again, all some can do is bring up the past, and sound like a broken record, only to challenge Ken Corday’s vision of EJami. Some never change their tune & waste time listing EJ’s past indiscretions, only to now predict what EJ will do going forward. Well, sorry to say, but that’s only your opinion. It’ll be up to the writers as to what EJ will do going forward, and how he will act. He may act in normal EJ fashion, he may get worse, or he may change completely. Who knows? Not us, only TPTB. And it’ll be up to them as to how EJami develop, how things progress, and who Sami’s true love will be in the end. EJ & Sami have addressed their past many times, and have put it behind them, just as some fans should do as well. Rather than dwell on the past, look to the future of the show, but I guess some just refuse to do that. I sure hope Ken Corday & the writers prove all the naysayers wrong that believe EJami won’t last. They have the right idea to go full force w/ EJami. There are MANY fans out there ready for it (regardless of those who claim that most don’t want to watch EJami). Many will welcome the change from Sami being in lackluster relationships w/ the likes of Lucas & Rafe. Sami is exceptional, and should be paired w/ someone just as exceptional, and that is EJ. And I’m gonna make a little prediction of my own. I bet before all is said & done, there will be some who change their tune eventually & begin enjoying EJami. Mark my words.

    Sami loves EJ, always has IMO. She has admitted to it several times, and will again, once they begin their journey.

    I don’t see how anyone can compare what EJ & Sami have done to each another, and say no other soap couples have done the same or worse…unless you’ve have watched every soap opera ever created for the past 50 years and know all the couples history that is. Just saying…

    It’s always a double standard where EJ is concerned. Excuses are always made for other characters, and why it is they do what they do, but when it comes to EJ, it’s always those few that spin it as EJ is evil, or being blamed even when he is doing nothing wrong. EJ may not be perfect, but he is not the monster some make him out to be.

    Yes, EJ did have a gun, revealed it, and pointed it at Sami, but he never held it to Sami’s head. That statement was not true, and facts like that should be accurate.

    Michelle – good point about how Sami hid Grace from EJ, but allowed Johnny to remain. If it was really over keeping his children from him because he was an unfit father, Sami would’ve got Johnny out of there too. Sami’s concern for Johnny was more about Stefano than EJ tho, and she admitted to that. Why Sami did hid her pregnancy from EJ was obvious…she was scared of Stefano, and jealous EJ was moving on w/ Nicole. Enter Rafe…she found someone who would go along w/ her, and she went to even greater lengths to keep it hidden from EJ, in which he retaliated for. Most of what EJ has done in the past has been in retaliation for what was done to him first. And Nicole did the same thing. She was jealous over Sami, and knowing she was always EJ’s second choice over Sami, she tried to get him to leave Salem, Sami & the kids behind, so they could be together & raise their child. That certainly isn’t trying to keep a child from an unfit father. That is being spiteful because he turned her down.

  115. From MAB

    Tee – when I said “I don’t recall anyone comparing EJ & Sami to couples such as Bo & Hope”,I wasn’t referring to anything you said. It was someone who suggested that is what was being done, when it wasn’t, and I don’t recall anyone doing it.

  116. From Kat

    Attention…. coming to your theater’s soon,
    the New exciting story of a couple,
    EJ and Sami in the new Block Buster “Against All Odds”.
    It will be a story, that will go beyond any other that has ever been done… so fans, fasten your seat belts, because This Will Be a Bumpy ride, as Betty said so elegantly .. so many years ago.
    Just thought I liven things up a bit….

  117. From patty

    Spoilers for the week of Nov 12th (Daytime Royalty)
    Abigail and EJ bond over their losses.
    After speaking with the D.A., Jennifer makes her final decision.
    Nicole comes face to face with an old flame.
    Marlena receives a mysterious text.
    Will receives some surprising news.
    Jennifer suggests some life changing options to Daniel.

    DVR Alerts:
    Monday – Nicole wonders if she’ll get arrested.
    Wednesday – EJ calls Stefano wanting to return to the DiMera fold.

  118. From patty

    Abbigail and EJ bond? I wonder what that means for EJami . Never mind, what does that mean for Abbigail? Is the big bad wolf using her to get back at Jennifer or is Abbigail going for another older man crush, which would be fun to watch if it meant kicking Sami`s butt.
    Loved Rafe putting Sami in her place today and finally letting her have it. This is how things between Sami and Rafe should end so he can move on his merry way and be free of Sami`s never ending drama and selfish ways. My favorite line from Rafe while talking about EJ “ The same guy you slept with while we were married but that happened to me and we only talk about things that happen to you.“ Go Rafe! Kick that self absorbed biotch to the curb and let her fall right into EJ`s depraved arms. Let her forgive a man that raped her at gunpoint but can`t forgive a secret that had nothing to do with her and that she admits she would have helped to keep if only he hadn`t told her sister first.
    Sad day as the Bradys say goodbye to Bo. :(

  119. From SandyGram

    #117 patty
    Abby and EJ bond over there losses….I was just looking at a twitter tweet that shows a picture of Abby and EJ, not in the same picture but their pictures side by side and the tweeter mentioned it being a rumor they could get together. Now that has to be just a rumor not unless this is how EJ finds a way to pay back Jennifer for the death of his son by developing a relationship with Abby. EEEEEEgads…that would be deceit for sure. And I hate to say it, but especially if she lost her virginity to him…..makes me shiver!

  120. From patty

    SandyGram, isn’t that interesting? I shiver at the thought also but I can see EJ using a young Abby for revenge. He did swear again today that Jennifer will pay for the death of his son. Isn’t he closer to Abby’s age than to Sami’s?
    SandyGram, you might want to keep the tissue box close by tomorrow, Bo saying goodbye to Hope and Ciera is so sad. I can’t believe this was his last scenes and you can tell this was hard for him.

  121. From SandyGram

    Episode 29th:
    After thinking about it a little, I like that TPTB are showing the parents, in this case Lucas, side of a son who is gay. The journey is not just about Will, but how it affects the entire family and for me, Brian Datillo (Lucas) is doing a great job at being the concerned father. I’m not sure where the writers are coming from by having Lucas concerned that Sonny is using Will and making Sonny seem so worldly. There has been no indication since Sonny came to town that he’s been some kind of playboy flittering from one partner to the other. For me, it’s been just the opposite, Sonny has been portrayed as a very responsible young man. But then, so too this will pass, it’s all in getting out a realistic story.

    More tears as we see the great moments with Bo and the people who love him. Both Victor and John have his number that Bo won’t give up on finding something creditable on the DiMera’s. Then there’s our Caroline at the Pub with Will. They didn’t give Will much of a dialog, but then Caroline said it all, as she did with Rafe in their moment together. Then there was Billie popping up at the Pub to give Nick a written offer to join Mad World Cosmetics, a big offer, but will Nick take it since he doesn’t trust Kate? Nick did become a little breathless when talking to her, I supposed somewhere down the road he will have to explain his relationship with Billie to Gabi, that will be an interesting conversation.

    John, Marlena and Sami at the HTC, Kristen is already getting under Marlena’s skin. It’s going to be interesting to see this plays out.

  122. From Mocha

    I know I’ll probably be boo’ed? But Just before Nicole found out about EJ and Sami, I think they made a good couple, looked like they were really falling in love with each other. They actually made sense and had chemistry together. Sami is just an obsession no real love between them, someone mentioned Sami told an unconsious EJ that she has loved him and hated him (loved him not been in love with him). They may put Sami and EJ together but how is it real if he can only get Sami by scheming and lying,call it what it is sexual attraction. If these two are coming together how does Abby fit in to this s/l? I too miss the s/l where a couple were in love and it was them against the world and obstacles and tragedy brought them closer wasn’t boring. Maybe its time for a new man in Salem. Give Sami a man without baggage she has enough of her own. Tired of the Will and Sonny show, Will is downright giddy and I agree their scenes are rather juvenile. Wonder what is going to happen when Chloe comes back to town.

  123. From patty

    As much as Kristen tries to make Marlena out to be paranoid, it is obvious that Kristen is the crazy one faking all this sweetness in her creepy sort of way and Marlena has every reasons not to trust her. I imagine Kristen will try her hardest to convince John that she’s reformed and innocent in all this, but hopefully John and Marlena’s love and trust for each other will prevail and get them through whatever Kristen has in store for them.

  124. From SandyGram

    #123 patty
    A light bulb just went on! Since Kristen’s return she seems to know a lot about just about everyone. I’ll be anxious to see if Stefano also told her John is not married to Marlena, he’s married to Hope. Maybe this is how she starts to worm her way back into John’s orbit by either finding out the truth from Stefano or if John is married to Hope, help him get a divorce. Or will this just be another forgotten storyline, the material is there if the writers took this opportunity use it.

  125. From jolie

    #118 Patty, good spoilers but Abbigail and Elvis bonding…does this mean Abbs gets in the middle of the 2 Dimera brothers? That would put a new spin to things, yes? And go Rafe! I was thinking the same after seeing Monday’s show, All About Sami, when he sort of relives her exit from his house. I thought was a dumbaxx this gal is. So good riddance to bad rubbish as the old saying goes. Rafe was too good for her and he’ll get over her. She in turn will eventually know what she has done and will not get over Rafe. And with Elvis going back into the wolf’s den and family, well, Sami will have her work cut out for her. How long will it be before Alli is living with Lucas again??

    #119 Sandygram, you just too egads to a new level! That would be something indeed for Abby to pursue her affinity(for a better word) for the older man with our boy Elvis. Now that would be a curve ball for sure. And that he would be her first…yikes!

    #121 Sandygram, I had posted about that same thing..Sonny is so responsible and Lucas acts like he is a slut wanting to be kept up. Does Will have a job now? Where is he living? Did Elvis take back the car? Will was the user back in the summer but of course he has settled down lately and like Caroline said…is finally happier. I am a bit like Lucas I admit. The gay make out and the up coming sex caper leave me a bit out of it. I am not liking it but all I have to do is turn my head. I am not downing anyone’s life…I am just seeing that it would certainly be an adjustment for a parent so Lucas is true in his trepidation but perhaps vocalizes it in a difficult manner. But then hasn’t Lucas always had a difficult time in verbalizing what he wants to say and it comes out as preaching or just plain wrong. Brian is a good actor…get him a story line!!! I loved Victor with Bo…touching as any scene on DOOL lately and there have been many. Nick and Billie..was that sparks I saw between them?? I do hope Nick is here for a while. I like the actor and his character. And Marlena is surely showing where Sami gets her “jump in head first and worry about it later” attitude. Marlena is letting her fears of Kristen and what she is up to do exactly what Kristen wants…makes Marlena look a bit stressed and off center and opens doors for Kristen to walk right in. I think Marlena will finally settle down and fight crazy with all the skills she has used against the Dimeras over the years. Marlena was right in her advice to Sami…so Sami, run!

    #124 Sandygram, that is a good idea of yours. I think the marriage of Hope and John is a bygone idea. I wonder if it was even real now or just a ruse dreamed up by Stefano to get the coin…oh yeah, that coin that people were willing to kidnap, kill, blame for murder but has dropped off the radar.

  126. From patty coming and going

    Brendan Coughlin, who recurs as T, is getting a girlfriend. Brie Gabrielle will begin airing as Audrey Perkins on November 9. Gabrielle appeared on season two of Hannah Montana as Anne. She also had a one-day stint on Days in 2009, portraying a teen named Jamie.

  127. From MAB

    I loved Bo’s talk w/ Victor & Maggie. I like how Maggie shows her support. I wished the show would’ve concentrated more on Bo & Victor’s relationship after Shawn died, but I guess it’s too late. I miss Bo already, and he’s not even gone! I have a feeling he may go missing at some point, if he is dead-set on going after the DiMeras.

    I agreed w/ the majority of what Lucas said to Sonny yesterday. I’m sure Lucas continues to have the gay aspect on his mind, and it may play a small factor in what he thinks, but I believe Lucas is genuinely looking out for Will. We don’t know how responsible Sonny really is, just because he has the coffeehouse, that doesn’t make him responsible relationship-wise. Lucas has a right to be concerned about his son. We don’t know much of Sonny’s past or how many partners he has had…he could be a player. And that it the point Lucas was trying to make. Will is new to the lifestyle and don’t need to be rushing things. Also, I think Sonny was a smart@$$ to Lucas. I think he has a chip on his shoulder, because all he could do was relate everything Lucas said to the topic of being gay. If you can’t have a conversation w/o bringing up being gay every 5 seconds, then how can anyone respect you or your choice of your sexual preference?

    Ugh, I think some read too much into the spoilers. It’s obvious EJ & Abby bond over their losses. Now what his intentions are, not sure, whether he’s being nice to Abby for real, or trying to find a way to get back at Jen. As for Abby, I think she will loose her virginity to either Chad or Cameron. I hope it’s Chad. EJ is a man who would unlikely ever be involved romantically w/ a young girl. And why would he?

    Yep, here we go again, Rafe barking at Sami again. I think he talks just to hear himself talk…he must like the sound of his own voice. Who would want to be w/ someone like him who constantly berates you like he does Sami? If he’d stop acting all high & mighty, maybe Sami would be more receptive. But that’s ok, just keep on running your big mouth Rafe, keep driving the wedge between you & Sami so this boring relationship can take it’s final bow. I loved them playing the flashback of Sami walking out on him, telling him they were done. It was long overdue for him to get the backlash from her for a change, as he’s deserved it for a long time. I’ll just be so glad when these 2 are over for good!

    I’ve always said EJ & Nicole made a good couple too, I just prefer him w/ Sami. I’ve always said if EJ & Sami were never gonna be together, then I’d rather him be w/ Nicole. EJ has chemistry w/ nearly everyone, so that’s a given. EJ has always loved Sami tho, and Nicole was always his second choice, and that’s not fair to Nicole. She needs someone who will put her first. EJ’s love for Sami is not an obsession, and Sami has admitted to hating, loving, AND being in love w/ EJ. Go back & watch the old clips. Also, there are no indications, other than Kristen putting EJ & Sami in a working situation, that EJ will scheme to get her back.

    I sure didn’t buy Rafe’s concern for Caroline. And talking about the kids like he knows them so well. How does he know how Sydney writes? The last time he was around that child, she was too young to write. Paleeze!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, it will now be EJ & Sami’s turn to be a couple, and it most certainly will be them against the world, as they will have everyone coming at them over being together…no doubt there will be many obstacles for them to overcome, and no doubt it will bring them closer.

    According to the spoilers, Marlena will resort to some underhanded, uncharacteristic like tactics. Corday says, “Marlena doesn’t tell John she’s doing it and sooner or later, that’s the kind of thing that comes back to bite you. But she’s doing it for the sake of her relationship with John and the audience will be rooting for her.” I’ll have to wait & see if I root for her or not.

  128. From patty

    Rafe wasn’t barking at Sami, he was finally letting her have it like he should have done but never did before. EJ trying to tell Sami that she is trustworthy and honest “when she’s not lying” was what was sickening and anyone can see that he’s just laying on the crap to worm his way back into insecure Sami’s good graces. Rafe visiting Caroline is called being respectful and caring no matter how it’s twisted. Caroline was very happy with his visit and highly encourages his relationship with Sami. Caroline is a very loving and smart woman and wants what is best for Sami and she knows that is not EJ Demira.
    I don’t think people are reading too much in the Abby/EJ bond spoilers. EJ doesn’t do bonding , he’s more into using and scheming.
    I hope Marlena does use some underhanded tactics. That’s the only way to go with the Demiras.

  129. From Blaze.

    If TPTB can age a child to a teen in the matter of a year, Rafe could be spending all kinds of time with Sami’s children, that we just don’t see!! Her children all liked Rafe, didn’t they?! At least until RoboRafe stepped in to make their little lives hell!!
    And, stopping by to see Caroline seemed like a very nice gesture to me!! Then telling Sami how sorry he was to see this happening to Caroline was sweet too!!
    I’m sure EJ will show his true caring side to both Caroline and Sami as well, ‘cuz that’s just his nature!! Heheheh!!
    Happy Day All!! :)

  130. From SandyGram

    Episode October 30th:
    Wow….Nicole sure got her shape back fast, but then she would make a flour sack look good. Now Jenn must of upset the wardrobe crew today, that dress was horrible. I supposed she needed that look to carry off what I hope is her last ‘I’m going to save you Daniel from that terrible Nicole because you’re too dumb to see how she’s using you’ speech. I’m thinking grandma Alice is turning over in her grave with the actions of her Jennifer Rose.

    The Marlena, Dr. Petal and Kristen scenes at Common Ground were intense today. Since Marlena and Dr. P’s running into one another seemed to be by happenstance, it would appear Kristen is seeing a therapist. Although it was suspicious that Kristen did know Dr. P was Marlena’s doctor and she was taking advantage of the situation to make Marlena look unstable in front of Dr. P. Kristen is a cunning one alright!

    EJ was at his best today being coy and manipulating of Sami while undermining Rafe’s attempt at working things out with Sami. For a man that protest to love Sami not just the way she is but because of who she is, EJ works her to his delight like a puppet on a string. And EJ’s “I’ve come to realize revenge never gives you the peace or the satisfaction that you’ve hoped for”; just like when he brought Sydney home instead of taking her out of the country when he kidnapped her, EJ is only working Samanther so she sees him as a hero. For me, the conversation was in Rafe’s favor today, who was right on by saying to Sami ‘don’t you see that all he has to do is come around and everything goes to hell’. But then that’s just me!

    How much sweeter could it have been, Ciara’s goodbye to Grandma Caroline and her Daddy which tore at the heart strings. But what really crushed me were Hope and Bo, they ate up the screen today with their True Love Ways. Bye Bye Bo we’re going to miss you.

  131. From Leah

    Rafe fans may like to say Rafe was barking at Sami but here is what Sami had to say to EJ about Rafe not that long ago… “You know Rafe he does all the talking and has to make sure he is heard.”
    Rafe treated Sami like a naughty little school girl. No wonder her character turned into a weak, wimpy, needy, helpless, lacked confidence in herself woman. With Rafe Sami was a shadow of herself and I hated it. At least when she’s in EJs orbit she is sure, confident, fiesty, independant and happy to speak her mind about what she will and won’t put up with. As EJ said… “I like the heat and I like you just the way you are and don’t expect you to be something you are not.” Go Ejami!

  132. From patty

    Leah, here is what Sami had to say about EJ to Rafe not that long ago. “EJ is a psycho, nutjob, control freak.” That’s why she completely understands keeping children from him and was willing to keep up Nicole’s secret. Not that she would have with her big mouth and she does act like a naughty school girl and she lacks confidence no matter who she’s with. That’s why she goes through men like she does. Rafe was so right not to trust her.
    EJ likes the heat of the chase until he has Sami in his grips. He admits to Kristen that she is an obssession. The word love never came up.

  133. From Kat

    So IMO, if Sami is such “big mouth b….. etc, “, goes through men like crazy, when don’t we just let Rafe move on without that “Disaster” Sami, Hope EJ will get Her…since they both deserve each other…in the opinion of some..
    get it over with,
    and let the EJ/Sami fans enjoy watching those two “disasters” together. Let EJ enjoy his “Obsession” and Sami can call EJ, her favorite “Nutjob”.
    And Rafe fans can celebrate the Saving of Rafe From Sami..
    and Us EJ/Sami fans can celebrate and enjoy, Finally our Favorite Couple together on the screen. DONE.

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