Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For October 4 & 5.

The next step.

EJ is infuriated when his lawyer informs him that Gabi is now untouchable. Gabi breaks the news to her brother that Chad and Nick have given depositions that will guarantee she remains free as can be. With that weight off his mind, Rafe decides to jump back on Sami. Luckily for him, Sami has already been snooping into this whole affair. After interrogating Chadsworth, she manages to figure out that Elvis was blackmailing Rafe to stay out of her life. This little run-in also allows Chad to figure out that his brother was exploiting him for his own purposes and he’s not happy about it. After Chad lashes out at his brother, EJ jogs off to catch Rafe and Sami sucking face. EJ gags. When the cop steps away, Elvis swans in to lecture Sami. She spits back and he storms off. When Rafe returns, she gets back to quizzing him about Nicole’s baby.

While Nicole gets busy trying to convince Daniel to run off to Utah with her, Maggie tells Jenn off for hurting the doctor’s feelings. Jenn decides she’s been a bit mean and looks for him to apologize. He’s not in the mood to be her friend and wants to concentrate only on Nicole and her baby. They argue about this but he won’t back down. After she hurts herself, he has to look after her. At that moment, Nic shows up to see her ob-gyn. Dr. Sedgwick has the task of filling in that day and has to break the unfortunate news that the baby has no heartbeat. They confirm it is dead. Nicole stumbles out in a daze and sees Daniel tending to Jenn.

After Kayla and Hope inform Bo that there will be a load of layoffs at the SPD, Bo decides it really is time to cut his losses and do something more productive with his life. He resigns and promises to spend more time hanging out with Ciara.

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  10 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    hating the smurky looks ej has when he looks at rafe. but that won’t last long when the gabi thing is revealed.
    can’t wait to see kristen. maybe she will put the dimera name back like it should be (stefano will see to that).
    hate that daniel is caught up in nicole’s web. hopefully he will find out before it is too late. that baby of hers was dead long before she took the fall down the steps..

  2. From Lynne

    I like that Sami figures out what is going on and why Rafe was staying away from her. I am HATING the Nicole/Jennifer/Daniel story. 1. Hate that after everything Nicole has to lose the baby 2. HATE that Jennifer is getting blamed for it. The whole storyline is so sickening that I just may fast forward during that but these day, I’ forwarding through a lot of the show. Its sad that the NEVERENDING Sami/Rafe/EJ/Lucas, etc. story is the only interesting one.

  3. From SandyGram

    #1 dc…
    I think this is the first time in Days history that a DiMera could not undo some kind of legal agreement. I hope the writers take it down to the level that tells us why is Nick and Chad’s agreement so air tight.

    An excerpt from TV Article Eileen Davidson Returns To Days of Our Lives

    “The actress’ return to Salem comes on the heels of her shocking ouster from CBS’ The Young and the Restless, where she has portrayed Genoa City’s beloved Ashley Abbott on and off since 1982.”

    This was an unexpected move on the part of Sony who owns both Y & R and Days. In other articles Eileen has said she is excited to return to Days. When she was on before it was all so confusing with all her alter ego’s, so I’m looking forward to her return.

  4. From Christy

    I do not like that Nicole lost her baby!! Not cool!!! I may have to take a break from DOOL for awhile.

  5. From Lucy

    Me too i gag Ej, me too ! Better i stop watching, i am not entertained by this Hernandez garbage..of course if Kristen kill off these Hernandez parasites i could be watching again..Gary Tomlin you are not better than Dena Hackley..i pity you..

  6. From sherri

    Ok, I think the cast is going to be shaken up. Bo is leaving, caroline is having a senior moment, abe and theo have not been on, sami’s kids are not there, marlina and john have not been seen, and nicole’s baby is dieing. The same story lines and the same ideas are getting boring. Sami between two guys has been done to death. EJ being an idiot is getting old. Chad, acting big and bullying is tiring. Please do something new. No wander why actors are leaving this show. Please someone save this soap.

  7. From Clear

    Rafe was so tortured and lovesick! Really good acting today and with EJ smirking selfishly. How mean he was to Chad with promises! Guess he is going back to being rotten. Chad really needs a friend!

  8. From Janiebell

    Everyone does something wrong and goes sailing along lickedy split.

  9. From cyndi

    We are so sick of Sami & Rafe very boring same old plot, they just are not good together!!! Ej is more like Sami and they are steamy together Ejami and they have chemistry together and kids and both need to help each other which would make for a steamy couple!!! Rafe can’t act and needs someone more laid back or to go away!! We also think Nicole needs to get caught for her sneaky ways she is not a good person and will ruin Daniel’s career and hopely Sami will find out Rafe lied for her and run back to EJ “Ejami”. Jen also will get in trouble because of Nicoles lies and hopefully Nicole will get caught!!! I hope Daniel will realize Nicole is a scum lowlife liar before it’s too late!! Our whole family and our friends all watch days and are sad to see Bo leave and love all our old favorites like Stefano, EJ, Bo & Hope,Kate,John & Marlena, Maggie, Victor, Brady, Sami, Roman, Caroline all the Bradys, Hortons, Lucas and the Dimera’s and Kiriakis family that is what DOOL is all about these families. The soap is changing and forgetting who made Dool the soap it is today!!! We need new character’s but keep focus also on the old like GH does that is why they win lot of emmy’s because they focus on the old and the new!!! Please save Dool and keep our soap on the AIR!!!

  10. From Kn

    I am done with this show. Cannot believe that Nicole lost her baby again…recycled storylines are getting so old! I enjoyed the scenes with Sami and EJ. Loved the chemistry between them. I find Rafe and Sami so dull! I think I have finally had enough, time to take this off of my DVR!

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