Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For October 8-12.

Taking the fall.

Sami agrees to support Rafe, whether or not he really is the father of Nicole’s baby. They agree to have a fresh start and promise each other absolute honesty. They go back to where they had their first date and wax nostalgic. After they arrange a date for the evening, they bump into Elvis and the three of them yell at each other. They’re used to this so they go off on their date like nothing has happened. Soon, they bump into John and Marlena, who are very happy to see them together again.

Daniel turns to Victor for advice about how to be a godfather. Then he turns to Jenn and informs her that she doesn’t need to leave the hospital because he’s quitting. He refuses to explain anything about Nicole’s situation and angrily tells her to stay out of this. Meanwhile, after losing her baby, Nicole is a wreck. Seeing Daniel with Jenn only makes it a million times worse. She goes into denial, destroying her medical records and then parading baby clothes around town. She has to face the facts when she bumps into Rafe. She’s about to tell him everything when Sami interrupts. Nic mopes away and runs into Daniel. The doctor has decided that running off to Utah with her sounds amazing. She decides to keep the baby’s death from him so she’ll have a shot at a future with him. As she’s packing, Jenn shows up and vows to stop her from making a life with Daniel. Nicole becomes an emotional wreck and storms out as Brady arrives. Jenn angrily proclaims that she’s going to stop Nicole. Nic tries getting Daniel to leave that night but he can’t move that quick and points out that she needs an obgyn’s okay before going anywhere. She flips out and stalks off, ready to gut Jenn with a blade. The ladies fight and Nic winds up tumbling down one of the deadly stairways of Salem just as Billie and Brady arrive. Jenn feels bad as the cops arrive and Nicole is taken to the hospital. She gives birth to a stillborn. Daniel arrives and Nicole puts the blame squarely on Jenn. Brady backs that up and the Horton is arrested for murder.

Bo tells Hope that he wants to sail around the world. When she checks the port map, she notices that everywhere he plans to go is connected to the DiMeras. He runs off to tell his Ma. Caroline tries to be enthusiastic. Hope’s been trying that too but Marlena notices she’s failing. That’s enough to push Hope to admitting to her husband that she isn’t ready to set sail. He agrees and explains that he’s been noticing that his Ma doesn’t seem quite right. When he points this out to Caroline, she’s furious. As she rants at him, she begins calling him ‘Shawn’ until she notices that things really are not right at all. He encourages her to go and see Kayla, but Caroline already has a pretty good idea of what’s wrong with her: she likely has Alzheimer’s.

After being rejected by EJ, Stefano starts making some mysterious calls. Kate’s not on his call list, but she does know that her husband has been sniffing around. She tries to get more information but no one’s helpful. After learning that Sami might hire Nick, Kate decides to snap him up first. The ex-con isn’t really keen on working with her though. And Abby realizes that something serious has been going on with her friends and starts to dig. Chad, Gabi and Nick are not giving her any answers but that’s not a deterrent.

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  1. From Tee

    Great post!

    So Sami and Rafe promise honesty, lol yep here comes that closure soon. SAFE wont last long, Rafe had his chance and continues with his lies.

    So Nicole really does give birth to a stillborn, and blames Jen after she was already told her baby died. Yep predicted that one. You mean EJ or Stefano did not kidnap said baby from her belly and have a fake doc come in, seems not as I thought.
    The next few weeks will be said, to watch It is never good seeing anyone lose their baby. It is heart breaking.
    Sorry guys I know we all hoped she would have baby, even if only because we don’t like to see anyone lose their baby, but it seems she really is losing the baby.I am sure there is some insane way it could be faked, but I do’t think it is.
    Perhaps they are ending her ties to EJ, and preparing her for Eric. EJ never seen her as his number 1 anyway.

    So Dan wanted to take Nicole up on running to UTAH? WOW, he does take it to extremes, though I wonder what his next move will be.EJ could have the blood of baby tested or even rerun those 1st results.Which Rafe does say he can hack in and have them show him as father.Just because the baby is gone will not make EJ deter from wanting to know the truth.

    Stefano making calls is probably how he finds out about the baby since we know he calls EJ.

    Does anyone see anyway this bay will survive after a doc confirms by ultrasound, and she gives birth to still born baby? I was hoping it would even though I had doubts, and sources said it would not. I am not a Nicole fan too much But I still don’t like her losing the baby, even if I understand why they are doing it. They want to cause angst for Dan/Jen, and sever her ties to EJ.
    Maybe Stefano can fake her having a still born baby, though I doubt it.This is a soap I guess where anything can happen.

  2. From SandyGram

    I’m flabbergasted! I should of stuck with the original speculations, the baby dies and Nicole finds a way to blame Jenn. But I gave into my more humane side and went with little Daniel Rafael would live. Well it seems the speculation on Caroline having Alzheimer’s is true. I’m with you Tee…although Nicole appears to of really gone off the deep end, I didn’t want the baby to die. That’s my least least least favorite story line.

    Unbelievable or maybe not so unbelievable that Sami would want to help Rafe hide the baby’s parentage from EJ. These writers are really really messing with Sami’s persona. Although she did it herself, again I was sure she would give into her new BFF EJ and tell him the truth about the baby.

    Now although Nikki has destroyed the medical records, there was a doctor involved in taking the ultrasound that knows the baby’s heart beat wasn’t present. Then this maybe where the new nurse played by Whitney Avalon comes into play. Just maybe she starts black mailing Nicole or some how gets into cahoots with one of the DiMera’s. And Tee….your so right Daniel has really gone that extra step to protect Nicole by planning to run off to Utah, now that’s got me scratching my head. Oh almost forgot Déjà Vu….Nikki’s mom died falling down a flight of stairs and now Nikki falls down a flight of stairs with her already dead by still inside her. EeeWWWW!

  3. From julie

    Gary Tomlin FIRING is NEEDED if they want this soap TO NOT BE CANCELLED, i mean EVERYTHING IS GARBAGE, it could not be WORSE and MORE BORING…puke puke puke

  4. From Jennifer

    This is ridiculous! She already lost 1 baby, why did they have to cause her to lose another? There was much more story potential with a live child. I am so sick of that slut Sami being the only fertile myrtle in the place. Days has officially lost a 10yr fan for good

  5. From SuzanneQ

    #3Julie – I agree with you. I am stunned that once again Nicole will lose her baby. Why would the writers have us get emotionally involved with this pregnancy – letting us find out it was a boy and even naming him Daniel Rafael. Now her baby is going to die and somehow, she’s going to keep walking around with her dead baby inside of her. She will continue to fight with Jen, make plans with Dr. Dan to leave town, etc., and then fall down the stairs and suddenly go into labor and the baby comes out stillborn. Just amazing – can it be any more awful.

    I have been against the recent Nicole scheming and plotting storyline to get Daniel. I did not like her going to live at Jen’s house. I have questioned why can’t Nicole have her baby and find happiness (even for a short time) with a man who loves her. If that’s not to be, OK. But to bring us this far with the baby only to snatch it away, I’m done. I’m a long-time viewer. But you’re ruining the show with plots like this.

  6. From Shani

    Can’t believe I am using realistic & Days Of Our Lives in the same sentence but isn’t it unrealistic that any doctor would let Nicole still carry the dead baby? Wouldn’t they want it delivered right away to protect the mother from any toxins, etc.? Maybe they do want to deliver it & Nicole runs off or something we’ll have to see.

    Other than the sadness of the baby dying, I think what’s coming up all sounds great.

    Tee if the writers decide they want this baby in the storyline someday, & it could be a teen or adult by then, they will find a way to explain its survival. May not make sense but it will be there.

  7. From julie

    Jennifer this baby fisaco is sadly not the worse of this garbage spoilers..PUKKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  8. From Blaze.

    Is EJ back to claiming the baby, or is he still trying to make Sami think it’s Rafe’s? Didn’t EJ think that would push Sami away from Rafe?

  9. From Nicole

    Nicole losing another baby this far along is just cruel.This baby was the only thing i was interested.I was glad it was Ej’s.Well Days you are cruel.She should have lost her baby in the daysaster.

  10. From Cindy

    I am soooo sad for Nicole. I am still hopeful that it is not true. I hope Stefano hired the doctor who lied to Nicole about what the ultrasound said and she actually gives birth to a live baby, but they take it from her so she does not know. They could sedate her, so she would not know. Just so sad.

  11. From Blaze.

    If anyone can fake a still born, it would have to be Stefano!! Good grief, he made Susan think she actually had sex with Elvis Presley!! Heheheh!! :)

  12. From BBow

    #10- Blaze, I agree with you. I still think it is possible that they will fake the stillborn baby, then bring the baby back later. My guess is that she will be heartbroken, blame Jenn, then have to come clean about Jenn and the fact that the baby is EJ’s. Daniel and Rafe will turn their backs on her for lying about Jenn. Enter Eric, who will be there for her. She will fall back in love with him. Then a few months later she will find out that Stefano managed to fake the baby’s death and kept him from her just like she planned to keep it him from EJ. It may be news to EJ as well, since he and his father are not on the best of terms. That way she and EJ can start up again, which would cause drama with Eric and her.

    I know this is just my hopeful storyline because I don’t want to believe the writers made her lose TWO babies when the thing she wants most in the world is to be a mother.

    I know this is probably just my hopeful storyline, but

  13. From julie

    Shani soon you will be the ONLY one to watch and then it will be cancelled ! lol
    Nicole should have adopted with Brady, this plot point ‘baby miracle’ for the millionth time was already ridiculous..but now they try to stole the Annie/Josh/Reva story from GH but Jen and Dan ARE NOT Reva and Josh AT ALL and Nicole is not Annie, it is puke worthy ! And still it is even the worst, Sami being a pathetic doormat to Rafe la loose, as a Sami fan i want to VOMIT ! Did she never learn something from the Grace fiaso, seriously ???!! She is suppose to be ‘mature’ with silly, mega dumbass moves like that ?! AU SECOURRRRRRRR, these untalented writers really want this show to be cancelled, i don’t see another way..puke.

  14. From Asia

    Aw, so disappointed about Nicole’s baby. Good thing I barely watch the show anymore. Writing is crap.

  15. From Blaze.

    Julie.. I’m guessing these storylines make you sick?! :)

  16. From julie

    Yep Blaze you get it..but something tell me Tomlin and co will be even more sick than i am right now when they will not have a job anymore..ha.

  17. From SandyGram

    #6 Shani
    Like you any type of story line where a baby or young child is in harms way is my least favorite. And other than that I’m really enjoying the show. I keep telling myself to back off on the spoilers a wee bit so I’m caught more by surprise when I actually watch the show, but my ‘spoiler junkie’ persona kicks in and I can’t help myself.

    It’s Caroline’s story that is really intriguing right now. She’s going to over hear something and when she repeats it, it will be all mixed up causing a bigger mess. I’m sorry the writers went the Alzheimer route that’s just a little to close to reality and so many of the fans have family members that have gone through the torment of loosing someone to the disease. They could have given her a brain tumor or something that could be fixed. Alzheimer doesn’t sound good for Peggy McCay’s longevity of the show either. I’m thinking Bo will take her on a trip like to Ireland, that would support the spoiler that Bo will stand by his Mom. And give him an opportunity to dig more into what happened between the Brady and DiMera’s in Ireland all those many years ago that Pop (Shawn) would never tell anyone. I don’t think the Colleen/Santo story told it all!

    In the above Summary it also mentions Sami is going to try and hire Nick, but Kate scoops him up. That has my attention also. Would he be a model or scientist in the cosmetic lab coming up with the next great product. Or who knows working for Kate a new Brownie Mix! I do remember reading Blake Berris (Nick)contract is for 6 months to a year, they were going to play it by ear.

    And again, like you, I’ll be watching as long as there is a Days of Our Lives why give up now after 47 years.

  18. From NeeNee

    Julie, are you French? “Au secour” translates help. But calm down, please. There are many descriptive & expressive words other than PUUUUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKE.
    I take it that you are not only referring to the Nicole/baby story, but also the current Sami & Rafe scenes.

    If there’s anything we’ve learned from watching Days the past 20 years, it’s that anything can happen/anything can be rewritten. Cripes, if demon possession can be responsible for a murder spree, I’m sure we’ll see a tweak of the stillborn baby come November sweeps. Or maybe further down the road. But it will come.

    Blaze, BBow and Shani . . .I agree with you guys. Writers & Ken Corday most likely have twists & turns in the storylines planned out for the next year+. Kristin returning, Eric returning, Chloe returning, Bo & Caroline and Melanie leaving . . all these changes will impact current storylines. As Leah mentioned on the other thread, James Scott alluded to an EJ/Chloe pairing. So who knows?? Heck, a few days ago Brady was chatting with Belle on the phone. Maybe Belle/Shawn/Clair will show up next year, too.

    The-powers-that-be must throw all the characters’ names into two hats, and then draw for couples! Or they rotate actors & actresses taking turns for a new storyline. Everybody complained that John & Marlena were doing nothing but grope scenes on the couch & in Horton Square. So voila! Kristin Blake DiMera will return to give them a storyline. If Allison Sweeney were to decide to take time off for a third child, then what would EJ do? Most likely he wouldn’t pine around, moping for Sami’s entire absence. Writers would most likely pair him with some new character. Although we all have our faves, to me it’s shooting yourself in the foot by threatening to quit watching or FF just because Sami isn’t with EJ.

  19. From patty

    julie, Shani won’t be the only one watching because I’m sticking with this show until the end. I’ve invested a lot of years in Days and I’m not about to quit now because some storylines suck. I may just be one person but I will not contribute to the cancelling of this show in any way. Things change all the time no matter who the writers are and one thing we can be guaranteed of is that they will change again. I’m also not giving up on Nicole’s baby just yet, not until all this is played and I can see for myself that the baby is really dead. Stephano has pulled quite a few scams in his days and faking a baby’s death is not beyond his reach. What better way to get EJ back in his good graces than to procure him with his child?

  20. From julie

    Yes i am french but lives in USA and i am in the demos ! And i just express my opinion so if this show is GARBAGE to me i will say it and i will say why i don’t watch anymore, not a big deal, just the way it is NeeNee.

  21. From Arlene

    Did I miss something here? Last week, EJ blackmailed Rafe into not seeing Sami anymore. This new spoiler shows that they are going to date again. What happened to the blackmail scheme? Did EJ get found out by his brother Chad about his scheme against Rafe? I’m confused on this one.

  22. From Richard

    Georgia(chelsea) was still born and left in the bayou of Louisiana.

  23. From Blaze.

    I’ll be joining Shani and Patty for the long haul!! Days is like a train wreck… you want to turn away, but you just can’t!! :)

  24. From patty

    Arlene, Sami is the one that finds out about EJ’s scheme to blackmail Rafe. Nick gets Chad to sign papers that he won’t press charges against Gabi or he’ll press charges for Chad beating him up. Now EJ has nothing to blackmail Rafe with so Sami and Rafe reconcile.

  25. From Frances

    I have watch since Days began and I have always like Days. I was hoping that Nicole would have the baby. I don’t want the baby to be taken away or someday show up. Just let us have one baby that is normal, healthly, and on screen now without any storyline mishaps. Let them all fight it out but for once let the baby be a baby.

  26. From Shani

    I have always said I would never stop watching Days just because storylines weren’t going my way.

    Dr. Dan & Jennifer today were terrific. EJ & Chad were, too. Can’t wait for Sami to find out what EJ is doing to Rafe. I am not fond of the Alzheimers storyline for Caroline. Her version of what goes down between Nicole & Jennifer will probably be a doozy.

    Richard 21 good point! Goes along with what I said in 6.

  27. From SandyGram

    SPOILER…Excerpt from the TV Guide Article:

    “In scenes airing in November, Marlena will catch hubby John and Kristen together at the Horton cabin in a very compromising position!”

    Okay! It reads like it’s time to test the waters of John and Marlena’s love, something to look forward too!

  28. From Chris

    So sad about Nicole’s baby and what these writers have done to this couple. Ej & Nicole were so hot together. I’m still not giving up hoping that the baby is alive and taken by Stefano. What’s the point of killing the baby, just to keep Dan & Jen apart for now. I don’t care about them. I just care about Ejole and their baby.
    I also don’t get why Rafe is still lying to Sami about the paternity of the baby. What is she going to do when she finds out, go running back to her second maybe even third choice Ej!!! I’ve had enough of this.

  29. From Cougar

    Its been a while since I;ve had time to read this site but kept up on watching DOOL. BOO-HISS on Nicole’s miracle baby #2 being still born! I was not crazy about the 2nd pregnancy and less enthused that tghey had to make EJ the father again but I had hoped that Nik could have her child. It is rather sadistic way for the writers to do a do over like this in order to rectify the mistake that she was made pregnant by EJ again. I do hope there is some sort of twist and turn here that this is some sort of ruse. Please no more miracle babies in the furure for Nicole. Please be done with the same old recycled story line of – keeping paternity a secret from EJ, losing baby and faking pregnancy. Please not again, been there done that.

    They also get a boo hiss for teasing EJami fans again. They said that it would be a long winding road to the EJami reunion but I think that they are up to their old tricks of never intending to put those two together again. Sami is interested in EJ, then back to one of her old flames, EJ plots or black mails, Sami finds out and is doen with EJ. Please don’t do this again.

    I am a little saddened by the possability of a Caroline Alzheimers sl. Is this possably her way of retiring or is she being shoved out? Either way it is a very current and real sl. It strikes home as my mother had it and now my mother-in-law has it. It is certainly worth doing to show the slow decline of watching the lights go slowly out of your loved ones. It also is very worth while to educate the public on how it affects the families and how it is delt with. Sad yes but worthwhile a sl as pursing the autism sl they embarked on with Theo.

  30. From Ladylumps

    Poor Nicole! But I guess she brought this heartbreak on herself by trying to keep the baby from it’s rightful father in the 1st place. You know the Dimera’s would not let that happen. I sure hope it’s a Stefano set up so she can be reunited with the baby someday.
    Eric was so crazy in love with Nicole so I hope he will be the one to heal her broken heart.
    I’m so tired of these writers treating Sami like a yo-yo. But whoever she ends up with, it would never cause me to quit watching the show if I didn’t get my favorite couple. Did someone mention Ej & Chloe as a couple? I’m not sure how I feel about that but my initial reaction is thumbs down. Maybe I will change my mind later but what would they be called? Ejloe doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, maybe Chlo-jay. Ha!

  31. From bobby

    Nichole is getting to be an old hand at faking she’s still pregnant. Dr. Dan works at the hospital and has been dealing with her ob dr. in all of this and yet no one tells him the baby didn’t make it? And, I’m sorry for all you E.J./Sami fans, but he and Nichole are much more suited for each other. They are JUST ALIKE. Selfish people who continue to hurt the people they “love”. Do you think they will eventually replace Melanie with another actor?And if Rafe is supposed to end up with Hope, maybe they meant as a police partner, not love interest. Poor Mrs. Brady. It’s no wonder she’s having problems with everybody dumping their kids on her while she’s trying to run a business. Now who will they get? Run Marlena, Run!

  32. From NeeNee

    I think all of us are tired of the constant back & forth with Sami & EJ/Sami & Rafe/Sami & Lucas. Regardless of whichever team of writers are brought in, nobody seems to have any great ground-breaking ideas.

    EJ and Chloe could be termed ChloEJ. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue like “Safe” or “Ejami”. Abbreviating or shortening the couples’ names sometimes works. Then again . . . I’ve never liked “Bope”. Maggie & Victor has nothing going for it; “Mictor”? “Vaggie”?

    In a similar vein, the other night I accidentally clicked on closed captions for an old Perry Mason. OMG! Pity the poor deaf Americans who have to rely on the current version. I suppose it’s to try to keep up with rapid pace dialogue, but it’s a combination of texting symbols like “R” for our, and “U” for you—mixed with mis-spellings and attempts to only show relevant dialogue so they can keep up with pace of conversations.

  33. From NeeNee

    Bobby, you are soooo witty! “Run, Marlena, run!” indeed. Doc Evans is in total age denial; remember how she was hung up on being called Grandma? Of late she isn’t complaining, so maybe her mindset has been changed, as I do hear Will referring to her as Grandma. But she still has her psychiatry practice—to which she makes reference from time to time. Other than Caroline, the only older non-working character left to watch the kiddies would be Maggie. Lucas is her nephew by marriage, so Allie could be kept by Mags. With her big heart, Maggie would also accept Johnny & Sydney, though.

    Oh, and whatever happened to little Joey?? Did not Kayla make mention of him “being upstairs with mom” several months ago? I’m in agreement that we’ll probably see Ciarra, Theo and possibly Joey SORAS’ed. After all, they’ll need teens next summer for the high school viewers, ha!

    Also agree, Bobby, that EJ and Nicole are really cut from the same cloth. While Sami is devious, she didn’t grow up molested & put in porn movies by her father figure. EJ came to Salem after being discovered and molded/shaped by Stefano. Both he and Nickie have real abandonment issues that make them super territorial about THEIR children.

  34. From MAB

    Again, I think Jen has lost it. I get her anger over loosing Jack, and I can even see her wanting to protect Daniel, but Daniel was absolutely right in that this is HIS life and telling her to butt out! He went along w/ Nicole all on his own. Nicole (& Rafe) may have pushed the issue about switching the paternity tests, but he didn’t fight it too much. Also, Jen sounded so trashy talking about Nicole the way she did, twice bringing up her porn past that she was forced into by her father. It’s not like Nicole was a prostitute. Jen saying to Daniel “you sure paid for that piece”, and then throwing Nicole’s past up in her face. Jen’s rant just made her look desperate & sad. All this time Nicole was worried about EJ stressing her out during her pregnancy, when he has done nothing to her, it’s everyone else who has stressed her out. And now it may cause her her baby’s life. And regardless of the end circumstances, I believe Jen will be part of the reason that Nicole looses that baby. And I’ll be smiling as they haul goody-two shoes Jen off to jail for murder! Serves her right for sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong, and treating Nicole so badly. I feel so bad for Nicole, as she is gonna be devastated to loose yet another baby, but I hope down the road Nicole can get past this, and either Brady, or Eric, is the one who is there for her.

    Yep, if swamp baby Georgia/Chelsea survived, then Nicole’s baby can also survive.

    I so enjoyed EJ & Sami yesterday, such realistic scenes w/ these 2. It was so nice to see them holding each other on the couch, and him comforting her, even if it was over another man. Then at the coffeehouse, he bared his soul and told her what we EJami fans have known all along, he loves her, always has, and always will. Such a poignant scene, then Rafe had to walk in w/ that smurk on his face. I’ll be so glad if or when something happens to Rafe to permanently remove him from Sami’s life.

    So Sami & Rafe agree on fresh start w/ the promise of absolute honesty. What a joke! How long will that last? They promise to be honest, but Rafe’s ok that Sami will lie about Nicole’s baby for him. As long as it suits his needs, it’s ok, but wait until she lies about something else. He’ll never let her live it down. And Marlena is happy they’re back together? Well, Sami still don’t know that her own Mother supported all of Carrie’s efforts to be w/ Rafe. So what’s up Doc…you can only support Sami as long as Carrie & Belle aren’t around??? Of course, her concerns for her family will quickly turn back to her & John once Kristen returns.

    Julie – “Sami being a pathetic doormat to Rafe la loose” – I totally agree!

    SandyGram – I get why you don’t care for Caroline’s s/l of having Alzheimer’s, but that is no less of a torment that someone having a brain tumor, or any other major medical ailment or disease. Brain tumors aren’t something that can always be fixed either. Some always insist that this show should deal more in real life situations, and Caroline having Alzheimer’s can’t get anymore realistic. It’s sad, but I’ll be ok w/ it if Bo does take Caroline to Ireland to help her. And while he’s there, he can look into the Brady past & the ties to the DiMeras. Then hopefully one day he can return and we’ll learn the whole story. Although, Stefano may no longer be around by then so it may not matter in the end. Again, I ask, why is Bo leaving???

    I think veteran couples like Bo & Hope, John & Marlena can survive by still being interesting, and being happy together. I think Bo & Hope have proved that more than once. And as much as I love John, he & Marlena have never been my favorite couple (Isabella was the only one for John IMO). But I think they could still be an interesting couple & be happy together. They just need something to do other than kissing & groping on the couch, as someone stated. I wouldn’t mind it so much if they weren’t annoying about it. At least Bo & Hope aren’t, but that no longer matters since Bo is leaving.

    If Alison Sweeney was to have another baby, they would make sure she filmed in advance to keep her on the air. She’s done it before, so whether she’s w/ EJ or Rafe, they wouldn’t need to be paired either one w/ another character. I find the comment about an EJ & Chloe pairing that James Scott eluded to very interesting. They sure would be one HOT couple! He is gorgeous & she is beautiful. Although, for me, Sami is the only for EJ, and if TPTB insist on Safe, then EJ will have to be paired w/ someone else, so why not Chloe. Sure would make Sami jealous!

    What EJ is doing to Rafe? What about what Rafe is doing to EJ??????????????????????????????????????????????

    Although I’m dissatisfied w/ some of the s/l’s, and clearly voice my opinions about them, I’m used to it at this point…but it won’t keep me from watching. As I’ve stated numerous times, I watch the show everyday, all of it, in it’s entirety (no FF ever!). And I’ll watch is as long as it’s on the air. With that said tho, I just hope their current lousy writing team, that seems hell bent on turn back the clock instead of writing something new & fresh, doesn’t get them cancelled. Ken Corday needs to wake up!

  35. From jolie

    Leah, how intriguing(from a previous post on last week’s spoilers) Chloe and Elvis. That should rock the apple cart in Salem. Especially if Chloe comes back and Parker turns out to belong to Daniel. And now Daniel and Elvis are enemies. And the lines you posted between Elvis and Sami were great. I like them both but just think Sami should know better. I could have scalped Elvis in yesterday’s show when he was trying to manipulate Chad and the situation to his advantage outside Sami’s door. What was Sami’s problem…running a fever, bad earache?? Normally she’d been listening at the door. She is really pining over Rafe!
    #16Sandygram, I had mentioned a week or so ago that one of the cosmetics ladies should hire Nick for his chemical genius and let him use his smarts in a story. I hope this happens. I like Nick and didn’t like it when they sent him over the edge and to prison. Hope this all revs up into a good storyline.
    #17 NeeNee, well said, there isn’t any history on a soap that can’t be revised. Time and time again. Georgia/Chelsea comes to mind as a baby that died then reappeared by the power of Stefano. My poor Nicole. They sure are sending her down a path to destruction and I hate to have to watch it.

    And I am with those of you who’ll be around for the long haul. I am a DOOL watcher!

    #26 Sandygram, woohoo, John and Kristen in a compromising position. To me that means touching or something like that. I guess it could be nothing more than they are there together secretly but you had my mind running away for a minute there.

    Caroline overhearing the Nic/Jenn cat fight will likely produce some sort of large misunderstanding. I hope it does not denigrate Caroline’s character. I am to the point of not caring much about what happens to Daniel and Jennifer and not likely what is happening to Nicole. I guess I’ll just ride it out. Chad is running amok, Elvis is like a one-trick pony with his blackmailing ways, Rafe looks all forlorn over his latest Sami-fest. Time for some new storylines!

    #31 Bobby, that is interesting that Hope and Rafe be paired as police partners and not love interests. I don’t think anyone has brought that up. They would work well together and hopefully could introduce some much needed new thinking into Salem PoPo Dept. You know that Marlena will leave town before she’ll find herself saddled with all those is too funny.

    #34 MAB, the one thing that Jennifer is not good at…butting out! She sure has taken on Daniel’s life as her next project. And I agree that her rant about Nicole was just a bit ugly. And Nicole will get uglier. She will be like a vindictive tiger mama set loose. Bless her heart. How do the writers think this is in anyway right! And Stefano is probably preparing a nursery right now in little boy blue to receive the baby when he steals it from her.

  36. From MAB

    bobby – you could also argue that Sami & EJ are also just alike. Sami is also selfish. So Sami it’s just as suited for EJ as Nicole is, so it’s always plausible for EJ & Sami to be a couple, whether it happens now or later.

    NeeNee – I’ve watched Days and many other shows before using closed captions. I don’t having a hearing problem, but I use it sometimes because I hate to watch a show and not hear what someone said accurately, like when people are talking too low, or w/ accents, etc. In regards to Days’ closed caption, it’s pretty good, rarely a misspelling and easy to follow to read. I tend to use it on a limited basis tho, and then quickly turn it off because although it can be helpful, it takes away from watching the actor’s performances. I’ve watching other shows where it is horrible, and not worth using at all. It depends on what channel you’re watching & what company is providing the closed caption, as to how good it is.

  37. From gentzy

    Nicole loosing yet another baby and yet again hiding it from everyone and pretending she is?????Didn’t we all have to endure enough of that the first time with EJ!!! And then having her ‘fight’ with Jenn so she could pink that fact on Jenn!!!!!
    I thought the NEW writing team was supposed to be just that – NEW!!!!
    I’m getting more and more to the point of not watching this show anymore because it’s so repetitive and predictable and ridiculous. You can read the ‘next week’ information and the information on the tv guide and know what’s going to happen in a nut shell and not have to deal with all the painful crap in between! When I don’t watch DAYS – it doesn’t even bother me anymore and I don’t miss it!!! At this rate, won’t be long until this soap will be cancelled and there will be no one to blame but the horrible writers they have!!!!!!

  38. From patty

    Well, the doctor that is doing Nicole’s check up is a replacement for her OBGYN. She’s leaving the country as soon as they are done. Ah ok, there is something wrong with the computer system and Dr is writing everything down. She tells Nicole they are not getting a heartbeat on the fetal monitor.
    It didn’t take long for EJ’s blackmail to go down the drain. Not a good day for EJ, the lawyer he hired to fix Chad’s deposition tells him there is nothing he can do. Sami figures out what EJ is doing and tells Chad. Chad tells EJ you are just like your father. Meanwhile Sami and Rafe are frantically searching for each other and EJ gets to witness when they happily run into each other’s arms and kiss. I guess it’s back to the drawing board for EJ to plan out some other dreadful scheme. Will this guy ever learn ya think?

  39. From Cougar

    Did any notice the little face tap EJ gave Chad while talking in the hallway outside of Sami’s apartment. That was a Stephano move. As I recall he used to do that move, too. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Although they have never made EJ quite the evil genius incarnate the Steph was, the curent writing makes it appear that EJ is taking on more of the Stephano characteristics. Thus making Chad the willing to learn apprentice as EJ once was.

  40. From patty

    I really don’t believe Sami would ever accept EJ’s ways. She obviously doesn’t trust him since she’s the one who became suspicious of what he was doing to keep her and Rafe apart. She will be furious and EJ has lost what little chance he had of winning Samanther . The guy would have to change drastically for her to ever trust him . She won’t ever accept him the way he is like Nicole did. I think he has just lost Chad’s trust too but he doesn’t look too broken up about it. If he lost this round , he brought it on himself.

  41. From jolie

    #36 MAB, you are pure, to the core, dyed in the wool Ejami! Never to be swayed nor to miss a chance to make a point that they COULD be together if given the chance. Hang in there. You know you might get your chance or maybe this Chloe thing will pan out and Elvis will move on to her.
    #38 Patty, well, the writers backed themselves into a corner then just wrote in a trapdoor to let themselves out again! Replacement doctor, computer down, dr leaving town…perfect storm for Nicole to do something crazy. So now will Chad go off on Elvis and continue to act nutsy or will he straighten up a bit, decide he needs to be a better citizen and not a Dimera? And this was a short span for Elvis to be on top. Wonder what Elvis will do to that no-help lawyer? That Sami tells Chad is very telling. Can’t wait to see Sami and Rafe reunited…at least happy for a while. And poor Elvis, will he start that moping around again. I am beginning to think he might need some meds since he has all these highs and lows. Maybe a good talk with Dr Evans, or not.

  42. From SandyGram

    #39 Cougar
    I also noticed when Chad was getting out of control how EJ put his hand around his throat when he pushed him against the wall. This is an EJ trait which we’ve seen over and over again, especially with women (just ask Nicole). When EJ is that carefree, happy kind of guy, with his shirt tale out and big smiles with no scheme behind them like we saw a couple of weeks ago he’s very attractive. When he’s in his scheming, manipulative, physical abusive mode, these ugly traits take from his attractiveness. And James Scott does both very well.

  43. From SandyGram

    Spoiler Excerpt from MSN Entertainment TV Buzz Blog Article: Blake Berris Teases a Wild ‘Days of Our Lives’ Ride

    Nick and Gabi pairing could mean trouble in Salem, Blake’s thoughts on the December 12,0000 Episode show:

    “All I can say is it is a wild ride and it involves Nick and Gabi. People are going to be really into it. It’s thrilling me, every new script I get. I’ve thrown my script across the room, like, “Oh my god!” It’s so good, the writing. You’ll never guess [where it's going]. It just keeps shifting in ways you won’t predict. It’s so intense!”

    Sounds great..the anticipation is intense!

  44. From Snickelfritz

    So, my two worst scenarios have become reality on Days. Nic losing her baby and Caroline with Alzheimer’s. How depressing.

    I don’t want to see another recycled baby back from the dead storyline. Why can’t the writers give us something new for Nic -losing something she’s never had before -she real and true happiness? I am angry about this. I want her happy now, not in several years when her son is all grown up and she never had the opportunity to raise him. What garbage!

    And c’mon with Caroline, too! Ever watch something and then just get that sick feeling about what you’ve just seen?

    I could care less about Dan and Jen. But one must ask…who is his father? Has that ever been revealed? What if his dad is indeed Mickey? That makes them cousins, and that is gross. When they made Maggie his mom, they should have dropped any idea of Dan and Jen ever being a couple. Their family ties are just too close. If this is okay, then why not throw Brady into Sami’s ever revolving mix of men? After all, they aren’t blood related, either!

    Sorry…venting. Just super mad at the show right now.

  45. From jolie

    #42 Sandygram, Elvis is indeed intimidating when he wants to be. That carefree boy with his shirt tail out was only because he was getting his way. Didn’t last. And can anyone really be happy if you are having to blackmail to get what you want and probably would have to do worse to keep it? Poor Elvis has that Dimera DNA for sure. I think he will need Stefano in the end when things continue to fall down around his ears and he’ll go right back to being Stefano’s most favorite son.
    #43 Sandygram, that is the most exciting spoiler I have seen lately. Much more fun than a baby’s death. We need some fun and I hope this one doesn’t disappoint!

  46. From NeeNee

    James Scott as EJ DiMera has a huge fan following, as attested to here by those dedicated followers who are back at SoapOperaFan. I can’t deny that he is gorgeous, with that British accent that seems so prevalent on both daytime, news and nighttime TV.

    Breaking down the characters on Days will always boil down to the age-old conflict between good & evil. None of us is perfect and we can relate to the struggle to walk the straight & narrow, rather than take the easy way out. I believe most people are innately good and cheer for the good guy.

    Now I’m not saying that those who root for the perceived bad guy are bad. Instead, I think those fans are hoping for redemption and turnaround. But drama has always had several categories of characters:
    1. the good guy who is consistently good
    2. the good guy who does a bad thing for a good reason
    3. the bad guy who is always bad
    4. the bad guy who is reformed

    IMO, the only time we will see a lasting reformation for Elvis is when Days ends its run: he will reject Stefano and truly put aside his criminal ways when he & Samanther ride off into the sunset.

  47. From SandyGram

    #44 Snickelfritz

    Even if it was biologically logical, which it is, putting Sami and Brady together….for me…Brady wouldn’t put up with her crap! Especially being in a four way battle for her, which he would be with EJ, Lucas and Rafe already making claims on her.

  48. From voiceofreason

    #34 MAB, why don’t you tell us how you really feel about Rafe? I don’t think it’s obvious enough yet. lol

    By the way, when did our world become so lazy that we can’t spell out the first names of two people, but instead have to put them together in some kind of non-sensical mashed up name? Does anyone know when that started and why?

    As far as Nicole’s situation, why can’t the doctor that told her the baby was dead keep jennifer out of jail? Obviously it happened before the stair incident. I don’t get writers sometimes.

  49. From NeeNee

    Snickelfritz, I posted a reply to your #44 but it must have gotten lost in the cyber-ether world!

    Mickey Horton was sterile, so could not be the father of Daniel. Unless Days wants to re-write a decade of plot history from 1966-mid 1970s . . . .

  50. From MAB

    It’s not that I completely dislike Rafe. I could get behind his character IF he had the right woman, and he didn’t act like he was better than everyone else. I just don’t think like him w/ Sami, because she belongs w/ EJ (IMO), and I don’t like all the excuses that gets made for the things Rafe does, while hiding behind that badge.

    Also, apparently 2 weeks ago, Sami was willing to move on from the past and take a chance on EJ, yet again, so accept his ways, yes she was going to until Rafe stuck his nose in.

  51. From voiceofreason

    By the way, MAB it’s a joke so please don’t get upset. I’ve just come to find it amusing either how much you dislike Rafe’s character or love EJ and Sami together so much that hatred of Rafe is just a byproduct.

    The rest is just random thoughts. No disrespect meant if you are a fan of the writers.

  52. From Richard

    so far this week, I have noticed that Rafe pulls on his ear, the same way that EJ pulls on his.
    The pills that were left at Jennifer’s house, could have something to do with the fake death of Nicole’s baby, if indeed it will be faked.

  53. From TerriK7779

    Frankly with all of Jenn’s constant drama I wouldnt mind if they threw her away and tossed away the key. What’s so great about her anyways? She’s a walking pile of drama and whines with everyone she is ever with. poor Jenn and her poor life.

    Looks like Captain Brady is about to set sail…i’m sure this isnt the last we have heard from him.

    Now i’m absolutely so sick and tired of the triangle revolving around our Samantha. EJ is the man for that woman and here we are again watching here go back to Rafe. Really? the real Sami would never have gone back. from the affair with Carrie to being Nikki’s babies daddy. As if. Get real writers. Sami is a fierce character and deserves someone who will compliment her character- not down grade it.

    Poor Nikki, I must say, coming from experience, fake or not, having your baby die before you even have a chance to love him or her is not easy. I feel bad for her..hopefully this will really bring out her villainous side.

    Other than that, I hope everything is well and good with everyone here. I try to stay busy these days so im not online often, but when I am I always enjoy popping in and reading everyone’s thoughts. Take care friends. xo

  54. From R

    So, will this be the end of Caroline? I hate what they are doing to the older characters. Are they only going to have young people in the town?

    Wish they could have done something better with Bo leaving. Bo would never leave Hope and she wouldn’t let him go without her…just doesn’t follow their character personalities. Guess if he sails away they will have him lost at sea at some point.

    Don’t see how Sami can run a company since she is dumb as dirt. Shame the writers never left her grow up at least a little. She should be a more sophisticated vixen by now.

  55. From betsybee

    Haven’t been on here for a very long time. Just fed up with the story line.
    Whoever told GG/Rafe that he could make a living in the acting world. He is absolutely hopeless. He has not a clue as to how to act. Same old glare in his eyes and the same blank look no matter the situation.
    He sure as blazes cannot play his part in any wqy.

    What the heck Sami can see in him is beyond me. His command of the English language is pathet8ic plus his attire does not even befot a ppoliceman. He continually breaks the law of which he is suppose to uphold. If Sami should take him back I hope EJ with his legal expertise finds a way that Rqfe in NO WAY can raise his children. Woulen’t that make Sami a little annoyed. Rafe’s sister whom EJ knows is a criminal plus Rafe himself over the
    test gives EJ every right to remove the children from Rafe’s upbringing.

    Can’t take GG/rafe. learn your craft to earn a living.

  56. From SandyGram

    Episode October 3rd:
    Jennifer was so over the top today that even poor Caroline was cowering from the hostility, while Nicole was cool and calm as a cucumber. Then incomes Brady to the rescue (or not) while Caroline tried to control the crowd that had circled to get a better ear shot of the venom being spewed. Then back at the Horton House, Jenn’s strange comment about Jack being the person she wants to talk to about the whole Nicole/Daniel mess. Since that ship has sailed what’s the purpose of this comment? I’m not thinking Jack would want to hear Jenn talk about a man Jenn is clearly in love with.

    I’ve always loved Bo and Hope together but I’ve got to say seeing Billie and Bo together today brought back memories of their time together. Especially what they thought was the loss of their daughter Georgia, although Billie was played by Julie Pinson at the time. Billie said she was at the Hospital visiting a customer, I got the impression she may not be with the ISA any more. I’m still thinking when Bo leaves town, so will Billie. Not in a romantic sense but on an adventure to go after the DiMera’s.

    More hints that Caroline is having memory issues, made a few wrong turns on the way home and she always admire Bo’s sense of adventure. Telling signs…interesting both Billie and Caroline commented on Bo’s love for adventure. Yep some things building up….just maybe the 3 of them leave on the adventure. Hope will choose to stay home with Ciara and Bo will want to take his mother back to Ireland while Billie goes along to help Bo with Caroline….just some speculations.

    Brady and Daniel’s talk was very good. While Nicole did what she does best, eavesdrop. Brady warning Daniel about taking a step back from Nicole put a disapproving look on Nikki’s face. But then who would know her best. As I’ve said before Nicole losing the baby is not my favorite story line, but the anticipation of Nicole’s actions after it is said and done is very intriguing. As is what Daniel will do when it’s all over. Will we see Dan and Jenn running across the HTS in slow motion into one another’s arms, much like we will see Sami and Rafe do tomorrow according to the Days Ahead Article. But until we see the scene we won’t know if it will be played out in slow motion. I just thought that would add an interesting touch to the moment.

    So now there is an iron clad agreement between Nick and Chad that will keep Gabi safe from jail….Ummm….can’t wait to see this fall apart. And finally the kiss….a new couple is born…..and so to shall this pass just give it time.

    Finally, Sami, EJ and Rafe….Yep they were on the show today also!!

    Hey TerriK….keep dropping in, it’s nice to see your doing well. Stay Strong!

  57. From Cougar

    Hi ya Terryk nice to hear from you again. Hope all is well know you have hit a rough patch a while back. Hang in there O X. Coug

  58. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    I want to make it clear by weeks end Rafe does not come clean to Sami,We are all wondering why Sami may agree to keep his secret from EJ if he islying, and think it is not in her character to do that right now.Especially since she and EJ have no isues. I think she is gonna say what she can to get the truth out of Rafe, spoilers going around keep bringing up how they promise honesty, and Rafe still has not told her the truth. That means when she asks and both agree to complete honesty, he still says he is the father. Which we know now the truth will come out after babies death Which will be Rafes downfall with Rafe, She begs Rafe to now be truthful, and even says she will help him keep it from EJ and he still lies. Shows he don’t trust her.Safe is gonna end, and it will be Rafes fault.

    Jen is out of control, regardless of if Nicole lost baby before Jen and her fight which results in Nicole going down stairs, Jen thinks she is pregnant, and that makes it bad IMO.I am gonna guess it will come out one day before Jen is sentenced that baby died before hand.

    We must remember when asking why these writers would allow us to get attached to the baby, that the old writers made her pregnant not these writers. So it may not be in their plans, to keep her pregnant. I believe it may be because they plan on her uniting with Eric.
    Chloe is only coming back for a visit, that has to do with Parker, she is not supposed to be staying on show. Though we know things can change.

    More thoughts later on way to grocery store, and perhaps some more spoilers for u guys.

  59. From Macy

    Nicole has bad karma what goes around comes around she is a scheming bitch and a lunitic, lies to everybody so not surprised she is losing her baby. She only has her self to blame for the lose of her baby. It is sad how pathetic she really is. I would like to see Daniel happy with Jennifer. They belong together. We all know that once Eric comes back to town Nicole will be carrying a torch for him. Won’t be long until she says “Daniel who”? Jennifer has every right to put Nicole in her place by bringing up her past it is true. Nicole is a slut!!! Please just let Daniel and Jen be happy together!

  60. From Tee

    Here we go all Some spoilers to add to this

  61. From Ladylumps

    Hey TerriK soooo good to hear from you! I hope you are healing up from all of your injuries, and the other stuff. Talk to me on Twitter.
    I have been super busy and not been on the computer much for fun, being a single mom and my daughter starting school while I am working pt and going to school at night has been trying.
    Jen has been acting crazy lately so maybe she will have inherited Laura’s mental illness. Abby went off the deep end not too long ago as well so maybe these Horton gals have a genetic tendency to mental weakness. But I have to say, it was pretty shitty of Cameron to dump Abby so soon after her dad died. What sort of boyfriend would do something like that?

  62. From Snickelfritz

    NeeNee, thank you! I didn’t know Mickey was sterile….I didn’t come into this world until the mid-70′s, so I didn’t have that history. But then I have to ask if Melissa is adopted? Isn’t she Maggie and Mickey’s daughter?

    SandyGram, I totally agree. Brady wouldn’t take Sami’s crap for a minute. Moreso, I was just making the point that it really doesn’t matter if Dan and Jen aren’t blood related, they are still “family” and their relationship is gross.

    My smart phone is having a dumb day and posted words I didn’t type in my earlier post. What I was trying to say is that the writers should try something new with Nicole, something they have never done before and that probably never even occurred to them: Let her be happy! If this is all a big joke and her son isn’t really dead, reunite them immediately and let her raise him! Wouldn’t that be a shocker? Nicole, happy AND a momma? Who woulda thunk it?

    And please, I hope they do send Caroline off with Bo. That would be a great reason to say goodbye to him, and not have to watch Caroline’s disintegration. I can accept it, but I don’t want to watch it. I have seen it in real life and can fill in the blanks on my own.

  63. From SandyGram

    #57 Tee
    For Me, Rafe not telling Sami the truth about Nicole’s baby is not about their promise to be honest, it’s about keeping his commitment to Nicole. As Daniel is not telling Jenn for the same reason. Can there be a little distrust on Rafe’s part that Sami would tell her BFF EJ, I could see that especially with Sami’s history.

    According to the spoilers it appears Nicole goes after Jenn with a knife and she accidently falls down the stairs. Unless Nicole lies and says Jenn pushed her down the stairs how will Jenn be charged for the murder of the baby? I still think Caroline will see the incident and when she tells what she saw she will have it all wrong. And since Nicole destroys the hospital records where she had the ultrasound and the doctor that did the ultrasound was leaving town that day after Nicole’s appointment it appears there won’t be any medical records to dispute whether the baby was a live. So for me, Caroline will have to remember what she saw correctly (maybe after Kayla puts her on some kind of medication for Alzheimer) or Nicole will have to come clean. All according to spoilers and my speculations of course.

  64. From NeeNee

    Snickelfritz, Melissa is their adopted daughter. Back in the late 60′s, Mickey had an affair with his secretary, Linda, and she let the Mickster think the child was his. He was paying support and helping her. Then when the truth about Mike’s parentage came out (accident, needing a blood type match, natch) all realized Linda had been lying about sleeping only with Mickey.

    Maggie & Mickey had another daughter, Sarah, conceived through in vitro with Maggie’s egg and an anonymous donor. Said donor turned out to be the unstable Dr. Evan Whyland who had a huge crush on Maggie. So Daniel being Maggie’s son as a result of an egg theft is another repeat storyline involving the Magster’s eggs.

    Both girls were back for the Mickey funeral, no? I know Melissa was. Sarah left the show to be a country western singer in Nashville, as I recall.

  65. From Grace

    I just hate watching wet cardboard on my TV instead of sizzle, snap and fun. Rafe being the wet cardboard. EJAMI being the sizzle , snap and fun.

  66. From Leah

    ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED with Rafe and Sami agreeing to side with the enemy (Nicole) and keep EJ from yet another one of his children. As if the whole first time around with Grace/Sydney wasn’t enough. They haven’t learnt a thing? Rafe hates EJ so is doing the Rafe thing and taking pleasure in it, AND SAMI is again showing signs of having schizophrenia. Was only in July/August she was continually telling EJ what a good father he was and how she had learnt that trying to keep EJ out of her childrens lives was a mistake. And she promised she wouldn’t do it again… mmmm schizophrena! Well its either that or she is desperately grabbing at any straws to keep Rafe on side. WHAT LOSERS!

  67. From monique

    I am a working mom and don’t get to watch this anymore but have been reading this site for years. I rarely comment….but I seriously am not going to keep up on this anymore. I was pregnant when Nicole lost her first baby and I never cried so hard(i know it is tv but whatever)so this secong baby dying storyline is just horrible. For this being one of the last surviving soaps…the storylines have been super crappy. Not sure if I wanna go back to the Marlena being posessed days but that’s enough with dead babies!

  68. From jolie

    #39 Cougar, how telling in that little face tap! It did ring right back to Stefano. Whether the actor or writer or director, that was a good move.
    #40 Patty, if Sami does accept Elvis’ ways, she will be saying that it is OK for Johnny to grow up to be like him and for Sydney to take on that kind of life as well. And Sami might fall for his considerable charms for a while but he cannot keep up that persona for too long. Since Elvis has failed Chad and also failed to control Chad afterwards, does this mean that Chad will be a Dimera wildcard? Stefano will have a mess if he doesn’t get back soon. Of course this is why he is sending Kristen or whatever!

    #46 NeeNee, that is a very astute breakdown and analysis. It really makes sense. And so does your last statement but by the same token Samanther could cut him loose in the end and slap his handsome jaws for all he has done.

    #47 Sandygram, I think your assessment of Brady is spot on. He seems to see an end when there is an end…well, maybe Nicole has pulled the wool over his eyes a time or 2. I felt really bad for Nicole when she was ease-dropping on Brady and Daniel’s conversation about Jennifer and Nicole found out what she already knew. Jennifer loves Daniela and Daniel loves Jennifer. Poor Nicole is going over to her dark side and will wash away anything good she has ever done.
    #52 Richard, hi there. Good to see you pop up here. Those pills just sitting there in the living room. That was strange to me. I wondered if there was some significance to it as well. And I’ll watch for the ear pulls. I think you are also a detective (like our Sandygram). Or should be.

    #55 Sandygram, you are right about Jennifer holding Jack’s picture and saying she wished to talk to him about the Daniel situation. How very strange! I took it to mean that Jennifer is in denial of her feelings for Daniel. Abigail even told her it was OK to have feelings for him. Jennifer is currently saying she messing in his business to save her friend and because he saved her life. She might not realize her feelings or not recognize them for what they really are. Trouble with this whole thing is that Daniel had his eyes wide open when he got involved with Nicole. He knows all about Nicole and her past. He stepped into the cover up with a willing mind. And Jennifer can’t stop blaming Nicole?? You most certainly can’t save someone from themselves, no matter who you blame. I thought Bo and Billie’s banter was perfect. She is so beautiful and looked just amazing yesterday. For Bo and Billie to leave town together…I don’t think Hope will let that boat sail. She’ll drill the bottom full of holes and hide the bodies right outside the harbor! Caroline would be smart to find an airline for her trip.

    #57 Tee, can’t argue with a thing you say here. Rafe and Sami will promise honesty and neither will really commit to it. Rafe won’t tell her about Nicole’s baby and Sami will soon also be keeping some kind of secret from Rafe. We have been there, been there, been there, and have seen them do it over and over again. And not just these 2. And you are right about the rewrites to correct the direction of the storylines for new writers. We just have our feelings hurt by Nicole losing this baby.

    #59 Ladylumps, good point that Jennifer has metal illness in her family and that Abby has already showed some crazy behavior as well. And where is Cameron? Is he gone for good? He sort of dropped Abby then dropped off the face of Salemearth. Celeste has been very scarce lately as well. Is she gone as well?

    #61 Sandygram that sounds like it could be just the ticket. Caroline maybe coming to the rescue in the end to save Jennifer from prison after Nicole’s fall. I just don’t like any of this.

    #63 Leah, honey, don’t hold back. Just tell us how you really feel about it! Wait, I think you did and loud and clear. But you know Sami and it is only a matter of time and she’ll do a bounce to another man!

    Nick seems to be trying to be a good man. He seems to be so sweet, a hero even. I love this actor who really portrays Nick so well. I hope they do indeed give him a good stint here and a good story as well.

  69. From bobby

    Leah-save your disgust. Looks like there isn’t a baby to fight about. And why shouldn’t Rafe take a little pleasure (not about using a baby for revenge) but, look at what E.J. has done to Rafe. Even putting his brother on the back seat so he could blackmail Rafe. Cloning Rafe and putting him in the looney bin gives Rafe every right to a little pleasure. And Sami-she doesn’t realize that she has now become the Dimera pawn.

  70. From patty

    I really don’t believe Rafe is doing any of this for revenge or pleasure. He is doing it to protect Nicole and her baby from EJ just like he promised he would do and did the same with Sami. Even though he should want payback for all EJ has done to him, he now knows what the guy is capable of and is even more determined to protect others. I don’t think it’s a good idea to tell Sami about the baby’s paternity because she has proven not to be trustworthy. It is up to Nicole to come clean and when she does, if it does upset Sami and has her running back to EJ then Rafe is definetly better off without her and was right in not trusting her and keeping this secret.

  71. From MAB

    voiceofreason – I wasn’t upset by your comments in the least…no reason to be. I’m not that fickle. My tune hasn’t changed about Rafe or EJ & Sami from the get-go, so my opinions about Rafe are nothing new…and many others on here feel the same way. I’ve never cared for Rafe, and probably never will, and it is because of how he & Sami are as a couple. He is dominant of her & she is weak. She’s not the ‘real’ Sami w/ him. They are the most dislikable couple in the history of this show IMO. I prefer EJ & Sami together, always will, no matter who else they are paired with. For me, the Rafe character can only be less disgusting if he gets his own s/l outside of being EJ & Sami’s third wheel.

    Wow, Jen was even more nasty to Nicole yesterday! She has gone off the deep end, and why anyone would support her actions is beyond me! They are ruining her character, and as much as I liked her & Daniel together before Jack returned, now I really don’t care. I’ve lost interest.

    NO, NO, NO! Billie should not leave town w/ Bo, even if it is not in a romantic sense. Too much history there for Hope to be in Salem, and Bo be off w/ Billie. I assume Billie will just go off somewhere due to where her job takes her (whatever that is now), and Bo goes off w/ his mother, which is how it should be. Caroline’s situation should be the ONLY thing to take Bo away from Hope & Ciara.

    #54 betsybee – ditto!

    Rafe talking to Ari’s pic yesterday…he even lies when he’s alone. He sat there and blamed EJ for what happened to her. Bull! Rafe turned his back on her during that time, keeping Sami’s secret, and they all hounded her for trying to help EJ. In fact, it was Will who was hounding her when she got hit by the car.

    Rafe’s talk w/ Will about how things used to be, him coming home and Sami waiting on him??? He said that was the happiest time in his life. I guess so if you have your woman at home, barefoot & pregnant. That is the way I took his comments. So if they get back together, is he gonna be make her quit her job and stay home so she can be little Ms. Housewife? Control freak!

    Tee – about Rafe still lying to Sami after their declaration of being honest w/ each other, this is apparently why the spoilers say EJ doesn’t give up on trying to open Sami’s eyes that Rafe is still lying to her. I hope you’re right that Rafe’s lies will ultimately end his relationship w/ Sami FOR GOOD and she & EJ can pick up where they left off. I think it’s sad that Sami is so desperate to appease Rafe that she is willing to keep the truth from EJ…just proves how Sami turns into a weakling w/ Rafe. If Rafe really wants Sami back for the right reasons, his commitment to her would be stronger than any commitment he made to Nicole, especially since it’s all based on lies. If he doesn’t trust Sami, then why does he want her back??? And I don’t think this is anything like the same scenario between Daniel & Jen. Daniel thinks he’s protecting Jen as well as Nicole, even tho it’s still wrong.

    Ladylumps – I found it odd that Nicole brought up Laura’s illness and how Jen may be like her Mom. I wonder if they are taking this route w/ Jen??? It sure would explain her nasty behavior lately.

  72. From MAB

    I’m actually enjoying Nick this time around, a bit. I think he & Gabi will be good for each other. I’m still not convinced tho he’s really turned over a new leaf. He still acts odd, but that could be the residual effects from prison.

    Brady, again, do the writers think all he is good for is coming to women’s rescue??? We never see him do anything else! PLEASE give him a real s/l and stop neglecting his character, and shoving Rafe ahead of him in line.

    No matter what EJ has done to Rafe, no child should be kept from their rightful parents, and Rafe has no right to any of these kids whatsoever. Yet this is the second time Rafe has assisted in the process to keep EJ’s child from him. Taking pleasure in that kind of revengeful behavior is disgusting, that his hate for EJ extends to using the man’s children, especially when he’s supposed to be the ‘good’ guy in this situation. Oh, and the cloning? Again that was Stefano, not EJ. Get it right people!

  73. From Richard

    I realize that a lot of people see Rafe in a different light than I do.
    The way that I see Rafe is as if, maybe, as a child, his mother may have had an affair with Stefano and Rafe could be a product of that affair.
    Maybe he learned the same way as Bo, who his real father was. Maybe Stefano got rid of his adopted Father.
    Maybe Arianna was born to Stefano and Rafe’s mother, out of wedlock, and Stefano used Ari to his advantage.
    Maybe Rafe has been a witness to Stefano, tearing his family apart and he grew up protecting his own family from the Dimeras.
    He probably joined the FBI, to legally bring down the Dimeras
    We don’t know enough about his past, to condemn him for what he does at the present time.
    I do believe, IMO, that his devotion to cases that involve the Dimeras, is some vindication of what may have happened to him in the past.
    Maybe he knows Stefano and EJ better than we do.
    IMO, ever since he has come to town, he has had some kind of vendetta against the Dimeras.
    He has always put himself in harms way to protect others from the Dimeras.
    I don’t pretend to know his past, but I would bet that the Dimeras have been right in the middle of his whole life.
    I have to stop and wonder why it was so easy for Stefano to come up with an exact duplicate of Rafe, so quickly and one that Sami couldn’t see a difference in.
    I guess that is why I am a little different than most posters, that I wonder about things that I don’t see or hear.
    I don’t see, nor have I heard, how Emily fits into Rafe’s story. How did, and who got Ari involved in drugs. Who is Rafe’s parents and how may they be connected to Stefano? Did any of them work for or get involved with the Dimeras?
    One thing that I do know, is, that Rafe has put himself right in the middle of every child produced by EJ Dimera, as if they need his protection.

  74. From patty

    Today Safe fans get to enjoy watching Sami’s face light up when she finally reunites with Rafe. Even better watching EJ’s smug face crumble when he realizes his devious scheme totally backfired on him…again.

  75. From Shani

    bobby 69 & patty 70 I agree with all your comments.

    About fake Rafe – EJ went along with the plan hook line & sinker.

    Keeping a child’s paternity a secret – even in real life women can be justified in doing that if the father is a crook or a bad guy in some other way to be unfit &/or dangerous.

    I agree with MAB about Nick. I am liking him but still not sure if he is reformed.

    Just a tiny bit of politics – my candidate won the debate last night hands down so nothing EJ might do today will bother me!! Have a good one everybody. . . .

  76. From Shani

    patty 74 Great news!!

  77. From NeeNee

    If only the writers could construct a behind-the-scenes history for Rafe like you have. Unless they have deliberately kept us in the dark to back-load a future storyline, I will never understand how writers’ minds work. Instead, I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s a simple dropping of plots because they’ve painted themselves into a corner and will let some future writer clean up the mess.

    Also suspect that writers have HUGE egos. Rather than build on a solid character history, each of them want to make their own mark and ignore/re-write the past. Must think it will be a hook to lure new viewers.

    MAB, this habit of characters talking to themselves has probably been around since Shakespeare’s soliloquies! It’s a theatrical device. Eavesdropping goes hand-in-hand with it. One that really bugs me is when one will pour out his/her heart to their beloved only to look down and see the guy/gal is fast asleep!

    Big difference between Rafe & EJ talking to themselves: Rafe is trying to sort out things he can do that will help people, while EJ mutters planned threats to HURT. You can tell me till the cows come home that Rafe is sexist for liking Sami to be there when he came home, but guess what? So does my husband! Most of the time I make meals & do cleanup. But many times we switch roles; he has dinner made & the dishes done because he knows I’m tired. Sami seems to have kept herself “barefoot and pregnant” all on her own. As sexually active & smart as she is supposed to be, get some birth control, girl! The feminist movement has sold American women a real bill of goods. I’ll take honest, home-spun happiness over what EJ offers any day of the week!

    Shani, YEAH!!! Last night was great. Hubby & I are helping at HQ this week.

  78. From Shani

    Nee Nee good for you & your hubby helping out. I go every other day. Your post was great! Actually all of your comments are good ones! Bring on Sami/Rafe!! May not last so have to enjoy them now. Great acting by Galen, so tortured by having to turn Sami down. But no more!!

  79. From NeeNee

    Just caught a snippet of today’s show with Chad tattling on EJ to Sami. And Rafe & Sami excitedly looking for each other, but just missing one another. I agree that Cameron dropping Abby is bizarre; who was the new girl with him today? Maggie’s soft gray suit with yellow accents was so pretty. She is very close if not the same age as Deidre Hall; but Suzanne Rogers doesn’t have obvious evidence of plastic surgery and looks much more natural—well, except for the totally bright auburn hair!

  80. From MAB

    That is the point w/ the Rafe character. We DON’T know anything about his past. If we did, then maybe we could understand him better. All he does is go around beating his chest that he’s superior to everyone else, and defy the law he’s supposed to uphold. That is not much of a character bio to get me interested. And regardless of what his past is, if he’s the do-gooder that everyone claims he is, he would still not go to the bad places he’s gone. Bo was always the rebel, but never stooped to the level Rafe has, especially trying to keep a child from it’s father. Take John for instance, it was years before we knew all about his past, but at least there were indications that Stefano was behind the madness. There is NO evidence of Rafe’s dislike for the DiMeras being nothing more than what he’s learned from the Brady’s. He even said from the beginning to Sami in the safe house that he really didn’t know anything about the DiMeras. Granted, he could’ve lied, which is not surprising, but he really seemed to know nothing back then.

    It’s not Rafe’s place to put himself in the middle of EJ and his children. He has no biological connection to them. They have a mother, grandparents, etc., who do have a real connection w/ those kids who know the DiMeras way better than he does that could be putting themselves on the line for those kids. But no one is because if she had a problem w/ EJ, she would be take desperate measures to keep him from the kids, but she doesn’t because she knows no matter what happens between them, he’s a good father. I mean how many times does she have to say it??? The only one Sami has ever had a problem w/ is Stefano. Apparently tho, it’s just Rafe who has the problem w/ EJ being the kid’s father. That’s why I think Rafe does what he does out of revenge on EJ. More than once, he’s basically admitted to sticking it to EJ, so why not use the kids to do it.

    Yep, in real life women can be justified in doing keeping children from a bad father, as they should. But this is not real life, it’s a soap. Besides, Sami has said multiple times that EJ is a good father to the kids, and he is, plain & simple!

    NeeNee – you don’t have to explain the semantics of characters talking to themselves or eavesdropping. I was trying to make a point, that most people are honest when they talk to themselves, and IMO, Rafe wasn’t. Also, why does your disagreement w/ MY opinions have to result in you putting works in my mouth? I didn’t say anything degrading about women staying at home. In fact, I think it’s the hardest job to run a household…one you don’t get paid for. The thing is, you, like many others, always want to compare real life w/ what happens on Days. I never do that because there is no comparison. I never said anything about it being a bad thing about a husband wanting his wife at home when he gets there. But in the fictional world of Days, I think Rafe looks at it as a control issue. I didn’t call him a sexist either, but I will argue that I believe he thinks he has to have Sami at home where he can dominate her, just like he did when they were married. He didn’t want her working, even when she needed a job because he lost his. That is my take on it, and I’d appreciate if you could respect my opinion on the subject w/o making insinuations on how my opinions compare to real life situations.

  81. From betsybee

    A suggested stroy line for EJ: Let Sami be with Rafe for a while. Get all the details which Rafe has committed to with Nicole and Daniel over Nicole’s baby. Be very quiet about all your information and as you have said in the past keep it until the right moment. If Sami decides to help Rafe hide your son from you even if he is still born then use your new found information to close in on both of them, remove your children from them, and see how fast she will come crawling back on hands and knees to apologize to you.
    Then you nail her with an ultimatum.

    She sure thinks she knows it all at the moment. Chad could also be taught a big lesson right now and maybe Kristen is the one to do this job. EJ you are going to be glad your Fatha is back on earth.

    Rafe makes me so sick. He has to have a horrible past in this soap. Please tell us what it is !!!!!!!

    Gabi and Nick are about to have a horrible catastrophe happen to them between her being pregnant and Grandma Sami !!!!!!!

  82. From rose castillo


  83. From MAB

    rose castillo – Maggie is only a Horton by her marriage to Mickey, so in reality Jen & Daniel may be ‘family’, but they are not blood related.

    betsybee – I’m with you, Rafe makes me sick too! Also I hope that if this comes down, again, to another child being kept from EJ, and Sami is in on it, then I hope EJ will stick it to her for real this time around and take those kids from her. If I were EJ, I wouldn’t want Rafe around my kids, let alone be a part of raising them.

  84. From NeeNee

    Rose, as far as we know Daniel is not a Horton. His biological mother is Maggie who MARRIED Mickey Horton (who was sterile, unable to have natural children). Daniel’s bio father is unknown at this point.

    Jen’s biological father is Bill Horton, brother to Mickey. Her mother is Laura Spencer Horton, who was originally married to Mickey but later married Bill.

    Jen and Daniel have DIFFERENT mothers and DIFFERENT fathers. Unless the Dr. Dan’s bio father is long-dead Tommy Horton, brother of Bill. Then we would have a problem. I doubt the current writers would go in this direction. IMO

  85. From Leah

    Have to say I had a bit of a chuckle today reading some of the Safe fans comments JUSTIFYING and trying to reason out this “keep the father of the baby in the dark fiasco” part 2. IF… the shoe was on the other foot and EJ was doing this to Safe you would all be crying murder and wanting him hung. I find the double standards and hypocrisy of Safe and Safe fans funny. At least Ejami and their fans admit to their faults and mistakes. Sometimes we even hate what they do… but it shows us how Ejami are two of a kind, grey characters who are humans. I find that humility far more ENDEARING than I do the hypocritical, morally stretched, smug, can do no wrong “supposedly saintly” pairing of Safe.
    As for the comments about what EJ has done to Rafe. Come on take off the blinkers. Rafe was illegally spying, deceiving and plotting against EJ before EJ even knew Rafe existed. ORIGINAL SIN… will always belong to Rafe. Don’t believe me… go back and watch reruns of Days. You can twist it any way you want but scenes and lines don’t lie. Its all their in black and white.
    PS: Clone Rafe was Stefanos creation not EJs. Stefano had set it all up and put it into action way before EJ knew anything about it.

  86. From Leah

    # 68 Jolie… and yes your right I do just say it like it is as do the rest of us on here :)

  87. From patty

    Rafe is not the one that Sami called a psycho, nutjob control freak.
    Rafe is not the one who has been pursuing Sami and begging to take him back nor did he have to use underhanded tactics to get her to love him.
    Rafe didn’t put himself between EJ and his kids, the women that don’t want EJ in their kid’s lives are the ones who put him there.
    Rafe’s past doesn’t involve kidnapping, embezzling, fraud, attempted murder, blackmail cloning and all those good things EJ does because he wouldn’t be on the force or been accepted as a FBI.
    Rafe is not the one who exposed EJ to Chad about his blackmailing Rafe. Pretty shrewd of Sami coming up with that all on her own because she knows that is how EJ works.
    Rafe keeps the truth from getting out to protect someone, EJ lies to get what he wants.
    Rafe is not the one who’s going to make Sami blow up at EJ for what he did, Sami does what she wants and nobody tells her what to do.

  88. From patty

    “Rafe knows what real love is, you are empty”. That is what Sami tells EJ.
    Poor Nicole! That is so harsh the way she’s told her baby is dead! She doesn’t deserve this, nobody does.

  89. From Richard

    I got a few good clues today, that makes me think that something is in the works.
    Nicole got a substitute for her original doctor, who just happens to be leaving the country right after her examination.
    The computer is down, so there will be no records available online.
    The substitute doctor specifically mentioned the pills, as if they may have had something to do with the results of the examination.

  90. From Richard

    I, for one, don’t know just how long EJ and Rafe have known each other.
    EJ and Rafe may have even fought over Emily, for all I know.

  91. From SandyGram

    Episode October 4th: (Sorry for the length, there is just so much going on today)

    Well today was sure a ‘sit on the edge of your seat’ kind of show. Nicole thinking she found a way to control her destiny, while controlling Daniel. Rafe has been written to have a strong contempt for EJ leading to him stepping in to help Nicole. But his claiming he is the baby’s father has become secondary to the lengths Daniel is going in this triangle of deceit. I’m still not seeing the rational of the depths Daniel is willing to go for Nikki, especially since he was kept away from Melanie all those years.

    Maggie is sure becoming the next Kate getting into her sons business. Other than that, I loved Maggie’s look today, great color combination and perfectly coordinated with Victor that ole sweetheart.

    Both Chad and Nick with depositions exonerating Chad from beating up Nick and Gabi from her participation in Mel’s kidnapping. Once again by-passing the law, but what got me most was how the writers made it such a joyful moment when Gabi told Rafe. It would have been nice if they had Gabi show just a little humility. Then here comes EJ with his number one criminal attorney Mr. Brown. What a slap in the face when Mr. Brown was not even willing to try and find a loop hole in the depositions since the number one attorney in the state Justin Kiriakis, with his excellent reputation, wrote them. Then there was the cutagra! Things have changed , the days are over where a DiMera could buy a judge. How ‘solid as a rock’ are the depositions when Stefano finds out about yet another one of EJ’s failures, especially when it was all to get Sami to choose EJ over Rafe.

    Now how quick was Sami to throw EJ under the bus? Although it appeared Sami’s romantic interests had changed from EJ to Rafe, the elephant was still in the room. I was still thinking just maybe Sami was only warming up to Rafe to get the truth about Nicole’s baby from Rafe, so she could give the info to EJ. But after today she manipulated Chad into confirming her suspicions that EJ was up to no good. Then the encounter between EJ and Chad at the apartment I thought for sure we were going to see ‘green pea soup’ come flying out of EJ’s mouth when he turned on Chad. Maybe Jenn and EJ should get together if they’re going to keep displaying this violent emotion. I don’t think we’ve ever seen EJ so mad before. Chad’s final words were also an eye opener for Elvis, ‘you’re just like him, Stefano. You are his son”. For a moment I wondered if that was leading to Chad changing his mind about being a DiMera once again, but that was a fleeting thought when he approached Gabi outside of the Pub with yet again more threats.

    I was so hoping Sami and Rafe’s run to each other across HTS would have been one in slow motion. The missing each other all over town was a little much, but in the end ‘sealed with a kiss’, while EJ looked on with distain and fury. But how long will that last, according to the Days Ahead tomorrow EJ will manipulate Sami some more by challenging her to confront Rafe about who’s the father of Nicole’s baby. Oh by the way Samantha Gene was extraordinarily beautiful today the two orange tones she was wearing made it look like a glow around her when she was running to Rafe . And as we all know Sami ain’t no angle.

    Finally, yes the tissue came out for our manipulative, conniving, deceptive Nicole when the doctor gave her the news about the baby’s heartbeat. I’ll just leave the tissue box by my chair for tomorrow. Sorry the posting is so long, there was just so much going on!!

  92. From SandyGram

    #89 Richard
    Boy I’m really on the fence post on this one Richard, changing my mind right and left. A substitute doctor, the computers being down, the mentioning of the pills (which just may have done something to the baby to slow down the heart beat so it didn’t appear on the Fetal Heartbeat Monitor), Nicole will destroy the handwritten files from the doctor (from Days Ahead) and the doctor is off to South America. Interesting the doctor is going to South America for charity work when Stefano in 1985 kidnapped Sami and Eric keeping them at his fortress in Caracus,Venezuela. Now if this isn’t Soap Opera Intrigue I don’t know what is!!

  93. From Blaze.

    NeeNee!! Thank you for taking the high road!! :)

  94. From 502KY

    I realy am not happy with Nicole losing her baby,it seems like a really sad storyline just to have her come between Jen and Daniel.

    I was hoping to see Sami and Rafe eventually suing for custody of the little Dimera, would she fight that? EJ or Rafe, what would she do?

    And I think the writers are missing a very good opportunity to make Nicole a mother, with her sordid past there is no teenager that she secretly fave away as a baby? That would be fun to watch, Nicole trying to mother a wild teen.

  95. From patty

    Richard, more clues maybe? There is a power outage (Stephano has been known to make those happen) and the replacement doc doesn’t let Nicole see the monitor when she does the ultra sound. Well, my question is if all systems are down, how does one conduct an ultrasound or is the fetal monitor even working properly? Biggest coincidence of all, Stephano make a call to EJ right after the baby is pronounced dead.

  96. From patty

    SandyGram, keep that box of tissues handy. Especially for when Nicole spreads out little Danny’s baby clothes and there’s a little Halloween and Christmas outfit. Hearbreaking! Ari is going to knock this one out of the park.

  97. From Gerri

    #87,Patty,I 2nd everything you said.The DiMeras (this includes EJ)
    always resort to threats and blackmail of some kind,to attempt a relationship,If they are so powerful,why Is it neccesary to go to these lengths,to hold on to a relationship?
    Control lasts only for a short while,until their victims can figure a way out,and away from them.It has taken Sami sometime but..hopefully she has had enough.(even tho she has been willing to be involved with him at times )I’m sure the writers aren’t going to let anyone be happy for long..
    I loved,loved the episode today!!
    Go Sami/Rafe,I’m on your team……

  98. From SandyGram

    #97 Gerri
    Peek-A-Boo nice to see a post from you. How is the family and especially your daughter?
    I too thought today’s epi was great. And like Patty said tomorrow will be the day for a full box of Kleenex when Nicole is told the baby died. But then like Richard has mentioned and my post #92 that subject may still be an open book. We’ve seen it happen so many times before. I’ve enjoyed all the shows lately even though there are a lot of repeat story lines and those that don’t quite make since…I guess that’s what a Soap is all about…mixing and matching and stirring the pot! Works for me!

  99. From NeeNee

    Blaze, I did reply to MAB’s last post, but evidently it didn’t “take.” I will repost it:

    Terms like ‘little Ms Housewife’ implies that this is a less than intelligent choice in life. ‘I guess so if you have your woman at home, barefoot & pregnant’ is another statement that denigrates women who stay home to raise a family. Rafe did not say that. Maybe his preferring his wife at home is part of his cultural upbringing. He is supposed to be Hispanic. And I can tell you a significant percentage of Latino men in my town want their wives at home, raising their children.

    Yes, we all know Days is fiction but it is written around the framework of life & society in our real world. Women working is not an issue now as it was back in the early 1970′s or so. However, as many of us here lament, it’s the children who suffer. Whether she worked or not though, Sami was forever foisting off her kids on poor Caroline (except those days are probably over) and Hope certainly had Ciarra farmed out to Maggie, Doug & Julie and the infamous “church camp.” The DiMera household always has Mary on standby, something the Hernandezes & Bradys can’t afford.

    Odd that Rafe is viewed as controlling and domineering. Exactly what do you call what EJ does to his women?? I’d say those are pretty accurate words for a man who uses threats, fear, intimidation, blackmail, and more on a daily basis. But we must overlook that because Salem is not real life? Oh, and EJ is hotter than Rafe . . .

    I guess what needs to happen is for writers to send Rafe & Gabby back to Mama Hernandez, Lucas to HongKong, and have hits put out on Brandon and Austin off-screen so they could never again be candidates for Samanther’s affections! While we’re at it, how about Sami/EJ, the kids and an unattractive nanny go live in a compound on one of Stefano’s jungle islands? And make sure that 30 minutes of every Days episode shows them having romantic encounters in the doorway of their luxury tropical hut!

  100. From Leah

    I suppose I expect more of Rafes character BECAUSE he is mean’t to be the good guy. The upstanding, moral, law abiding, cop, good guy. Sami and EJ are the grey characters of Days so I expected them to do silly, nasty, naughty things. And yes we know they will get away with it and eventually forgive each other. So I don’t expect that much from them and usually get exactly what I expected. Rafe on the other hand says one thing, portrays one thing but yet we get and see more often than not the complete opposite.
    EJ and Sami are what they are… Rafe on the other hand is a Jeckyll and Hyde type character. What you see is NOT necessarily what you get. Never, never before have we seen a cop on Days twist the law, do illegal activities, hide the truth and sweep it under the carpet and get away with it. A dirty cop is a dirty cop. Abe, John, Roman and Bo have all had challenges investigating family members and even having to charge them sometimes but they always did what was truthful and right because it was right. We don’t get this with Rafes character and I don’t like it. It comes across to me and many others as hypocritical and smug.

  101. From Clear

    The door for Nicole’s baby to be alive is definitely open with the covering doctor instead of her own. It seems too convenient and I fervently hope that EJ has manipulated to get this one so it is not dead.

    I hate Chad seeing how EJ betrayed him, but it may keep him from the Darkside of the Dimeras longer.

  102. From Shani

    Nee Nee 99 talk about hitting a post out of the park! You did it, girl! Agree, agree!

    I simply have never seen Rafe as hypocritical & smug. Rafe has bent the law to help others but EJ & Stefano resort to really evil underhandedness (is that a word?)to get what THEY want. They are written as villians, plain & simple.

    Yesterday was terrific & I compare the Sami & Rafe searching for each other to some of my favorite love stories. SandyGram is right & slow motion would have even been better when they spotted each other & flew into one another’s arms. & the kiss, well eat your heart out EJ! That moment between them was even more heated because of YOU, & Sami having just found out how you tried to keep them apart. Sami spoke the truth to Chad about EJ & Chad spoke the truth to EJ comparing him to Stefano. I was actually surprised how enraged EJ became with Chad. I shouldn’t have been but I was.

    After yesterday I am definitely thinking this is all a set-up & the baby will live but not taken from Nicole.

  103. From patty

    Where does it say Rafe is never suppose to cross the line but EJ’s allowed to wreak havoc because he’s suppose to be ‘grey”. I would say to be grey you have to have a good side, EJ doesn’t, he has a black soul. Where do people come up with Rafe making Sami stay home barefoot and pregnant? Sami does what she wants and she was barefoot and pregnant and without a job long before she met Rafe. She was raising 4 kids and had no obvious source of income until she met Rafe. There is no limit as to what Rafe gets blamed for just because he’s a Hernendez and Sami loves him more than EJ.

  104. From Shani

    I meant to write the baby will live but be taken from Nicole.

  105. From Shani

    Always cracks me up when somebody says Rafe controls Sami. NOBODY does that! You’re right patty & she does what she wants. Even the master controler & manipulater EJ can’t keep her under his thumb for long!

  106. From Richard

    Let me state this as possibly a 99% fact: Someone made sure that there was a substitute doctor for Nicole’s regular doctor on the day of her appointment, because that someone knew that there would be no heartbeat.

  107. From Gerri

    Has been a busy summer,here,have been watching days faithfully(except scenes with Will and Sonny)don’t care at all for this S/ I’ve said before,To each his own.

    My daughter,is back at work now,she has had to miss some days(she won’t be around that” Machine
    at any time)”I was just on the phone,setting up an appt with the Hand Surgeon,to check what is left of her fingers,(ring finger Is the worst). she probably will need some on going therapy.

    ,a great “Legal Team”is on board now,It looks like this Company made this machine,didn’t have It inspected,for possible dangers, so didn’t have a patent,They might be In Real trouble.anyway thanks for asking,and will keep you posted.

    I know Nicole has been a “B…”in the past,but she doesn’t deserve this for a 2nd time,why can’t the writers let her have “”Some Happy Days?
    She and EJ has and will be good together,she has It in her to be his equal..

    Nee Nee great post#99.
    IMO,the law breaking from Rafe and the Bradys,have been to protect,find some justice for victims
    and not destroy lives.(like the otherside does)…

  108. From Richard

    Dr Rolf created a formula that would make people think that Issac/Zack was dead, but could later be revived, so that the baby could forever live with Lexie and the Dimeras.

  109. From MAB

    Leah – I agree that if the shoe was on the other foot and EJ was trying to keep Rafe’s kids from him, the Safe fans would be trashing EJ right & left. In fact, I agree w/ all your posts!

    Rafe has called Sami names, he is pursuing Sami since EJ became a threat again, Rafe always puts himself between EJ and his kids as he jumped on the bandwagon claiming to be the father of Nicole’s baby, we don’t know what his past entails, and he has been fired from jobs due to his actions.

    NeeNee – well I see there is no way you can discuss the show w/o you being sarcastic about it, and purposely admitting you are, just because you disagree w/ my views on Rafe. You like others seem to take pleasure in making assumptions about my comments, again, taking things to a personal level, which is has always been the problems on here. Why do you insist on thinking you have to explain how things work for women? You are just one of millions of women on this planet who have an opinion, and believe me, not everyone thinks the way you do. You are no better suited than any other woman to argue how things are for stay at home women vs. working women. It’s YOUR problem if you took offense to ‘little Ms. Housewife’ or ‘barefoot & pregnant’. They are just words I used to describe what I think Rafe (a fictional character) is like as a man. Again, my comments were about the show, not real life, and if you can’t separate the two, then that is your problem. You can put your spin on it anyway you want, it certainly won’t change my views on Rafe at all. He is a bully, and likes to control women. He made Sami weak, and will do it again. And I could care less if you think Rafe is hotter than EJ. I know EJ is hot, as MANY do! And I don’t think that much of Rafe to care one way or the other. Also, if you wanna talk real life, ok, here’s my two-cents on that. My sister is a stay at home Mom who runs her household while her husband’s job keeps him on the road alot. She has to be mother & father at times, and I completely respect her for being the strong woman she is to do what she does. And then there are those women out there also in real life who’s husbands want their wives at home so they can control them. Everyone’s life is different, and can’t be compared, just like trying to compare soaps to real life. It’ doesn’t work.

    As far as who Sami is paired with, anyone but Rafe IMO. I will always think EJ is her best match, but if it never happens, then I’d be ok w/ whoever she is paired w/ as long as it isn’t the control freak Rafe. Sami rarely did what she wanted when she was married to Rafe, because Rafe controlled her. She turned weak, and acted like she couldn’t do anything w/o Rafe’s approval. And when she did do something on her own, she got talked down to for it. EJ doesn’t treat her like that. He lets her be who she really is. And that is part of his good side, along w/ his kids, that often comes out when he’s around the people he considers his family. Sami brings it out in him. Some just refuse to see his good side, but that’s not surprise when there’s no limit as to what EJ gets blamed for just because he’s a DiMera.

  110. From jolie

    Richard, I like this theory about Nicole’s baby and all the coincidents very much. You are very good with your facts adding up here. Let’s just hope the writers can add as well as you! And if Nicole’s baby does indeed live, let’s hope she gets it back in her life and soon. Who knows what that girl will do in her grief…oh no, not grief sex with Elvis please!

    One thing is for sure here. There is a group that hates Rafe for being Rafe. So be it. I like Rafe alot. I just want to say to you all who are Rafe haters…thank you so much for not saying a word about the actor. Good job posters. Obviously Galen is doing a good job to garner such a wide range of emotions. Earlier this week that was a post that sort of tore into Galen as an actor and was very detremental. I refrained from saying anything at the time but thought this was a better approach. Most regular posters respect the actors for the job they do and keep comments on the actions of the characters…and we don’t agree on anything when we post about that and that is just fine. Thanks to all for keeping it so civil and enjoyable.

    Did I mention that I really like Rafe and love that he and Sami will be together?? Well for a while anyway.

  111. From SandyGram

    #108 Richard
    I love looking at these old videos. Better than what Dr. Rolf was up to, we saw Shawn, Shawn (Grandpa), Belle, Micky, Melissa. It reminded me of how close Shawn was to Zack, Bo and Hope. And the performance by Lexie was terrific.

  112. From Richard

    All of the actors turn in a great performance, when given something to work with.
    We expect to see bad things from EJ, because the writers write him as evil.
    We expect to see good in Rafe, because he is written that way.
    One other thing, I would like to comment on: Nicole said that she had a nightmare that EJ came to take his child – what if somehow, that was not a nightmare, but real.
    Could we possibly also have a Nicole look-a-like here?

  113. From Richard

    Did I miss something?
    I thought that in an earlier episode that I heard Nicole tell Rafe that She and Daniel had a plan to deceive EJ, yet on yesterdays episode it seemed that they did not have a plan, that was agreed by both of them. I remember Nicole talking about going to Utah.

  114. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from TV Guide Article, Hot Scoop on Eileen Davidson’s Return to Days of Our Lives, dated October 5th:

    TV Guide Magazine: Even though this situation was essentially forced on you, did you still get wooed by Days? Did they sit you down and try to dazzle you with their grand plans?

    Davidson: I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for a little while there. Days had some great story plans for me and I did hear all that before I said yes. Of course, even if a story outline sounds good you never really know until you get those scripts. But the writing has been terrific — very intelligent and witty and wonderful to play. Very different from what I was doing on Y&R, which was straight drama. So, yeah, it all worked out really, really well. My contract with Days is kind of fluid. It’s not what you might think. I have leeway. And it wasn’t like they were horrible to me and I was made to do this. I could have said no. I was given a lot of options. Ultimately, it felt mutually beneficial and I am very happy here. [Laughs] And I gotta tell you, some things never change! I just love it when Kristen tortures Marlena! Driving that woman crazy is the most fun ever!

    Great article available at: TV Guide Magazine/Entertainment

  115. From Shani

    I of course loved the Sami/Rafe scenes again today but what was first & foremost for me was Nicole & her grief. What an actress! Had to get out my tissue. I could sooo feel for her & I know what it would have meant if I had lost any of my babies! & I feel for any of you out there who have suffered that loss!

    I said in another post that I’m thinking more & more this is a set-up to take the baby from Nicole but on the other hand, if that were true & the baby is not dead, what is stopping it from kicking anymore?

  116. From Trebuchet

    Damn. I’ll tell you, Nicole is my FAVORITE character. Has been for years. Not only does she have Brady as a soulmate/bff, and whatever she and EJ have, but guys like her as friend and she’s NICE. And SMART. Her character deserves a HELLUVA lot better. (Sure, they all deserve better but Nic’s gotten the worst.)

    Nic is only character who WANTED baby for right reasons (because she wanted baby, not to get a man), which was good story because she was (seriously, at one point) STERILE. So all her pregnancies were “miracles”, and sure, she screwed up majorly with baby switch (I don’t even know where that switched kid is, but I know Nic’s is dead). So finally she carries to term, has support of nice guys, wants the BABY (again, baby number four MILLION for a STERILE woman. STERILE. Who is the only one on the show who WANTS a baby!)…

    It dies?! AARGH! Producers are idiots! The way THIS Nic Pregnancy was set up was INGENIOUS! It left room for EJ/Nic to get it right, or for Nic/Rafe, Nic/DanielManWhore, whoever. But primarily, Nicole was FINALLY going to have her baby. She didn’t care about WHICH guy (except EJ, not sure why she super-hates EJ now, but they screw EJ over too); she wanted baby. Then THIS happened!

    I hate Jennifer with the fire of a thousand suns; she makes worst DOOL villains look like saints. I’ve never much liked Jen anyway, and wish she’d get hit by bus. But now? Jack isn’t even cold yet and she’s humping all over Daniel; complete stalker. But it seems like they’re casting EVIL JENNIFER as the “good guy wrongly accused” when Nicole’s baby is gone! WTF?! (Jennifer DOES push an apparently pregnant woman; Jennifer should get elecric chair!)

    Watching this is like watching a children get beaten or something; SICK! —I can’t stand it anymore. I’ll read THIS page for what’s going on because I can’t STAND to see what they put my favorite character through. I HATTTTEEEEE this show. Love some of the characters, I do, but I HATE this show.

    Any other Nicole fans here? I feel like only one, but I don’t read here this often (because I THOUGHT I would be pleasantly surprised with new writers and didn’t want spoilers anymore! Stupid me!)

  117. From Trebuchet

    My posts aren’t showing up :(

    Basically, hate Jen with passion, mad about ALL the storylines…

    But I was re-reading the posts here and SOMEONE mentioned the VITAMINS for Nicole! THAT gives me hope. Still won’t watch tragedy, but will read here to see what happens!

  118. From NeeNee

    “Some fans are debating what’s worse – what EJ’s doing to Rafe or what Rafe’s once again doing to EJ. EJ’s the bad guy, the opportunist so we expect him to do underhanded things in order to get what he wants. If he doesn’t, it’s rather disappointing. Rafe’s supposed to be the good guy so it’s always a surprise to some when he’s not written pure as the driven snow. The thing is, Rafe hasn’t been pure in a very long time but he’s also not the bad guy. He’s the good guy who does a bad thing for what he deems to be a good reason. Essentially he’s the new Bo. It’s good to see a character with layers. I like both of them.” – written by Christine Fix at “SheKnowsSoaps.”

    This is basically what Patty, Jolie, Shani and I have been saying—in various ways—for a long time now. And my “sarcasm” was saved for the last paragraph of post #99; perhaps I should have labeled it “satire.”

    I’m enjoying the Nick character, as his presence extends the Chad/Gabby/Will story. Also looking forward to the return of Kristin & Eric. Am I thinking of someone else, or was Utah Eric’s destination when he left the show the last time? Doc was raised in Colorado, but Utah sure rings a bell.

    Gerri, good to see you here once again. I don’t think I was reading or posting when your daughter had this accident. But I’m glad to know she’s making progress. One of our church members lost her right arm in a bad traffic accident. She had two small boys and has since had a little girl; I’m sure she has lots of help from her husband & in-laws.

  119. From Snickelfritz

    Wow! EJ scared me on Thursday’s show when he lit into Chad at Sami’s apartment. It was maniacal! Excellent acting by James Scott!

    Some people read WAY too much into other’s post and take personal offense over OPINIONS. Geez! That is the one thing that has always frustrated me as a longtime reader, and one of the things that kept me from posting. Why go on a long rant instead of ignoring the post the offended you? It’s like your dumping your trash all over everyone who posts here. Definitely not cool.

  120. From patty

    Gee, I’m not sure what Sami is suggesting here, to play EJ so he will give up the truth about his plans for the baby? Sami, Sami, Sami! No wonder Rafe is reluctant to tell her everything. I wouldn’t trust her either. She says it doesn’t matter if Rafe is the baby’s father or not then says she wants to help protect the baby from EJ. It actually doesn’t even concern her and since it looks like there will be no baby, it is all irrelevant anyway.

  121. From MAB

    jolie – I agree, this has nothing to do w/ the actors (tho I have seen some comment on James Scott in the past). IMO, it’s like comparing the show to real life, you can’t compare the actor to the character. It can also be said that James is doing a great job too to garner such a wide range of emotions as well, and he’s been doing it for quite some time now. And what you said about hating Rafe for being Rafe, not me. I’m ok w/ Rafe, as long as he’s not w/ Sami. But that also doesn’t mean that I excuse his actions. I call it how I see it, when he does things and hides behind his badge.

    I agree all of the actors turn in great performances, for the most part, when given something to work with. And me, I expect to see good AND bad things from EJ & Rafe. We know EJ is gonna do bad things because he is written as the bad guy, but he has his good side & traits that need to be commended. Rafe, he does do some good things, but he also does his share of bad things, and don’t need to be excused by those who thinks he does no wrong when he does…and he does them in the name of the long arm of the law which leaves little to be desired as a character.

  122. From MAB

    Trebuchet – no you are not the only Nicole fan out there. I love her, always have! She is one of the best on the show. I hate she’s loosing the baby too, but I can’t wait to see her performance!

    Sorry, but saying Rafe is the new Bo is a bunch of bullsh!t! He will never measure up to what Bo was & is, just another reason why Bo should not be leaving because someone else is getting his airtime.

    I’ve ignored a lot on here, but when someone picks your opinions apart on a personal level over comparing soaps to real life (which can never be done), then if becomes another issue. People are gonna defend themselves, which is why some need to learn how to agree to disagree, and have discussions like adults.

  123. From NeeNee

    Christine Fix said in her Friday’s Deconstruction of Days past week that Rafe is “essentially tne new Bo.” It is her opinion.

    Finally had time to clarify. I think the original post was removed or something so hope you don’t mind that I post here, NeeNee! So everyone knows, I did not say that Bo was “easy” to replace. I also did not mean that Rafe will replace Bo. The last sentence ‘Essentially he’s the new Bo.’ didn’t have an exclamation point at the end but it was implied. I was being facetious as usual. Obviously the two characters have similarities though that’s not where I was going with that statement. I invite folks to read that entire blog for more clarification. I don’t mind if people disagree with me but I do ask for respect and I in turn give the same respect. :) Christine Fix

  124. From voiceofreason

    I have to say, I have always been very impressed by Blake Berris’ acting. I think someone said that earlier too. He makes Nick a really believable character. I’m not sure whether he’s totally turned over a new leaf or if there is a raging psychotic inside him still. That’s good acting.

  125. From Cougar

    Kudos to a great job of drama to Ari today. I sill feel that the writing of her baby’s death a cynical move. It’s just wrong. I however, do see the potential of someone orchestrating a kidnapping of her child only to turn up at a later date. The question is if they do that how long will they hold out before Nik’s miracle baby resurfaces weeks, months, years?

    So much of what is projected one day disappears in a puff of smoke the next. Sami with Lucas, Sami with EJ, Sami with Rafe. The way Sami keeps reminding Rafe that things could work if they were honest this time. Yeah, right Sami honesty, really? You honest? Well if Rafester continues to fib about being the father of Niks baby I think we an see the handwriting on the wall for her to vasilate back to EJ. And you know she will keep him dangling on the hok for a long time as the writers have played this one in the past.

    I did enjoy the exchange between EJ And Sami today. Yes, she was angry but did not exactly keep her distance from him. Still a little something going on there. She really appears to get the EJ loves her but is very ambivilant about accepting him. They are both the black sheep, always have been, always will be. Just made for each other and can accept each other as nobody else can.

  126. From Cougar

    Hiya Gerri. Glad to hear from you again. I’ve missed your posts and hope that things are starting to go for the better

  127. From Shani

    Bet she will be glad to read that! I know she posts on here sometimes. I & several others have mentioned Rafe reminds us of Bo so I’m with Christine.

    It has often been said writers get many of their story ideas from real life situations so I think it’s fine to compare. Not stories like Marlena being possessed but others.

    124 voiceofreason I agree about Blake being a very good actor. I like Nick but am not sure about him. But that is how it’s supposed to be I think.

    So, Stefano will be back next week. Look out Salem!

  128. From bobby

    I agree Patti. Will be interesting to see if Nichole has the baby removed before or after her flight down the stairs. If its before than it’s suspious. Different Doctor, can’t watch monitor, no sound. Since Stephano is due back, will the baby be a gift to E.J. so he’ll come back into the fold? And why is Sami questioning Rafe about Nichole. She just arrived fresh out of E.J.’s arms and Rafe is supposed to automatically trust her? Nuts! They’re all nuts!

  129. From SandyGram

    Episode October 5th:
    Well I used up the rest of the tissue box today. Arianne Zucker was more than fabulous in her portrayal of the broken hearted Nicole. All I could think of while she was sitting there in her daze of disbelief was ‘Where is Brady, Where is Brady’. He has always been there for Nicole’s tragedy’s but this time she had to face it alone which was more than apparent when she took out the baby clothes and held them up. And the topper was Nikki watching Daniel tend to Jennifer’s hurt wrist; you could see the revenge a cooking in her eyes. Emmy time for this performance!

    It looks like Rafe is a little leery of Nick getting too close to Gabi. I am liking this story line more than I thought I would. Nick’s dark side is very intriguing. I noticed the bandage came off his forehead; now let’s see if they give him a scar which will make his look even more ominous. By the way Billie and Nick haven’t run into each other since he’s been out of prison, that should be a fun meeting.

    So Daniel is willing to give up Jennifer’s friendship for his commitment to Nicole. I’m anxious to see where the writers will go when Daniel finds out the baby is dead and according to the spoilers Jennifer is arrested for murder. Will Daniel stand by Jenn then? I sure hope Melissa and Shawn didn’t tape there two scene’s in the same day. I can’t imagine how they could switch from the anger and hurt they were showing in the Coffee House to the tender moment they shared when Dan was checking out Jenn’s wrist.

    So Bo has resigned. But I have to say, at the Pub when Hope hugged Bo and said she stands by him 100% her facial expression, over his shoulder, didn’t reflect 100%.

    I enjoyed both the Safe scene’s and the Ejami scene’s in the HTC. The rekindling of a love almost lost with tender physicality and true love ways. Then the skulking around of one who appears to have lost his love due to his own manipulation; and not retain that love through personal merit. Now as we move into Rafe’s loft, with the seed sowed by EJ, Sami must know who is the real father of Nicole’s baby? And she is willing to help Nicole and Rafe keep the truth from EJ if in fact he is the father. Once again, for me, it’s not a matter of keeping a secret from Sami, it’s all about Rafe honoring his commitment to Nicole. Now the question will change to can Sami handle it!

    Now the ‘Ah Ha’ moment came with EJ sitting in what looks like a closet Office….ringy dingy one, ringy dingy two….Stefano on the line!

  130. From Lisa

    I disagree totally with this ChristineFix : for layers the characters have to be seen as flawed, Rafe is not since everybody white plash his bad deeds and praise him no matter what..that is not layers, moreover the guy playing him is dull onscreen therefore it doesn’t help, Bo the character was seen as flawed with his stories with Carly and above all Billy or even Victor..and the guys playing the Bo character were likable onscreen unlike the boring and quite controlling looking guy playing Rafe !

  131. From patty

    SandyGram, I totally agree about Ari’s acting. She does an outstanding job. What is really heartbreaking is that she is all alone.
    As for our Samantha Gene, I agree with Bobby, she was just draped all over EJ and now she expects Rafe to be honest and tell her everything. I think Rafe is being smart not telling her the truth right now. If and when it comes out that Rafe never slept with Nicole, Sami should be happy about it, not use it as an excuse to run back to EJ.
    However,I am curious as to why Daniel and Rafe keep up the secret even after they know the baby is dead or is that just speculations.
    I am with the ones who think Nick is doing a great job. I always liked him and glad he’s back. Love where his story is going with Gabi and I do hope he doesn’t go psycho again.
    I was just wondering if anyone here has heard any rumors of Arianna coming back? Just some discussions I came across on another site got me curious.

    Hey gerri, nice to hear from you! I’m happy to hear that your daughter is doing better. :)

  132. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    The reason why the doc is a sub, and she is leaving is because when Jen is charged with Murder there will be no record the baby actually died before hand. Not because EJ, or Stefano are plotting and turned off the electric. If the electric was on when Nicole went to have her baby there would be a record saying the baby was already dead. Hence the sub doc, no electric, and doc leaving the country No one will know Nicole already lost her baby, and Jen can be charged with murder. It is angst for Dannifer.
    The reason the doctor did not allow her to look at the screen is because she should not see her dead baby, that is not something they usually go showing you, some will some wont. Having a still born baby is hard enough, let alone seeing it on screen
    Her baby is born stillborn.

    I know we all wish it was not but it is.

    Rafes lies will come out in 2 weeks. Sami asked for honesty said their relationship would not work without it She offered to help him and he still lied. After the baby dies he continues his lies. It comes out because EJ gets paternity results.Sayng it is the same as Dan/Jen is wrong they are not in a relationship When you are with smeone you should put them first, Rafe should put his relationship with Sami 1st. He should not be lying to her, I as a woman would not want my husband/ significant other to be lying about impregnating my enemy. Ya that would spell end for me. Secrets don’t work in a relationship.
    Saying Rafe is a do gooder protecting Nicole, well that dont work for me because Nobody asked him for his help, EJ was being very gentle and aring begging Nicole to not lie to him. Trying to be there for her and even saying at least let him be there for the baby. Rafe volunteered to be the daddy no one asked for his help. I don’t care what EJ has done in his past, that is his past. He has changed a lot over the last year.Victor changed.
    EJ says it all what he did he did for his love of Sami, and wanting to be with her. Rafes lies and manipulation are to protect a woman who stole Samis baby, and caused her many of problems. He should chose his woman 1st

    Sami thinks EJ does not really love her SAFE will end very soon.
    I stand by that.
    Have a good weekend all.

    I enjoyed reading comments, and am sure we will all be with tissues next week

    Mab, Leah great posts as well as others.
    Sandy I enjoy your posts as well as others even when we disagree.

  133. From Richard

    Why would the baby monitor not be in position for Nicole to view the activity of her baby.
    It must have been known before hand that there would be no baby activity.
    The substitute doctor did say that she would inform Nicole’s regular doctor of her findings.
    I believe they said that the computers were down. Isn’t this machine a computer driven test?
    The nurse at the nurse’s station knew that Nicole was there for her checkup, I believe.
    Back to another topic. Why haven’t the SPD, John, Marlena, Kate or anyone else tried to find out the true identity of EJ.
    Why are we asked to take the word of Ian and dispute the tests to the contrary. Just like EJ wants a DNA test, people in Salem should demand one of EJ.

  134. From Tee

    I know when I had to have a emergency ultra sound once in labor and delivery, They refused to show me the screen because they had complications. It is one thing to want to see your baby kick, no one really wants to see yor baby dead in your belly, at least that is what most docs think. It is already traumatic enough and Nicole was flipping out. It is common what the doc did. If my computer in house goes out my other electronics work.It was a malfunction with computer system not equipment.
    The reason there is a sub doc, and computer is out is so Jen can be charged with murder. It leaves no evidence Nicole found out before fight she lost the baby.If the comp systems wroked the doc would have left a update in computer and when Nicole gave birth to still born they would have known she lost it earlier, meaning Jen could not be charged.The sub doc said her doc was not on duty which is very common as well.So in words this is how Jen can be charged with Murder, since everyone belieevs Nicole lost her baby due to the fall, when she fights with Jen. Nicole also destroys the hand written evidence.
    The doc also was leaving right away, so no doc to tell the truth, the sub doc was to leave notes for Nicole’s doctor. If it was Stefano would he not have the doc stay and remove the baby? Surely he would have had the sub doc do that right?

    Why should anyone in Salem ask EJ to prove he is a Dimera? That is between EJ and Stefano, no one else’s business. If my neighbor has a child surely it is not my business to demand to know who the father is, no matter if my neighbor is bad or not. It is only the parents and child’s business.
    They only had the right to know when it was thought he may have murdered Stefano because of that, it was to establish motive, he is no longer a suspect and Stefano is alive so no need for them to get involved in his paternity.
    I amnot trying to be mean about it Richard but that is how it is, I am not sure why it would be anyone else’s business. EJ is Stefanos child, but if he was not it is Stefanos decision and business if he wants him to be or not and his business if he does a paternity test.
    EJ also has a right to do paternity test on Nicole’s baby, 1st when you are married You are legally the father anyway unless the real father takes a paternity test and some legal stuff is done. That is law in real life, and EJ told Justin he is legally the father because of the marriage and stuff. If you are married, and have a child no matter if you are seperated legally the real father could not have name on birth cert unless dna proves he is real father. Though some get away with it by simply not disclosing their marital status.

    Below is law on it I copied it to show how it works

    a child conceived during a marriage is presumed to be the child of married parents. That presumption can be rebutted within two years of birth by DNA testing or if the father voluntarily acknowledges paternity

    Legal separations do not apply here.

    Hope you understand better EJ’s position and why he 1 has the right 2 is required to do the test, He wanted Justin to do tests rather then him stake marital claim on child.He was last known man with Nicole and has that right.

    The town of Salem don’t they are not even able to ask.Only people with the right i anyone suspecting they may be the legal father. That is Stefano only, so it is his decision, and it is a personal matter.Just as he took the word of a letter and did not do a DNA test that was crazy, but it was his right. Though EJ could have demanded a paternity test himself. Noone else has that right.

  135. From Tee

    Forgot to add Richard in your #133 post you asked why the moniter is not in Nicole’s view and how they must have known there would be no activity, the answer is the doc found no heartbeat when she was doing the routine check which is done every doc appointment.Nicole also acknowledges she had a extreme amount of baby activity the night before and none since.The doc then decided to do a ultra sound to make sure, and that is why it was out of her view. It is normal procedure.Their goal is to keep you as calm as can be, and keep the traumatics down.
    Hope that explains more for ya

  136. From bobby

    Even if the power was off, wouldn’t Nichole still feel the baby moving around? Or will she be told it’s just denial and she’s imagining it. I know she thinks she’s suffered a great loss, but I keep hearing the word Karma. Even after she realizes what’s happened, she still has the withall to minipulate Dan into moving away just to have him. Horny proceeds the loss of her baby? That’s Nichole!

  137. From patty

    Tee,I think most of us know how pregnancies, ultrasounds and hospitals in general work in real life. This is Days of our Lives we’re talking about. What are the chances of having your baby die when the power and computers are down but the fetal monitors and ultrasound machines work fine and your own doctor is unavailable and the replacement doc is leaving the country all on the same day that Stephano shows his face? That stuff doesn’t happen in real life.
    Also if you wouldn’t put up with a man that will cover up for someone else after you just finished breathing in another man’s face, would you put up with one that has kidnapped your children and put another man in your bed just for kicks? Or one that blackmails and threatens people and lies his way to get you? I think if the choice was mine, one little lie would not send me back to a sick man like EJ, especially that Sami has been the biggest liar herself.
    I also heard a rumor that Sami and Rafe are still together by Christmas. Not a spoiler.

  138. From bobby

    It’s good to know Sami can go the distance. All of 2 1/2 months! Does Nichole still have her fake pregnacy belly from before? And what happens in 3 weeks when she’s supposed to deliver this “baby Dan”? To think Jennifer has to pay the concequences for her sick obsession. And just like E.J., she will get off the hook when everybody realizes what she has done. And how stupid will Dr. Dan feel when he realizes everyone tried to warn him and they were right? Smarten up Dan! You’re supposed to be an intelligent doctor. Oh, yeah-it’s a soap opera.

  139. From Leah

    #119 Snickelfritz 100% agree with your comment.

    My two cents worth… Rafe is NOTHING like Bo. Bo didn’t cover up or lie about Hopes crimes for which she went to prison!

  140. From Leah

    I would be very surprised if Nicoles baby was dead. I reckon eventually whether in the months or years to come junior will arise from the dead somewhere. It just doesn’t make sense to kill it off after… she miraculously fell pregnant again, then continually had sex with Dr Dan and no problems, to surviving the Daysaster and being stuck/trapped under all that building material for Nicole to up and lose the baby now. Nah, don’t believe it.

  141. From patty

    Richard, technology is not my strong suit but I believe you are right. Ultrasounds are computer driven tests, at least where I come from. My son works in a hospital, head of a team of 35 men making sure those computers and equipment are always in perfect working order, having people on call at all time since it could mean the difference between life and death and to make sure glitches like what we see on Days doesn’t happen. I’m not saying Nicole’s baby is not dead, but everything seems to be leading up to a scam. The pills she was given could very well be to slow down the baby’s movements . If Stephano can fake his own death, he can surely pull something like this. We shall have to wait and see how the actual birth goes I suppose to see if our suspicions are correct. I am hoping they are because I would sooner see Stephano or EJ pull off this evil scheme than to have Nicole’s baby die. I believe she goes into labour as soon as next week.

  142. From Leah

    Ejami scenes from Friday the 5th of October WERE HOT! Whether they are loving each other or hating each other nobody does it quite like Ejami. The sparks always fly, AND…. that sexually tension is always there just under the surface. Love it!

  143. From patty

    Leah, I’m not saying Rafe can ever replace BO but Bo has been suspended from the force plenty of times because he didn’t do things by the book. And he did step outside the law to break Hope free from prison.

  144. From patty

    The sexual tension you see between EJ and Sami are the crumbs thrown at EJami fans from the writers. She tells Rafe explicitly that she will never trust EJ again and that she was an idiot for believing him again. She says EJ will never change and she’s right. She wants to help keep his child away from him because she knows what he’s capable of. Of course Sami can change her tune in a matter of days so I think that is why Rafe is hesitant on telling her the truth. He could very well tell her he’s not the father to exonorate himself but he is a man of his word and he keeps his promises.

  145. From Richard

    I thank you, but I was not actually looking for an explanation of why the procedure was performed this way.
    I merely posted that this is not the procedure that Nicole’s regular doctor uses and that in itself raises questions for me.
    Even when Nicole requested that she be able to view the monitor, the sub doctor just ignored her. For all that I know, she could have been monitoring the baby, until it was no longer moving.
    There is a possibility that the pills that Nicole was taking would somehow restrict the movement of the baby.
    Stefano has already performed a similar operation, when he speeded up the delivery of Marlo’s baby to come at the same time as Isaac’s birth.
    I don’t know how it works in your real life, but this is “Days” and in your life, you don’t have a Stefano or an EJ Dimera to change the situation.
    No one knows for sure, how things will unfold(some think that they do and I’m not trying to change their opinions), but I tend to question the pills, the computers going down, the power failure, the sub doctor and her departing the country right after Nicole’s test and the different arrangement of the examining room. This all happened at the same time as Nicole’s visit to the doctor. Coincidence, I don’t think so.
    Think back to Stefano’s murder: power going out, everyone touching Abe’s gun, EJ throwing the gloves away etc…. this all raised questions to be answered.

  146. From NeeNee

    I agree with all—especially Patty, who put it quite succinctly—that Nicole’s baby is not truly dead. Baby Georgia dead in the swamp after a preemie delivery grew up to become Chelsea.

  147. From patty

    As for Jennifer, by sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, she is setting herself up for the same trap she is so hell bent on protecting Daniel from. I don’t approve that she will be set up for Nicole’s baby’s death, that is crazy Nicole at work, but Jenn should be just grieving her dead husband right now and concentrating on her job. Even though she has become a little more fiesty and mouthy lately, and I actually enjoy her spats with Nicole, she is still no match for a grieving and desperate Nicole Walker.

  148. From Richard

    134 Tee
    I don’t post on this board for the pleasure of having you to correct me, I just post my opinions and do not exploit the opinions of others. As I have stated many times, I only pay attention to the irregularities in the storylines. No one can know for sure how the SL’s will go, even though some do claim to know.
    I do know that you are a fan of Stefano and EJ, where as I am a fan of Days and my interest doesn’t revolve around any 1 or 2 characters. You can spin it any way that you want, but 1 and 2 characters don’t make the entire show a success.
    John, Marlena, Roman and Kate all have Grandkids by EJ(ever who he is) and should have verification that he is who is portrayed to be.
    There have been other tests that prove that he is not Stefano’s son.
    Why would anyone just take the word of Ian? He was just as bad as Stefano and had half the coin.

  149. From Richard

    141 Patty
    Thank you.
    I enjoy reading your posts, as like mine, they pretty closely follow the current story lines.
    I’m really not interested in just EJami, EJole, Safe …etc, I’m interested in the show as a whole.
    I do enjoy see other characters perform their roles on Day’s and enjoy the fact that I am not bombarded by Stefano and EJ every day.

  150. From NeeNee

    Yes, Richard . . . those irregularities of “the pills, the computers going down, the power failure, the sub doctor and her departing the country right after Nicole’s test and the different arrangement of the examining room” should have every viewer going, hmmmm . . .

    Before I will believe that it was simply an instance of every planet in the universe aligning, my money is on Stefano. I’m not accusing EJ of being in on it. I can visualize Stefano handing a baby bundle to EJ as a peace offering for letting him twist in the wind for Fatha’s Murder.

    Oh, and this would be an ideal time to bring back Dr. Baker as the REAL other doctor behind the substitute doc who treated Nicole. I put Doc B in the same category as Ivan and Rolf: great comic relief that Days & all soaps should utilize!

  151. From Clear

    Days needs to have the characters all have paternity tests, or DNA samples weekly and take the highest percentage of match! LOL!

    As the SL goes, Nicole thinks her child is dead, so would she be looking for it to kick. If alive it would, but on Days because she thinks it is gone, it is born and let us see if it is immediately spirited away. I agree tht either way this SL is too cruel to do even to the lying and manipulative Nicole.

  152. From Richard

    The only reason that I added EJ into the equation is because he said “I take what is mine” and that sounded like he was out to get the baby.

  153. From SandyGram

    Richard…all the makings are there for this to be a ‘the baby really didn’t die story’ and I’m very open for it. And I love NeeNee’s idea about Dr. Baker.

    Now my mind just can’t wrap it’s self around one thing. After Nicole leaves the Hospital carrying her supposedly dead baby, nobody could know in advance that she would get into an argument with Jenn and accidentally fall down the stairs and go into labor as the spoilers tell us. The substitute doctor has flown off to South America so what doctor will deliver the stillborn baby and will it be at University Hospital? How could Stefano or anyone for that matter plan this? Does anyone yet have a little more insight into the delivery?

  154. From Richard

    I also believe that the sub doctor told Nicole that she would like to induce labor right away and not to wait too long.
    I remember that they couldn’t wait to use the organs of Zack.
    Under Doctor Rolf’s formula, you could not wait too long to revive the child(Isaac, at that time). Lexie didn’t allow him to be christened in the poison holy water.

  155. From Shani

    Leah 139 no Bo didn’t cover up or lie about Hope’s crimes but he wanted to. It was Hope who insisted she needed to pay for them. Bo did break her out of prison. & we were all cheering for him to do so since her life was in danger.

    I agree with others that Rafe is all about honoring his promise to Nicole & he doesn’t trust Sami with the truth just yet. My feeling about EJ is that if he loved Sami he would want her to be happy, whether that was with him or not. & NOT is what she seems to want right now.

    Jennifer has been over the top about protecting Dr. Dan from Nicole but Jennifer still does not deserve to be falsely accused of murder. Especially since spoilers indicate Nicole is trying to kill Jennifer when her fall down the stairs happens.

    Good point about the pills. Those vitamins Nicole was taking have been mentioned a few times recently, like when she left them at Jennifer’s the other day & Bardy took them to her. Also the sub doctor asked her if she had been taking them. About 3 this morning I was up getting a drink of water (when I seem to do my best thinking) & I thought about those pills & if they could be slowing the baby down so that is why it isn’t kicking anymore. Food for thought for sure with all the coincidences going on at the hospital.

  156. From NeeNee

    Shani, I concur about the pills.

    Reminds me of all the infamous, doped up protein shakes Brady was ingesting. Whenever there are numerous references to some object, it’s usually key.

  157. From Richard

    152 SandyGram
    If the baby is indeed dead, then Nicole would know and she could fake the fall down the stairs to make Jennifer a suspect and take Dan away from her. Daniel still wants to go to Utah with her, he sent her a voice message. If Nicole can get Jenn locked up, then she still has a chance with Daniel, even though the baby may be dead. Daniel won’t jeopardize his career by confessing, IMO.
    If the baby ends up alive, then we could have a fake Nicole.
    One thing that I remember is that Nicole was running plans across Rafe and Daniel, so this could all be one big plan that is being put in place, by the 3 of them.
    Dr baker may already be in the picture and he and Nicole know each other well.

  158. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    EJ was his disgusting self again on Friday. Gotta love his defense, “I’m a dirtbag liar for love, but Rafe is a dirtbag liar, too.” What woman wouldn’t swoon to that confession. LOL.

    I’d put money on the baby being a Stefano scam. Otherwise, it’s just cruel.

  159. From Bobby

    Leah, Hate to disagree, but E.J. stepping into Sami’s personal space is not sexual-it’s control. He uses it on everybody that crosses him to let them know he’s the alpha dog. I applaud Jennifer for trying to help Dr. Dan. Wouldn’t you try and help a friend that was being led (by parts unknown) into nothing but trouble? You just can’t sit by and watch a friend throwing their life away.Leave it to Nichole, in her very worst moment, to seek revenge on Jennifer. Telling you. It’s Nichole and E.J. E.J.’s crying around about the fact that someone would be so cruel they would try and keep him from his child. HELLO!Didn’t he tell Sami her baby was dead and floating in the river?

  160. From Guest

    Poor poor Nicole. She loses her baby and truly has nothing left that matters. Her scene with the scalpel seems so genuine…it could be any one of us. How exhausting for you to do these kinds of scenes Ari. Well done.

  161. From Kween

    Seriously, you know this is going to play out. That nurse must be hired by Stephano and that is why she could not see the baby. Years from now, you are going to meet a little boy who is her son and then Stephano will come clean with what he did. Thats why he is calling EJ to tell him what is going on. Once the baby is born, they will take the live baby and give her a still born. Its definitely the typical Dimera way of life. Mark my words, so one day she will be reunited with him as was Maggie with Daniel. And EJ and Stephano and this one and that one.

  162. From SandyGram

    #158 Bobby
    It was Sydney’s bloody clothes EJ put in the river that were found. After torturing Sami with that information making her think her little girl was dead, he showed up with Sydney at the Pub and return her to her mother. His original intent was to take Sydney out of the country, but Anna told him he could be a ‘hero’ in Sami’s eyes if he returned Sydney. A ‘Hero’ ya like I would by that comic book or Not!

  163. From Tee

    Hey all!!

    Richard, I took the question in your post as you asking someone. So I answered, I did not try to offend you. I only was answering your question.

    Sandy~ #152 Ihave tried to answer that here with what I know but it seems my answer upsets many. You may have noticed I have not posted much spoilers lately mainly for that reason. I like to post spoilers I hear, find, and even rumor and spec. It gives great convo for us all.

    I will once again post it. What I know is the reason there is a sub doc, comp system down, doc leaving immediately is so Jen will be charged with murder. With comp system down, a sub doc who has toleave town immediately, and Nicole destroying notes sub doc gave her for her doctor wel who will say otherwise? Next is my speculation added. If Stefano planned it why is the doctor he brought in leaving immediately? She never intended to induce Nicole her self, she was going to leave notes for her doctor to do it and was telling Nicole what to expect and all that.On if her baby really dies well I don’t know that but I will tell you most sources say yes, and NBC has posted some pics of her delivery under photos sneak peak as well as some other great pics. So anyone can go check those out and see what happens and what docs are there.

    Richard I am actually not a fan of Stefano. I tend to root against him usually, just because I am a EJ fan doe snot make me a Stefano fan. However I do enjoy what Stefanos character brings to the show and his scenes with EJ are great as well. On that note I don’t like Rafe but I actually enjoy him in scenes with some characters. I actually like most characters on the show and it is easier to count the ones I don’t like.I like Stefano with Kate and am glad he seems to have given up on Marlena for example. Kate is a good match for him IMO. I don’t like Nicole with EJ, mainly because he does not and never has put her as his number 1. She deserves better. I do however like her character elsewhere, though I am not happy she will once again use the death of her child to get a man, it is in her character I guess. I did however wish to see more of a mourning and less scheming but I expect that from her character. I think she will do both and well.

    What I have heard on SAFE is they are temporary, the sources seem and have been very reliable, so I will have faith in them, but as I said before I will keep this as rumor until it is confirmed. So here goes Rumor is SAFE is only temporary, and more about closure. Rumor is also Rafe will be with someone else, not Sami. As we all know many have said Hope, I am gonna speculate and say probably so, if these become true. We can go back and forth on Sami said this about EJ, or that but truth is she tells him she has feelings for him and even says she was honest with him and her self. She was not scheming like she has with other men or people in her life. Her words to EJ. She also thinks he does not love her. She thinks Rafe is a good guy who would never lie to her, and her family supports her relationship with him and does not with EJ. All things she has said basically. We just seen Sami all over EJ and now she will be all over Rafe that does not make her care less for EJ though.

    Bos leaving is still hush hush on exactly what and how it will happen so no news there. I dont even have much speculation because it is so vague right now.

    Abby snooping about why Mel left could have her finding out Gabis secret and she may just tell someone, who can get that secret out the bag.

    Around November, Jen Dan, Rafe, EJ, Nicole, Abby, Brady are All gonna be in the horton home together. Perhaps this will be when Jens proven innocent.

    Saying What Dan is doing with Jen doe snot make sense to compare it to SAFE because Safe are in a relationship and have made vows to be honest to each other. Jen and Dan are not.
    Once again what EJ has done in his past is irrelevant to me because like I said Sami does not seem to care and that is who it matters to. It is all how she sees it. She seen it as EJ changing and evolving from that crazy man from before, and has moved on from it. So I see it like that as well. Just as Maggie is with Victor, he is a new man now, even if he still has his ways about him he has evolved so much from his past character. So in present is what Sami is about, and in present her honest do gooder never lie to her Rafe is doing just that.

    I personally like the new EJ he is still bad but not in a evil way right now.
    I also seem to remember when EJ did that to Sami about Sydney, he was upset she hid the fact of his child from him. Both have done bad things to each other. Sami Hid Grace from him, not because she was afraid of EJ but mainly because of his relationship with Nicole and perhaps Stefano, though I doubt that since she went twice to tel him and both times did not because of Nicole being Pregnant, which made her mad, and Nicole living at mansion. EJ was the one who slipped the kids pics in her bag when she went to safe house, she also pictured herself marrying EJ when she seen the announcement of his engagement to Nicole.It goes back and forth with these 2 in the past. But for past year they have both grown IMO.
    But alas no need to argueit some see Rafe as the do gooder who goes around trying to claim EJS kids as good, some don’t see it that way.I will tell you what EJ did in the past is awful and I did not like it.But on the other hand we also have Victor who stole his wives eggs and Dan and who knows who else came form it. They are together now and he is a changed man for the most part.This is a soap, redemption happens. I am still looking for Gabis, but have seen none.

    Richard I do not agree why all of Salem should make it their business to know who EJs father is? They have no legal right to, and it is a personal matter between fatha and son. I will agree to disagree. I mean no disrespect I just don’t understand how you feel they have the right. Moving on.

    Safe almost has sex but does not.. deciding to wait to make it special.

    I will leave you guys with that have a good night all.
    I again want to say my post contains speculation and rumors the only thing in it besides Safe almost having sex but not, The Horton house scene around November, and why the sub doc, comp down to set up for Jen being framed for murder are all speculation, rumors opinions.

    Last note Patty on the rumor of Safe at Christmas being together, that is based of of a tweet from Galen to Alison on her birthday. He said Happy Birthday I hope I remember my lines. It was someones opinion on his tweet. Sami has scenes with many characters daily but that don’t mean they are together because they have lines together either.

  164. From TF

    Enough with the Gabby/Rafe/Nicole/Daniel/Jennifer stories… Let’s get HOPE a really juicy storyline… She deserves it… Maybe EJ can go after her… At least they’d be great looking. LOL

  165. From Tee

    The big plan with Dan/Rafe Nicole was to hack into hospital system and when EJ had the paternity test done to have Rafe change the results. Rafe volunteered the last part because he said he had a gy at FBI who could get him in. The hospital only uses 3 companies now so it was gonna be easy for them to change the results. Once and for all making EJ believe it after the second test was done.

    Nicole wanted to also move to UTAH because she could take away biological fathers rights with a adoptive father to which Daniel, was ok with as a last resort.

    Those were the plans above as a poster was wonderng what they were.

  166. From Tee

    Some spoilers for week of Oct 15th for you guys
    Monday has EJ overhearing something
    Tuesday EJ and Nicole bond over loss of baby Gabi/Nick have a date.
    Wednesday EJ interupts a romantic night at Samis apartment, meanwhile John awakens to someone familiar
    Thursday Sami refuses to ever forgive Rafe for his lies to her.

    Spoilers are from dig guide and I found them on SALEM SPECTATOR

  167. From SandyGram

    Tee….I thought you had slacked off a bit on the spoilers and I know you can give us stuff that isn’t on other Spoiler Sites from our previous conversations. You know me I love them all Spoilers, Speculations and Rumors. I’ve had other board members comment on not liking the spoilers. So I always make sure when my post is a Spoiler I start it with SPOILER, Excerpt from an Interview, etc, then that gives those that want to see the spoilers that opportunity and those that don’t can skip the post. And I’ve been cautioned by Admin about posting Links, copy and paste from other sites, etc., so I try real hard to stick within the Post Guidelines found under FAQ on posting spoilers and excerpts. I must be doing ok there I haven’t had a posting deleted lately. So for Me, Thanks for everything you do to bring in the spoilers, rumors and your own speculations. I know it takes time and research to pull it all together and your effort is greatly appreciated.

    I had seen the NBC Sneek Peeks for next week. I don’t recognize any of the doctors or Nurses. It was sad to see the picture of Nicole lying on the ground at the bottom of the steps and in the delivery room. While the picture of Bo and Hope’s caption said “Bo tells Hope he’s finally decided what he wants to do with his life”, she didn’t look too happy about it. I think I remember reading he wants to go on a world cruz and she doesn’t. Also in an Interview on DOOL with Peggy McCay she says “she’s eager to tackle the Caroline Brady’s Alzheimer story. And that Greg Meng told her “she would survive in some manner. There are advances in Alzheimer that will be introduced to address her condition”. So I like that a lot!

    For Me, pairing Hope and Rafe just doesn’t feel right. First of all Hope is Sami’s Aunt; Hope has gotta be 15 if not more years older than Rafe (not that a good cougar story isn’t ok just not these two); it’s going to make for very uncomfortable family gatherings; I don’t think I want to see Rafe in Bo’s bed (just like I didn’t like to see Carly there); and last, nobody kisses Hope like Bo does. Can’t TPTB just bring back Agent Sophia for Rafe they had great chemistry.

    All of these new Days of Our Lives Plots are supposed to change the Brady Family. I’m up and ready for the viewing challenge.

  168. From Mary

    So sick of Sami & Rafe as a couple!
    They are so boring & awful together. He was supposedly so crazy in love with Carrie but the minute she leaves town, he’s all into Sami again. She’s such a rotten person who doesn’t deserve to have 4 healthy children while poor Nicole loses both of hers before they’re even born. Fire the writers! Horrible storylines!! They just keep rehashing the same garbage over & over again!!

  169. From Leah

    Here’s one for you all. Get your thinking caps on or do tell if you know…. A Days up and coming spoiler says a couple get engaged. Anyone know who this couple is or could be?

  170. From SandyGram

    #166 Leah
    There has been speculations going around for a week or more on ‘who the couple to be engaged’ is. I haven’t seen anything that would lead us to who it is….this is has been a really good secret.

    - Nicole and Daniel – Daniel has recently said he wanted to take his relationship with Nikki to another level. Just maybe with all of Jenn’s shenanigans Daniel feels this is the only way to get Jenn to back off. Or, maybe Nicole will recant her story of Jenn pushing her down the stairs if Daniel marries her, that way it would be to keep Jenn out of prison.

    - Sami and EJ – Sami runs to EJ’s arms yet again when Rafe keeps his commitment to Nicole and doesn’t tell Sami who’s the father of Nicole’s baby.

    - Nicole and EJ – I’ve seen a spoiler that says Nikki and EJ console each other over the death of the baby. But then why would they want to get together after the baby dies?

    This are only ideas and so far my speculations are not doing so good.

  171. From LittleMo

    I was the younger woman in an “age difference” relationship and we had actually got engaged when a drunk driver killed my guy. And even though this is just a TV show I couldn’t help but be so upset with how DOOL treated the Daniel/Chelsea pairing like it was something dirty and nasty that, after nearly 40 years, I quit watching. Still don’t want to give DOOL the Neilsen ratings points so I catch uploaded clips on YouTube and I have to say I don’t really care what they do with anybody as long as they leave Will and Sonny alone and let them enjoy finally getting together. And I’m straight, a middle-aged female, and they are the best couple DOOL has had in a very long time. Writers actually put time into their relationship developing. The interactions between the straight couples look like a bunny farm. Their feet almost don’t even touch the floor they’re hopping from one bed to another so fast. As much as I liked Daniel and Chelsea – who were never given a chance despite the potential to be the next Doug and Julie – they’re hasn’t been a story like Will and Sonny since Steve and Kayla years ago. S&K had “If Your Heart Comes Out Tonight” that only played for them and Will and Sonny have the strumming guitar. The fact that I live about 20 miles from where Freddie Smith is from makes it nice to see a “home town” young man doing to well.

  172. From bojo

    These writers are really taking some of the characters (especially Jen and Dan) to extremes. Jen being arrested is really annoying me. I want Jen and Dan back together as a couple but it is looking like it is impossible :o(.

    Would the writers please show Sami doing some actual work at this company where she holds such an important position? I mean, really? Can’t they put her into the office even once a week? Bring back Kate and Sami sniping at each other! They are hysterical! I don’t like Lucas reaction to Will kissing Sonny but you know what? It’s a real reaction that a lot of dad’s would have to seeing their son kissing a guy for the first time. Kudos to the writers for showing Lucas’ discomfort because in real life 100% acceptance of being gay
    is tough for a parent. It doesn’t mean the parent doesn’t love their child and isn’t 100% supportive. It just means they worry. Look how long it to Will to come out? Is it not realistic that it takes a parent some time to get up to speed? Having said that, he had better very quickly if he doesn’t want to lose Will. Just like every parent has to let their adult child make their own choices or risk losing them.

  173. From Richard

    166 Leah
    Possibility of Daniel and Chloe.

  174. From NeeNee

    SandyG, your theories cover most of the eligible couples spectrum at Days. My money is on Nicole & Daniel—mainly because he will be on a guilt trip if Nic really did lose her baby. Or if they are in cahoots to keep the secret that the baby isn’t really dead, but with Chloe. In order to justify them being seen together, they would have to have a legitimate reason. And engaged couples are together 24/7 these days!

    Or maybe it could be a plotline for somebody like NuCameron & his new girlfriend to make Abigail jealous—a rebound romance. I don’t know where the writers could be going with Abby, hope it’s NOT with Brady! Talk about zero chemistry . . . also a big age difference, but as LittleMo said it’s been done before. In Abby’s case, I think it’s a father figure thing because Jack was gone so much of her childhood. IMO, that’s what her Austin fixation was all about. But Cameron was more her
    age, just a few years older, no?

    Or could Gabby snag Nick quick? If she finds out she’s pregnant there would have to be a public announcement to throw Will off the track. Remember that time Nick “married” the golddigger chick in Las Vegas and her kids showed up for him to raise? He does have a heart of gold.

  175. From SandyGram

    #170 Hey Kat and #171 NeeNee:

    Here’s a few more thoughts on Daniel and Nicole hooking up based on next week Spoilers and the NBC Sneek Peeks Week of 10-8-2012 (I can’t give you the link, but you can do a search and find the pictures with their captions).

    According to the Spoilers at the first of the week Daniel and Nicole confirm they will move to Utah. Then the rest of the week Jenn vows to stop Nicole in front of Brady and bad mouths Nicole in front of Billie. Nicole becomes over rot about the Jenn situation and is about to stab Jenn when she takes her stumble down the stairs. Billie and Brady reluctantly tells the authorities they heard the two women arguing.

    In the Sneek Peek pictures….One picture shows Jenn and Nicole standing on the HTC stair case. Jenn is at the second level while Nicole is a few steps below her holding onto Jenn’s wrist. They are having their heated argument. It could be Jenn pulls her arm away and Nicole loses her balance and falls. After Nicole delivers her still born son, another picture shows Daniel at her bedside. Maybe, now that the baby is gone Nikki tells him Jennifer pushed her and Daniel feels so guilty for her losing the child he stands by Nikki.l The engagement could be how Jenn how Jenn gets out of jail after being arrested when Nicole says she pushed her. Maybe Nicole knowing that she now has Daniel recants that Jenn pushed her to stay on Daniel’s good side. This is all speculation of course.

    NeeNee….I do remember Nick marrying the gal from Las Vegas. I’ve still got my fingers crossed Gabi isn’t going to be pregnant. Another who’s the baby’s real father is too soon after this last one! And guilt is definitely driving Godfather Daniel’s heart right now. But I thought I read another spoiler that said EJ and Nicole console one another of the loss of the baby, which means that cat is out of the bag. Wonder how this fits into the scheme of things, especially with EJ going to want payback for keeping the baby’s parentage from him?

  176. From Shani

    If you go to & scroll down to EJ & Chloe & click on that, there’s a great photo of the 2 of them. Been some mention of them becoming a 2some after she comes back to Days & they sure do look great together in the photo. Her look seems to go with EJ. She is beautiful as ever! A website is given to find more photos & a short video of her first day on the set.

  177. From ejlover12

    Can’t wait for Sami to see Rafe is a liar.

  178. From Gerri

    Enjoying the show these days,seems to be moving on the S/L’s a little quicker.
    I think Nick Is doing a great job,as another blogger said.

    Hate tho,that writers,put Nicole through another loss,but It looks like Daniel will fall victim to her plan,oh well he’s supposed to be smart,so don’t feel sorry for him at all.

    If Gabi Is pregnant,I’m betting,the writers will make Nick
    the Da-Da,can’t see them making Sami a “”Granny just yet”"
    I hope when Chloe returns,that she
    won’t be paired up with EJ,as I read was a possibilty,I’d rather see her back with Brady,they had that special love back when,in their earlier days.

    EJ needs someone who can dish It out,just as he does.and please BO
    don’t be gone long.writers don’t need to break up him and Hope.

    I don’t have a clue,who they might write in for Jenn.she just needs to be In mourning for Jack,and Leave Daniel to make his own
    stupid mistakes..
    hope this doesnt post twice,as I had trouble getting 1st to post.

    To everyone who welcomed me back to this site,and asked about my daughter’s recovery from her accident,Thanks Bunches!!!

  179. From patty

    If Sami doesn’t forgive Rafe because he didn’t tell her he never slept with Nicole and wants somebody totally honest then EJ doesn’t stand a chance because he doesn’t have an honest bone in his body . Unless she goes crawling up Lucas butt again, she will be pretty hard up to find someone that is willing to put up with her since she’s a champion liar and cheater herself.

  180. From Leah

    #177 Shani…. thanks that confirms a suspicion I had. A fanbased James Scott site was asking James questions to which he was answering their questions. One of the questions was: If you could be involved in a new triangle who would you like it to be with? James response was Chloe. I personally thought that was a VERY STRANGE answer as James character EJ hasn’t had much to do with Chloe at all since arriving in Salem. Does that mean we are in for a Nicole/EJ/Chloe triangle? I’m not sure I like it… I suppose time will tell.

  181. From Shani

    Leah 177 don’t know if you looked up the photo but it is just an informal one taken on set but they do look good together. I can see a pairing of the 2 & it could be good but would have to see it play out. Not sure I would like Chloe involved in a triangle with EJ & either Sami or Nicole.

  182. From Shani

    I meant Leah 181. Good grief 177 is my own post. Talking to myself even on this site! LOL!

  183. From SandyGram

    SPOILER….Who would of guessed when Nicole tears up the medical records she took from the hospital and throws them away…someone sees her picks them up? According to Days Cafe excerpt that’s our own Billie. So the questions now would be are they so torn up she can’t read them? If she can read them why doesn’t she turn them over to the authorities when Jenn is arrested? Or who knows maybe she does! Another wait and see…but I see no reason for Billie keeping it a secret. Although EJ does find out the baby was his…ummm…wonder how that happens…could Billie be the one to tell him….great morning for speculations!

  184. From Cougar

    I probably am in the minority but I enjoy seeing Jen get mad and fired up for a change. I do admiit it looks bad going after a pregnant Nicole and would rather see her venting her frustration on someone else. After all who made the brilliant offer of inviting a rattlesnake into her own home. Consider the past history of the election debacle that landed Jen in jail with Abe. Now no good deed goes unpunished again Jen charged with murder.

  185. From Richard

    Is the marriage of John and Hope legal.
    This was one of two pieces that was in the safe deposit box.
    We are led to believe that somehow Ian managed to put a bogus letter from Alice into a safe deposit box that only Stefano and Hope had keys to.
    If that letter from Alice is bogus, is the marrige certificate also bogus?
    I do believe that it was the real Stefano that cried, when he read the letter from Alice and I also believe that it was the real Stefano that had the second key.
    How did Ian have access to this two person account that belonged to Stefano and Alice Grayson?

  186. From Tee

    Sandy Thanks I enjoy posting them and I do tend to get spoilers that are not out there yet.
    Leah Hey girl where did you see this James Scott interview thing, as far as I am aware he has done none in a while.None that talk of Days anyway. I thought last one was when he said he and Alison asked for a slow burn reuniting because of the characters past, That was right after daysaster. I know the person to ask for this so I will ask around and see if it is valid. The reason why I ask also is because Chloe is only coming for a visit so I hear, and it is to deal with the paternity of Parker. Parker.

    Parker is Dans, 4 people could have switched those results including Dan himself.

    There is a nice behind the scenes video on set with Gan blow drying Chloes hair, and then asking her to remove his shirt for him they are sorta being a little flirtaous, I wondered if Rafe is supposed to end up hooked with Chloe, but as far as is known Chloe is only in town for a visit, so I am not sure. But the video is odd. I honestyly don.t know if Rafe will end up with Hope, Just that he will end up with someone else.

  187. From Tee

    Sandy Thanks I enjoy posting them and I do tend to get spoilers that are not out there yet.
    Leah Hey girl where did you see this James Scott interview thing, as far as I am aware he has done none in a while.None that talk of Days anyway. I thought last one was when he said he and Alison asked for a slow burn reuniting because of the characters past, That was right after daysaster. I know the person to ask for this so I will ask around and see if it is valid. The reason why I ask also is because Chloe is only coming for a visit so I hear, and it is to deal with the paternity of Parker. Parker.

    Parker is Dans, 4 people could have switched those results including Dan himself.

    There is a nice behind the scenes video on set with Gan blow drying Chloes hair, and then asking her to remove his shirt for him they are sorta being a little flirtaous, I wondered if Rafe is supposed to end up hooked with Chloe, but as far as is known Chloe is only in town for a visit, so I am not sure. But the video is odd. I honestly don’t know if Rafe will end up with Hope, Just that he will end up with someone else. Either way I have asked someone about this Chloe thing and will post if I am able to get a response. I have been wondering if she will stay longer or just for a visit as they say.
    Sandy see my spoiler above, EJ overhears something, I am assuming he overhears Nicole lost the baby. He and Nicole grief a bit together, I believe she herself will tell him. After this he goes to Sami’s apartment and confronts Rafe, interrupting their romantic evening. Sami then says she will never forgive Rafe for his being dishonest with her, she begged him for the truth and he kept up his lies.
    Guys we have to rememebr Rafe trusted and loved Carrie enough to tell her, but he wont tell Sami, even after she agrees to keep EJ form his child, she does not do that lightly. She says he has been a good father to his kids and its a fact she says, but says her place is to stand by Rafe. She says it is the only way they can move forward with honesty.He again claims he is being honest, and that baby is his.

    EJ had pointed it out to Sami, he lied and schemed to get her, Rafe lied and schemed to steal a mans child. He also once again points out Sami is pitting him against Rafe, and tells her she is making it about light and dark. She is also going with the guy that will make everyone happy, she does not deny this and she did not deny it the last time either. This is about Sami’s perception, she chose Rafe over EJ not for love exactly but because he was the guy who would never lie to her, or scheme behind her back etc. EJ did blackmail Rafe, but he told her he did it to be with her. Rafe is not doing any of his scheming to be wit her.Saying he is keeping his promise to Nicole, ,well he had no problem in telling Carrie when he thought he would lose her. That is something to remember and he did it without a single thought.

    This has been about Samis, journey but also EJAMI. As James article when new writers said they asked to be reunited slow, that was because of the bad things their character did in the past. They want the GA to be able to get past some of that and see they have grown.Galen asked for a redo on the breakup saying he was unhappy with how his character acted as if he did not care. Perhaps we are getting James, Ali ,, and Galens wishes. I sure hope so, and I would love to see Rafe with someone who he can be their number 1, who wont go running back to someone else. Perhaps he deserves that as does Nicole. Here comes Eric

    Spoiler below

    There is a wedding in January, Doug and Julie should be there. Sami is not there so I hear.

  188. From Debbie

    #181 Leah, I too was surprised hearing James Scott say he’d like a storyline involving Chloe since they’ve had so little time onscreen together but it might work. Look at all the people Chloe’s been involved with who are still around and with whom EJ has some relevant contact. There’s Nicole who was once close friends with Chloe, then Lucas who was married to Chloe (as well as Nicole and Sami), so just having Chloe thrown into the mix could stir things up a bit with past jealousies and/or secrets yet to be revealed. And who knows what the writers will do with her character. With everything bad that’s happened to her the last time she was in Salem, she may be brought back as a femme fatale figure. She’d make a good partner in crime for EJ and they look absolutely gorgeous together. I’m liking the idea even more now!

    So good to see you back, Gerri! I’ve missed your comments.

  189. From MAB

    Yep that was me, and that is MY opinion. I disagree w/ that statement (as do others). I don’t have to agree w/ anyone no matter who posted it.

    Nicole’s performance, awesome as always!! I feel so bad for her. It’s not a wonder she goes off and does what she does. She’s in complete shock. Of course, she’ll be chastised for her actions in the end by the so-called saintly Salemites. I wished she would’ve called Brady.

    EJ & Sami = hot! Sami still has it for him, you can tell, no matter what she says. And she admitted to what all we EJami fans have always known. She was herself w/ EJ. And EJ was completely truthful w/ her, and even admitted he lied. Something Rafe certainly won’t do, he’ll continue his lies. Apparently EJ is still an influence on her since that was the first question she had for Rafe when they met at the loft.

    Rafe & Sami = comical & predictable. I saw nothing romantic about their so-called reunion. All that running around trying to find each other was silly. Sami leering in the window at the coffeehouse was stupid, why didn’t she just walk in and look around???

  190. From MAB

    This false statement is nothing but a fabrication of your twisted insinuations. She wasn’t the only one who made that statement. And I don’t care who said, I still disagree w/ it, as do others. So why don’t you mind your own business and stop trying to cause problems.

  191. From Gerri

    I too thought It strange,that after Nicole tore up her medical records,and threw In to the trash,that the only person,who came up was Billie.
    and surely she will go back and retrieve and put together,and who knows,how she will use the info.

    I don’t care for the gay S/L ,but to each his own,I turn away,when the kissing starts,just too much,for this old fashioned lady.
    I do think Will is a great actor(since he quit,being so ugly to his mom,and stopped all the whining and crying).

    When Is Chloe’s arrival?I wish she’d give Kate some Karma,who knows,the writers could send hend right back into Lucas’s arms.
    I would still like to see her back with Brady,but my bet is
    that Nicole most likely will end up
    with him.Chloe and EJ might make a good couple,but I think she might be a little too nice for him,I wonder if Stefano has anything on her family,and her background,that he could use against her,for his benefit,at some point.This Is his MO you know.keeps things interesting,who ever knows what,he and EJ are planning,any relationship that EJ has had,his papa gets involved as well.

    Debbie,I enjoy reading your comments as well,even tho I wasn’t posting,I still read what others
    was saying…..

  192. From Leah

    #189 MAB… have to say I totally agree with you. Ejami’s scenes on Friday the 5th were HOT! It doesn’t matter if Ejami are lovin or hatin on each other their chemistry is explosive. I too did notice a difference in Samis reaction to EJs lie. While she was angry she still allowed him to invade her personal space (ha, ha)with not as much resistance as she would have in the past. I also really enjoyed the Ejami honesty in their scene. Sami telling us that she was completely being herself with EJ (something we’ve all known for a long time) and not trying to be something she is not. And then we had EJs classic lines… “I see what your doing pitting me against Rafe. Darkness and light. Why? BECAUSE IT’S EASIER, BECAUSE IT’S SAFER, BECAUSE IT’S EXPECTED! Yes EJ you know your Samantha well and never has a truer word been spoken. I also loved how EJ said he lied so he could have her… thats romantic and HOT! As EJ said last week “Alls fair in love and war.” You gotta love his naughty self.

  193. From NeeNee

    I posted Christine Fix’s statement because it coincidentally mirrored some members’ thoughts that EJ and Rafe are the black hat/white hat, good guy/bad guy, black knight/white knight . . .whatever.

    Christine’s statement about Rafe being the new Bo was at the end of her quote. For the record, I also don’t think Bo can be easily replaced and I disagree with that part of Christine’s statement. However, a la Tom & Alice Horton, at some point the Brady family members continue to age or the actors decide to walk away. For the viability of the show, replacements or different characters have to be brought in. Or existing characters get more storyline.

    I was NOT trying to cause trouble. But saying that someone is using twisted insinuations, IMO, is out & out wrong. Most posters here like Days of Our Lives as a whole—not just one couple. The site provided here appeals to fans of many characters who populate Salem USA. Sites devoted to one couple already exist; but the bulk of their posts discuss little but how dissatisfied these fans are with anything but an EJ/Sami pairing.

  194. From Leah

    #187 Tee…. In answer to your question above. I can’t remember the site I read it on but it was a James Scott fanbased site. I don’t know if it was a formal interview as such. To me it looked more informal where fans had written into this site asking James questions and he was simply answering them. The question posed to him was if he could be involved in an new triangle who would he like it to be with. And his response was Chloe. As I said to me I thought it was kinda strange as EJ and Chloe haven’t really had that much to do with each other on the show. Then yesterday Shani (#177) mentioned the rumours of a possible EJ/Chloe union and I thought oh I wonder if James was giving us a clue to an up and coming storyline.
    Yesterday I also visited and on their message board it had the question EJ/Chloe… is this what JS have been waiting for? So rumours whether they are right or wrong are starting to circulate. While they would certainly would be a good looking couple I’m an Ejami fan. Sami is EJs true love I just wish after 6 years the writers would just go there once and for all SO at least like Safe and Lumi they have had their time together.

  195. From Tee

    Well here we go again and it seems once again fans of EJAMI are being told we are dissatisfied, and only talk about them. Not true, and for anyone who does who cares? They are a part of the current story line and are characters on days. Anyone should be free to discuss any aspect of the show, once again if you don’t wish to comment on or about them move on by. Things were starting to run smooth over here. We are not all going to agree, but many times you have called out fans of pairings specifically EJAMI and saying the opinions don’t belong because they are only discusing certqain aspects of the show. We can all discuss what we want about Days here. As you see a EJAMI fan was discussing her opinion on Bo, and NeeNee you called her opinion out. I do not wish to see blogs closed down and people leaving because you dont like what they discuss. So I am asking nicely if anyone does not like what is being discussed by a fan move on don’t discuss. As my mother always said If you cant say nothing nice don’t say it at all.

    I have seen Mab, Leah, Myself and many fans discuss different aspects on the show. Thids calling people out saying they should not discuss their fave couples on days is wrong.Now you bring another psoter who is not her einto it saying she will be upset someone disagrees with her opinion, which was Mab. I have seen many say Rafe is like Bo, so it was her disagreeing with a general opinion not one persons and either way she has that right.

  196. From Tee

    Well here we go again and it seems once again fans of EJAMI are being told we are dissatisfied, and only talk about them. Not true, and for anyone who does who cares? They are a part of the current story line and are characters on days. Anyone should be free to discuss any aspect of the show, once again if you don’t wish to comment on or about them move on by. Things were starting to run smooth over here. We are not all going to agree, but many times you have called out fans of pairings specifically EJAMI and saying the opinions don’t belong because they are only discusing certqain aspects of the show. We can all discuss what we want about Days here. As you see a EJAMI fan was discussing her opinion on Bo, and NeeNee you called her opinion out. I do not wish to see blogs closed down and people leaving because you dont like what they discuss. So I am asking nicely if anyone does not like what is being discussed by a fan move on don’t discuss. As my mother always said If you cant say nothing nice don’t say it at all.

    I have seen Mab, Leah, Myself and many fans discuss different aspects on the show. Thids calling people out saying they should not discuss their fave couples on days is wrong.Now you bring another psoter who is not her einto it saying she will be upset someone disagrees with her opinion, which was Mab. I have seen many say Rafe is like Bo, so it was her disagreeing with a general opinion not one persons and either way she has that right.
    I can tell you for example Patty and me differ alot on opinions but I feel we try to find ways to do it nicely and we state what we think usually and I like to think we both respect each others opinions even if they differ alot. It happens
    Mab #189 discussed EJAMI, SAFE Nicole Brady and Bo that is 7 characters not just EJAMI.

    So please Nee Nee to make this a more pleasant place for people who don’t want drama lets all respect every ones opinions here no matter what they are, there is a way to discuss and differ and a way to do it wrongly.

    Sandy #184 I think Nicole starts showing her baby clothes and I don’t think Billie digs out her trash, but That would be a interesting twist to the story.

    Spoilerish below, So with the Jnauary wedding which is set to take place around when Chloe comes b ack I am thinking Dan and Jen will get married. Though I am wondering how it could be for wrong reasons. I believe that Jen will be proven innocent in sweeps in Nov, but I am not sure.

    Eric comes back I think NOV 13th

    Chloe comes back in January, currently she is only coming for a visit according to the spoilers on it. But we know that can change. I think she will be more concerned with Dan and perhaps she will come in at the wedding that is gonna take place. Doug and Julie Horton are at this wedding, and I just found on Melissa Reeves twitter she posted pics of a wedding bouquet, so maybe she is getting married.

    Does anyone recall did we ever get to see Jcks body, I recall Jen asking to see it but if we the audience did not someday maybe he could return.

    Do you guys think Dan would be with Chloe or Jen when he finds out Parker is his?

  197. From Tee

    Leah Thanks for answering back, I had seen some people saying EJ would be great with Chloe but had not heard anything about him saying that. I know he don’t even use his twitter, which he created because Ali and Lauren had told him too. He may have said that, I have someone looking to see if he did, hopefully we get a answer soon. I have been under assumption Chloe was only back for a short while, and to deal with the Parker thing, but we all know she could stay. I belieev from what is being said we are getting EJAMI, but writers change their minds all the time. With sources saying Safe is temp, and Rafe will be paired elsewhere, it don’t leave much for Sami, There is Lucas, but I still think it will be EJAMI. Rafe is actually older then Sami, though I am not sure by how much I have tried to find out by how much but have found nothing. If anyone knows let me know. I thought Ariana was more Samis age and Rafe was a bit older maybe 4 or 5 years. But as a poster said above age don’t matter much, at least to me it does not. I have tried to figure out who Rafe is gonna be paired with, and It all points to Hope, only because he will essentially take over for Bo when he is gone, as in his position, and Hopes partner. I think there was also rumors on this. Then yesterday I seen a behind the scenes of Galen and Nadia, and well he was blow drying her hair, and then asked her to remove his shirt for him, and gave the camara a sort of look when he said this. James walked in and shook Galens hand and seemed to be discussing s scene for a moment, and he backed out of the way of the camara. It was done by Glamour. If I find a link I iwll post it here ofr all to see.

  198. From Tee

    Ok here is the youtube video of behind the scenes on DAYS

  199. From NeeNee

    TEE: “As you see a EJAMI fan was discussing her opinion on Bo, and NeeNee you called her opinion out.”

    Excuse me, Tee, I was not “calling MAB out.” I was just explaining how I came to post Christine Fix’s statement and that Rafe being the next Bo was part of said statement. MAB then came back with a mild expletive to express her disbelief of Ms. Fix’s statement about Bo. Shani also chimed in to say that wasn’t very nice to say that an editor’s opinion was *BS*.

    And Tee, for you to say that I should “make this a more pleasant place for people who don’t want drama lets all respect every ones opinions here no matter what they are, there is a way to discuss and differ and a way to do it wrongly.” I don’t know how much more nicely I can say it: I’m not the poster using words like “twisted insinuation” or “BS”. I did say that I disagreed.

    Site blowups were happening way before I started posting (when I was just an observer). After the last exodus I thought all was finally calm, but apparently we’re still stuck in the same old time warp. Like many here, I have been a watcher of Days since 1967 and I’m not about to quit watching. But I have made a decision as I type this to quit posting here. Not because I can’t hold my own in a debate. I’m just plain tired of the political upheaval, the unrest in our nation and the wasted energy of trying to contribute to this site.

  200. From Blaze.

    Look out NeeNee, the barbs are flying fast and low!! Protect yourself!! Heheheh!! :)

  201. From SandyGram

    Episode October 8th:
    More tissues today! Arianne Zucker is so Emmy worthy for this storyline and performance. As conniving as Nicole can be to get her way she can really tug at the heart strings. Her own words say it best “I don’t have anywhere to go; No one is waiting for me; Why is this happening to me. And as I said the other day ‘Where is Brady, Oh where is Brady’.

    How wonderful was Victor at the Coffee House with Sonny and Will today. But then Lucas had the best talk ever with Kate and the results were even better. Just being honest with Will and Sonny, sharing he didn’t have such good role models when it comes to relationships, how wrong he was when he talked to Adrienne and how uncomfortable he was when he saw them kissing in public, a great way to clear the air!

    Compared to the grand desk at the DiMansion, where ever EJ’s new office is, it’s just bad props. I can hardly get into his conversation with Stefano for the horrible set back ground. It makes him look like he’s tucked away in a closet. Then it’s obvious, for now anyway, EJ doesn’t want anything to do with Father. EJ also seemed to enjoy sticking it to Kate that Stefano didn’t ask about her.

    As Friday last, that orange color on Sami was terrific, she just seems to glow. I can understand why Rafe is reluctant to answer Sami’s question about Nicole. She was ruthless in her pursuit today to get to the truth from the seed EJ planted in her head. But I’m sticking with my thought that it’s more about Rafe keeping his commitment to Nicole than keeping a truth from Sami.

    Finally I love the way Victor stands by Daniel…we need to know for sure who Daniel’s biological father is. These two just seem to have a little more going than godfather and godson.

  202. From SandyGram

    Just a thought after seeing Victor and Daniel in today’s show! We have criticized the writers for not enhancing Rafe’s back story. Here’s what we know about him:
    - He spent a lot of time at the convent when he was young because he was a problem child;
    - His father left the family when he was young;
    - He has 3 siblings;
    - His mother taught him how to make tamales; they talk occasionally on the phone;
    - He was engaged to Emily Hudson who was killed in a car accident;
    - His sister Arianna went to prison for drugs.
    - He was an FBI agent.

    But let’s take a look at Daniel do we know any more about him:
    - Victor was always there for him as he was growing up (but we never saw it through the years);
    - We know Carly introduced Daniel to his wife Rebecca and she died;
    - He traveled around the world surfing;
    - Victor brought Daniel to Salem to save Bo’s life.
    The only addition thing we want to know about him is his biological father

    Rafe’s current back story seems to be a little deeper than Daniel. What’s hidden in both their closets? What an opportunity for the writers to take on both of these men.

  203. From SandyGram

    SPOILER Days Ahead Network 54 Except: We’ve all been waiting to see how the writers were going to handle what happened between Rafe and Carrie. Tomorrow Rafe asks for Sami’s forgiveness. “He says after all the history with her sister he knew how his involvement would hurt Sami and deep down that’s probably one reason why he did it. Sami tells Rafe she saw him with Carrie and she knew it was real. He says yes there was something there, but it’s over. He then tells her before Carrie left she said that he was in denial about his feelings for Sami and that she was right.” One reason why he did it….what’s reason number 2, 3, or 4. I supposed this is the best way to just make it go away.

  204. From Tee

    NeeNee~ I actually just scrolled all the way back up to your #118 post where you posted some of the blog, I was unaware you had posted that as it was so far up form the posts. I will say as Mab said many people have been saying that Bo is so much like Rafe and all that, it has been said for weeks. I do not think Mab meant any disrespect to Christines article, as below her article you posted how you and some others you named agree. In Mabs #180 she said that she was not the only one who was saying that and that she disagreed with the opinion. I should hope noone would be disrespectful with what she wrote and looked where she wrote it and sure enough no disrespectful comments there. I have said this being said here for weeks now and Mab disagreed when other posters said it. It would be wrong of Mab if she went to the blog Christine wrote and was disrespectful, and she did not say she was referring to Christines post, though I am not Mab and could not tell you. As a writer myself, I know people will not always agree with my opinion and It is fine. I think the issue became that maybe you brought over a bloggers here opinion as to say look she agrees with us. I actually quite enjoyed her blog and agreed with much of it, though not all and that is fine we all have opinions it is what makes the world go round lol.
    I mainly was upset by the last par tof your post which said this
    NeeNee 193
    I was NOT trying to cause trouble. But saying that someone is using twisted insinuations, IMO, is out & out wrong. Most posters here like Days of Our Lives as a whole—not just one couple. The site provided here appeals to fans of many characters who populate Salem USA. Sites devoted to one couple already exist; but the bulk of their posts discuss little but how dissatisfied these fans are with anything but an EJ/Sami pairing.

    You just called out a fan base and said we are not discussing the soap as a whole and we are dissatisfied. That was offensive to me and since I see all of us discussing many aspects I wanted to let you know that we should just stop this and get along. I hope you will stay here as I have nejoyed at times agreeing and disagreeing with you, but lets stop the calling out and demanding that noone discuss EJAMI they are a part of the show as well. I also sen more people upset on show about how Nicole is losing a baby again, and that is fine we should all just come together and discuss as we do in respectful ways.Not just you neenee all of us.

    I do not wish to see anyone leave and hope you stay, Lets all and I said in my post above all as well agree that if we think we will get to hostile or whatever in a post to just move on or try to find beter ways to discuss the show. I have enjoyed taling with you NeeNee we don’t always agree, and I was trying to stop this from turning into something bigger then it need be.

  205. From grandma to many

    the January wedding could also be Nick and Gabi Julie worked every angle to get Nick released so she would definitely be at his wedding and Sami not being there would indicate that she and Rafe will be over by then . Nicole has played an excellent representation of how many women would respond to such a horrific challenge in life props to you Ari Zucker ! I wonder if Rafe is thinking that the amazing turn around of Sami could possibly be an indication that she is in cahoots with EJ to find out the truth about the baby , anybody who volunteers to hide your darkest secrets like Sami could very well be willing to change sides if it was to their benefit don’t forget how quickly she was able to turn the tides as Stan

  206. From Tee

    Sandy great posts.

    Things we also know of Dan due to flashbacks we got to see of his life before Salem

    Rebecca was a patient of his, he fell in love with her she had Cancer. He tried to cure her but she died in his arms.

    After her death he was devastated and traveled the world helping people.

    He was a doc in Switzerland and Australia. He knew Carly in med school. He and Carly had a love fest one night producing Mel.

    His supposed parents were George Jonas, and Lilian Parker.

    He was born On December 16th.

    Dr.Dan was also known worldwide as a surgeon.
    His adoptive parents died, which were George and Lilian.

    That is quite a bit more, we dont know his father yet but from a interview a few weeks back from him and actress who plays Maggie it is most likely Stefano or Victor. Though both said they are not exactly sure yet who the daddy is.

    So we don’t know what Rafe means by problem child, we dont know who killed his fiancee, if sh ehad kids, was it a accident where they met.
    We dont know where he was born his parents names or anything.

  207. From John

    I am happy about Nick and Gabby… Still pissed about Bo and Mel.. dammit I miss my Mel already.. so damn cute..

    I liked Nicole and Daniel and I think this Jen crap is lame.. come on even in the sped up world of soaps she just lost Jack and Abby is still grieving but Jen is dry humping Daniel?

    oh yeah and Nicole losing the baby again.. boooooorrrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnnnggggggggg…

    I am glad Chloe is coming back but I hope Faith is not coming back as Mimi with her real life husband guy.. those two are the biggest nutjobs… I thought he was guy but he is not gay he just wants to love himself..

    Brady and Victor need to be cut throat again.. I know Victor is old but he isn’t castrated..

    EJ needs to cry more and blah.. no I like Evil EJ… glad he is coming back again..

    Just get rid of Jen… She is the older Sammy except people love her but she does the same stupid crap with guys..

    I like Adrian/Justin and Kayla.. give them some good lines..

    Chad needs to see Doc for a while then he needs someone new..

    Make lose his behymen already so we can all move on..

    Damnit will someone find Lucas some lines and a female.. My god I get more tale then him and I don’t have that mans body or his hair..

    Where is John and why isn’t his money back?

  208. From Lacey

    I agree that Rafe will fill in Bo’s spot nicely. He will be great. And so nice to look at! So glad he is with Sami. About time time we see EJ jerk squirm! What a bully he is. He is a disgusting character. I think when Sami realizes that Rafe lied about Nikis baby to protect her from the evil EJ she will forgive him. He was being. Man and stepping up to protect a baby whose father is a ,
    Monster. And please MAB no swearing. Let’s keep it clean here. Thanks!

  209. From Leah

    I have always said the RAFE/EMILY lovestory is just SCREAMING TO BE TOLD! I believe it would enhance Rafes character and maybe explain a few things to us. For example, his ridiculous notion it is fine to keep kids from their fathers and fathers from their kids. I really, really do think Emily was pregnant with his child at the time of her “supposed” death. Arianna brushed on it once… Would love this story to be told and would much rather see Emily raised from the dead to play Rafes love interest than someone like Hope or Days introducing/writing someone else into Days for him.

  210. From Shani

    MAb since 127 is my post guess your 190 was directed to me. I was minding “my own business” because I am one of the ones who has said Rafe reminds me of Bo. I think you saying that ANYONE’S opinion on this site is bullsh**t is definitely not respectful discussion. Don’t see anyone else on here talking like that.

    SandyGram I like how Victor sticks by Dr. Dan, too, & I think finding out who Dan’s bio father is would be a good storyline.

    I thought Victor was great with Sonny & Will yesterday. Kate was right on with Lucas & then he was terrific when he went to Will & Sonny to clear the air. Wonderful hug between Lucas & Will! Love the scenes with Sami & Rafe. I thought for a minute Rafe was going to spoil the spoilers & actually tell Sami he is not the daddy of Nicole’s baby. I agree with others that it’s all about keeping his promise to Nicole. Ari absolutely terrific again. Nicole is so full of grief & now so full of hate toward Jennifer!

  211. From bobby

    Why John. You certainly have some colorful phrases. Jen dry humping Dr. Dan?? You seem to forget Nichole has used him over and over just to get what she wants, and let there be no-one in her way. I have never seen Jen selfish and cutthroat like Nichole and Sami. And Sami-pot call the kettle black when she gets on her high horse about Rafe keeping Nichole’s secret. Doesn’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot, does she? Since she has no sens of loyalty, how would anyone expect her to understand? What happened to fun and a sense of humor on this show. Colopye(I know that’s spelled wrong) Jones and her
    husband. Couples getting in all sorts of binds, and doing crazy things to get out of them? Time to lighten up some of these story lines. Time for a little change and imagination.

  212. From Gerri

    Just thinking here,when Chloe
    returns,and sees and hears about Nicole and her former hubby,what will happen,will she think back on how she and Nicole hated
    each other,while both were staying at Victor’s,and all those spats,between them and get in Daniel’s corner(like Jenn)or will she be cheering Nicole on,for revenge,after the Doc kicked her to the curb,after learning Parker’s real da-da was,not him.

    Then of course with the rumors,of A EJ/Chloe pairing(Nicoles Ex)how will that play out?I guess in the end they just switched partners.
    I really hate the S/L ,that Nicole
    looses another baby(at least for awhile)like so many bloggers here,such a big deal made about those prenatal vitamins,I think that the pills were to make baby less active,until the docs could deliver the “”stillborn”".

    Just as this Is happening,who do we see on the screen again,after the long absence?Stefano of course and then a substitue doctor,is at hospital to do the Ultrasound,and give Nicole the bad news.I think we all know that he Is behind it all.This Is a repeated S/L,only played out a little differently.

    and as another blogger said,If Lucas Is going to be on show for awhile,please give him a relationship…

  213. From MAB

    Leah – oh yes, EJ & Sami are always on fire, no matter whether they love or hate each other. Love it!

    It was SO good to see Stefano yesterday. The man’s presence is amazing!

    Oh geez, Sami’s rambling yesterday was almost too much for me to bear. She went on & on to Rafe trying to convince him she would basically do anything to win him back. How degrading! And just to appease him even further, volunteered to keep another innocent child from his father. She was pathetic, while Rafe stood there w/ that smug look, continuing to lie to her about Nicole’s baby. Ugh, I can already see that if they stay together, it’s back to the same ol’ boring, sad relationship that is Safe.

    I’ll say it again, I feel SO bad for Nicole. I don’t know if this baby is gonna truly be alive or not, as the spoilers haven’t been very accurate lately, but I hate she’s going thru this again. I can’t imagine loosing 2 babies, especially this one being so far along. I won’t be surprised at any of her actions at this point w/ her being so distraught, and is she takes it out on Jen, then so be it.

    I certainly don’t see Bo as being too old to still do what he’s always done, nor still carry a major s/l. Bo & Hope is the only real supercouple left on this show, and there can be so much left for them to do. Rafe will NEVER fill the man’s shoes.

    Wanting EJ & Sami paired together is being a devoted EJami fan…nothing wrong w/ being vocal about them, just as there is nothing wrong w/ Safe fans being vocal about them. But if I please, I can talk about EJ & Sami 24/7, and talk about being dissatisfied how the writers are ruining a rockstar couple such as them, and I don’t need any comments from the peanut gallery about it. I love Days as a whole, but I don’t always like everything happening. But I’m free to discuss anyone & anything pertaining to this show, as I already do, and will do so regardless of those opposed to opinions that differ from their own.

    Tee – ditto on everything you said, and thank you for your comments.

    Tee & Leah – I believe when James Scott answered that question and said ‘Chloe’, it was just an observation on his part, and him just answering a fan’s question. But it has caused the rumors to start circulating, and now that it’s gotten picked up and fans are talking about it, it’s becoming something more than what it really is, I think. Not saying it can’t or won’t happen, but my understanding too is that Chloe is only back for a short time (although that could change too).

    Rafe saying his involvement w/ Carrie would hurt Sami and deep down that’s probably one reason he did it??? So how does he explain getting involved w/ her before he knew about EJ & Sami? I don’t really buy his ‘confession’. He liked Carrie from the get-go, and he wanted her bad. He confessed he loved her and was ready to move on w/ her. Like SandyGram, what are the other reasons???

    I agree w/ Tee. We still know a lot more about Daniel than Rafe.

    NeeNee – get this thru your head, my comment had NOTHING to do w/ Christine’s statement. And FYI, I don’t read her blog. Like I said before, a few have said the same thing she did about Rafe being a Bo replacement, and I disagreed w/ them as well. Why do feel the need to throw in your two-cents where my opinion is concerned??? You are the one who started w/ me (and this isn’t the first time either), and it’s you who is keeping the barbs & insinuations going. I would really love it if you’d just ignore my posts.

    Lacey – Uh, who are you to tell me not to swear… my mother??? Why do you point only me out? I’m not the only one who may put an explicit word out here from time to time, but the point is that it was NOT fully spelled out so it was clean. Get a grip!

    Shani – it was obvious your comment was directed toward me, so I gave you a reply. If you don’t want a response, then don’t call me out. And I gave up on trying to respectfully discuss anything w/ you a long time ago when you exuded your nastiness towards me way back when. I think it’s safe to say you were the one who initially talked “like that” to me on here so don’t play innocent and make yourself out to be better than me…or anyone else for that matter.

  214. From jolie

    Leave this site for a day or so and all h-e-double hockey sticks breaks loose. Let’s stop the squabbling and act like fans, please.

    Yesterday’s show, I liked the interaction between Kate and Lucas, between Victor and Sonny and then with Lucas and Will. Lucas has manned up to his own insecurities about his son and is making big efforts to move forward with him. So writers, do our Lucas right and give him something to do! A woman, a nice job, a home of his own, a storyline! Any and all of it will suit me.

    Nicole (actress) is doing a phenomenal job with her scenes. This is still just too sad and I don’t like that Nicole is so alone in this. Not fair. Heck, put her back with Lucas. We all know where this is going and that makes it worse. I will be glad with this is over. If the baby is indeed taken by Stefano, fine. Let’s find that out early and give Nicole the one thing she has wanted forever, someone to belong to.

    Jennifer and Daniel…can 2 people be more nutsy than these 2 are? I am just not feeling the story. Jenn just can’t believe that he doesn’t want to have her running his life. He can’t stay out of hers but he doesn’t want her telling him he is making a colossal mistake. Who cares anymore? We still have the drama coming about Jennifer pushing Nicole down the stairs so this better be good. Nicole is mean when she is injured or cornered. Now she is both so Jennifer might should have kept her distance. Daniel’s scenes with Victor were very sweet. I was really leaning in close because I was just waiting to hear that Victor is Daniel’s daddy. Then I woke myself up and got back in the story at hand. I just really did think the sweet scenes were laying a foundation that we have been looking to for a while. Mags as Mom and Vic as Daddy. That would make Melanie Phillip’s niece so not sure how we’ll get around that! A little sick about it now! I wonder what Victor would have told Daniel if he knew that after their really nice talk, Daniel was all fired up to take Nicole to Utah!

    Elvis talks to Stefano. So Stefano knows exactly what is going on in Salem. He knows it all and is probably controlling part of it as we have much discussed here. Tee has warned us time and again that the baby is indeed stillborn but we know the writers can pull a rabbit out of a hat whenever they want to so if the baby is indeed to come back, it will likely be later on and out of left field. Elvis is still very mad at Fatha. I get that. His feelings are hurt and it gives Stefano an in to bring on Kristen though not sure when she was supposed to be in Elvis’ life or that he would know her or have faith in her. The main thing here is that she’ll ruffle the feathers of a lot of people…most certainly Marlena. Wonder what Stefano has in store for Kate before he takes her back? I guess since she is now working against CW and Sami, they need to stay apart for a while. I will hang out here and ‘wait and see’ but I do want them back together and happy. Stefano is probably going to pull some really nasty stuff coming up because 1) he needs to get Elvis back in the fold so no holds barred on that 2) Kristen will be in the middle of John and Marlena and Stefano will sit and sip his grappa and giggle by his fire this winter over that 3) Stefano has too much time on his hands with Kate out of the Dimera Manse. My advice…Stefano buddy, you are not getting any younger. Forgive Kate. Take her back. Live happy like Victor with all the minor annoyances that come with having your kids and grandkids living with you and not out on their own. You liked it once. You’ll like it again.

    Sami and Rafe…Sami was so off the wall yesterday telling Rafe that she’d back he and Nicole against Elvis and that she’d never trust Elvis again and blah, blah, and insisting on honesty while she was asking to be let in on a secret that she is willing to keep from Elvis. She is like a pingpong ball. Baloney! I know where it was going but it just didn’t ring very true or not the least normal but that is our Sami. She looks beautiful. She will be happy with Rafe for the picnic then it all will land at her feet again. I know she is likely to go right back to Elvis but what changed?? She can’t trust him. She does have feelings for him but they share children and that is OK to have those feelings, she will still love Rafe, she is clueless on how to live her life herself rather than depend on a man. Sami, pull yourself up, do what you said you would do…live for your kids and yourself. When Elvis comes breathing in your face, run! This is just all almost too much and I am almost to the point of not caring who she is with but just for her to land somewhere! Ping-Pong! And I was Ok if she with Lucas, then Elvis, and then Rafe. But please. This seem like the span of a week or so…she might be on the schedule of the lifespan of a fruit fly and knows she better make hay while she can.

    Have a great afternoon!

  215. From Shani

    MAB there you go jumping the gun again. I didn’t mind getting a response from you. I was clarifying the # of my post so others who obviously thought that particular post from you was directed to Nee Nee would realize it was actually directed to me. As for the rest of your response same ole’ same ole’ & you can’t take responsibility for your words so you degrade someone else instead. Most anyone would think it was disrespectful to call someone else’s opinions bullsh**t.

    For the sake of the other posters, no more from me on this. . . .

  216. From MAB

    Shani – I’m not jumping the gun on anything. Proof is in the writing when you copied MY statement and then took it upon yourself to make assumptions about what it meant. But I guess you aren’t satisfied if you’re not poking at someone else’s opinion. Hey, why don’t your try sticking to your own opinion, and leaving others alone. Also, I think others are smart enough to find out on their own who #127 is w/o you pointing it out. “For the sake of the other posters, no more from me on this” GOOD!

  217. From jolie

    Shani, very true words, same old same old and it gets very old.

  218. From MAB

    Same ole same ole can be said about the person who claims also goes around claiming it of others.

    I didn’t degrade anyone, those are your words, not mine, and your opinion, not mine. You insist on what was meant by the comment when you have no earthly idea what I meant. Go back and read your comments…talk about degrading!

  219. From MAB

    Meant to say, same ole same ole can be said about the person who also goes around claiming it of others.

  220. From Cougar

    Yup MAB #212, Chloe & EJ pairing “spoiler/rumor” came from a comment of an interview James Scott made; just like the old sleep over game of telephone. Remeber, whisper something in someone’s ear, everyone sit in a circle and whisper what was said to the next person. Then see how cobbled it is by the time it makes its way back to the person who started it.

  221. From MAB

    #220 Cougar, exactly.

  222. From jolie

    #202 Sandygram, while there may be more than one reason that Rafe turned to Carrie, I think that ‘one reason’ is just a manner of speaking and we all say that from time to time and not really intending to give another reason or even thinking of any other reasons. Yes, Rafe was hurting and wanted to hurt Sami. Sami had really turned from him because of what she did and her guilt. I guess she does know the value of the truth but while Rafe isn’t telling her the truth about Nicole’s baby or is rather evading the truth, Sami is fully willing to go directly to Elvis and lie about it. I think that is what bothered me so much about the scenes between Rafe and Sami while they discussed it. She was just in Elvis’ arms not too long ago seeking comfort and now she is willing to betray him. This is all just too quick about the way it is happening. Where will it end? If Sami turns from Rafe because he is dishonest, she might need to ask herself why was he dishonest. He doesn’t feel like he can trust her. She was selling Elvis down the river to Rafe and she had just not long ago risked her life, home, welfare to go on the run with him. Yes, Sami is a ping pong ball for sure but this just is not making sense to me. Maybe I am over-thinking it but it seems like this should be going somewhere other than Sami falling into the arms of one of her men only to ping-pong again to the next.

    #204 Grandma to Many, now see, that is how I am thinking. Rafe can’t trust Sami with Nicole’s secret because she is too eager to get into it. She has never been very honest about things yet is hinging everything on honesty…that is on Rafe telling her this secret. And you are right that Sami is just too ready to swap sides and take up the cause of someone else. This doesn’t make sense. And right on Air Zucker. She has been heart-breaking this week. Can you imagine the turmoil this must cause her in her real life to have to draw up that much emotion. Kudos to her. And do you think Nick will marry Gabi due to her being pregnant with Will’s child? I think that could happen.

    #206 John, you are a funny dude! Your take on some of the characters and your comments are a little bawdy but really funny. I think you kept it clean enough not to offend but funny enough to make most giggle. Keep up the good work.

    #210 Bobby, yep, John is a bit colorful but in a playful way. You hit the nail on the head about the Sami-pot calling the kettle black. Good call. I miss that zany and light-heartedness the show used to have when Eugene and Calliope were on. They were sweet, funny, and you actually cared about what happened to them.

    #212 MAB, the show never showed how Nicole could possibly have suffered from post-pardem after the loss of Nicole’s first baby. Chloe then went that route but I thought they missed the boat by not showing how it could push Nicole into the craziness she sometimes does. Well they will have a perfect chance again. Nicole can’t be in her right mind with what has happened to her. When the hormones kick in, she will not be in control…not that she is now.

  223. From Shani

    Nee Nee don’t leave! You are my political junkie friend on here! I am sorry that some of what I posted was mistaken as being what you posted. The show is sooo good again today!

  224. From NeeNee

    Shani, if you want to talk politics you can reach me on eBay: churchlady1904

  225. From Shani

    Nicole’s scenes today are terrific again. Not so much the grief today but the torments over Jennifer are becoming full blown. I agree how can Ari come away from all that acting that way & then go home & forget it. Must be some of it sticks with her even when she leaves the set.

  226. From SandyGram

    Episode October 9th:
    My goodness this in not Alice Horton’s grand-daughter Jennifer Rose. The writers have really turned her into some kind of maniacal obsessive neurotic. I keep wondering after all is said and done, Jenn is accused of killing Nicole’s baby, then she’s found innocent, does she suddenly go back to the sweet Jennifer Rose. Somewhere along the way she has got to get help and find out what the real reason for her acting this way. Although Melissa Reeves (Jenn) is excellent in the portrayal of this Jennifer, it’s disturbing the depths the writers have taken her.

    Then there’s our Nicole, yet another favorite character of mine, Arianne Zucker is so good in this role I’m bawling everyday as she goes through the pain of losing her little boy. Now the SPOILERS tell us EJ will overhear a conversation to find out the baby was his and he and Nicole comfort one another. I can only cross my fingers that in sharing his grief with Nicole it doesn’t end up like when he and Sami shared their grief over Johnny.

    So Bo dropped his plan on Hope and she’s not so into it. I don’t blame her especially since Bo planned on stopping at every port where there was a DiMera business. For me that would put Ciara in danger. Finally it looks like Bo has his ‘eyes wide open’ and is realizing Caroline has a problem. When Peter Reckell (BO) leaves the show he’ll just be upstairs at the Pub taking care of Caroline and watching little Joey grow up.

    Rafe and Sami’s scenes today were charming. Talking about what once was and their hopes for the future. With one elephant in the room explained away by Rafe saying he turned to Carrie to hurt Sami, but the other elephant still there. And this will be the elephant that keeps them apart. His determination to keep his commitment to Nicole; and Sami turning away from Rafe (again) for lack of trust when she finds out he’s not the father of Nikki’s baby. But then when have the writers ever made Sami trustworthy or deserving of trust?

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