Days Of Our Lives Video: Some Sort Of Genie.

“Cut to the chase.”

Kristen offers her brother some help, Caroline doesn’t want a babysitter and news of Nicole’s accident spreads.

In case you missed it, take this look back at Wednesday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Kat

    Great that Kristin is back,
    hope she will shake up the SL between John and Marlena, and give us something to watch.
    Don’t like all this boring stuff we have been given.
    I like excitement in a SL not, lame and boring all the time.
    Bring it on, and get Stefano back, I miss him so much..

  2. From Nat

    Funny that all of a sudden we are seeing the Days characters actually at their offices

  3. From dc

    yea, nat.. i thought no one ever worked.
    kristen is definitely gonna shake things up..
    gonna put some spice into the show.

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