Days Of Our Lives Video: Stupid Dream.

“Let’s see what you’ve been up to…”

Kristen catches up on the news, Abby checks on her mom and Daniel goes to see Nicole.

In case you missed it, take this look back at Friday’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From dc

    watch out john and marlena.. kristen is back..
    i am so sorry nicole lost her baby but she is milking this situation really good, especially when it comes to daniel.. making him feel really bad.. and all along she knows that baby was dead long before she fell down those steps.. just hope the writers don’t drag this on and on like they do all the other storylines..
    i’ll be glad when chloe returns.
    still wondering what hope is gonna do when bo leaves with caroline. hopefully they won’t be gone long and bo will return with caroline really soon.. (peter is such a good actor and asset to the show).

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 dc
    The writers will need to come up with something very good and believable when Bo doesn’t return with Caroline. These last couple of weeks Peter (Bo), Peggy (Caroline) and Kristin (Hope)have done some of their best work on Days. I’m just wondering who will watch over the Pub while Caroline is gone?

    Kristen seems to be getting right into the act. I think she will figure out pretty quick EJ was responsible for John’s embezzlement charges and that Stefano stole the money from EJ. Where is that money? Still an untold story!

    Nicole is a mess for sure. Once the truth comes out that Jenn did not push her down the stairs…will Daniel kick her to the curb? She has just about run out of places to live! I’ve still got my figures crossed that the writers will come up with another Chelsea kind of story line for baby Daniel Rafael, but just not take so long to discover the baby’s alive.

  3. From dc

    sandygram i sure do like to read your comments..
    hopefully they will get bo’s contract renewed where he and caroline can return together (sooner rather tha later)..
    i can’t see them putting anyone else with hope.. i just can’t see both bo and caroline not being around for the christmas show..

  4. From SandyGram

    #3 dc
    Yes I enjoy your posts also. I noticed you don’t post very often in the Spoiler section. Although I like both the Video and Spoiler sections it’s much quieter over here with the Video’s and I know I can find you here.

  5. From dc

    i am just use to this one, i guess. i probably spend more time on this site than i do anywhere else. i do go to the “dayscafe” site and read..

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