Days Of Our Lives Weekly Spoiler Video: Too Many Lies.

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Sami and Rafe’s reunion is cut short when the truth comes out.

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Find out what’s in store for “King Of The Nerds” in our Reality TV Rush. And find out who Colin Farrell has on his t-shirt in our Star Gazing.

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Fun fact! Matthew Purvis wrote this story just for you on October 12th, 2012 |

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  1. From Miselemeas

    Did the raiment [for want of a better word]Sami favours of late fall off the back of some truck? as we say where I come from.Rafe run as fast as you can to some beautiful young thing, if you can find such a creature in Salem.Do not sit around and listen to “long string of misery” bleat out his lies and distortions or to Sami’s crazy rambling’s you are SO much better than that .Slainte

  2. From Miselemeas

    Rafe is 41 yrs. old, Hope is 49 yrs. old, that says it all for me. I wish people would stop pushing unsuitable people on Rafe ,he is perfectly capable of finding his own woman,should he need to,and How;; Bring it Rafe. Slainte

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