Eileen Davidson Returns To Days Of Our Lives.

It’s official.

Updated: October 5.

NBC has just released this quick preview of Eileen Davidson’s (Kristen) return to Salem next week. Take a look and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

Original article: July 5.

The Hollywood Reporter has finally received official confirmation from NBC that Eileen Davidson will be returning to the role of Kristen Blake on “Days Of Our Lives.” Davidson has not been seen in the role since 1998, when her character was left in a harem while her double was left floating in a pool. Since that time, she has been appearing as Ashley Abbott on “The Young And The Restless” and “The Bold And The Beautiful.”

Look for her to make her return to Salem on October 11.

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  19 responses so far...

  1. From jenn


  2. From dc

    sounds like to me she is having a hard time holding a job (being on two other soaps).. just saying..

  3. From Justin

    This is great news. I’d love to see the return of Krisen and Susan. Will be interesting with EJ in the mix.

  4. From WG

    I’m thrilled that Eileen is coming back. As much as the storylines were crazy with her I so enjoyed them.

  5. From bettyg

    I will be glad she’s back if she gets a decent storyline. Will she come back as Susan or Kristen? Susan was always a lot of fun, and Kristen could make trouble for John and Marlena. PTB, please don’ be “mean, mean, mean”!

  6. From MattN

    YES YES YES!!!! My birthday is in October, and that is the BEST birthday present EVER!! Can’t wait for Eileen’s return and what it might ‘mean mean mean’ for John, Marlena, and EJ!

  7. From JiBi

    Yes Yes yes and Yes I was waiting for that for so long, it’s about time :)

  8. From mandi

    Can’t wait for her to come back hopefully she can get inbetween John and marlena they are way too boreing and hopefully Peter can come back for Jen … i can wish

  9. From VICTOR


  10. From Dot

    NOT happy she’s leaving Y&R – the BEST soap ever

  11. From Audrey

    I have been wondering when this was going to happen. They have also not started the “Who’s EJ’s real daddy” storyline yet either. I really think we are going to find out that EJ belongs to John and Kristen. If you remember back in the day when Eileen was playing Susan/Kristen, John was involved. Really going to be interesting so EJ may end up having part dimear blood after all but hopefully the good kind like John!!!

  12. From sam

    she brought alot of drama and comedy wich the show needs now..i wonder if they will ever bring back tony dimera and possibly her brother peter..susan banks was a hoot her accent was soooo funny

  13. From jan

    as i remember she also played a nun. 3 personalities at one time? she was good but NOT as good as Nichole.

  14. From Mary Jo

    EJ is already or still a DeMeira, we just found it this week. He’s Stefano’s son. The story is that Stefano had Susan impregnated and the baby was EJ. I never liked this storyline and I don’t like it that Eileen Davidson’s is returning to Salem. What? They’re now going to make her the mother of EJ.

  15. From Jen

    SO glad she’s returning! I had always wanted to go back and relive those Kristen/Susan days…fantastic acting. She’s amazing!! Too bad it’s not discovered that John is EJ’s father. would’ve stirred up a lot of angst with Marlena. Who knows, maybe EJ could’ve helped John out with Basic Black! oh, the irony! :)

  16. From SandyGram

    Welcome Home Eileen. In her TV Guide Interview dated October 5th. she talks about there will be a lot of flashbacks to re-aquaint the fans Kristen and to help fans who weren’t around in 1998 to know her back story. So it sounds like at least for a while we will have a mix of the old and the new. I’m very interested in how she got out of the harem, maybe she give us a few belly dances or watch out John maybe in lap dances. That’ll give couchie a rest!

  17. From CM

    So maybe Marlena will have an actual storyline now that doesn’t involve stroking Will’s gay pride.

  18. From BobbyK

    Eileen D. definitely one of the sexiest ever on the show (next to Nicole) But what sheik would ever let her get out of the harem? My bet is John becomes completely. flustered. EJ’s mom? No way. And Kristen Dimerra she was never Stefano’s actual daughter Come on writers we have a memory.

  19. From ST

    YES!!! Welcome back Eileen!! She is a legend. She protrayed so many personalities it was great to watch!! I hope we learn how she escaped the harem. I love watching the old flashbacks!! We need another bad girl in Salem, the more we have the spicier it gets and that’s what Days is all about!!

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